A day with my hot Cousin

It was 3 years ago when I moved to my cousin’s house to stay because of family working problems in China. She lived with her aunt and uncle.At first we didn’t talk much because we haven’t seen each other for over 6 years. But a few years later, something happened last year when I was 17 and she was 16.
I rarely have the chance to talk to her or even be together because of our busy lives helping family’s work and of course school. Her room was next door to mine and every time when she is sitting in front of her desk studying, I always peek at her amazing hot body. I especially love her beautiful bare feet and legs because that’s the part mostly not covered.

She is very shy but I discovered that she looks at me when nobody is paying attention; sometimes we look at each other coincidentally and turned away embarrassingly. We rarely talk to each other for two reasons, one is because wer shy another is because we don’t want the other to know wer lusting for each other. I had never thought of having a sexual relationship with her because I know it is wrong and wer first cousins.

But one hot summer, my aunt and uncle was out and its only me and her. I stayed and my room as usual and so did her. Then I heard water spattering. She was taking a shower to cool off the hot weather. I start imagining things. Her hot naked tanned body, with her brown legs and amber torso. I couldn’t bear it, I had to look at her. So I went outside to took the ladder from the garage and place it directly under her restroom.

I knew I could do this for a long time but never got the chance and didn’t wanna take the risk. But now my aunt and uncle are out to the market so I have the chance. I slowly climbed up the ladder, didn’t wanna make any sound to alarm her my presence. My whole body was shivering of excitement and lust. Finally, I got to the top. I peeked through the small window. As I saw the sight, my penis tingled so badly in my jeans. I saw her body. It was all tanned expect the part she had her shirt and shorts on. Her small tits and almost hairless pussy was pure white. I starred at her for a while and quickly climbed down, since I didn’t want to let her know I was here.

I want back to my room and wanted to start jerking off. But suddenly I heard a scream, it was her. I quickly ran to the restroom and she came running out with the toweling around her body and screamed, “There’s a spider in the bath tab!!”
I ran in and immediately killed it with the tissue box, and turned around and saw her standing there. Only with the towel around her I imaging her body I just saw in there. My penis started throbbing again.
“Oh sorry” I said, embarrassed. And then I suddenly saw a big scratch on her right leg. “what happened?” I asked.
“I cut myself when I ran out cuz of the nail on the wall.”
I immediate ran for the first aid it and said “You should go put some clothes on.”
“It’s bleeding, take care of that first.” She said and I put medicine on her cut and put on a band aid as she told. As I was near her, I could smell her hair and her body’s scent. It was a t*****e to bear it. Her had hairless legs and beautiful pair of bare feet. And suddenly it got very hot.
To my surprise, she swiftly grabbed my arm and pulled me to her room. I was dizzy and was at lost what to think. She locked the door and dropped the only thing covering her– the towel. My heart was beating so fast because I know what is about to happen.
“You always wanted to me, didn’t you?” She asked. Suddenly changing from the shy little girl I knew to this brave and bold one.
I had no choice but say, “Yes, but so did you right?”
She didn’t say a word and pushed me on her bed. I lied there, half stunned and half excited as she started stripping me. I realized what was happening and said, “Emilie, I think we should stop. This isn’t right.” But she didn’t. Instead, she put her small hand into my boxer and started touching my penis. She was naked and I was half-naked. I tried to restrain myself from look at her body but I couldn’t help it. Although she didn’t know how to wank my penis, just by touching it makes me feel like I’m draining. She pushed my on her bed and suddenly came on her bed and puts her pussy on front my face.
“Lick it.” She demanded. As I did as told. I started to lick her dry pussy until I felt moisture. My cousin groaned and said she wanted more as she turned her body around and started to suck on my penis. I was literally passing out. I could feel the warmth of her mouth as she moved up and down on my penis.
I couldn’t hold back any longer.
I suddenly struck my finger into her tight pussy and went as deep as I could. She yelled. I turned her around and sticked my hard penis into her small wet vagina. At first, it was kind of hard to get in but I didn’t soften up because I had gone crazy. I stuck it so hard inside her that even she screamed and moarned out loud. I entire body was shaking of pleasure and I cupped on hand on her small tits. I pumped my penis up and down, up and down, up and down. She was screaming that it hurts and do it slower. I had no intention of stopping what she started. I could almost feel the semen inside me gathered and wer reaching climax.
“Emilie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I cried “Im cumming inside youuuu!!!!!!!!!”
“Wait!!! Wait, don’t do it inside me!!” She screamed. But too late I had already did It and she knew it. I got up from the bed and went straight to the showers.
As I got out, we looked at each other and she nodded to me. Which means this would be a secretly kept safely between us…