A gentle massage between two highly sexed lovers

This is for that special someone who wants more.

I walked into the room where you were awaiting your
massage. You look up to see me come in. The smile on
your gorgeous face is hard to miss as you notice me
enter. Dressed like you wanted, I only have on a pair of
loose silk shorts and nothing else. I have a good body
and you don’t really notice my slight love handles since
your eyes have barely left my obvious package. Clearly,
I am pleasing to you.

It’s difficult not to get aroused as I gaze upon your
voluptuous body. You’re no model but you exude such
eroticism that I can find no flaw. You are lying on your
stomach, naked save for a towel draped across your
buttocks, their firmness evident in the jutting cheeks.
The size of your large breasts causes them to bulge out
the sides, the meaty flesh noticeable from a distance.

The table you’re on is low so I can reach all your
muscles from various angles. I approach, stopping just
in front of you and introduce myself noticing that I’m
very close to you, maybe a little too close. Practically
standing over you, your head is just below my waistline.
You openly lick your lips; my package inches from your
face. I describe the process rather absently; neither
one of us really listening since we are both soaking in
each others’ bodies. The room seems rather hot.

I begin with your shoulders. My hands are warm and
caressing, lightly callused to really get at those
muscles without being too rough. You hum in
appreciation. Slightly turning your head towards me you
notice how lose my shorts really are since you can catch
glimpses of my balls. The sac appears taut, full, and
ready to unleash its creamy goo.

You can’t help but grin, knowing that the growing member
is caused by you. My hands roam all lover your lush
back, kneading sore muscles; sometimes firm and other
times light. I can’t help but linger along your flanks;
my fingers coming into contact with the sides of your
bulging breasts. Still standing over your head I bend
further over massaging the small of your back.
Occasionally my fingers wander under the towel touching
the upper swells of your buttocks. You’re deep breaths
sound comforting and agreeable to my touch.

My fingers are slightly trembling in desire to touch
more. As you breathe deeply, you take in my musky aroma
and the slight rise in your head puts you shiny, jet
black hair in light contact with my swelling member as
I’m stretched over your ripe body. Working my way back
up I use my nails to lightly drag over your skin and
place some light kisses as I go, explaining that it’s
part of the relaxation therapy. You hum in agreement,
reveling in the erotic sensations coursing through your
body. Your nipples becoming erect as is your clitoris;
both being rubbed by the slight motions of the massage.

I move to your legs now. Standing at your feet, I openly
admire your lush, thick body. My shorts are no longer as
loose as they used to be. The smooth material caressing
my throbbing organ as it grows just under the elastic
band. I start with your feet, easing the tension and
laying kisses upon the arches. I give each toe its own
massage and kiss. You’re breathing so deep your body is
rising up and down. Knowing that certain areas of the
foot are connected to other parts of the body I pay
special attention to the ones that stimulate your
erogenous zones, as if you need further stimulation.

By now I can smell your own musky aroma emanating from
your hot, seething pussy which is constantly on the edge
of orgasm. Leaving your feet, I move to your meaty
calves. Really digging into the deep muscle tissue you
feel as if they are light as feathers being supported by
my strong hands. Moving up to your knees my touch
becomes feathery since this is a sensitive area. A mini
orgasm courses through you as the nerves are stimulated
by my fingers then kissed by my wet lips. Having to bend
over to do this, you feel the slight ticklish sensation
of silk on the soles of your feet. With a slight
extension of your feet, your toes come into contact with
my aching balls. The movement is so slight as to be
almost unnoticeable but it is felt.

I smile and close my eyes taking in the sensation of
your touch. My cock is fully erect, engorged with b***d
stretching the silk to the limit. The material caressing
the sensitive areas, driving me crazy with desire but I
have a job to do. Besides; the anticipation of
fulfillment heightens the feeling. Massaging your
thighs, I give your legs subtle commands to spread
slightly, which you obey. Not much just to keep each
separated so I can access the whole muscle.

Unfortunately I have to move away from your feet for a
proper job but am rewarded as the hot, wet, thick lips
of your pussy are brought into view! I’m lightheaded
with desire, not that it helps that much of my b***d is
engorging my penis, my erection becoming stretched to
the breaking point. The juice sliding out of your
seething cunt begins to pool on the table. The added
heat has caused my full sac to begin churning.

Finished with your thighs, I announce that the towel
needs to be removed in order to massage your glutes. I
may sound professional but my desire to see, to touch,
to caress that meaty broad ass inches from my hands
causes them to tremble. You hesitate for a second, a bit
self conscious, but realize pleasure is pouring through
my hands and my erection is proof that I do not object.
You agree and the towel is slid, slowly away from your
butt, the nerves on end causing the feel of the rough
cotton material to drive you crazy.

I pause to take in what is in front of me, two glorious
globes, large but firm and shapely. My hands move slowly
to each cheek, not the appropriate technique but you
don’t know the difference. My hands knead the muscles,
releasing all tension and negative body image you may
have had. My massaging and you’re already spread legs
causes your ass cheeks to separate. My slight pauses are
unnoticeable to you as I take in the view of your
engorged pussy lips, my mouth watering in hunger to
taste the nectar.

As you feel the air touch your already drenched pussy as
it is exposed, you make little squeezing motions. I see
this and you hear my breath as it comes out of my mouth,
even feeling it on your extremely sensitive skin. Our
desire is almost a physical entity.

I take a step back, not bothering to offer you the towel
to cover up again. You would have refused it anyway. I
ask you to roll over, my voice is slightly choked. My
lips swell in desire to kiss every inch of you. You take
a deep breath to get a grip on your sanity. You could
very easily just rise and come to me but you hold out,
knowing that waiting can only increase the desire. But
you’re not going to make it easy on me. Instead of just
casually rolling over, you push up onto your hands and
knees, back slightly arched downward causing your spread
ass cheeks to become more pronounced.

You look at me, your eyes slowly gliding down my body
until they settle on my shorts. I make no effort to hide
the obvious bulge. The material stretched tight, the
silk caressing my cock, conforming to its shape. I can’t
help but notice how large and full your tits are
hanging, the erect nipples almost touching the table.
You let out an audible purr as you move into position.
It felt like we froze for hours when only a few seconds
passed by.

I advise you to move up on the table so that your head
is positioned on the section that is slightly lower. I
inform you that this helps tissue perfusion and muscle
relaxation but it’s a canned speech, neither one of us
really listening. Again I pause to take in your body. I
oil my hands as an excuse for the pause. Your bountiful
breasts lay off to the side yet some of the succulent
tit flesh still sets on your chest, their firmness
causing them to stand dramatically out, causing your
nipples to be especially pronounced. Erect, your nipples
are irresistible, thick and dark.

I take a deep breath and move to your feet. I drink in
your luscious frame as I work on your feet. This time
it’s the top of your feet that is massaged and kissed.
This time I cave-in slightly with my kiss. I part my
lips just enough and pause before lifting my mouth away.
I continue on. You felt my kiss all the way into your
heated vagina, the need to be filled with something,
anything, arises from your pelvis. I don’t spend a lot
of time on your lower legs, not much to do but I take
this opportunity to once again guide your now pliant
legs to the edge of the low table. They move with ease
at my subtle motions.

Again, your feet sense the feel of my silk shorts on
your toes; however, this time a firm hardness under the
silk glances off as I move to your side. A little
flexing finds your toes sliding under the material. One
toe barely connects with my churning ball sac. I want to
stay, I want to just whip out my yearning prick and rub
it against your smooth, sexy foot but the job must go
on. Neither of us wants to make the first move for fear
of ruining the moment. By now, both our bodies are
covered in a sheen of sweat. Nothing is hidden from me
as I massage your thighs, enjoying the feeling of the
meaty flesh on my fingers.

Your thighs are barely separated but your pussy lips are
so swollen and dripping wet that they are noticeable,
drawing me to them. I make no excuses as my fingers rub
the edges of your pussy while massaging your thighs.
Unconsciously, you turn your knees outward, opening
yourself even more to me. Once again we connect
physically as your lower thigh rubs ever so slightly
against my throbbing erection. You can feel the heat at
the spot.

A moan escapes your lips and a deep breath causes your
breasts to rise and fall magnificently. With your eyes
closed you cannot see my open mouthed expression. I lift
my hands off your slick, erotic body but pause for just
a second before losing that last contact with you. You
want to spread your legs further, giving that pulsing
member you feel a deliberate feel. You delay and I move

I change positions so that I’m standing over your head,
my legs touching the head of the table. My hands lightly
stroke your hair, stimulating the nerve endings and
allowing me to feast my eyes upon the bounteous, raw
beauty that lies before me. Big firm breasts jetting out
with dark, engorged, erect nipples begging to be sucked.
The valley between them is wide, inviting me to explore
them with mouth, with tongue, with my hands, my meaty
organ. You are no skinny woman and I realize that your
size does not detract from the erotic sensations pulsing
through my body. Your slightly spread legs showcase your
pubic area well.

I can plainly see your sensitive, erect clit protruding
from your smooth-shaven cunt. I could spend hours
between your inviting thighs pleasuring you to new
heights of ecstasy. Sensing my proximity to you, you
open your eyes. Since I’m short, my closeness restricts
your view, not that you are complaining. Scant inches
from your face are my shorts. Up close my crotch looms
enormous. The edge is pulled away from my strong thighs
and you can see my sac. Stretching the material upwards
is my cock, engorged, erect. All cares and worries
disappear as your desire for my throbbing tool occupies
your thoughts.

My hands move to your shoulders, digging into the
muscles, but I notice there is no tension at all.
Continuing on, I work on your chest muscles.
Automatically, I explain that the breasts of your size
cause a lot of muscle strain. Having slid my hands down
your body, my crotch is just above your mouth. A tall
man would still be out of reach, but since I’m short, my
silk encased package is just over your salivating,
hungry mouth. Desire breaks down your final will to
resist. Without moving your head, you purse your lips
out and make contact with my sac.

Speechless, I freeze. My eyes close, absorbed in the
pleasurable connection. A connection I never want
broken. Realizing this, my hands latch onto your tits.
Having established our connection, you release contact,
lick your lips and again bring your lips up to kiss,
parted slightly for more surface area.

No questions are asked, no explanations or excuses
needed, no words need to be spoken. My firm hands
encompass your breasts, squeezing them and sending
shocks throughout your body. My thumbs manipulate your
extremely sensitive nipples, causing another mini orgasm
as if they were directly linked to your pussy. A third
time your lips reach up to my balls, spread apart so
that once contact is made your tongue slithers out to
give them a tentative taste. Moving further out to take
in more, wanting, needing to take it all in. There is no
stopping now.

Your arms gain strength, no longer limp at your side.
They move under mine to wrap around my waist, no
washboard abs but firm still. Gliding around to the back
you grope my firm buttocks through the silk. Taut and
clenched, you feel the power and desire coming from me.
It excites you even more. One hand glides around to the
front to explore what you so desperately desire.
Creeping up to the elastic band you take hold of it and
pull it over my cock. It catches on the end and loudly
slaps against my stomach as it suddenly becomes free of
its silky prison.

You slide the shorts down my thighs, tickling my skin on
the way back up with your fingernails. One of your
smooth hands encircles my pulsing penis while the other
continues to grope my ass. Your hungry mouth continues
to explore the swollen sac. Without thinking, I quickly
wiggle out of my shorts, casting them, like our
inhibitions, to the side. Again, I fill my hands with
your firm breasts.

Your hand begins to stroke my cock. It feels like a bar
of steel covered in velvet. The head is purple, swollen,
you know it won’t be long before I burst and you so much
want me to spill my seed all over you. The hand groping
my ass slides around and gently urges me back. I obey,
giving your nipples one last tweak before releasing
them. In my new position the head of my cock is above
your mouth.

By now you have both hands on my throbbing organ. Still,
the head is exposed. Your tongue extends out to lick the
sensitive underside you know all men have. The salty
taste of my pre-cum collects on the tip of your tongue.
You reposition your head and again your tongue snakes
out. This time it rubs the tip, accepting another taste
of my clear juices drooling out of the slit. I cannot
hold back anymore and you sense it. You release a hand
from my cock as it swells again in your hands.

With a final kiss to the underside of my shaft, a growl
escapes my lips and I erupt in a torrent of cum over
your voluptuous body. Gobs of creamy cum land on your
body; one burst shoots far enough to land in your smooth
shaven pubic area. The hot goo seems scalding as it
lands on your belly, your heaving breasts, bursting off
your nipples, pooling up around your throat as the
remaining fluid dribbles down the underside of my penis.
The salty cream coats your lips and slides down the side
of your face.

After the cum explosion subsides, your tongue separates
your gooey lips to taste my juices that your tongue can
lap up.

Impressed with my load, I know this won’t be the last
one. At this moment nothing else exists in my thoughts
except pleasuring you. I lick my lips in anticipation
but you are not done yet. Realizing that I am still
hard, you guide the wet tip of my cum-covered cock
between your lips, your tongue lapping the underside.

We both want this to continue so I slide you closer to
me, your head sliding off the edge allowing my dick to
slide into your mouth, down your throat. You control how
much of me you take in with your hands on my buttocks. I
want to feed you all of me; you want to take me in.
Slowly, my shaft fills your mouth; sometimes backing out
and letting your tongue wiggle around my meaty stalk.

Satisfied that I will remain hard, I pull out of your
hot, salivating mouth. Bending down, I kiss your lips. I
taste my cum on your lips. My tongue enters your mouth,
greeted by your own. Our tongues intertwine, sometimes
in your mouth, sometimes in mine. We never want the kiss
to end but at the same time we both know there is so
much more to do.

I move to your side and take in one nipple at a time. I
bathe them with kisses and suction. Lightly nipping them
with my teeth sparks a full orgasm. Squeezing my head
into your meaty breasts, you tense as the orgasm courses
through your body. I almost suffocate but it wouldn’t be
a bad way to go. After you release me I continue on to
the bottom edge of the table. Your body lies limp,
recovering from the wash of feelings and emotion.

I kneel at your feet and take hold of your still
quivering legs. Spreading them, I focus my attention on
your sopping wet pussy. It’s beautiful, all juicy, a
fruit at its ripest ready to be devoured. I’m hungry. I
slide your sweaty body closer until my point of interest
is at the edge of the table. Kneeling, I lick my lips
while you prop yourself up. You can’t believe this is
happening and don’t want to miss one little bit.

I want you to enjoy this but I have a need to bring you
off. At mid thigh I begin a series of tongue lashes and
kisses that slowly, gradually, leads me to your dripping
honey pot. My mouth hovers over it. I pause, savoring
the aroma. My hot breath on your pussy is driving you
crazy, you want nothing more than for me to dive in but
I haven’t stopped tormenting you, driving your desire to
new levels.

I stick out my tongue, barely touching the moist flesh.
A light, tentative lick; bringing your essence into my
mouth, I savor the taste. Moving away I kiss your other
thigh, bringing a moan to your lips. You want to scream
out for me to end your misery and dive in, but neither
of us wants to speak. I don’t keep you waiting for long.

Both of my hands glide up your legs coming to rest at
their juncture. I must not keep you waiting any longer.
Using the flat of my tongue, I lick your pussy using
long strokes. First one juicy lip then another, I
alternate sides to keep you on a constant edge. My index
finger separates your soaked labia and contacts your
sensitive inner walls.

Using a twirling motion, I leave no part untouched. My
tongue moves up but pauses before coming into contact
with your engorged clitoris. My hot breath sends shocks
of pleasure into your superheated body. An orgasm passes
through you as my tongue touches your highly aroused
clit. I use light feathery strokes that keep you on a
pleasure high. A second finger joins in to pleasure your

My tongue floats between your thick, juicy labia and
your sensitive clit. My other hand guides your legs even
further apart. My tongue reaches further down below the
edge of your pussy lips before coming back. My fingers
spread your hot pussy wide. My tongue, straightened and
stiff, enters your vagina.

Your gasping is deep and loud, causing your clit to come
into contact with my fingers and my nose as I
continually probe your slippery snatch with tongue and
fingers. Your juices flow freely out, coating my hand
and face. Your aroma is driving me on, I push deeper in,
snaking my tongue along your sweet, hot pussy walls, but
cannot reach your innermost areas.

After countless orgasms, you draw my face up, surprised
at how much of your nectar coats my face. I rise as you
sit up. Your face is flushed, our bodies covered in
sweat. We look into each other’s eyes, reveling in the
pleasure we have both shared. I run my fingers through
your damp hair, raising your face to mine.

I kiss you again. This time it is you who tastes your
juices. We swirl the ambrosia on our tongues, sucking on
each other’s lips. Not letting go, our bodies come
together. My erect organ pokes into your chest, gliding
between your hanging breasts. The swollen cockhead pokes
your throat. We are not finished with each other.

Parting our sweat-joined bodies you get your first good
look at my penis. As you take in my throbbing member,
your hands roam up my thighs, my flanks, twirling your
fingers through my chest hair. Just inches from your
face, my penis juts out, almost menacingly. It needs to
be inside you, filling you up, pleasuring you. The head
is swollen, flushed, and rubbery to the touch. You bring
your hand to the shaft, feeling its hardness. You want
to take it into your mouth but know it will happen
later. Right now it is your pussy that this magnificent
member must fill.

You want to be in control now, so you urge me onto my
back. It is your turn to be on top. I lay on my back, my
stiff cock lying on my belly. Once again, your hands
explore my body, feeling the strength emanating from
within. You lay kisses along my torso, sucking on my
nipples. You let your nails graze along my skin sending
pleasurable shocks rippling through my body. Moving
along, your breasts dangle down to my thighs as you kiss
around my groin without actually touching my cock.

Now you’re driving me to the brink. I love it. You look
up and smile at me before giving my erection one long
lick from its base to the bulbous head. Crawling up my
body like a cat, your nipples rub along my engorged cock
until your swollen, hungry pussy is over my crotch. I
can actually feel the heat of it on my dick.

We share a kiss as I take hold of my member. Without
trying to penetrate yet, I rub the head back and forth
across your wet pussy lips, letting your juices
lubricate my cock. You break our embrace and take hold
of my rod, slowly impaling yourself onto it. Your
breathing is rapid as the sensation of my shaft entering
your extremely sensitive pussy increases your desire.
With half my cock in, you begin a rocking motion up and
down. Each time more of my pulsing penis is penetrating
the depths of your vagina. At last, I am fully inside

You pause to savor the fullness. My hands rub your
thighs for I must touch you. You take your full breasts
into your hands, pinching your nipples vigorously. When
you’re ready, you rise up, keeping me inside you then
lowering your pussy. You do this again and again until
you feel a massive orgasm buildup then burst from
within. You open your mouth in a silent scream as waves
of pleasure send you into ecstasy. You lean over me,
those firm breasts dangling on my chest.

I’m not through sending you over the edge though.
Grabbing onto your hips I begin thrusting deeply into
your pulsing pussy. The spasming muscles squeezing and
relaxing against my shaft as I vigorously pump my hard
cock in and out. Finally, you can no longer support
yourself and collapse on top of me.

I haven’t cum yet, but I roll you to the side to give
you a breather. But don’t worry; I don’t give you much
time. I stand up, towering over you. You smile as you
look up wondering how you could have found such
pleasure. You roll over to push yourself up but I stop
you once you’re on your hands and knees. You know what
I’m getting ready to do. How did I know it was your
favorite position having never met you before, you
wonder. Without further ado, you spread your legs,
letting your hot pussy gape open. I stare down at that
tremendous ass I’m about to mount. Nothing can stop me.

I position myself behind you and once again tap the head
of my cock along your pussy lips. At first, I only
insert the head of my rock hard cock. I can’t help
myself and give your ass cheek a good healthy smack. You
gasp in pleasure and twist your ripe body so you can
look at me, pleading to fill your pussy with my
throbbing organ. With another loud slap, I enter you,
burying it to the hilt. I pause for a few seconds before
thrusting into you, slowly, deeply. My hands grope and
knead your broad buttocks. I pull the cheeks wide and
notice how clean your asshole is. I wet a finger and
insert it slowly in your tight ass.

Another gasp from you and a smile convinces me to
continue. A moaning sound emanates from your depths. I
pull my slick penis out of your sopping pussy and use
your own juices to lubricate your ass. Placing the head
of my cock at your backdoor, I gently ease my member
into your ass. Again you orgasm, lowering your head to
your arms, you enjoy every sensation as my cock expands
your anal canal. This time, it is you who begins rocking
my penis in and out, meeting me thrust for thrust.

I begin jack-hammering my stalk in your ass, grabbing
your hair while making deep thrusts. I cannot hold back
any longer and let go a stream of cum. You feel every
spurt I pour into you until I collapse on top of you. We
both just lay there catching our breaths, our sweat
soaked bodies sticking together.

Eventually we separate, my penis flaccid and soaked in
our juices. We look a mess, a well satiated mess. I get
a pan of warm water and a cloth to clean up with. I
linger longer on some of your areas. I notice your
nipples are still erect and sensitive to my touch. After
I am finished, you take the cloth and wipe me down.
Although you think our time is finished, you can’t help
but notice that my penis is responding rather well even
though you leave it coated in your musky juices.

You just cannot believe that once again that magnificent
organ is rising to the occasion. I’m sitting on a couch
wondering what you will do but not compelling you on
unless it is your decision. Kneeling in front of me, you
stare at my glistening erection. Although no longer
menacing in appearance, it is still enticing.

You feel drained from all the orgasms you’ve experienced
but have no qualms about one more blow job. You look
into my eyes as you take my slick cock into your hands.
Pleased that I have brought you so much pleasure, you
only wish to return the favor.

My legs spread out, giving you plenty of room to play.
With the mushroom head pointing at you, you gently kiss
it, pursed lips lingering on the head. The taste of our
combined juices lingers on my throbbing rod. One of your
soft, feminine hands encircles the base as you lean
forward to kiss the head again. This time your lips are
separated, breaking over the round head. Your tongue
snakes out, flickering around the head and greedily
slurp in the sweet nectar. Your lips close in on the
rubbery tip and you apply gentle suction. The feeling is

With a light nip from your teeth you release my b***d
engorged penis. Starting at the base of my stalk, you
lick in broad strokes, not missing a single spot. At
times it seems as if your tongue is encircling the
entire shaft. After covering my cock in your sweet
saliva, you kiss along the shaft until once again you
are at the tip. Taking it into your hand again, you feel
it begin to throb, to pulse at your affections, causing
you to continue. Opening your hot, succulent mouth wide
you extend your tongue down the underside as your mouth
engulfs my hard member.

This time, several inches disappear before your lips
close around the shaft, gently applying suction. Your
free hand lightly cradles my still full balls as your
other hand begins stroking the exposed portion of my
rigid shaft. Patiently, you drag your full lips back to
the base of my mushroom head before descending my pole.
Your eyes are closed, lost in the pleasure you know I am

As for me, I can think of no better way to relax than to
have a real, natural woman suck my cock. You spend
several minutes pleasuring me this way before you
release your hot mouth from my pulsing erection. Your
head dips below to lap up my sac, taking each ball into
your mouth to suck on. I still have a lot more seed
stored which keeps my balls swollen. Will I ever empty
it? I want you to have every drop.

Again, you French kiss my cockhead. You want more now.
Tongue leading the way, you descend upon my rigid shaft
until your lips meet your hand. Your mouth, filled with
dick, applies suction and drags those pouty lips back
up. An audible pop is heard as you literally pull your
hot mouth off.

We both smile.

This time you descend, mouth wide open, not touching
until you have reached your fingers. Twisting your mouth
as you bob on my cock-meat, you occasionally lightly
scrape your teeth along my tender skin. This time your
mouth does not let go and your tongue flickers along.
You remove your hand and begin rubbing my inner thighs.
Exhaling through your mouth, I feel your hot breath on
my spit coated penis. Now you descend even further until
my engorged cock is at the back of your mouth.

Each time you slide your mouth down my stalk you take
more in until only the last bit remains. After several
trips up and down you pause with just the tip of my
wonderful, filling meat in your wet mouth. We make eye
contact and hold it. Looking down at your full, broad
face I can’t help but think how beautiful it is,
especially with those rich lips encircling my swollen
shaft. Sweat gives you a glowing appearance.

With just the firm, rubbery tip in your mouth you take a
moment to bask in the pleasure you see emanating from
me. You can’t help but notice the beauty I exude. You
know what you must do. Without breaking eye contact, you
descend my hard cock, exhaling hot breath as you go,
until your lips make contact with the base of my
pleasure giving tool.

I tense as I feel your throat and mouth squeeze the
sides of my dick, lubricated with your own saliva. Your
hands grasp my sides as you pause, swallowing in all of
my luscious cock, wanting more. Slowly, you slide your
mouth away, your lips dragging along my stalk until I
pop out of your steamy mouth. Gleaming with your juicy
saliva, my penis slaps back against my belly, the head
proudly resting against my naval.

Needing a break you scoot forward, bringing your breasts
to my waist. Taking those ripe melons into your hands,
you guide my cock into the broad valley created by your
tits. Pushing those mounds together until there is no
longer any space left, you slide those orbs up and down
my cock, the sides being coated with your saliva. You
rub each erect nipple along the underside of my engorged

You push the tip into your meaty breasts before
engulfing them again in their sweet meat. My hard cock
disappears into your bountiful, meaty breasts. With your
bounteous breasts pushed into my crotch, you can still
get the bulbous head of my prick into your mouth, barely
but the view from what I can see is gorgeous. Still
rubbing your tits along my dick, you lean forward to lay
kisses on my abdomen and chest.

I love what you’re doing but I must have your mouth back
on my cock. Every nerve in my body feels invigorated at
your touch. I take your face in both of my hands and
lift you off so I can kiss your lips. My tongue probes
deeply, taking in the flavors of your mouth, as do you.
I stand up and once again my throbbing cock is close to
your face, the shaft jutting out. Somehow you sense my
need and you desire to fulfill it for there is no sense
of selfishness.

My desire is your desire.

Your tongue snakes out to coat my cock in your juicy
saliva. Your hands grasp my firm ass cheeks. Slick with
your spit, your hungry mouth engulfs my pulsating penis.
You can feel the b***d throbbing through the thick vein
along the underside of my organ. Bobbing along the
stalk, more of my cock disappears into your mouth with
each descent.

You cannot believe just how delirious taking this penis
into your mouth makes you. Wanting more, you continue
down, relaxing your throat to allow in more delicious
cock-meat. You bury your face into my pelvis. I gasp in
delight, thoroughly enjoying the sight and sensation of
my hot cock being massaged by your mouth and throat.

We look into each others’ eyes, not wanting to break
contact. You must come up for air and slowly you raise
your head, exposing my saliva soaked member to air. It
feels cool compared to the heat of your mouth. When just
a few inches of my delicious meat is still in you, you
resume a bobbing motion, returning to the wet suction
you previously applied to my pulsing penis.

I feel the churning of my balls and know it will not be
long now before I spew forth my seed. You sense that I
am ready to ejaculate, deliriously happy that for a
third time you will experience my orgasm. Again your
pussy glistens with lubricating juices, your nerves
exploding like firecrackers under your skin. My balls
tighten as my elongated organ pulses and swells thicker
in your mouth.

You sense that I will soon cum and release my slick
throbbing tool from your hot mouth. I take my cock into
my own hands and begin to stroke it. The head is purple
with b***d and with a groan, I release my load. Like a
fire hose, cum erupts from the slit. I try to aim for
your breasts. Hot gobs of cum splatter across both
breasts with several spurts entering the valley between

Finally, the last drops drool onto my still stroking
hand. The thick puddles of semen slide down your firm
breasts, flowing over your thick, juicy nipples to plop
onto your thighs and belly. One stream of cum glides
down the valley of your magnificent breasts; leaving a
trail where it collects at your navel. Filling up, some
fluid continues on to your pubic area coating your
engorged clit.. You take your cum covered breasts into
your hands and massage the cream into your skin giving
it a glistening appearance. The aroma of my juice
assaults your senses, igniting your desire.

I cannot believe I was capable of such an explosion but
chalk it up to the ministration of this fabulous woman
before me. I breathe in deeply, trying to catch my
breath; it feels as if I just completed a vigorous
workout but only feel refreshed. One of your tempting
nipples is still white with my jism. I take it into my
free hand and lift it up while I bend down. Together, we
take turns sucking on the nipple, lapping up the cream
only to share it with each other. Our hungry mouths
devouring the sweet cream.

Again I stand before you, close, not wanting to be away
from you. Your essence continues to draw me in. the heat
of our bodies is thick between us. You take comfort in
the feeling and stare dreamily up at me. I continue to
stroke my still rigid pole, lubricating it with a
mixture of my seed and your saliva. Deep, rhythmic
strokes, milking the meat to keep it hard. You are
fixated on my crotch, the motion [censored] to you. My
elongated member seems to draw closer to you.

“I’m going to fuck you,” I say. As if it needed to be
said. “Yes you are,” you reply. You lean back until you
are flat, your legs bent and spread wide, eager to
accept me, wanting me to continue, urging me to fulfill
my promising statement. Releasing my firm erection, I
lower myself between your meaty thighs, the skin slick
with perspiration.

I continue downward, my penis drawn to the hot, juicy
comfort of your cunt. My mushroom glans contacts your
clit causing you to inhale sharply, sparks coursing
under your skin. You feel as if a great void exists in
you; a void that can only be filled by me, by my hard
cock. I use my hips to guide the bulbous head of my
swollen shaft to the entrance if your seething pussy.
Once the tip touches the drenched outer lips, they seem
to bloom out, wanting to guide my rod in to the
comforting depths of you.

With slight movements, I rub the tip along the crease,
your juices turning the crown shiny. Your eyes plead
with me to insert my rigid cock. I so much want to heed
your request but I never want this moment to end. My
bulbous penis gently separates your slick labia,
climbing to rub against your throbbing, excited
clitoris. The shaft resting between those engorged lips
letting your juices seep onto the taut flesh. Loudly you
moan. I know it is time.

You cannot wait any longer. The need to be filled with
my meat is overpowering. I can sense your desire.
Simultaneously, we reach for my slick, throbbing shaft.
Both our hands grab hold of my firm pole. Together we
guide my jutting member to your awaiting entrance. I
don’t know if it is my imagination, but it appears as if
your swollen lips reach out to draw in my shaft. The
bulbous head penetrates the entrance. The labia seem to
draw in my pulsating organ. We let go of my throbbing
shaft and peer into each other eyes.

Smoothly, I ease my penis into your hot, wet, hungry
cunt. The fleshy walls of your vagina grasp my shaft,
milking the stalk to feed its carnal hunger. Our pubic
regions join as I am fully inside you, buried to the
hilt, our sweaty skin sticking together as we pause to
savor the moment. You have never felt as full and
complete as you are now. A deep hunger being satiated,
you feel a comforting warmth radiate from your stuffed
cunt encompassing your entire thick body. Lying on top
of your luscious body, we kiss deeply.

My tongue stabs into your succulent mouth in a motion
another part of me will soon emulate. Warm and
receiving, you draw me into your mouth. Your meaty
tongue encourages the probing of mine. Joined at mouth
and at vagina, our skin held together by sweat, we are
one entity. The energy pulsing through your cunt walls
equals that of my rigid organ.

I rise up. Our skin noisily peels apart. You use your
cunt muscles like a hand, holding my velvety firm cock
until I am ready. I feel you release me, signaling that
you are ready. I withdraw my penis until the plump head
remains buried before sliding my member back in to the
hilt. Again and again, I probe your cunt in slow even
strokes. I am mesmerized by your heaving breasts as they
undulate in time with my strokes. But now the fucking
must begin.

Withdrawing completely, your slippery, starving cunt
gapes open lewdly, demanding to be fed my flesh pole.
This time I stab into you causing your whole luscious
body to reverberate from my strong thrust. You see stars
as a massive orgasm explodes across your quivering body.
My hips jackhammer back and forth several times as I
feel your orgasm burst. As your hips stop spasming
around my thrusting cock, I ease up my strokes to short,
smooth motions.

Gradually, I increase my movements pausing only when
your steamy cunt grips my rod like a vise. Abruptly, I
change speeds and slam our pelvises together. I just as
quickly ease up. You can no longer separate when one
pulsing orgasm ends and another begins. I grasp your
legs at the knees and bring your placid legs closer to
you which changes my angle of penetration. I want to
give as much pleasure to you as I possibly can. I
readjust slightly so that my stabbing shaft runs across
your sensitive clit with each stroke.

I don’t know how much longer I can stand the aching need
to unleash into your receptive pussy. I want this to
last but I cannot take my mind away from the pleasure we
are sharing. Your huge wobbling breasts spur me on to
plunge deeper, longer, harder, faster. I am near and you
sense that neither one of us wants to stop. You reach up
to grab hold of my strong arms. I cannot stop nor do I
want to.

Your seething pussy feels the final swelling of my
throbbing pillar. My balls tighten and the slippery skin
covering my thrusting rod grows taut. I witness a silent
scream of utter satisfaction and fulfillment as your
mouth gapes open. I growl and with a final deep thrust I
gush forth my creamy cum into the depths of your
devouring cunt I physically jolt as each spurt enters
you. You feel each of these spurts along the sensitive
nerve endings join me as we leap over the edge into
orgasmic bliss together.

Time has stood still for us but somehow we know that we
must return to reality. The final spasms of my heaving
cock have ended and I withdraw. I stand, towering over
your limp, completely relaxed body. You gather your
strength and rise. The b***d still in my overworked
penis is slow to recede leaving me with a still very
sensitive, if no longer painful, erection.

My penis is coated in our juices, your clear vaginal
lubricant and my creamy cum intermingle on my cock
causing the organ to glisten. The site of our combined
juices stirs a hunger in you. Like a thirsty woman to
water, your mouth opens and your tongue extends to take
in the liquid. You drag your tongue once slowly over my
entire dangling penis.

I watch as your tongue is coated with the creamy
mixture. You bring your tongue back into your hungry
mouth and smile broadly as you noisily swallow the goo.
Upon witnessing that I can no longer stand and collapse
into a satiated slumber. Hoping that what has just
happened to me is no dream. You slump back, letting your
round, plump buttocks settle on your meaty calves before
you yourself topple forward into me, resting your sweat
matted hair on my chest. This can be no dream you utter.
No dream can cause this level of satisfaction.

You drift into a peaceful rest.

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