Lisa finds a lonely ice cream girl to play with

Lisa was an attractive brunette, 34 years old, curvy but
didn’t show it off dressed in dark blue sweatpants and a
matching Hoodie from Adidas. She enjoyed dressing
casually so as not to be noticed, she preferred to be
the observer.

She was dozing off, daydreaming as she always did when
she watched the people in the park, wondering what their
lives were like, if they had friends and family, if
they’d be missed if something were to happen to them.

Would I be missed, or would people be glad to get rid of
me? Lisa wondered to herself. She figured it was all
about life choices and even though Lisa was 34 she felt
like she still hadn’t made her choice about how to live
her life.

All of a sudden Lisa realised that it was late and
almost all the people were gone or heading home. She
knew she should leave too, but alone in the dark! No,
she had to find somebody who was heading in her
direction, but everyone seemed to be gone already or
getting into their nearby cars. Looking around trying to
find somebody, Lisa caught sight of a petite blonde,
early 20’s, dressed in a white summer dress and big,
thick black glasses leaving the park.

Lisa recognized her as the girl running the ice cream
stand. She always looked so sad and lonely, like there
was nobody else in her life. Lisa felt sorry for her.
She couldn’t even imagine what that would be like. As
somebody who’d always had a loving family and a huge
circle of friends who cared for her. She was finding it
difficult even getting a minute to herself. The park
visits were the only time she could be alone without
anybody knowing what she what she was up to.

The ice cream girl was walking away and she decided to
follow her. It was getting darker and Lisa was nervous,
she kept looking behind her to see if anybody was there.
She knew she was being paranoid but she couldn’t shake
the feeling that somebody was watching her.

She walked a little faster making sure she could still
see the ice cream girl in front of her, just a little
bit longer she thought and then I’ll be safe. She pulled
up the hood on her Hoodie and nervously fingered the gun
in her handbag, it made her feel more relaxed and calm
knowing that if anything should happen she had

She was almost home now and walked faster, passing the
ice cream girl and saying a quick hello as she started
to head off in her own direction to her house. But
Lisa’s curiosity got the better of her. She decided to
follow the ice cream girl a little bit longer, just to
see if there was somebody waiting for her or if she was
as lonely as she imagined her to be. Lisa quickly made
her way back to the ice cream girl who had clearly
noticed that Lisa was once again walking behind her.

The girl started walking faster and Lisa followed
closely behind making sure to keep the same pace. Shit,
Lisa thought to herself, hoping the girl didn’t realise
what she was up to. Maybe the girl was just as
uncomfortable in the dark as she was and eager to get
home. She had to know for sure if she’d been made, so
Lisa walked faster until she was right next to the girl,
Lisa tried her hardest to be cool and not to stare at
the girl but failed miserably.

The girl was looking back at her now clearly a bit
uncomfortable and Lisa found herself enjoying the
feeling, this was exciting. She subconsciously let a
hand slip inside her pants and brush against her panties
before starting to pull her undies up. The girl tried to
look away blushing as Lisa pulled her undies up higher
and higher till they were sitting right below her belly
button. She stroked her tummy before slowly letting the
Hoodie fall back down again to cover her underwear.

The girl started to walk faster, trying to shake off
Lisa, there was no doubt anymore that she was
uncomfortable with Lisa’s presence. But Lisa didn’t
care, this had become a game to her now to see how far
she could take things.

The girl walked up to the front door of her apartment
building and quickly opened it. Lisa knew it was time to
head home but this was just too exciting. She had to
take it a little bit further. She decided to follow the
girl through the door. The girl was clearly
uncomfortable letting Lisa inside. But what was she
going to do Lisa reasoned to herself. Suddenly the girl
turned from the door to speak.

“Hey I don’t believe we’ve met before are you new here?”

“No I’m just visiting a friend”

It was an obvious lie, they both knew Lisa was there for
her and somehow it just made it more exciting. The girl
looked increasingly uncomfortable but said nothing and
instead walked over to the elevator and pressed the up
button. They both got on the elevator in uncomfortable
silence with neither wanting to be the first to press
the elevator button.

Lisa started to slowly pull her pants down, sagging them
lower and lower till they were resting on half her butt
and her white undies were showing beneath her Hoodie.

The girl probably just wants to get home, eat her dinner
and maybe watch some TV in peace Lisa thought and here
she was stalking her like a cat stalking a helpless
little mouse and there was nothing she could do about
it. It was exciting! In fact, it was turning her on.
Lisa pulled her pants down even lower until her pants
were sitting right below her butt.

“What floor are you going to?” The girl asked nervously,
trying not to look at Lisa who was blatantly staring her
at her now.

“Same as you.”

Lisa was getting so turned on she slowly pulled her
Hoodie up, revealing a small but very noticeable wet
spot on the crotch of her white undies. This was so
wrong, yet so exciting. Lisa knew she’d gone too far and
yet all she wanted to do was push it further, to see how
far she could go. How much she could get away with.

The girl was beginning to worry about Lisa’s intentions
and made a move to leave the elevator but was blocked by
a man entering, listening to music, engrossed in his
phone, completely oblivious to what was going on, he
pressed the top floor button. Before the girl could say
anything Lisa quickly walked up to her and whispered in
her ear.

“Sssh, don’t do anything stupid or I will kill him and
then you.”

Lisa wasn’t even thinking anymore, it was as if she was
in a trance and wasn’t aware of her actions or what she
was saying. This was so unlike her, so crazy and yet all
she wanted was to prolong this little foreplay they had
going on, it was as if nothing else mattered, she
couldn’t lose the girl now that she’d come this far.

The girl froze in fear, Lisa took her hand and with her
own, gently guiding it into her handbag to stroke her
gun to reinforce what she had just said, even though it
was an obvious lie. The girl started to sob quietly.

Lisa took the woman’s hand out of her handbag and gently
rubbed it against her now soaking crotch. It was so
wrong and yet all the reasons why she shouldn’t be doing
it were the same reasons why she should, her unwilling
hand on her panty covered crotch felt so good, like
nothing she’d ever experienced before.

The man got out of the elevator leaving just Lisa and
the poor little ice cream girl. Lisa knew she’d gone too
far already, knew she should go home before she got into
any real trouble, yet looking at the girl sobbing
quietly tears running down her cheek made feel more
excited than she’d ever felt in her life. Damn it what’s
wrong with me, she thought to herself, it’s time to go.
But she couldn’t tear herself away from the frightened
girl and instead whispered to her.

“Sssh, it’s okay, it’s okay,” as she said this she
brought the girls hand to rest inside her panties
against her soaking crotch, letting her fingers brush
against her wet pubic hair. She let out a quiet moan it
felt so good. Lisa knew she wasn’t done yet, she had to
take it a little bit further…

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