A girl experiences the ultimate pleasure

Her hart pounds in her chest. Her breath deepens and
she can feel her breasts arch higher with every single
breath. Her skin becomes clammy with sweat and she
begins to shack in anticipation. She wants it, she
wills it to happen, her mind consumed by it. She yearns
for her desire to be quenched. She closes her eyes and

Fingers settle on the buttons of her shirt and slowly
they begin unbuttoning her. Her breathing becomes even
deeper and her breasts swell under her shirt with each
breath. The hands move down one button at a time,
sensually touching the exposed skin underneath her
shirt. Finally the unbuttoned shirt falls from her
shoulders, leaving her only in her bra and skirt.

She feels fingers touching her neck, gliding over her
skin and falling over her shoulder. They settle on her
bra clip, fumbling to unclip it. Suddenly the clips
give way and the bra releases its s******e hold on her
breasts, falling to the ground. Her breasts sages down
a little into their natural position, exposed in all
their glory. Her nipples harden instantly as the cool
air ruches over them.

Fingers moving slowly over skin, tickling her. Her
lower lip quivering in expectation. She feels the
fingers tracing the rounding of her breast, teasing her
nipples to arch even further from her breasts. Suddenly
she slams her legs together as an unexpected gush of
excitement flows from between her legs. She didn’t
realize she was becoming so aroused

Then the hands cup her soft, round breasts. They start
to rhythmically massage them in slow sensual circles.
Rubbing her nipples in to an erect frenzy each time the
palm moves over them. Her breasts get pushed together,
enhancing her cleavage. The hands feel good on her
naked breasts, massaging, squeezing, rubbing, groping

Each second the hands spend on her magnificent breasts
her lust intensifies. She can feel herself dripping
down her legs. Oh she wants it, she wants it, she wants
it now! Her entire being focused on satisfying this
burning beast of desire in her. Oh she wants it.

Finally after an eternity of teasing her lust she feels
fingers gliding down over the sweaty skin of her
stomach, down towards the culmination of her desire.
One hand stays on her breast, pinching her nipple. It’s
sore but exciting. At her belly button the fingers
pause first investigating this dent in her perfectly
smooth skin.

The fingers at her navel are so frustrating. They are
so close. So close. Only a few inches from their
ultimate destination. Her lust driven to the breaking
point. She feels another droplet running down her

The fingers finally abandon her navel and move down to
the edge of her skirt. A solitary thumb slips between
the material and skin. Slowly it starts rounding the
curve off her hip, following the material of her skirt
until it reaches the zipper. The other hand leaves her
breast to join the other one at the zipper. Her nipple,
throbbing, protests at this desertion, yearning more

Slowly the hands start unzipping her skirt. The
material folds away from the zip exposing the cleft of
her ass. As the zip reached the end of its tracks the
hands move up and underneath the newly formed flaps.
Slowly they start moving down again, forcing down the
skirt as they move. They round her soft round ass. The
hands feel warm on the smooth skin of her ass. They
move down over the soft skin of her thighs, down to the
firm smooth skin covering her ankles, leaving goose
bumps as they go.

At long last the skirt is discarded on the floor.
Leaving only one final obstacle to over come before she
can be satisfied, her g-string.

The hands settle on the seam of her g-string, shoving
both thumbs between material and skin, just below her
navel. They are so close.

The thumbs start moving in opposite directions, and
both settle on her hips again. They repeat the same
motion as before, moving down and in so doing removing
her g-string. She can feel the string being pulled out
from between her ass cheeks. A soft sucking sound
escapes as the material of her g-string separates from
the wet flesh between her legs.

Finally her forbidden flesh exposed! Completely naked,
and nothing standing in the way of satisfaction.

She bites down on her lip in expectancy of what is to
come. She feels yet another droplet running down her
thigh. Her nipples proudly standing at attention on her
breasts, declaring her lust to the world. Her immanent
satisfaction driving her lust to staggering heights.
Now, now, pleas now!

The fingers settle on her hips again, pausing there
just long enough for her to want to cry out in lustful
agony. Then they start moving down, tracing the V’
formed by her legs. The fingers intertwine with her
pubic hair. So close.

Suddenly a finger moves over the sensitive flesh just
below her pubic hair. This contact sends shock waves
through her entire body. She gasps at this first
contact and she feels another gush watering her secret
garden again.

After a few agonizing seconds the finger settles on her
clit again, moving rhythmically. She feels the
sensation building up like a thunderstorm within her.
Sending crashes of lightning racing through her body.
Biting down hard on her lip, muted whimpers escape her
as the finger moves faster and faster, driving her
insane. She can feel all her senses drown in the
overwhelming sensation building in her clit. All her
nerves start tingling, it won’t be long now. She can
almost feel the dam breaking. Release and satisfaction
at last. Yes, now, now, now…

Suddenly the finger leaves her clit, leaving her
dangling on the brink of an explosion. No! no! no!

Her mouth hanging open, she breathes hard. Her body wet
from sweat. Her thighs soaking as she continues to
gush, even now when she is not being touched and not
even having orgasmed. Her whole body screaming for
release! She wants it! She needs it! Please!

Abruptly and unrepentantly she feels a finger
penetrating her, slipping comfortably into her wet
forbidden flesh. She lets out a loud gasp, draining all
the air from her lungs, as the sensation of the finger
inside her over powers her senses, numbing her body,
and tumbling her mind into darkness, being unable to
focus on anything except the unbelievable sensation
between her legs.

The finger explores her womanhood, driving her mad with
lust. It finds it target, and settles on her g-spot. At
this she lets out a scream as a neck jerking spasm
shoots up her spine.

The finger starts to franticly fiddle her g-spot,
making her absolutely delirious with pleasure. Yes!
Yes! Yes! It’s coming. It’s coming! Whimpers and whines
freely escape her gasping mouth as the sensation
completely takes hold of her naked sweating body.

She is on the brink. About to release suddenly another
finger crashes in to her clit passionately rubbing it.
This sends her over the edge. Her whole body is
suddenly completely numb. A minute tingling grows out
of the depths of her soul taking a hold of her nerves
and plunging her into a whirlpool of unbearable
sensations, overpowering all her senses.

She feels her body start jerking and spasming
involuntarily, her back arching violently, thrusting
out her breasts. She shakes helplessly as an orgasm
sweeps over her. She wants to scream but her mouth
falls open soundlessly. Her voice failing her under the
overwhelming bursts of the orgasm. At the unbearable
peak of the sensation she feels how she starts gushing
out blasts of cum over the finger that’s still in her,
completely soaking the hand and her thighs.

She falls back after one last gush and spasm breathing
deeply, completely satisfied, enjoying the aftermath of
a raging orgasm. She finally opens her eyes, oh how she
wished a man could do what she just did.

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