Sexual Dream

She is tall and athletic, with short blonde hair tipped with a silver tint. She is a figure skater. You can tell by the muscles that ripple through her beauti- ful legs as she walks. She has a sweet girlish face. Her eyes are bright; they dart around the room playful- ly. She wears a

A man remembers a teen affair with a very worldly woman who teaches him the facts of life

I hailed a cab at the Seattle airport, told the cabbie the name of my hotel, and then slumped into the back seat. It had been a long trip from Boston and I was tired. Tomorrow I would start a three week familiarization program on the intricacies of the new Boeing 767 in order to

A horny boy gets a chance to enjoy one of the prettiest girls in the neighborhood

“Hey, Jeannie,” he said as he opened the door, “come on in. Susie’ll be right back soon I’m sure.” He grinned happily and licked his chops, it was like his prayers had been answered. He was just about to go upstairs, find his old magazines and jerk off for an hour or so. He wasn’t