A middle-aged man befriends a cute college co-ed

It had been quite awhile since I’ve heard from Jim and
even longer since I’ve seen Deanna. After that Halloween
night she got back with Doug. When I spoke with her on
the phone she apologized for getting so wasted and should
have never let me have her. She thought it would be best
if we didn’t talk for awhile. It’s been almost a year

It doesn’t bother me though as I still get to see her on
video anytime I want as well as the many mpeg files I
created for my PC. In fact I am the only one to know the
true origin to the infamous ‘bound helpless fuck’ video
file on the internet. In it she is bound to the bed face
down as I stuff a pillow under her belly and then fuck
her lifeless body furiously from behind. Of course
neither of our faces can be seen so I don’t worry about
getting traced.

With all that behind me I’ve moved on with my life, even
gone through a girlfriend or two, though a relationship
is not really what I’m looking for right now. I was
starting to get that devious feeling again but with no
direction or plan. The very next day I found my next

I lived near a small university and occasionally visited
the campus library as they had a nice selection of
architectural references and design books. The place was
pretty deserted as not many ventured here since school
had just let out a week ago. I quickly found what I
needed and headed to the front desk where Mrs. Oldbag
usually checks me out.

Today it was someone new, a cute college co-ed wearing a
smile and a tag with the name Lena on it. I handed her
the books as she greeted me with a perky ‘Hi!’. She oozed
innocence, yet as we made some small talk I sensed
something more. Not your typical all-American girl Lena
had a foreign look to her, perhaps middle east, I wasn’t

Instantly attracted I gave her a quick once over. dressed
in jeans and a loose tee shirt left much to the
imagination, and it only took a moment for me to imagine
her pert young titties bared before me. In any case, she
had my attention. It turned out she would be working here
all summer trying to make extra money. I continued small
talk with her as she seemed to enjoy the company.

She said how bored she was doing the job but needed the
money. She wanted to work on some papers for school but
her laptop had a virus and she was scared to use it. It
was killing her cause she couldn’t even get online. Being
quite knowledgeable I offered to help. I told her I’d be
back the next day and to bring it in with her, I’d get
her fixed up. I took my books and headed home.

Once home I couldn’t get her off my mind. I wondered how
I might be able to get her in my bed. I already knew a
good way to find out, spying. When I would fix her laptop
I would install my starr007 software. Basically it runs
hidden and captures all keystrokes and emails them to an
email address once the user is online, totally invisible
to the user. I smiled. That night I whacked off thinking
of her lips wrapped around my cock while her innocent
eyes stared up at me. I started to come up with a plan. I
couldn’t just invite her to my place. Being 15 years her
senior she would never go for it. I thought of another
way to get her up here, at least to get used to the

The next day I headed to the library with disks in hand.
Lena greeted me with a grateful smile and pointed to her
laptop. I told her to give me a while and I’d have her
good as new. With the latest virus software I had her up
and running in no time. Shortly thereafter I had the spy
software running covertly in the background. My cock was
hard and my heart raced at the thoughts of what, if
anything, good I would get back. I wanted to search her
system for pictures and scan her emails but she kept
coming over to see how I was doing. She seemed a bit
nervous. I didn’t want to raise any suspicion so I got up
and brought it over to her.

As I walked up to the desk I noticed a guy walk through
the front door and head to the back room. Lena hadn’t
noticed me as she was staring at the guy as he walked in.
I startled her as I approached the desk. I kidded her
about the guy being her boyfriend. ‘Yeah, I wish. Talk
about hot!’ she laughed. She told me that this guy was to
get married in a few weeks, but it didn’t matter as she
already had a boyfriend. My heart dropped a little as I
knew this would make things tough to get her naked young
body in my bed.

She was absolutely thrilled that I got her back up and
running again and asked if there was anything she could
do to thank me. I pictured her bent over the desk, her
skirt lifted and panties dropped as I fucked her from
behind. I told her there was a really big favor she could
do but didn’t have to. She smiled delightfully, “Sure,

I told her I had to go out of town this weekend and hated
to leave my dog at the vets. I asked her if she would
housesit Saturday night for me. She’d have the place to
herself. She wondered how I could trust her. I told her
laughingly there was nothing there to steal anyway. Lena
quickly agreed. I gave her the address, exchanged phone
#’s, and told her anytime that evening would be fine. I
would already be gone but would leave a note.

I prepared the house all Saturday morning, removing all
incriminating videos, pc files as well as the dirty
laundry. I also checked all my covert cameras. Over the
last two years I had installed pinhole cameras in the
guest room, main bedroom and bathroom shower. It had
actually been awhile since I had anyone to tape other
than a few of the women I was seeing. I set the timers
and adjusted the motion detector for the shower cam and I
was all set. Nothing better than to watch a pretty young
gal soap herself up. I would give anything to see what
Lena’s hot little bod looked like. I only hoped she would
take a shower. I also wondered, and expected, that her
boyfriend would be there. A little hidden camera sex
would be cool, I would enjoy watching her get fucked,
knowing that it would be me inside her at some point in
the future.

Before I left the house I thought I’d check my email,
hopefully for a keystroke file from Lena’s computer. I
had yet to receive one and wondered if I set it up right.
Sure enough, it was there. My cock instantly hardened. I
started going through the file. It contained mostly
innocent stuff, emails to her mom and brother, work on
some research project, half a chat session with her
boyfriend (I could only see what she typed and not his
replies). All pretty mundane stuff.

She did mention to her boyfriend staying at my place and
he was invited to join her only after she got there and I
was gone. Maybe I would get a little sex on cam. The only
other ‘very’ interesting thing in the file was some of
the sites she visited, mostly erotic story sites. I
wondered what type of stories turned her on. I followed
some of the links to the stories and couldn’t believe
what I found. Each and every story was about
nonconsensual sex, rape stories. My heart raced. No way
was this the same girl. Perhaps someone else used her
computer. I’d have to wait and find out when I got the
next info packet.

I wrote up a note for Lena and left the dog food out. Now
the long wait till Sunday to see what I surprises I
captured on video.

When I got back on Sunday I was not to be disappointed. I
didn’t know what to check first. I popped the shower cam
tape and saw that it had recorded. I also popped the
tapes from the other rooms and brought them upstairs with
me to view on the large screen TV. I started the shower
cam tape and watched as an arm reached in and turned on
the shower. I was already stroking my cock when Lena
hopped in the shower.

There she was, totally naked, perfect tits and nipples,
dark bush, great ass. I couldn’t help but shoot a huge
load as she soaped her tits. I was already hard again by
the time she finished, in fact I never got soft. I caught
my breath and popped in the bedroom tape. I had to zip
through a couple hours of an empty bed before anything

Sure enough he was there as they climbed into bed. Lena
looked awfully hot wearing a tiny tank top and bikini
panties. They turned the TV on but it wasn’t long before
they started making out. By the end I felt sorry for the
guy as he must have had the biggest blue balls in the
world. They felt each other up and he dry humped her for
about an hour but she wouldn’t let him fuck her. He did
get her top off and got to suck on her tits but no sex.

No way this girl was reading rape stories if she wouldn’t
even do her boyfriend. If it was her reading them,
however, I would be the one to make her fantasy come true
and there would be no way she would be able to stop my
cock from entering her sweet pussy. She eventually fell
asleep on her belly as he watched TV.

I was about to switch off the tape when the guy pulled
out his cock and started stroking himself while massaged
her butt. After he shot his load on the sheets he was
asleep in about two minutes. I popped back in the shower
tape and masturbated again. Now it was time to work on
part two of my plan. How would I get her in MY bed. Man I
wanted to fuck her.

After reading the second ‘spy’ packet I was totally
aroused. This pretty little thing did have a dark side
that not even her boyfriend knew about. Not only did she
peruse the story sites again but also entered a chat
room. Of course I could only see what things she said and
she said alot. I got mixed feelings from her lines as she
mentioned the weekend stay over and how she felt bad for
her boyfriend but just couldn’t do it until they were

The next thing I know she’s talking about her fantasy of
the lab tech guy forcing her into a quickly in the back
room, or the lab professor forcing her to suck him off
for a good grade. She constantly has these thoughts of
sex, being forced to submit, have someone take her. I was
shocked when she mentioned me, yeah me. she said that
when she was making out with her boyfriend at my house
she suddenly had images of herself bound to the bedposts
with me on top of her, entering her at my own will.
Keeping her there for days to fuck at my leisure. She
ended with saying it was still just fantasy and never
really would like to be forced, she loved her boyfriend
and hoped only to be with him. I knew deep down she was

I came up with a simple plan to get her to my house
again, yet it would be quite daring and risky. But the
thought of fucking her with her boyfriend asleep a only
few feet away would be an incredible high…

I had been back to the library numerous times in the next
few weeks checking out many books I had no intention of
even opening. I was there to check out Lena, although now
I could picture her naked standing there. We had a few
friendly chats, she kept me there as long as she could,
mostly due to boredom I would guess. I thought I even
caught her once checking out the bulge in my pants, I
could only hope. The course of the conversation turned
towards her boyfriend and that their fourth anniversary
was coming up next weekend. I suggested they invite a few
friends up to my place as I had the pool open and we
should have a big barbecue. She smiled and said she’d
think about it. I stopped in the next day, but she wasn’t
in. I did however, have a nice chat with the lab tech

I was surprised when Lena called me a few days later and
asked if they could take me up on my offer, playfully
pleading with me that they had, like ten people coming.
No problem. I wasn’t sure how it would play out, but if
the opportunity arose, she would be mine.

Saturday was here and I had things all ready: cold keg,
badminton, music, pool, food, weed, hidden video cameras,
the works. It set me back a few bucks, but I knew it
would be worth it one way or another. I also had a few
other things ready, my trusty sleeping pills and
something new I snagged over the internet, a sort of
spanish fly, guaranteed to make ’em horney as hell. It
took me awhile to search the message boards to find a
‘reliable’ product. Sure, Lena was a virgin, but nothing
like a little alcohol and drugs to ruin that.

They arrived early afternoon. I hoped that they didn’t
come wearing their bathing suits as I would guide all the
girls to the ‘wired’ dressing room. And there were some
nice girls too, though Lena stood out. Sure it would be
cool to see all their tits and cunts on video later, but
I couldn’t stop thinking how warm and tight her pussy
would be wrapped around my cock.

The day went well as I played the non-chalant host. I met
Lena’s beau and could only imagine what he might think if
he knew her thoughts, and my intentions. We all had a
great time and I fit in well despite the dozen years I
had on them all. Throughout the day I was constantly
checking out all the female forms in their tightly clad
bathing suits. I figured that if Lena would leave early I
would definitely have to drug and fuck someone.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bad looking and can get women
I just am obsessed with fucking a drugged, drunk or
passed-out chick. Speaking of obsessed, I tried not to
seem too attracted to Lena as not to seem ‘weird’. Lena,
however, was having a great time teasing me. I still
couldn’t figure if it was innocent or not but twice she
leaned over in front of me.

The first time in her bikini, her tits held perfectly
within, the second time to pet my dog, who was in front
of me. Wearing a loose tee shirt with no bra she bent
over to greet ‘Max’. Holy shit if I couldn’t see right
down her shirt, her tits hanging plain for me to see,
nipple and all. God she made me hard.

Luck was with me that night as the crowd thinned out as
many left but two couples, Lena and her beau being one of
them. The other was a pretty, but chunky girl and her
guy. It was getting dark and I suggested the latest
video. All were in agreement as were they when I offered
rum & cokes. It wasn’t until the second video before I
started adding a little ‘knockout potion’ to the three of
the drinks. To Lena’s I added some of what I hoped would
make her hornier than hell.

Halfway through the second movie all four were
nonchalantly passed out, in their minds it was from the
sun and alcohol. One couple was nestled cozy in a large
recliner, Lena and her guy were next to each other on the
couch. After making sure the other three were totally out
I set my sights on Lena.

The light from the TV flickered over her body. The first
thing I noticed was how tightly the material of her shirt
had pulled around her tits, outlining them perfectly. I
sat next to her on the couch. It felt very strange with
her boyfriend right there, her head laying on his
shoulder but as I stroked her bare leg I knew how fucking
hot it was going to be ‘doing’ her as her boyfriend slept
right there.

My hand slowly slid up her body, coming to rest cupped
around her breast. My thumb began to massage her nipple
though the thin cloth and it became erect almost
immediately. I looked at her face still sleeping
peacefully. I wondered if it would change. I continued to
fondle her tits until my hand wandered down, pulled up
her shirt slightly and slid underneath. When my fingers
felt the soft skin of her breasts, my cock almost
exploded on its own.

As I continued to grope this sleeping beauty, I worked
her shirt up until her chest was completely exposed to
me. My hands were soon replaced by my mouth. Oh, her tits
tasted so fantastic, my tongue swirling around the nipple
and then sucking it in gently. I first felt her move when
I bit down softly on her tit. I looked up at her, her
eyes still closed but breathing became deeper. Perhaps it
was all the alcohol in me, but I wasn’t worried that
she’d wake up, in fact I hoped she would. I knew what
would get her going.

Lena’s shorts were very loose fitting so I was able to
maneuver my hand into the leg hole and caress her pantied
covered pussy. I traced over her slit through the silken
material. I could already detect a wet spot. Poor girl
had no idea what she was in for. I knew I was in for some
fun when my finger pushed aside her panty and entered
her. She was incredibly wet. It was time to remove her

I got off the couch and kneeled before her. Grabbing both
her pants and panties I worked them both down and then
off. She slid off her boyfriends shoulder and onto her
back with her head in his lap. I pulled her legs up onto
the couch and then I climbed between them, invading her
sweet pussy with my finger and tongue. My cock was out
now and I stroked it as I licked her. Shortly her hips
began to move and I knew the moment of truth was near. I
got up on my knees so I could see her face. My thumb
continued to finger fuck her soaking wet pussy. When I
began to circle her clit she began to moan. Her eyes
opened as she started to cum.

She looked confused seeing me there but her body betrayed
her as she began to buck. She didn’t say a word and she
orgasmed. She was awake but I knew she wouldn’t be able
to orient herself, the drugs would keep her in half a
dream state. As she relaxed she continued to breath hard
and moan softly. She looked up at her boyfriend and then
back at me then down at my cock. I took her small hand
and placed it on my cock. She whispered a small ‘no’ and
shook her head but I kept her hand on me, moving my cock
in it.

Soon I was able to release my hand as she gripped my cock
on her own and began to rub. She kept staring at her hand
rubbing my cock. When I asked her if she wanted me to
fuck her she looked up at me again and again whispered
‘no’ over and over again. But her hand gripped me harder
and moved faster. I looked down at her slowly gyrating
hips and my hand that still massaged her clit. When I
stopped massaging her and stuck my thumb deep inside her
she gasped. Oh she felt tight. I pulled my thumb out and
placed it to her lips so she could taste herself. I told
her I was going to fuck her now. She took my thumb in and
sucked on it.

I lifted her legs up and placed them on my shoulders.
Lena suddenly looked panic stricken. She kept looking up
at her boyfriend and put her hand on his face. She kept
whispering ‘I can’t’. When she felt the tip of my cock
pressing against her slit she looked at me again. I could
wait no longer. She was so wet I slipped right in,
burying my cock deep inside her. She yelped when I
entered her and her cunt clenched down on me. I began
fucking her good. I knew even with all the drinks I had I
still wouldn’t be able to hold out long. My gaze went
from her pussy to her tits to her face. She was no longer
upset and in fact was rubbing her own tits now. The sight
was too much.

I pulled my cock out and began spraying her body with my
cum. Her hand immediately went down between her legs and
she began rubbing herself. Her other hand began to rub my
cum all over herself. This girl was on fire. I knew I
would be hard again shortly and would enjoy making her
cum again.

I got up and took her hand and told her to come with me.
She stood up groggily and I led her to the guest room.
Even while walking she kept rubbing herself. When we
reached the bed she begged me to fuck her more. I was
more than willing to comply. I laid her on the bed and
left the room for a moment to make a quick call. When I
returned she was already cumming as she rubbed herself

The sight of that made me instantly hard and I quickly
climbed on the bed and stuck my cock in her. She wrapped
her legs around me tightly and pulled me farther into
her. She told me that this is what she needed, wanted. I
fucked away at her young body for a long while as she
came many times. When I felt my orgasm rise again I told
her I wanted her to suck me. She released me and I
climbed up her body, straddling her chest. Her mouth was
on me quickly sucking hard.

When I was ready to cum I put my hands on the bedboard
and began to fuck her mouth. I thought about pulling out
and shooting on her again but it felt too good. She
looked a little shocked when my cum began to flow into
her mouth but kept sucking. I knew I released the slut
within her. When I pulled out she told me I had to keep
fucking her, she was still rubbing her pussy. I told her
not to move as I had a present for her. I left the room,
shutting the door.

When I returned, Lena’s eyes were wide open in semi-
shock. I led the library tech guy into the room and told
him to enjoy his early bachelor party gift. I left as he
climbed onto the bed and onto her waiting body. A few
hours later he would leave, totally spent but with a big
smile on his face. I had wanted to fuck her one more time
later that night but he still wasn’t done with her. So I
pulled down the panties of her chunky friend and creamed
in her pussy while she still was held in her boyfriends
embrace. I did manage to dress Lena and place her back on
the couch.

In the morning everyone had headaches, but no one seemed
the wiser, except Lena. She knew something had happened
but really couldn’t remember.

A week later I returned to the library to see her. She
came over to the desk I sat at in the empty library. She
smiled and softly asked if I had fucked her that night. I
was nervous when I responded with a yes. ‘Too bad…’ she
said, “I was so drunk that I can’t remember”. She looked
at me, “Cause it ain’t gonna happen again.” She said she
had a fight with her boyfriend, accusing him of fucking
her. When I asked if they broke up, she said no and that
she still planned on marrying him one day. I told her
she’d have to come up soon to check out the latest rental

I think she was in heaven when I laid her on the bed and
began tying her wrists to the bedposts.

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