A nice little interlude and the county fair

The carnival lights and music filled the night. Tiny
stars dotted the sky and the moon was full, glimmering
silver white above. The sounds of people and animals,
from the menagerie, were plenteous, but they hardly
noticed as they walked.

She carried a paper cone piled high with spun sugar, her
arm linked through his, laughing as he took some of the
sweet confection from her fingertips. An overly large
stuffed pink hippopotamus under his other arm. He’d won
it knocking over milk bottles, at her imploring.

“Thank you, thank you,” she’d laughed excitedly,
wrapping her arms around his neck kissing him.

His arms had tightened around her making the kiss longer
and deeper. She tasted sweet like the sugar she’d been
tasting. It had lasted until the carnie had whistled
loudly and the surrounding crowd started throwing

He’d laughed when she buried her face in his neck with
an embarrassed groan, then reluctantly letting her slide
down to her feet again, giving her one more kiss before
she chose the pink hippo.

“Oh look,” she pointed. “The ferris wheel.”

He followed her gaze to the enormous lighted wheel. Loud
music was cranking out of it from somewhere. He let
himself be lead over to it.

“Two please,” she told the worker.

“Sure,” he smiled a toothy grin. “Want me to hold your
hippo while you ride?”

He set the hippo down by the man without a word and
helped her into the rickety seat. It rocked back and
forth precariously when the huge wheel jerked into
motion. She let out a nervous giggle and held his arm
tighter. The wheel stopped and moved in an uneven
rhythm. As they rode higher above the crowd and noise
into the moonlit sky.

He felt her hand slip over his thigh, squeezing lightly.
Her middle and ring finger occasionally brushing over
the tight crotch of his jeans.

His hand slipped under her short pleated skirt, over her
smooth thigh brushing his thumb against the inside of

She took his thumb from her thigh to her pussy. Pressing
it against the slick opening, he pushed it against her
clit, which stood to attention like a well trained

He wasn’t surprised, he’d wondered what she’d been doing
in the bathroom when they’d stopped earlier, it had
taken longer than needed.

“You’re lucky there wasn’t any wind,” he murmured
against her mouth. “Otherwise everyone would’ve seen.”

She smiled a little, giggling. “Lucky them.”

He cupped her cheek, bringing her lips to his. Caressing
his thumb along her jaw and cheek. Shifting slightly so
more of his weight pressed against her. The chair tipped
back, she let out a startled cry wrapping her arms
tighter around him.

They were at the top of the ferris wheel. Stopped, the
chair slowing down from the unnatural wave they’d

A loud voice bellowed up to them through a megaphone.
“Sorry folks, something’s stuck. It might be a while
before we get you down.”

“We’re stuck,” she whispered unnecessarily.

“I heard,” he kissed her neck.

She didn’t reply, she wiggled until his arms loosened
around her a little. Her hand going to his bulging
crotch. Her fingers opening the snap of his jeans. The
soft rasp of the zipper in the still night. His breaths
were coming more raggedly than before.

He felt her warm fingers wrap around his cock, and he
saw her Mona Lisa smile when he drew in a sharp breath.
Her petal soft fingertips petted and stroked him
torturously slow. Her mouth resting against his, laying
tiny butterfly kisses all around. Then her tongue
brushing over his lips. He felt his cock graze against
her hot moist slit.

With a short kiss, she moved away. Then moved again,
straddling his lap. He murmured small encouragements
when she pressed against him, guiding his cock inside of
her tight wet pussy. He groaned moving his hands to her
hips, squeezing her round cheeks. Opening her mouth with
his tongue, tangling it with hers. She rocked her hips
against his, moving him in and out of her.

The chair swayed in the erotic rhythm of her hips. Each
time pressing him deeper into her. She clasped her hands
over his, her nails biting into his wrists.

He felt her stiffen slightly before she started to come.
He could feel the walls of her pussy spasming around his
cock. A small moan from her throat, turned into a
pleading whimper in his mouth. He moved her hips faster,
she tightened herself around him. Trapping him in her.
Her fingers tightening around his wrists.

“Come for me,” he tugged on her bottom lip with his
teeth. “Come on baby, come for me.”

Her head tipped back, exposing the slim column of her
neck, her hips bucking against his. He could the feel
the tight contraction of her pussy walls around him. He
was being baptized in her wantonness. He couldn’t hold
back any longer.

She felt the first of his warm come rushing into her.
She tightened herself around him, taking it all in. Long
delicious streams of come shooting into her. She
shivered when she felt it running down her thighs into
his lap, onto his jeans.

His fingers bit into her flesh, as his body pulled
against her again and again. Her eyes opened, looking
into his taut face. Watching him finish his release.

His head rested against the curve of her shoulder, his
breath warm on her neck. She kissed his temple gently,
relishing the pressure of his arms around her.


The ferris wheel started again with a jolt. They pulled
away from each other reluctantly. She straightened her
skirt and slid over to her side of the chair. He looked
over at her mouth, while he was refastening his jeans,
it was swollen from his kisses. She smiled at him and
clasped his hand as the ride slowed to a stop at the

“Sorry ’bout the delay folks,” the worker smiled at them

They walked away with the pink hippo in tow.

He slid an arm around her, pulling her close. “Our
pleasure.” Too low for anyone to hear.