Early Morning Necessities

The faint glow of early morning sifted through the heavy
drapes of the room. Her eyes popped open in sudden
remembrance of her location. Not moving a muscle, a
smile spread across her face as she heard his deep,
regular breathing. Without turning, she pictured his
long frame stretched across the bed.

Even as she drank in the stimuli to her senses, she felt
the fullness of her sore cunt. Her body started a slow
roll to her stomach, and was caught short by the searing
pressure and pain of her tits against the bed. She
stretched her legs and gasped at the stinging of her

Trying desperately to take a quiet deep breath, she
regretted any attempt at movement, however stiff her
body might have been. Every nerve was suddenly awake and
reminding her of recent painful pleasures. She didn’t
want to wake him. Biting her lower lip, she gave her
body one good relaxing stretch, found a position she
could hold, and drifted back into sleep.

The next conscious moment was of a warm hand sliding
over the welts on her thigh. The fingers traced the
lengths of the raised bruises as a blind man reads
Braille. She rolled instinctively towards the touch,
opening her sore self once again to his pleasure.

His hand moved to her inner thigh, caressing and
prodding. As his fingers found the swollen and tender
lips of her cunt, their sleepy moans echoed the aching
desire kindling with the sun.

She moved her hands above her head to grasp the
headboard. The movement stretched her torso, and his
hand slid over her stomach and ribs to grasp her left
breast in his hand and roll her nipple in his finger and
thumb. His pressure slowly and steadily increased until
she was whimpering and squirming under his touch.

His moan was a fake sort of sympathetic as he pulled her
into his body. Cradling her in his arms, he held both
breasts and begin a methodical t*****e of the tender
nipples, pulling and pinching, listening to her whimper
and whine, increasing the pressure to feel her jump and
squirm against him.

The pain was bearable, and made her remember all the
events of the previous evening. Her back arched and she
felt him growing hard. Her long legs entwined with his,
and she began to fight against his hold on her…
slowly, lazily, but struggling.

As if he read her mind, she felt him rising over her,
and moving their bodies together. The pain of his thighs
against her welts was forgotten in the quick thrust of
his hard cock into her cunt. His hand clamped over her
mouth as she gasped, preventing the scream that would
have followed.

The fuck, first slow and thoughtful, grew to a furious
fuck of passion and animalistic need. There was no
withholding, no waiting, and soon her cunt was spastic
vise of orgasm around his thrusting cock. He buried
himself within her and she felt his hot seed pulse into
her body.

He sank down, rolling to the side, and pulled her down
near him. Necessities accomplished, they drifted back to