A Shameful Obsession

Walking through the woods, I could feel the urge. I should have used the toilet at the trail-head, but no, I was too busy looking at all the gorgeous scenery, and now, I could feel my bladder start to make demands. I looked around, the trail was deserted, so I left the trail, went past two bushes, and took one last look around. Satisfied that I was alone, I unzipped my jeans, pushed them down, skimmed down my panties to join my jeans around my ankles. Concerned that I could accidently piss on my jeans and panties, I quickly yanked them off, and placed them a safe distance away. I squatted, and felt the relief as the hot piss start to flow. I started to feel a strange sexiness, the position of squatting, with my bare ass to the elements, I could imagine squatting like I would do to a boyfriend, just before pushing down on his cock, made my pussy pulse, the hot stream of piss gushing out over my twitching pussy lips just amplified the feeling. I went with it, and slipped two fingers down, my fingers rubbing my piss wet lips, feeling them get slippery with my other juices joining them. I just kept rubbing, and rubbing, wildly turned on by the idea of being almost naked in the woods, squatting and pissing, doing it out in public like that, granted, it wasn’t like doing it in Grand Central station, but still, it was out in the open. The idea that someone could walk by, and see a horny 15 year old girl masturbating wildly, made my inner pussy do the “orgasm flip”, as I like to call it, and I let out cries of pleasure as I felt it wrenching deep inside, the climactic quivering of my pussy spreading waves of pleasure through me.

As the pleasure of my orgasm started to ebb, I quickly pulled on my panties and jeans, got back on the trail, and continued my hike.

After that first time, I never wanted to use a toilet again when I’d head out on the trails, I’d purposely make sure that I would need to piss soon after starting out, and the squatting, the hot piss flowing, the pissing then the masturbating, always made me cum like crazy.

Out on my favorite trail today, I did my usual routine, although I neglected to look in one direction. I quickly unzipped, shoved down my shorts and panties, stepped out of them, and squatted down. I heard a noise, looked to my left, and froze. The urgent desire to let my piss fly vanished, I was being watched, a big man, big from working out, was a mere 20 feet away, my god, he looked to be at least 6’6″ tall, and solid muscle. He cock was pressing out against his jeans, the sight of that rock hard bulge took my breath away. He stepped slowly towards me, then around me, until he was towering over me, I was still frozen to the spot.

“Want to see it baby? Unzip me baby, then you can see what I got.”

That broke the spell, and with trembling fingers, I pulled down his zipper, his jeans and underwear dropped, and I was once again spellbound. He had at least a 9 inch cock, rock hard, so thick, pointing at me like a weapon ready to fire. This was the first cock I had ever seen, it was almost right in my face, I couldn’t take my eyes away.

“You want to piss, go right ahead baby, while I watch and stroke my cock. Why don’t you get naked, so I can see every bit of your sweet hot body?”

I quickly pulled off my T shirt, tossed it aside, and felt the familiar tingling. My god, now I was fully bare ass, squatting completely naked, ready to let my piss fly while a guy watched me, he was stroking that stiff, hard beauty, urging me on.

“Yeah baby, let it go, let the hot piss flow, piss for me baby!”

Encouraged like that, I released, and I could feel the hot piss rushing out of me, splattering against the ground. He was seriously stroking his cock, letting out grunts of pleasure as he watched the hot yellow liquid rushing out of me, I could feel that hot stream all over my twitching tight lips again, and I reached down, and started to play with myself, it was almost like second nature, first the piss, then the orgasm.

My watcher noticed, he grunted, “Oh yeah, baby, play with that pussy, make yourself cum baby, watch my cock explode!”

I opened my eyes, staring at that stiff prick, so close, watching his hand jerking rapidly up and down, hearing little grunts and noises he was making as his cock got ready to fire. I was wildly rubbing my wet lips, again feeling my other juices start to take over. That spurred me on, and I could feel the burning heat of orgasm pooling in my groin, ready to explode, and he helped me along.

“Yeah, yeah, gonna do it, fuck, fuck YEAH!”

He growled, and I watched a long stream of his pearly white cum shoot out of his cock, and splatter right along my lips. That did it, I could feel my pussy start, the spasms just about went crazy, and I let out a shriek of pleasure as I tumbled over the edge. I felt more thick ropes splattering against me, his jetting streams shooting over my nose, getting a pearl necklace around my neck, and thick, hot, white strings hitting my tits, my orgasm and his sprays of cum just combined to make me cum, again, and again, and again, I was howling, my senses were just about going crazy, as he showered me down, his hand milking his prick, making sure that every drop was on my body.

My tongue eagerly licked along my lips, and I tasted a man’s sperm for the first time. A bit gooey, but the taste was good, and I had a feeling that it was something I wanted to taste more of as I got older. I used my fingers to scoop up the thick hot streams, eagerly licking them down.

My watcher smiled, and said, “You still a virgin baby?’ At my nod, he grinned and said, “I’ll be watching for you baby, next time, I can take that cherry from you, if you want.”

Staring at that 9 inch log, imagining that big fucker splitting open my virgin pussy lips, made me feel feverish with desire. I nodded, he smiled as he pulled on his clothes.

As he turned to go, he said, “Until next time baby.”