A Space Port Story

Lena had been at the spaceport for days now and there
had been no sign of her target. Control had told her to
abort her mission but she cut off communication with
them and stayed. It would take them days to catch up
with her so she had time to track Sol Zythor until they
came to take her back.

She brushed her slender hand through her short, black
chin length hair and surveyed the diverse crowd of space
travellers. None here had the bright pink tone to their
skin that her people had. A Zeltron’s skin was often
tinted by the radiation of her home-world’s sun.
Generations upon generations of her people took on the
strange pigmentation making them stand out from other

They aren’t common to see, hanging around in cold space
ports, as their home world is much more adaptive to the
fun-loving nature of her kind as well as their
promiscuous tenancies. It took work to avoid exuding the
natural pheromones to get her way but she was determined
to exist apart from her home planet and it’s
oppress/unoppressive atmosphere. Lena grew tired of the
thinning crowd and made her way back toward the port
tavern she’d roomed in. Space ports were pretty much
shut down for the night so it was the best time to get a
little sleep.

Letting herself into the room, she tossed her key pass
onto the table top to land alongside her flickering data
pad and undressed all the way to the shower. After she’d
washed up, she’d turn the subspace radio back on, just
for kicks. Not that she’d answer them at all but they’d
burn out their communications droids by having them
sending signal after signal.

Once naked, she paused in front of the full length
mirror in the bathroom. Twisting her full hips from side
to side as her gaze started at her blue lacquered
toenails. She wriggled the little digits while eyeing
the shapely form of her bright pink legs all the way to
the generous curve of her hips. A narrow waist lead the
way for a dramatic curve where her heavy pink breasts
sat upon her chest. Her large nipples were darker than
the pink that coloured her skin, almost lavender. They
had hardened in the cold chill of the metallic walls
seeming to stare back at her gaze from the reflection as
her coppery eyes followed the enormous outline of her

Yup, same old me but apparently with only half the
policing skills.

With a sigh, she pursed her painted blue lips as they
shimmered with a metallic gloss. Stepping into the
shower closet, the sound of the water spray masked the
tell tale electronic sounds of the front door’s card
reader releasing the lock.

Lena stepped from the shower some time later, her
curvaceous body glistening with lingering moister as she
wrapped herself snugly into a towel and stepped back
into the main room. She had taken no more than four
steps when a sharp, burning pain touched her shoulder
and the world went dark.

Her body ached terribly and it was the first thing she
noticed as she regained consciousness. The second point
to note was that she was bound at the wrists with her
arms held above her head and she was naked. Her dark
eyelashes lifted as the groggy fog began to wear off and
she began to remember those final moments upon exiting
the shower. Before she could focus on the entire room, a
sultry voice whispered almost hotly in her ear.

“Lena, it’s about time you woke up.”

She gasped, turning to face the owner of the voice but
the light from the open washroom door was not quite
strong enough and her captor remained cloaked in

As he spoke again, she could feel goose bumps rising on
her soft, naked form.

“Lena, you know you’ve been quite the pain in the ass
for me lately.” His voice was mind numbingly alluring
and his very presence was beginning to make her feel
warm inside in a way she typically wouldn’t mind but not
in such a potentially dangerous situation.

“Who are you?” Her voice shook as she asked, straining
to see through the darkness.

“Oh, my captive little vixen, I think you know exactly
who I am.” The Falleen sat forward letting the dim glow
of the only light reach his face, his thin lips twisted
into a handsome, devious smile. His features were
exotic, to say it simply. His skin a soft gray-green
with smooth scales that shone in the darkness as he
spoke. His high cheekbones and tall forehead gave his
reptilian face an angular look and his yellow eyes were
causing a stir between her thighs as they stared into
her own. Unlike most Falleen men, his hair was free of a
topknot, instead it was cut in a short, wild and spiky
style that only added to the rebellious draw the alien

“Sol Zythor.” Her mouth went dry when the realisation
dawned on her. The elusive criminal, the heartbreaker,
the legend. No matter how hard she’d trained, she knew
now she was not prepared to be in his presence. She
could feel the intensity of his pheromones rippling
through her body causing her to squirm and eventually

Sol grinned a little wider and sat back out of her view.
“I’ve never had my hands on a Zeltron woman before, I’ve
always wanted to just never had the chance.”

“Release me, Sol! I don’t want any part of your little
game.” Lena’s body was aching from need now more than
discomfort. He planned this, he’d been here all along
while she scanned the docks for him. Now she was his and
she knew it wasn’t long before she was begging for him.

A light chuckle as he continued to watch her battle with
her desires. Squirming and pressing her soft, pink
thighs together to suffocate the fire he’d started
within her.

Lena did give quite the effort in resisting but she was
a sexual creature by nature, never really having had a
chance in that fight. Soon she was writhing for another
reason entirely, her hips slowly thrusting upward as she
panted softly and moaned like an animal in heat. Her
eyes were glazed with need and her lips moved in an
attempt to plead with her captor. Begging him for
another kind of release.

Sol could resist his restrained beauty no longer,
eagerly getting up from his place in the darkness to
reveal his own nudity. His long, muscled cock twitching
with anticipation and glistening with pre cum. His
perfectly muscled frame rippled, his skin shone with the
same, smooth scales as his face making him look surreal
in her blurred vision. The sight of his naked form drew
a long, desperate moan of desire, her tongue darting out
over her lips, eager to taste him.

The sight of her pouting lips being bathed in her tongue
nearly set him off. He never engaged in oral sex with
his many lovers as most of them were captives like Lena
and he was always fearful of injury. But this one, this
lustful little Zeltron, she would be different.

Climbing onto the bed, he straddled her luscious tits as
she murmured a plea or two for his cock. He watched her
beg him as he took both of her enormous breasts in his
hands and pressed them together over his shaft. Her skin
was like satin, caressing every inch of him as he gently
fucked his way between the fleshy globes. His fingers
pressing hard into her warm skin as he nearly worked
himself into a frenzy over the delicious valley of
cleavage. It was one of the most sensual feeling, to
have the soft orbs pressed tightly around his shaft. As
much as he would have loved to spatter those tits with
thick, creamy cum he had to move on.

Reluctantly, he let her tits bounce free of his grasp
and settle once again on her chest. He moved higher
along her body, aiming the tip of his now pulsing cock
at her waiting lips. Her tongue stretching out to at
least taste the beautiful meat being offered if she
could. A tremor of anticipation ran through him as he
slipped his hand behind her head.

One, even thrust of his hips and her open mouth
swallowed his entire length, only partially by force.
He could feel her struggle beneath him, both to breath
and suck hungrily at the invading member. Sol ground his
hips forward, mashing her face against his body as he
felt his rigid prick sloshing about in her mouth and
throat. Giving one last, hard push into her esophagus
before slowly drawing back and allowing her to cough and
sputter while catching her breath for a few moments
before filling her throat once again.

He could feel her gag and swallow, tightening like a
vice around the head of his cock. Pulling out again, he
watched her gasp air into her lungs. Strands of saliva
that trailed his exit breaking off and spattering her
heaving breasts.

He ached without the feeling of her hot mouth and could
not resist to slide himself back in. This time letting
her find time to breath as he pulled back and plunged
deeper. Taking a grip on her hair as he saw beads of
sweat forming on her forehead and could feel her tits
dampening beneath his ass, cushioning him as he fucked
her face.

Spit bubbled from the corners of her mouth each time he
thrust forward, soaking her chin and neck. Her arms
pulled at her restraints, her eyes rolling back beneath
her lids as she struggled between ecstacy and
unconsciousness, trying to find the right rhythm for
breathing between his intrusions. Meanwhile her tongue
worked furiously as she suckled at his sloppy, saliva
soaked cock. Among the sounds of her whimpers and
struggles, he moaned long and loud while she audibly
slurped at his shaft.

His ass slid on her now sweat-sodden tits as they
bounced and jiggled beneath him, lavender nipples
dragging across his skin. Her short hair sticking wetly
to her pink cheeks. He had two handfuls of it now,
forcefully pulling her to him as he pounded his hips
against her prone head. He growled in pleasure as she
continued to slurp and gurgle, his stamina beginning to
wear thin.

There was nothing he could do to resist now, he could
feel his hairless balls contracting as his cock began
spewing load after load of hot, sticking cum deep into
her throat. He pulled back, thrusting still as her mouth
began to froth and overflow with his seed. He watched it
spill over her chin and coat her breasts while he
continued to pump his sperm into her mouth.

Finally he managed to pull back, a few lingering squirts
of sticky-white spattering her cheeks and forehead.
Catching his breath as she eagerly sucked at her lips
and stretched her tongue to collect as much as she

He couldn’t find words to describe out erotic her sweaty
pink body looked while coated in sticky cum. In fact,
the image was something he could never forget.

Leaning in as she struggled to swallow he whispered
hotly, “I’m going to leave you here and you’re going to
come for me again. Perhaps next time we can visit a
little longer.”

His voice sent a new wave of tremors through her and she
moaned needily. She’d tasted him but she had yet to get
any satisfaction. He did not seem to care, getting up
and getting dressed while she began to wriggle in her
bonds. Sol delighted in watching her heavy tits bounce,
glistening in his spunk. Maybe they’d have to meet up a
lot sooner, this was an experience he must relive as
many times as possible.

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