A special box of chocolates brings more than one guy expected

Billy was ready for tonight. He had been ready for as
long as he’d been going out with Leslie. He was sure
tonight was the night that she was finally going to let
him fuck her. And was he ever ready. Sure, she had
given him a hand job here and there, and she had let
him feel her up on countless occasions. But she hadn’t
ever let him go all the way with him yet.

For the first couple of months, he figured this was to
be expected. They had both been raised in a Mid-Western
town all their lives. You know, all moral and that sort
of stuff. But as the weeks went on, Billy was getting
very impatient. Other girls he had gone out with put
out long before this.

Now, Billy had every reason to strive for Leslie. She
was by far the hottest girl in school. While those
jocks were busy with their cheerleader girlfriends,
Billy was going out with a certified model, probably on
her way to being a super-model some day. Well, he would
think either that or a porn star, except for her
reluctance to have sex.

Leslie had a great body. Her 36D breasts were as firm
as could be. She had nipples the size of throwing
washers (a game kinda like horse shoes, for those of
you who don’t know). And her nipples would get so hard
she could probably hang those washers on them without a
problem. As for the rest of her body, there wasn’t any
other word for it than stunning. Her thin waist line,
decorated with a jeweled belly-button, expanded out
into an amazing ass. Each ass cheek seemed to fit
perfectly into each of his hands. This only fed Billy’s
thoughts that she was made for him to fuck. But, with
her modeling life was starting to pick up, she just
couldn’t take that chance of getting knocked up.

So, Billy decided to take things into his own hands. He
had read in a magazine that chocolate works as an
aphrodisiac with women. He started buying every kind of
chocolate he could, and would give it to Leslie as a
“surprise” in the afternoon, before they were supposed
to go out. But, still, no luck. Oh, she was horny
alright. She let him go as far as dry humping, which,
while it was a new milestone in their relationship, was
still not as satisfying for Billy as plunging his cock-
head into Leslie’s virgin pussy.

And yet, Billy persisted. He loved Leslie and enjoyed
the time he spent with her. So that, coupled with the
goal of fucking the hell out her was enough to keep
Billy in the relationship. And then, in May, an
opportunity arose. Billy had been flipping through a
porno when he came across an ad in the back that caught
his attention. It was so small; Billy had to squint to
read it. It read: “Wife, girlfriend, or just the girl
down the street not putting out like you wish she
would? Then try new Hump-Eze. Guarantied to have her on
you that night or your money back.”

Now, Billy usually was cautious of these ads, but for
some reason, he decided to give it a try as a last
resort. His one year anniversary with Leslie was next
weekend and if he didn’t get her to put out by that
night. He was calling it quits. They would both be
graduating high-school that month, and he wasn’t going
to even consider pursuing anything with a girl that
won’t put out longer than a year. It’s just unheard of.

As luck would have it, he happened to get his order in
the mail the day before their anniversary. He tore open
the box and read the label.

Apply ONLY ONE DROP to any item of food to achieve
desired effect

The bottle seemed big enough to be worth the money he
spent. Besides, he was only going to use it once. If it
didn’t work, then what was it worth?

The next day, Billy went out to buy a big box of
chocolates for Leslie. The anniversary was the perfect
excuse for such a big box. When he got back into his
car, he proceeded to rip the plastic off of the
chocolate box, twist the lid off of the bottle, and
douse each candy with the liquid, completely
disregarding the label’s warning. Then, he made his way
to Leslie’s house, as was tradition. However, when he
rang the doorbell, Jeanie, Leslie’s best friend,
answered the door.

“Is Leslie here?” Billy asked.

“Well, she is, but I think she is upstairs in the
bathroom, getting ready for tonight,” Jeanie said.

“Oh, ok. Well, can you give her this box? Tell her I
saw it and just had to buy it for her,” Billy said.

As Jeanie shut the door, Billy saw her lift the lid of
the box, and her eyes get wide when she saw the
chocolate. Billy didn’t think about it again.

That night, when Billy came to pick up Leslie, she met
him at the door, kissed him, and pulled him outside.
Her shorts were just that: about as short as they could
be. Her halter top gave Billy a magnificent view of
those breasts he had been dreaming about for what felt
like ages now. Maybe that stuff he bought was working.
She looked like she was dressed to be fucked.

“Hey, I know tonight is our anniversary and everything,
but do you care if Jeanie comes along with us? She is
kinda down about her boyfriend dumping her,” said

Then again, maybe that shit was just water sold to
idiots that were gullible enough to buy it.

Still, Billy wasn’t sure what Jeanie’s ex was thinking,
but it wasn’t anything intelligent. Jeanie was almost
as hot as Leslie. Her breasts were a little smaller,
but not by much. Other than that, she was just as
smokin’. Still, he didn’t want some other chick
screwing up what was probably his last chance to nail

Leslie looked into his eyes, gave a little pout, and
squeezed his hands. Something in that look convinced
him to let Jeanie tag along. Besides, they were going
to see a movie first. They could probably ditch her
after that and have time to themselves afterwards.

However, the movie wasn’t anything what Billy thought
it would be. Leslie sat between him and Jeanie, but he
spent the whole time leaning over and whispering in
Jeanie’s ear. The two girls would look over at him from
time to time, laugh, and then go back to their
whispering. That stupid crap he had bought wasn’t
working at all. He had half-expected Leslie to be all
over him by then. Billy was starting to get pissed off.
And it wasn’t like he could be distracted by the movie.
It was some stupid romance flick that he had picked
because he thought Leslie would like it.

When the movie ended, Billy was anxious to get Jeanie
back to her house so he could be alone with Leslie.
However, when they got to her house, Jeanie decided to
try and change his plans.

“Hey, my parents are gone for the weekend and I hate to
spend the night alone in my house. Why don’t you guys
come on in and keep me company for a little while,”
Jeanie said.

“Come on, Billy. She’s our friend and we should help
her out,” whispered Leslie in his ear.

She might be your friend, but she is fucking over my
good time, Billy thought to himself.

With that little pout and hand squeeze, Leslie was able
to get him to come in with them. However, by that time,
he had decided he was going to call it quits inside. He
didn’t care how hot she was; he wanted pussy and by
that time, didn’t care if she wasn’t the hottest girl
in school.

Billy sat down on the living room couch as the girls
went off somewhere. Great, more time to figure out what
he was going to say. She was bound to come back

He heard them come into the room behind him, and stood
up to tell Leslie off. But, when he saw the sight
before him, he knew there was no way he would ever have
to say anything to her about it. Before him were, not
one, but two, amazing looking naked teenage girls with
what looked like the box of chocolates he had bought

“Sorry, we ate all those tasty chocolates you brought.
See anything else in the house you’d like?” asked
Leslie with a coy smile on her face.

Within seconds, Billy was naked as a jaybird, with his
cock at full attention. His mind was spinning. He had
doused all of those chocolates. If each girl ate half,
that meant that they had WAY more of that stuff that
was obviously working than they were supposed to. He
lay back down onto the couch where Leslie came up and
sat her pussy right on his face. She was sopping wet,
which was fine by him. He quickly lapped up wetness and
proceeded to fuck her with his tongue.

Jeanie, meanwhile, sidled up to his cock. He laughed a
little when he heard her gasp as she saw just how big
it was up-close. It was at least a good 9 inches long,
and she started to suck all of it with expert force.
She would switch off between licking the full length of
his shaft, sucking on each of his balls, and just
totally deep-throating him. All the while, she fingered
herself feverishly.

Then, like it was one huge orchestrated even, he Leslie
and Jeanie all three came at the same time. It was
almost as if the cum had traveled out of Leslie’s tight
pussy, where Billy ate it up, fired in out his cock,
passed it down Jeanie’s throat, and ended up being
gushed out her pussy.

Then, as if under some sort of spell, the two walked
around behind the couch, bent over, stuck their asses
in the air, and winked at Billy at the same time. Billy
didn’t have to be told twice. He ran behind them both,
and quickly lined up behind Leslie. Not that he didn’t
want to fuck Jeanie. It was just that he had waited for
way too long for this, and wasn’t going to wait any

He quickly pushed his cock up inside her. He leaned
over and grabbed at her lovely breasts. As he proceeded
to fuck his girlfriend, her best friend moved down
below the two to lap up the juices that were dripping
between them. It was hot, and sticky, and kinky, and
nasty and perfect all at the same time and all three of
them loved it.

Before too long, Leslie was lost in the throws of the
most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. As she
writhed with pleasure, her pussy walls started milking
Billy’s cock. Billy soon felt he balls tighten up, and
he unloaded what felt like a gallon of jism into
Leslie’s pussy. He wasn’t worried though. He knew that
both she and Jeanie were on the pill. Not that they
were putting out or anything. They took it more to help
clear up their complexions back when they were in grade
school and were afraid if they stopped, they’d break
out even worse than when they had started.

Now, Jeanie was a different story. She had been
something of a bitch to Billy that night, even if it
was to lure him to her house. However, it still bugged
him. Not to worry. If she wanted to be a bitch, then
that was they way he was going to fuck her: doggie
style. He told her to get down on the floor on all
fours. Jeanie happily obliged, and stuck her ass in the
air, waiting for him to fill her up with his man-meat.

Billy came up behind her a started pounding away. An
almost animalistic urge came over him. He started to
grunt as he thrust into her each time. Meanwhile,
Leslie had slipped her head underneath the two of them,
placing her face right under Jeanie’s wobbling tits.
She lifter her head and started to suck on one like a
c***d suckling for milk while she pinched the other one
with her free hand; her other one was too busy
fingering the pussy Billy had just ravaged. Just as
before, with Leslie, Billy felt absolutely no worry
about dumping a load into Jeanie’s womb.

The rest of the night went on much the same as that.
The three of them weren’t clothed one bit the rest of
that weekend, in fact, unless it was Billy off to buy
some food to eat off of each other. It wasn’t until
Monday morning that Billy finally got in his car and
dropped Leslie back at her house. On his way home, he
noticed a small bottle rolling around in the floor of
the passenger’s seat.

He reached over to pick it up and read the label. Hump-
eze indeed, he thought to himself. He had humped both
of those sluts with ease this weekend. It was then that
he noticed the warning. Oh well, he thought. What’s the
worst that could happen?

The worst that could happen was actually more than
Billy, or the girls could have ever imagined. Turns
out, when used in excess, as Billy obviously did, it
turns birth control pills in to virtual fertility
drugs. At least, that’s what the doctor told Billy and
Leslie at her ultrasound. But by that time, they had
kinda figured that one out on their own, judging from
the three separate heart beats that were being picked
up on the ultra-sound of Leslie’s belly. By that time,
she had swelled up so much that there wasn’t much of a
question about Leslie’s condition.

Not to worry though. Misery loves company, and Jeanie
was miserable right beside her best friend. In fact,
probably more miserable, judging from the fact that
there was one extra baby growing inside her. The two of
them were pissed as all hell when they first found out.
However, it didn’t take all that long for Billy to
remind them that they had waved their asses in the air
like little wanton sluts.

In the end, they decided that each party was equally
guilty for this mess. It wasn’t like the girls had
climbed up on top of each other and fucked babies up
inside of each other. Now, they had climbed up on top
of each other, and had fucked each other, but the last
time any of them checked, you couldn’t get pregnant for
fucking around with a strap-on dildo.

Since both of the mommies-to-be were about as pregnant
as any woman could be, they didn’t see much problem
with constant fucking. Of course, all three sets of
parents had kicked their c***d out, but for the time
being, all they needed was a one-bedroom apartment,
since they were usually sharing the same bed every
night. Billy’s grandmother had left him a trust fund
that went into affect about a week before, so paying
the rent wasn’t really a problem.

And as for Leslie’s blossoming modeling career? Well,
all of those interested in her lost their interest
right around the time they found out she was 18 and
pregnant with triplets. But, hey, then again, there’s
always porn, right?

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