A story about a retreat that caters to the rich and powerful to satisfy their perverted urges

This story is about a place and not about a person. It involves persons of great power and influence and must be kept confidential. If you can’t keep this confidence then stop reading now and go elsewhere. The Chateau is located in Luxembourg, and tucked away between Belgium, France and Germany. It is in a

A late night fuck

Growing up and living in a neighborhood where yards had no boundaries was amazing. When we were teens we’d all play together and run around. There were two pools that seemed more like a gathering place for neighbors and friends rather than the owners’ personal leisure spot. There was never a moment in the day

Ann the Chinese ballet dancer

Recovering from my accident took a long time. It was frustrating because I’ve always made a point of keeping fit and here I was barely able to move. I spent many hours with the physiotherapist. She seemed to take an almost sadistic pleasure in making me find the re-use of my body. But eventually my