Cyndi, Holly and Me

One of my really good friends is a girl named Holly. She’s a short girl, really pretty, with long dark hair. I had popped by Holly’s suite for the regular Thursday night party run. It was still pretty early, so I wasn’t actually expecting anyone to be there, but I was in the area so

Daisy and Felicia have a humiliating day at Bob’s record store

A lone snowflake fell from the December Vermont sky. In just two weeks time, Santa would be making his rounds to little boys and girls everywhere. If the fable were true, Daisy and Felicia (the Johnson girls,) as they were known, would be getting coal in their stockings this year. Their mother Beth had seemingly

Retiring a used-up slave, starting a new one

I hadn’t fed It in a week, so she was all lightheaded and dizzy. She fell down and threatened to pass out right in the middle of the aisle in the garden center at the Home Depot. I was fucking pissed, but we were in public so I didn’t let it show. I just took

Erin loves to work out, in many ways

Erin stood in the elevator as it descended. She looked at her watch, three thirty, just an hour before her boyfriend got home from work. She loved this time of the day; it was the time she set aside to workout. To tone her body into something she had seen in all those bridal magazines

Two couples head off to the USA for a holiday

Two couples head off to the USA for a holiday of a lifetime and to fulfill a promise where the two girls split off and call to get some pictures of the NY Firemen and give a donation. Things soon get hot and steamy as they slide down fireman’s poles and get their mouths around