A teacher, A Parent, A Cuckold

My wife and I live in a small town where I had worked my
way up over the years to become the manager of my local
office. About a month ago, I got notified that I was in
line for a promotion but it would involve my wife and me
relocating to a larger town halfway across the country.

My pay would increase by almost 30%, my wife was tickled
at the thought of extra cash but was reluctant to leave
her many friends. We talked it out and agreed that I
should take the job, as a teacher she could always find
work anywhere and we could always move back here if it
didn’t work out.

One night while my wife and I were having sex in the
backyard under the stars, we were reliving one of our
favorite fantasies of her having sex with another man.
We had never thought of actually doing it because she
feared word of it would leak out and then she would be
afraid of facing her friends again. I never thought she
would really do anything for real but I made the comment
that we could now do it since we would be leaving the
area in a few months.

She got a sparkle in her eyes I had never seen before.
She gave me a great big smile and said, “We really could
couldn’t we.” She took my hardening dick in her hand and
said, “Just think, I could have two maybe even three
months of fun and maybe give you that creampie you
always dreamed of, but with who I asked. My wife
confessed that a single father of one of her students
has always flirted with her whenever they had teacher
parent conferences and said she has often pictured him
when he had our pillow talk.

He is about 8 years younger than her but she knows he
would be interested and she would feel safe. Safe enough
to have unprotected sex I asked. She said yes, he is
very healthy and hasn’t had time for a girl friend since
his late wife passed. I could never make you a creampie
with a stranger so if that is what you want then it
would have to be him. Is that what you want honey? I
didn’t have to answer she felt my heart beat pulsating
through my very hard cock which was now leaking pre cum.

My wife came up with a plan so fast it was almost as if
she had thought about this before tonight. She
explained, “I will ask him to stop by the house while
you are at work to pick up some homework for his
daughter, which I’ll make sure she forgets to take home.
When I invite him into the house I’ll be braless, he is
always checking out my chest, I’ll wear something that
draws his attention to my breast but not slutty, just
enough to get him thinking about me, then next week I’ll
make sure his daughter misses the bus and I’ll call him
and offer to bring her home until he gets off work, this
time I’ll wear a top that is more revealing and give him
a real good view and when he flirts with me, and I know
he will, this time I’ll flirt back.

“He doesn’t have any family around here, so when
apologizes for me having to watch his daughter, I’ll
assure him she was a pleasure to watch and offer to baby
sit if he ever wants to go out after work. If he takes
me up on my offer, I’ll babysit at his house so he won’t
have to pick her up after drinking. When he comes home,
his daughter should be asleep, he should be feeling good
and buzzed, and I will be wearing a even more revealing

“My heart will be pounding and my nipples will be poking
through my top and that is when I look in my purse and
say damn it, I forgot my night driving glasses, I tell
him I don’t like driving at night, and if he offers me a
ride home I’ll remind him that he has been drinking and
hopefully he’ll offer to let me spend the night.”

At this point I had to push my wife’s hand away from my
now purple cock which was so hard it was starting to
hurt and ready to blow. She looked at my cock and said,
“It would appear that you’re willing to give my plan a

I asked her if she really wanted to have sex with
another man, for real not pillow talk. She simply said
touch me. I reached down and touched her pussy, it was
drenched and I could feel heat escaping from between her

“Need I say it out loud? You’re hard as a brick and I’m
wet as a river, I think we are both wanting this to

What could I say?

My wife put her plan in action. We had sex every night,
something that hasn’t happened for years, it took about
three weeks and I had all but forgotten about it but
then one night she got a text from him “Are you really
willing to babysit? I’ll pay you.”

My wife’s eyes lit up, she jumped out of the chair,
showed me the text and said “Can I?” I couldn’t speak,
my heart was in my throat, this isn’t pillow talk
anymore, my head was spinning while I was trying to
think about everything, she was ready and willing,
really willing. She reached down and ran her hand up my
gym shorts, and said, “Thank You, I know what I’m going
to wear.” and then she ran into the bedroom.

Thank You? I thought to myself, I didn’t say anything.
Then I realized, she got her answer when she reached up
my shorts, my cock was standing at attention and already
producing pre cum. My wife came out of the bedroom
wearing a thin tight V Neck tee-shirt and no bra, her
nipples were standing out and she threw a jacket on over
it saying “He can’t see these until he comes home” with
a big smile on her face and excitement in her voice.

With that she gave me a kiss and ran out the door. I was
restless for most the night and tried to remember, she
is just babysitting, this doesn’t mean it will happen.
I somehow fell asleep until my phone beeped, it was 2 in
the morning, a text from my wife “I’m staying :)”

Now I was really restless, tossing and turning my hard
on wanting to burst. I was laying on my back looking at
the ceiling for at least an hour, when another text came
in, OMG is he thick, I’m in the bathroom he is leaking
out of me. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, my wife
just had sex with another man something we have been
talking about for years but now it’s real and it sounds
like she enjoyed it, so I text her “Did you enjoy it?”
She responded, “YES! I’ll tell you the rest tomorrow.”

I couldn’t help myself I had to take care of my
screaming cock and then managed to fall asleep. Around
9:30 my phone beeped, I spending the weekend, 3 TIMES
last night!! It’s been over two years for him… he
needs more relief 😛

Well ok, I wrote, see you Sunday night.

Don’t be mad, she wrote back, you’ll get yours, and
plenty of it he is a heavy cummer and he tastes good :O

Those texts told me two things, she most have given him
a blowjob and let him cum in her mouth, something she
rarely does with me, and she is going to bring me a

My mind is all over the place but my cock is hard. Now
all I can do is sit, wait, and think about how many
weekends we still have before we move… in case you’re
wondering, the answer is 7. When my wife came home late
Sunday evening, she walked in the door and said “follow
me” as she walked straight to the bedroom. She said
“most of him leaked out on the drive home but there
should be enough in there for you to get a good taste.”

I said nothing I just ripped her clothes off and went
down on her. I have never tasted sperm before, but I
have tasted her and this was different. She came hard
and then started telling me about her weekend. While she
talked she never touched my cock, and before she
finished telling the whole story, she only got as far as
Saturday morning, I came and came like I haven’t cum
since I was a teenager. As she continued her story my
cock grew hard again, this is unreal.

She told me how he is a slow lover, he doesn’t like to
pound, he would rather grind, she said he can last a
solid ten minutes of slow grinding. She told me how her
pussy is stretched due to his girth, and when he cums,
he cums hard enough that she can feel it filling her up
inside. At this point I rolled her on her back to give
it to her good I spread her legs and lifted her when my
heart stopped. cum was leaking out of her backside.

I didn’t say anything I just dove in.

I only lasted about 1 minute before cumming a second
time. Then I asked her, (she doesn’t let me do her anal)
about the cum leaking out of her ass. She smiled, yes he
took me there too, I loved it and I promise I’ll let you
do it too. She said the first time (what he was in there
more than once!) he took it nice and slow but it still
hurt. She said she had enough to drink that she was able
to take the pain.

She said once his big head pushed through she was able
to take the rest of him, all of him and she felt proud
to be able to. She reminded me that these are all the
things I talked about in our role playing so I shouldn’t
disapprove. It was hard (yes my cock was hard too) to
listen to her describe how this man slowly grinded deep
into an area of her body my cock has never been, to
listen to the passion in her voice has tells me he
grinded away at her virgin ass for nearly 15 minutes,
and at one point her loud moans woke his daughter up so
they had to stop and tend to her before going at it

She said she is sorry she never let me do it before but
he has shown her that it is an area of pure pleasure.
She smiled, looked at me and said, I see you are not too
mad. Damn my cock is a dead giveaway. I never gotten
hard this many times in one hours time before. She
explained that the bad thing about someone who can last
is that her jaw would hurt when she gave him a blow job,
she would work on his thick shaft for about 5 minutes
then she needed to rest, because of this she said it
took her a good 20 minutes or more before he came in her
mouth, but it was worth it she smiled as she licked her
lips, and he tasted so good wouldn’t you agree?

I admitted eating a creampie was more exciting than I
ever thought it would be and thanked her for making my
fantasy come true. So you would do it again she asked, I
looked at her and said yah, I guess. Don’t try to act so
calm she said while looking at my hard cock. Next time
you’ll get more she said with a sly smirk, he is going
to stop by on Saturday to fix the leak in our roof, and
I’m going to tell him you’re at your mother’s which is
2-1/2 hours away, but you’re going to be waiting at your
office until he is done, then I’ll text you when he is
gone. When you walk in I’ll still be laying on the bed
full for you.

I was so hard and horny when she told me her plan I told
her it was my turn to take her in the backside, even if
it is sloppy seconds. I tried to be slow and gentle so I
wouldn’t hurt her, but I slid right in. I guess between
is cum working as lube and his thickness stretching her
out I didn’t have anything to worry about. This time I
was able to last a few minutes. I asked her if it hurt
and she said no, not from you.

That is when it hit me, a few minutes ago I was in such
a hurry to relieve myself in her pussy I didn’t pay
attention to how loose she was. I have become a true
cuckold, she saw the concern on my face and leaned in to
kiss me, we kissed deep, she was hot and turned on, I
knew I was kissing the lips that were wrapped around
another man’s cock only hours ago. He was everywhere,
her pussy, her ass her mouth all coated with his cum
this very same day. I came again as I thought about
these things.

I asked her if she had any other plans after Saturday
and she said yes she told me that she put in for a
week’s vacation to go with him to Atlanta for his
sister’s wedding, She lied and told him I will be out of
town to meet my new co-workers that week. He invited me
to go with and I said yes. I am going to enjoy his sex
as much as I can until we move.

I hope you can get some joy out of it too, and now that
I have been stretched to fit his manhood, I may need to
come back here once a year for vacation and to keep the
new spark in our sex life alive, hope you’re ok with

What could I say, my cock was hard again.

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