A woman takes a chance she can’t believe – with amazing results

I entered the darkened room, uncertain as to what to
expect. I could hear the sound of a low bass beat from
the apartment above, but other than that there was no
other noise. I hesitated for a few moments, and turned
around to exit through the very door I had entered
through only seconds before.

“Wait,” came the voice through the darkness. “Why are
you leaving?”

I stopped, and tried to catch my breath before answering.
“I’m not sure I should have come here at all.” I hated
that my voice sounded so shaky and small. “I told you
before; I don’t usually do things like this.”

“But you want to, right?”

I couldn’t deny that. My mind traveled back to just two
nights previous, when I sat at the bar, alone, drinking
my rum and coke and looking at the dancers on the floor
as they gyrated to the music. I had subconsciously been
swaying with the beat of the music, when the same voice
that was speaking to me now had interrupted my thoughts
to ask me to dance. I had simply nodded, and without even
looking to see who had offered the invitation, I had led
him onto the dance floor. When I got there, I had turned
around to see whom my partner would be.

Just as turned, there was a dramatic pause in the music,
almost as though I had been on a movie set and everything
was planned just so. I had to admit, I was turned on
almost the moment I laid eyes upon the man who was soon
moving to the driving beat of the music. I’ve always been
a person who felt more comfortable dancing than anything
else. I immediately began to match his steps, feeling the
throbbing bass deep in the center of my womanhood. My
girlfriends had always made fun of me; they all said I
could probably orgasm just standing in front of a live

The truth was, dancing to me was like having sex in
public. Moving my hips, sweat trickling down my body, the
feeling of someone else’s hot flesh pressed against mine,
and all the while that vibration of the bass drum driving
into the core of my being.

When the song ended, I took a moment to catch my breath,
and asked him if he wanted a drink. He followed me to the
bar, watched me order, and after I took a long drink
directly from the glass, he looked at me with this
strangely intense gaze. With his eyes holding mine, he
took the glass from my finger tips, and slowly licked the
place where my lips had just been. Without losing my
gaze, he tipped the glass and drained it.

I could almost feel his kiss before it happened as he set
the glass down and leaned toward me. And my God, what a
kiss. He skipped all of the gentle coaxing and nudging,
simply dipping his tongue into my helpless mouth with a
suggestive rhythm. When he pulled away, I had tried to
look away in my embarrassment, but he rather roughly
turned my face back towards his.

“This is my address. Be there on Sunday night. Don’t
disappoint me.” He pressed a piece of paper into my hand
and turned to leave.

“But wait, I-”

“You what?”

“I don’t do this. I don’t pick up guys in bars.”

“I know,” he said. He leaned forward and nipped my bottom
lip. “I’ll see you Sunday.”

And he had left. I sat there until the bar closed, and I
had wandered around for the next two days, looking at his
address so many times I had it memorized. I had stood in
the mirror, trying to see what he had seen, trying to
rationalize things, trying to tell myself to forget this
and go on with life, but something in the way this man
had touched me made me forget anything close to rational
and get into a cab and go to the address printed on the
scrap of paper.


“What are you thinking about so hard over there?” The
voice again. I wished that I would quit jumping inside
every time he spoke.

“Why is it so dark in here?” I turned again and put my
back against the door. Again I wondered what the hell I
was doing here.

“I like the dark. Heightens all the other senses. Would
you like a drink? I have rum. Anything you want, my
dear.” His voice was low and intense; just the sound of
it dampened my panties.

“I don’t know. Why did you invite me here?”

He chuckled. “Why did you come?” He asked softly. “I
invited you here because I intend to fuck you.”

My breath quickened at his blunt reply. Normally such
crude language would have sent me reeling in the opposite
direction, but with everything else I would normally do
so far from where I was, his choice of words seemed very
appropriate. Frankly, he was right; why was I here if it
wasn’t to get.fucked?

Suddenly, I felt quite brave. “Where are you?” I asked.

“Right here in front of you. Go ahead, the path is wide
open.” I understood the double meaning of his words.
“Come on, all you have to do is take a few small steps,
and you won’t be all alone.” My body moved forward. Half
a moment later, my knee grazed what felt like a sofa.
“Mmmm, there you are. I thought you’d never decide.”

“Decide?” I asked.

“Whether to follow your mind, or something considerably
lower.” As he said this, I felt his hand caress my lower
tummy. My muscles contracted and I gasped softly.

“Who are you?” I whispered. “Why me? Why did you choose

“I am a man who wants a woman. Why you? Because you have
passion dripping from your fingertips. And I chose you
because you wanted to be chosen.” His hand left my
stomach. “What are you going to do about it?”

Instead of answering, I knelt down extending a shaking
hand and lowered it until it touched warm flesh. I moaned
softly as I recognized that I had my hand on his far hip.
I ran my hand up his side, my fingers rejoicing in the
feel of his skin. Soon I couldn’t help but actively
caress his body with both of my hands. I could feel my
heart pounding in my chest; my breathing was so rapid I
felt dizzy. I let my fingertips graze over his nipples,
they followed his stomach down to where I could sense his
erection straining toward me. All at once, I became shy.
My hands stilled at the first wisps of crisp hair.

“Something wrong?” I could hear the mocking smile in his
voice. “That’s okay, I’m very proud of you. Would you
like me to take over now?”

I let out a huge sigh. “Yes, yes please.” I tried to be
disgusted with how much I wanted this man I hardly knew,
but couldn’t. “Please, take me.”

“Are you sure you know what you’re asking?”

For the first time that night, I didn’t hesitate. “Yes,
take m-”

Before I could finish, he abruptly sat up and literally
grabbed me by the waist. All at once I was lying on my
back, his hands were pinning mine to the couch, and his
mouth was assaulting mine. I nearly cried out in
pleasure. I felt him run something soft through my hands.
“Do you mind?” He murmured.

I realized that it was a scarf, I assumed he intended on
tying my hands with it. I mumbled some sort of positive
response, and he straddled my body and proceeded to
gently but firmly bind my hands to something heavy above
my head. His hands trailed down my arms and rested
lightly on my breasts. I could hardly breathe. His
fingers softly traced tiny circles around my nipples,
causing them to become so erect it almost hurt.

“Please,” I whispered.

“Please what?”

I whimpered. “Say it.” I bit my lip and whimpered again.
“Say it, or I’ll stop.”

“Oh God, please!” I was coming unglued, I wanted him so
badly. But to hear him speak so forwardly was one thing,
to say such things myself was something else entirely.

He leaned forward to kiss me, and stopped millimeters
from my parted lips. “Say. It.”

My eyes flew open and I couldn’t help myself. I wanted
this man, I wanted to be naked, and I wanted him to “Fuck
me! Oh God, please! Fuck me now!”

It was like I had unleashed a pent up beast. My shirt was
torn from my body in moments, and his beautifully rough
mouth was sucking my breast so hard that pain was coupled
with pleasure so intense I thought I would die. His
fingers dug into my hips, and I could feel his hardness
pushing against my wet crotch. I pressed against him
opened my legs to allow better contact. For the first
time, he moaned out loud.

He raked his fingers down my sides, and pulled at my
pants. I lifted my hips, and reveled in how good it felt
to finally be rid of my clothes. He wrestled with them
for a moment to completely free me from my wrapping, and
slowly he crawled back up my body until his face was in
front of mine. He rubbed his lips against my mouth; every
time I tried to kiss him, he pulled back, only to return
and continue his torment.

He slowly lowered his body until it’s wonderful weight
was pressing me into the plush couch. Then the slow
rotation of his hips began. In my mind I saw those hips
on the dance floor of the bar, and I matched his rhythm.
Instinctively, I raised my hips to allow him to enter me,
but he pushed them back down. “In time, darling, in
time,” he said.

He trailed kisses down my body, and as he got closer and
closer to my wet center, my body grew more and more
tense. I strained against my bindings; I so wanted to
guide his mouth to where I needed him most. But, he
needed no guiding. He found the hot, wet nub and slowly
ran his tongue up its length. Then, slowly and
deliberately, he sucked it in and out of his warm mouth.
He flattened his tongue against me, and rubbed it with
the same rhythm that he had started before. I couldn’t
help it, I opened my thighs as far as I could, allowing
him free reign over my already vulnerable body. While his
tongue continued to make love to me, he ran his hands up
my body to my breasts.

It felt like three people were in the room with me, there
were so many sensations at once that I felt like I
couldn’t take it all in. He withdrew one hand from my
breast, and my disappointment quickly faded as I felt his
fingers caressing my soaked hole. With agonizing
slowness, he entered me, never stopping his tongue’s
tireless rhythm. He circled my entrance with his finger
and entered me again, beginning the fucking he had
promised me.

I could feel my muscles tightening, and I knew I would
come soon. He sucked my clit even harder, nipping it
gently and then kissing the tingles of pain away, all the
while ramming me with three fingers of the hand that
wasn’t tweaking my nipples. “Tell me how you feel, baby,”
he said.

“Oh, God, I’m gonna come,” I moaned. Feeling wanton and
sexy and like I could do no wrong, I said “I’m gonna come
all over your fingers. Oh God, you fuck me so well.”

He moaned with my clit still in his hot mouth, and
increased the intensity of the finger fucking he was
delivering. It felt like every nerve in my body was
gathering around his tongue and fingers. I could feel
little spasms beginning in my stomach, and I nearly
screamed out in ecstasy as the waves became more intense.

Then, all at once, the strongest orgasm of my life rocked
my body. I ripped my hands free and plunged my fingers
into his hair, pressing him harder against my throbbing
pussy. I could feel my thighs shaking as wave after wave
of pleasure washed over me.

Abruptly, his fingers left me and he rammed his erection
deep into me, burying it in my quaking hole. I could feel
myself clamping down on his cock, and I pulled his wet
mouth to mine so I could taste myself there. I plunged my
tongue into his mouth again and again, matching his fuck
rhythm stroke for stroke. He pulled my legs up over his
shoulders, causing him to plunge even deeper into me,
much deeper than I thought was possible. Every stroke
caused a delicious combination of pain and pleasure.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more amazing, I
could feel his cock hardening even more as he built
toward his climax. I could feel my body responding and as
the waves of my second orgasm began, he threw his head
back and called out.

He dropped his forehead to mine and allowed my thighs to
slide down his arms to rest beside his. We were both
breathing heavily; the smell of our sex filled the room.

I looked into his eyes, and saw the same intense look he
had given me before. Unsure what to say, exactly, I said
simply what I was feeling, “Thank you.”

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