A young woman meets up with an ex-boyfriend and can’t deny her passion to be his plaything

She was happy, at or least she thought she was. She
had a boyfriend that seemed to care about her, her
career was on the rise, and she was stunning. Her name
was Emily, a young petite Asian girl with a body that
could make any man go wild. She had a firm, toned body
with curves on her ass not normally seen on a Korean
girl. Her breasts, though not large, we’re firm and
snug nicely into a b-cup bra.

On cold nights or when she was especially turned on,
her perky nipples pierced the fabric of her clothes.
But the main attraction was her face. Cute cheeks that
only added to a perfectly symmetrical face. When
looking into her big brown eyes, it was like looking
into the stars. When she pleaded her eyes grew large
and would fuel passion to just fuck her extremely snug
and tight pussy.

On this day, Emily was back at her alma mater at
Duepur. She was visiting for homecoming in hopes of
reliving her old fun college days. She has left her
boyfriend behind, but was almost relieved to do so.

“You don’t mind that I’m going, do you?” she asked.

“No that’s alright, I have to mess around with some
chickens!” he laughed through the phone hoping his
lame joke would spur his girlfriend.

But Emily only shrugged, “Yah have fun with that. See
you next week.”

Why was she dating Him? I mean he cared for her, but
it wasn’t feeling right, it wasn’t like what he had…
in college. O what If she saw HIM she thought. Her
college boyfriend, Kevin. She had dated Kevin through
her last year at school and truly loved him.
Everything felt right, he pampered her, he loved to
show her off to all of his friends and family, and
above all he treated her right. But my God, the sex
they had was perfect. The way he kissed her neck,
traveling his hands all over her body, trailing his
fingernails ever so slightly down her backside.
Teasing her.

She was always left panting, wanting his cock inside
her. He had a way of just making her wild, building a
fire inside her that would drive her mad with ecstasy,
building a need for his thick cock. He knew this too,
he would make Emily beg for his penis. Only put the
tip in and slowly insert the rest after she moaned for
more. She wasn’t used to such treatment. Near the end
Kevin even went so far as to tie up Emily.

It was a new experience and Emily wasn’t sure if she
liked it. It was unfamiliar and put her in awkward
positions, but it did drive her pussy wild. While
bound, the feeling of being helpless, being at the
mercy of her boyfriend, no… simply being his fuck
toy, turned her on.

She would not get many chances to continue this
feeling, not soon after, Kevin broke up with Emily.
The reasons were shallow and foolish. The fears that
come with graduating, the unknowns, it scared him
away…leaving Emily truly helpless. The emotional
turns she took, the sexual frustrations. It wasn’t

Her new boyfriend and she had sex, but it wasn’t like
what Kevin had provided. It felt less passionate. Her
new boyfriend could simply not make her feel the way
she did with Kevin. He could not drive her fantasies.

The college visit continued and so far there was no
sign of Kevin. Maybe it was for the best, she was
having fun with her girls and there was no need to
have any drama. She was about to get in a cab to take
her to her hotel when she heard a familiar voice leave
the bar.

Crap it was him, and what’s worse is that he saw her.

“Emily!? Holy shit…”

They said how great it was to see each other and
talked about what each were doing, and it felt good
for both parties. Each was slightly buzzed and Emily
could feel herself getting back into her old habits of
just going home with him, so she turned towards the

“Wait wait! I’m staying at my friend’s apartment and
it’d be great to catch up some more. In fact he might
be just staying with his girlfriend so we won’t be
bothered… wait, that came out wrong.”

It did come out wrong, and Emily knew it. But against
her better judgment she agreed to go with him. The
walk over was awkward, Kevin kept trying to keep
conversation going, but Emily just kept to her
thoughts. “why am I doing this? What do I hope to
gain?” there was still something about him that made
her want him. Even after all the heartache he caused.
She wanted to be his and his alone.

When they arrived the place resembled Kevin’s old
dorm, messy with a stench of marijuana. Emily had
never smoked it, she knew Kevin did and it always
caused them problems. She thought it was a disgusting
habit, however she was convinced to try a pot brownie.
She was reminded of the time she tried it.

They were in Kevin’s apartment and she had just ate
the disgusting chocolate. It was too potent, soon she
was loopy and very high, not sure if she should enjoy
it or be scared. Kevin was there with her and all of
her passion and desire was emphasized. If he wanted
anything, she would do it for him. “Baby what do you
need? I’ll do anything for you, anything.”

She was on her period so Kevin knew exactly what he
wanted…”Emily you need to suck me off.”

Almost to her delight, Emily reached for his belt
buckle and unzipped his pants. Bulging from his boxer-
shorts was Kevin’s thick dick.

She had seen it so many times but she was so high. “Oh
my gosh, it’s so massive.” She poked at it in
astonishment. Even though it was just 6 inches, for
her tiny Asian mouth it would fill it to capacity.

She rubbed her mouth and nose on it, smelling his
fresh semen bursting from his penis and desperately
trying to suck his balls through the fabric.

To her surprise, Kevin grabbed her head and stroked
her hair, gosh he must be loving this she thought. She
pulled down the last bit of clothing so that nothing
could stop her tongue from licking his shaft. His cock
was so veiny, she loved how excited he would get for
her. Why keep him waiting any longer. She opened her
mouth and took in his cock around her mouth.

Was the weed taking over her?? The taste! The thick
member fucking her mouth! Every sensation was
exemplified! She loved his cock more than anything
right now! It’s as if there was no other place in the
world it should be in than her mouth. Her salvia
pouring over his thickness made her moan and she
sucked in his juices with hers. Though she was on her
period, her pussy as blaring with warmth.

“If only he could fuck me,” she thought. The idea of
him taking her was enough to motivate her to suck his
cock harder, deeper, faster. Soon Kevin could not
contain himself any longer, with his head arched back
and an upward thrust to push his cock deeper into her
mouth, he shot his thick load into her mouth.

“Uugggggg!” Emily could never hold jizz in her mouth
and had to spit it into a cloth.

That day as the two marveled in their brownie, at any
moment, Kevin would command Emily to service him with
her mouth. Bringing her hand to his crotch to feel the
thickness, Kevin would say, “You know what you must do
now…” and to that she pleasured him. This went on
throughout the afternoon, Emily lost count but she
must have sucked him off over 7 times. She was his own
personal cum bucket, but every time he asked. Emily
grew excited, happy to serve him.

Back at the moment in hand, Emily scoffed at the weed.
“Still ruining your life I see.”

He denied, “I only do it every so often, it’s not like
it controls my life.”

“What do you use it for?” Emily snickered

“I don’t know, it’s just fun, it makes everything
better. You’ve kinda experienced it, your senses are
all enhanced. I haven’t done it in a long time, just
this weekend while I’m back at homecoming. Did you
want to smoke tonight?”

What a stupid question, he must’ve known the answer,
but Emily wasn’t thinking straight, to even her own
surprise she said “fuck it, I’ll need to smoke to hear
this conversation.”

And so they smoked, just a moderate sized bowl, but it
was enough, as they say to get you high.

Emily was spinning again, not nearly to the extent of
the brownie, but she was feeling the effects. She was
aware of her breathing, she was aware of her short
dress riding up hugging her butt, and she was aware
she was with her x boyfriend, alone and this excited
her. Was it ok to feel this way? Certainly not, she
had a boyfriend at home that loved her, but she
couldn’t deny the warmth growing from her pussy, the
tiny beads of sex dripping into her lacy underwear.
She wanted Kevin, and she wanted him now.

The conversation was weird, they talked about stupid
things you talk about when you’re high. Kevin was
talking about his night out and the friends he had
seen, but Emily had to change the subject.

“So what do you think about me being here right now?”

“I love it. I’m so happy to see you, in fact I’ve been
thinking a lot about you.”

“You have?”

“I still think about how just drop dead gorgeous you
are, you made me happy, and how much of a fool I was
to let you go. I liked it when you were mine and
nobody else. I hear you have a boyfriend now?”

“Yah but he’s not like you. I don’t know how I feel
about him. You wanted me to be yours? What do you

“We’ll I liked it when I could show you off, do what I
wanted with you. And never having to worry about you
leaving me.”

She needed to ask, her nipples were pushing through
her white and black dress and Kevin took notice. His
cock was already beginning to push the seams of his

“Kevin please fuck me. I need to be with you again.”

“Gosh Emily I don’t know… so much time has passed.”

Now she was growing impatient. “PLEASE! This pot is
making me horny again.” And it was. She was willing to
do anything to get him, she would do anything for him.

Kevin was still reluctant, until Emily said, “Please,
I’ll do anything for you, if you’ll fuck me like you
used to… I need you to… to…”

“Take control?”

Emily knew where he was going with this. He wanted to
tie her up, but instead of being hesitant for such
bondage Emily was wishing for it. The thought of her
at his command, to do anything he wanted to her, she
almost came as she shifted her butt in the couch.

“Y-yes… take control.”

Kevin grinned, “I do have my bag here, I leave it in
my car so nobody finds it.”

O the bondage bag, Emily knew only a few things about
this bag, but she knew she wanted to find out more
tonight. “Yes, please. Please tie me up. I’ll do
whatever you want.”

As Kevin went to his car to seal Emily’s fate, she
looked herself into the morrow. She had beads of sweat
forming, she was nervous and the weed just enhanced
all the emotions running through her now. She tried to
straighten her dress and brushed her thigh only to
feel the moisture of her pussy…what was taking him
so long?? Was the weed doing this again? Or was she
really just ready to submit to be Kevin’s plaything.

He returned with his bag of bondage toys and Emily was
ready to do whatever he asked. “You don’t have to do
this you know.”

“You’re looking too much into this, I just want you to
tie me up. I need you to control me.”

Kevin said no words, only smiled, he had always
fantasizes about Emily throwing himself to him, she
never let her wild side show…he knew it was there.

He knelt her down and put her arms behind her back,
thrusting those erect nipples further out. Grabbing
his bright red rope, Kevin circled it tightly pushing
her wrists together. Kevin penis was fully erect
inside his pants, this was incredible, but he knew he
had to make this situation last. Circling more rope
above her elbows Emily now couldn’t break apart her
arms even if she tried.

The ropes pressing against her bare skin felt
incredible. She tested the bonds, he was going
nowhere. She heaved her body making her face almost
plant against the ground.


Emily’s ass was ringing, As she fought, he butt raised
up nice and high, no way Kevin could not admire that
perfect butt. He rubbed his hand around her ass
massaging the red spot he had just caused. Emily loved
him worshipping her butt, although she was slightly
curious, she never let Kevin enter that hole, and that
wasn’t changing tonight…she hoped.

“How’s that feel Em?”

“Tight.” SWACK! “Very tight!”

“Good, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Wow look at
these nipples.”

Kevin indulged pulling out Emily’s bare breasts out of
her dress just to have her nipples get exposed to the
air. He pinched and squeezed them forcing small
whimpers out of Emily’s cute little mouth. He couldn’t
stop, they felt so hard and perfect between his
fingers, Kevin lusted for a quick taste. He had to
suck those nipples. Biting and sucking, Emily wanted
to pull his hair and stroke his cock. She tried to
wriggle away to do so, but she was trapped, completely
at his will.

Suddenly Kevin stopped biting and went to his bag,
Emily used this time to tests her bonds. Try as she
could she was trapped. She fell on her back trying to
arch herself in a way to get out of her predicament.
She looked up only to see Kevin hovering above her
with a red ball with black straps coming out of it.

“What are you going to do with that?” Emily couldn’t
think of anything it could be used for, her mind was
too focused on the ropes, too centralized about her
dress riding up exposing her pink lace panties in
front of Kevin.

“This, my dear,” he said as he knelt down to Emily’s
face sitting her up again and grabbing her petite
chin, “is to quiet that pretty little mouth of yours.”

“No, you better not! I don’t like this, this is too

Kevin ignored her, he shoved the gag into her mouth,
letting her white teeth chomp down on the ball. Emily
could only moan into the ball now “Muufffff!”

Just hearing her whimpers turned Kevin on. He used to
cum fast just to Emily’s sexual cries of pleasure, now
he would cum to the sounds of her gagged mouth.

“there we are, how’s that babe?”

Emily muffled a plea into her gag, squirming her body
around on the floor, she was secretly loving this more
and more. The pink panties now totally exposed as her
dress hiked above her ass. Kevin took notice and with
one hand around her shoulder, his other hand started
to press against the pink lace.

“Mmhmmffff!” Emily’s fire just sparked! His hand was
right over her clit.

“Oh man Emily, you’re so wet… so warm down here,” he
teased just running his hand over the wet panties, by
now you could almost see through her Lacey underwear
to see her glistening pussy.

Emily could only think about his hard cock and how
badly she wanted it. With bound hands she reached for
Kevin crotch while he stroked her pussy.

“Oh somebody’s a little impatient I see… well how’s
the Emily?” pushing aside the fabric two fingers
slipped into Emily’s wet cunt sending pules of
pleasure through Emily’s entire body a slow deliberate
“Mmmm,” was all Emily could let out as she let herself
slowly fall into ecstasy as Kevin began to slowly
thrust his fingers in and out of her pussy.

He then began to quicken the pace, fucking that tight
cunt faster and faster, o how Emily could just come,
she leaned back ready to release the sexual waves of
pleasure, but Kevin knew better than to let her cum so
fast. So he stopped.

“NO! Why are you stopping?!” was only a muffled moan
into the gag, Kevin’s cock was bursting and ready to
spill its load and the moaning only stiffened him

It was then Kevin wanted to finish Emily’s
bondage…so he grabbed the rest of the rest rope and
looped it around her ankles. Finished.

Now Emily was completely surrendered to him. Emily
could only wither around on the floor, thrusting her
hips begging to be fucked. He looked to Kevin with
those pleading eyes, her teeth biting hard now into
the red ball.

If any man looked into those eyes they would shoot
their loads. Beautiful brown eyes and the bondage has
made Emily look stunning. Red rope circling her hands
and legs, her dress is now ridden up exposing he whole
ass, an her perky nipple beasts shot out into the air.
Kevin now stood over marveling his prize. “God damn
Emily you look sooo fucking hot right now.”

Emily felt good to hear this, all she wanted to do was
please Kevin. If this was what he really wanted, she
would submit herself to Kevin whenever he wanted. She
loved the feeling of being helpless and the mercy of
her lover, she knew in time he would take her… the
buildup was… stimulating.

Kevin sat up Emily, placing her face right near his
groin. Emily instantly leaned in and shoved her face
into the groin. She was ready to service him, and
Kevin was ready for his release. Unbuckling his pants
and shoving down his underwear, Kevin stood fully
erect now in front of his kneeling slave.

He grabbed his shaft, stroking it from his ball sack
to the tip. Too much of that and he’d cum right away.
He grabbed his thick meat and slapped Emily’s face and
she looked up into his eyes, knowing what he was going
to say.

“Is the what you want babe? You want this dick in your

“Mmm,” Emily nodded, Kevin then took out the red gag
and it took ahold of Emily’s hair to brush it past he

Emily could care less about the sweaty mess she was
becoming, she took his cock into her mouth, its
rightful place she thought. It was hard without her
hands but she bobbed her head back and forth like a
wild animal.

The goal was clear, make him cum. His cock was so
thick, she sloshed her tongue around his shaft,
pulling out only to catch her breath. Kevin was
growing impatient, his cock needed release, he grabbed
Emily’s head and shoved it down on his cock. A gurgled
escaped Emily.

“Suck that cock bitch!”

It was cute when Kevin tried to be dirty, she thought,
only this time he was dirty, and she loved it. It
bought out the best of Emily’s sexual desires. She had
no control. She could only suck, and allow her mouth
to be fucked. Kevin was doing the work now, shoving
her head back and forth on his dick filling her entire
mouth with cock, she looked up into Kevin’s eyes and
moaned…going faster now, the precum had shot an
Emily began to taste of the semen.

In an instant, Kevin shot what felt like a gallon of
cum into Emily’s mouth. Emily began to pull out, but
Kevin was unwavering, he would not allow her to pull

“Swallow that cum Emily, you’re mine now. And my slave
swallows my cum.”

Emily shuddered but swallowed, she had to obey. It
tasted salty, but she felt better after she drank it.
She wanted to please Kevin anyway she could.

“Good girl.” Kevin got her a drink of water and asked
if she needed anything.

“Did you call me you’re slave before?”

“Mmm, you ok with that? You’re at my mercy you

“I-I… want you to make me cum.”

“No please?” he asked.

“Please Kevin… Please!”

“Please what babe?”

She had to say it…

…on her own Emily added the word, “Please make me
cum… Master.”

Kevin was happy to abide at this point. He untied the
red rope around her ankles and pulled down the moist
pink panties from her legs. He picked her slim body up
with ease. Kevin had been working out, my gosh he was
so strong Emily thought, and placed her gently on the
couch. Pulling apart her legs Kevin dove face first
into that glistening pussy.

Carefully and meticulously Kevin explored her lower
thigh kissing and teasing Emily with his tongue. The
clit was fully exposed and Kevin toyed with it using
his fingers. Emily could just squirm on the couch, her
arms were still bound and raise her pelvis pushing
Kevin’s face deeper into her pussy. Swirling around
with his tongue he made Emily go wild.

His face was drenched with her juices. This is what
Kevin had been thirsting for, girls he had seen all
had their own taste, but Emily’s tasted right, there
was no other pussy for him than hers. To him this was
where his lips needed to be. He licked, he sucked, and
not soon did Emily raise her hips even higher,
screaming and moaning

“Kevin! Kevin! I’m going to cum!”

Kevin moaned into her cunt bracing her sexual
explosion…she shrugged and all became quiet in the
room, Emily couldn’t breathe! Time stopped and all she
could feel was a deep rush of pleasure sweeping her
body. from head to toe she shook until she dropped her
body to the floor. She could just lay in sweat and
feel Kevin’s kisses and licks slow and eventually he
pulled his face from her cunt dripping in juice. He
took off his shirt and whipped it off.

Emily became aroused once more, Kevin’s body had quite
the transformation in 2 years. He was leaner sporting
a flat stomach and muscles that resembled Ryan
Reynolds (her movie star crush). Clearly there was
jealously there, and Emily smiled. She wanted to
caress his body, but her arms we still bound, she was
still under his command.

“Kevin untie me so you can fuck me.”

“Ha! I think I’ll leave you tied up for now.”

He leaned over her body and kissed her deeply. They
both could taste one another in their mouths, but
neither cared, they were just relieved to finally be

Kevin was ready to fuck, watching her orgasm was
always a turn on, and his cock was fully erect again
even after his amazing blowjob.

He grabbed Emily by the waste and flipped her so her
face was resting on the arm rest of the couch. This
was the moment.

Taking his cock, he thrust the entire length of his
penis into Emily’s vagina. She let out a loud roar,
and arched her butt. Kevin couldn’t believe it, she
was still tight as ever, the perfect pussy. Moist and
rubbing his cock that almost made him shoot his load
on The first thrust. He pulled out and began to
rhythmically enter her at a slow pace. This felt
right. Emily began to push her butt out in his
motions, the two lovers, finally reunited. Kevin’s
cock began to thrust faster and harder and Emily went


Kevin met her cries of pleasure with his own as he
thrust one last time.

In an instant they both came simultaneously. Kevin
shot his warm cum all inside Emily’s pussy letting
both his cum and her juices trail. Emily was spent,
she was finished and ready to pass out.

Kevin had other intentions. His cock still hard, Kevin
began to finger Emily’s butthole. The new pleasure
sensation sent strong shockwaves through Emily. “No
don’t do that. Stop! Anything but that!”

Kevin ignored her cries and sent his finger deeper
into that tight space, pulling in and out faster. He
had always thought about fucking her ass, her pussy
was plenty tight, but there was always the want for
more. The sexual drive that Kevin needed to know every
aspect of Emily’s body. Not just her mouth and pussy,
but that perfect ass she sported as well.

Pulling her hips high, Kevin readied his cock. He
pointed it in front of that butt, Emily could only
whimper, if this was what he wanted then she must help
her master. There was nothing she could do being
helpless in her current state. She took a breath and
hoped she would come out of this fucking alive.

With resistance, Kevin shoved his cock deep into
Emily’s ass, he could only fit the tip but that was
enough. Emily screamed and moaned in part pain part
pleasure, she couldn’t deny the sensation. His cock
pulled apart her skin, it was incredibly intense,
unlike anything she felt before. Kevin began to fuck
her ass faster,” o why was he going faster!?” she

Emily lost herself. She was spinning in her head, the
cock pushing into her ass, her pussy still throbbing
from her orgasm, her mouth still tasting the juices of
both lovers. She couldn’t contain herself any longer,
she loved every second of this pounding. She had no
control, she was Kevin’s sex toy, anything he wanted
was his and she accepted that. In one moment she lost

She had snapped, career, her boyfriend, nothing
mattered. The pleasure was so intense.

Kevin pulled out and turned Emily’s body so her face
was right in front of his fire red cock. In seconds he
shot his load with Emily opening her mouth. She tried
to catch as much of his sperm in her mouth but some
shot on her hair, nose and dripped down to her
nipples. She was his now, the intense feelings of
pleasure were something she will never feel with
another. She would do anything for Kevin.

They cuddled there that night, drenched in sweat and
sexual smells. Although they slept, Emily was wanting
Kevin to use her at any moment. She was still horny…
always horny.

Following that night, Kevin and Emily continued a new
relationship. This was stronger than anything they had
before. Their deep passion for one another never
ceased and their love could blossom with the new trust
they shared, like a firework bursting at Shelton

They did everything together and once more Kevin
showed off his beautiful Asian girlfriend with pride.
And Emily felt safe and loved once more. But on most
nights after work and socializing with friends, Emily
would submit herself to her master. Ready to serve him
in any way he deemed fit. She loved being in bondage
as Kevin’s sex slave, she could not deny her deep

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