Alice’s Learning Curve

Alice was seated at the breakfast table reading the newspaper. She
worried – the final demand on her car payment had come through, and she was
overdue on her mortgage payments with no job and no prospects of a job in
the near future. She scoured the jobs pages – all the ads were seeking
skilled labor, she had no skills or qualifications. Then something caught
her eye “WANTED Actresses required for new film. No previous experience

Must be prepared to do any work. Applicants with good bodies ring

Alice read the advert again. She wondered whether she could get the

They clearly wanted young girls with luscious bodies to show some flesh
in a film. She didn’t mind showing her body to the camera, she just
wondered whether she was good enough.

The advert had planted an idea in her mind. She walked over to the full
length mirror and dropped her dressing gown. She was naked underneath and
she critically eyed her body; from the front, from the side and then she
turned round and peered at her ass from the back.

Alice was 28 and her body measured 40c-25-36. She had always thought
her tits were too big, and when she cupped them in her hands now and pushed
them up and out at the mirror they looked even bigger. They’ll want
younger girls with slim bodies and little tits, she thought to herself.
Young girls with slim hips and tight asses who were always bending over to
show off their asses. The thought turned her on. She turned around to
look at her own ass and bent forward slowly at the waist, watching her ass
in the mirror all the time. She watched the way her ass cheeks parted as
she leaned over further, then she reached back and pulled apart her butt
cheeks so that she could see the little pucker of her asshole. Alice was
getting very excited, she sucked one finger of her right hand and slowly
pushed it in to her own asshole, sliding it in all the way to the knuckle.

Alice pulled the finger all the way out and turned around. She lay down
now in front of the mirror, with her legs wide apart. She pulled her legs
up so that she could see her glistening asshole and then slowly pushed the
finger back in. She then added another finger and began to finger fuck
herself, thinking all the time of the young slim girls who would go to the
interview for the film, imagining herself asking the girls to strip.

She would get them to bend over so that she could see their assholes
peeking out between their tight buttocks. Alice was obsessed with female
asses. She got up and went to the kitchen. There she found some olive oil
and a large zuchini. Excited, she hurried back to her position in front of
the mirror. She put some oil on her fingers and slowly pushed them back in
to her asshole, watching intently as her asshole stretched around her
fingers. She imagined that it was one of the girls doing it for her
benefit – while she watched, with several other girls waiting to show her
their asses. Alice then ran some oil over the zuchini and slowly but
firmly eased it up her ass. She let out a long moan as it pushed past her
sphincter and entered her ass. Her asshole opened fully, eating up the
long green vegetable – and she watched it closely in the mirror. It took
only a few strokes to bring her to orgasm, then she reached up to her left
nipple and pinched it hard to =intensify the feeling. As her orgasm
subsided, she made up her mind to ring the number and

arrange an interview – so that she could see for herself the sort of
girls that go for auditions for films.

Alice was dressed in a light summer dress. She wore no bra and her
heavy breasts bounced as she walked into the office where she had been told
to go for the audition. There was a desk at one end of the reception room,
at which sat a pretty brunette. Alice walked over to the girl behind the
desk, noticing that the girl wore a very low cut dress and had very large
breasts. She introduced herself and the girl said her name was Joan and
that she was the secretary for the film director, a woman called Wanda.
Joan asked Alice had she any acting experience, and when she replied that
she had none, Joan said

“Well, that doesn’t matter too much. By the looks of those tits you
have what Wanda is looking for. Turn around for me, Alice. That’s nice,
now lift you dress a little to show me your legs.”

Alice faced the receptionist and with nervous hands slowly lifted the
front of her dress.

“Come on, all the way. Let me see you what color panties you’re
wearing. That’s better. Now turn around and show me your ass. Oh,
beautiful; lift up you dress a little more and bend over.”

Alice could hardly believe this was happening, but she obediently pulled
her dress up to her waist and bent forwards, thrusting her ass out at the

“That’s great. You have a beautiful ass, Alice. Sit down there now and
give me some details about yourself. What are your vital statistics?”

Joan asked a series of questions and finally she seemed satisfied that
she had everything she needed.

“Wanda is a famous movie director. She makes porno movies and the films
feature lots of girls – only girls – and Wanda is particularly fond of
asses. She is known as the Mad Ass-woman of Hollywood. This film will
need you to fuck yourself in the ass with a dildo and have another girl
give you an enema and then fuck you with a strap-on dildo. Do you have any
problem with that?” asked Joan, eyeing Alice closely. “I guess not,” said
Alice “what does it pay?”

“You’ll get $400 a day during shooting, then $50 a day as a retainer if
Wanda likes you and wants to use you in another movie. And with tits and
an ass like that she will want to use you again. Take off your dress,
sweetheart, so I can have a good look at your tits.”

Alice hesitated, but slowly lifted her hands towards the buttons of her

“Hurry up, cutie, I haven’t got all day. Let me see some flesh.”

Alice was embarrassed but hurriedly undid the buttons of her dress and
shrugged the dress off her shoulders.

“The bra now, sweetheart, come on.” Joan commanded.

Alice undid the rear clip and allowed the bra to fall forwards. Her
breasts spilled out and Joan whistled admiringly through her teeth.

“They’re fine tits, Alice. Make the nipples stand up. Come on, play
with your tits and show me how big you can make your nipples. I like big
nipples.” said Joan.

Alice was starting to enjoy exposing herself to this woman who was
quietly assertive. She tweaked and pulled her nipples like she did when
she was approaching orgasm. She would squeeze them hard between her nails,
then pull them out from her tits as far as they would go.

At this point, with Joan sitting back in her chair watching Alice pull
and tweak her nipples, the door opened and a young blonde girl walked into
the room. She took one look at the scene in front of her and smiled,
walking over to the desk and saying to Joan

“I think I’m in the right place, by the looks of things. I’ve come to
audition for Wanda’s latest film.” said the girl. Joan smiled at the young
girl who had entered “Yes, that’s right” she said “sit down over there and
watch Alice here show us her ass. Take you panties down, Alice, and bend
over – I want to see your asshole stretched open for me, and this girl
wants to see you asshole, too, don’t you”. The new girl smiled and said
“Oh yeah, come on Alice, show us your pretty asshole”. Alice was in a
trance. She had never exposed herself to even one woman (although she had
fantasised about it before) and now she was taking off her panties in order
to show off her ass to two women. She slid her panties quickly down her
legs and tossed them away. The new girl slowly walked over to the back
side of the desk so that she had a good view. Alice turned her back on the
two girls and spread her legs wide, she then bent forward at the waist as
she had done that morning in front of the mirror.

“Spread your ass for us, Alice, I want to see that asshole stretched
open for us” said Joan. “That’s it, pull your cheeks wide. Now push a
finger in your asshole, like a good girl, and finger fuck your ass for us.”

Alice licked one of her fingers and slid it slowly up her asshole. It
went in easily as Alice regularly fucked her own ass with things much
larger than a finger. The biggest thing she had ever stuck up her ass was
a baseball bat when she was very drunk one night and wanted to see how it
felt (she was sore for days after and hadn’t tried it again since).

“Put another finger in your ass, honey, and loosen it up for me” said
Joan. Alice licked another finger and slid the two fingers easily into her
own ass. She was very turned on now and could feel her ass loosening up
very quickly. It was at this point that she usually needed something much
bigger stuffed up her asshole – something like the zuchini this morning.
However, she obediently used only two fingers, as Joan had told her, but
moaned and said “I need something bigger in my ass, can I put another
finger in there, please!”

“OK,” said Joan, “you slut, put another finger in your ass if that’s
what you want. Now push them in real deep – I want to see the knuckles

Alice urgently added another finger and started pushing the fingers in
as deep as she could get them. She still wanted more – her asshole needed
stretching completely or else she would not be satisfied. Sensing this,
the second girl, who was called Julie, licked her fingers thoroughly and,
coming round beside Alice, pulled Alice’s fingers out and replaced them
with two fingers of her own from each hand. Julie slowly pushed the
fingers in all the way to the knuckles and then slowly pulled them wide
apart – stretching the sphincter muscle to its limit. Alice groaned and
became weak as a big black hole appeared between Julie’s fingers. Her ass
was stretched to its limit, just how she liked it. Julie pushed her
fingers in and out again and again pulled them as far apart as possible,
trying to get the asshole to stretch even further, which seemed impossible.
However, she was clearly an expert. She added a third finger on each hand
– she now had six fingers inside Alice’s asshole. Again she pushed them in
as far as they would go and then pulled them as far apart as she could, the
black hole this time was enormous – over an inch across.

“That’s wonderful, girls, keep hat asshole wide open like that, I want
to take a video of this.”

Joan got out a video and zoomed in closely on Alice widespread asshole.
“Come on, I want to see the inside of her asshole, here’s some lube to
help, do you think you can make it bigger?” she asked the girl.

“Yes, I think so. This bitch has a beautiful asshole and I reckon this
gets a good stretching at least once a day – am I right, honey?” Julie
asked Alice. Alice was unable to speak, but panted loudly and nodded her

Julie pulled the fingers of her right hand out and took the bottle of
lube that Joan offered. She then inserted the nozzle of the bottle into
Alice’s asshole and squeezed the slippery liquid inside. She then pushed
three fingers of her right hand into the slick asshole again. She pushed
and pulled her fingers in and out of the loosening sphincter, all the time
pulling her hands further apart. Joan had fetched the video camera and
light and was now recording – she got very close to the action so that she
could see inside Alice’s asshole.

“That’s beautiful,” she said, “now pull your fingers wide apart and let
me see right inside.”

Julie pulled Alice’s asshole wide open while Joan pointed the camera at
the gaping hole. Alice felt her orgasm welling up and reached under
herself to pinch her left nipple. As soon as she touched her nipple her
orgasm started. It went on and on, the longest and deepest orgasm she had
ever had.

Julie felt Alice’s asshole spasming between her fingers, “She’s coming –
she really likes her asshole being stretched like this – what a slut!” She
pulled the walls of Alice’s asshole in and out as the girl’s orgasm
subsided, the slowly withdrew her fingers.

Joan said “Can you put something bigger in her asshole? I reckon you
could get your whole fist in there if you tried”. Julie slowly withdrew
her fingers from Alice’s asshole and covered her right hand with lube. She
then placed her hand at the entrance to Alice’s asshole.

“Open up, you little bitch, I’m going to shove my hand up your asshole
now!” said Julie.

“Oh God! I’ve never taken anything as big as that in my ass before.
Please go slowly!” pleaded Alice.

“You’ll take my fist in there, no problem. You may not have taken
anything this big before, but you’re learning fast, honey. And your
learning curve is going to stay steep for a while yet, if I have anything
to do with it!” asserted Julie.