Carrie’s Seduction

“Do you have your sunblock, Carrie?” asked her mom. She
worried about Carrie’s fair skin, and Carrie’s new, first time two-
piece swimsuit was an invitation to solar disaster. But she sure
looks cute, she said to herself, as ten-year-old Carrie promptly
displayed the bottle of sunblock.

“Lisa, make sure Carrie uses it. And don’t let her stay in the
sun without it. Okay, towels, cooler, beach blanket…do you have
every thing?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Lisa, Carrie’s favorite baby-sitter, nodded
solemnly and shut the hatch on the Suburban. Lisa had been planning
this beach trip for a long time, and had carefully thought ahead.

“Well, shall we, then?” said Carrie’s mom with a bright smile. The
two girls scrambled into the cab of the truck amid laughter and
excited whispers. This was their first trip to the beach together,
without an adult in tow, and they were duly excited.

Carrie’s mom was a bit nervous, but she trusted Lisa, who was
mature beyond her sixteen years. Lisa was right, she thought. I can
use a Saturday by myself, and Carrie really does love the beach.
Glancing at the two girls beside her, hand in hand with their faces
pressed to the window, she dismissed her lingering doubts as so much
maternal instinct. “Green is your color, Carrie,” she said to her
daughter, finally shaking her motherly paranoia. “Do you like her new
swim suit as much as she does, Lisa?”

Lisa glanced at Carrie’s lithe form next to her. Under her
wrap, Carrie’s small body was clad in a demure green two-piece. The
bra fitted closely across Carrie’s chest, the thin lycra hinting at
the soft curves that it concealed. The suit bottom clung to the tops
of Carrie’s thighs, and the waistband circled her torso five
centimeters below her navel. The crotch billowed softly, suggesting
only a soft outline of Carrie’s mons hidden beneath it.

“Yes, ma’am,” came the careful reply. “I think this two-piece
is perfect for her.” Lisa had bought it for Carrie, her ulterior
motives delicately hidden under the shy smile that accompanied the
gift when Lisa presented it to Carrie as a token of friendship. “She
is so pretty. I think she was born to wear green.” Lisa hugged
Carrie, reaching across her shoulders with her left hand and sliding
her right hand beneath Carrie’s wrap to briefly caress Carrie’s mons
through her swim suit, then quickly moving it upwards to tickle
Carrie’s nearly oval tummy. Carrie, ticklish to the end, but enjoying
the physical attention from her friend, giggled happily and leaned
across the big bench seat to wrap her arms around her mom’s waist.
“It’s the best swimsuit I’ve ever had.”

* * *

Lisa contemplated her plans during the rest of the trip to
thebeach. Being a normal sixteen year old girl, she was
naturallycurious about her own sexuality, and had experimented with
sex withthe neighborhood boys since she was Carrie’s age. But the
eroticexcitement she felt every time she made it with a boy had
plateaued, and she couldn’t recapture the tingly excitement that she
had first felt all those years before. But Carrie had changed that.
Not concerned about labels like “lesbian” or “dyke”, she was only
mildly surprised that this little girl next to her in the truck had
rekindled those early sexual fires. Just looking at her sitting next
to her made her vagina tingle and her nipples harden.

Closing her eyes and crossing her legs tightly, she remembered
back to the first time she baby-sitted Carrie, and the first time she
ever touched her. Lisa was getting Carrie ready for bed, helping
Carrie out of her jumper and into her cute little-girl nightie. Both
girls were on Carrie’s bed, with Lisa sitting behind a kneeling
Carrie. Lisa had pulled the bottoms of Carrie’s nightie up over her
not-quite non-existent hips, and had reached around her young friend
to turn her to face her. The tips of her fingers had momentarily
brushed Carrie’s mons, and then lingered there. Lisa could see the
outline of Carrie’s pudenda against the silk cloth at her crotch, and
could feel the swell of Carrie’s labia against her finger tips.

As she slid her hand up across Carrie’s stomach to reach for
the tie strings of the nightie’s top, she felt a familiar tingling in
the pit of her stomach. She had felt this the first time a boy had
slid his fingers under the waistband of her panties and gently rubbed
her then ten-year-old mons.

Surprised, but excited, Lisa took her time tying the strings of
the top. She enjoyed the feel of Carrie’s nipples through the silk of
the nightie’s top as she pretended to drop the strings and then slid
her hands across Carrie’s chest in several vain attempts to retrieve
the ties. With each stolen caress, Lisa’s excitement grew. This is
what she wanted to recapture, this breathless, tingly feeling washing
up from her vagina and rippling through her body to the tips of her

Lisa was startled out of her reverie as Carrie’s mother hit the
speed bumps in the parking lot at the beach. She shuddered slightly,
and smiled at the damp feeling between her legs. Feeling her shiver,
Carrie said, “Are you cold, Lisa? It’s a really warm day…?”
Recovering her composure, Lisa laughed and said no, she was just
thinking about how much fun they were going to have together today.
As Carrie’s mother paid the lot attendant, Lisa put her hand on
Carrie’s thigh, snugging the edge of her hand up against Carrie’s
mons, her little finger nestled between Carrie’s labia. She rested it
there, concentrating on the tingle rising from her own crotch until
Carrie’s mother was finished with the attendant. As Carrie’s mom put
the Suburban into gear and moved forward, Lisa briefly cupped Carrie’s
pudenda in her palm, then slid it up her pelvis to her bare tummy and
tickled her. Oblivious to the intimate caress, Carrie squealed with
delight at Lisa’s light-fingered touch on her stomach.

Carrie’s mother drove to the beach side of the parking lot and
parked the Suburban. “Okay, girls…let’s unload.” Both girls
clambered out of the cab of the truck and ran to the rear. Carrie’s
mother opened the rear hatch and climbed into the cargo compartment to
retrieve their beach gear. In a few minutes the girls were ready to
hit the beach. “Now Lisa, you don’t have to baby-sit Carrie tonight
if you have other plans. This is nice of you to watch Carrie for me
today, and I can always get Alyx or Janine to watch Carrie

“Oh, mommy, please can it be Lisa? Please? Alyx makes me
watch her stupid TV shows, and Janine is always too busy with homework
to play with me!” Lisa smiled inwardly; she had figured she’d have to
volunteer her services as baby-sitter this evening in order to
consummate her seduction of Carrie.

“Well, it’s up to Lisa. If she wants to, then it’s all right
with me…Lisa?” Lisa glanced quickly at the pleading expression on
Carrie’s angelic little face, and nodded her assent. “Okay, then.
I’ll pick you girls up at five o’clock sharp right here. Be good and
have fun.” Carrie’s mom climbed back into the Suburban and waved at
the two children as she turned the truck around and headed back out
towards the highway.

The two girls turned and headed towards the sound of surf and
the beach. As soon as they reached the sand, Carrie dropped her gear
and made a headlong dash for the waveline. Lisa laughed and recovered
Carrie’s abandoned beach bag. Needing a little privacy for stage one
of her seduction, she walked across the sand towards a small spit of
land. The spit was partially screened from the rest of the beach by
some scree and some gently rolling dunes in the backbeach. Perfect,
she thought. If we are both lying down, nobody can see us, yet I can
see over the rocks and the berm when I want to.

Lisa spread both towels out in a hollow between two rocks, and
set up the beach umbrella to screen them from the sight of anybody
moving along the path at the top of the backbeach. Lisa felt the
tingle beginning again, and softly caressed herself through her
swimsuit. After a few minutes of self-indulgent touching, she pulled
herself together with a firm, “Later!” and went back to the public
area to find Carrie. But first, she stepped down to the waterline and
submerged herself to her breasts. She climbed out, knowing that the
damp spot on her crotch was now effectively unnoticeable.

As soon as Carrie spotted Lisa, she came running out of the
water. God, she is so pretty, thought Lisa, as the child ran across
the sand. Carrie gave Lisa a wet hug, and Lisa allowed her hand to
slide down Carrie’s back to the curve of her little bottom, and then
briefly trailed her finger in the crack between the cheeks of her
tight little derriere. “Okay, young lady, remember the sunblock.
Come on, the stuff’s over there.”

“Piggy back!” Without waiting for an answer, Carrie leaped
onto Lisa’s back, flinging her arms around Lisa’s neck and wrapping
her legs around Lisa’s waist.

“Hey, you’re choking me!” laughed Lisa. “Here, put them under
my arms and around my chest. There. That’s better.” Lisa held
Carrie’s knees in the crook of her elbows, and began to walk towards
where she’d left their gear. As they moved, the heel of Carrie’s left
foot pounded rhythmically against Lisa’s pudenda with every step she
took. Ohh, that feels good, she said to her self. It was only about
fifty yards to their spot in the rocks, but by the time they got
there, Lisa was becoming thoroughly aroused. But wait, she told
herself, wait just a little while longer.

“Okay, young lady, it is sunblock time.” Lisa poured a
generous dab of sunblock into her hands. With a fiendish grin at her
little friend, she slowly rubbed the sunblock into her palms, and
said, “I hope you are not ticklish!” Lisa giggled, then feigned
terror, swinging her hands to cover her eyes. “Now, don’t worry,
Carrie, I’ll be gentle.”

“Oh, I know you will. It’s okay. Here, I’m ready.” With
that, Carrie presented herself in front of Lisa, arms out and legs
spread. A bit startled, Lisa was momentarily at a loss. Need to get
her to lie down out of sight, she thought, ’cause this won’t work.
Lisa quickly sat down on one of the towels, and said, “Hey,
sweetheart, I’m tired from carrying you. Would you lie down on your
towel, so I don’t have to stand up?” The little girl nodded
cheerfully, and joined her friend on the towel. “Which side first,
Carrie? Front or back?”

Without replying, Carrie lay down on her stomach and closed her
eyes. “Okay, back it is. Now be still.” From her sitting position
next to the little girl, Lisa leaned across her body and gently spread
Carrie’s legs far enough apart to reveal the crotch panel of Carrie’s
swimsuit bottom. Lisa was slightly disappointed that the bottoms had
slipped down too far to delineate her vulva, but she decided she could
rearrange the swimsuit later. She wanted Carrie’s suit to be fairly
tight against Carrie’s mons when she was ready to move to stage two of
her planned seduction. She knew how excited her own panties made her
when she wore a size too small, and she figured Carrie would
appreciate the same sensations without being too suspicious. Moving
to a kneeling position between Carrie’s legs, she said, “All right, it
might be a little cold at first, but it’ll warm up.”

Hardly able to control herself, Lisa started with Carrie’s
small feet. Bending each leg at the knee to bring Carrie’s feet to
chest level on either side of her, Lisa massaged the sunblock into the
soles of Carrie’s feet. Lisa kept her eyes planted on Carrie’s crotch
as she slowly rubbed her feet. Need to rearrange that suit bottom,
and soon, Lisa said to herself. She added sunblock to her hands, and
slid her hands up to Carrie’s calves. Alternately squeezing the
little girl’s legs and gliding her finger tips along them, Lisa gently
massaged the sunblock into Carrie’s fair skin.

Lisa continued to eye Carrie’s crotch, tantalized by the
thought of what lay concealed behind the slightly billowing material.
With a quick inspiration, Lisa stopped her ministrations, which had
reached the little girl’s lower thighs, and said, “Honey, can you
reach the cooler? I need a little water.”

Carrie levered herself up on one arm and reached into the
cooler for a bottle of water. “Here, I’ll open it for you.” Carrie
quickly twisted the cap off and reached behind her to hand it to Lisa.
Lisa took a quick drink and then exclaimed, “Hey watch it, it
slipped!”. She dropped the bottle precisely between Carrie’s thighs
about six centimeters from her crotch, and was rewarded with a squeal
from Carrie as the ice cold water spouted out of the bottle and across
Carrie’s back.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, sweetheart. Here, let me dry you off.”
Before Carrie could roll away, Lisa had a towel and was blotting the
water off Carrie’s back. As she toweled her back, Lisa used the towel
to catch the waistband of the swimsuit, carrying the suit much higher
up the little girl’s hips.

“Ooo, get my front too, Lisa. It’s cold!” Carrie pushed
herself to her knees, and Lisa obligingly toweled Carrie’s tummy,
making certain to catch the waistband of Carrie’s suit bottoms with
the towel. When Carrie finally relaxed and was prone again, Lisa
evaluated the results of her little subterfuge. She was delighted to
see that the crotch panel of the suit was now pressed tightly against
Carrie’s pudenda. Carrie’s labia gently swelled against the material,
their soft curves revealed to Lisa’s eager eyes.

Lisa reluctantly took her eyes off her little friend’s semi-
exposed vulva, and glanced over the rocks and dunes at the rest of the
beach. The coast is clear, she thought, and realized exactly where
that hackneyed phrase originated. She wanted no interruptions for the
next step in her plan. Returning to a cross-legged position between
Carrie’s legs, she gently lifted the little girl’s knees onto her own.
Carrie was face down in front of her, her hips and thighs raised
slightly off the towel. Lisa was rewarded with the sight of Carrie’s
entire pubis, her vulva straining against the green crotch panel, the
material sagging slightly into the narrow valley between her labia,
the soft round humps of her cute little bottom stretching the suit’s

Okay, here we go, Lisa, she said to herself. We want to excite
her without scaring her. Got to be careful. Gently, Lisa placed her
hands around the back of Carrie’s left thigh, the index finger of her
right hand just millimeters from the gentle curves of Carrie’s labia.
Lisa massaged the sunblock into Carrie’s thigh for nearly a minute.
Just a few more seconds, and then I’ll do it. Taking a deep breath
and holding it, Lisa slowly, and ever so gently, brought the back of
her right index finger into contact with the material stretched across
Carrie’s labia. Curling her finger slightly, Lisa applied a gentle
pressure to her knuckle and continued massaging Carrie’s thigh. Her
knuckle stroked against Carrie’s vulva, as Carrie continued to lay
motionless under Lisa’s hands. Lisa was nearly beside herself, but
anxiously watched her young friend’s face for a reaction. Carrie
remained oblivious to Lisa’s gentle finger.

Hmm, she must be used to it, Lisa mused. It must be all those
quick touches I stole since that first night in her bedroom. She
probably doesn’t feel threatened by it, because I’ve touched her there
before without really penetrating her. Reassured, Lisa carefully
switched legs, gently substituting her left index finger for the
right. Lisa brought her right finger to her mouth and slowly tasted
it. There was a faint saltiness, and she detected the merest hint of
Carrie’s little-girl musk. Lisa finished applying the sunblock to
Carrie’s legs, rolling over the prone little girl, coming to a
kneeling position at her side.

“Okay, let’s do your arms now, honey.” Lisa raised the little
girl’s arms one at a time, and coated them thoroughly with the
sunblock. Lisa was still mesmerized by the sensations in her fingers
as they’d slowly traveled up and down the crotch of Carrie’s swim
suit, the gentle swells of Carrie’s vulva and the curves of her labia
gliding by underneath her touch.

Carrie’s plaintive “Isn’t that enough on my arms, Lisa?”
brought Lisa back to earth.

“Right. Sorry, I was lost in thought. Let’s get your back.”

“I’ll bet you were thinking about boys,” Carrie said
mischievously. “Were you thinking about your boyfriend?”

“No, I was not thinking about my boyfriend. Actually, I was
thinking about a girl.”


“Oh, somebody you might know. I’ll tell you who later. Okay,
little nosy one?”

Carrie nodded and laid her head back down on the towel. Lisa
noticed that Carrie’s legs were still spread, and continued with her
gentle seduction. Lisa dribbled sunblock onto Carrie’s back, drawing
a thin line down the length of her spine. With her left hand she
began to gently massage the skin between Carrie’s shoulder blades.
Carrie squirmed as the cool sunblock touched her skin. Lisa boldly
cupped Carries bottom with her right hand, the middle finger searching
for and finding her labia and gently, briefly, pressing between them.
“Hold still, so I can spread this stuff evenly,” she said to distract
Carrie as she slid her finger along the length of her vulva. As she
removed her hand from Carrie’s crotch, she gave her a light slap on
her bottom and said, “There, we’re almost done. Good girl. Now, roll
over and I’ll do your front.”

Carrie quickly rolled over on to her back, and Lisa returned to
her position between the little girl’s legs. Lisa reached behind her
and quickly applied the sunblock to Carrie’s feet and legs. Deciding
that she may be giving too much attention to Carrie’s vulva, she
completed applying the sunblock to Carrie’s legs without coming near
her genitalia. She treated herself to a long, lingering look at
Carrie’s deliciously displayed pudenda, clearly outlined against the
thin lycra of Carrie’s suit bottom. Time to go upstairs, Lisa told
herself, anticipating with pleasure the next phase of her plan.

“You know, Carrie, there’s one thing about two-piece swimsuits.
They make really noticeable tanlines. That’s why I don’t wear them.
But if you want to avoid them, you just need to take your top off for
a little each day, so that you tan evenly all over.”

“Take my top off? Now…in public?” The little girl was
obviously very reluctant to do so, and in all honesty, Lisa couldn’t
blame her. “What if somebody sees me, Lisa? and tells my mom?
I’ll get a spanking for sure….” How do I reassure her? pondered
Lisa, and decided to rely on Carrie’s instinctive innocence.

“Well, here, if you lie down, nobody can see you but me. I’ll
take your top off while you are lying down, and you can slip it back
on whenever you want to.” Lisa watched the little girl gather her
confidence, and sighed with delight as Carrie gave in to her gentle
urging. Lying back with hands crossed under her head, Carrie nodded
once, but looked decidedly apprehensive.

Lisa quickly straddled the little girl’s torso, her mons
resting just a few centimeters above Carrie’s. “It’s okay,
sweetheart, really. Just relax.” Reassured, but still a little
tense, Carrie closed her eyes and waited for Lisa to begin.

Sensing Carrie’s tenseness, she marshaled her self-control and
resisted the impulse to immediately remove Carrie’s swimsuit top.
Gotta go real slow here, she counseled herself. Lisa poured sunblock
into her hands and rubbed them together. Realizing that Carrie
probably wouldn’t notice, Lisa slid the crotch of her suit to the side
and lowered her exposed vulva gently against Carrie’s crotch. The
touch of her bare labia against the little girl’s swimsuit-clad mons
sent a major wave gushing through Lisa’s body. It started at her
clitoris, and washed all the way through her to her breasts. Oh, I’m
in heaven, thought Lisa, as she felt her nipples come erect against
her swimsuit. Tweaking each one quickly, and shivering at the
sensation, she began to rub the sunblock onto Carrie’s bare tummy.

Lisa spread the sunblock quickly, massaging it gently into the
little girl’s tummy. She lingered over Carrie’s little navel, rimming
it softly with the tip of her thumb, reminded of another small opening
in Carrie’s anatomy that her fingers had flirted with only a few
minutes before.

“Ooooo, that tickles a little, Lisa.” Carrie’s body spasmed
involuntarily as Lisa’s fingers probed her navel, and Lisa gasped with
surprise and pleasure as Carrie arched her back, forcing her pelvis up
against Lisa’s. Carrie’s mons softly thrust against hers, sending a
ripple of pure pleasure through Lisa’s body.

Oh boy, I don’t know if I can stay in control, Lisa pondered,
after the electric tingles stopped coursing through her body. Time to
take my mind of my crotch, and get back to business, she told herself
firmly. I’m trying to seduce her, not vice versa!

“Carrie, honey, I’m going to take your top off, now. Is that
okay with you?” Carrie opened her eyes, and nodded her head slowly.

“Are you sure it’s okay?”

“Are we alone, Lisa?”

“Yes, Carrie. Ready?”


Leaning forward, Lisa quickly unsnapped the front closure of
the top. She’d hit three stores in the mall before she’d found a two
piece suit in green with a front closure on the top. She
congratulated herself on her patience as she pushed the now-separated
cups to each side, revealing the softly swelling mounds they’d been
concealing. “Now, since you want to tan there, we shouldn’t use
sunblock. Hang on while I get some baby oil.” Lisa leaned to the
side and retrieved a small bottle out of her beach bag. As she leaned
over, she felt her very wet vagina relax, and her labia part to
partially admit the tip of Carrie’s pubis into her vagina. Oh, I
can’t stand much more of this, she thought in panic, as her clitoris
came into contact with the little girl’s pudenda. Carry quickly slid
herself free of Carrie, but not before sliding down the length of
Carrie’s pubis, letting the lycra crotch panel of Carrie’s swimsuit
tease her clitoris.

Lisa reached down to her crotch, resisting the impulse to
plunge her fingers deep into her vagina, and adjusted the crotch of
her swim suit to cover herself. Turning to Carrie, she said softly,
“I’m going to have to really rub this in, so if I tickle you, I’m
sorry. I’ll try not to.”

Starting at the base of her little-girl breasts, Lisa coated
them with the baby oil. She caressed them slowly, savoring their
resilience, measuring their size with spread fingers. Carrie’s
breasts were the size of small limes, little more than minimal
convexities on the planar surface of her chest, but to Lisa, they were
the softest, roundest, most deliciously curved objects she’d ever
felt. And her nipples! Lisa took each nipple and rolled them between
her thumbs and forefingers. Over and over she gently tugged and
pulled them, her oil-slick fingers sliding off them, only to recapture
them and gently pinch them again and again. Very quickly, Carrie’s
nipples came erect, and Lisa thrilled to their stiffness as she gently
caressed them with her palms.

Lisa knew that Carrie was aroused now. But would the little
girl become afraid of the sensations flowing through her ten-year-old
body? Lisa remembered her first orgasm, and how scared and wonderful
it made her feel. Deciding against pushing her too far, she slapped
her palms down suddenly on Carrie’s little breasts with their now
fully erect nipples, and said hurriedly, “Okay, Carrie, that it. Time
to let them get some sun.”

But Carrie didn’t think so. She opened her eyes wide and said
softly, “No, don’t stop. Please, Lisa…?” Lisa slid her hand down
to the little girl’s mons and cupped it softly, her fingers gently
caressing Carrie’s labia through the thin material of the crotch
panel. Lisa gazed steadily at Carrie, seeing the awakening desire in
the little girl’s eyes, and realized she’d succeeded in part one of
her seduction.

Lisa thought fast. She knew she’d kindled Carrie’s latent
sexuality, which was what she’d wanted to accomplish with this trip to
the beach. She wanted to continue caressing the little girl in the
worst way, but she knew she had to stick to her plan. She didn’t want
to get serious with Carrie until she had her at home, with the doors
locked. She needed to keep it light until then. But how? Lisa
didn’t trust her own self-control. A game, she thought. That’s
it…we need to make this into a game.

Summoning all her will power, Lisa said, “Hey, I have to stop,
’cause I’m done. However, ” she continued with an impish smile at the
little girl, “I’ll just have to put more sunblock on you if it gets
washed off.” Lisa lurched to her feet, and heaved a sigh of relief as
Carrie, sensing a new game to play, quickly refastened the swim suit
top and stood up.

“Race you to the water!” Carrie shouted, and dashed off towards
the water. Lisa, relieved and frustrated at the same time, shouted
after the running girl.

“Okay, you win. I’ll wait for you to come back.” Remember the
plan, she repeated to herself, and everything will be fine.

The rest of the day passed like a dream to Lisa. Carrie would
run down to the water after Lisa covered her with the sunblock, and
come running back as soon as it had washed off. Lisa’s caresses grew
more bold as the day progressed. Lisa had one more item on her
agenda, though, and it was a critical one. So far, Carrie had been a
willing, if passive, participant in her own seduction. Lisa wanted
Carrie to be comfortable with a more active role in their sex play.
Glancing up at the position of the sun, Lisa determined it was time to
conclude this portion of the seduction.

Carrie came running breathlessly back for more sunblock. Lisa,
instead of starting with Carrie’s feet, quickly unfastened Carrie’s
swimsuit bra and went to work directly on the little girl’s breasts
and nipples. Carrie soon become aroused again, her little nipples
stiffening under Lisa’s gentle manipulations. Here we go, thought

Lisa slipped her hand under the waistband of Carrie’s suit
bottom for the first time that afternoon, stopping when the back of
her fingers brushed against the crotch panel. Lisa delighted at the
feel of the little girl’s bare labia sliding across her palm. With
her other hand, she reached beneath Carrie and slid it under her and
then into her suit bottom, across the round cheeks of her pert little
ass, until it met the other hand, which was now gently squeezing
Carrie’s mons. Flexing her wrists, Lisa gently levered the swim suit
bottom away from the little girl’s body, letting it slide across the
back of her hands, until it came to rest around Carrie’s hips a few
centimeters below her crotch. Lisa gazed at Carries bare pudenda,
marveling at how closely they resembled her own in both size and

“I think we missed a spot with the sunblock, Carrie. Should I
put some there?”

“Please, yes, Lisa, oh yes….” Lisa almost came at the sound
of the innocent desire in Carrie’s voice. Lisa slowly coated the
little girl’s vulva with baby oil, lightly running her fingers over
Carries’s genitalia, pausing often to gently squeeze and softly rub
her labia. Laying her middle finger along the little girl’s vaginal
cleft, she nestled it gently between Carrie’s labia with a rocking
motion. Lisa was careful not to penetrate her, wanting to save that
particular delight for later. Instead, Lisa continued to roll her
finger from side to side, watching as Carrie’s pre-coital lubrication
began to slowly seep past her finger.

God, she’s close, thought Lisa. Let’s go for it. Lisa pulled
Carrie’s suit bottom up, and refastened the bra across Carrie’s little
breasts. Carrie gazed up at Lisa, still obviously aroused, but unsure
what to do now that Lisa had seemed to stop caressing her. Lisa lay
down on her back on the towel next to Carrie, and said quietly, “My

Carrie understood immediately. Quickly, she straddled Lisa’s
body with her knees. Lisa gently pushed Carrie backwards until the
little girl’s mons was pressing down on hers. Carrie looked at the
nearly empty bottle of sunblock, and said, “There isn’t much left,
Lisa. Where should I start?”

Lisa reached up and tweaked Carrie’s nipples through the
swimsuit bra, and said, “Oh, I don’t know. You pick a spot,” and then
smiled at her.

Taking the hint and leaning forward, Carrie reached for Lisa’s
arms, then placed them on the towel beside her body. She then grasped
the shoulder straps of Lisa’s one-piece swimsuit and slid them down
Lisa’s arms, completely baring Lisa’s breasts. Carrie gazed raptly at
them, and placing her hands gently over them, began to fondle them,
squeezing them softly, pushing them together, and then pulling them
apart, over and over.

Lisa enjoyed Carrie’s caresses for several moments, delighting
in the unself-conscious way the little girl played with her breasts
and nipples. Just watching Carrie seemed to increase Lisa’s pleasure.
After a few more moments, Lisa grasped Carrie’s hands, and said in a
whisper, “Aren’t you forgetting the sun block, darling?”

Carrie blushed all the way to her chest, and said meekly, “Oh.
Yeah. Sunblock. Sorry….” Carrie momentarily lifted herself off of
Lisa to reach the bottle. As she started to sit back down, Lisa
reached out with her hand and slid the crotch of the little girl’s
swimsuit bottom to the side, then cupped Carrie’s mons.

“There, sweetheart. Now sit down.”

Dreamily, Carrie emptied the last of the sunblock into a small
puddle between Lisa’s breasts. The little girl spread the sunblock
evenly between the older girl’s breasts and began to rub it in. Lisa
focused her awareness on her vagina, and the delicious sensation of
Carrie’s bare mons resting in the palm of her hand. Suddenly, she had
an idea. Sliding her hand free, Lisa began to arch her back
rhythmically, the motion causing Carrie to slide to and fro a few
centimeters along Lisa’s pelvis. Lisa was soon rewarded with a small
gasp from Carrie as the friction from her suit against Carrie’s
exposed labia built up and increased Carrie’s excitement.

Carrie quickly massaged the last of the sunblock into Lisa’s
breasts. Lisa wanted to prolong this interlude, but she noticed that
Carrie’s gasps were coming more often, and were starting to sound
suspiciously like little moans. Okay, thought Lisa, time to bring her
down a little for the ride home. “That’s the last of the sunblock,
sweetheart. Thank you very much for putting some on me. I really
enjoyed it. I think you did too, you little imp.” Lisa reached
between Carrie’s legs, gently pinched the little girl’s labia, and
then slid her swimsuit bottom back into place. Carrie blushed again,
but also smiled shyly at the older girl. “We have about an hour until
your mother gets here. Why don’t you lie down and catch the last of
the sun before we leave?”

Carrie nodded and lay down on the towel, quickly unfastening
her swimsuit’s bra. Lisa pulled her own swimsuit back up over her
breasts and moved back into the shade of the beach umbrella. Carrie
looked content, lying on her back on the towel in the bright afternoon
sunshine. After a few minutes, Carrie’s slow, rhythmic breathing told
Lisa that the little girl was sleeping. As Lisa watched, Carrie
spread her legs wide, bending one back under the other. Lisa didn’t
know how long she sat there, watching the rise and fall of Carrie’s
mons in time with her breathing. Oh, oh my dear, she thought, I can
hardly wait to get you alone tonight….

Lisa gently awakened Carrie with a quick kiss on her lips.
“C’mon, sleepyhead. It’s almost five. Time to meet your mother.”
The two girls quickly packed up their gear. Lisa smiled hazily as she
remembered the feel of Carrie’s nipples stiffening under her excited
caresses. She’d managed one more series of quick caresses after
Carrie had awakened. Worried that the baby oil would stain the
swimsuit’s top, Lisa had carefully removed all traces of the oil from
Carries breasts with a wet wipe. When she’d finished, Lisa lightly
tweaked each nipple, and told Carrie to put her top on.

The two girls arrived at the designated spot in the parking lot
just as Carrie’s mother pulled though the gate. Carrie’s mother had
exchanged the Suburban for a small Nissan pick-up. “Throw your stuff
in the bed, girls. Carrie’s dad needs the big truck to tow his
friend’s boat, so we are going to have to squeeze in here.” Lisa
immediately spoke up.

“That’s all right…Carrie can sit on my lap on the way home.”
The prospect of Carrie’s tight little ass rubbing against her crotch
on the way home made Lisa start to tingle. Lisa climbed into the
bucket seat on the passenger side, and helped Carrie in on top of her.

“Buckle the seatbelt across both of you, Lisa. There…that’s
good.” Lisa had retained her towel, which she now strategically
spread across Carrie’s lap. As the pickup hit the first series of
speed bumps on the way out of the lot, Lisa slid her hands under the
towel and let them come to rest on the insides of Carrie’s thighs.
With the next bumps disguising her motions, she slid them backwards
until her thumbs were nestled against the little girl’s mons. Lisa
could feel Carrie’s labia move beneath the thin fabric of her swim
suit each time the pickup hit a bump in the road. Lisa slowly applied
pressure to Carrie’s mons, gently squeezing her labia between the
edges of her thumbs. Carrie soon leaned her head back against Lisa’s
breasts, and began to thrust her pelvis forward rhythmically against
Lisa’s hands. All the way home, Lisa gently toyed with Carrie’s
labia, squeezing them and then stroking them with her fingers.

“Okay, we’re home.” Carrie’s mom steered the pickup into the
garage. In the semi-darkness of the garage, Lisa waited until
Carrie’s mother exited the truck. Lisa gently cupped Carrie’s mons in
her palm and slid her hand under Carrie’s top to cradle her left
breast, capturing the nipple between her middle and index fingers.
Rubbing Carries’s nipple gently and squeezing her mons, Lisa whispered
in her ear. “I’ve gotta go home and change, and get a present for
you. Do you still want me to baby-sit you tonight?” Lisa held her
breath as she waited for the answer. Carrie wiggled her bottom, and
thrust her mons against Lisa’s hand. Lisa felt more than saw Carrie
nod, and giving the little girl’s mons a final, gentle squeeze,
slipped out from underneath her and stepped down onto the garage

Lisa grabbed her beach bag out of the back of the truck, and
slipped under the closing garage door. As she ran home, her mind was
filled with thoughts about the coming evening. At home she quickly
ran into her bedroom, removed her swimsuit, and rapidly brought
herself to the orgasm she’d been postponing all day, fantasizing about
Carrie’s enticing little body and what she planned to do with it that

* * *

“Oh, hi, Lisa. You are right on time, as usual. Come in,
dear.” Lisa had arrived at Carrie’s house precisely at 7:45.
Carrie’s mother met her at the door with coat and hat in hand. “I
hope the cab company is a punctual as you are, Lisa. What’s in the
box, dear?”

She was referring to the neatly wrapped box tucked under Lisa’s
arm. Lisa smiled brightly and replied, “A present for Carrie. A new
nightie. Do you have time to look at it?”

“Oh, no dear, I’ll look at it tomorrow. Carrie’s taking a
shower, and I don’t think she’s quite ready for bed yet. She seems a
bit excited. Oh, there’s my cab. The usual rules, Lisa. But if you
want to let Carrie stay up a little later than usual, that’s okay.
Gotta go now, Lisa. I’ll be back about two AM.”

Carrie’s mom called out good-bye to her daughter, gave Lisa a
quick buss on the cheek, and left in the cab a few moments later.

Lisa walked in to the living room and set her package on the
coffee table. Walking over to the windows, she closed the vertical
blinds, then walked back to the front door and secured the deadbolt.
Rules are rules, she whispered to her self. And rule number one for
tonight was “Be confident.” Don’t lose your nerve half way. Lisa
thought back to the sight of Carrie topless on the beach, to the feel
of her nipples as Lisa gently teased them. She remembered how she’d
wanted to slip her fingers past the little girl’s bathing suit and
gently probe her vagina and rectum. Suddenly, she was on fire again,
all doubts about her plans for the evening melting in a blaze of lust.

Lisa sat quietly on the couch and contemplated her navel for
several minutes, trying to compose herself. Slowly, she became aware
of Carrie standing in front of her, clad in a big, fluffy bathrobe.

“Oh, hi there, sweetheart. I didn’t hear you come in.”
Leaning forward on the couch, she took the package from the coffee
table and handed it to Carrie. “Here you go, Carrie. I hope you
like it.”

“Oh, thank you, Lisa. Will you tell me what it is? Or must I

“Silly goose, you don’t have to guess. Just open it. But I’ll
tell you what it is. It’s a new nightie. And it’s much more suited
to the summer than that heavy silk one you have. If you want, you can
put it on right now. And don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you have to
go to bed. It’s up to you.”

“Oooh, neat! I’ll wear it with my new panties!” Lisa laughed
as Carrie disappeared up the stairs leading to the bedrooms, shedding
the robe on the bottom tread, and tearing open the package as she took
the stairs two at a time.

“Be careful, Carrie, it’s very delicate,” she yelled after her.

While she waited for Carrie to come back down, Lisa prepared
her self for the final phase of Carrie’s seduction. Moving over to
the love seat on the other side of the living room, Lisa took a few
small items out of her purse and arrayed them on a side table next to
the love seat. Knowing that Carrie would be curious about them, and
perhaps a little apprehensive of them if she prematurely discovered
their purpose, Lisa covered them with her handkerchief.

“Here I come, Lisa. Close your eyes until I say open them.”

“Okay, they’re closed.”

Lisa listened for Carrie’s footsteps down the staircase. She
soon heard Carrie’s bare feet slap softly onto the tiled landing.

“Okay, open your eyes, Lisa.”

Carrie’s new nightie was all billowing satin and gilded lace.
Motioning for Carrie to turn slowly in place, Lisa took it all in.
The top hung loosely across Carrie’s shoulders, the neckline plunging
in a deep arc across the little girl’s chest. It was secured across
her ribs by a series of five silk ties. The brown half-moons of her
aureoles were just visible above the lace along the neckline. Two
more silk ties secured it across Carrie’s shoulders. The bottom edge
hung just even with the tip of Carrie’s pubis, enticingly revealing
and then concealing the little girl’s panties as it swayed against
Carrie’s hips.

“Now come over hear and sit next to me so I can look at your
new panties too,” Lisa said, coyly. The little girl eagerly snuggled
against her friend, the edge of the nightie riding up over the
panties. Lisa slid her right arm around Carries waist, and with her
left hand, lifted Carrie’s left leg onto her lap, seductively exposing
even more of Carrie’s new panties to her gaze.

Lisa examined the panties closely. The panties were not
demure, but not overtly suggestive, either. They were brief, but not
too brief. The triangular piece of cotton clung softly to Carrie’s
mons, the swell of her vulva nicely defined by the nearly translucent
material. The crotch was a two-centimeter-wide strip that barely
covered the tip of the little girl’s pubis, clinging intimately to the
edges of her labia, then disappearing into the cleft between the
cheeks of her round little bottom.

“I really like your new panties, Carrie. They are very pretty,
and so are you. Do you like them as much as I do?” Carrie nodded
blissfully, and snuggled even closer to Lisa. Lisa reached up to the
lamp on the side table, and turned down the rheostat, reducing the
illumination to a pool of soft light, and plunging the rest of the
room into semidarkness. “Now tell me, do you remember today at the
beach?” Carrie nodded, and then blushed. “Did you enjoy our little

“Oh yes, Lisa!”

“Well, then, let’s keep playing, then, okay?” Lisa reached
under the handkerchief on the table and brought out a bottle of
scented body oil. “Here, how does this smell?” Lisa opened the
bottle and brought it close to the little girl’s nostrils.

“Mmmm, like honey, and cinnamon, and lemon.”

“Shall I rub some on for you?” Carrie just nodded quickly.

“Can I put it anywhere I want to?” Again, Carrie nodded

“Anywhere, sweetheart? Are you sure?”

Carrie looked up at Lisa, and said softly, “Oh yes, anywhere.
Please, start now, start now.”

Lisa undid the silk ribbons across Carrie’s shoulders and let
the top fall open. One by one, she undid the five silk ribbons that
closed it across Carrie’s ribcage, remembering the first time she’d
done this, nearly six months ago. But tonight is different, she told
herself happily, I can finish what I started. Lisa worked steadily at
the double bow knots that Carrie had made with the ties, pausing
briefly ever so often to slide her hand under the neckline and briefly
caress Carrie’s breasts. Carrie responded almost immediately, her
nipples coming to attention before Lisa had untied even the third tie.

Carrie finished with the last tie, and parted the top,
completely exposing the child’s small breasts. Lisa poured some body
oil into the palm of her hands, and then rubbed them together for
several moments. Lisa started directly with Carrie’s taught nipples,
gently rolling them between her fingers like she did at the beach.
She worked the oil into the aureoles that haloed each nipple for
several minutes, delighting in the way the oil made them glisten.

After a few more moments of caressing Carrie’s breasts with her
palms and fingers, Lisa announced softly, “Time for something a little
different, Carrie dearest.” Carrie opened her eyes questioningly. “I
promise you’ll like it,” Lisa responded.

Turning so that she was lying on her side in the love seat next
to Carrie, Lisa lifted Carrie’s left leg off her hip and placed it
gently on the love seat next to her right leg. Lisa ducked her head
under Carries’s arm, nuzzling the little girls arm pit. Her eyes
were now level with the tips of Carrie’s nipples. Reaching over
Carrie’s shoulder with her right hand, Lisa gently cupped Carrie’s
left breast with the edge of her forefinger and thumb. Leaning
forward, Lisa placed her tongue against Carrie’s side just beneath her
left breast, and slowly moved it towards the nipple. When Lisa’s
tongue finally reached Carrie’s nipple, Lisa closed her mouth over it
and began to gently suck it. Simultaneously, she shifted her body so
that she was now kneeling upright between Carrie’s legs. Reaching
between their two bodies with her free hand, Lisa began to caress the
little girl’s labia through her cotton panties.

Lisa sucked gently on the nipple, pausing to softly tug it with
her lips. Each time she paused, Lisa squeezed Carrie’s labia. Under
this twin stimulus, Carrie’s nascent libido ignited, sending a warm
rush of pleasure through her ten-year-old body. Lisa decided it was
time to give Carrie her first orgasm of the night. Lifting her mouth
away from Carrie’s nipple, but continuing to caress her labia and mons
through the panties, Lisa whispered, “Do you know what an orgasm is?”


A thin arc of saliva had formed between Lisa’s lower lip and
the little girl’s glistening aureole. Lisa licked it off and then
said softly, “Time you found out. It is so wonderful. Don’t fight
it. Just let it happen, okay?” Lisa placed her tongue against the
other nipple, and circled it slowly, then flicked it gently with the
tip of her tongue several times, repeating this process again and
again. At the same time, she slid her thumb and forefinger under the
edge of the crotch of Carrie’s panties, and pulled the material
together. With a gentle upward tug, the panties slid between Carrie’s
external labia and came to rest against the little girl’s sensitive
inner labia. Lisa’s right hand slid from it’s position cradling
Carrie’s breast, and joined its partner down by Carrie’s mons.
Softly, Lisa closed Carrie’s outer labia around the material, holding
her labia in place with a slight pressure from her index finger and
thumb. With her left hand, she continued to tug and release the

Carrie’s body was on fire. Lisa’s lips and tongue on her
nipples sent a whirlpool of sensation arcing out from her breasts, and
her panty’s intimate friction against her inner labia felt strangely
wonderful. The pleasure grew and grew, spiraling outward on an axis
between her breasts and vagina. Carrie closed her eyes and
surrendered herself to the wonderful sensations coursing through her

None of this was lost on Lisa. She saw Carrie close her eyes,
and could detect with her busy hands the tell-tale muscular
contractions in Carrie’s vaginal walls that signaled an approaching
orgasm. Sensing the peak, she felt Carrie’s body go suddenly rigid.
Lisa took all of Carrie’s little breast into her mouth, sucking on it
as hard as she could.

Carrie groaned with pleasure as she felt her breast engulfed by
her friend’s mouth. The groan grew louder, turning into a scream as
Carrie’s first orgasm shattered through her mind.

Lisa released Carrie’s breast, and gently extracted the now-wet
cotton panties from between Carrie’s labia. Lisa rearranged Carrie’s
panties back to their normal position, letting the palm of her hand
rest lightly on top of them against Carrie’s mons. Carrie’s breathing
was almost back to normal when Lisa said, “I knew you’d like it,
darling. And that is only one. I’ll do it to you again, in a minute.
Tell me when you are ready.”

Lisa squeezed Carrie’s mons, eliciting a low moan from Carrie,
and then stood up and began to undress. She removed her blouse and
bra, and then slid her skirt to the floor, deciding to retain her
panties a little while longer. By the time she’d gathered her
discarded clothes together, Carrie had completely recovered from her
orgasm and was now watching her intently.

“Ready, sweetheart?”

“I think so, Lisa. That was so incredible!”

“I know, darling. I’m so happy that I could give you so much
pleasure. This time will be even better. Did you like the way I
used my tongue on your breasts and nipples?”

“Oh, yes, Lisa. They still tingle a little. Please do it
again; it felt so good….”

“I will, but I’m going to use my mouth on something else of
yours. But don’t worry…I have something here to take care of your
nipples while my tongue is busy elsewhere. Now, I want you to lie
back against the cushions.” As Carrie shifted position on the love
seat, Lisa retrieved two items from under the handkerchief. They were
plastic clamps. The jaws were held together by semicircular metal
rings that passed through the handles of the clamps, and which were
attached to the outer side of each jaw just forward of the fulcrum.

Carrie eyed the clamps apprehensively, but relaxed when Lisa
fixed one to one of her own nipples as a demonstration.

Lisa knelt beside Carrie, and gently started to rub her breasts
with her free hand. Carrie’s nipples erected immediately, and Lisa
gently affixed a clamp to each one, letting the clamps close slowly
but snugly against their prisoners.

“Are they too tight, Carrie? I can loosen them a little if you

“No, they feel good. Different than your fingers, but still

“Okay then. Ready for round two?”

Carrie blushed, but eagerly nodded her head.

Lisa raised Carrie’s left leg and draped it over the back of
the loveseat. She then moved between Carrie’s spread thighs, and laid
down on her stomach, her face just a few centimeters from the little
girl’s panty-clad vulva. Turning her head to the side, Lisa opened
her mouth and closed it gently against the tendon on the inside of
Carrie’s thigh. At the same time, she slid one hand along Carrie’s
other thigh, moving it upwards into the little girl’s crotch. With
her leg thrown over the back of the love-seat, Carrie’s entire vulva
and her little rectum were available to Lisa. Lisa kissed and tongued
the inside of Carrie’s thighs, using her fingers to caress Carrie’s
mons and softly probe her little bottom through her panties.

After several minutes, Lisa whispered to her softly, “Time for
your panties to come off, little one. Are you ready?” Carrie nodded.
Lisa grasped the waistband of the panties with both hands, easing them
down her hips until they rested across the tops of her thighs.

Lisa gazed at Carrie’s bare mons, then shifted her eyes
upwards, watching Carrie’s breasts rise and fall with her breathing.
Lisa again laid herself down between Carrie’s thighs. Lisa was in
heaven, knowing she only had to reach out with her tongue to taste
Carrie. Returning her hands to Carrie’s bare mons, she resumed her
delicate caresses. After a few minutes, unable to resist further,
Lisa shifted forward and began to lave the little girl’s labia with
her tongue. Carrie responded immediately by raising her hips,
pressing her mons against Lisa’s mouth. Lisa gently forced first her
tongue, then her lips past Carrie’s outer labia, and started to suck
on the sensitive tissue of her inner labia as soon as she could reach
them with her mouth. As Carrie’s pressed her hips harder and harder
against Lisa’s face, Lisa’s probing tongue found Carrie’s clitoris.
Lisa flicked it rapidly with the tip of her tongue, feeling Carrie’s
pelvis begin to writhe in ecstasy. Fastening her lips around the
little button, Lisa sucked it gently, teasing it out of its hood, and
then nibbled it with her lips.

While Lisa’s lips and tongue were busy with Carrie’s clitoris,
Lisa’s fingers had worked their way deep into the cleft of Carrie’s
globular little bottom. Now, with her little finger lightly resting
on Carrie’s anus, Carrie applied pressure, and forced the tip of her
finger past Carrie’s sphincter and into her rectum, stopping at the
first knuckle when she heard Carrie gasp with surprise at this
intimate invasion.

Lisa sucked harder and harder on the little girl’s clitoris,
and wiggled her finger from side to side, forcing Carrie’s anus to
widen and admit more of her finger into her rectal canal. Lisa sensed
Carrie’s impending orgasm, and judging her moment, sucked Carrie’s
clitoris between her teeth, and then gently bit down on it.

Carrie’s world exploded in an incandescent flash of pleasure.
Wave after wave of ecstasy engulfed her body, every fiber of her being
vibrating. Lisa watched Carrie’s body shiver and shake as the orgasm
took her, moving quickly to cradle the little girl in her arms as the
orgasm ravished her body.

Carrie was unable to speak for several minutes. Lisa gently
caressed her, hugging her closely and tenderly, until finally, the
last waves of passion dissipated, and Carrie regained control of her

“Oh Lisa, I can’t describe it. It was so, so…oh I can’t
describe it. So…beautiful. Like Heaven. And you made it happen.
Oh, I love you so much, Lisa. Will you take me there again? Please?”

Lisa put her fingers to Carrie’s lips. “Shh, little one. I
love you, too, very much. Yes, it is like being in a beautiful place,
one that you feel with your body, instead of seeing with your eyes.
We’ll go back there, sweetheart, real soon. Just lie still and rest.
But let me take the clamps off now, so the blood can flow. Now, your
nipples are going to ache a little as the blood starts circulating
again, but it won’t last long. Okay?” Carrie nodded, and Lisa
removed the clamps. She massaged the little girl’s nipples to help
reestablish the circulation. Under Lisa’s tender fingers, the pain
attenuated rapidly.

“Now, sweetheart, I need to pee. When I come back, we’ll begin

“Oh Lisa, can I come with you? Please?” Her modesty getting
the better of her, she quickly added, “I won’t watch, honest. I just
want to stay with you right now.”

“You can watch me if you want to, sweetheart. I won’t mind.
Do you need to pee, too? Carrie realized she did, and nodded. “Well,
I would like to watch you pee, Carrie.” Pulling Carrie’s panties up,
Lisa took the little girl by the hand to lead her to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, Lisa started to pull her panties down, but
stopped when Carrie grabbed her hand.

“Here, Lisa, let me do it for you. I’m going to pretend I’m
your Mommy.” Delighted at the new twist in their sex play, Lisa
quickly nodded her assent.

“Spread your legs a little, Lisa.” Carrie grabbed the waist
band of Lisa’s panties and pulled them slowly down, stopping when they
were half way down Lisa’s thighs to shyly reach out and touch Lisa’s
mons. Lisa indulged the little girl, letting her tentative touch send
shivers from her vagina to her nipples. Carrie took her time, but
eventually finished pulling them all the way down to Lisa’s ankles.
“Okay, step out.” Lisa daintily stepped out of her panties and stood
in front of the toilet. “Put the seat down, and then sit down.” Lisa
quickly complied. “Okay. You can start to pee now, Lisa. Make sure
it goes down in to the bowl.”

Lisa enjoyed the game that Carrie had started, and easily moved
into her role as a little girl being potty-trained. “Help me make it
stay in the toilet, Mommy,” she said in her best little-girl voice.

Carrie giggled and said, “Now Lisa, how many times do I have to
show you? Put your hands on your legs, and hold it until I tell you.”
Stepping to Lisa’s side, Carrie reached down between Lisa’s legs,
using her fingers to gently probe Lisa’s pudenda for the tip of her
urethra. When she found it, she pushed it downward with the tips of
two fingers. “You may let it go now, Lisa.”

Lisa emptied her bladder, enjoying the sensation of Carrie’s
fingers where they touched her sensitive labia.

“Now, wipe yourself. Oh, here, I’ll do it,” Carrie said in
mock impatience. Tearing a single sheet from the roll of tissue,
Carrie gently rubbed it across Lisa’s urethra. “Now, flush.”

“Well, thank you, Carrie. Since you were nice enough to help
me, I’m going to help you.” Remembering the faintly unpleasant taste
of Carrie’s vagina, she added, “But sit facing the toilet, okay?”

“Okay, but why?”

“Because I’m going to give you a douche, little girl.”

And an enema, she added to herself, as she spied the ubiquitous
red bag hanging in the shower. “I want you squeaky clean when we
start playing again, so I’m going to give you an enema, too.”

Not knowing what a “douche” or an “enema” was, but trusting
Lisa implicitly, Carrie looked expectantly at Lisa. “You pee, and
I’ll be right back,” said Lisa as she walked through the door and
headed back to the living room. In the living room, Lisa dug through
her purse and retrieved a packet of Summer’s Eve, an applicator
bottle, and a small tube of KY jelly. Lisa was very conscientious
about her body, and always carried an assortment of tampons and other
personal hygiene items around with her. She also picked up one of the
little clamps, and after applying it to the nipple of her right
breast, walked back to the bathroom.

Back in the bathroom, Lisa turned on both taps in the sink, and
adjusted the temperature of the water until it was nice and warm. She
then emptied the contents of the packet into the applicator, and
filled it from the running faucet. She screwed the applicator tip into
place, and swirled the plastic bottle until the Summer’s Eve had
completely dissolved. Next, she filled the enema bag at the faucet,
and closing the valve at the bottle’s neck, hung it by its plastic
hook on the towel bar above the toilet. She quickly searched the
vanity, and located the bag’s accompanying hose and nozzle.
Remembering her hygiene, Lisa rapidly found a bottle of rubbing
alcohol and sterilized both her own douche applicator and the enema
nozzle. Lisa inserted one end of the rubber hose into the receptacle
on the bag, and then screwed the nozzle into the other end. Ready at
last, Lisa knelt on the tile floor next to Carrie, and explained to
the little girl exactly what she had in mind.

Not really comprehending, but understanding that Lisa would
soon be touching her again, she told Lisa, “Yes, I want you to do it,”
when Lisa had given her a chance to say no. Carrie suddenly realized
that was why she trusted Lisa so much. Lisa always let Carrie in on
what she was doing, and never forced her to do anything against her

“Okay, darling, first the enema, and then the douche.” Lisa
slid the little girl’s panties down, helping her step out of them.
Now, sit on the toilet facing the tank, and hold the tank with your
hands for balance.” Lisa squeezed a dab of KY jelly on the enema
nozzle and proceeded to coat it with a thin layer of the lubricant.
The nozzle was less than half a centimeter in diameter and about ten
centimeters long. Lisa placed the tip against Carrie’s anus, and with
a slow steady, pressure, inserted it into the little girl’s rectum.
Lisa carefully adjusted it’s angle of entry, bringing the tip against
the interior ventral surface of her rectal canal. Carrie could feel
it gliding deep into her, and after the initial discomfort, relaxed
and enjoyed the sensation of something moving around inside her. When
the nozzle was completely inserted into Carrie’s rectum, Lisa reached
over the little girl’s head and opened the bag’s valve.

Carrie gasped as the warm liquid flowed into her. As the water
poured into her, Carrie began to feel bloated, but not uncomfortably
so. The warm water filled her rectum and her bowels, increasing
Carrie’s sense of fullness. Lisa reached around to Carrie’s tummy,
and began to press on it. Carrie could feel the warm water begin to
slosh in response, and squirmed happily.

“There, now for your little vagina.” Kneeling behind Carrie
now, Lisa picked up the applicator and quickly gave it a thin coat of
lubricant. Reaching around the little girl and down into her crotch,
she gently pried her labia apart and introduced the applicator into
Carrie’s vagina. Lisa gently squeezed the bottle, sending a gusher of
fluid against the walls of her vagina. Lisa moved the applicator
gently upwards in Carrie’s vaginal cleft, making room for the liquid
to run out. When it stopped dripping, she slid it back down and
squeezed it again, sending another shower of fluid into the little
girl. The repeated movement of the bottle between her sensitive labia
aroused Carrie, and Lisa was not really surprised to see Carrie’s
nipples come firmly erect. Lisa ducked her head first under one of
Carrie’s arms and then the other, caressing each nipple and breast
with her lips and tongue. By keeping the tip of the applicator
carefully away from Carrie’s clitoris, Lisa was able to keep the
little girl in mild state of arousal without sending her over the edge
into another orgasm.

Soon the douche bottle was nearly empty. Lisa slipped it out
of the little girl’s vagina, and then with a piece of toilet paper,
gently dried her urethra, where the spent douche had trickled down.
Standing up, she checked the enema bag, mildly surprised that Carrie
had taken the entire capacity of the bag into her body.

“Okay, now, Carrie, I’m going to take the nozzle out of you.
When I do, you are going to feel like you need to do a number two.
Just let it happen — don’t resist the urge. Understand?” Carrie
nodded, and Lisa eased the nozzle out of her rectum. As soon as it
was clear of her anus, Carrie’s bowels began to spasm, forcing the
water out of her in a steady stream. Lisa quickly reached down to the
little girl’s mons and gently stroked it, knowing that it would
increase her arousal. When the stream slowed to a trickle, and
finally stopped, Lisa dried Carrie’s bottom off with a wash cloth,
then pulled her to her feet.

“There now, Carrie. How do you feel?”

“I feel all tingly inside now, Lisa. Can we go play again?”

“Oh yes, sweetheart. But we are through playing around. I’m
going to make love to you now, babydoll. Let’s go up to your
bedroom.” Lisa lifted Carrie up, and cradling the naked child
tenderly in her arms, carried her up the stairs and into her bedroom.
Lisa placed Carrie gently down on her bed, and then climbed in next to

“Up until now, I’ve just been playing with you, sweetheart. I
enjoyed it, and I know you did too. But now, I’m going to love you
like I’ve wanted to since the first time I touched you. Come here
sweetheart, and love me, too.”

“Oh, yes, Lisa, yes, I want you to love me,” was Carrie’s
breathless response.

“I will, little one.”

Lisa pulled Carrie into a kneeling position in the center of
the bed, and then kneeled down behind her. Placing Carrie’s hands on
the tops of Carrie’s thighs, Lisa then leaned forward over Carrie’s
left shoulder. She tilted Carrie’s head back, and gently turned it
towards her. “Shut your eyes now, sweetheart, and kiss me.” Lisa
brushed her lips against Carrie’s, lightly at first, and then more and
more firmly. With her tongue, she parted the little girl’s lips and
then slipped it past her teeth until she could feel Carrie’s tongue.
Probing softly, Lisa explored the inside of Carrie’s mouth. Lisa was
thrilled when Carrie slipped her own tongue past Lisa’s and into
Lisa’s mouth.

As they kissed, Lisa’s hands began to go to work on Carrie’s
body. Lisa gently stroked Carrie’s tummy, starting just above her
mons, and ending against the underside of the little girl’s breasts.
Lisa gradually extended the upward portion of her caresses until Lisa
could cup Carrie’s breasts in her palms. Oh, how soft they are, she
thought, as she began to rub them gently side to side. Carrie’s
nipples came instantly erect against Lisa’s palms. Lisa squeezed and
massaged the soft mounds of flesh, using the tips of her fingers to
gently pull her breasts outwards, and then flatten them to her chest
with her palms. Over and over, in a delicious cycle, Lisa massaged
Carrie’s breasts.

Lisa then began to concentrate on Carrie’s nipples. Lisa slid
her fingers down to the nipples and grasped them gently between her
thumb and forefinger. She moved them in tiny circles at first, barely
disturbing the flesh of her breasts. Slowly, she increased her grip
and began to move Carrie’s nipples in ever widening circles, carrying
Carrie’s breasts along with them. Carrie loved the tension in her
breasts, and felt a small orgasm ripple through her.

Lisa slowly released the pressure on Carrie’s nipples,
spiraling her breasts gently down again against her little chest. She
squeezed each one tenderly, and then slid her hands down to Carrie’s
mons. With her knee, she coaxed Carrie’s legs wider, feeling Carrie’s
labia spread apart. Grasping the folds of Carrie’s labia with her
finger tips, she began to stroke them by gently pulling them upwards
and apart, letting them slide between her finger tips for several
centimeters of their length, and then releasing them and starting
again. Each time Lisa stroked her labia, Carrie would thrust her
pelvis forward in an attempt to keep them in contact with Lisa’s
fingers. Lisa gently teased the little girl in this manner for a long

As Lisa continued to stroke Carrie’s labia, she disengaged from
their kiss, and nuzzled Carrie’s ear. Reaching out with her tongue,
she probed the ear gently, tracing its folds with the tip of her
tongue, occasionally pausing briefly to nibble at the earlobe with her
lips. After several moments, Lisa whispered, “I’m going to put my
fingers inside of you now, Carrie dear. Spread your knees wider,
honey.” Letting go of Carrie’s mons, Lisa reached up and tilted
Carrie’s head back again, and again captured Carrie’s mouth with her

Lisa placed her right hand under Carrie’s bottom, slipping it
forward until her middle finger was resting lightly in the cleft of
her labia. Next, Lisa reached around Carrie’s torso with her left
hand, and slid it down her pelvis until she could feel the middle
finger of her other hand. With her left hand, guided by her sense of
touch, she felt for, and found, the top of Carrie’s vagina beneath the
folds of her almost completely parted labia.

Knowing from her own experience that it would be gentler on
Carrie to penetrate the little girl’s vagina from below, Lisa began to
slide her middle finger slowly back and forth between Carrie’s labia.
Lisa didn’t try to force her way in, knowing that Carrie’s vagina
would soon relax and admit her finger easily. Judging by the dampness
she felt, she knew it wouldn’t take long. And it didn’t. In just a
few moments, Carrie’s vagina relaxed, her labia parting completely,
allowing Lisa’s finger to slip into the little girl’s vagina.
Carrie’s only response was to gasp once as she was penetrated for the
very first time.

Lisa’s finger pushed deeper into Carrie’s vagina. Lisa pushed
it in slowly, not wanting to rupture the thin mucous membrane of
Carrie’s hymen. She knew that her finger was smaller than a boy’s
penis, and if she was careful, she could slide right by it without
damaging it. Sure enough, her finger was soon completely inside
Carrie, her hymen safely bypassed. Lisa slowly backed her finger
almost all the way out, and then, slightly faster this time,
reinserted it. She swiftly backed it out, and even more swiftly
plunged it in. Spontaneously, Carrie moved her hips and pelvis in
counterpoint to Lisa’s steady thrusts. Carrie matched the first
several thrusts precisely, but soon began to accelerate, her hips and
pelvis driving down against Lisa’s finger faster and faster in a
rapidly building frenzy.

Lisa again broke their kiss, and said gently, “Slow down,
Carrie dear. Not so fast. Steady, sweetheart, just a steady rhythm.
Let my hand do most of the work.” Carrie’s wild thrusts began to
attenuate, and in a few moments, Lisa felt Carrie relax into a steady
rhythm. “There, that’s right. Nice and slow and steady. Good girl.”

Lisa now used the fingers of her left hand to penetrate Carrie
from the top. With her labia spread wide, and her vagina nearly
completely relaxed, Lisa was easily able to push her thumb and
forefinger far enough into Carrie to reach her little clitoris. When
she did reach it, she began to pinch it delicately in time with the
upward motion of her middle finger and the corresponding downward
thrust of Carrie’s pelvis. Again, Carrie began to accelerate, and
again, Lisa reigned her in with gentle reassurances.

Lisa realized that there was a limit to Carrie’s self-control,
and Carrie was nearly there. Time to push you over the top, little
one. I’m going to make this orgasm the best one yet. Lisa removed her
fingers from Carrie’s clitoris, and reaching to her own breast,
removed the clamp that she’d placed there. Carefully, Lisa inserted
the clamp into Carrie’s vagina, first feeling for her clitoris, and
then gently guiding the clamp towards it. Lisa carefully adjusted the
position of her middle finger, and as she opened the clamp, she used
her repositioned finger to guide Carrie’s clitoris between the clamp’s
jaws. Almost without missing a beat, she repositioned her finger, and
then let the clamp close against the little girl’s clitoris. This
sudden new pressure on her clitoris was much more than what Lisa’s
fingers had provided, and Carrie moaned loudly, nearly losing her
composure as her pleasure increased by several orders of magnitude.
Lisa then raised her left hand to Carrie’s mouth, and whispered into
the little girl’s ear.

“Open your mouth, honey, and suck my finger.” Carrie closed her lips
around Lisa’s proffered finger, and began to suck it with wild
abandon. “That’s it baby, get it good and wet.” Lisa let Carrie suck
on it several moments. While Carrie continued to suck it, Lisa moved
around in front the little girl. Lisa timed her move, letting her
finger slip free of Carrie’s vagina at the top of Carrie’s upward
motion, and quickly reinserting it from the front as Carrie plunged

Lisa slid her finger out of Carrie’s mouth. It glistened with
a combination of Carrie’s vaginal lubrication and saliva. Reaching
behind the little girl, she placed it against her anus, moving it up
and down with the little girl, waiting for Carrie’s orgasm to peak.
In a few seconds, Lisa sensed it starting. Carrie had closed her
eyes, and had suddenly abandoned her steady rhythm as she rode Lisa’s
finger, now simply thrusting her pelvis down as hard as she could
against Lisa’s finger deep inside her. When Lisa felt the muscles of
Carrie’s vagina contract, she pushed her saliva-coated finger deep
into Carrie’s rectum. Then, lowering her mouth to Carrie’s breasts,
she took a nipple between her teeth and bit down on it.

Carrie left the planet. Pleasure exploded in galaxies of stars
all around her. Carrie’s orgasm was a nova, expanding outward from
the core of her being. Then it was a supernova, outshining every
other sensation in her body, a million times more intense than
anything she’d ever felt before. The pleasure center in her brain went
critical, and then past critical, into melt down.

Lisa watched as Carrie’s orgasm once again took her. She could tell
it was the most intense one yet. It was ten minutes before Carrie’s
body relaxed enough for Lisa to slip her fingers out of the little
girl’s vagina and rectum, and unclamp her little clit. Even then, her
little body still convulsed and spasmed as the pleasure continued to
course through her. Lisa hugged the girl to her breasts, gently
caressing her body, helping the little girl to return to normalcy.
Lisa laid the nearly catatonic girl down on the bed. Placing a pillow
under the little girl’s head, Lisa then spooned up against her.
Wrapping her arms around Carrie, Lisa gently caressed the little girl,
and waited patiently for her to come back from wherever her orgasm had
taken her.

After half an hour, Carrie opened her eyes, and the first thing
she saw was Lisa’s face on the pillow next to hers. Lisa was sound
asleep, one arm thrown protectively over Carrie, the other wrapped
across her breasts. Carrie slipped quietly out from under the older
girl’s arm and sat up. Carrie gazed at Lisa, remembering the pleasure
she’d given her. It was almost as if Lisa had given her some kind of
gift, one that Carrie knew she’d have for the rest of her life.
Carrie continued to watch Lisa as she slept, and suddenly knew how to
thank Lisa for her gift.

Carrie leaned over, and kissed Lisa gently on her lips. Lisa
awakened and opened her eyes. Carrie said softly, “Oh, thank you,
Lisa. I want to make you feel the way you made me feel. Will you let

“Oh yes, Carrie dear, please.” Lisa rolled over on to her
back, and stretched her arms out above her head. Spreading her legs,
Lisa said, “Please touch me, baby, touch me all over.”

“Okay, Lisa, I will.” Carrie reached down to Lisa’s mons, and
began to massage the moist folds of Lisa’s vulva. With her other
hand, she cupped one of Lisa’s breasts and, lifting it, laid her lips
against the nipple. Carrie began to suck it softly, as she moved her
hand in slow circles against Lisa’s mons.

Lisa’s nipple erected under Carries soft suckling, and her
vagina began to tingle as Carrie’s hands fondled her labia. “Put your
fingers into me, Carrie, please, oh, now, sweetheart, now,” Lisa
breathlessly begged the little girl. “Do me, baby, do me now.”
Carrie, desiring only to please her friend, quickly responded. Lisa
slipped first one, then two, then three of her fingers past Lisa’s
labia into her vagina.

“Ahhhh…oh Carrie, yes, yesssss…” Lisa laid her hand over
the little girl’s hand at her crotch, gently pressing Carrie’s fingers
ever deeper into her vagina. Then, extending two of her finger into
her vagina on top of Carrie’s, she gently guided the little girl’s
fingers toward her clitoris. “Do you feel that little button, Carrie?
Please rub it for me.”

Carrie felt the small bump of Lisa’s clitoris, and slid two of
her fingers to either side of it. Carrie pinched gently, then began
to slide her fingers against it. Carrie heard Lisa moan, but knew it
was pleasure, and that she, Carrie, was giving that pleasure to Lisa.
Smiling against Lisa’s breast, she bit down on the nipple in her
mouth, remembering what it had felt like for her when Lisa had bit
down on hear nipple. Lisa groaned. Keeping the nipple between her
teeth, Carrie lifted her chin, stretching Lisa’s breast away from her
chest. Lisa screamed, this last sensation releasing her orgasm.

Carrie watched Lisa’s body under the influence of the orgasm.
Lisa’s hips and pelvis thrust upward against Carrie’s hand, but Carrie
was able to keep the older girl’s clitoris centered between the middle
and index fingers of her hand. Even as Lisa bucked against her hand
with growing abandon, Carrie kept applying a steady friction to the
teenager’s clitoris. After several moments, the orgasm retreated, and
Lisa began to calm down, her hips steadying to just slight upward
thrusts, and then, after a few more moments, coming to a complete

But Carrie didn’t let her rest long. Wanting to use her mouth and
tongue on Lisa, the way Lisa had on her, she straddled Lisa’s breasts,
her back to Lisa’s head and shoulders. Leaning down, She began to
caress Lisa’s vulva with her lips and tongue, lightly kissing the
fleshy folds of the older girl’s labia, and trailing her tongue the
entire length of Lisa’s vaginal cleft several times. Then, with her
finger tips, she gently spread Lisa’s labia, and holding her breath,
plunged her tongue deeply into her vagina.

Lisa moaned, feeling another orgasm start to wash over her. Reaching
up with her hands, Lisa grabbed Carrie’s hips, and pulled her down,
until Carrie’s mons was pressing right against her face. Spreading
Carrie’s labia with her fingers, Lisa sent her own tongue deep into
Carrie’s vagina, in search of the little girl’s clitoris. Carrie
gasped with surprise and delight at this unexpected invasion, and
wriggled her bottom with pleasure. Carrie soon found Lisa’s clitoris,
eagerly fastening her lips around it. At the same time, Lisa located
Carrie’s, and almost simultaneously, sucked it eagerly between her

Both girls immediately came, Carrie for the fourth or fifth
time that night, and Lisa for the second. After a few moments, Carrie
lifted herself from Lisa, and turning around, snuggled up against
Lisa’s side. Turning her head, she nuzzled against Lisa’s breast, and
taking the nipple into her mouth, began to suckle gently. As Carrie
suckled at her breast, Lisa tenderly caressed the little girl for
several minutes, lightly touching her hair, face, breasts, tummy, and
thighs with her fingers. Lisa then gently spread Carrie’s thighs
slightly, placed her hand against Carrie’s mons, and slipped two
fingers into the little girl’s vagina. The girls lay entwined on the
bed like this for a long time — Carrie sucking softly on Lisa’s
nipple, Lisa occasionally removing her fingers from Carrie’s vagina to
gently caress the rest of the little girl’s body.

After an hour or so, Lisa felt Carrie’s mouth on her nipple
relax, and her breathing become deep and even. Slipping her fingers
from Carrie’s vagina, Lisa slid off the bed, careful not to disturb
her. Lisa went downstairs and got dressed, and then went into the
bathroom and returned everything to their original locations. Picking
up Carrie’s panties and nightie from where Lisa had left them, she
went back upstairs to Carrie’s bedroom, and gently, hardly waking the
child at all, redressed her. Lisa spread a light blanket over Carrie,
and then brushed her cheek with her lips, and quietly left the room.
Lisa went downstairs and sat down in an armchair. Spreading her legs,
she touched and caressed herself lightly, bringing her self to the
edge, and then retreating from it, over and over again, until, hours
later, she heard Carrie’s mom unlocking the front door. Slipping her
panties up and smoothing her skirt down, Lisa picked up a book and was
busily engaged with it as Carrie’s mother opened the front door and
walked in.

“Hi Lisa. Everything okay? Was Carrie a good girl?”

“Oh, yes ma’am. She was beautiful, just like always. I really
love to baby-sit her.”

“You’re old enough to drive, aren’t you, Lisa? Do you have a

“Yes, ma’am?”

“If I loaned you my car, would you take Carrie in for her
checkup on Tuesday? I have to meet with a client that day.”

“Certainly…I’d love to.”

“Good. Thank you, Lisa. Here, let me pay you, and then I’ll
take you home.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Marshall,” said Carrie with a smile. “Carrie
and I had so much fun together tonight, that I feel like I ought to
pay you!”

Mrs. Marshall laughed, and Lisa suddenly felt her vagina begin
to tingle. Mrs. Marshall laughed just like her daughter. All the way
home in the car, Lisa wondered at that momentary tingle in her crotch.
Slipping her hand under her skirt in the darkness of the car, Lisa
imagined making love to Carrie’s mother. As she caressed herself
through her panties, Lisa realized that that is exactly what she
wanted to do. As the car stopped in front Lisa’s house, Lisa was
already formulating a plan to make it happen.