An Erotic Adventure

“Morgane—wake up! I believe we might be in
Even as I shook Morgane the Strong’s powerful
shoulder to awaken her from sleep, the tall warrior woman’s
fingers instinctively wrapped themselves around the handle
of a longsword that lay on the ground beside her. Like a
sleek panther, her muscular body in one smooth motion rose
to stand beside me. Well over six feet, Morgane was a good
three inches taller than I, but I liked it that way. We’d
been together for almost a year now, adventuring with a
party that included an elf, a bard and a dwarf; but now,
for a time at least, we’d decided to travel the land of
Darkwood together to see what treasures and adventures we
could find.
“What is it?” she asked as she rubbed the sleep from
her eyes with her free hand.
But I didn’t have to elaborate any further. Already
she’d noticed the band of thirteen or so brigands who’d
apparently surrounded us as we slept in the heat of the
afternoon. We didn’t think any danger would be even close
to approaching us. The territory was relatively free of
But, apparently, not humans.
readying her blade, Morgane narrowed her eyes to
slits and hissed through her teeth as a warning to the
scruffy-looking pirates around us.
But they made no indication that they were going to
attack. Even so, I was already preparing a spell to help
even the odds if they did, although I was quite sure that
Morgane would have been able to handle them all by herself.
She was gentle and warm in bed; but a strong and formidable
opponent in battle.

“What do you want?” she called out.
None of the men answered. Instead, two of them
parted slightly to allow a tall, lithe woman to pass. Even
with the patch over her left eye, she was quite attractive.
In contrast to Morgane’s animal-skin garments, the other
woman wore a white blouse with large puffy sleeves,
skintight black pants and boots, and carried at least two or
three pounds of jewelry in the form of necklaces, rings,
brooches and belts. From her side hung a cutlass that,
judging from the look of the woman, had seen many a victim’s
b***d along its blade.
“You’re strangers in Darkwood,” she observed, more a
comment than a question.
Morgane nodded. She introduced herself and me,
telling the woman of our intentions of finding adventure.
But she said nothing of locating treasure, something which
all of the pirates before us were probably very keen on
getting—at any cost.. By the same token, I could almost
see Morgane’s eyes focussing on the jewelry the pirate woman
“I am called Jasmin the Corsair,” announced the
woman, “and these are my men.” She waved at the unsavory
lot of characters around us and I could tell she was fully
in control of them. “Perhaps you would be interested in
working for me, too…?”
By now, Jasmin had ventured close enough for me to
catch a whiff of her personal smell which, although it
should have stunk as I’m sure the men did, was delightful of
scent—reminding me of the fruit of the Blessed Isles.
“…or, at least let us discuss it over dinner in my
“That we will most gladly do,” replied Morgane,
always one with a good and hungry appetite.
“Then, follow me.”

Oddly enough, it seems that Morgane and I would have
inevitably run into Jasmin’s encampment later that
day as it was on the route we were taking through Darkwood.
There were five tents altogether and I assumed
correctly that Jasmin dwelt in the one from which hung
several brightly-colored flags, apparently stolen, I was
later to find out, from some passing caravans.
Once inside, I marvelled at the beauty with which
the corsair had obviously arranged everything—hanging
silks, cushions, braziers and several small tables. In
spite of the fact that she was a pirate, Jasmin certainly
had an eye for decorating.
A light incense wafted through the air and that,
plus a hole in the top of the cone-shaped tent, helped
dispel the smoke that rose from the burning lamps which
helped give a soft light about the place.
It was warm and cozy to be sure.
Jasmin motioned for us to be seated.
Several moments later, one of Jasmin’s men entered
with a sumptuous-looking plate of rare delectables—
roasted mountain lizard surrounded by dozens of pan-fried
scarlet horned beetles.
The latter, I was quite sure, was not only a
delicacy and hard to be obtained in these parts, but, if my
memory served me right, was also an aphrodisiac. But of
this fact I was not totally sure.
“What type of work might you be offering us?”
inquired Morgane, always one to ponder on the more mundane
aspects of life and thinking, no doubt, about the gold she
might be able to earn for her own pocket.
As the man left, Jasmin handed the warrior woman and
me each a goblet of wine. I sniffed it, tasted it slightly,
recognized it as being an apparent selection from the
southern vineyards of Valedon.
“First you must help yourself to these victuals. To
refuse would do me a great dishonor. Marduk has prepared
them with great care. I’m sure you’ll find them to your
liking and quite liberating to the palate.”
Our hostess was indeed a well-spoken and literate

Morgane merely shrugged and grabbed several beetles.
I heard the crunch of them between her teeth. Then,
never one to bother with table etiquette, she yanked out her
knife and sliced off a piece of lizard. It followed the
beetles into her mouth. She wiped the resulting juices from
her lips with the back of her hand.
Being somewhat more refined, I sampled the lizard
first, savouring its delicate taste—for I had not had such

meat in a long time—then followed it with several beetles
which, although the sound of them could grate on the nerves
after awhile, nevertheless had a marvellous sweet-and-sour
“So–the work?” My darling Morgane—such a
one-track mind! I shook my head in amusement.
Jasmin scrunched a beetle, glanced up and down the
warrior woman. “Tell me–where did you get such a
wonderfully-built body?”
It seemed a rather abrupt change of subject matter,
and a very blunt question, but I’d noticed Jasmin had been
admiring Morgane’s body for some time. It’s not uncommon
for men to remark on its graceful bulk, but for a woman to
say something is quite rare.
“Grew up on a farm,” replied Morgane. “When my
parents were killed by outlaws, I joined a band of Amazons
and they taught me the ways of war.” She stuffed another
slice of lizard, another beetle into her mouth. “I muffed
ebryding aboud dem,” she went on.
Jasmin cracked a smiled and frowned. “I beg your

Morgane swallowed, then shoved a finger in her mouth
to dislodge a beetle leg stuck between her teeth. “Sorry.
I said I loved everything about them—the Amazons. Their
training, their hunting, their way of life. I misss it
sometimes; it’d be nice to go back for awhile.”
“I thought they hated men,” noted Jasmin with a
slight smile and a sideways glance at me.
Morgane caught the look and grinned at me. She
patted my hand and said, “Ah, yes. But Solomon is special
to me, aren’t you, my dear? After all, I am not totally
Amazonian in my ways.” She winked at me and I smiled back.
She certainly wasn’t.
“Is it true the Amazon women make love to each
other?” inquired the corsair.
“Of course. But when it came time to renew the
tribe, it was necessary for them to mate with willing males
in order for them to become impregnated with c***d. Baby
girls were kept and reared as warriors. baby boys were
tossed aside to die, or some were kept as slaves—but with
their legs broken—or else they were given back to their
fathers, if they were known.”
“Seems rather barbaric to me,” observed Jasmin.
“Only doing what they deemed necessary.”
“And you—” continued Jasmin. “Did you make love
to other Amazons?”
“Of course,” said Morgane off-handedly. “It was
that, or else one sought self-satisfaction in other ways.”
“What either ways?”
My body felt a little warm. Perhaps the tent was
hot; perhaps it was the effect of the beetles; perhaps it
was the conversation.
“Wooden devices in the shape of the male member,”
answered the warrior woman.

“But isn’t that just a replacement for the feel of a
“Of course! But most men—except for my
Solomon—don’t know what to do with theirs except shove it
in and out.”
I coughed to clear my throat. ‘And what about you?”
I asked this of Jasmin. Since she seemed so interested
in Morgane’s sexual proclivities, I felt it was only fair to
know hers.
Jasmin lifted herself from the cushions and went to
the opening of the tent. she looked out, muttered something
to the guard there, then re-entered and began fastening the
ties on the door flaps.
“I have not had a man in a long time,” she replied
to my question. “But I have always wondered what it would
be like to make love to another woman.”
Morgane and I sat quietly as Jasmin reached for a
small box that lay hidden somewhere in the shadows. She
opened it, showed its content to us—a variety of rubies
and sparkling gems that immediately caught Morgane’s
attention. Her eyes widened.
“All this is yours,” offered Jasmin, “if you will
love me as you loved an Amazon.”
Morgane thought for a moment before she answered.
‘For that,” she countered. “You can have me and Solomon!”
Jasmin looked at me, wondering perhaps what I would
be like as a lover since I had spoken barely a word all
evening. But she came to a decision quickly enough.
“It shall be as you wish.”
Morgane looked at me and spoke in her own language,
words I understood quite well. Then I gestured at the
floor of the tent. Immediately the dirt began to soften
beneath the women’s feet.
Jasmin’s face twisted into a curious look. “What are
you doing?” she asked, trying to pull her feet out of the
softening dirt.
“Giving you that which you desire,” replied Morgane.
At which point, she suddenly reached out, grabbed
Jasmin’s blouse and tossed her effortlessly to the ground.
By the time the corsair landed, it had already
become mud. She splashed into it and let out a shriek of
surprise. But by then Morgane was on top of her and both
women wallowed around in the mud in a wrestling match the
like of which Jasmin had never seen before and would
probably remember for a long time to come.
But I shall not bore you with details of that, nor
of the love-making sessions which followed.


But, then again, perhaps I shall.
Relate what happened, of course, and hopefully not
bore you.
It was quite evident that although she’d been
surprised by Morgane’s tactics, Jasmin enjoyed the mud
wrestle. They grasped at each other, slid from each other,
tried to hold on, but continued to slip through their holds.

Morgane caught Jasmin’s blouse and it shredded easily in her

Up till then, I had been watching with amusement
from my cushion. Then, before I realized what happened,
Morgane caught the hem of my wizard’s robe and yanked it
forward. I flew through the air, hit Jasmin’s legs and slid
up her body till my face came to rest between her two
marvellous globes. she giggled and grabbed Morgane’s
costume. The top came away and my warrior woman’s
magnificent breasts popped out and covered the back of my
head. I struggled to free myself, but to no avail. The
women soon had my robe off me. I struggled to escape the
But they caught me by the feet and pulled me back
in. I grabbed Jasmin’s boots and tugged them off, one by
one. Morgane’s strong hands caught her belt and ripped it
from its buckle. Then she grabbed Jasmin’s pants and jerked

them down.

jasmin’s white flesh shone momentarily in the soft
light before being covered by the warm mud. I tore away
Morgane’s loincloth. Totally naked, the three of us tousled
and writhed together for several long minutes.
When at length we sat down, we stared at each other
and laughed at the filthy condition we were all in.
But I was prepared for that.
I stood up and looked around the room. One of the
women grasped my member—which by now had become
hard—but it slipped from her grasp. both of them laughed.

“Not now,” I reprimanded them. “I need to
I found what i was looking for—a small metallic
bowl on one of the tables. I put it onto the floor, made
some gestures with my hands, and the bowl grew in size until
it was big enough to hold the three of us. Then I magically

produced some hot water, and, from above, a cascading shower
much like a waterfall.
Jasmin marvelled at the sight and laughed. “He’s a
handy man to have around!” she exclaimed.
“Very handy indeed,” replied my warrior woman.
As we climbed into the tub, the waterfall washed the
mud from our bodies and filtered over the side where it
would magically disappear and be replaced by clean water.
We sat down in the water. Morgane said to jasmin,
“Lie back.”

Jasmin set her arms on the edge of the tub to brace
herself and let her body float gently in the water.
Morgane and I flowed forward, she to one of Jasmin’s
breasts and I to the other. Both of us suckled on them,
feeling the warmth of the water in our mouths and the
hardening of the corsair’s nipples.
Then Morgane slid her lips up to Jasmin’s mouth and
kissed her solidly. Jasmin responded by wrapping her
arms around Morgane’s neck and kissing back. I got behind
Jasmin, kissed her back and reached round with my hands
to fondle and caress both their breasts that were pressed
against each other in the water.
I slid underwater, moved down and parted Jasmin’s
legs. Her mound of drenched hair floated gently above the
water. I put my tongue out and caressed her tiny bud, then
moved slightly and thrust it in and out of her most secret
box. I felt her writhing in the water, and a moment later I
saw Morgane’s face appear above me. We spread Jasmin’s legs

further apart and as my tongue probed Jasmin’s anus, Morgane
used her tongue to slide from Jasmin’s throbbing clitoris
to the lips of her vulva.

My lungs were not nearly as strong as my warrior
woman’s. As I surfaced for air, Jasmin rolled over, and
Morgane with her, still administering tonguing to the
corsair’s genitals. Then Jasmin laid me back and took my
hard member full into her mouth, gobbling hungrily upon the
length of it as if she had not had such a meal in a long
time—which, as she had said earlier, she had not.
When Morgane finally surfaced for air, Jasmin had
jerked several times in the throes of an orgasm. I
magically caused the water to drain away, leaving us all
still slippery and wet. Morgane knelt down on the floor of
the tub and Jasmin positioned herself on Morgane’s back
(reaching under to grasp the warrior woman’s breasts) and
positioning herself so that both their velvet repositories
were open to my gaze.
I moved froward, thrust my hardened manhood first in
morgane, pumped for several times, then pulled out and
slid into Jasmin to repeat the motion several times. Then
feeling I could not to justice to both women at the same
time, I gestured in the air and felt a wooden member very
much in the shape of my own, only bigger, form into my hand.
Now I muttered the words of the first spell I ever
learned—stolen from a book of love spells so long
ago—and my member swelled in size to match that of its
wooden counterfeit.

Thus I was able to plunge into one woman with my own
rod and the other with my very capable replacement.
In a short time, both women moaned and groaned and
shuddered as their bodies came to an orgasm almost
And, when I finally pulled out, Morgane—ever
mindful of my own needs—turned and took me in her mouth,
sucking diligently upon me, sharing my huge stalk with
Jasmin until, at length, I burst my seed into their faces,
Morgane opening her mouth and swallowing it as she had done
the lizard and beetles earlier in the evening.

Suffice it to say that Jasmin the Corsair was indeed
most grateful for everything we did. True to her word, she
gave us the contents of the treasure box and a standing
invitation to return and spend more time with her at the
encampment the next time we passed this way.
Invariably we would.
But for the moment, Morgane and I would press
onwards through Darkwood, seeking still further adventures
and still more treasures—of whatever kind they might be.