An older mature Steve helps his next door neighbor, Andrea

Knock – knock – knock.

The brass knocker on Steve Matthews’ front door made
its particular sound of metal through oak to announce
a visitor.

Steve ambled toward the front door, dressed in nylon
jogging shorts and an old t-shirt, typical for him on
a Saturday morning following an early round of golf.
As he crossed into the entry, he thought, ‘I wonder
who could be here at this hour? Probably a k*d
soliciting for the Band or PeeWee football.’

As he opened the door, his eyes were directed downward
toward the face of the c***d he expected to see. In-
stead of a freshly-scrubbed, ruddy-faced boy or girl
with a box or bag of candy and order forms gripped
tightly in their hands, there was this long expanse of
finely-turned feminine legs, capped by a pair of elec-
tric blue running shorts.

“Uncle Steve! Come quick! The sink’s spraying water
all over the place,” exclaimed his young, curvy next-
door neighbor.

His head swiveled upward past the shorts, past the
bare midriff (and a cute belly button). Hanging from
a well-formed chest was a cut-off t-shirt proclaiming
“Girlz rule…boyz drool!” Finally, his eyes focused
upon the very sexy, but worried face of a young woman
in her early-20s with light brown hair in a ponytail
high on her head held in place by one of those
“Skuggie” things.

His mind quickly returned to that moment three months
earlier when this same vision, dressed as she was now,
returned to his life. Andrea Rielly, his new next-door
neighbor was the orphaned daughter of his closest
friends (and neighbors) Jerry and Christine Rielly.
The Riellys and their two other daughters were killed
10 years earlier in a horrific auto accident. Andrea
had spent her high school and college years with her
maternal grandparents in California, before returning
to Middlevale. She had said that she had always con-
sidered Middlevale her home, and when she got her
nursing degree, she returned to work in the local

As the weeks passed, the two neighbors slowly got
reacquainted. Whenever Steve was out doing yardwork,
it seemed Andrea was always puttering in her garden,
wearing a very brief bikini top and skimpy shorts.
Steve observed that she would position herself to
show off her taut body…’So much like her Mother,’
he would think to himself. Christine was a real
looker, and both she and Jerry had raised their three
daughters to be comfortable with their sexuality.
Andrea’s teasing continued through the heat of a Mid-
western August when the heat and humidity always
seemed on a collision course.

The panic on her face quickly brought Steve back to
the present.

“Let’s go and see what the problem is, Andrea. Go grab
every towel you can find!”

Once in the house, he took a quick look at the kitchen,
and then raced down into the utility room and shut off
the water. He had her come with him to get more towels
from his house, grabbed his shop-vac, tool box and a
couple of pipe wrenches. They returned to the disaster,
and after mopping the water up off the kitchen floor,
and removing the contents under the sink, Steve began
to tear apart the plumbing.

From under the sink, Steve said, “We’re going to need
a new faucet assembly, Andrea. This one has corroded
to the point where it’s shot.”

Andrea stood there nearly in tears. “Who can I get to
put in the faucet!? The plumbers always charge over-
time on Saturday!”

Steve scooted out from under the sink and found himself
looking straight up her legs, and could see the under-
side of her tits as they supported the t-shirt that
covered them. Her black shorts prevented him from see-
ing anything, but he bet to himself she wasn’t wearing
panties. He caught himself thinking about her body and
blushed at the thought. ‘Stop it! She’s your best
friend’s daughter,’ he admonished himself.

He stuck his hand up to her, she reached down and
helped him to his feet.

“I’ll take care of putting in the faucet, don’t worry
about it,” he said, patting her on her butt.

“Come on, let’s see what other accidents are waiting
to happen with your plumbing. The chances are good
that if that one went, others are going to be close
behind. Once we know what we’re looking at, we’ll go
to the hardware store to get what we need. And, while
you get a longer shirt on, I’ll make a little shopping
list of what we’ll need.”

She asked, “My shirt? What’s the matter with my shirt?
Don’t like the message?”

“The message isn’t the issue…the length, well, let’s
put it this way… We’re going into a pretty male en-
vironment! Wouldn’t want all those old farts tripping
over themselves to get a better look, wouldja? The
headlines in the paper tomorrow about two old guys
injured in a hardware store trying to get a look at a
sexy young thing wouldn’t be too good would it!?”

As an afterthought he added, “Though it would bring a
new meaning to the term ‘hardware,’ wouldn’t it?”

After the shopping trip, Steve started disassembling
the plumbing under the kitchen sink. It was, as usual,
an awkward process compounded by the corroded pipes
and fixtures. Even with the air conditioning on, and
a fan that Andrea brought into the kitchen to keep the
cool air circulating, Steve’s shirt and shorts were
soaked with sweat. Andrea noticed the anatomy of his
lower abdomen was clearly defined in the soaked shorts.
She found herself becoming slowly aroused as she liked
what she saw.

She kept hovering about the sink handing him tools and
cold drinks, plus cool, damp cloths to keep the sweat
out of his eyes. Thanks to her oversized t-shirt with
a split neck opening, each time she bent over, Steve
could easily see her chest and clear to her shorts.
The backlight from the afternoon sun provided ample
evidence that her breasts were clearly “self-supporting.”
Fortunately, the frustration of working in the cramped
space kept his mind almost totally occupied, but he was
very aware of her proximity.

Andrea had a wonderful mechanical aptitude, and when
Steve would ask for a tool, it promptly appeared in his
hands. ‘Thank you Jerry for teaching her well,’ he
thought; for at an early age, you could find Andrea
always helping her Dad with handyman projects around
the house and on the car. He thought it was amazing
how the tomboy he remembered had blossomed into this
wonderful beauty.

While the work went relatively smoothly and Steve and
Andrea were kept busy, there was an underlying current
of sexual tension between them. Despite the air con-
ditioning and the fans, Andrea was also soon covered
with a film of perspiration, with her shirt damp across
the upper chest, the upper surfaces of her boobs were
clinging to cloth, not leaving much to imagination.

Finally, by mid-afternoon, the plumbing fixes were done.

“Well, I guess I’ll head back to the house, and leave
you to do whatever,” said Steve.

“Oh no you don’t! After we get stuff picked up, get out
of these sweaty clothes. You’re going to be joining me
in the Jacuzzi,” said Andrea, firmly.

“I don’t have any swim trunks!”

“Don’t needed ’em,” said Andrea. She went down the hall
and returned with a pair of Speedos.

“These should fit! And don’t be modest…I’ve pretty
much had a look at what’s under those soaked shorts all
afternoon! These won’t show much more than the shorts!
Get in the bathroom and change, and I’ll change and
throw our shorts and shirts, along with these groady
towels into the washer.”

“I shouldn’t…” he began.

“Nonsense…I owe you, big time! Get into them! I
like your company!”

He shrugged his shoulders in an admission of defeat,
and went in the downstairs bathroom, stripped and put
on the pure white Speedo briefs. When he emerged,
Andrea was standing at the kitchen counter fixing a
drink in a thong bikini that merely covered the mound
at the junction of her thighs and at the top there was
barely enough material to cover the pointed ends of her
nipples. It seemed that every time she moved, she made
it a point to readjust her suit to cover the pinkish-
tan puffy areolae that peeked past the material.

‘God damn,’ he thought. ‘If she sneezes or coughs, the
whole damned thing will explode off her!’

“Whatcha fixin’,” he asked.

“Gin and Tonic,” said Andrea, “Want one?”

“No, a beer…Miller Lite if you got one,” he managed
to c***e out.

“Coming up,” said Andrea. “Tell you what…in the
garage there’s a cooler, and we’ll put some beer, tonic
water and the gin in there, so we won’t have so far to
go. Couldja get it for me?”

‘Sure,” choked Steve. On one hand, he was really
enjoying the scenery. On the other hand, he was having
trouble dealing with the near nudity being displayed in
front of him, and was glad for a moment’s respite to
get his emotions, to say nothing of his swelling cock,
under control.

He returned to the kitchen with the cooler, glad to
have something to put in front of his crotch for the
moment. He opened the freezer door and dumped some of
the contents of the icemaker into the cooler, then
added the rest of a six-pack of beer, the tonic water,
sliced lime and the gin bottle. Andrea was already in
the Jacuzzi on the deck relaxing. Steve put the cooler
down in the shade, went back into the house, got his
beer and slowly slipped into the warm water.

He took a couple long pulls from his beer, then let the
jets of warm water start their work. He closed his
eyes, and let his mind drift. He could hear the golfers
on the new course on the other side of the tree break
at the back of the lot. He heard the birds chirping
and singing, and the low hum of Andrea’s voice as she
let her own mind relax as she sang along to a CD.

After a few more swallows of beer, he really began to
relax. The two of them started chatting about numerous
things. This was the first time they had been together
since Andrea had come back home, and she was full of
questions about the changes in the neighborhood, the
relationship between her parents and Steve and his late

After awhile, Andrea quietly asked, “How are you feel-
ing, Uncle Steve?”

“Stiff and sore, especially in my back, arms and

“Stay right there, I’ll be back,” said Andrea.

She lifted herself out of the Jacuzzi with one fluid
motion which caused her tits to come free from their
covering, she walked the length to the deck rearranging
her top as she went, and in a moment returned with a
special-looking folding table and some towels. She set
the table up quickly and arranged the towels on the

“Come here, Uncle Steve,” she said. “Get on the table,
face down and I’ll give you a therapeutic massage. I
forgot to tell you, but I’m now a licensed massothera-
pist! Get on the table, and I’ll work out those sore

“Relax and let me work my magic!”

Slowly, he raised himself out of the water, turning his
back to her to cover the woody that had sprung up with
her blatant display moments earlier. His face was red-
dened by embarrassment, to say nothing of the heat from
the Jacuzzi.

Steve’s back got the full treatment, along with his
arms, neck and scalp; he felt his sore muscles relax
and his entire body begin to relax with a wonderful
feeling of well-being. He could hear the murmur of
golfers jibbing one another, and the “whhhaaaaauucckk”
of clubs sending golf balls up the fairway off the 18th
tee behind their lots.

As he was relaxing, Andrea moved to his feet, and began
to work up each leg, kneading, pressing and pushing
muscles as she moved to his butt. Then she ordered him
to turn over.

She had put a towel over his butt, and he was thankful
for that, since one muscle was definitely not relaxed.

She started at his face and scalp, moved slowly and
deliberately down his chest and abdomen, then massaged
his fingers, hands and arms. Then she moved to his
toes, feet then up each leg, alternating between them
until she reached his crotch.

Steve was fully relaxed and nearly asleep as Andrea
massaged his body with firm strokes, aided by scented
oils and emollients. The earlier rigidness of his
male member had relaxed along with the rest of his body
as she took out the aches from his arms and chest. But
that changed instantly when her fingers reached the
junction of his thighs and lower abdomen.

Before he could protest, Andrea said, “Well, well!
There’s one muscle that seems to be resisting here!
I’ll have to do something with that won’t I?”

In a flash, the towel covering his crotch was gone,
and Andrea had quickly pulled down the Speedos to his
knees, and had her warm hand wrapped firmly around his
now rampant dick. As he rose to protest, Andrea pushed
him back with surprising firmness.

“Uncle Steve, now just relax, just let nature take her

With a beautiful woman bent his pone body with his cock
pointed to the sky in her hand, he wondered about what
could be seen from the golf course.

“Don’t worry about who can see us,” Andrea said, read-
ing his mind. “I have looked at the back of the house
from every angle from that tee, and unless we’re fool-
ish enough to be doing this in the middle of winter no
one can see us!”

Quickly, she placed her mouth over his cock, and slowly
began to use her tongue to swirl around the swollen
purplish-colored mushroom-shaped head. As her mouth
and tongue massaged his column, her fingers and hands
were busy massaging, pushing and squeezing his inner
thighs, lower abdomen, but particularly the muscles
between his legs and beneath his balls.

Soon, her hands began to tenderly massage his nuts, and
she used her teeth to gently rake across the sensitive
ridge behind the cockhead. Finally, she became more
aggressive, switching from merely teasing and nibbing
to a female sword-swallower. He watched in amazement
and growing excitement as her mouth totally engulfed
him, her nose buried in his pubic hair, then moving all
the way to the tip, her lips pursed around the end. He
thrust upward against her mouth, and in moments, he
began to feel the tell-tale signs of his impending
orgasm. But, as soon as his balls pulled to the base
of his cock, Andrea quickly encircled them with thumb
and middle finger and gently, but firmly, pulled them

She removed her mouth from him and said, “Easy does it!
I’m not going to let you off that easy! Come on, let’s
get more comfortable by the Jacuzzi!”

With that she untied the knots that held her minuscule
bikini top and bottom, and let them drop.

As she trotted over to a chaise lounge, he marveled at
this woman-c***d’s beauty and luscious form. Looking
at her, as she turned, he felt his cock seem to swell
to even larger proportions as she revealed herself.

After she removed the cushion from the lounge and drag-
ging it behind her, she went to the chairs and tossed
their cushions towards the Jacuzzi. She then arranged
them and laid down.

Patting the cushions, she said, “Come here!”

As he looked at her lithe body with one leg drawn to
her chest between her breasts, he recalled one spring
day about 10 years ago. He and Karen were sitting
talking to Jerry and Christine in the Rielly’s kitchen,
when Andrea walked in without a stitch of clothing.

The Rielly girls were all early bloomers, and at the
age of 12, Andrea already had breasts the size of half
lemons, and Steve could see that her pubic mound was
populated by a few scattered brown hairs. She was so
comfortable with her body that she stood there calmly
discussing where she might find a particular top and
short ensemble she wanted to wear with her mother.
Christine calmly told her and suggest that she might
want to consider getting something a little more appro-
priate on for the occasion. Andrea quietly said she
would, and before she left, she kissed her parents,
then Karen and finally Steve before she left.

The vision that filled Steve’s eyes now was just a
larger, more mature version of that moment years
earlier. Andrea’s body had certainly matured, but her
breasts, hips and ass had all grown proportionally to
her height, and a rigid exercise regimen kept her body

Andrea grasped that strong, thick cock and continued
her virtuoso fellatio performance, and Steve lost all
control of what little willpower was left to her. It
was very clear to him that she was in full control of
the situation, and he was not going to fight it in the
least. Her head bobbed up and down, her hands massaged,
probed and tugged at him. Her mouth and tongue continu-
ed to assault his cock-head, and suddenly his loins
erupted, sending his cream streaming into her mouth and
down her throat. She swallowed spurt after spurt, then
stroked the remaining man-juice out of him and sexily
licked it off her hands. His chest rose and fell
rapidly as he attempted to regain his breath.

Once he had some control of his body back, he started
to throw fuel of his own fuel into the roaring fire of
Andrea’s libido.

“Andrea, turn about is fair play! Lie down on your
tummy. Maybe I can’t match your knowledge and exper-
tise of a massotherapy, but Karen always loved me to
massage her.”

Andrea quickly rolled into position, and he straddled
her butt, his partially-hard cock still slowly leaking
the last of his spend into the cove formed by her butt
cheeks, the crack of her ass and her thighs. Starting
with the base of her skull, down the neck and across
the tops of her shoulders, Steve gently but firmly
massaged her muscles, then moved up each arm to her
hands. He retreated back up each arm, this time in a
caressing stroke, eliciting a low, sensuous moan from
her. Down her back, kneading the muscles on the way
down, and caressing on the return stroke. This action
was slowly beginning to drive Andrea crazy. Massage,
stroke. Massage, stoke. The process was repeated, down
her back, across her ass, down the thighs, calves and
soles of her feet.

‘This is sooooo good,’ Andrea thought. She wanted to
concentrate on his technique, but his strong and firm,
then soft and gentle pattern would not let her mind
absorb anything but the extreme relaxation and pleasure
she was feeling.

Without a word, he rolled her over, and repeated the
process, astride her hips, his balls resting in the
crevice of her “Y,” his erection lying rigid on her
bare pubis. His hands gently stroked and massaged her
face, then her jaw and down her neck.

As Steve massaged her front, he teased and tantalized
her by denying what she wanted until the very end.
Andrea’s breath was coming in short pants now, and her
moaning and writhing was becoming more and more pro-
nounced as her passion built.

Steve sensed that she had now relinquished control to
him, and he brought his hands closer and closer to her
love cave. Her outer lips were swollen with antici-
pation, and her inner lips were cherry-red with passion.
But he bypassed her wet, swollen girl-cleft and went to
her breasts standing proud and firm. She shuddered as
his fingers gently swirled around them, and gasped as
his mouth encircled and gently touched the swollen firm
tissue of her pinkish-brown areola. As his tongue
lashed over the firm surface, the suction of his mouth
sent lighting bolts of pleasure to her brain and to her
now-weeping cunt.

Alternating between each firm mound, he alternating
massaged and pinched, sucked and nipped, kissed and
licked each one. Then he moved down to Andrea’s belly,
tonguing her bellybutton. By this point, her breathing
was shallow and rapid, and her face and upper chest
were flushed. As he probed her bellybutton, Andrea was
arching her back, and bucking her abdomen into his

Steve dragged his mouth down to Andrea’s mons, kissing
and licking his way from her cute bellybutton. Andrea
moaned and his mouth skirted around her pussy, paying
close attention to the junction of her thighs to her
pelvis. Andrea continued to thrust upward against his
mouth, attempting to place her moist core against his
probing tongue.

“Please, please, please do my pussy, Uncle Steve,” she
moaned. “I can’t take it!”

Finally, he relented, but continued to tease. He moved
along her petal-like labia, teasing with gentle nibbles
and tugs with his teeth. He left one hand rolling and
rubbing her engorged puffy nipples. His other hand
was very busy in her crotch, with fingers teasing her
vaginal opening and the puckered rosebud of her asshole.

“Please suck my clit…suck it! You’re driving me nuts!
Pleeeaaasseeee do me,” she whimpered.

Steve switched his attentions to the top of her pussy
cleft. Andrea’s pleasure knob was fully distended, and
it appeared to throb in synch with every beat of her
pulse. He approached her most sensitive part, gently
massaging each side of her mini-cock with his tongue.
He rolled his tongue across the top of the shaft, and
Andrea groaned and shook as his tongue worked on it.
Finally, he took the shaft between his thumb and fore-
finger, pulled back the cover, exposing the sensitive
tip to his gently swabbing tongue.

In frustration, Andrea reached down and grabbed Steve’s
cock. She pulled him atop her into a classic 69, and
began to use hand and mouth to tease and tantalize him.
“Time to get him serious here,’ she thought through her
lusty mental haze.

Steve’s action on her clit drove her over the edge,
starting with that incessant tickle feeling like when
she had to pee, and then rushing and rushing, outward,
ever outward. Light flashed behind her eyes, and for
a moment the universe was hers and hers alone.

For Steve, he could feel the passion rising, but was
taken by surprise with her intense orgasm…her crotch
jamming up and down on his tongue and mouth, as she
wailed her passion muffled against his cock in her




Another breath.


She pulled the cock free from her mouth, and groaned
against his balls, “Ohhhhhh, god. Stick this lovely
thing in me where it belongs! Please, please, Uncle

Quickly, Steve swapped ends, and positioned himself
between her welcoming, wide-spread thighs, which were
still quivering with the fading echoes of her orgasm.
Andrea grasped his turgid man-tool and pulled him to
her wide and waiting love passage. He watched her
nest the swollen and angry purple cock-head at her
opening, she pressed it hard against her cunt’s lips
and forcefully dragged it the length of the slit,
worming her pelvis against it to further stimulate
her already swollen passion bud. That action drove
her to a new height of lust, and her body convulsed
in another orgasmic tidal wave.

“Aaaarrrrghhhhh! Unnnnhhhhhhhhhh! Oh god, oh god, oh
god! Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Oh my gooooddddd!”

At that moment of her blind passion, Steve drove his
hips forward. As well-lubricated as she was, Steve
expected his cock to immediately sink balls-deep in
her thrashing body.

“Ugggnnnnhhhh,” he groaned as the strength of her
orgasmic contractions nearly prevented him from enter-
ing his goal.

“Unnnhhh!” He thrust again at her tunnel fortress,
and this time lodged his cock-head firmly within the
vaginal opening’s tight ring.

‘Christ, she’s got a snapper,’ he thought as he con-
tinued to force his way into her body. From his
earlier digital exploration of the inner recesses of
her femininity, he knew that she was tight, but this
was beyond his expectations. It was like he was taking
her virginity.

As he continued the action that nature had dictated
since a time long forgotten, Steve could feel her
tightness forcing the b***d back up his invading
shaft, an unusual, yet not unpleasant feeling. He
pulled back, and thrust forward, the rocking, sawing
motion stretching and widening her love grotto. Inch
by inch, he gained her innermost flesh, until finally
he felt his cock-head bump against her rubbery cervix.
He was finally home.

Andrea heaved and thrashed against him, attempting to
drive the tool she so desperately wanted deeper into

Once his pubic bone had met hers, he lowered himself
to his elbows and scooped her shoulders up so her face
was touching his. Her arms wrapped around his
shoulders and the pair of them luxuriated in the first
moment of their joining. Finally their lips touched…
almost shyly at first, then pressing and mashing to-
gether. Andrea broke the spell by driving her tongue
forward, past his lips, seeking his tongue. Once she
found it, she pushed and probed, finally settling for
a gentle caress as his tongue quickly entered the act
and overpowered her.

They both maintained just enough activity at their
lower junction to keep the level of stimulation up,
but for the moment, they were very satisfied to em-
brace, kiss and enjoy that special moment of first

For Steve, it had been months since he experienced
female physical contact, and this moment with the
daughter of his best friend was so totally unexpected
he didn’t know how to react.

A sudden wave emotions swept over him, and he paused
to let the full impact of the physical sensations and
emotion of the moment calm down. He could feel the
gentle grip of her warm, wet pussy massage his hard
cock, and it felt so absolutely glorious!

For Andrea, her “Uncle” Steve had been the focus of
many of her juvenile dreams. She loved her Dad, but
“Uncle” Steve, who was always there for her when her
Dad wasn’t (and sometimes when her Dad was), was the
model man for her…even when she was in California.
Now she had him, and he was buried in her…six inches
of maleness, six inches of some her favorite youthful

Slowly Steve began the timeless dance of copulation.
Gently at first, in long, easy strokes, he let the two
of them get their bodies in synch. He gradually picked
up the pace, and Andrea mirrored his actions, meeting
him thrust for thrust.

He grunted, she moaned.


“Ahhhhhh! Ohhhhh!”

The was no time, there was no space for them. They
were suspended within themselves and each other. They
were alone. They were together. They were everything
and nothing. They were a “black hole” swallowing the
universe at one moment; the next, they were the birth
of the universe.

Their tongues dueled and caressed. Teeth nibbled and
bit. Fingers caressed one moment, and clawed the next.
It was a dance of lust, of passion and as their joining
went on, it became a dance of love as well.

Steve raised himself up from Andrea and pulled his
torso erect and watched with no small degree of wonder
as his cock stretched her cunt open on the out stroke,
exposing both sets of cunt lips and her stiffened love
button. Then amazingly, her body would seemingly suck
him back into her as he pushed forward.

Andrea raised herself up on her elbows to watch him
appear, then disappear back into her body, and could
seem to feel the ridged edge of his cock-head ripple
the length of her vaginal tunnel. Though her anatomy
texts told her there were no sensory nerve endings
there, she felt that they had to be wrong, she could
feel something!

Suddenly, Andrea raised herself, and grabbed Steve’s
neck and pulled him down hard to her, locking him in
an almost savage embrace, his chest mashing against
her firm tits, and her mouth locked almost painfully
to his. Immediately, her orgasm swept through her
like a firestorm. One instant she felt so tender
toward this man, the next minute she was a wailing
banshee…swallowing him entirely with her sex. Her
body shook and quaked, then she went momentarily rigid,
and could feel the muscles of her cunt stroking and
pulsing around this wonderful hardness inside her body.

She was no inexperienced young woman by any stretch of
the imagination, but the intensity of this orgasm
caught her completely off guard.

Steve too, was not prepared for this onslaught of
emotion from her. Karen had been terrifically
passionate in their love-making, and from Jerry’s
off-handed comments when he’d had too much to drink
told him that Chris was a tiger when she was fucked,
but he wasn’t prepared for this at all. He had all
he could do to hang on, though with the grip her
pussy was putting on his dick, there wasn’t much
doubt she’d hold on to him!

As she reached her crescendo, Steve rolled over on his
back, and thrust himself upward into her. She screwed
her face up in passion as his dick hammered her cervix
and his pelvis ground into her clit. Time and again,
he bucked against her and she continued her special
voyage through time and space.

Finally, he relaxed his efforts and just held her as
she slowly came down from her orgasmic high.

“Oh, Uncle Steve, that was the most marvelous thing!
I have never been there before! Oh, how wonderful,
how wonderful, how wonderful!”

She smiled, then slowly tears formed in the corners of
her beautiful eyes, slid down her cheeks and splashed
on his chest.

“Oh if I could only bottle and sell that moment,” she
said after she regained her composure. “The feeling,
the smells of our bodies, the taste of your sweat,
the feeling when we rolled over, everything. I’d be
rich…so rich!”

“I am rich, just holding you right now,” said Steve.
“This is so wonderfully right for the moment, it’s
just right…”

Andrea raised herself up, her tanned body glowing
bronze in the late afternoon sun, she looked down at
Steve, then slowly lowered her mouth to his and
delivered a tender kiss. Then as he had, she began
a slow, rhythmical dance of her own upon his phallus.

Back and forth, slowly but with an increasing tempo,
she slid her sex tunnel the length of him, and then
pushed it back into her. Her sensitive, puffy breasts
were raking across the thick, wiry mat of hair on his
chest, and soon the abrasion was too much, and she
lifted herself onto her elbows, which allowed his
hands to squeeze the swollen, fleshy mounds.

Soon his hips began to thrust with her tempo, and she
raised herself upright. She looked down at their
junction, and watched with fascination. She pulled
him out of herself, and before he could finish the
groan of disappointment, she squatted over him, took
his cock in her hand and put him back into herself.
Again, she was in total control, and she began to
stroke him with tightening her cunt and plunging her
entire weight down on his cock. At the top and bottom
of each stroke, she’d rotate her pelvis, driving him

He tried to match her thrusts, but she placed her hands
on his hips, preventing him from doing anything but
receiving the exquisite pleasure-t*****e from her.
Additionally, the sight of this bronzed young goddess,
sweat glistening from her body like a jewel was like a
priceless piece of art. As he watched her taut body
rise and fall, impaling herself so lustfully upon the
ivory shaft, he suddenly felt the tell-tale sign of his
impending explosion. There was that almost painful
tickle inside him, and his nuts drew up. He could feel

“Ohhhhh, Anddddrreeeeaaa! Here it commmmeeesss!
Ohhhh, Ohhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!”

Andrea, looking between her legs, saw his legs stiffen.
She knew what that meant before he said anything. She
wanted to be clear-minded for this moment, and she
tightened her inner muscles, milking his hardness,
heightening his pleasure. She drove her hips down upon
him, rotating her cunt around his cock.

He couldn’t move and he was beginning to cum, he felt
the pressure build and then the first burst left his
body, jetting into the receptacle made to receive it.
Despite the fact that Andrea was firmly holding his
pelvis to the cushion, nature dictated his movements,
tightening his butt muscles and attempting to rotate
his pelvis up into hers.

The orgasm struck him like a lightening bolt, the
energy radiating outward from his groin, and striking
at every nerve, then it seemed like every hair on his
body was alive and standing straight up. The initial
spasm that sent his seed blasting against her womb
opening set off a blinding light behind his eyes.

Andrea saw his body tense, his eyes close, and his face
tighten into a grimace…she knew he was going to the
same timeless universe she had visited moments ago.
Normally, she would fight to come with her lover, but
not this time. She wanted to watch this special person
of her life receive something from her that she had
wanted to give him for so many years.

For Steve, it was like rocketing through time and space
as bright white specks sped past, and colorful burst
after colorful burst of light swept over and around
him, taking him on a warp speed trip to a universe
uncharted. Suddenly he felt a change in the sensation
around his still spurting cock.

Andrea had lifted herself from imprisoning his phallus
with her warm femininity and replaced it with her mouth.

He opened his eyes, and saw her engulf him swiftly, and
began bobbing her head up and down to continue the flow
of his man-cream. She’d bob, he’d spurt. She’d swallow.
Then she would repeat the process, until his system was
completely drained of cum.

At last, she raised her head and looked into his eyes.

Slowly she extended herself to his side and their
mouths joined. He tasted her sweetness and his sour-
ness, and their tongues slowly swirled about their
mouths, savoring the flavors they found. Gently,
Steve stroked her hair and her cheek, while Andrea
ran her hand across the matted hair of his chest.

Finally, she broke the silence.

“Uncle Steve, I have wanted this moment for years. I
dreamed about what it would be like with you from the
time I knew something about sex.

“This was a fantasy that came true. And, it was as
great as I ever dreamed it could be. Thank you, thank
you so much for this moment.”

He said, “Andrea, I guess if it was meant to be, it
was meant to be. You are an absolutely gorgeous young
woman, and I want you to know how pleased I am you are
back home… and not because of what just happened.
And, I would be less than honest if I said that I am
also flattered that you were attracted to me for all
those years. I’m pleased that I lived up to your

About that time, the last foursome of the day left the
18th tee to pursue their golf balls up the fairway.

Andrea turned to Steve and said, “Maybe we should call
this the 20th hole!”

He laughed, “You’re right! Would make for an interest-
ing name for the home!”

She thought a moment, then said, “You know, we do need
to christen the 21st hole! Perhaps we shouldn’t call
the sign maker just yet! The weekend is still young,
and my roommate won’t be home ’til Monday. Ya game?”

Steve drew a huge mental sigh and said, “Why not…
like you say, we have all weekend!”

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