Hot Callgirl

She resided at the local Bordello. She had the body of a
goddess: blonde, tanned and firm, with stately breasts that
stood out proudly; perfect legs and thighs, a rounded ass
that moved seductively when she walked, the face of an angel.
But she had been born retarded and had the mind of a small
c***d. Her mother had been one of the call girls.

The only alternative to keeping the girl at the Bordello had
been turning her over to a government institution. So she had
been raised by the ladies of the Bordello, and the customers.
She had been slowly schooled in the ways to please men, and it
suited her perfectly; for retarded c******n take pleasure in the
simple feeling of affection and the thrill of sex.

To simplify her grooming and add to the eroticism of her
appearance, the ladies had all her hair below the neck removed by
electrolysis. When she was still a very little girl, she had
been shown how good it felt to play with her tiny clitoris, and
had gleefully taken to rubbing it. Encouraged in her natural
tendency to masturbate often, she had the best of lubricants,
stimulants and instruction. As she grew, the ladies found boys
and then men with ever larger penises to exercise her growing
vagina. She had been given only to men who treated her with
kindness, and so she learned the pleasures of cunnilingus and
caresses. When finally puberty had begun to render her a
beautiful woman, she immersed herself in the new electricity she
felt when her enlarging nipples were sucked; how her growing but
still perfectly bare vagina began to open when she felt the
electricity, and produce delicious liquid the help the mens’
penises stroke in her so easily; how her lips and anus both
became more sensitive so she could be overwhelmed by pleasure in
many places. Daily the ladies bathed and oiled and exercised her,
and shared her delight in sex with the understanding customers;
some of the staff ladies also sought her company.

When I came to know her, I felt at ease in her presence; for
she was simple, good natured, and never left any question as to
her motives.

The first time I saw her, I had been ushered into her room
where she sat on her low bed while two of the Bordello ladies did
her makeup.

The sun shone through a large window, rendering transparent
the baby-doll pajama top that hung cantilevered from her very
firm breasts with the huge pink nipples that seemed topped with
little erect penises.

As she was sitting cross-legged, I saw the dark pink of her
nude pussy; as the ladies worked on her, her finger played lazily
with her protruding clit.

To the envy of the other working girls, she orgasmed
inexhaustibly, and her vaginal muscles had grown strong from this
constant exercise.

Her c***d’s mind cared not at all for money, and so she
received much affection from the others, who shared in the profit
from her play. She took pleasure in what gave others pleasure,
and the ladies had painstakingly taught her how to make love with
every opening of her body, and then they taught her how to make
love to themselves.

She spent much of her time practicing with each lady, to
give the tongue-flick or tender suction or manual vaginal and
anal manipulation which that particular lady enjoyed.

So it was not surprising that the others would stay with
her, if a customer wished, while she gave him his pleasure; it
was also her pleasure, and the pride of the others in her
training. They would hold her reassuringly when a new customer
came, and encourage her in her own pleasure.

When they had finished with her makeup, the two ladies gave
me a demonstration. All that was needed, they told me, was an
erotic touch. One of them stroked her down the belly, then
gently brushed her ass with a hand. Soon the girl was breathing
faster, smiling. She pressed with both hands on the bone above
her vagina, pulling and pushing to stretch and rub the folds of
skin around her clit against one another. She never touched her
clit, yet in a few moments her eyes opened wide and her vagina
and anus gave a huge squeeze and kept pumping. Her face looked
like a baby who had suckled to contentment as one of the ladies
hugged her.

My cock was straining painfully against my pants, and the
other ladies helped me get my clothes off. As my erection sprang
out, the beautiful imbecile smiled clearly, looking straight in
my eyes.

As I approached her, she grasped it and pressed it to her
vagina, rubbing herself with it, holding it close, wanting me to
know my penis was loved. She so obviously took pleasure in it,
pressing my shaft to herself so I could feel her vagina
contracting on me as she throbbed, that I was greatly aroused.
The total absence of hair made her feel so smooth and warm that
before I knew it, I was spurting great geysers of cum over her
belly and breasts, little drops landing on the large nubbly
plains of her magnificent nipples.

And I could feel her cumming also, her vagina pulsing on the
underside of my cock as we felt each other orgasm.

I walked to the bed to relax. As I sat down she leaned over
me to lick my cock gently clean. She hugged me, like a c***d.
Then she produced two dildos, attached at their bases to a cord.
The ladies lubricated them, leaned her back on her elbows, and
slowly inserted first the vaginal and then the anal pacifier.
She held them in with her hands, closing her eyes, her vagina and
anus visibly suckling on them. They slipped a belt around her
waist and tied the cord attaching the dildos to it so it held
them in securely.

They sat beside her, and each began to stroke one of her
rounded breasts. The girl put an arm around each one, hugging
them closer to her. As she squeezed ecstatically on the two
pacifiers, liquid began to flow from around the vaginal dildo
with every throb. The two lightened their touch, now just
brushing the large nipples with their fingers in time to the
girl’s contractions. In a short time they had elicited another
powerful orgasm. I thought they would stop, but they pressed her
breasts a bit harder, and one of them leaned over to hug the girl
warmly. The orgasm never stopped; the contractions had decreased
in intensity, but now they resumed and I watched fascinated as
she continued steadily to orgasm, eyes lidded and breathing hard,
sometimes glancing to see that I was pleased.

It was the continuing that did it: somehow, her constant
cumming reawakened my penis, made me want to feel the contentment
she showed. Now they moved her so our legs intertwined, and one
of them held my rising erection to her clitoris, which stood out
proudly from its hood, next to the valley created by the cord.
The lady touched my cock to the juices flowing over the girl’s
buns, and began slowly to masturbate me while applying more of
the juice. Soon my cock was fully hard, and with a swift motion,
she untied the cord, slipped out the vaginal dildo, and with her
hand gently guided my rejuvenated member into the opening, which
was still contracting rhythmically. I felt as though I was still
recovering from my earlier orgasm; relaxing, sleepy.

But my penis was not playing along, the magnificent powerful
squeezes of the girl’s tireless orgasm pulled me erect, kept my
penis tingling. The ladies moved to me. It was time, they told
me. The two pressed their breasts against me, intertwining their
arms as they surrounded and held me, touching my cock when it was
revealed each time I moved outward, kissing my neck, pinching my
nipples and stroking my belly as I fucked the girl, whose
contractions now became more powerful as I became more aroused.
When I moved in, her vagina would pull at my penis with a rolling
suction from the base to the head. I was on my knees now, and
one of the two was holding my testicles and pressing the
underside of my cock when it withdrew, cradling me, holding me.
“Let us all feel you cum”, she whispered, and the other lady
reached to hold the base of my cock as I stroked. They held me
tight as the cum began to rise, building in tension so I barely
needed to move, exploding into the girl with a force that
surprised me, and continuing so that for a while we both seemed
to be constantly cumming, pulsating together forever, she
suckling my spurting semen.


Before I visited her again I sent a friend who I knew would
enjoy her to make her acquaintance alone. So when we returned
together, she was unafraid, knowing both of us, having suckled
and orgasmed on both our penises, tasted both our semen. This
time we sent the ladies-in-waiting away.

We were alone with this utterly submissive nymph whose major
pleasure was the heights of sexual stimulation. We had arranged
for her to be dressed in a skimpy costume consisting mainly of
straps; the top part cradled each breast but thrust the nipples
out through slits, so they were slightly distorted. The bottom
was a mere outline, highlighting the naked peach of her pussy and
the round shape of each cheek of her lovely ass. We had also had
her prepared with an enema and a coating of glistening lubricant
on her openings. The ladies assured us that she had no
opportunity to masturbate all day and so would be quite ready.
When they left, her hand darted to her hungry pussy and she began
to arouse herself.

She smiled when we undressed, happy to see us and our
penises. I began by filling her now wet vagina with myself and
pumping vigorously until I filled her with my first load of
semen. Then I rolled away, leaving my friend to fill the
just-vacated warmth and relieve the desire that had built up.

They copulated for a long time, during which she was
steadily cumming. Watching had aroused me again, and I was idly
masturbating when he finished, the sheets wet with our pleasures.
I pulled her head to my cock to keep it hard while he relaxed.

Soon he began to recover his erection, and I showed her that
I wanted her to suck him to full hardness. I moved her so she
knelt before him with her ass in the air, exposing her delicious
rosebud hole to me. I got on my knees behind her and began to
press the head of my penis into her anus. With amazing ease it
began to enter her, and I could feel her throbs grow stronger,
squeezing me as I slid so easily in. She quickened her motions
on him also, and he began to breathe faster. I turned her around
now, pulling out of her and motioning her to replace me with his
now rock-rigid penis. She slid her rear to him as he lay on his
side, reached back and helped him refill her.

Relief was visible on her face as he entered her. She lay
facing me, as though she might be simply relaxing. Though I
could not see it, I knew that there was a hard cock in her anus,
bringing a warm pleasant look to her face. I lay down facing
her, and she put her arms out to me and pulled me close. I
lifted her leg and now saw my friend’s balls and the base of his
penis as he was slowly pumping her. She had a look of desire on
her face, and her pussy looked lonely as it moved with his
strokes, being manipulated only indirectly. She put her hand on
my cock and guided it to her entrance. Slowly I entered her,
much more slowly than my friend’s strokes, so that I felt the
movements of his cock pressuring her; the point of contact was
slowly moving down my shaft as her vagina engulfed more of it.
Finally I was fully in her, my erection lying still to feel her
throbbing as the cock behind her pussy generated exquisite
strokes of pleasure on mine.

We pumped her slowly, first alternating then timing our
strokes simultaneously. Slowly, languidly, the three of us let
our excitement rise. She would reach to her clitoris when she
fell behind, and one of us would slow down so the other could
stay apace. After a long time, we were all poised on the
threshold of orgasm, all panting. The crescendo was approaching
and she turned her head to be reassured by my friend that he was
ready, then nestled it against my chest. She was the spark that
set us off, her hips quivering as she came down hard on our cocks
with a gigantic squeeze. We erupted together, each of us feeling
the orgasming of two others encouraging our cumming to continue,
to throb again and again, to fill her with semen unending,
sometimes all throbbing at the same time, a team effort at
simultaneous expiation. I had never come for so long, so many
pulsations, and, I was sure, so much creamy semen.

We all lay there for a time, coming down, returning to the
world pleasantly drained and at peace. Our two erections
subsided very slowly.

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