An uptight wife, learns to loosen up and becomes a stripper

My wife is two years younger than I am. We dated for 3
years before we got married (she was 18 at that time).
Although no one would know it, she had a dynamite
figure. However, she was self-conscious of it. She
always wore clothing that detracted from her true self.
I had seen her in a skimpy bathing suit, so I knew what
the “real” her looked like. She was 5ft. 7in. Tall, had
a 34DD chest, 25 inch waist, and 30 inch hips. She was a
natural red head, light complexion, and several freckles
on her face.

All the time we were dating, I kept trying to get her to
wear clothing that would complement her figure, but she
resisted, saying that her figure was not the real me. I
kept disagreeing with her, and even her mom and dad
agreed with me.

After we were married, I stepped up my assault on her
dress styles.

We were married about a year, and one day as she was
getting out of the shower, I happened to have a camera
in my hand. I snapped several quick shots of her, before
she realized what I was doing. When she did, she got red
in the face and asked me what I was going to do with

I said that I was going to post them on the internet,
with her face obscured, and then let her took at the
comments that they generated. She said you cannot do
that, people will know it is me. I answered that no one
except me would ever seen her body, so they wouldn’t be
able to identify her.

She was more than a little upset with me.


That evening, her parents were over for supper. After we
had eaten, she asked her parents what they thought of a
man who would show naked pictures of his wife on the
internet, against her wishes? Her dad said it would
depend on why he was doing it. And her mom said, “If you
can be identified, it shouldn’t be do it, however, if
you can’t be identified, I see no harm in it.”

My wife Tracy said, “Then you think it’s all right for
Evan (me) to post pictures of me nude?”

Her dad, said, “Can we see the pictures, then we could
better judge if they are appropriate?”

Before Tracy could say anything, I went into the bedroom
and got the pictures and gave them to her dad. He looked
carefully at each one, then handed them to his wife. She
looked at them very carefully and handed them back to
me. Her dad then said, “If you obscure the face, I see
no problem.” Her mom said that she agreed.

Tracy was getting a little red in the face again. When
her mom reached into her purse and handed a small
envelope to her.

There were about 10 pictures of her mom, all in
different poses, without a stitch of clothing. After
Tracy looked at them, she handed them to me. After
looking at them, I said, “You have a good figure now,
but back then you had a terrific one.”

She said thank you. Looking at Tracy, she said, “I was
shocked when I first saw these. Your dad took them
candidly, and until they came back from the photo shop,
I had no idea that they were taken. I was upset, until
your dad said that the people at the photo lab had
obscured my face and submitted them to an art magazine.

“Now I knew that other people knew what I looked like,
and even knew who I was. It took me a day or two to
realize that all women have breasts, an ass, and a
pussy. The only difference was how they looked. Since
then I have carried these with me, and have shown them
to people over the years. I get a kick out of seeing how
I looked back then, and that people are aware I am a
real woman.”

I said, “I want to post them, so that she can read the
comments, and maybe get over being so shy about her
looks. I would also like to see her dress to show off
her figure, instead of hiding it.”

Her mom then said to her daughter, “My advice to you, is
to start trying to please Evan. He is not going to hurt
you, and then it will be easier for you to ask him to do
things that you want.”

Tracy looked at me and said, “Is that true?”

I replied, “Give and take are always the best way to
work a relationship. You know that I would never try to
hurt you, but I am trying to get you to realize that you
are something special, and you should let people know


Later that evening, I was showing Tracy a web site that
featured amateur pictures, and encouraged comments from
those looking at the pictures. All the pictures we
looked at, had not obscured the faces, but rather showed
the whole face in most of the pictures. For the most
part all the pictures were tastefully done, and not

I looked at Tracy and asked, “Are you still against the

She answered no, and since no one else is obscuring the
faces we should not either. I ask are you sure? And she
said, go ahead and put them on the site.

The first picture I selected, was a half profile. I
selected this one first, as it would not only show her
tits, but her face, and her curves on her right side. I
uploaded the picture, and started getting the next one
ready. A pop up came up and said that I had a message.
We looked at the message, it said, ‘beautiful woman that
you married, can you tell us her measurements?’

I had Tracy read the message, and she said, “Tell them
34DD, 35, 30.”

I did that and before I could get back to the second
picture, another message came in, it said, ‘please post
more of this fantastic looking woman.’ I turned and
looked at Tracy and said, “So what do you think?”

She said, “Go ahead, put them all up tonight, I love the

I put a message out to hold comments for a short time,
as I had more pictures to post. I posted 9 more, and
then posted a message that, that was all of the pictures
for tonight. Within seconds there were several more
comments. I told Tracy to read them, and to answer them
herself. I counseled her not to give our names, address,
or even the state where we lived.

For the next hour, she was kept busy with several people
wanting to know more about her, not only men, but women
as well. I then told her to tell whomever she was
conversing with that she had to go. Otherwise she’d be
there all night.


The next night when I came home from work, Tracy was
just wearing panties and a bra. She knew it would make
me hard instantly, which it did. She gave me a drink,
sat me down in my easy chair, and then sat on my lap.
After I had had a couple of sips of my drink, she said,
“I am ready.”

I answered, “Then you will have to get up so I can open
my fly.”

She smiled and said, “Not for that, at least not yet.”

“Then what are you talking about?”

She said, “I’m ready for you to transform the cocoon
into a butterfly, where do we start?”

I said, “We’ll start slowly, nothing drastic at first.
The first change, is that you will no longer wear pants,
jeans or any other item like them. You will only wear
dresses and skirts and blouses. That will start you
looking more feminine. In a few days or weeks, we will
do more.”

She kissed me and said, “All right, now we can go
upstairs to take care of your hard-on.”

I replied, “Why not right here?”

She said that the carpet would be hard on her skin, so
we went upstairs.


A couple of weeks later, she told me that the cashier at
the supermarket had asked her what she was doing
differently, that she looked much nicer than she usually
did. She said that her husband had asked her to quit
wearing jeans, t-shirt and it turns out that she felt
more alive when she dressed up.

I said, “It’s time to go a little further, I want you to
take all you skirts and dresses, if you can alter them
to be no longer than half way between your knees and
your pussy. If you can’t alter them and make them look
good, buy new ones that will meet those guidelines. This
is to start tomorrow, so you might want to spend this
evening, seeing and altering some of them.

“Another thing, when you buy new items, make them
colorful, and not drab like most of your clothing has
been. Along with this NO more pantyhose, you’ll wear
nylons, and a garter belt. Okay?”

She replied yes dear, and started looking at her skirts.

Tracy found a couple that she thought could work with,
and pined them up to where I had told her I wanted them.
She put one on and asked me how it looked. I said, “Put
on your garter belt and nylons, so I can judge better.”

Once she had them on, I looked again, took out my tape
measure and measured from her pussy to the top of her
knees. I told her that she needed to take off another
inch more. The other skirt could not be shortened that
much, but she had one she could wear to the store. I
told her that the new ones could not be longer that this
one, shorter was all right, but not longer.

Her lower half was starting to look petty sexy, but we
still had some work to do to show off her tits.


The next day I had off, I took her to a Fredrick’s of
Hollywood store. I had them get a bra for her that held
up her tits and pushed them up, but left the nipples
free. Then I got one and had it modified so that the
nipples would stick through the bra, and press against
her blouse, again, pushing her tits up. The third one we
bought was similar to the first one, but it did not have
shoulder straps.

On the way home Tracy said, “I don’t have blouses to
wear with these bra’s.” I told her to just wear them
under her current blouses, until we could get the right
ones. “This way you can get use to wearing them before
hand.” She was not sure about that, but said she would
do it because I wanted her to.


On our next trip, we bought a bunch of blouses. Some she
could not wear a bra with. One in particular was the
same color as her hair, but was totally see through. It
would press her tits against her chest, and her nipples
would push out and stretch the fabric, leaving them
covered, but very visible. If her nipples got hard, the
extra pressure would make them stand out so that anyone
could see them.

We also got her a blouse that buttoned down the front,
and had a very wide V neck line. We also got her a pair
of 4-inch heels. I told her that these were for dancing,
and that seemed to placate her, as she loved to dance.
As a c***d she had take modern dance and ballet classes.
Once we got home, I told her that from now on, she would
not wear panties, ever again.

This upset her, and she said plaintively, “But everyone
will be able to see my ass and pussy that way.”

I replied, “What difference does that make, how many
people have seen them online already?”

“That’s different!” she said defiantly.

“How so?” I asked.

“All they’re seeing is a picture.”

“Is it a picture of you?”

“You know it is,” she replied.

“If the picture is of you nude, then they are seeing you
nude. Picture v/real time makes no difference. It I
still you,” I assured her. I told her that her parents
had invited us to go to the country club dance on
Saturday evening.

“I want you to wear the red blouse that we bought, a
matching skirt, garter belt and nylons, along with the
new 4 inch heels.”

“I wondered when you were going to make me wear this
stuff in public,” she replied. “Now I know.”

“We will pick up your parents, and we’ll see what they
think. If they veto the outfit, then we’ll come home and
you to change. Is that fare enough?” She got a big grin
on her face and said yes. I knew that she felt that her
mom would veto the outfit, but I didn’t think that she
would, and I felt that her dad would love it.


Saturday evening we got ready to go to the dance, Tracy
put on the outfit that I wanted her to. She looked so
fantastic, it was hard for me get my breath. I told her
that she had never looked better, and I was tempted to
call and cancel. Of course she would not hear of it. She
was sure that she would be changing clothes before we
went to the dance.

Earlier in the week I’d called and told her parents
exactly what she would be wearing, so they made a big
fuss over her about how fabulous she looked, which she
did. I could see in her face that she was disappointed
that her mom approved of the attire. Her dad had her mom
ride up front with me, and he sat with Tracy and kept
teasing her, and it helped loosen her up.

When we got to the CC. She was an instant hit. By the
time we walked to our table, half of the men and women
in the place were waiting in line to greet us. The men
of course, were mesmerized by her beauty, and seeing her
nipples and breasts through the material. Many of the
ladies asked her where they could get similar outfits,
and if she would advise them on just what to get.

I danced the first dance with her, but I am not much of
a dancer. I would rather sit and watch her. Her dad got
a second dance, and there seemed to be no end of the
line waiting to be able to dance with her.

When the band was taking a break, we were talking and
Tracy said, I am having a great time, I wonder why at
the high school dances, very few wanted to dance with
me. Her dad said that is because of the way you dressed.
Guys do not want to dance with a bunch of clothing, they
want to feel the girl in their arms.

Tracy said’ “Mom, why did you and dad not tell me this
before?” Her mom said, “We did honey, but you thought
you knew more than we did.”

I spoke up and said there was one good thing that came
out of the way you dressed then. “What Tracy?” I asked.

“I was able to see and talk to you, and we would not be
here tonight if you had, as I would never have been able
to get near you.”

She leaned over and kissed me and said, “Maybe I was
just waiting for you.”

Then she said, “When the band comes back, dance with me
again. I know that you don’t think you can dance, but I
love to dance with you. If you want me to step on your
toes again, I will,” I smiled.

Her dad said, “Tracy, have you ever thought of dancing
for money?”

“I am not good enough for the stage,” she replied.

He said, “That depends on which stage you’re talking
about. When we leave here, we’ill go a dance place where
a lot of money can be made, and you have the talent to
be one of the best.”

Her mom said, “You’re not thinking of…” He shut her up
and said, “Yes, but don’t tell her yet.”

When the band came back, I danced with her again. It was
very apparent to everyone that she did not have any
panties on. Her skirt would whorl up to her waist, as
she danced. Her dad took over again, and I went back and
sat with her mom. I asked her about what her dad had
said. She said we go to a strip joint about once a
month. I looked at her kinda strange, and she said we
both like to see the girls dance.

We have talked to some of them and in tips alone some of
them are making 1-300 a night. It is a reparable place.
The girls are looked after and if anyone gets to
demanding, they are removed. You may not approve, I do
not know, but she could use her ability to tap dance,
and ballet dancing to a great advantage. Also, tonight
we are going to get there before the amateurs start, we
are going to try to talk Tracy into trying to win. The
winner get a week of work at the club, and a $500 prize.
We think she can do it. Will you support us? I said I
will not force her to do it, but I will encourage her to

Again as before, there was a long line of men wanting to
dance with Tracy. My guess is the oldest was about 70,
and the youngest must have been about 13. She danced
with them all and was having a fantastic time.

When her parents said it was time, I went on the dance
floor and told Tracy that we were going to have to
leave. She asked why, and I said because your parents
want to. I turned to the line of guys and said I am
sorry guys, but we must leave. Tracy turned to them and
said I have had a great time. Thank all of you for
dancing with me.

As we were walking to the car, Tracy asked why we were
leaving, and her dad said there is another dance place
we want you to see. “Where is it?” she asked.

“Not far,” her dad said, “and it is a difference type of
dancing, which your mom and I enjoy watching. I think
that Evan will enjoy it also, and as a dancer you may
want to do some of it yourself.”

“Where is this place?” she asked.

I didn’t know there was a dance hall in town. It is not
a dance hall he said, it is an entertainment palace.
“You’re not talking about the strip joint are you?”

“Yes,” he said. “There are some very good dancers there,
even you mom likes to go now and then.”

She looked at her mom and asked is he kidding?

“No,” she said, “I do enjoy watching the dancers, and I
think that you are better than most of them.”

“I don’t want to go there,” she said.

“Have you ever been there?” her mom askd.

Tracy said no.

“Then don’t make up your mind without knowing the facts.
This is a high class establishment, and all the bad
things you are thinking about do not happen here. Your
dad and I have been coming here about once a month for
several years. We have never seen anything that anyone
should be ashamed of.”

She turned to me and said, “What do you think? And have
you ever been here before?”

I said no I had not been to this place, but that I had
been to strip joints before. “As to going to this one, I
trust you mom and dad, and I think you should also.”

“Alright,” she said, “I’ll go, but what am I going to
see, besides a bunch of women taking their clothing

“You’re going to see a bunch of well choreographed dance
routines. Most of them are pretty good, and I suggest
that you pay attention to that, as well as watch the
girls. It is your dad and mom’s thought that you might
enter the amateur contest and see how good you are at
making up a dance routine on the fly.”

“From what I seen you do tonight at the CC. I think that
you could do very well. You want me to strip for all
these people?” I said, “It is entirely up to you, but
keep an open mind for a while, watch some of them and
see if it is something that you would want to do.”

When we entered, we were shown to a table very close to
the stage. Tracy’s dad and I went to the bar to get
drinks. At the bar he called the bartender over by name
and said how much longer before the entries into the
talent contest closes? Forty five minutes he answered.
He said, “I might have a contestant but I won’t know for
a little while.” The bartender gave us a paper, and said
to have it filled out and back to him in forty five
minutes. We took the form and our drinks back to the

I gave the form to Tracy and said, “Fill this out, but
don’t sign it unless you want to compete. Watch some
before making a decision. If you want to dance, then
sign it and we have to have it back to the bartender in
less than 45 minutes.”

“What do I get if I win?”

“$500, and a week of work as a dancer here,” I replied.
“According to your parents, the dancers here make up to
$200 a night in tips. If you want to do this, I’ll
support you all I can, if you want to pass on it, then I
will respect you wishes, as long as you watch and make a
judgment based on what you see, and not what you have

After watching three of the girls dance, I saw Tracy
working on the form, and she signed it. I looked at her
and she smiled and said, “Okay, let’s give it a try.”

“You are sure?” I asked.

“I love to dance, and this would work out great for us.”

I took the form to the bartender, and he said have her
at that door (he pointed to it) in 28 minutes. “You will
have to stay out here, because of the other women back
stage getting ready. We will supply her with a costume.
Good luck to her.”

At the table, I said, “In 27 minutes you have to be at
that door. They will supply you with a costume, and give
you all the information that you will need. You will be
the last on stage, unless someone else suddenly decides
to enter. They put them on stage in the order that they
signed up.”

We watched a couple of more dancers, and some ladies
were gathering at the door for the contestants, so Tracy
got up and went over. There appeared to be five of them.
The door opened, the ladies went in, and the door
closed. It would now be about half an hour before they
started. Meanwhile, the regular dancers were still
working. Some of the dancers who were not performing,
were serving drinks, walking around with just a g-string
or a pair of panties on. I could see quite a bit of
money shoved in to their panties, or hanging over their
g strings.

Later, the first contestant came out, she was not very
good, but she tried. She took off her skirt, then her
blouse. When it came time for the bra to come off, she
almost fell down. Then she just danced until the last
few seconds of her time before she took off her panties.
She got a nice quiet applause.

The second contestant was much better, right up until
the end, when she took off her panties, she got tangled
up in them and fell to the floor.

The third contestant had obviously practiced her
routine. It went without a hitch and she got a lot of

The forth contestant was doing well until she took off
her bra. She forgot to pull it loose from her tits, and
it just hung from them and flapped in the breeze. It
finally fell off when she bent over to take off her
panties. Again she just received a polite applause.

Now it was Tracy’s turn. She came out tap dancing, took
her top and slowly took it off while still tap dancing.
Next she removed her skirt, still tap dancing. At this
point the music changed and she started making ballet
moves. She went over to the pole, and grabbed it with
one hand and spun herself around the pole. As she was
spinning, she took her other hand, and removed her bra.

Now her big tits were bouncing and swinging in time to
the music. She let loose of the pole and made a few
leaps and her tits were bouncing like a couple of
basketballs. Then as her time was running out she went
into a toe spin, and as she got faster and faster, she
took off the g-string. As the music ended, she stopped
and was facing the audience, with her legs spread apart
in a splits.

Where we were setting, I could see her pussy lips were
open wide. The crowd went wild. We knew that she had
won, it was just a matter of the formality of the vote.

The contestants were brought back out in the same order,
they would dance out to the edge of the stage, and
applause was called for. The first four pretty much just
walked in time to the music, and stopped at the edge of
the stage.

When Tracy came back out, she tap danced to the edge of
the stage, and her tits were bouncing like balloons tied
to a car door. When she got to the edge of the stage,
she made a leap in the air and came down in another
splits, and again her pussy was wide open for all to
see. The crown went wild again. She was called back to
the center of the stage where the mike was located, and
presented with a check for $500, and told that she would
be notified when to come to work for her week.

Back stage the other girls asked Tracy if she had done
any stripping before, she said no but I studied tap
dancing and ballet as a c***d. One of the girls said,
“I’m thinking about taking your clothing and destroying
them, so you’ll have to leave nude.”

Tracy said, “After being nude in front of all those
people, do you really think that it would bother me to
go home nude? Besides my mom, dad and husband are in the
front row tonight. I had no idea when we came here that
they wanted me to perform.”

The girl then threw her clothing at her and said, “Looks
like someone took your panties.” Tracy laughed and said,
“No, I never wear them. I haven’t worn panties for 3

After she was dressed, she told the girls that we had
come from the CC. Dance to here tonight, and this is
what I wore at that dance, nothing more.

As we were leaving, the bartender told us if you can be
here at noon tomorrow, we will discuss the weeks work.
Tracy said my husband and I will be here, at noon.


Noon on Sunday, Tracy and I opened the door to the club.
Inside people were busy cleaning it up for the evenings
business. We saw the bar tender and walked over to him.
He smiled and said, “I am glad you could make it. I know
that we promised a week’s work if you won the contest
last night. However instead of that, we would like to
offer you a regular job. You would be dancing, and
waiting on tables. We are willing to pay you $500 a
night, for 3 nights a week, plus you get to keep all of
your tips. All of our girls work three nights a week,
and they only get 90% of the tips.”

I asked, “Why would you be willing to pay my wife the
extra 10%?”

He said it is more than that our regular girls only make
400 a night. “We are willing to pay that if you can come
up with more routines like that one last night. You will
be our headliner. Your three days would be Saturday,
Monday and Wednesday. These are our three biggest
nights. There is one other thing, the private rooms in
back. The only thing that goes on there are lap dances.

“In a room will be a patron, a dancer, and a security
guard. The patrons are not allowed to touch the dancers,
and the dancers are to refrain from any contact with the
patron except for sitting on their lap for the dance. If
a dancer says to the patron stop it or don’t do that
twice, the patron will be escorted out, and the dancer
will still be paid. Lap dances pay $20 for a 5 minute

I looked at Tracy and said, “It’s your decision. If you
want to do it, it is all right with me, and your
parents. My only concern is your safety, and it sounds
like that has been taken care of.”

Tracy looked at the bartender and said, “When do you
want me to start? And how many routines should I have
per night?”

“We will have you start 2 weeks from last night. That
should give you enough time to get the routines ready.
You will need at least 3 a night, and you will be
dancing 12 times each night. Lap dances can be the same
every tine, and no one know how many will be called for
each night.”


Tracy has been dancing for about 6 months now. She told
me that if it hadn’t been for me forcing her to change
her dress style, she would never have had this

She is now pregnant, but plans to dance right up to the
8th month. She make more money than I do, but we are
both very happy.

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