My Buddy Lost the Bet and His Family Too

John was always trying to prove he was a great poker
player, but you could read his face no matter what kind
of hand he had. I on the other had am not a
professional, but I do hold my own in most games. John
asked me and 2 other friends over for a game when his
wife was away with the kids to see her parents for the

Now Kim (John’s wife) was brought up in a strong
catholic home and thinks playing cards and drinking are
huge sins. So John plays and drinks behind her back
whenever he can get away with it. This game seemed to
get a little out of hand. What I mean is John started
betting big on fair hands and losing a lot of money.

When it was down to just him and me and there was over 7
grand on the table, I knew he had a good hand so I tried
to force him to quit, but not John, he was sure he had
me, so I put all I had left on the table because I knew
he couldn’t match it and would have to fold. Or so I

John couldn’t match my $3200.00 call bet, so he said, “I
know I have you beat, so I’ll throw in a night with Kim
if you’ll let me stay in the game.”

I asked him if he was nuts because no way Kim would go
to bed with any of us guys, she just didn’t believe in
that kind of thing. But John said I was just afraid of
losing the bet. So I said, “Okay John I call. What do
you have?” He put down 3 aces with a pair of 6s and

I said, “I may as well show you what I have,” and put a
pair of red jacks down. John started to reach for the
pot when put I down a pair of black jacks making four
of a kind beating his full house.

John’s jaw almost hit the table as he turned pure white
knowing he had just offered me a night with his wife.

When the other guys stop ribbing him about letting me
fuck his wife they left laughing at John. I felt bad for
him and said we could work something else out that he
didn’t have to fulfill the bet using Kim. But he would
have nothing to do with that, saying it would take some
time but I would get what I had won.

One night, about 4 months later I got a call from John
saying he had a way for me to have – maybe not a night –
but an opportunity to fuck his wife. He then told me he
had got her into wearing a sleep mask when they fucked
and she would fantasize about being fucked by men other
than him, it was a game that she seemed to like and one
that he’s gotten her started on. He did say that I would
have to wear a condom and flush it after because he had
been snipped and she wasn’t using any birth control.

As life would have it, the condo next to mine had a
small fire in it and I wouldn’t be able to live there
for 2 or 3 months so John said he had a spare bedroom
that I could live in for only 3 grand. Now I make a very
good income so the money didn’t hurt me as the insurance
would put up half of that so I said it was a deal.

A week later was a long weekend and their kids were
going to spend it with their grandparents so John told
me that it was time for him to pay up on his bet. I told
him that he didn’t have to do this and just living with
them as more than enough, but John said a bet is a bet,
and he pays his bets. I have to admit that I’ always
been hot for Kim, she’s a real looker.

John asked if I had condoms with me and told him I did,
but I didn’t tell him that the two I had were about 10
years old. He went on to tell that we would need to get
some fixed up wine into her and I looked at him asking
fixed up? He said that if he gets her a little more than
tipsy that she’s more likely to go along with the mask
and that he would get her ready and all I had to do was
to be ready with a hard cock with a condom on it.

So that night we got 4 glasses of john’s fixed up wine
down Kim and John got her in the bedroom by 9:30.

I waited outside in the hall. After about a half hour
John opened the door letting me see Kim in the nude for
the first time. What a piece of eye candy, blond pussy
fur, well trimmed, firm b-cups and her pussy which has
open and slick. John turned out the lights so it was
only 4 candles burning in the room.

Now I haven’t put a condom on in a long time and I put
it on without leaving any space at the tip.

John made a sign for me not to make any noise as I
climbing onto the bed between those long slim legs. Kim
started to reach down to guide me in but I stopped her
and John who was right beside me said he wanted to do

Now am not saying am huge, but my cock is bigger than
normal. I am 9-inches long and pretty big enough around,
I can’t get my finger and thumb to meet when am hard and
I was harder than I had been I sometime looking at sexy
Kim as she moved her hips, telling John to fuck her and
how she needed a good screwing. John looked at me and
nodded his head telling me to go ahead and give it to

As I started to push my cock into her Kim started
saying, “John I want your cock not your hand in me and
started to reach for the mask. John stopped her saying
he was trying something new and to just relax and enjoy

By the time I was all the way in her and she was
moaning, saying how full she felt and how she loved it.
I don’t think it took more than 30 seconds before her
first orgasm. She was screaming at me to fuck her with
my big dick. She was going nuts under me. She pushed at
me saying she wanted to be on top so I wrapped my arms
around her and rolled us both over and she went to town
riding me, screwing me with everything she had.

I could feel her love juice running over my balls like a
river, ok maybe not a river but a creek anyway. I looked
over at John and I could see m****r in his eyes as Kim
kept riding me and yelling how this was the best fucking
she’d ever and why had it take so long for John to think
of this.

I was getting ready to cum myself, I knew I couldn’t
take much more, watching this hot woman riding my cock
so enthusiastically was making my b***d boil. I pulled
Kim down so I could suck on her half inch long nipples,
making her go over the top again and again moaning in
pleasure, her body shivering in ecstasy. Then, suddenly,
I started shooting my load and she was yelling, “I can
feel it, I can feel you cumming in me, oh god!” I shot
all I had in her and felt like I pumped a bucket load

After we both had finish Kim started kissing me, saying
even that felt different and how I was even kissing her
with more passion than she had ever been kissed before.
She give me one more long hard kiss and sat up and
started to move her hips on me again saying that maybe
in a hour or 2 we could have a other mind blowing love
making going round. And before John or I could stop her
she grab the mask and pulled it off.

She looked at me under her then over at John than back
at me. John turned white, his eyes rolled back in his
head and passed out cold falling to the floor. Kim
opened her mouth then closed it and then said, “I knew
something was different with this but I have ever been
loved like this before in my life.”

Then she got up off me and looked at my soft cock, her
eyes got as big as silver dollars and her hands went to
her mouth as she stood there in surprise. I looked down
to see all that was left of my condom was a rubber band
around the base of my dick. Kim than started saying, “Oh
god, I’m pregnant, I know am pregnant. How can I be
pregnant by someone other than my husband? How could he
let this happen? With that she walk over to him as he
was coming around and kick him so hard in the balls they
had to have heard his scream in the next state. Then she
kick him again.

I jumped up and grabbed Kim saying, “You need to stop
that. What we did was wrong and am sorry. We shouldn’t
have of done this to a sweet lady like you.”

She looked at me and said, “I don’t hate you, you opened
my eyes to what love making can really be like but I do
hate John, not only for this, but for 8 years of yam bam
thank you ma type of love making, he’s given me for all
those years.”

She turned to John and said, “You have one hour to pack
your bags and get out of this house. I will be calling a
lawyer Monday morning and I am taking everything you’ve
got, you fucking sinner. You make me a fuck toy, well
now you’re going to pay for that.”

I was edging towards the door when Kim turned to me and
said, “If I am pregnant I’m not having a baby out of
wedlock. And don’t ask me to have an abortion because
that’s m****r in the lord’s eyes and I’m not a murderer.

Well that was 8 months ago and John is history and Kim
and me are on our way to city hall to get married before
she has our c***d.

As it turns out John wasn’t a very good dad to his kids
and there maybe charges coming up against him for
hitting the kids when Kim wasn’t around.

I do have to say I fell big-time for those kids and they
seem to really like me too. All I know is the oldest
asked if she could call me daddy and I had to stop the
car because I was crying and hugging and kissing both
those kids and my heart was overflowing with love for
them all.

Thank you John for opening my eyes to what I was missing
in my life. Now go to jail and get butt-fucked, you

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