A Dom/sub couple decide to live out a fantasy involving hard caning

Brian lit a bit of Forest Dance, it was his sub
Giovanna’s favorite incense and a deep, musky scent,
like earth under an old oak spread over the playroom.
Giovanna herself knelt on the floor, she was a pretty
woman, a bit on the plump side with dark curls to her
waist and large olive colored eyes, Brian liked the soft
curve of her body, the little love handles, and the size
of her breasts that usually only came naturally with a
bit of overweight.

“Are you sure you want to do this my love? We can still
change our minds, I will not get mad.”

Brian said as he put the matches away and walked over to
his girl, placing a hand on her shoulder. Giovanna did
not answer, she only gave a solemn nod.

“You know what we talked about girl, that once this
starts there will be no safe words, no way for you to
stop it until it is done, so I am asking you again…are
you absolutely sure you want this?”

The plump woman on the floor hesitated for a few
seconds, there was a bit of fear in her dark eyes, after
all there was one thing to fantasize about something,
and quite something else to be faced with it in real-

“Yes Sir, I am sure, I want this. I know that once it
starts I will want it to stop, but I still want it you
know, and for once I want to be just f****d through it.”

Giovanna said, her voice shaking just a little. Brian
smiles then he indicated a table in the corner, the
piece of furniture was fitted with straps and was just
the right height for the plump young woman to bend over.

“Good, now get over to the table and bend over girl.”

The Dom ordered and his sub slowly stood and walked over
to the corner to do what she was told.

There was with some eagerness and excitement that Brian
fastened the straps around his sub’s wrists and ankles
and then added another belt like strap over her waist to
keep her better in place on the polished little table,
the two of them had talked about doing this for so long
and tonight it would finally happen.

It was Giovanna herself who first had pointed the
pictures and videos out to her Dom, images from the
Xhamster website that showed women with bleeding butt
cheeks and tights after hard caning, Brian quite liked
the images and had masturbated to them many a time, he
was surprised though when Giovanna expressed a desire
for that to be done to her someday.

It was not that the plump woman was not kinky, both her
and Brian enjoyed a good spanking session and also used
BDSM for their Tantric rituals, two years ago they had
also converted a storage room in the basement of their
Bergen villa into a small playroom, however such a
caning went far, far further than anything that had been
done to Giovanna before.

For six months the couple discussed the caning, one
thing that became clear early on was that if it was
going to be done, it had to be without safewords or
other ways to end it, other than if there was a medical
emergency. Brian had always suspected Giovanna wanted to
surrender to him completely, become a 24/7 slave, and it
always seemed to get in the way of her enjoyment in a
setting that she could stop it with a safeword, and that
she went back to being just his wife when it was done.

In fact the young woman usually seamed upset with
herself and devastated when she had to use those safe
words so Brian decided that if they were going to do
this, they would do it all the way, no safe words, no
stopping, once the caning started fifty hard strokes
would be delivered across Giovanna’s ass cheeks and it
would not stop until all the strokes where delivered.

Brian walked to white cabinet on the other side of the
room where he kept their toys, from a hook on the door
he selected the long, thin bamboo cane that he had
bought just for this occasion. The young occultist found
a bottle of antiseptics and wiped the cane with that,
there would be cuts on Giovanna’s ass after all, and
then he was ready. Brian returned to his sub’s side and
put his hand on her pump back, the woman was shivering a
bit in anticipation now.

“This is your last chance to get out of this Giovanna,
if you do not turn back now then all fifty strokes of
the cane will be delivered before this is over.”

Brian said in a serious tone of voice, it was not an
easy thing he and his wife had decided to do this day so
he had to know that Giovanna really wanted it. The plump
woman gave a slight nod.

“I have fantasized about this moment for so long Brian,
and I will not lie and say that I am not scared, I am,
but I want this, I am ready.”

Brian smiles, he grabs a tighter hold of the cane then
he shakes his head.

“Oh no girl I really do not think you are ready, but now
it is too late to change your mind, you will be caned,
brace yourself!”

Before he started beating his bound submissive Brian
closed his eyes and muttered a small prayer to the God
and the Goddess.

“Please Ancient Ones give Giovanna strength in what is
to come, and keep her safe so I do not accidentally
injure her more than what is intended.”

With the prayer done a feeling of calm and protection
spread across the room and Brian made ready to begin the
caning. The young occultist threw his arm back and then
swung the bamboo down onto Giovanna’s ass drawing a
shriek of pain from her and a angry red welt from her
body. The plump woman begun to twist in her bonds, this
was worse than she had imagined and it was just the
first strike!

Brian swung the cane again and this time he hit a little
higher, a droplet of b***d appeared on Giovanna’s plump
ass cheek from where her skin had been cut by the cane
and that ruby droplet flowed down as the girl it
belonged to screamed again and shuddered from the pain.
For the third time Brian brought the bamboo stick down
on his fellow occultist’s round behind, this time to he
drew b***d and Giovanna started sobbing.

“Noooo….please stop…it huuuurts!”

The girl begged as her body shook from the pain. Brian
put his hand comfortingly on the girl’s back and spoke
in a calm, eve voice.

“There are forty-seven more strokes to go my love, try
to breathe and stay calm, all will be well.”

Brian went back behind Giovanna and swung the cane for
the fourth time, this time the wooden rod did not draw
b***d but it did raise welts which were quickly turning
blue, the fifth stroke however cut skin again and more
crimson droplets flowed down the young woman’s butt and
down to her tights. Giovanna screamed each time the cane
hit her and in between she was just sobbing loudly,
tears flowing from her eyes.

Brian felt himself getting hard as he swung the cane for
the sixth time, there was something exhilarating not
only about Giovanna’s agony but also about the fact that
he now had her in his power completely, there would be
no safe words, no stopping unless a medical emergency
f****d it, Brian was free to live out his sadistic
fantasies on the woman he loved.

The seventh stroke landed across the sub’s upper tights
and made a angry welt there, not quite drawing b***d,
the eighth and ninth landed on her butt cheeks again and
cut deeply. Giovanna choked on her tears and screamed in

“Arrrghhhh! Brian… stooooopppp! Aauuuuhhhhgggghhh! It

The female occultist howled and again Brian paused the
beating to walk up to his sub and gently pat her back
and whisper soothing words to her.

“Shh Giovanna, you know I will not stop but it will be
easier if you just resign yourself to it, there is
nothing you can do to stop this, just surrender and
accept the beating and use your strength to endure
rather than to beg.”

Brian said calmly. Giovanna continued to sob but she
also nodded though her tears, she had wanted this, for
the scene to not stop even if she begged and while it
was terrible for her now that it was happening, a part
deep inside her took comfort in knowing that it would
not stop, that right now Brian controlled this, not her.

“Also Giovanna for the duration of this scene, call me

Brian added and this time he was rewarded with a slight
moan from his sub, and that sound was not brought on by

“Yes Master.”

Giovanna grunted and Brian smiles.

“Good my love, good, and now your beating will

Brian took up position again and swung the cane, number
ten, eleven and twelve all raised blue welts that would
turn black when they matured, number thirteen, fourteen
and fifteen cut Giovanna’s skin. For the sixteenth
stroke Brian put even more strength into it and this
time a red line was cut the length of the occultist’s
but, a bloody stripe and immediately begun to weep and
so did it’s owner. Giovanna howled and fought her
bindings to get away, but they where secure.

“Aaaarrrghhh! Mercy Master! NO! Please mercy!” Giovanna
cried and Brian felt himself getting even harder at her

“No my love, there will be no mercy for you. Just try to

The Dom said as he swung the cane again, delivering a
bloody stripe that crisscrossed the one he had made a
few seconds ago. Giovanna continued screaming, she did
not enjoy this, not in the least. Brian’s wife was not a
pain slut, she did not take pleasure in being hurt, well
sure she did enjoy a light spanking to warm her ass up
but anything beyond that was just pain to her.

What attracted Giovanna to scenes like the ones who had
inspired this beating was a desire to be used, to have
pain inflicted on her in service of another, it was like
with hard anal sex, the plump woman did not like it when
her Dom’s fat cock was f****d into her sphincter forcing
her to let out a cry of agony as she was fucked, but she
did enjoy how hard her pain made Brian and how he held
her down and fucked her even if she was in pain.

The young occultist had to smile, that was the kind of
girl that he liked, not that he had anything against
pain sluts, but knowing that Giovanna got no pleasure
from the pain he was inflicted on her did add to his own
enjoyment of the scene.

“You have no idea how hard this makes me my love. I
could beat you until the world ends.”

Brian whispered and while many might find that
deceleration of fondness creepy it did bring a small
smile to Giovanna’s face, though that smile was soon
turned back into a grimace of pain when the cane again
impacted with her flesh.

Brian gleefully continued the brutal beating, soon he
had passed twenty strokes. Giovanna’s ass was swollen
now and covered in welts, bruises, cuts and b***d, the
young occultist decided to make his strokes even harder
from this point on, this might be a once in a lifetime
opportunity and Brian wanted to make sure he enjoyed it
while he could.

Stroke number twenty-one landed across Giovanna’s tights
drawing b***d there as well, twenty-two, twenty-three…
each stroke was delivered heard and mercilessly and
almost all of them either left deep bruises that quickly
turned blue and purple, cut skin or both.

Giovanna was screaming hysterically now, the pain was
just too much for her to handle. At the twenty-fifth
stroke Brian took a break and went to check on his
submissive. Giovanna was still screaming and it took
some time of her Dom gently patting her hair before she
calmed down enough to hear what he was saying.

“Shh my love, we are half way now, you are doing good,
just try to relax. Now you must be thirsty after all
that screaming, do you want some water?”

Brian asked and Giovanna nodded weakly, tears still
steaming down her plump cheeks. The Dom grabbed a bottle
of Olden, a brand of bottled water from a nearby shelf
and unscrewed the cork, he held the bottle to Giovanna’s
lips so she could drink and she did, though she soon
starter to couch and then turned her face away from the

Brian put the bottle away and then took a cloth from the
same shelf and splashed some water on it, this he used
to gently wipe some of the sweat and tears from his
sub’s face, then he bent down and planted a kiss on her

“Are you ready to continue my love? It will worse now,
not only are your bruises rising nicely so new cane
strokes will aggravate them and the cuts that are
already there, but I will swing the cane harder.”

Brian asked and Giovanna started sobbing again but she
nodded, what else could she do? It was going to happen
regardless of what she said.

Brian returned to the caning, five more stroked was
delivered with brutal force, these five landed on the
back of Giovanna’s thighs and made sure they where
bleeding properly as well, the next two strokes landed
on the sub’s already brutalized ass cheeks.

Giovanna was just howling in agony now and Brian noted
with satisfaction how much her legs where shaking, if it
had not being for the bindings than the young woman
would not have been able to keep standing, here entire
body was shaking like a leaf in the wind from pain
alone, and here and there muscles where cramping from
the torment.

Brian moaned, his cock was so hard that it was painful,
giving the woman he loved this brutal beating was the
most hot thing he had ever done. By the thirtieth stroke
Giovanna was panicking.

The plump woman howled. Brian closed his eyes for a
moment, he opened himself for Chi and sent calming
energies towards his tormented sub and it worked,
Giovanna was still screaming but her breath evened out
and she settled back down onto the table.

“Shh calm my love, you are doing great.”

Brian said as Giovanna calmed but he did not stop the
beating. Thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-three… the
room was filled with the sounds of the cane impacting
Giovanna’s flesh and then her screams as it marked her,
the shaking in her body was worse now and her howls more
intense, but there was also something else.

Yes Giovanna did not like pain for the sake of pain, she
liked to be used, but not to be hurt in itself, pain did
however have a tendency to send the young occultist into
a powerful state of Gnosis and Brian could feel how Chi
was rising in his partner, he could feel it swirl around
inside of her. Smack the cane raised another welt on
Giovanna’s ass, smack there a new cut opened up on her
left thigh and for every stroke, every scream the energy
rose higher in Giovanna.

Brian delivered three more strokes in fast succession,
most of Giovanna’s skin from her butt to her knees where
covered in deep blue bruises, welts and cuts, her b***d
was coating the cane and the pain she was in had to be
excruciating, and still the Chi within her rose and
b***d was not the only liquid to dribble down her legs.
Thirty-eight, Thirty-nine… fortieth… Brian swung the
cane again and again. Giovanna was not screaming as much
anymore now, she was in too much pain, instead she
gagged and coughs and made a sore kind of mewling sound.

Brian walked up to where he could gently pat Giovanna’s
hair in a soothing manner.

“Shh my love, we are at forty strokes now, it is almost
over, just ten more. You are so brave my sweet, so

Brian said as he petted his wife’s curly hair.

“I do have dome bad news for you though, the final ten
strokes will be very hard and there will be no breaks
between them, it will be bad my love, very bad, but you
will endure the pain, you will endure it for me. Also I
can feel Chi rising in you, allot of it, so I want you
to mentally make a sigil, and when the fiftieth stroke
lands I want you to release that energy into the sigil.
Now right now your magick is not your own, it is mine.

“You know we need money to continue renovating the
basement so I want you to make a sigil about that, and
when that final stroke hits, you will cast a spell to
attract the money we need. Do you understand my love?”

Brian said sternly and Giovanna nodded.

“Y…yes Master, I understand.”

Brian nodded then he gave his wife a bit of time to form
the sigil she wanted to use in her mind before he spoke

“Good, you have made the sigil? Okay now as I beat you I
want you to keep that sigil in mind, focus on it through
the pain, and when I tell you release energy into it. I
am using your magick just as I am using your body so
this spell is mine even if it is done through you, do
you understand?”

Brian asked and Giovanna nodded again.

“Yes Master, I understand.”

Brian smiles then he walks behind his submissive again.

“Good wench, now let us finish this.”

Brian swung the cane again, using all of his might to
bring the bamboo down hard on his wife’s ass. Giovanna
howled in agony, the next stroke made her convulse and
gag from pain as it landed close to her knees, the third
stroke split the skin right under her butt cheeks, again
and again the cane was swung.

Brian allowed his wife no time to recuperate between
each stroke, no time to recover, and each time he swung
the cane he did it with the full force of all his
strength. Giovanna’s screams where horrific as they
echoed in the small play room and her body shook from
the agony. Finally there was only one stroke left and
Brian yelled one word.


Then he swung the cane hard enough to shatter it over
his wife’s buttocks.

The scream Giovanna uttered when that final stroke it
her was hardly human. Brian could feel Chi flow from her
and into the sigil in her mind, creating a prosperity
spell from the caster’s suffering. Giovanna collapsed
against the table, sobbing uncontrollably, she did not
faint but she was close to it.

“Good girl… shhh… good girl, it is over now.”

Brian whispered soothingly to his wife as he put a hand
comfortingly on her back.

“Now just stay there for a moment my love, your ass just
look glorious and I want to get some pictures off it.”

Brian smiles, indeed his wife’s ass and upper thighs
where just glorious, the skin had turned a deep, dark
purple color and there where bleeding cuts everywhere.
Giovanna was no longer able to stand, she just hung from
her bonds over the table, sobbing uncontrollably.

Brian fetched a camera from the same shelf he kept the
water bottle on and then he made sure to document his
wife’s well beaten ass.

“This picture is going to become my new desktop

The young occultist said and that earned him a slight
smile from his very tired, suffering submissive. Brian
put his camera away then he pulled his own pants down to
expose a large, very swollen cock.

“Now Giovanna, I am going to release you in a moment,
but first I need to empty my dick in your warm ass,
seeing you scream like that have made me extremely

The plump woman’s sobs grew a little loader.

“No… please Master, no more pain… please.”

Brian went back to soothingly petting Giovanna’s back.

“Shh my love, I want an orgasm and I am going to use
your body to get it, your pain is irrelevant, compared
to the beating you just endured though, this will hardly
be that bad.”

The occultist said and he made it clear from the tone of
his voice that there would be no arguments, no pleas
would be heard. Giovanna continued to sob but she nodded
slightly, she accepted that it would happen and she even
got wetter between her legs at the thought of being used
like that.

Brian got behind his wife again and he wasted no time,
he positioned his cock at Giovanna’s little anal rosebud
and then drove himself to the hilt in her, using no
other lube than some b***d that had dripped down into
her crack. As expected the sub screamed in agony as she
was impaled on the large cock.

This had also been Brian’s intention, he wanted to hear
her scream just a little bit more and standing there
with his manhood buried deep in his wife’s ass as b***d
flowed from her freshly caned ass and pain making her
legs to wobbly to stand he just lost all control, with a
grunt of pleasure Brian started to plow his wife’s
asshole, the table she was bent over was just the right
height for him to comfortably fuck her and so he took a
hold of her bruised hips and started a brutal, almost
desperate fuck.

“I love your pain. I love hearing you scream and sob,
and I love even more that you are suffering for me…oh
yes…scream slut…scream!”

Brian grunted as he increased the force and speed of his
trusts, driving himself to the hilt in Giovanna’s
asshole again and again. At first the sub howled in
pain, but she was so tired from the beating that she was
soon just sobbing and gagging as her body shook with
pain. Every time Brian’s cock slammed home his crotch
was stained by his wife’s b***d and his skin aggravated
her cuts and bruises drawing new whimpers from his wife,
making her cry even harder.

Brian did not manage to hold out for long, soon he
screamed in pleasure and buried himself in his wife’s
anus as his cock begun to coat her insides with sperm.
Once he was done using her Brian pulled out of Giovanna
and snapped a few more pictures of his sobbing wife
before he put the camera away and begun to undo the
straps holding her bound.

The small play room had a double bed against one wall.
Giovanna could not walk properly but she was too heavy
for Brian to lift, however he did manage to help her
stand and somehow get her over to the bed. The sub was
still sobbing uncontrollably.

“Shh my love…I know it hurts, but it is all over now.”

Brian said soothingly as he got his wife down onto the
bed on her belly.

“I am so proud of you my love, you did well. Shh now I
am going to tend to your wounds and then go and make us
some food, all will be well, it is all over.”

Brian said as he found the first aid kit he had placed
by the bed for just this purpose, before he started
cleaning his wife’s cuts and bruises however he slipped
a CD into the small player that stood on the nightstand
and lit some more of the Forest Dance incense. Soon the
enchanting tones of singing bowls filled the room to
help the beaten woman relax.

Brian called on Chi again and envisioned a green healing
bubble around his wife, filling her with calm and
healing energies as he took some cotton and some
antiseptics and begun to clean the plump woman’s cuts.
Giovanna was still sobbing and shaking from pain, so
much pain and her sobs did not silence any as the
antiseptics stung her fresh cuts.

“There…there my love. I have to make sure none of
these will get infected.”

Brian said as he worked, then he examined each of his
wife’s cuts to make sure she did not need stitches or
medical attention, but she did appear to be fine.

“Now my love, just rest, this will hurt for a while but
you are hot badly harmed, you will be fine.”

The Dom said as he wrapped the bed covers over his
shaking wife, he knew the shivers where due to pain and
not cold, but he wanted to make sure that she was warm
enough, once he was done Brian planted a kiss on the
other occultist’s forehead and smiles fondly to her as
he sits down beside her on the bed.

“Sleep Giovanna my love, I will sit here with you until
you are resting and then I will cook your favorite meal
for you. Be proud girl, you did it, the caning we have
been fantasizing about, we did it and you where so
brave, so very brave,” Brian cooed to his sub.

“Yes Master… we did it,” Giovanna said in a weak
voice, her body was still wrecked with sobs every now
and again.

“Yes we did, and the session is over my love, you do not
need to call me Master anymore.”

Brian said as he brushed a lock of dark, curly hair away
from his wife sweat covered face.

“Yes Master.”

Giovanna muttered and Brian smiles.

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