Arabian Slave

Janie was lost. She had been wandering up and down the
little alleyways of this infernal city for hours now.
She had been pawed at by scab covered beggars lying in
the streets, robbed by a little street urchin of her
purse, which contained her wallet, passport and Visa,
AND she was hot, thirsty, and very tired. If she could
just find a main street and ask someone who spoke
English where the Embassy was, she’d be happy. Turning
a corner, she almost walked into a man dressed in
exquisite colorful silks.

“I beg your pardon!” she exclaimed.

“No, let me beg yours,” the man replied in perfect
English. “You appear to be lost, my lady.”

“Oh thank god you speak my language!” Janie said,
relieved. “Yes, I’m dreadfully lost! Can you tell me
where the American Embassy is?”

“I can take you there myself,” said the man bowing.
“But first, please come into my shop and have a glass
of refreshing cold tea. You look tired and hot, and the
Embassy is a good walk from here.” He pointed to an
open doorway that seemed to lead into a small carpet
shop. Janie nodded, and followed him in.

Inside, a small fan was cooling the air, and the man
pointed to a couple plush pillows on the floor in front
of it.

“Please, have a seat. My name is Rashid. I will fetch
you the drink.”

Janie told the man her name, and thanked him. He
disappeared through a doorway in the back, and Janie
sank down into the comforting pillows and closed her

She opened them when Rashid brought her the glass of
tea. She sipped from it and told him her troubles.
Halfway through, she realized that there was something
wrong. Her voice sounded blurred, and her sight was
getting fuzzy. Rashid’s face was smiling as it swam in
and out of her view. Before she lost consciousness, she
thought to herself, “I’ve been drugged! What else can
go wrong now?”

When Janie awoke, she felt very alienated. Then she
remembered Rashid, and the tea. With a strangled cry,
she tried to sit up, only to find that her wrists and
ankles had been tied. She looked around and saw that
she was lying in a dim storeroom, on a couple sacks of
what appeared to be flour. She struggled, trying to
free herself, but to no avail. Then the door to the
room opened, and Rashid walked in. He smiled at her.

“Awake already? Good. Now, there is no point in
screaming, because you are now in a section of our city
that does not permit free foreigners. So no-one will

“Why am I here?” Janie asked in a trembling voice. “Are
you going to ask for a ransom?”

Rashid threw his head back and laughed, baring his
pearl white teeth. “No, my dear, we can get so much
more for you from the wealthy sultanates, than we could
from your family or government… White Americans are a
rare and valuable commodity here.”

Janie’s eyes widened in horror, “You’re going to SELL
me to some rich man? You Bastard!”

Rashid smiled again. “I’d watch your language if I were
you,” he said slowly. “Your new master might decide to
have your tongue removed…after all, it isn’t your
talk he will want from you.”

Janie gasped in horror but said nothing. She knew
enough of this Mid-Eastern culture to know that what
Rashid said was not an idle threat. She turned her head
away from him and fought the tears of despair. Rashid
leaned over and cut the binds on her feet.

“Come with me now. We must get you prepared.”

After her “preparation” which consisted of removing her
clothes and having her naked body oiled down by several
old women, her hands were rebound, and she was lead out
into a small courtyard with a small square stage in the
middle. The courtyard was full of Arabs, milling about,
waiting for the next bidding to start. They whistled in
appreciation as Janie was led up upon the stage. Her
hands were pulled up high above her head and fastened
to a metal bar that was built up out of the stage.

She saw the greedy looks on the faces around her and
closed her eyes, her body shaking with shame and
revulsion. Then the bidding started. Rashid egged the
crowd on, pulling at her nipples to demonstrate how
supple they were, pulling her legs apart and letting
the bidders tug at her pubic hair, and poke their dirty
fingers into her cunt.

After about a half hour of demonstration and bidding, a
final bid was reached, and Janie was untied from the
bar, and led down off the stage, and off into a small
room with her purchaser.

The man who had bought her was fat and smelled of
spice. He eagerly counted off the bills and gave them
to Rashid who pocketed the money, smiling. Then Rashid
left the room, leaving Janie with her hated owner. To
her surprise, this Arab also spoke English.

“Ah what a beauty you are! My son will be most pleased
with you.” he said, running a course hand down across
Janie’s breast. She trembled at the touch, and tried to
turn away. The Arab caught her arm and threw her up
against the wall.

“It is good you have some spirit in you” he hissed into
the girl’s face. “My son wanted a spirited girl that he
could break himself.” Then he laughed.

“Come then, we shall go to my estates.” He threw a
coarse cotton cloak over Janie’s naked body, and
directed her out to where his caravan waited. He
bundled her into one of the compartments and directed
several women to fix her up. Janie couldn’t understand
what was being said, because he talked in Arabic, but
the women immediately pulled her over and started
applying makeup to her face, and perfuming her cunt
with a powdered mixture than smelled of sandalwood.


The ride was bumpy and long, but at last the Caravan
stopped. The Arab pulled Janie out and into a large
building. She barely had the chance to glimpse upon
several exquisite and large gardens surrounding the
house, before entering it.

She was led to a large room with marble floors and
walls, but hardly any furniture. There, the Arab rang a
bell twice and waited. Soon cam the soft padding steps
and around the corner came a young handsome man with
dark brooding eyes. He looked at the naked white woman
and at his smiling father, then broke out into a grin

“Father! Is she all mine?” he asked in a perfect
English accent. He clapped his hands together in glee
and walked up to Janie to inspect her.

“What is your name?” He asked her.

“Janie” she replied defiantly.

“Oh an American! How charming…” He turned to his
father and bowed, “Thank you, father for this gracious

“Janie, you must come with me…” The young man turned
and started to walk away. Janie followed, and his
father called out, “Hessian… she was expensive, so do
not be too rough, eh?”

Janie shuddered at those words, “too rough” and
followed the boy down a long corridor and into a room.
He shut it behind her and locked it. Then he stared at
her and smiled.

“You American women feel that you are the equals of

Janie wasn’t sure if she was supposed to answer, so she
just nodded.

“In my country, you are anything the men want you to
be… a wife, a lover, a plaything, a drudge worker,
something that can be killed without a moment’s
hesitation. I suppose my talking like this angers you?”

Janie nodded again. Hessian sat on a large pile of
cushions and laughed.

“I attended school at Oxford for four years, and during
those four years, I met and talked to many American as
well as British women. They all believed that they were
the equals to men. I wanted to prove them wrong, but…
well, let’s just say that I wanted to remain in school
even more. But now I have my own American slave to do
what I wish with… I shall enjoy myself.”

Janie trembled where she stood.

“I’m having a party for my friends tonight, and I think
you shall be the guest of honor…But before that, I
shall sample you for myself.”

With that, Hessian stood up and walked over to her. He
threw off the cloak, and unbound her wrists. He ran his
hands over her breasts, and then down across her flat
stomach. Without a warning, he thrust his fist into her
stomach. Janie cried out in pain and doubled over onto
her knees. Hessian laughed, and slipped out of his
silks. He came around behind her and knelt on the
floor. Forcing her head down to the ground with one
hand, he guided his hard cock into her cunt with the

She screamed at the penetration, and struggled to get
free. Hessian just drove in deeper and harder. He
released her head and groped under her for her breast
which he squeezed hard. She lunged upwards and managed
to throw Hessian off her. Then, sobbing, she tried to
crawl away. He grabbed her by her hair and pulled her
to her feet. His cock was still rigid, glistening with
her juices.

“Little spitfire,” he gasped as he brought his hand
down hard across her face. He pushed her against the
wall and managed to get her hands secured in the
fetters that hung there. Now chained to the wall, Janie
could just kick, which she tried to do. Hessian caught
a leg, hoisted it up, and chained it to a third cuff
hanging on the wall. Now her cunt was exposed. He
stepped back to observe her.

Janie struggled but finally stopped, panting. She felt
so vulnerable with her wrists high above her head, and
her leg chained as high as it would go.

“You, bastard!” She hissed.

Hessian pulled a short riding crop from it’s place
mounted on the wall. He walked over to her and rubbed
it against her open cunt. “Does that feel nice, bitch?”
He raised it above his head, and brought it down on her
tits. The crop left a thin vibrant red line across both
breasts. Janie screamed. He hit her again, across the
stomach, then again across her cunt.

Soon her cries grew horse, but he kept beating her with
the crop, his cock very hard. Finally, when she slumped
over in a faint, he stopped and cleaned his crop of her
blood. Taking a chain collar from a drawer, he clipped
it shut around her pale neck. Then he unbound her and
carried her limp body to his bed.

Janie regained consciousness in a few minutes, and
found her self lying on her stomach across a large
pillow, her wrists tied to the bed posts, and her ass
jutting upwards. Hessian brought his hand down across
her pale ass, and she yelped.

“Now, my feisty little slave… You didn’t like it when
I tried to fuck you one way, let’s see how you like

He parted her ass cheeks, and she felt the head of his
cock come up against her anus. She moaned, knowing what
was about to follow. He shoved in hard, and the pain
was unbearable. Her body bucked and writhed under him.
He kept thrusting in and out of her tight ass until she
started to beg for him to stop. He laughed and pushed
in harder and faster, grinding into her delicate ass
until he finally came. Then he pulled out and left the
room, leaving her tied to the bed. Janie cried herself
into exhaustion, and soon fell asleep.

It was dark when she was shaken awake by a dark servant
girl. There were five of them surrounding the bed where
she lay bound. They untied her, and led her into a
bathing room where they proceeded to wash the blood and
semen from her naked body, muttering in a language
Janie could not understand, as they gently soaped her

After the bath, she was dried, powdered, and perfumed
once again. Then she was instructed to put on some silk
clothes that barely covered her chest and her crotch
and ass. A leash was attached to the chain collar
around her neck, and she was led out and down a dark
corridor to a larger room. There, lounging in a pile of
cushions, was the hated Hessian. He smiled when he saw
them enter.

“Oh good! You are ready before my guests have arrived.”

He dismissed the servant girls, then led Janie out into
the garden. It was beautiful, and so large. The fresh
delicate scents of flowers wafted to her nose on the
breeze. Most of the Garden looked like a large forest,
with a tangle of trees and bushes. There was also an
exquisitely sculpted swimming pool, shaped like a swan.
The pool was lit, casting an eerie blue light across
the rows of exotic flowers and plants surrounding it.
Everywhere, hanging from the branches of trees were
little lanterns, and lamps. Janie sighed at the beauty.

“You like our garden, eh? Well, go out and explore it.
Seek out some good hiding places while you have the
chance.” Hessian said, removing the leash from her

“Hiding places?” Janie asked, suddenly feeling a chill
move up her spine.

Hessian laughed, “Yes, we are going to play a little
game at my party tonight. We will be the hunters, and
you will be the prey. Ah, I hear the door gong
sounding. My guests are arriving. Better hurry up.”

With that, Hessian turned and walked back inside. Janie
took a deep breath and stared wild eyed around her. The
garden was no longer delightful. She was about to be
hunted like a wild animal, and she didn’t want to even
think of what they’d do to her once they caught her.
She started to run towards the thick trees.


Her bare feet hurt as she ran on branches and rocks,
but that didn’t stop her. Already she could hear the
excited voices calling to each other in the garden.
They had wasted no time in commencing their brutal
game. Janie dove into a thick bush and crouched there,
very still, her heart beat throbbing wildly. She heard
Hessian laughing, then the sound of footsteps coming
very close to her.

Suddenly a voice cried out, and she was dragged from
the bushes. Her captor was shouting for the others to
come, but she tore away from his clutches, ripping the
silks that covered her chest. He lunged at the naked
breasts, laughing, but she managed to dodge him, and
duck into the thick underbrush. Now the chase was on.

Branches clawed into her soft skin as she stumbled
through them. The men were yelling and very close
behind. Finally, as she thought her lungs would burst,
she tripped over a rock, and tumbled over, rolling on
the ground till she smashed up against the trunk of a
tree. Then they were on top of her, tearing the
remaining silks from her trembling body.

She felt hands pulling at her, touching her over her
whole body as she struggled to break free. Her hands
were pulled up above her head, and her legs were pulled
so far apart, she thought her ass would split. Someone
forced a cock down her throat so she gagged, and
another cock was thrust up her cunt.

Fingers reamed her delicate and still sore ass, and her
breasts were slapped. She tried to scream, but it
couldn’t come out. Instead she was brutally fucked in
every hole, over and over again, by so many different
people. Finally, they let go of her arms and legs, but
she was too exhausted to move.

One of them hoisted her up to her knees, grabbed her
hair and pulled her head back, so her face was exposed.
She moaned and closed her eyes, refusing to look at
their sneering faces. She felt fingers digging in her
mouth, forcing her lips apart and her jaws open. Then
she felt and tasted the stream of liquid hitting her

She gasped and spluttered, but her captor held her head
tight, and kept her mouth open, forcing her to swallow.
Someone had just pissed in her mouth. She retched, then
threw up all over the ground. The man let her go and
stood around her with the others, jeering, kicking, and

She was forced to lick her way up one man’s legs and
then lick his balls before he beat her back down on the
ground. She had to start over again, until she was
finally allowed to suck his cock. As he got more and
more excited, he grabbed her head and started to fuck
her mouth, shoving in hard and deep. When he came, it
was an explosion in the back of her throat. She
swallowed quickly so she wouldn’t vomit again.

Then it was the next man’s turn. He made her kneel on
the ground with her ass in the air. Then he mounted her
like a dog, and thrust his huge cock in her ass. She
groaned with the pain, and grunted each time he thrust.
Another made her suck his cock as she was being reamed
from behind. The rest of the men shouted and jeered,
jerking off in her face, or whipping her flesh with

Then Hessian said something to the crowd of guests, and
they produced a rope. They pulled Janie up to her feet,
tied the rope around one foot, threw it around the
branch of a tree, and hauled her up, so that she
dangled there upside-down by her foot. They tied her
other foot to another rope, and secured that to the
tree branch as well, tying it so that the two ropes
pulled her legs apart. They left her like that while
they went off to get drinks and food.

When they came back, they had a frightened servant girl
with them. She was ordered to strip, and stand in front
of Janie so her cunt was just inches away from Janie’s
mouth. Then Hessian ordered Janie to lick the girl’s

“No.” Janie replied. “You can’t make me do that, you
twisted bastard.”

Hessian just smiled. He said a few words to his
friends. Three of them grinned, came forward and
started to whip Janie’s cunt with thin sticks. They
whistled through the air as they came down on her
delicate exposed cunt. She screamed and writhed against
the tree.

“Lick her,” Hessian ordered again. The sticks came down
again, drawing blood. Janie started to lick the
trembling girl’s cunt, darting her tongue up and down
the slit, probing her soft flesh deeper and deeper into
the vagina. The servant girl shuddered with the
pleasure. The sticks came down again, making Janie
shriek into the girl’s cunt.

“Suck her clit hard.” Hessian ordered. “Make her come.”

Janie obliged, grabbing the girl’s ass and pushing her
into her face, she got her lips around the clitoris and
sucked. She flicked her tongue up and down the clitoris
until the servant girl screamed and gushed into Janie’s
face. The men cheered.

Janie was brought down from the tree and her feet were
She wondered what other horrors they had in mind for
her tonight. She didn’t have to wonder for long.
Hessian had just fitted his servant girl with a strap-
on studded cock. They made Janie lick the plastic
obscene thing while the servant girl stood there and
watched. Then Janie was made to kneel down again, with
her ass in the air. The servant girl was made to mount
her, shoving the strap-on cock into Janie’s cunt.
Hessian whipped the servant girl’s ass to make her
thrust harder and faster.

Janie screamed with the pain to her already ripped up
cunt, but still the servant girl thrust. Several cocks
bumped into Janie’s face, and she was forced to suck
them one after the other, as hot come splashed in her
face. Then, despite her pain, Janie started to feel
hot. The friction of the strap-on in her cunt was too
much, and she shrieked as she finally came, then
collapsed in a faint.

Hours later, when she woke up, she found that she had
been bathed and put to bed, her hands chained to the
bed posts. She shuddered when she thought of all she
had to endure at that party, and at the things she
would have to endure in the future as well. Would there
be no release from this life as a slave? Could she
never escape? As she drifted slowly off to sleep again,
she vowed she would get her revenge on Hessian, and
that Rashid as well… But that would be in a different

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