Arriving Home Late

Slowly you walk towards the house. You don’t see any
lights on and let out a sigh of relief. Maybe he went to
bed and won’t know that you were out later then you were
supposed to be. Gently the door opens and inside you
creep, your heels in one hand and your purse in the
other. Up the stairs, one by one, nice and slow to avoid
any creaking.

You pause when you reach the top of the steps to allow
your eyes to adjust to the darkness and there you see
him. Standing with his arms crossed and a scowl on his
face. “You are late.” he says in a gruff voice.

A quick turn and you start back down the stairs only to
feel his hand lash out and grab your hair, yank you
backwards and drag you towards the room at the end of
the hall. The room with the toys and equipment. A place
where pleasure and punishment are doled out in equal
amounts. You start to struggle as he throws you into the
room and you stumble over the bench.

With a quick jab you lash out and catch him on the chin.
As soon as you do that you realize your mistake. A fire
lights in his eyes and he grabs you again, his hands
like vises clamping down on you. Handcuffs appear as if
from the air and you feel your arms expertly cuffed
behind you.

He picks you up as if you weigh nothing and carries you
to the bench, sits down and places your struggling form
across his lap, one arm holding you down while the other
slides your short dress up and then your panties down.

His hand caresses your ass lovingly before pulling back
and crashing down. Stinging pain racing through your
cheek as the hand pulls back again, raining down blow
after blow. One moment passes, then two, then three.
Your ass is bright red and you howl in pain as your ass
burns, but your body has begun to betray you. You can
feel your hot pussy leaking, your wetness telling him
all he needs to know…

“My, my, my,” he says. “Look at the horny girl. Just
dripping pussy juice down her legs.”

His rough hands run up and down your slit, teasing your
clit and running gently over your swollen lips.

Once again he picks you up like a piece of meat, only to
stand you on your feet, face pressed against the wall.
You feel the cold touch of a knife blade as it gently
kisses your skin, gliding over it. Slicing through your
dress, reducing it to shreds, until all that is left of
your clothing is a pile of rags at your feet.

The hand wraps around your throat and he presses you
into the wall, his body enveloping yours, your hands
f****d against the bulge in his pants. You can almost
feel his heartbeat pulsing through it.

Your world starts to swirl a little as his hands press
on your carotid arteries. With the skill of a
professional he releases and your knees go weak. The
slowing of b***d, the hard cock in your hands, his manly
scent filling your nostrils as he presses against you.

He releases your neck and his other hand yanks your hair
pulling your head to the side leaving your neck exposed.
You feel his teeth sink into the pale flesh of your
neck, raking over the skin, but not breaking it. Biting
and marking his territory, his property.

His knee presses between yours and you can feel him
forcing your legs apart. Your struggle begins anew as
your realize he means to fuck you. “No please do!” you
beg. “Please get the lube. Please!”

All you hear is a soft chuckle before he whispers in
your ear “I love hearing you beg and plead. It makes it
so delightful to know that after the pain you will be
thrusting your ass backwards like a bitch in heat,
moaning and groaning.”

The sound of the leather belt being undone and his pants
dropping fills the silence of the room. You shudder a
little, as you feel the head rub against your dripping
slit. One hand grasps the back of your neck and pushes
your face into the wall to hold you there while the
other grasps his cock and slides it up and down, wetting
the tip and teasing you at the same time. He lines it up
and with a quick thrust you feel the first few inches
force their way inside of you. You let out a short yelp
and do your best to climb the wall to get away from him.

He squeezes your neck tighter and pulls you back down,
forcing you onto his cock. You whimper a little as you
feel your pussy being stretched and opened. You are wet,
but not wet enough, you never are, you always need lube,
but for some reason the violence and pain of it enhances
the pleasure. You whimper a little more and shake your
head slightly as you feel your body begin to betray you.

“no, no, no, no, no.” you whisper like a mantra as the
orgasm builds. It builds and builds as he thrusts in and
out of you. The pleasure takes over and your mind is
gone, enveloped in lust. You feel empty when he pulls
back and you grind your ass back onto him. Your no’s
have turned into yes’s and you are meeting his thrusts.
“Fuck me” you cry out. “Use your dirty bitch. Break me
and use me how you like.”

“You can say it all you want,” he whispers in your ear
“but it doesn’t matter your opinion. This cunt is mine
to use when I feel and how I feel.”

With increased lust he thrusts harder and harder, his
hands grasping your shoulders and pulling you down to
meet his upthrust, pounding and pounding.

Hips slapping against your bruised and tender ass, the
pain swirling with the pleasure, your mind fogging over.
You can feel it building and building inside you. The
orgasm rising up within you. Your mind has fogged over,
you hear your voice begging to be used, telling him what
a whore you are and how you deserve this treatment.

You thrust back, meeting him stroke for stroke. Your
body starts to shake as the first orgasm starts to rip
through you. “Thank you Sir,” you cry out. “Thank you
for letting your whore cum.” Orgasm after orgasm rips
through your body. Pleasure filling every corner of your
mind and body. Your pussy squeezing and working his

An eternity seems to pass as you revel in your orgasm.
Your knees go weak and suddenly you feel empty. He has
pulled out. Roughly you are turned around and f****d to
your knees. His hands firmly gripping your head. Without
hesitation you open your mouth and lunge forward,
savoring the taste of his cock and your juices. His
manly scent filling your nostrils and you endeavor to
take as much as you can. In and out he thrusts, using
your mouth, your tongue struggling to keep up and
pleasure him. You feel him start to swell in your mouth.

“That’s it you little bitch. Here it comes.” With a
grunt you fell his cock swell a little more and your
mouth is flooded with his cum. Hungrily you swallow.
Savoring the taste and knowing the punishment should any
escape and be wasted.

As the orgasm subsides you feel him pat you on the head.
Gingerly he picks you up and removes the cuffs. Into his
arms he lifts you and holds you as he carries you off to
bed. Together you lay down and you cuddle up to him.
Secure in his arms.

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