“You know Margie, that hot new woman in my department?” said Bert. “The one who’s your boss?” said Winnie. “Not exactly,” said Bert. “She reports to my boss, too, but at a higher level, and sometimes I have to work for her on a project. But that’s the one. I have been lusting for her

Making an Amateur Strap-On Video

This trip wasn’t all that different from the typical business trip thus far. I was stuck at an airport hotel for several weeks while I served my client. I was terribly bored, although this time I had rented a car so that I wasn’t stuck. To ease my boredom, I had rented a couple videos

What would a man do if offered a fivesome orgy with four women?

“I think we’re probably evenly matched,” said Robin. She was wearing a workout outfit and looking in the full length mirror in our bedroom. I was taking off my clothes after coming home from a late meeting, and she was about to hit the shower. “What do you mean?” I asked her. “I mean physically,”