A Wife’s Fantasies

My wife, Lola and I were talking one evening and I asked
her if she ever had any fantasies about other men. She
said that she sometimes thought about what it would be
like to be picked up and fucked by other men, in other
words, to act like a whore. She said that she would
masturbate when she would think of it and it always
resulted in a good orgasm. I asked her if she would like
to try it. She asked if I was teasing her, and I assured
her I was being serious. She said she would think about
it and would let me know.

It was about a week later when I came home on a Friday
that things changed. I entered the bedroom and there was
my beautiful wife in a tight dress and heels. She looked
so hot I got hard instantly. She asked if I was still
serious about her fantasy and I said that I was. She
kissed me deeply and gave me a slip of paper with an
address on it along with the name of a nightclub. She
told me to wait about an hour and then come to the club
and watch, but that I was not allowed to interfere. She
then left.

The hour seemed to pass slowly, with all sorts of images
running through my head. I changed and then drove to the
address she had given me. I entered and took a seat at
the end of the bar so I could see the entire area. I did
not see Lola at first, but as I adjusted to the low
light, I saw her on the dance floor, grinding her body
against a young black man. Her arms were around his neck
and they were kissing deeply. I watched as his hands
cupped and massaged her beautiful ass.

After the song ended they went to a table in a darkened
corner of the room. They continued kissing and I could
see his hands pinching her nipples through her dress. He
moved one hand below the table. By the look on my wife’s
face and her movements, I could tell that this black man
had his fingers buried in her wet pussy. She began
moving up and down in her seat until I saw her have an
orgasm on his hand.

He placed his hand on the back of her head and pulled
her down until her head was in his lap. I saw Lola’s
head start to rise and fall and realized that she was
sucking this strange black man’s cock! Neither one
seemed to care that others in the club were watching
them and Lola continued to suck on his black cock for
several minutes.

When she was done, she got up and went to the ladies
room. As she came out she stood at the bar next to me
and ordered two drinks. She looked at me, licked her
lips and said ‘I let him cum in my mouth, and I loved
it! It made me feel like a real whore. I am going to let
him and his friends fuck me tonight, if you want to
watch, get home and hide because I am going to have
black cock in me all night.’ She then turned and walked
back towards her date.

I noticed that there were now 4 other young black men
sitting there as well. I paid my tab and rushed home.
It didn’t take long until I heard the front door open. I
looked into the living room and saw my wife and the 5
black men. As I listened I learned that they were
college students and that the first one was named Jake
and the rest were Paul, Derek, James and Shaun. She was
sitting next to Jake and he was rubbing and massaging
her breasts.

She stood up and dropped her dress to the floor. She was
not wearing panties and I noticed that she had shaved
her pussy. She sat back down next to Jake and began
kissing him again. I watched as she spread her legs and
he massaged her clit, making her squirm. She moaned and
that seemed to be the signal for all the men to take off
their clothes, revealing large, hard, black cocks.

Derek knelt between her legs and began licking and
sucking her pussy. Her hips were moving back and forth
as she approached another orgasm. I saw her tense and
then she exploded into her climax, ramming her pussy
onto the tongue invading her. Once she calmed down, she
grabbed Jake by the cock led them all to our bedroom, to
our bed. She got on the bed and spread her legs saying,
‘Fuck me, make me cum on your black cocks, I want you to
use me like a slut!’

Jake got between her legs and James and Shaun held her
legs wide as he placed the head of his cock at her
pussy. He leaned forward and kissed her, and as he did
he shoved his hips forward burying his hard black cock
into her. She moaned and moved her hips meeting every
stroke of his cock. Lola was talking to her new lover
saying, ‘Oh, yes baby! Fuck me hard! Make me cum on your
beautiful cock!’

He asked her if she liked fucking his black cock more
than her white husbands, and she said, ‘God yes! Your
cock is so much bigger! I have never been so full of
cock before, I love it!’

James rubbed his black cock over her full lips and she
sucked it in eagerly. Jake was slowly stroking in and
out of my wife’s pussy and I could see his huge black
shaft stretching her open as it moved inside of her.
Derek and Shaun were pinching her nipples and massaging
her breasts while they stroked their cocks.

James was stroking his cock in and out of Lola’s mouth
and I could see his balls tighten signaling that he was
going to cum. He groaned loudly and began pumping his
sperm into my wife’s hot mouth. She sucked and licked
until she has swallowed it all. He pulled out and Paul
shoved his cock into her mouth and she resumed sucking
another black cock like a real slut.

The sight of my lovely wife on her back, with her legs
spread wide, with her pussy and mouth filled with black
cock was the hottest thing I have ever seen! My cock was
so hard that I had to take it out, and I began stroking
it watching those black cocks moving in and out of my
wife. Jake was slamming his big cock into my wife and he
said, ‘I’m going to cum, where do you want it, slut?’

Lola let Paul’s cock fall from her mouth and told him
she want to feel him fill her pussy with his cum. He
groaned and slammed into her, holding his cock deep
inside of her and shot his sperm into my wife until it
began leaking out around his cock and down her ass. When
she felt his cock spasm inside of her, Lola came again,
crying out that she loved black cock and wanted to fuck
black cock all the time.

She sucked Paul’s cock back into her mouth and sucked
and licked his shaft until he began to cum. He pulled
out of my wife’s mouth and shot stream after stream of
thick cum over her face. I had never seen my wife look
so hot as she fucked and sucked these young black men
like their whore!

Shaun turned Lola onto her knees and began rubbing the
large head of his cock up and down her wet pussy. Derek
got in front of her and held his cock to her lips. She
ran her tongue around the head and down the shaft. He
said, ‘You like sucking black cock, don’t you, slut?’

She just nodded and sucked his cock deep into her mouth.
He held her head and began fucking her mouth while
moaning that she was a great cocksucker. Shaun continued
to rub the head of his cock over her pussy as she
rotated her hips. He slowly shoved one of his fingers
deep into my wife’s ass while he pushed his thick cock
deep into her body at the same time.

When he was all the way inside her pussy, he began
stroking in and out of her pulling almost all the way
out and then slowly shoving all of his cock back into
her. She began pushing back against him and he started
stroking his finger in and out of her ass at the same
time. She was fucking him harder with each stroke and
moaning around the thick cock in her mouth. Lola was now
slamming her body against Shaun and sucking Derek’s cock
for all she was worth when she exploded into the most
intense orgasm I had ever seen.

She was impaled on both ends by these huge black shafts
and she continued shaking and moaning as they pounded
into her. Derek came first, filling her mouth with his
cum, and she took it all like a pro, swallowing and then
licking his cock clean. Shaun continued slamming into
her body and then held his cock deep inside my wife as
he filled her pussy with another load of hot sperm. Jake
got on the bed on his back and Lola crawled up between
his legs and began sucking his cock.

When it was hard she got up and lowered her pussy until
the head was at the entrance to her body. Slowly, she
lowered herself onto his shaft. Her eyes were closed and
she was telling him how much she loved being his slut.
When she had all of his cock inside her, he pulled her
down to his chest and kissed her deeply. Paul got on his
knees behind her and slowly pushed his cock into her

At first, she struggled, but Jake held her tight and
told her that she was their whore and she would fuck
them any way they wanted, whenever they wanted, did she
understand that? She nodded and began to relax as Paul
moved deeper into her beautiful ass. When he had all of
his cock inside her, he and Jake began to stroke in and
out of her together. She was shaking her head and
telling them that from now on she would only fuck black
cock and they could have her whenever they wanted her
that she would do whatever they wanted.

Derek and James were kneeling on either side and Lola
reached out and began stroking their cocks. Shaun moved
to the side of her head and she turned and took him into
her mouth. I have never seen anything so hot as the
sight of my wife servicing 5 hard black cocks at one

I stroked my cock watching Lola cum for these men. Lola
began climaxing and continued with orgasm after orgasm
as each man emptied his sperm in her. When Jake, Shaun
and Paul had filled her, they pulled out and Derek and
James each fucked her again shooting there cum deep
inside her. As they all lay on the bed, Jake asked her
if she was serious about only fucking black cock and
what would her husband say.

Lola replied, ‘Oh yes, I want fuck black cock all the
time. My husband would love it; he has always wanted to
see me fuck other men. Next time we will have him here
to see how black men make me cum. When I am done fucking
black men, he can lick my pussy and masturbate for me.
Maybe if he is good at licking my pussy, he can suck
your cocks to keep them hard for me.’

They all agreed that it was a great idea and then they
went to sleep with my wife, in my bed.

The next day after all the men had left, Lola and I
talked. She said that she definitely wanted to continue
fucking black men because that way they used her made
her feel like a real slut and it excited her. She said
that she never had orgasms like that before. She asked
if I had a problem with that, and I said that I thought
she looked beautiful sucking and fucking all those black
cocks and if she wanted to continue that was fine, but
that I wanted to be present from now on, and I wanted to
video it as well.

She said that was what she wanted as well and then
spread her legs and pushed my head between her thighs. I
licked and sucked on her swollen clit. She told me to
masturbate as I sucked her and I began stroking my cock.
She was telling me how much she liked being filled with
black cock and I sucked harder causing her to climax.
She told me to stand and I did, continuing to stroke my

She said she wanted to see me cum and that for me to be
there the next time she fucked her black lovers, I had
to obey her, did I understand? I said I did and I
stroked my cock faster as she told me I was to only lick
her pussy from now on, and that she wanted me to suck
her lovers cocks to keep them hard for her, could I do
that? I nodded and began to cum. She said I had been
good, and pushed my head back down to her pussy again.
I shoved my tongue deep into my wife’s hot pussy until
she came.

The next time she fucks her black lovers I’ll be there,
I can’t wait.

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