The Bar Bathroom

I got out of my car, an old ’96 beat up Chevy Blazer that I kept around for occasions like this. I loved these passionate encounters with Nick, but I always kept my safety in the back of my mind. The less he knew about the real me, the better. My real name is Rebecca,


“You know Margie, that hot new woman in my department?” said Bert. “The one who’s your boss?” said Winnie. “Not exactly,” said Bert. “She reports to my boss, too, but at a higher level, and sometimes I have to work for her on a project. But that’s the one. I have been lusting for her

Truckstop Nuns

“Hey there sexy sisters! What’ll it take to make you break your vows?” called out the young black man. The two young nuns ignored him as they walked by the cheap hotel room. His friend, who was sitting on the car out the front chimed in, “Come on baby, you didn’t need to become a

A night out on the town turns into a nonconsensual gangbang

Sharon’s heart pounded with excitement as she turned on the water to shower. It had been months since Mike had asked her to go out. Sharon wondered if he had lost interest in his wife since the three c******n. Sharon knew she was 37, but since their last c***d was born four years ago she

A couple into domination and submission get a new toy to play with and wind up discovering more about their passions

He picked up the phone and dialed a number. Then he paused a moment, listened, and put the receiver back in its cradle. No more than a minute later he heard a loud groan coming from somewhere in the house. And then he heard quick, tiny footsteps rushing towards the study. He turned in his