Barbie my wife had agreed to play the mistress

Let me start by saying that my wife and I have been
happily married for the past ten years. We are both
attractive and in our early 30’s I’m 5’9″, 160 she’s
5’4″, 100 lbs. with surgically enhanced breasts, we
also work out on a regular basis. We have shared many
fantasies with each other including sex with others.
Until now the sex has only included us and a watered
down version of our fantasies.

It was our anniversary and Barbie my wife had agreed
to play the mistress, a role she plays rather
reluctantly but with passion nonetheless.

I had given her an outline of how the night could go
and encouraged her to add to it. I have always had
submissive tendencies and a secret desire to be a
woman, hence my dabbling in cross-dressing.

Barbie puts up with my kinks but never initiates
anything other than our regular lovemaking sessions
which have always been great.

When I arrived home from work the first surprise was
that the kids were gone (an overnight visit to the
grandparents) the second was the lingerie laid out…
in my size. A note read “strip naked my love and
bring your new clothes upstairs”.

My cock was already getting hard with anticipation.
Upon entering our bedroom my eyes nearly popped
out my head. She was dressed to k**l with knee high
boots a black leather mini-mini skirt and a very tight
top that outlined her perfect breasts to a “T”.

Her first command was for me to get in the shower
and shave all my body hair off. This was something
she knew I’ve often thought about but had never done
before. For some reason I thought that this evening
was going to be different, and I decided to go a head
and shave my pubic hair. I even shaved my arms and
legs. My sexy wife seemed to be especially aroused
and I wanted to play submissive to her domination.

After completing my task and showering she in-
spected my work. Complementing me on the attention
paid to my asshole. Next she had me dress in my
new underwear (actually it was her underwear, but
who really cares) consisting of garter and stockings
a corset and a pair of panties. I was feeling as
horny as I could ever remember being.

Next she said, “Get dressed sweetie because were
going out.”

During the drive to a local dance club on Miami Beach
she said, “Tonight honey I’m going to make you
hornier than you have ever been and your going to be
fucked like you’ve never been before.”

I was already horny as hell and now a little curious
because I have always wanted her to fuck me with a
strap-on but have never pursued it like the shaving
idea.. She also informed me by lifting her dress that
she was not wearing anything but skin underneath.

I wanted to finger her cunt but she demanded that I
keep both hands on the wheel. Meanwhile she played
with herself causing my already hard cock to throb
even harder.

Upon arriving the club every guy with a pulse had
their eyes on my wife and she was enjoying the
attention. The place was pretty crowded and my wife
Barbie would squeeze my cock every chance she got
and tease me with her pussy by placing one of her
fingers in her cunt and having me suck it clean in
full view of everyone. I don’t know if they knew
what she was doing, but I certainly did.

While we dad our first drink she informed me that
she would be dancing with some of the guys that had
been hitting on her. She said that I should stay at
the table and watch what she did.

She danced with about five different guys. Each of
them took the liberty of exploring as much of my wife
as they could get away with in public. Barbie would
grind herself against them, making their cocks hard.
I’m not sure who was hornier her, me or the guys she
was dancing with.

When she finally got tired teasing the men in the club
and came over to me she said, “Rub your hand against
my cunt sweetheart, then lick it clean.” It was

I commented that she looked like she was enjoying
herself. She said, “Isn’t that what you wanted
darling?” as she grabbed my hard cock. “Yes I believe
that’s what you want my little sex slave.” She said
with a smile.

Her next sentence caused a little pre-cum to ooze
from my rod. She told me that she had given one of
the men she had danced with our address and that he
was going to meet us later at home for “some fun”.

Now as I said we had never actually included anyone
else in our love making, and I wouldn’t have thought
that Barbie would have gone for something like this-
we’d only done some role-playing which always
added to the excitement.

The thought of one of these guys fucking my wife was
really turning me on but I was pretty sure she wouldn’t
have actually invited anyone over. She was probably
just playing with my head-but I was loving it.

She was telling me that all the guys had wanted to
fuck her and many had asked her to go outside with
them. She said that it had been a difficult choice
deciding which one to ask over.

I asked her if the one she had chosen had had a large
cock or not.

She just smiled and said, “Be patient dear, you’ll
find out soon enough.”

Upon arriving home she had me take of my street
clothes so that I was just in my new underwear. Next
she said, “I know you’ve told me that if you had been
a woman that you would have been a slut, tonight
we’re going to find out how big of a slut you would
have been.” She lead me into the bathroom and
began to apply make up to my face. She wasn’t going
for the realistic look but rather a more gothic
futuristic look. Next a wig, kind of a metallic pink,
when she was finished with me I hardly recognized

I looked at myself in the mirror and was strangely
fascinated with the face that was reflected back at
me. My skin had always been smooth, and I never
had much of a beard. With my wife’s expertly done
make-up, I could have just about passed as a woman.

Then Barbie led me into the livingroom and proce-
eded to tie me to a chair and blind fold me. A
few minutes later the phone rang. “The gate guard is
letting our guest in,” she said. Before leaving the
room she popped in a porno video and turned up the
volume up.

She had our guest in the house now and instructed
him that before going upstairs that he must remain
silent until she instructs him otherwise, and that I
am upstairs and that if he wants to fuck her that he
also has to fuck me and allow me to suck his cock.
Also whenever he refers to me it is as “slut”. Should
he break a rule the night is over. He eagerly agrees
telling her he wasn’t expecting a 2 for 1 deal.

When she enters our room “honey I have our new
friend here he tells me that after he fucks my brains
out that he would enjoy doing the same to you, how
does that sound to you my kinky little slut?” I say,
“that sounds like a excellent plan”.

I hear her telling him what a nice cock he has and that
she hopes he can keep it hard for her and me all night.
My until now faithful wife removes her skirt and top
walks over to where I’m seated and standing behind me
and bends over.

With her head next to mine she says, “Eric (that’s his
name) Come over hear and fuck me”. As Eric enters
her tight pussy Barbie lets out a little moan. He fucks
her for what seemed like half an hour. The whole time
Barbie’s telling me how good he’s giving it to her.
Finally she announces that she’s going to cum and
screams to Eric “fuck me faster… fill me with your
hot cum baby…that’s it harder faster… oh yes.. oh
yes mmm that right baby empty those balls inside me fill
me up.”

I’m thinking that she deserves a Oscar for that
performance when she says ” ok honey I just got
fucked by another man and it was really good. He
can leave now or he can do the same for you… just
remember once the blindfold comes off this fantasy of
yours gets very real.”

My heart is racing faced with what will undoubtedly
change our lives forever. I ask her to take off the blind
fold. With my eyes still closed I slowly begin to open
them hoping that there is another man here and at the
same time that only my wife is here and that nothing
has changed . As my eyes adjust I see his cock in
front of my face and my wife standing next to him.
“This is Eric darling… he ,as you know, just fucked
me. I want you to suck his cock clean like a good little

As he pushes his gooey cock into my mouth I begin to
suck his now not quite so hard cock. My wife says
“The sooner you get Eric hard the sooner we can start
having some more fun”. I have to admit that I was
enjoying my first cock more than I thought I would and
knowing it had just been inside my wife’s pussy made
it that much better. Eric’s cock began to grow after a
few minutes and was now hitting the back of my
throat. I would estimate his length at about 7″ a little
longer than me but not as fat.

While I sucked on our new friend Barbie was saying
“you look so sexy sucking cock baby. I can’t wait to
see you with his big cock up your ass”. Eric
commented, “your slut sucks cock like a fish swims in
water are you sure he has never done this before?”
Barbie says, “I don’t believe he has but I’m sure he’s
thought about it a lot and probably practiced on our
fruit down stairs. Haven’t you , you little slut.” I nod
yes as I continue sucking Eric’s cock.

Barbie was really getting into directing the action.
Noticing that Eric looked like he might be getting
ready to shoot another load said “that’s enough cock
sucking for you Eric” and then looked at me and said
“are you ready to loose your cherry slut?”

I was more than ready and my cock was pulsing with
desire and the need for release.

Barbie thought I should beg Eric for his cock and told
Eric to tease me with his now rigid cock. She had me
sit on the edge of the bed and then lean back
spreading and pulling my legs up to fully expose my
asshole. “Beg for his cock slut and if I believe you
want it I may let Eric fuck you”. Beg I did “please Eric
fuck me with your beautiful cock. I need to feel your
hot cum inside of me. I promise you my ass is very
tight. If you fuck me I’ll clean your cock of with another
blowjob. Please Eric fuck me I need to be fucked.
Fuck me like the slut I am.” all the time he’s teasing
my ass with his cock while Barbie pulls on my
nipples.” I was delirious with desire.

Finally she tells Eric to fuck me. My ass is dripping
from lubricant Barbie had applied and Eric’s cock
slowly enters my ass. I moan as he enters me. “fuck
him slowly Eric,” she says. To me she asks “Tell me
slut how does it feel having a real cock inside you?
Delicious isn’t it!” All I can do is moan. As Eric
fucks me Barbie climbs on top of me and lowers herself
onto my cock. The feeling was indescribable. I have
never felt her pussy as slick as it was right then.
She’s looking me right in the eye as she says “do you
like feeling Eric’s cum inside my pussy?

Does the feeling of his cock the same cock that just
fucked your wife feel as good to you as it did to me?” I
tell her I’ve never felt anything better and not to stop.
She then tells Eric to start fucking me hard and don’t
be afraid to tell “the slut how slutty he is”. She also
picks up the pace and resume pulling on my nipples.
Also telling me what a slut I am. No one lasts too long
as I start to have the most intense orgasm of my life.
Eric follows closing behind with Barbie.

It was incredible is all I can say. The night continued
with Barbie orchestrating us to her sexual desires
until Eric left. We showered and before going to sleep
she promised me that this wouldn’t be the last time
we had a “guest”…

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