Becky Takes A Lover

I’m 31 and Becky is 24. She likes to dress very
provocatively, rarely wearing a bra, and giving all the
men who see her a big thrill. Her breasts are just
right, not so big they sag but more than enough to play
with. Her braless thick nipples are always saying look
at us. She has a slim waist with nice rounded hips, her
long sexy legs complete a package that says come fuck

Becky has always been a ‘hotty’ and as much as I give it
to her, she always seems to want more. She especially
likes the feeling when I unload deep inside her after
fucking her like a wild animal. Afterward she likes to
sit on my face, so I can bring her off again with my

I have gotten to love the taste of her freshly fucked
pussy, and lately I’ve begun to wonder what it would be
like to eat her after a strange man had filled her up
with his sperm! And I know that this last part is really
perverted, but the fact that my wife doesn’t use birth
control makes the whole idea even more exciting-scary
for me.

I began to have fantasies about seeing Becky with other
men and I’d whisper to her about bringing home a well-
hung man. The first time I mentioned it she got a bit
pissed at me.

She said, “What’s the matter aren’t I good enough to
keep your interest, you need another guy in our

Patiently I told her that I just wanted to see her get
pleasured beyond anything we’d done before. When I asked
her if she had ever though about what it would be like
to have another man’s cock pumping her pussy, I could
see the wheels turning.

For a couple weeks I didn’t bring it up again, then one
night as we were fucking up a storm, I mentioned it to
her again. This time she didn’t say anything but her
level of enthusiasm went sky high, and she fucked my
brains out that night.

Over the next several weeks each time we had sex I would
make a comment about it and she would always go wild.
Soon it passed from just bedroom talk to talking about
how to make it happen. We decided that it should be
someone who we didn’t know and who didn’t know any of
our friends or family. I came up with the idea of
renting one of the spare rooms in our big old farmhouse
to a college student. That way we could pick the type of
guy who appealed to both of us, and get to know if he
was safe.

Becky loved the idea but wasn’t sure we would find the
right guy. I assured her that I would keep looking until
I did, that I really wanted this to happen.

Two days later a slender black man showed up at the door
in answer to our university ad. Becky was dressed very
causally in short shorts and an old tee shirt without
any underwear. He introduced himself as Byron a student
at our local college. As I joined Becky and Byron, I
sensed that there was something already going on between

As we talked Becky’s eyes kept wandering to the bulge in
Byron’s pants and he in turn was fighting a losing
battle trying not to stare at Becky’s boobs that were
pushing against the soft cotton of her tee shirt.

I suggested that we all sit in the living room where we
could talk comfortably. Becky led the way with Byron
staring at her sexy body all the while. Becky sat in a
chair facing Byron and I. It was clear that he was
either hiding a pair of socks in his pants or he liked
Becky a lot.

Shifting my gaze back to Becky it was clear that she
found Byron attractive too. From where I sat I could see
right up the leg opening of her shorts to her bald pink
pussy lips. I was sure that Byron was being treated to a
similar view up the other leg. I also realized that her
tee shirt left little to the imagination. Hell I could
even see the color of her areola and nipples through the
thin material.

I was a little surprised that my wife seemed so turned
on by a black guy. We hadn’t even considered someone
like Byron when we’d been discussing the fantasy of
sharing her with another man.

I was daydreaming about what I would be like to see
Byron’s big black cock plumbing my wife’s pussy depths
when I realized that Becky was speaking to me. I have no
recollection of what was said and it wasn’t until after
Byron had left that I was able to clear my mind enough
to understand what Becky was saying.

Becky’s eyes were flashing with excitement as she hugged
and kissed me. Her body was screaming fuck me, fuck me.
Cupping her cute ass cheeks I carried her into the
kitchen and placed her on the kitchen table. As if by
magic her shorts disappeared as I fumbled; pulling my
stiff cock out of my pants.

Becky’s pussy almost grabbed at my cock as I sunk into
her with an excitement I had never felt before. Her hips
were moving every direction at once as she urged me to
fuck her harder.

With visions of a big black cock plunging into my petite
wife’s pussy I too pumped my cock madly. I wanted to
tell myself that my wife’s lust was directed at me but I
knew that from the look on her face that she was
fantasizing about him.

Twice more that evening we had wild unabashed sex.
Neither of us mentioned Byron nor did we talk about
making him her lover.

Several days later Byron called to find out if we would
rent him the room. Becky covered the mouthpiece and
looked at me with a hot lusty look as she said, “It’s

I smiled and nodded yes.

Becky could hardly control her enthusiasm as she spoke
to him. As they talked Becky’s hand touched her shorts.
I was amazed, she had only met this guy once for a few
minutes and yet I could tell she was willing to spread
her legs for him. Suddenly I had a premonition; that she
might very well go through with the whole thing even if
I got cold feet.

Becky hug up the phone and said, “He’ll be over in a few
minutes,” as she dashed off to our bedroom.

I was still standing there trying to pick my chin up off
the floor when the doorbell rang. As I showed Byron in,
he charmed me just as he had charmed Becky.

We no sooner stepped in the living room when Becky
appeared. Becky had changed into loose shorts with very
loose legs-holes and one of my old white dress shirts
not buttoned but just tied under the boobs. The shirt
didn’t do much to conceal her sexy boobs and nothing to
hide her hard nipples either.

We sat in the same places as before and it was clear
that she was flashing her bare pussy at Byron. The
expression on Becky’s face told me that she was very
aware of what she was doing and the effect she was
having on both of us.

Byron couldn’t take his eyes off her as he nervously
tried to cover the growing bulge in his pants with his
hands. When I mentioned, the details concerning the rent
of the room Byron listened to me but still kept mentally
fucking Becky.

With all of that out of the way Byron reluctantly got up
to leave. Becky stood up and gave Byron a big hug,
rubbing her boobs against his chest. All the while Becky
was hugging him, Byron kept looking at me for any sign
of hostility. He looked worried, but I just smiled at
As Byron walked to the door I’m sure I saw a wet spot on
his pants and one hell of a big bulge.

Becky didn’t even wait for Byron to get in his car
before she was all over me to fuck her. This time as we
had sex, I’m sure she called me Byron at least once. As
we ate dinner, Becky announced that she was going to see
her doctor the next day. At first her comment went over
my head then I realized that she was telling me she was
going to get birth control.

I was delighted and troubled and even a little
disappointed all at the same time. I knew that this was
something any responsible wife should do but something
in my perverted mind wanted my wife to get knocked up by
someone other than myself. The fact that Byron was black
added even more to the thrill. My mind was quickly
sorting through all the problems at the same time and
coming up with no clear answers.

It was two weeks before Byron would be moving in. During
that time Becky and I discussed our feelings and the
ramifications of her possibility of getting pregnant
even with her use of a diaphragm. (She can’t take the
pill due to a nasty allergic reaction.)

But when I told her that if Byron did knock her up I
would still raise the baby as my own Becky kissed me
wildly and told me she did want a baby.

A few days before Byron was to move in, I presented two
boxes of rubbers to Becky, one regular size and one
giant size. Becky hugged and kissed me then she
whispered in my ear, “I hope he needs the big ones.” We
then went to bed and fucked like wild animals as we
fantasized about Becky’s seduction of Byron.

The day Byron moved in Becky was as excited as a cat in
heat. Every time I glanced at her she looked like a
feline on the prowl, her nipples were definitely on high
beams. While I was at work, Becky was scurrying around
helping Byron get settled in. All day long kinky erotic
visions popped into my mind.

By four o’clock I couldn’t concentrate on my work any
longer so I headed home. I don’t know what made me use
the dirt road that comes up to the barn behind the house
but that’s exactly what I did, I snuck onto my own
property. I parked the car out of sight of the house and
silently walked in through the back of the house.
Pausing, I listened. At first I just heard the normal
house sounds, then I thought I heard a giggle then a

From time to time I had questioned my sanity for buying
this old farmhouse but now I was hoping it was going to
add new excitement to our lives. Breathlessly I tiptoed
up the back stairs.

As I approached Byron’s room, the soft moans became more
distinct. There was no doubt that our new boarder was
fucking Becky! As often as I had dreamt of this
happening I wasn’t prepared for what I saw as I looked
into the room.

Becky was sprawled out on his bed and Byron was on all
fours with his head buried in Becky’s pussy. From where
I was standing I could see her small hand wrapped around
the biggest blackest cock I had ever seen. It looked
more like ebony log then a cock.

Spellbound I watched Becky stroke that monster as she
writhed in lust beneath his lapping tongue. Becky saw me
out of the corner of her eye and turned her head toward
me, grinning. She blew me a kiss and mouthed a “thank
you,” to me.

Then her pretty face lost its focus and her moans became
more vocal; she began babbling about what Byron was
doing to her. Then she tensed up and yelled that she was
coming. Byron kept on tonguing her through her climax
then he got between her legs as Becky tried to stuff his
black log in her snug little pink pussy.

I was sure it wouldn’t go in, but inch-by-inch Byron
eased his cock in to my wife.

Becky couldn’t decide if it was hurting her or if she
wanted more as she alternately begged for more and for
him to stop. With about half of it in he began stroking
in and out. Each down stroke he would squeeze another
inch into her wildly stretched pussy.

By now Becky was delirious with lust, her babbling was
beyond comprehension as her hands grabbed at Byron’s
muscular butt. Byron now shifted into high gear, his
mighty spear jabbing into the previously uncharted
depths of Becky’s tight little pussy.

I was totally mesmerized by the sight before me. My cock
was drooling so profusely it looked like I had pissed my
pants. Afraid of being seen and spoiling things, I
slipped into a room across the hall and freed my aching
cock as I listened to the sounds of the two lovers going
at it and stroked my cock in time with Becky’s grunts
and moans.

With my eyes closed, and my hand pumping my meat
frantically I could see Byron’s huge black cock stroking
in and out of my wife’s pale pink pussy. Then I heard
Byron grunt, then Becky cried out. “Oh yes fill me with
your hot come. Oh god I’m going to enjoy your big cock.”

I stood there looking at my come dripping down the
doorframe, listening to them making love talk then, I
heard an alarm go off.

Byron exclaimed, “Oh shit I’ve got to run, I have a very
important meeting in a half hour. I hope we can do this
again when I don’t have to go to school.”

Byron dashed about then I heard him kiss Becky before
running off to his meeting. As the sound of Byron’s car
faded Becky called, “Bruce are you still out there? Come
see my well-fucked pussy.”

I pushed my pants off and quickly went to see how much
damage had been done. Becky looked like a porn queen,
her spread legs directing my attention to the sperm
drooling out of her still dilated pussy … Wait a
minute. There wasn’t supposed to be any sperm in her
pussy, she was supposed to have put a rubber on Byron.
My cock sprung to attention as I dove between her legs
to plant my mouth on her swampy pussy.

“I’m sorry, I got so hot for his big cock I forgot the
rubber. Please don’t be mad at me.”

How could I be mad at her, I was the one who kept
talking about how exciting it would be for her to be
fucked by someone else. Here I was dipping my tongue in
her dilated sperm filled pussy after it had been royally
fucked by a big black cock. A delicious shiver raced
through my body as it occurred to me that at that very
moment Byron’s sperm might have impregnated my wife with
a black baby.

As I savored the texture and flavor of Byron’s sperm my
cock twitched and wet my belly with my own come, the
same sperm that I had been shooting in Becky’s pussy for
several years. We had never talked much about Becky
getting pregnant and after hearing how some couples had
turned sex into a chore by trying to make a baby we had
decided to just let it happen. My mental wanderings were
interrupted by a moan from Becky. As I scooped out a
large glob of sperm, Becky spoke.

“Bruce is this what you wanted? Do you like the taste of
another man’s sperm as well as your own?”

I answered her by sucking and teasing her clit.

“I suppose you’ll make me get a diaphragm before you’ll
let me fuck Byron again. I just had to feel his sperm
jetting in me … You know, just once. Ouch!”

“What’s the matter? I didn’t scrape your clit.”

“No it’s nothing you did, I just ovulated. Ever since my
periods started I’ve felt it every month. With the
excitement of Byron moving in I forgot it was due. It
may already be too late for the diaphragm.”

“I thought you went to your doctor to get a diaphragm?”

“He had to cancel due to an emergency.”

My heart jumped at the same time as my cock. We were
going to have a black baby! I suppose I should have been
upset and made a big fuss. I suppose I should have
insisted on terminating this pregnancy but instead I
laid my head on her flat belly and kissed it. Looking
into Becky’s eyes, I asked, “Do you want his baby?”

Becky looked at me for a moment — we just looked at
each other then tears welled up in her eyes as she said,
“Forgive me,” then she whispered, “Yes.”

I did something I hadn’t done in ages, I gave her an
impassioned bite just below her belly button then I
moved up and gave her one on each boob where I knew
Byron would see it. Becky was squirming in excitement as
I knew she would be. For some reason she always got
really hot knowing that she would have a visible sign of
our passion on her for days.

“Oh yes, do it let the world know I’m your horny slut,
let them know you let a black stud fuck me and get me
pregnant. I don’t care, I just want both of you.”

I crawled up beside her and took her in my arms and
kissed her tenderly. “Did you like Byron’s cock that

She brushed the tears from her eyes and whispered, “I
still love you very much but my pussy wants more of
Byron’s cock, oh yeah!”

“Even if it means some people will talk. After all
you’re a blond and so am I, it’s going to me hard to
explain away a black baby.

Tears welled up again as she said, “I don’t care, I want
babies. I didn’t think that I might get pregnant when I
began teasing Byron. My body took control. For three
years I haven’t used any protection and haven’t gotten
pregnant, so I didn’t think about it today. What with me
ovulating and all the sperm Byron pumped in me, I just
hope that I can get pregnant.”

I kissed away her tears and asked her how many babies
she wanted. Becky was quiet, her breathing the only

“As many as you want me to have.”

Grinning I said, “I always wanted a big family.”

Becky let out a whoop then hugged and kissed me and told
me how much she loved me.


We cuddled and talked until our tummies grumbled for
dinner. We showered and went down to the kitchen. Becky
was wearing noting but a semi-transparent beach robe.
Her every movement was sexy as hell and my cock was
rising in response. She noticed and said, “I’m sorry
this isn’t fair to you, I’ve been selfish. Would it be
asking too much to ask if you would be happy with oral
sex for a while? I’m afraid that Byron’s monster cock
has stretched me and your cock would just flop around in
there I think. I promise to suck it anytime you want.”

I mumbled words of thanks but right them I was feeling
twinges of jealousy. I was starting to feel sorry for
myself I looked at Becky and saw that Byron’s sperm had
leaked down her thigh. She realized what I was looking
at and blushed.

Over dinner we bared our souls to each other and talked
about whether we should “put the Genie back in the
bottle” or go forward.

Tearfully Becky said, “I don’t care what color they are.
They will be from my loins and I will love them as only
a mother can. I want you to be my husband for now and
forever. That hasn’t changed, nor will it ever.”

There was silence I began to put my feeling and thoughts
together. I had been the one who had started the whole
idea of Becky having other lovers. Had I been foolish to
think that I was man enough to deal with all the aspects
of our new arraignment? Would I say or do something that
would poison our love for each other? On a huge leap of
faith I reached across the table and grasped my
sweetheart’s hand and told her that I trusted her
judgment and believed her love for me would guide her to
do what was right for us.

“Do you want to be with us when we have sex? Can you
accept the c******n?” she asked nervously.

I just squeaked, “Yes,” Sheepishly I mumbled something
about going out for a bit. Becky asked if I was all
right. I hugged her tenderly then left after telling her
I was looking forward to licking her sperm filled pussy
any time she wanted me to. Before she could say
anything, the door closed behind me.

No, I didn’t go to a bar and get smashed, subconsciously
I wanted to get out of the way so she would fuck Byron
again. I drove out in the field behind the house and
parked so that I could see when he came back and if any
lights in any of the back bedrooms came on.

Sitting up on that hill, I would close my eyes and see
Byron’s big black cock as it plunged into Becky’s widely
stretched pussy. I hadn’t witnessed Byron’s climax and
seen his huge cock pulse as his come shot deep into
Becky’s fertile womb but I could sure visualize it.

A flash if headlights down by the house awoke me from my
daydream. Stretching and yawning I watched Byron go into
the house. Anxiously, I watched waiting to see a bedroom
light come on.

Several times I started to head back to the house to see
what was going on but each time I decided to wait.
Finally I saw a light come on in Byron’s room then it
was turned out and a dim one remained.

Carefully I drove back to the house without turning the
car lights on. Once there I eased into the house and up
the back stairs.

Becky’s voice came to me clearly, “I told you everything
is cool Bruce knows and it’s all right with him. Now
come over here and stuff that big boy in me until my
belly looks like a beach ball. I want to drain those big
balls of yours.”

It was at this moment that I peeked around the open door
and saw Becky’s hand wrapped around Byron’s massive
sperm hose. She pulled him to her pussy then her legs
wrapped around his muscular ass, drawing him in, and she
sighed with delight.

There was nothing fancy about Byron’s fucking but there
was no question he was inspired by my lovely wife’s
actions and words. As for myself I had never thought of
myself as a voyeur, however my drooling cock gave plenty
of evidence that I was turned on by what I saw.

Byron’s big black cock stroked in and out in a timeless
dance as Becky greeted his every thrust. There was no
doubt that Becky was getting the fuck of her life. Never
before had I seen her so animated. Soon his cock had
whipped their juices into a white froth highlighting the
contrast between Becky’s pale pink pussy and Byron’s
throbbing black monster cock.

I don’t know how long I stood there watching them before
Byron lunged his hips at Becky one last time, his head
went up and his whole body stiffened atop her. I knew
that I was seeing him pumping his seed into my wife’s
womb and that her eggs were waiting for the first sperm
that was strong enough to penetrate and make a baby.

And Becky was by no means just a quite spectator either,
she was using her heels to push Byron deeper into her
pussy as she yelled for him to fuck her harder.

Finally spent they laid there locked together at the
loins softly making love talk then Becky noticed me
standing at the door watching them with my wet cock in
my hand.

“Hi sweetie. Did you see Byron give me his baby maker? I
know he got me this time.”

Byron turned gray in fright. Had Becky not been covering
his body with hers I think her would have been out the
window. Becky told him to calm down and that everything
was okay. Byron nervously looked at me then at Becky.

“Relax Byron if he was going to shoot you he would have
done it this afternoon, the first time you fucked me.
Some of this was his idea.”

I guess I looked a bit silly as I stood there with my
dripping cock in hand but right then I couldn’t think of
anything better to do. By the time I could think of
anything to say Byron had lost that, “Oh shit I’m going
to get killed look.”

You have just made my husbands ultimate fantasy come
true. Now you’re going to give me something I have
wanted for years. I’m going to keep draining your big
black balls of every drop of your baby making sperm
until I’m tired of making babies.

Byron tried to say something but all that came out was
gibberish. Sitting on the bed next to them I told him
that what Becky said was true and that it was okay for
him to have sex with her anytime she wanted. I went on
to tell him that as long as he remembered that Becky was
my wife and not to tell anyone else about our
arrangement he could continue to enjoy Becky’s sexual

Bruce, his cock is so big soft it is saying in me. Then
my heart leaped as Becky said, “Bruce he’s so big that I
can feel his hot sperm sloshing around in my belly when
he comes in me. Watch him fuck me again.”

Byron gave me a questioning look. I grinned and said,
“Don’t mind me I’m just a spectator.”

Becky wrapped her legs up over Byron’s butt and kissed
him wildly. By the time their kiss ended Byron’s butt
was beginning to pump and his cock was firmly imbedded
in Becky.

“By the time this baby comes Byron will be an expert at
fucking me. I hope he likes eating pussy because I’m
going to want that too. One thing is for sure I’ll never
be able to take his monster up my ass. That will remain
your private territory,” Becky said in between violent
thrusts of Byron’s cock.

I watched Byron’s cock stretch Becky’s pussy for at
least another hour as the two of them fucked to numerous

When Byron was finally fucked out, I lovingly I picked
Becky up and took her back to our room. As I laid her
down, I placed a pillow under her butt. Without any
hesitation I then went down on her sperm filled pussy. I
was amazed at how dilated her pussy was and how swollen
her pussy lips were. Gone were my feelings of jealousy,
now I only felt love and lust for my wife. I have no
idea how long my tongue caressed her pussy but sometime
during the night I had moved back up on the bed and
cuddled up next to Becky.


I was in the shower when Becky woke up. She came in the
bathroom and hugged me as I shaved.

“How’s your pussy?”

“Empty and sore.”

“Are you going to get breakfast or be it?”

Becky laughed.

I turned around pulling her into my arms, the smell of
sex strongly surrounding her. I kissed her hotly then
said, “I guess it’s too late to change me mind about
sharing you.”

A look of concern swept over Becky’s face then I tickled
her. She squirmed her sexy body against me as I laughed
and told her I would be thinking of her hungry pussy
being fed all day. With a swat oh her cute butt I sent
her to see if Byron could get it up.

As I finished dressing, I heard moans and giggles from
down the hall. It was all I could do to not go and watch
but I knew I would soon have more mouths to feed.


After Becky’s second period didn’t come we had a fancy
dinner in honor of the coming baby. To Becky’s delight
she only had a very slight case of morning sickness and
soon was back to getting a morning fuck whenever Byron’s
schedule would permit.

Byron soon got used to my presence and our sex sessions
turned into threesomes. I didn’t bother to try to fuck
Becky’s pussy but sometimes I would fuck her in the ass.
And a couple of times Byron and I made a sandwich of her
as we fucked her together.

Byron didn’t try to take control or make any comments
about my manhood. In return he got to fuck one fine
piece of ass regularly. And now that my pretty Becky was
pregnant, she was hornier then ever.


As Becky’s belly started to show I begged her to go nude
around the house so I could see her. At first she was a
bit hesitant but quickly got into the sprit, and she
enjoyed the kisses and caresses from Byron and I.

Knowing that the baby inside my wife was because of
Byron didn’t cool my love for Becky, quite the opposite.
My love or her grew by leaps and bounds. Seeing how
happy she was made me feel even better.

The more Becky’s belly grew the sexier she looked to me.
Byron and I delighted to the changes pregnancy was
making to her body. Her nipples grew and turned browner
and her boobs swelled in preparation for making milk.
Her sex-drive grew in proportion to her belly and boobs.

Byron became more open about talking about Becky with me
and was deeply interested about what was going on inside
of Becky. It was obvious that he was in love with her.
He was delighted when I told him it was all right for
him to be open about his affection for Becky as long as
he remembered that she was my wife and he was just her

Byron thanked me profusely for sharing Becky with him.
What could I saw but that he was welcome.

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