Black Susan

At age 65, I retired, ending a 45-year obsession with

I had always thought that this would be the time when
I should try again to form some kind of romantic
relationship, and I took up reading the personal ad-

Nothing much came of this, as no one I was interested
in seemed to have interest in a short, balding, slight-
ly overweight 65-year-old man.

Then I noticed Susan’s add; beautiful 19 year-old
Christian girl, in Uganda, has won 1/2 athletic
scholarship to a Boston University, seeks a man to
sponsor her in America, who is able to cover the
remainder of tuition and other expenses.

My own 19 year old African sex slave was an idea that
stirred my lions, so I answered the ad.

Eight months later [I’ll skip the boring details, but
HIV was tested for], and I was waiting for her at the
airport. I recognized her from her photo as she emerged
from customs and immigration, and felt quite a thrill
as our eyes met for the first time. As she came up to
me, easily carrying her one suitcase and a smaller
carry on bag I noticed that she was about an inch
taller than I. This added to the already considerable
awkwardness of the situation.

She dropped her bags, and threw her arms around me in
a big hug, and in the deep but still feminine voice I
knew from the one time we’d managed to connect on the
phone, told me how happy she was to meet me at last.

She was wearing a long, heavy ethnic looking dress, a
wide belt that demonstrated the narrowness of her
waist, open flat shoes, and a lot of cheap, heavy
bracelets and necklaces. I knew that she was a city
girl, so I suspected that the particular Africanness
of her dress was for my benefit.

Her jet-black hair was in many small plaits, with beads
pushed over some of them. Her beautiful dark almond
eyes were as big as soup plates at everything that she
saw around her as we went through to the parking
garage, and she was delighted by my late model American

Her skin was really black, like coal, and the contrast
with her white teeth when she smiled made her smile
even brighter.

She had a wide nose that kind of spread across her
face that I’d always found unattractive in Negro women,
but hey, with a body like that and the fact that the
girl was 46 years younger than I was, I wasn’t going
to split hairs.

At my house, she was thrilled with everything except
the sleeping arrangements.

She stared at my double bed, and said; ‘No, this is
not right! You are an old man, I am a young girl. I
don’t want to share your bed!’

‘But that’s the deal, Susan, I’ll take care of you
while you’re here. You can only stay in this country
as long as I sponsor you. I pay your tuition. This,’
I waved meaningfully at the bed, ‘Is what you must do
for me.’

She became quite sullen, but seemed to be go along
with it. She must have known that this was the deal.

She had jet lag, and hadn’t slept much in the excite-
ment before travelling, so she had a hot bath, and
slept. I gave her some space, but I couldn’t wait to
have her. I’d never been attracted to a black woman
before, but this situation had my hormones flowing at
a rate that hadn’t happened in many years.

I made dinner for us both, and we watched some TV she
was slightly more friendly, but still distant. It was
time for bed, I told her, as though it meant nothing

‘You go ahead, I come after,’ she waved towards the

‘No,’ I ordered, ‘you’ll come now!’

She obeyed me, but her eyes wouldn’t meet mine. Or
maybe it was mine that wouldn’t meet hers.

I leaned back against the desk in the bedroom and told
her to take off her cloths.

Slowly, she complied.

She had an amazing physique. Long and lean, with the
muscular thighs and round ass of the runner that she

Her complexion was a smooth, even, almost black, like
dark chocolate. Her breasts were two firm, low, cones,
the wide bases of which easily supported the small
amount of protrusion, only a few inches.

She had a lot of pubic hair, but her strong young legs
were naturally smooth.

Whatever this costs, I thought, it’s a bargain.

‘Lie on the bed,’ I ordered her, and undressed as she
did so.

‘Now, lie down on your front.’

I sat down next to her, and ran my fingers across her
wide shoulders, down her long spine, and across her
narrow hips.

She was silent and still.

I massaged her back, neck, and shoulders, enjoying the
feeling of the firm muscles I found. Her skin was as
soft as a baby’s bottom.

I found it a little surprising, she was so big, so
black, so strong. She could probably crush me like a
grape, but she was under my control! I could do what
I wanted! She was, for now at least, mine.

Briefly, I allowed my fingers to trace over that
amazing behind, then, resisting letting them go where
they really wanted to, I moved down to her thighs,
calves, and feet.

I noticed that her feet were very rough, I’d have to
do something about that.

I pulled a blanket over her excellent form, and giving
her a little pat on the behind, I undressed and got
into the other side of the bed, and touched her no
more that night.

Susan was in a great mood the next morning, and that
was nearly enough to repay me for resisting my lust
the night before. We had breakfast of eggs and toast,
and we looked through her luggage together.

‘We’re going to have to do some serious shopping,

She was elated.

I took her to some boutiques in the city, ones that
I’d spotted and noted during the preceding months. She
enjoyed modeling all the outfits for me that the
giggling sales girls recommended, almost as much as I
enjoyed having them modeled. I bought most of them for
her. Then I bought her some serious track gear and
shoes. Then we went and got the type of boots that I
really wanted to see her in, 4-inch heels and laces
to the knee. She was thrilled with her new look, after
the salesman and I assured her that the boots would
wear in.

How people stared at us, walking down the street hand
in hand, Susan’s nose at the height of the top of my
head, beautiful, young, black. I, old, ugly, and short!


She lay in the bath, as I sat on a stool in a robe and
pedicured her feet. She didn’t seem so bothered about
being naked in front of me now.

I manicured her nails, and when I was through, started
making love to her hand. She cooed and giggled as I
kissed, bit, and sucked her fingers. She had lovely

Later when I called her into the kitchen for dinner.
She was wearing the white terrycloth robe we’d bought
for her that afternoon, and the contrast between it’s
whiteness and her blackness took my breath away.

After I’d cleared away the plates, I went around the
back of her chair. I pulled her plaits away from her
face, and stroked her throat, her face, her lips. I
rolled her earlobes between my thumbs and forefingers;
I gently lifted her chin.

I stepped to one side, bent down, and kissed her thick
lips ever so lightly. There was no response from her
for a couple of seconds, then she opened her mouth,
lifted her head slightly, and took my lower lip between
her teeth.

I took her hand in mine, and led her to the bedroom. I
installed her on the bed on her back, and crawling
between her legs, proceeded to lick her clitoris. I
found this very stimulating, and I like to think Susan
did as well. When I finally came forward and entered
her, she was well lubricated. For me, at least, it was
ecstasy, she was oung and tight, her skin taught. In
this position, my eyes were about level with her
throat, and I kissed her there as I pleasured myself
with her strong black body.

After I came, I pulled out and lay next to her. She
cuddled me and stroked my chubby belly with her long
slender fingers. I was disappointed that I hadn’t been
able to make her come as well. I guess that would have
been asking too much.


Susan had a full schedule between school and athletics.
I did the shopping, housework, and most of the cooking,
and we fell into some kind of domestic routine. Susan
was completely naive about the ways of the modern
world, but she was clever, and was learning fast.

I treated her like a queen, and like a whore as well.
After her training sessions or meets, I’d massage her
tired muscles, I’d scrub her down in the bath, fix her
hair [we had it straitened]. I started shaving her
pubic hair regularly. She would sit obligingly on the
edge of the tub, legs at full spread, while I lathered
her up and oh so carefully scraped her smooth. She
said she liked it that way, although I’d had to really
insist the first time.

I loved the taste of her juices, and she also seemed
to enjoy it when I went down on her, but after several
weeks together, I was yet to bring her to an orgasm.

I brought home some fashion magazines for black women,
and we shopped often for cloths, shoes, and accessories
for her. She had good fashion sense, and now was always
looking like a page from one of those magazines.

We both enjoyed these excursions; it turned me on to
dress her. When at home, she’d wear one of the neg-
ligee’s I’d bought her, and if she was just sitting
at the computer or studying like that, I could happily
spend my time watching her.

She didn’t mind having sex with me after the first
time, I don’t think. She had affection for me, and
allowed me my pleasure. After some light pressure,
she even started to give me head on occasion.


Susan lay face down on the bed, naked. She cried and
moaned as I massaged her aches and pains away, the way
I always wished she would cry with passion when we were
having sex.

I finished her back, and moved to her buttocks. It
always made my old member feel young again to do this.
I was using massage oil, and pushing my lubricated
fingers into her firm black flesh while sliding them
the length of her muscles. I allowed my right thumb
into the crack of her ass, and slid it over her anus.
Then I started gently probing her there with my fore-
finger. She giggled, and spread her long legs to give
me more access. Encouraged, I pushed my oiled finger
inside, up to the first joint, and twisted it back and
forth a little.

She pushed her ass up a bit, spreading herself farther.
I started to fuck her greased asshole with my finger.

I kicked off my slippers, and unbuckled my belt and
removed my pants with my left hand. She looked back at
me, her big dark almond eyes wide.

Keeping my right forefinger inside her, I got between
her legs, behind her on my knees. I pulled my finger
out, greased myself, and, spreading her round cheeks
with my thumbs, slowly started to push into her. A
small ‘eek’ escaped her as I penetrated her there.

The power of her sphincter muscle felt amazing, it
really could grip. ‘How does this feel?’ I asked her.

‘It tickles,’ she replied.

I grabbed the knobs of her hipbones with both hands,
and really let myself go, pulling her to me with each
thrust. I reached around her thigh with my left hand,
and rubbed her pussy. It was wet, and I pushed two
fingers in, maybe this time?

Finally, acknowledging that she wasn’t going to come,
I allowed myself to have my lone orgasm.


There came a weekend when my princess had no training
or completions to attend, and after a drive in the
countryside in the afternoon, I decided to take her
out to a dance club.

She was quite excited, and I chose a sexy outfit for
her. White kinky boots that laced to the knee, some
bare black thigh, then a matching white leather mini
skirt, a wide belt to accentuate her marvelous hips,
bare black belly, white blouse, knotted below her
breasts, allowing a view that ended just above the
nipples. No bra.

The bouncer looked confused. ‘You two together?’

‘That’s right,’ I said, slipping him a ten.

Susan was a natural on the dance floor, twisting and
gyrating to the beat. I kept up with her for about
ten minutes, then my old legs had had enough. It
seemed to me that every one in the place desired Susan
and envied me.

There were tables around and above the dance floor,
where the music wasn’t too loud to have conversations
between people with strong voices and sensitive
hearing. I sat to watch the show.

Whenever a man would seem to be dancing with her,
Susan would look up at me, and when she saw that I
was smiling, she would go on. Then a woman started
to dance with my Susan and the two of them were
really getting going, too.

She was a short, wide woman, not fat looking, but with
wide hips and shoulders. Large breasts, short very
blond hair. Maybe too blond. She was wearing an ankle
length skirt, slit to the hip. Ankle high bootlets.
It was too dim in there to try to judge her age from
where I was, but she was clearly a handsome woman.

One would start a new movement, and then the other
would copy. They were often inches apart, shaking
their breasts at each other, grinning. Of course,
every eye in the place was now on the two of them.

After a bit Susan came up the stairs to my table, the
blond in tow. Susan’s blouse was drenched in sweat,
plastered to her, and her black breasts and nipples
were showing through the thin white material. I wanted
her to look sexy, but I hadn’t foreseen this… I
stood, and put her jacket over her shoulders as the
ladies sat down. We all introduced ourselves; the new
woman’s name was Nancy.

‘So,’ Nancy said, ‘you two are…’

‘He is my man,’ said Susan, taking my hand and grin-

‘Kinky,’ said Nancy.

I ordered drinks and we talked for a while. Then I
asked Nancy if she’d like to come home with us.

She laughed, ‘Thanks, but I don’t think so. How about
another dance, though?’

She and Susan hit the floor again, pulling and turning
each other on occasion, and I noticed that in the
breaks between songs, Nancy would give Susan a hug,
holding her just a little longer each time, her white
hands on Susan’s black bare lower back clearly visible.

After one such hug, Nancy gave Susan a kiss on the
mouth, then went and sat down at a table with some
other women.

I caught Susan’s eye, and inquiringly gestured if she
was ready to leave. She was excited, sexually excited.
That was clear before we were even in the taxi.

Once in the cab, I put my right arm around her
shoulders and kissed her, allowing my other hand to
roam around. My fingers behind her smooth neck, my
tongue entered her mouth, my fingers her panties. Her
legs spread to give me access, and as I started to
masturbate her, she wrapped her arms around me.

Throwing a bill to the driver, we practically ran
inside, tearing off our cloths, we threw ourselves
onto the bed like a pair of teenagers, instead of one
teenager and a senior citizen. I went down on her
briefly, licking her delicious black smoothness,
before entering her.

For the first time, I thought there was real passion
in her; she wrapped her long powerful legs around my
hips, her feet were on my old white ass. Her hands
grabbed at my shoulder blades as I plunged in and out
of her, and I knew that this time she would be mine
at last.

When she came, she squeezed me so hard that I thought
I was going to break, and cried out so loud that I was
afraid that the neighbors would hear. I was ecstatic,
and came until it hurt.


It was clear to me that Susan was gay. It was the close
dancing with Nancy at that club that had got her so
worked up. I was a little depressed about it. I wasn’t
planning to spend my life with her, but I would have
liked to be able to satisfy her while she was going to
be living with me.

I decided to call in some help. Jackie was a good
looking dike in her forties, a friend that I could
trust. I told her the whole story on the phone.

‘So, when can I meet this wonderful African of yours?’

‘You and Joanne could come to dinner tonight,’ I said.

‘I’ll be there. I’m not with Joanne anymore, we split
up a couple of months ago.’


Jackie was looking sharp in blue slacks, and a matching
padded jacket over a white cotton blouse. Rather high
high heels indicated that she’d been paying attention
when I’d mentioned Susan’s height. She wore big round
glasses with thin gold frames that made her blue eyes
appear even larger than they were. Her auburn hair
cascaded around her shoulders, framing a pretty,
feminine face.

Susan wore flat open shoes, displaying green painted
toenails that matched her fingernails as well as her
light cocktail dress. The gold chain around her neck
contrasted beautifully with her dark skin.

Jackie took both of Susan’s hands in hers, and smiling
into those dark eyes, said, ‘you’re even more beautiful
than he told me.’

Jackie flirted lightly with Susan as Susan served us
our meal. As we finished, Jackie said to Susan; ‘So,
do I get to see you in that negligee I heard about?’

‘Go put on the white nighty,’ I told Susan. ‘Then come
and show us.’

Susan was looking a little confused, but she went to
the bedroom to obey. Jackie and I moved to the living
room and sat on opposite ends of the couch. Susan
entered the living room, dressed in nothing but the
very skimpy white negligee. I heard Jackie draw in her

‘Put your arms over your head, and turn around slowly,’
I commanded.

Jackie stood and moved closer to Susan as my order was
obeyed. She caressed Susan’s bare black shoulder with
a white finger.

Susan stood still now, as Jackie put her hands on
Susan’s slim hips, and slowly moved closer, until their
breasts touched, their noses inches apart, looking
each other in the eyes. Then Jackie, moving her hands
up to Susan’s skimpily clad shoulder blades, gently
kissed her on the lips.

I felt myself start to become aroused as Susan began
to respond, putting her bare arms around the older
white woman.

Jackie pulled away for a moment, to untie the string
at the front of the negligee. She slipped it off
Susan’s shoulders and it dropped to the floor, leaving
Susan totally naked while Jackie hadn’t removed any-
thing of her own except her glasses.

‘Sit on the couch,’ Jackie suggested, and when Susan
had done so, Jackie sat on her lap. Strait backed,
Jackie striped herself from the waist up, revealing
large white breasts that hung rather low. I was amazed
at this behavior, the only sexuality I’d ever known
from Jackie was when we would both admired some pretty
female passer by. She was more like a buddy of mine
than anything else.

I moved to a chair opposite to have a better view.
Susan looked at me excitedly as the ladies fondled
each other’s breasts, hugged and kissed.

Susan had been whispering in Jackie’s ear, and Jackie
turned to me and said, ‘go on, pull it out and give it
air! We all know you’re a dirty old man!’

I striped from the waist down, and sat my bare ass
back down on the chair. The leather on my behind felt
erotic as I played with myself and watched them.

Jackie stood, and taking Susan by the hand, said,
‘Lets go to the bedroom. ‘Susan looked over to me for
approval, and I nodded my consent.

They went into the bedroom, Jackie still in her slacks
and heels, hand in hand with Susan, who was completely
nude. I sat in the chair, not sure if I was welcome in
there or not. I had just about decided to go on in,
when Jackie stuck out her head; ‘I think Susan would
be happier if you were in here with us.’

Susan looked up at me as I entered, and smiled
brightly. She was on the bed on her back, holding her
knees up with her hands, so that she was completely
open. Jackie was on her belly, naked, hands and face
near Susan’s crotch, and she was pushing something in
and out of Susan’s vagina while giving it some tongue
for good measure.

I sat on a corner of the bed, and played with myself
as I watched.

Susan moaned and came, holding Jackie by her curly
auburn hair, looking at me.

Jackie moved up to the head of the bed and lay on her
back next to Susan. Her ass was a little on the heavy
side, and she was pretty hairy in the groin, but I
found her an attractive woman. Her skin was an even,
smooth white, and she had nice legs. The contrast
between the two women’s colors was fabulous.

Jackie removed what was revealed as a vibrator from
Susan [she must have brought it with her], and inserted
it into herself. Then she put Susan’s hand on it, and
put her own hands on Susan’s shoulder and hip, she
tilted her head back in pleasure, eyes closed.

I lay back so my head was at Susan’s ass, and reached
over her. I removed her hand from the vibrator and took
over. I found this somehow very stimulating, doing my
friend Jackie without her knowing that it was a man at
her crack.

Susan swung a leg over me, and there was no mistaking
what she wanted. I started to lick her sweetness,
keeping my hand busy with Jackie. I looked up and saw
that Susan had both her hands holding Jackie’s head
while they kissed. What a sight! Jackie must therefore
know who was working below…

I decided to go another step, and I lifted myself over
Susan’s leg, and in between Jackie’s, and started to
tongue my dike friend’s pussy. I ran my free left hand
around and in Susan’s snatch as I worked Jackie with
the vibrator and my tongue.

Jackie grabbed my head and squeezed me between her
thighs as she came. I looked up to see that she had
her other arm tightly around Susan. Susan was grinning
and holding her new lover, watching us at it.

I thought it must be my turn now, so I sat up, and
opening Susan’s knees, slid between them. I removed my
shirt while Susan fondled me, and then she guided me
into her. I fucked her hard; happy that I’d been
working out lately, and the muscles in my torso could

Susan looked from me to Jackie, as her breathing
started to increase, and I knew that for the second
time since we had lived together, I was going to bring
her to orgasm. I kept up a steady rhythm and she came,
crying out and squeezing Jackie’s hand with her left
one, her right firmly on my ass. The ferocity of her
orgasm heartened me, and I carried on, and she came
twice more in the next five minutes.

I was getting worn out by then, and had decided to
bring my own fire up and have my well earned reward,
when Jackie asked; ‘Wow, is there any of that left
for me?’

‘Why Jackie, I didn’t know you went in for this sort
of thing.’ I said in surprise.

She pulled me over onto her naked whiteness, into the
valley of her open legs, as she replied; ‘You don’t
know everything.’

It was exhilarating, entering my old friend, who,
while old enough to be Susan’s mother, was still
young enough to be my daughter. A warm tingling
feeling of sexual excitement washed over me as she
ran her hands lightly across my back, her breasts
against mine, my cock buried in her … so wet and

I started pumping in and out of her, with long steady
strokes. She whispered in my ear; ‘you mustn’t come in
me, baby. Just don’t come in me…’

I enjoyed having a woman 20 years my junior call me
‘baby’, and I sped up a little.

Jackie’s eyebrows knitted together as her face flushed
red, and she came hard, squeezing me to herself with
surprising strength. I was barely able to hold back
at this point, and I had to stop my motion. I could
feel my rod pulsing inside her.

Jackie rolled us so that I was on my back with her on
top, and then lifted herself off of me. She griped my
sticky length firmly in her hand, and said to Susan;
‘this is for you…where would you like it?’

Susan grinned her bright young grin, those strait
pearly teeth gleaming in her handsome black face. She
took me in her own hand, then brought her mouth to the
job. She looked into my old eyes with her big dark
young ones, as she opened her mouth wide, and brought
it down over my ecstatic member.

Jackie lay herself down next to Susan, her face inches
from my crotch ‘you’ve got to suck it right down,
Susan… here, let me show you.’ Susan gave me to
Jackie, and I was deep throated for the first time in
my sixty five years. Jackie’s swallowing on me was
driving me to the brink, when she pulled up, and gave
me back to my African princess.

After a few tries, Susan was getting it, and then
Jackie burrowed down, and took my balls into her mouth.
What can I say? It was indescribable. Susan’s throat
was gripping my penis while my balls were drowning in
the hospitality of Jackie’s warm mouth. I came harder
than I’d had in four decades while looking into the
eyes of my nineteen year old darling.


Later, over coffee, Jackie told me, ‘she’s not gay. A
bit Bi, that’s for sure, but not gay. Susan is an
exhibitionist. She needs someone to be watching to get


‘Real live sex,’ said the sign over the door. The
bouncer smiled at the old man and let him enter.

The old man took a seat in the half lit lounge. Loud
music started playing as a stunning statuesque black
woman strutted out onto the stage. She twisted and
gyrated as she slowly, tantalizingly removed her

As she removed her G-string, she revealed a hairless
groin, framed by muscular thighs. She took a vibrator
from a side table, and inserted it into her vagina as
she sank to her spread knees on the center of the
stage, arching her back and pushing her pelvis forward
to present the audience with the best possible view,
while still keeping her eyes on the crowd. She shifted
her gaze from one to the next of her onlookers, about
25 men and 2 women, looking lustily into each pair of
eyes. If the orgasm they witnessed was faked, then the
performer must be a great actress.

The statuesque Negro woman removed the vibrator, stood,
and exchanged it for a wireless microphone. She walked,
naked, her black skin shining in the dim light, down
the three steps and into the lounge. She approached two
men at a table. ‘What’s your name?’ she asked one of
them, holding the mike out.

‘Tim,’ he replied.

‘Are you enjoying the show, Tim?’ she was standing
inches from him, his face was at her flat belly.

‘Very much!’

She laughed, and taking his chin in her hand, bent and
kissed him on his mouth, while he put his hands on her
narrow hips.

She strode over to another table, a middle aged couple.
‘Are you two having fun?’ she asked, holding the mike
to the woman.

‘Oh yes!’ she replied, in an English accent, ‘We both
think you’re lovely.’

‘And would it be fine with you if I sat on your man’s

The woman giggled, ‘All right.’

The stripper sat down on the man’s lap, sideways, one
arm around his shoulders, her fingers were visible
stroking his neck, while her other held the mike. She
said to the other woman, ‘Is he allowed to fondle my

‘It’s alright with me,’ said the woman.

The performer looked around the room triumphantly as
the man ran his white hands over her perfectly formed
orange sized black breasts. She then arched her back
and lay across the small table, miraculously landing
between the glasses that were on it. She reached her
hand out behind her head and hooked the middle aged
woman behind her neck. The man, no longer able to
reach the breasts, stroked the black woman’s belly as
his date bent down to kiss the performer, who gave
the kiss some time before sat up, then stood, and
brushed her finger tips across the man’s face as she
stepped behind him and up to the old man.

‘And what about you, old man? Does a girl like me make
you horny?’

‘Sweetheart, a girl like you makes every man horny.’

She laughed, a sweet, genuine laugh, and stepped over
his lap. Taking his balding gray head in her free hand,
she pulled it to her breast.

The crowd could see his hands on her tight round behind
as she asked him; ‘would you like to come on stage with
me old man?’

‘I’d love to,’ he replied, without hesitation.

She took him by the hand as he stood, and led him up
the steps and onto the stage. She positioned them so
they were side on to the crowd, put the mike into a
mike stand, and kissed him passionately, her hands on
his head and the small of his back, while his roamed
over her black nakedness. She tuned him so that he was
facing the audience, and stepped behind him. Her arms
reached around in front, and unbuckled his belt, opened
his trousers, and removed his half erect cock.

‘Perhaps I’m not enough woman for you, old man…. does
this old engine still run?’

‘I’m sixty nine years old, woman! Give me a little

She took a chair that had been the back of the stage,
and placed it in the front. She put one long, muscled
leg up on it, her weight on the other, so that she was
open and exposed to everyone. ‘Would you like to lick
my cunt, old man?’ she asked, stroking herself lightly
with the fingers of one hand as she leaned her other
elbow on her raised knee.

He got on his knees, and buried his old head in her
excellent groin. She stroked his balding head with her
free hand and moaned and shook as he tongued her.

She sat him on the chair, side to the audience again,
and sitting at his feet, removed his shoes, then his
trousers and underwear. He was a comical sight, in his
shirt and socks, old cock and wrinkly balls hanging in
public. The beautiful black woman stood, and bent at
the hips to a ninety degree angle, her knees strait.
Clutching the old cock in her hand, she lowered her
mouth over it. Her long strait shining black hair
cascaded over the old man’s bare knees, and every few
seconds she’d lift her head to make eye contact with
one or another of the audience.

She stood upright, and facing front, put one pretty
black foot on the chair again, between his legs, to
her right side, so she was spread as wide as possible
to the audience again. ‘Do you want to fuck me, old
man?’ she asked, looking first at him, and then grin-
ning to her admirers below. She stood still, with her
hands on her hips, as he stood, turned, and held his
erect old 7 inch penis to her entrance. Everyone was
able to see as he pushed himself inside her.

He fucked her standing until she came, screaming, her
head thrown back, her long black arms around his white
neck. Then she sat him in the chair, looking towards
the lounge, and screwed him while facing the crowd, so
they could all see the old white cock in her young
black body. She played with her clit while she rode
him, and came again, crying for the crowd, shaking her
long black hair all over the old man.

She lay down on the edge of the stage on her back, one
long black leg hanging over so that all would be able
to see as he lay on top of her and put his hardon back
inside her. Her hands flitted lightly over his head,
his back, and his skinny old ass as he pumped her to
yet another orgasm. Then he pulled out and stood up,
his strait rod bobbing and pulsing. She sat up quickly,
and took him in her mouth as he started to come. Then
she took it from her mouth, and holding it in her fist,
held her lips open in front of it so all could see him
ejaculate into her mouth. She swallowed and sucked his
shrinking dick down her throat for the finally.

‘Do you think she really just picked a random guy from
the audience?’ the old man heard someone say on the way
out. ‘Naw, it was way too smooth. Also, she did it with
him without a condom. I wonder if he her pays for it?’

The old man stopped himself from telling the man…
Susan is my wife, the mother of our children, and a
P.H.D. candidate. You slob.