Blackmailed Sister-In-Law

Mike McBride was driven to adultery by his
inability to satisfy his lustful appetite with his wife.
Even though he loved her, he craved certain acts which
she absolutely refused to participate in. But then,
activating his desires on others only made him crave his
wife more. It was she he wanted to do these things to.
What Mike didn’t know was that his wife had been
involved in lascivious behavior before they met. Would
he find out? Only if she didn’t pay the blackmailer.

Chapter 1

When Sarah McBride saw the postman come up the
walkway, she had no premonition that her safe, contented
little world was about to collapse at her feet. Despite
the bleak February skies, the dark-haired young woman’s
spirits were sunny that fateful morning. Humming a
carefree tune, Sarah dried her hands on the kitchen
towel and went to get the day’s mail. The voluptuous
brunette felt only mild curiosity when she saw the
envelope addressed to Mrs. Sarah McBride. Probably just
some ad, she thought, placing the rest of the mail on
top of the television set.

It wasn’t until she tore open the envelope, and its
contents spilled out, that a horrified gasp escaped her
throat. Sarah’s hand flew to her mouth and her face
flushed crimson. Her heart hammered like that of a
captive bird as she clutched the letter with trembling


A strangled sob tore from her throat as she bent to
retrieve the photographs that had fallen to the floor.
Pictures Sarah had hoped, desperately, that she would
never see again, that she had tried to shove into some
dark and distant corner of her mind. Still, there had
always been that nagging fear that someday, they would
turn up again to threaten her happiness. As Sarah
lifted the lurid photos, her hands trembled, for she
knew that that dreaded someday had arrived! The sordid
past she had tried to escape had finally caught up with
her, threatening to rob her of all that she held so
dear. Her beloved husband Mike and their precious
daughter Jill.

Mike loved Sarah, trusted her, held her on a
pedestal. “My sweet Sarah,” he often whispered as he
held her close. “I’m the luckiest guy in the world to
have a wonderful wife like you!”

Every time Mike uttered those words, Sarah felt a
wave of guilt ripple through her, for she was not as
sweet and innocent as her husband imagined. And the
tall, shapely brunette whispered a silent prayer that
her past would remain buried. She feared that Mike
would be hopelessly disillusioned if he ever learned the
ugly truth, that the wife he held in such high esteem
had posed for pornographic photos before they were
married! Sarah had agonized countless times over the
possibility of Mike’s discovery of her sordid past,
wondering what would happen if that fearful day should
ever arrive. And she always came up with the same
frightening answer.

“He’ll divorce me,” she whispered to the empty
room, her hand clutching her constricted throat. “And
take my darling Jill away from me, declare me an unfit
mother!” The mere thought of that occurring made
Sarah’s lips tremble and her green eyes fill with tears.
She loved her husband and daughter with all her heart.
They were Sarah’s whole world now. They had completely
filled the emptiness that had settled after her mother’s
death five years before. Sarah had not really begun to
live until she met Mike. The four years of their
marriage, despite its problems, had been the happiest
Sarah had ever known. And little Jill was the precious
living product of their love. The twenty-three-year-old
felt her heart wrench with pain as she clutched the
anonymous letter in her shaking hand, for she could not
bear to lose either one of them.

Who could have sent the letter? she wondered, her
mouth dry as she stared at the lewd poses she had
participated in before she met Mike. Who had finally
unveiled the ugly truth about her, unearthed the dark
secret that Sarah had tried, all these years, to keep
hidden? That she had needed money so desperately during
the final months of her mother’s lengthy illness, that
she had reluctantly agreed to perform lewd sex acts in
front of a camera.

Sarah had not wanted to resort to pornographic
modeling, but she had no other choice. Her modest
secretarial salary just would not stretch to cover the
skyrocketing bills resulting from her mother’s illness.
When she had tried out for fashion modeling, tall and
curvaceous Sarah was told that she was not at all
suitable for modeling clothes, for her eye-catching
figure was far too voluptuous.

Not long afterward, Sarah saw the newspaper
advertisement for a photographer’s model. MUST BE
answered the ad eagerfy. When she heard how well the
job paid, her spirits soared. Especially when the
photographer assured her that she was perfect for the
type of modeling he needed. The new medicine that the
doctor had prescribed for her mother’s pain was so
expensive that Sarah worried about how she was going to
manage to have it refilled. There were no other
relatives to turn to for financial assistance, and her
mother was solely dependent on Sarah. Landing this
lucrative modeling job was the perfect answer to her
financial problems.

It was not until she actually showed up for her
first session before the camera, that Sarah discovered
just what type of modeling the job entailed. At first,
she was tempted to walk out and never return. The
things she was expected to do made her cheeks flush
crimson. Then she remembered, with a sick feeling in
the pit of her stomach, that she had just received
another lofty medical bill the day before for laboratory
tests her mother had required. To add to her problems,
she was almost out of the expensive pain-killing d**g
that her mother needed to lessen the agony of the
dreaded killer disease ravishing her wasted body. And
Sarah knew, with a heavy feeling of resignation, that
she had no choice in the matter. She needed money
desperately and this was the only way she could get it.
I’ll do it for mother, she told herself as she started
to remove her clothing. And no one need ever know!

That had been five years ago. Death had claimed
her mother just a few months after Sarah had begun her
secret, part-time modeling. When her mother died, Sarah
quit her extra job immediately. With her mother’s
insurance money, she was able to clear up the remainder
of the staggering medical bills. Trying to put what she
had done out of necessity out of her mind, Sarah never
stepped in front of the camera again. She was not proud
of what she had done, but Sarah knew that it had been
unavoidable. She would do it again, if she had the
opportunity to go backward in time, because she received
some small comfort from the knowledge that her beloved
mother had suffered far less because of the money Sarah
had earned from her secret and sordid job. It’s all in
the past now, Sarah tried to tell herself, as she
concentrated solely on her secretarial position. And no
one need ever know!

Six months later, she had met Mike McBride and he
more than compensated for the unhappiness she’d known
during the trying time of her mother’s terminal illness.
After a whirlwind courtship, they became husband and
wife. Now, after caring for her mother for so long,
Sarah finally had someone to look after her. Six years
her senior, Mike treated her as though she were made of
spun glass. He proved to be everything a woman could
ask for in a husband. Well, almost everything.

The only quality really missing from their
relationship was sexual fulfillment. Although Sarah
found her two-hundred-pound, six-foot husband extremely
attractive, something was definitely lacking in their
marriage bed. Mike was a gentle, considerate lover, but
not very demanding or adventuresome. He treated Sarah
like some fragile china doll, and somehow Sarah longed
for more. Although she hated herself for her lustful
thoughts, the pretty brunette found herself thinking,
longingly, about some of the lewd sexual activities
she’d engaged in during her brief, secret modeling
career. The men who were her partners had been
strangers to her, but still, Sarah recalled with ripples
of both excitement and shame, she had responded to their
touch. She had been instructed to portray pleasure in
front of the camera and Sarah did as she was told. Only
she knew that the response she displayed was often
genuine, that she secretly enjoyed the lustful acts she
was performing for money.

I must be oversexed, Sarah often thought, her cheeks
burning with shame.

Sarah found herself thinking that often after she
and Mike were married. If our sex life is enough for
Mike, why can’t it be enough for me? she often wondered.
Sarah dreamed, in vain, about the day that she would
know complete and total satisfaction after their
lovemaking. Instead, the well-stacked brunette felt a
vague dissatisfaction. Just once, she wished that Mike
would take her roughly and savagely pound his big pole
of masculinity into her cock-hungry cunt, making her
gasp with both pleasure and pain. She secretly
fantasized about hearing him use the same coarse
language that the actors used during the pornographic
sessions, of having him cry out to her in wild abandon
instead of remaining silent while they made love.

Sarah found herself wishing that her husband would
demand that she suck his cock the way she had sucked the
big pricks that had been rammed in her throat as the
camera clicked. Even though she cared nothing for the
male models she had worked with, Sarah had liked the
feel of their warm meat in her mouth. During her brief
career, she had learned to suck cock with admirable
expertise, so that her sex partners climaxed fast and
hard, spilling their hot semen into her waiting mouth.
Sarah did not have to pretend when she felt their torrid
cargo explode in her mouth. The lustful gleam in her
eyes was genuine as she eagerly swallowed their hot
juices. Just as the frantic swirl of her pelvis was
real when her male partners fucked her with gusto,
cramming their merciless rods into her heated cunt from
every imaginable position. Sarah had learned a great
deal during her brief but torrid career. Not only about
sex but about herself. And she inwardly feared that she
might be oversexed.

She had hoped that marriage to a big hunk like Mike
McBride would put a stop to the secret longings of her
ripe body, that her husband would be the passionate and
demanding lover she ached for. Instead, Mike had proved
to be merely adequate in bed. Even though Sarah reached
a climax when her husband made love to her, hers was a
shallow response, a mere mild fluttering within her
saturated vaginal walls. And Sarah yearned for so much

The thought of cheating on Mike, however, never
entered the shapely brunette’s mind. Sarah devoted
herself to her husband with the same fervor she’d
dedicated herself to her mother. The happiness of those
she loved always came first with Sarah. That’s why she
never told Mike of her unfulfilled and persistent sexual
desires. First of all, she did not want to hurt his
masculine pride by intimating that he was lacking as far
as his sexual prowess was concerned. Second, Sarah was
convinced that Mike preferred her to remain passive in
bed, that he wanted her to play the role of the sweet,
innocent wife in every aspect of their marriage, so she
remained silent. And she turned to a vibrator to
satisfy the secret cravings of her frustrated pussy.

She kept the plastic pseudo-prick hidden in her dresser
drawer. It was only when she was alone that she used
the mechanical aid to help satisfy the throbbings of her
heated cunt. Then, Sarah would spread her legs and send
the penis-shaped piece of plastic far into her leaking
aperture, shoving it in and out with the gusto she
wished Mike would show during their lovemaking. It was
then, and only then, that the voluptuous brunette would
cry out in wild abandon, the way she did not dare cry
out with her husband.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” she would gasp, her legs
trembling as she masturbated with vigor. “Harder,
deeper!” she’d beg, thrilling to the forceful
penetrations of the whirling vibrator. “Fuck my cunt!”
she’d cry, pretending that her husband was screwing her
the way she secretly wished that he would. Although the
vibrating sex-gadget did not take the place of a real,
live prick, it helped to relieve some of Sarah’s
frustrations. And it kept her from turning to other men
for fulfillment of her lusty sexual appetite.

Now, as the curvaceous young woman gazed at the
lurid photos of herself which had come in the morning
mail, she felt a tension building in her luscious body.
Her temples throbbing as she wondered about the
anonymous sender. Who had unearthed her dark past? And
now that this blackmailer was on to her, what did he or
she want?

Sarah grew tense, for she had no way of paying off
a blackmailer. She had no money of her own at all.
Even though she had been the sole beneficiary of her
mother’s insurance policy, the woman’s monumental
medical bills had consumed every penny. And Mike gave
just a small personal allowance in addition to her
household money. Scarcely enough to grease a greedy
palm. Mike just didn’t make that kind of money.
Although they lived comfortably on the profits of his
small television repair shop, it required careful

How can I silence him? Sarah wondered, her teeth
sinking into her bottom lip so hard that she almost drew
b***d. Sarah did not know the answer to her dilemma.
But as her eyes passed over the painfully familiar
photographs she’d received in the morning mail, the
lovely brunette knew that she would do anything she
possibly could to keep her beloved husband from seeing
those pictures. And she also knew that she had been
living on borrowed time. The four years of happiness
she had known with Mike had come to an abrupt end, while
a private hell had just begun. She was now at the mercy
of some unknown and unscrupulous individual, one who
possessed the frightening power to destroy her marriage!

As Sarah viewed each pornographic pose from her
past, she became aware of another kind of tension
mounting within. Along with her trepidation, she felt
an undeniable sexual excitement course through her.
Although she was ashamed of her reaction, she could not
stop the ripples of desire from washing over her body.

One photograph showed Sarah naked and bent, sprawled
before a male who was denuded of all but a lascivious
expression as he shoved his big swollen prick into her
widely stretched mouth. The voluptuous brunette licked
her full lips as she gazed at the photo, remembering how
good that warm joint had felt inside her receptive oral
cavity. The rapturous expression on her face was genuine
as she sucked obediently for the cameraman. Sarah
recalled the unmatched bittersweet flavor of masculine
juices against her tongue … and her mouth watered.
How thrilled she would be if one day her good-looking,
well-built husband would grab her by the hair, the way
the model in the lewd photo was doing, and force her to
go down on him and take his rampaging cock fully in her
prick-hungry mouth.

Sarah’s voluminous breasts rose and fell rapidly as
she breathed harder. Her heartbeat quickening, she
turned to another photo, her pussy fluttering wildly at
the shockingly prurient pose. Her jade eyes grew dreamy
as she gazed at her widely split legs as she saw herself
lying on a kitchen table. Her gaping cuntal petals
flowered boldly before the camera, their pink folds
swollen and glistening with the nectar of her arousal as
the handsome face of a male model nestled between her
obscenely outspread legs. His pointed tongue stretched
forward, its wet tip probing her sensitive cuntal lips.

Mmmmmmmmm, how good his tongue felt! Sarah recalled
as she looked at the familiar photo. She remembered how
she had begged him to keep on licking her cunt even when
the camera had stopped clicking. Before they had moved
on to another lurid pose, Sarah had grabbed her
partner’s head and held it between her outstretched,
trembling legs, pleading with him to make her cum! She
felt a slow warmth steal across her pelvis as she
remembered how the man had accommodated her, flicking
his raspy tongue back and forth and up and down until
she cried out in sweet release, her hips bucking as she
slammed up and down upon the table.

Sighing, Sarah recalled how that had been the very
first time she had ever had her pussy eaten. At first,
she had been shocked when the cameraman unleashed his
instructions, ordering her up on the table. The thought
of having the naked male model tongue the dark triangle
between her widely splayed legs had filled the big-
busted brunette with revulsion. That is, until she felt
the first touch of his warmly wet tongue against her
lewdly parted pussy. Sarah remembered too how she had
gasped, how her bare tits had tightened into rosy peaks
of excitement at the thrilling sensation, how she had
split her legs as far as possible and moaned with
pleasure at this new and marvelous physical sensation.
Even the cameraman had teased her afterward, saying that
she was either a tremendous actress or she had had the
time of her life. After that, Sarah secretly yearned
for that type of pose, and she surrendered herself
completely to the ensuing lewd acts.

How many times had Sarah longed for the feel of
Mike’s tongue between her open legs. So many times when
Sarah had had to bite her lip to keep from crying out,
from begging her husband to eat her throbbing, tongue-
hungry pussy. For she felt certain that such a plea
would shock and disgust Mike, would shatter the false
image he had created, the one of the sweet and innocent
young wife.

The next morning, Sarah would wait until Jill was
either at nursery school or sleeping. Then she would
close and lock her bedroom door so that she could lie
naked on her bed, her legs split and her pussy lewdly
parted while she fingered her palpitating, frustrated
cunt. As she would work her fingers back and forth, the
wet sounds of her saturated membranes filling the empty
room, the lovely brunette pretended that it was her
husband’s tongue making those delicious slurping sounds.

She would let her masturbating fingers bring her naked
body to a feverish pitch just short of actual orgasm.
Then she would remove her hand from between her parted
legs to let the peak of mounting excitement fade. Again
and again, she would bring herself to a point close to
orgasm before pulling her hand away. After teasing
herself over and over, she finally would let her fingers
punish her wet pussy until she reached fulfillment. “Eat
me, eat my cunt!” she’d scream as she climaxed, her hips
jerking wildly as she bucked up and down in wild

Sarah’s hot pussy was pounding hard now, and she
felt a warm trickle dampen the crotch of her panties as
she turned to another photo. A soft moan escaped her
lips as she saw herself sitting naked on top of a good-
looking man. Her eyes were half-closed and her mouth
hung open, as he sent his huge prick far into the creamy
recesses of her tunnel of love. Her naked partner had
his hands on Sarah’s pale moons, and the sexually
aroused brunette recalled how the man had used her bare
asscheeks to lift her high into the air before he pulled
her down on his towering shaft, ramming his crimson
prick into her sensitive cervix. Sarah could tell by
the lustful expression on her face that the photo had
been taken just as her skillful partner had slammed her
body down on him. Her nipples now rose into twin points
beneath her sweater as she relived the glorious carnal
sensations his pistoning cudgel had created. Being
fucked in the woman-astride position was one of Sarah’s
favorite poses, for her partner’s prick always seemed so
much bigger as it penetrated her slick canal.

She wished fervently that Mike would fuck her this
way. Her husband’s enviable cock was the biggest she’d
ever seen and Sarah often fantasized about having him
enter her while she sat on top of him, her legs spread
and her wet pussy parted. I’ll bet Mike’s prick would
drive me clean out of my mind if we did it this way, she
speculated as she stared at the photograph she’d posed
for years before. Instead, however, Sarah had learned
to be content with the usual woman-on-bottom, man-on-top
position in her marriage bed. When her secret needs
grew overpowering, she would squat naked and panting on
top of her whirring vibrator, while in the privacy of
her empty bedroom she shoved the make-believe cock high
into nether depths of her cuntal tunnel.

“Oh fuck, fuck!” she’d pant, as she rose up and
down on the plastic sex-gadget, pretending that it was
her husband’s hot poker invading her milky channel of

Sarah felt still another warm trickle in her
panties as she looked at the final photograph. Her
pussy was pounding furiously now, and her breathing was
hot and ragged. She felt a deep warmth creep up her
thighs as she saw the picture of herself bent over a
footstool. The naked man behind her was pinching and
twisting the fiery nipples of her dangling tits while he
rammed his distended pole of manhood deep into her
uplifted vaginal slit. Letting her tongue slide across
her sensual lips, Sarah remembered, with a hot wave of
desire, how good it had felt to be fucked from the rear.
She recalled how her partner’s big testicles had slapped
her asscheeks as he pounded into her, how his punishing
fingers had twisted and squeezed her sensitive nipples
as he bore into her with strength and determination.
She saw the ecstatic look on her face and knew that the
expression she wore was a mere reflection of her carnal

There were countless times, during their four years
of marriage, that Sarah secretly yearned for Mike to
make her bend over the side of their bed so that he
could fuck her from behind. It was a wildly thrilling
sensation, one that made her feel womanly and
subservient. She loved being used that way, of having
her huge breasts tortured deliciously, while she was
soundly and thoroughly fucked at the same time. But
Mike never f****d himself upon her in that manner.

Instead, Sarah waited until she was alone. Then she
would bend over the bed and shove the plastic vibrator
deep into her hungry pussy, trying to make believe that
it was the cock of the man she loved sliding in and out
of her oily slot.

Now, as she looked at the scandalous photographs of
herself, her lovely body pounded with need. Tense from
both apprehension and desire, the voluptuous brunette
wished fervently that things were different between
herself and her husband, that their physical
relationship was more earthy and candid. Then she would
feel free to phone Mike at the television repair shop
and ask him to come home for an unscheduled sex break.
How comforting it would be to find release in her
husband’s arms at a moment like this. But Sarah felt
certain that Mike would be appalled at such a bold
suggestion from his wife … especially when it came in
the middle of the morning!

No, better she turn to the plastic pacifier she
kept hidden in her dresser drawer for just such
occasions. Her luscious body burning with need, the
shapely dark-haired young wife carried the photos of
herself into the bedroom and placed them on the bed.
She walked over to the dresser, her hand trembling as
she reached into her lingerie drawer to remove the
vibrator. Sighing tremulously, she lifted her skirt and
tugged at her panties, quickly stepping out of them.
Breathing hard, she lay down on the bed with her skirt
shoved up around her slender waist while she spread her
stockinged legs far apart. The black of her garters
stood out in stark contrast against the exposed portions
of the pale, smooth thighs above her nylon stockings.

She aimed the fake cock at the creamy slit nestled
among the wet folds of her parted coralline crevice,
then reached for the lurid photos. She held them in her
hand in fanlike fashion, so that she could view all the
obscene poses at once while she masturbated. She felt
the warmth of her heavily flowing love syrup trickle
from her creamy aperture to trickle down the softness of
her inner thigh as she held the sex-toy close to her
steaming cunt. Viewing the pornographic photos
increased her excitement and her split thighs trembled
in hot anticipation as she brought the vibrator forward.
She sighed as the softly rounded tip touched her
sensitive inner pussy tissues, then gasped with pleasure
as the end of the vibrator slickly found its way into
her throbbing vagina.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” she murmured, turning the button on so
that the penislike apparatus vibrated thrillingly as she
plunged it deep into her spongy canal. Gluing her eyes
to the lewd photos she’d posed for, she gently shoved
the whirring vibrator in and out, then increasing the
strength and tempo of her movements. “Oh fuck me, fuck
me!” she moaned, her hips rising in heated response as
she pretended it was a real live prick sliding in and
out of her with such marvelous force. Her lust fanned
by the obscene poses before her half-closed eyes, she
pushed the pseudo-prick in with gusto, feeling it bump
against the mouth of her womb. A hot burst of pain shot
through her, quickly followed by waves of searing
pleasure. “Deeper, harder!” she cried, her hips
whirling in excited little circles as the plastic
vibrator flew in and out of her creamy aperture. The
fake cock was heavily coated with the oils of her
arousal now, and her wet pussy clung longingly to the
gadget each time she withdrew its length only to shove
it back in again. Oh, it felt so wonderful to have her
cunt fucked the way she longed for Mike to screw her.
Hard and deep and demanding. Her wildly throbbing pussy
secreted even more of its thick sap, so that the
vibrator was thickly coated with her feminine juices.
Sarah felt her sexual excitement rise to a feverish
pitch and she knew that an orgasm was imminent.

With well-practiced expertise, she quickly withdrew
the false prick from her saturated cavern to allow the
waves of carnal pleasure to diminish within her heated
cunt. She did not want to climax just yet. The
penislike structure she held in her hand felt far too
good to have this session in self-stimulation end
prematurely. She turned the vibrator off and lay the
cream-coated sex-toy on the bed to struggle with her
sweater. She pushed it up above her voluminous breasts,
then turned sideways so that she could unhook her lacy
bra. She lifted the frilly undergarment from her
enormous tits and shoved it upward, freeing her twin
spheres of femininity. Her rosy nipples tightened into
bright rosettes at the sudden contact with air.

Gazing at the photos she held in her left hand,
Sarah’s right hand found its way to her boobs.
“Mmmmmmmmm,” she murmured as she let her fingers trail
across her firm creamy flesh. She recalled, with a
tremor of excitement, how thoroughly her huge tits had
been sucked and fondled during her brief and secret
modeling career. As she looked at the photos of herself
now, she remembered how the photographer would instruct
her male partners to suck on Sarah’s nipples good and
hard, treating each one to the pleasures of a warm mouth
and drawing tongue. After a good workover, Sarah’s
mammoth breasts would look even more tempting for the
camera, for their bright nipples would be fiery red,
distended, and glistening with saliva, while the firm
mounds of pale flesh encircling them rose into twin
hills of luscious womanhood.

How Sarah secretly wished that Mike would go at her
big boobs with greater gusto. Although he fondled and
caressed them, occasionally nipping lightly at their
uplifted tips, he treated the pale globes much too
fragilely for Sarah’s liking. Many was the time when
she was tempted to cry out to her husband, to plead with
him to grab her breasts forcefully, to suck at them
until she cried out for mercy. She’d learned how
marvelous it feels to have a warm, demanding mouth tug
at the bright rosettes topping her firm mounds, and she
longed for a repeat performance from her husband. Just
as she inwardly yearned to have him squeeze her ivory
hills of flesh with urgent hands rather than caress them
lightly as he always did when they made love. Sarah was
tired of being treated as if she was made of spun glass
instead of warm flesh and b***d. But she loved Mike far
too much to risk hurting him by criticizing his
techniques in the bedroom. Instead, she remained
silent, trying to content herself with his timid
caresses. When her need became too great, as it was
right now, Sarah tried to vent her frustration by
fondling her breasts herself in the privacy of her

Her full mouth open and breathing hard, she
attacked her bright nipples. Her hand moved quickly
from one tit to the other, squeezing and pinching the
rosy tips. The tender flesh grew rigid under her touch,
rising into the air like two hot needles. She arched
her back so that her twin hills of femininity rose even
more invitingly, their crimson tips rising hotly,
responding enthusiastically to her self-manipulation.
“Suck my tits!” she said, panting as her fingers pinched
and pulled on each uplifted rosette, her hand flying
back and forth to give each firm mound equal time. When
her ample tits were well-stimulated, she abandoned them
to clutch the vibrator once again.

“Fuck, damn you, fuck!” she cried, sending the
plastic mechanism into her palpitating canal with
fervor. Her hips rose in quick response when she felt
the object ram her tender cervix, sending hot bursts of
glorious sensation coursing through her. Panting, she
flicked on the button so that she would be further
treated by steady vibrations of the cock-like structure
sailing in and out of her saturated slot. “Don’t stop!”
she begged, fantasizing while she fucked herself. “Keep
fucking! Harder, faster!” In and out the whirring
vibrator moved. Wet sucking sounds accompanied her
heavy breathing and her soaked pussy tissues clung wetly
to the sex-toy upon each withdrawal. Her eyes thick-
lidded and glazed, she kept staring at the lurid photos,
her passion mounting. When she felt herself rising,
heading for that marvelous peak of carnal pleasure,
Sarah wanted to withdraw the vibrator, to forestall the
ultimate moment of pleasure. But the whirling mechanism
felt so marvelous sliding in and out of her steaming
cunt that she could not stop. “Fuck, fuck!” she
shrieked, shoving it in with frenzy while her hips
whirled crazily. Suddenly bright bursts of color
exploded within her as she reached the apex of carnal
joy. “Aghhhhhhh,” she cried. Her pelvis bucking, she
pushed the whirring object in as hard and as deep as she
could, ramming it into the mouth of her womb while she

At last, the sweating brunette let her hips fall
onto the mattress while she lay panting. Her lust
temporarily sated, she turned off the vibrator and
closed her eyes, sighing dreamily, her big breasts
spread out into soft hills of satisfaction, and their
bright nipples flattened into contented circles. If a
mere vibrator felt this marvelous, how much better it
would feel to have the man she adored fuck her like
that! Sarah felt certain, however, that Mike’s libido
was simply smaller than hers, that he found sexual
satisfaction much more easily than she. He seemed
perfectly content with their lovemaking, while she had
to resort to self-stimulation when her secret
frustration became too great.

Still, Mike’s a good man, she quickly reminded
herself, ashamed of the fact that she found fault with
the man she loved. And a perfect husband. Even if Sarah
did have to masturbate now and then, she was still a
very lucky woman to have a wonderful man like Mike
McBride. Especially with her lurid past! Now that her
passion was spent, Sarah regained her senses and she
looked at the obscene photos of herself with fear and
revulsion. She sat up and straightened the bed, then
hooked her bra and reached down for her strewn panties.

She carried the heavily coated vibrator and the four
photographs into the bathroom. First the curvaceous
young woman cleansed the sex-gadget of her milky
feminine secretions and set it on the sink. Then she
lifted the photos and ripped them into a myriad of tiny
pieces, her fingers moving with quick angry motions. A
look of satisfaction crossed her pretty face as she saw
the fragments flutter into the toilet. With a
determined jerk of her hand, she flushed the toilet,
sending the torn pictures into the sewer where they
belonged. Even though she was certain that the person
who had sent them to her could easily obtain more, at
least this particular set was destroyed and could not
accidentally be discovered by the man she loved. For
Sarah felt certain that her beloved Mike would have
nothing more to do with her if he ever learned of her
sordid past.

How will I ever manage to silence the person who
sent these to me? she agonized, biting her lip as she
watched the water churn in the toilet bowl. The most I
can manage is a few dollars a week!

While Sarah returned to her bedroom to conceal the
vibrator in the bottom of her dresser drawer, it had
never occurred to her distressed mind that the anonymous
blackmailer wanted something she never suspected. The
man was greedy, all right … and unscrupulous as well.
But the lovely brunette would soon learn that he lusted
for something that would humiliate and degrade her far
more than it would if he were merely hungry for money!

Chapter 2

Sarah hoped that her secret fears and guilt would
not show at the dinner table that evening. She was
grateful to little Jill for maintaining a lively three-
year-old flow of chatter throughout the meal, diverting
her husband’s attention. After they had eaten and Sarah
was clearing off the table, Mike suddenly announced that
he was going out.

“You don’t mind if I go to the Brewery for a couple
of hours, do you, hon?” he asked, smiling at his wife.

Sarah felt a stab of disappointment. She did mind
when Mike went to the small tavern on the edge of town.
Even though she knew it was just his way of unwinding
now and then, she knew from experience that he would
stay away much longer than a couple of hours. He would
come home late with the smell of beer on his breath when
he fell into bed. Although he never actually got drunk,
he always came home exhausted. Too exhausted to make
love to her even when she waited up for him. Sarah
secretly wished that the man she married would turn to
her for release from his tensions instead of to a local
tavern. Then maybe she would not need a vibrator

But Sarah did not voice any of her thoughts.
Playing the role of the sweet and agreeable wife, she
smiled sweetly. “Of course not, Mike,” she told him,
carrying a stack of dishes to the sink. “You work hard
all day and it would do you good to get out for a while
and relax.”

Looking pleased, the burly man with the blond wavy
hair gave her a quick hug. “You’re wonderful, Sarah,”
he said, kissing her cheek. “How many men are lucky
enough to have a wife like you! Most of them have to
beg for a night out. And even then, their wives resent

I resent it, too! Sarah thought to herself,
running water into the sink. I’d much rather you stay
home and unwind in bed! But she kept a pleasant
expression on her face while pouring dishwashing liquid
into the sink.

“I’ll get Jill ready for bed before I leave,” Mike
offered, leading their raven-haired daughter by the
hand. “Then you can just relax and watch TV.” He
started out of the room, then turned, remembering
something. “Oh yeah. I’ve got Gene’s TV set out in the
truck. I’ll bring it in before I go. Gene said he’ll
stop by and pick it up tomorrow morning.”

Sarah heard the delighted innocent laughter of
their daughter as Mike made a game of getting the c***d
into her night clothes. But she did not smile at the
lighthearted sounds of their playfulness. Instead, she
felt a flicker of annoyance the way she always did
whenever her brother-in-law’s name was mentioned. She
disliked Mike’s younger brother intensely. Although she
managed to conceal the intensity of her emotion from her
husband, Sarah felt certain that his nineteen-year-old
brother Gene sensed the animosity that Sarah harbored
toward him. She did her best to be polite to her
husband’s tall, lanky brother but she had to force
herself to do so. Everything about Gene disgusted her.
The way he leered at her when Mike wasn’t looking, the
way he took advantage of his older brother’s good-
natured generosity and affection. Sarah had lost track
of the amount of money the boy now owed them. Whenever
she mentioned the unpaid loans to Mike, however, he
merely laughed and shrugged his shoulders.

“Gene’s still a k*d,” he always apologized. “So he
forgets to pay me back now and then. It’s no big deal.”

Maybe it didn’t mean much to Mike but it mattered
to Sarah. She just didn’t like the way Gene used his
older brother, ignoring him for weeks when he was caught
up in his own activities, then showing up again with a
phony grin whenver he needed something. Whether it was
a time-consuming favor or a quick loan, Mike always
indulged his younger brother.

“Maybe I do spoil Gene a little,” Mike once
admitted after shelling out the fine for his brother’s
latest traffic violation. “But I practically raised him
singlehandedly after our folks died, Sarah. Somehow I
guess I still feel responsible for him.”

But Sarah felt that young Gene would stand on his
own two feet more if Mike didn’t keep making things so
easy for him. Like fixing his television set. Sarah
was certain that Gene would forget to pay his brother
for services rendered. Just as he always forgot to
repay loans. It wasn’t as if Gene didn’t earn good
money on his graveyard shift at the factory. Gene
shared a small studio apartment with a friend named
Lenny and still had plenty of money to spare after
expenses were met. But Gene squandered his paycheck on
good times, always running to his older brother when
things got tight and his wallet was not quite so well

And now he was coming over tomorrow morning.
Sighing heavily, Sarah hoped that he would not sit
around and gab, keeping her from her work. She liked to
make the best possible use of the hours that Jill spent
at the nursery school so that she could play with her
daughter in the afternoon. Well, if Gene looked like he
was going to park himself all morning, Sarah would just
have to invent some excuse to get rid of him.

Sarah had the dishes done by the time Mike returned
from their daughter’s bedroom. “She’s all set to watch
television with her mommy,” Mike said with a smile when
he joined Sarah in the kitchen. “I’ll go get Gene’s
television set, then head for the Brewery.”

After her husband had left, Sarah sat beside her
small daughter on the livingroom couch, trying to
concentrate on the musical variety show she had turned
on. But her troubled thoughts kept turning to the
disturbing letter she’d received that morning, along
with the revealing photographs of herself. She wished,
with a heaviness of heart, that Mike had not chosen this
particular evening to go out for a few beers. She knew
that without his companionship, she would spend the
entire evening brooding about her secret dilemma once
Jill was tucked in for the night. Then she felt a
ripple of guilt for her selfishness. Mike really did
deserve a night out with the boys occasionally, she
reminded herself sternly. After all, he was only
engaging in a little harmless recreation to help him
relax after a hard day’s work.

As Sarah sat beside her young daughter, holding the
c***d’s small hand in hers, the lovely brunette was
secure in the belief that Mike was doing nothing more
than going out to spend a few hours shooting the breeze
with the fellow patrons of the Brewery.

Because she trusted her beloved husband implicitly,
Sarah never once suspected that in a few short minutes,
the man she adored would be pounding his fiery prick
into the well-trodden cunt of a hard-faced platinum
blonde named Lil. A woman who knew Sarah’s husband in
all the intimate and carnal ways that Sarah herself
secretly yearned for!

* * *

Mike McBride had told his wife only half the truth
when he said that he was going to the Brewery for a few
beers. What he failed to add was the fact that he often
shared the foamy brew with a bleached blonde divorcee
who was usually occupying a stool at the bar. On the
nights that Mike showed up, however, Lil downed her
drinks faster than usual for she was in just as big a
hurry as Mike was to get to her apartment.

After consuming their usual quota of alcohol, Mike
and Lil left the bar arm in arm. Minutes later, they
were sprawled in the middle of the divorcee’s bed, their
naked bodies intertwined. The sounds of their heavy
breathing filled the air as Mike lay on top of her, his
distended prick poking the barfly’s heavy thigh. He
bent over her bosom, kneading her ample tits while he
sucked greedily at one of her ruby nipples. His swollen
testicles churning under the weight of their heavy load,
he went at her big boobs with the fervor he dared not
display at home. Mike had hungered for the taste of a
savory mound of flesh for days now. If he had waited
uch longer to satisfy his lustful urges, he was afraid
that he might have lost control of himself with Sarah
and gone after his wife’s luscious breasts the way he
was now devouring Lil’s. And Mike did not want that to
happen. His wife was far different from Lil. Sarah was
not the kind of woman that a man handled roughly. His
Sarah was sweet and good and decent, the kind of woman a
man cherished and respected.

Mike always held himself in check whenever he and
Sarah made love, being careful not to let his animal
lust get the best of him. By exercising the utmost
self-control, Mike managed to make love to his wife
gently, tenderly, the way Mike felt that she both
deserved and expected to be treated. It was when his
frustration became overpowering, that he turned to
earthy women like Lil. The hard-faced blonde under him
liked being handled roughly, for her sexual appetite was
as voracious as any man’s. With someone like Lil, Mike
could relax and let himself go sexually. Although he
hated himself for cheating on his beloved Sarah, he had
little choice in the matter. He loved his wife with all
his heart but she did not satisfy all his sexual needs.
Every so often, the young husband felt as if he would
explode if he did not go out and find the kind of woman
who would welcome the kind of sex he secretly hungered
for. A lusty man-hungry gal like Lil.

“Mmmmmmmmm, that feels gooood,” Lil moaned, arching
her back in an effort to offer Mike even more of her
vast hills of femininity. Her heavily mascaraed eyes
glazed with lust, the overweight divorcee let her hands
slide down Mike’s smooth muscular back and over the
curve of his bare buttocks. Sighing, she squeezed his
pale asscheeks with enthusiasm, loving the feel of his
firm flesh under her fingers. She ran her finger up the
hairy crack of his ass, noting with satisfaction that
her quick unexpected caress made gooseflesh appear on
his nude body.

Although she was glad to be rid of her abusive ex-
husband, Lil missed having a built-in sex partner.
That’s why she frequented the local tavern several
nights a week. If she sat at the bar long enough, she
could usually count on finding some eager cock willing
to ram her hungry pussy. And Mike McBride was not only
one of her regular cocksmen but he was also one of her
favorites. The big burly Irishman really knew how to
take care of a woman in the sack. He always gave her
oversize boobs a great going over, using his hands and
his mouth in ways that kept her happy for days.
Although she was sometimes bruised and sore after one of
their heated sessions, it was well worth the small

Now, as he squeezed and sucked at her mammoth tits,
hot bursts of sensation coursed through her, making the
blonde writhe with pleasure. Her pussy leaking
profusely, it pounded out its hunger with a persistent
beat. Her free-flowing cuntal juices oozed from her
throbbing aperture to stain the bedsheet. She knew from
experience how deliciously big Mike’s luscious prick was
and the knowledge that tonight she was in for an extra
special treat added to her excitement.

At last Mike lifted his fair head from her bosom.
Breathing hard, he rolled over on his back, his towering
shaft reaching for the ceiling. “Get on top of me,
baby,” he panted, “and have yourself a go at my prick!”

Lil gazed at his towering shaft with adoring eyes.
“You bet I will, sweetie!” she quickly agreed, licking
her lips. Rising eagerly, she lifted a heavy leg to
straddle his naked body, her well-padded asscheeks
looming in front of Mike’s handsome face. Grabbing the
thick base of his swollen spear, the bleached blonde
lowered her head, her mouth watering. She loved to suck
on a cock almost as much as she loved to feel one crowd
her pussy. The taste of a warm hunk of meat in her
mouth made her entire body tingle. It wasn’t often,
however, that she got the chance to sample an oversize
prick like Mike’s. The mere thought of sucking on his
tasty manhood made her oozing cunt flutter in

“Mmmmmmmmm,” she moaned, opening her mouth greedily
while she brought her head all the way down to meet his
bubbling joint.

“Ahhhhhhhh,” Mike sighed, thrilling to the feel of
her wet mouth encircling his hot poker. In seconds, the
pudgy blonde had consumed the full length of his
masculinity so that the oozing knoblike tip rammed the
back of her throat. Once her widely stretched mouth had
devoured every possible inch, the blonde began to suck
vigorously. Fiery bursts of carnal pleasure tore through
Mike’s throbbing penis at the feel of her drawing
tongue. “Oh, baby!” he gasped, lifting his hips in quick
response. “That’s gooood! Keep suckin’!”

Encouraged by his praise, the plump divorcee sucked
with even greater vigor, her head moving up and down
enthusiastically. While she clutched the stump of his
cock with one hand, she reached down to fondle his
prickly sacs with the other. Mike felt his swollen balls
churn under her firm touch. Christ, Lil sure can suck
cock! he thought, breathing heavily. Her dangling tits
dancing merrily as she bobbed up and down, Lil’s cheeks
billowed in and out.

Good ol’ Lil! Mike thought, surrendering himself
completely to her vigorous suckings. With a gal like
her, a man can really let go!

“Suck, suck!” he cried, letting his inhibitions run
wild. After holding back with his wife all the time, it
felt great to let loose like this. His hot prick
pounding and his balls churning while she went at him
with gusto, Mike gazed up at the divorcee’s widespread
cunt. He saw the creaminess of her gaping pussy, the
way her bright clitoris rose in excited splendor,
beckoning invitingly. He reached up to stroke her soft
thighs while his long tongue darted out to titillate the
inflamed bud of femininity. The small penislike
structure grew even more rigid under his manipulations
and the blonde’s wide ass bucked in heated response.

Lil suddenly released her masculine treasure to
gasp for air. “Oh, Mike honey!” she cried, wiggling her
hips. “Eat my pussy, sweetie! Oh, I need your mouth on
my cunt!” When she felt Mike’s wet tongue respond to
her wanton plea, she shuddered, her lewdly parted pussy
secreting even more profusely. Oh, his wet mouth felt
so good against her steaming cunt! Moaning happily, she
lowered her head once again to resume her vigorous
sucking, her mouth working feverishly in an effort to
reward him for the way his oral member was swirling so
magnificently between her outspread legs. The pungent
taste of Mike’s precoital juices on her tongue
stimulated her all the more. Nearly out of her mind
with passion, the plump divorcee rose up and down on his
fiery shaft with unsurpassed dedication. “Mmmmmmmph!
Mmmmmmmph!” she grunted. The dual pleasure of feeling
Mike’s mammoth rod crowd her mouth while his merciless
tongue ravished her pounding cunt proved overpowering.

Suddenly the naked blonde moaned as if in delirium,
her big ass bucking wildly, making Mike’s head flip like
that of a puppet on a string as his relentless tongue
swirled high in her slick vagina. As she bucked in
heated orgasm, mewling and grunting, her mouth and
tongue tugged at her partner’s hot pole of masculinity
with the fervor of a mad woman.

The taste of her oozing feminine juices on his
tongue as well as the merciless way she was devouring
his wildly throbbing prick made Mike’s heated pelvis
whirl frantically. Lowering his head from her
pulsating, climaxing cunt, he panted, his breath coming
hot and heavy. His balls were churning and his fiery
shaft was about to explode.

“Oh Christ!” he gasped, his fingers digging cruelly
into the divorcee’s widely split thighs. “I’m
cummmming! Aghhhhhhh!” His hips jerking, he felt his
steaming juices erupt in Lil’s mouth while wave after
wave of carnal sensation tore through his sweating body.
He felt her hand squeeze tightly around the base of his
ejaculating organ as she eagerly devoured his hot semen,
her throat working rapidly as she swallowed again and
again. When at last his jerking penis had shot its
entire wad, the platinum blonde lifted her head from his
spent organ and collapsed on top of him.

As the panting couple struggled to catch their
breath, Mike’s thoughts suddenly turned to his lovely
wife Sarah. If being sucked off by a slut like Lil
could bring him such pleasure, how much more thrilling
it would be if his young wife would give him a good blow
job. Instantly ashamed of his lewd thoughts, Mike
silently berated himself. His sweet Sarah would be
shocked and disgusted if he ever suggested such an act
to her! To even think of the woman he loved while a
tramp like Lil was lying naked and sprawled on top of
him was contemptible! Alarmed by his salacious
thoughts, Mike decided that he better make sure that he
fucked away to his heart’s content tonight so that he
did not dare approach his sweet homemaker in any way
that might frighten or disgust her. Better he satisfy
himself with a woman who welcomed rough and vigorous sex
… like good ol’ Lil!

“What d’ya say, Lil baby?” Mike asked in a husky
voice, running his finger down the length of her
saturated slit. “Do you think you can suck some life
back into me so we can go another round or two?”

Lil’s puffy, sperm-coated mouth stretched into a
lascivious grin as she lifted her leg and rolled over.
“You bet, sweetie,” she murmured, reaching for his limp
organ. “You can always count on Lil, honey. Just gimme
a few minutes and I’ll have this baby nice and stiff
again!” With that, she lowered her head and drew his
spent penis into her receptive mouth. Her cheeks
working in and out, she sucked vigorously, pausing at
intervals to trace maddening circles around the tip of
his cock, dipping down inside to lap up every last drop
of sperm. It wasn’t long before the pudgy divorcee felt
the masculine treasure grow within her mouth, becoming
smooth and stiff under her artful ministrations. Her
insatiable pussy began to throb again, eager for more
than the feel of a tongue within its spongy depths.
This time, Lil hungered for the vastness of Mike
McBride’s enviable prick inside her cock-hungry vagina.
No man she knew could fuck her with such strength and
determination as the man whose rapidly expanding joint
filled her warm mouth.

Mike grinned, feeling his hot shaft reach full
capacity once again. “You sure know how to suck a
prick, baby!” he complimented, reaching down to give her
heavy asscheek a playful slap. “Now you can spead those
legs of yours so I can shove my big cock into your hot
little pussy!”

More than eager to comply, the naked divorcee
rolled over on her back and split her legs wide, gazing
up at her husky partner with thick-lidded eyes.
“Mmmmmmmmm, I can hardly wait to feel your big prick
inside my cunt,” she murmured, her hands sliding down
her abdomen to grasp her fuzzy triangle. Whimpering,
she spread her cuntal lips apart in a lewd offering, her
quivering canal glistening in readiness. “Hurry and put
it in, honey,” she begged, lifting her pelvis while her
hungry cunt throbbed demandingly.

Mike quickly straddled the hard-faced blonde, his
distended hunk of meat scarlet and deeply veined as it
loomed forward. He could feel his balls tighten under
the weight of another steaming load of semen and knew
that he was ready to give the uninhibited divorcee the
brand of fucking she ached for. But first, he wanted to
hear her beg a little.

“Say please, baby,” he told her, reaching down to
finger her milky slit.

Lil gasped at the feel of his finger. Splitting
her legs so far apart that her thigh muscles ached, she
looked up at him pleadingly. “Please, Mike,” she
begged, her leaking aperture throbbing deliciously.
“Please fuck me!”

“Do you like my prick?” he teased, dragging out her
obvious discomfort by flicking his thumb across her wet

Moaning, Lil arched her back, the nipples of her
enormous tits rising hotly while her steaming cunt oozed
forth more of its sticky nectar. “Oh yesssssss,” she
agreed, licking her lips. “I love your prick, honey.
Now please! Please fuck me!”

Chuckling triumphantly, Mike withdrew his hand from
her dripping membranes and grabbed her meaty thighs.
Giving her legs a harsh tug, he lifted her hips off the
mattress. The blonde quickly curled her thick legs
around his waist, her leaking aperture poised in
readiness. With a sudden jerk of his hips, Mike sent
his crimson cock deep into her saturated slot. In
seconds, he had completely penetrated her inner depths,
the mushroom tip of his stiff rod bumping against her
cervix. He felt her soaked vaginal walls grasp him
eagerly and heard her cry out at his fierce and swift
invasion. “Feel good, baby?” he asked, breathing hard.

“Oh yesssssss,” she moaned, her legs tightening
around his trim waist. “Oh, keep on fuckin’!”

Mike quickly complied, his hands sliding under her
heavy buttocks to lift her wide hips as he pounded into
her. Again and again he lunged forward, his pistoning
shaft crowding her slick vagina with speed and
determination. The wet sucking sounds of her greedy
canal could be heard along with their mutual grunts.
“Like the way I fuck?” Mike demanded, shoving his
pulsating cock deep into her wetly grasping opening as
hard as he could.

“Yesssssss,” she replied rapturously, her legs
tightening around Mike’s sweating body with each forward
lunge, trying to capture every possible inch of his
great phallic length. “Oooooohhh, you’re so biiiig,
honey!” she moaned, swirling her hips in erratic
circles. “Oh fuck, fuck!”

Grunting, Mike pounded into the split-legged blonde
again and again, his mushroomlike tip bumping into her
cervix with each swift penetration. His balls were
churning and his body was burning with lust. This was
the way he liked to fuck! Hard and fast and deep! He
gloried to the feel of Lil’s legs clinging so tightly to
his waist, the lustful look on her face as she lifted
her pelvis high to meet his forceful invasions. Maybe
Lil was cheap and easy but she sure knew how to fuck!
Sweat ran down Mike’s naked body as he tore into her,
trickling down to disappear into the hairy recesses of
his asshole. His huge testicles slapped against her
buttocks with each forward lunge. He withdrew his
pounding prick almost completely before again slamming
into her with abandonment. His mouth hung loosely and
his eyes were glassy. The burly Irishman was fairly mad
with lust as he ravaged her foaming vagina. All else
but fucking was blotted from his passion-crazed mind.

Nothing mattered now but physical sensation. He was
consumed by the fierce throbbing of his fiery rod, the
luscious feel of her grasping wet cunt around his
pistoning shaft. At last his sweating body gave one
last forward jerk before he erupted inside her with
volcanic force, sending searing hot juices splattering
against the walls of her pussy. “Aghhhhhhh!” he cried,
bucking and jerking like a madman while his steaming cum
kept spurting.

Feeling his vast cock explode deep within her
secret depths, Lil quickly joined her partner in orgasm.
Grunting and moaning, their sweating bucking bodies
worked together in frenzied unison as together they
reached the apex of carnal joy until at last their
convulsing bodies grew still.

* * *

Sarah was sound asleep when Mike tiptoed into their
darkened bedroom. Spent and exhausted, he undressed as
quietly as possible so that he would not awaken the
woman he loved. As he slid into bed beside the lovely
brunette, Mike felt a wave of guilt course through his
body. He was not proud of the fact that he was cheating
on Sarah like this. And he hoped to God that she would
never find out. The thought of losing her was almost
more than he could bear. Still, sleeping around with
other women – the kinds who enjoyed his lusty sexual
desires – was something Mike was convinced he had to do.
It was the only way he could satisfy the strong physical
cravings of his masculinity. His precious Sarah was so
sweet and innocent that he could never fuck her the way
he had fucked Lil tonight. He could dream about it, of
course, fantasize about all the wild and forceful ways
he would like to make love to his wife, but he could
never dare to enact them in reality!

As Mike McBride gazed into the innocent looking
face of his beloved wife, almost childlike in slumber,
never in the man’s wildest fantasies could he have
imagined what his beautiful young wife would engage in
the very next day!

Chapter 3

When the doorbell rang the next morning, Sarah
glanced out the livingroorn window to see her brother-
in-law’s red sports car parked out in front. She felt
herself tense while a ripple of distaste coursed through
her. She had never met anyone she disliked more than
her husband’s younger brother. Everything about Gene
set her teeth on edge. She answered the door with a
grim look on her face, hoping that Gene would pick up
his television set and leave without stopping to pass
the time of day with her. She hated his boastful manner
and parasitic tendencies. If I don’t think of some way
to get rid of him, Gene will invite himself to lunch,
Sarah thought, opening the front door.

Gene stood with his lanky form draped in the
doorway, a cigarette drooping from his sullen lips. He
appraised Sarah’s conservative outfit with cold,
narrowed eyes. “Well now,” he said in a mocking tone.
“Don’t you look sweet this morning!”

Sarah was suddenly self-conscious about her
conservative blouse and skirt. Gene undoubtedly
preferred seeing the opposite sex clad in something
sexier, but Sarah dressed to please her husband. And
Mike liked to see her dressed decently, even around the
house. Gene, however, would probably have preferred to
find Sarah in a pair of tight jeans and a low-cut
sweater. Trying to ignore his thinly veiled sarcasm,
Sarah pasted a thin smile on her face and stepped
backward, inviting him in.

“Guess you’ve come for your television set,” she
said, trying to keep her voice pleasant. She gestured
toward the portable set on the floor. “It’s all ready
for you,” she went on. “The picture is really great
now. Mike’s got it fixed up like new.”

Gene took a drag-on his cigarette, glancing at the
set with a bored expression. “Is Jill at nursery
school?” he asked, his pale-blue eyes darting about.

Sarah nodded, grateful that Gene had come while her
daughter was away. Otherwise, he might stop and play
with Jill, staying for hours. The only redeeming
quality about her brother-in-law was the fact that he
did seem genuinely fond of his young niece. The only
real generosity he’d ever shown was toward little Jill.
He seldom came over without some sort of present for the

“I don’t go pick her up until one o’clock,” Sarah
explained, hoping the information would discourage him
from sticking around. It was only a little after ten
now. And Sarah certainly did not welcome the though of
having Gene park himself for three more hours.

“It’s just as well,” he said, crushing his
cigarette in a nearby ashtray. “It’s you I’ve come to
see, anyhow,” he added, looking at her with a strange

Sarah felt a flicker of annoyance. Why didn’t he
just pick up his television set and leave, she thought
with exasperation. Didn’t he realize that she had
things to do?

She cleared her throat, quickly searching her mind
for some phony excuse to get rid of him. “Well, I was
just about to go out to do some grocery shopping, the
supermarket has some good specials I can’t afford to
pass up. And it’s much easier for me to shop without

Her brother-in-law crossed his arms and gave her a
long look. “Is that right?” he asked, a smug look on
his thin face. “Well now, sister-in-law,” he drawled,
his lips twisting into a smirk, “it looks like you’re
just gonna have to postpone that shopping trip for a

The false smile left Sarah’s face to be replaced
with a frown. Who did Gene think he was anyway? “I’m
sorry, Gene,” she said in a cold voice. “But I’ve
already planned my day.” She walked over to the
television set, lifted it and handed it to him in a
gesture of dismissal. “Maybe you can come back sometime
when Mike and Jill are here,” she told him. That way,
Sarah could leave the entertaining of his younger
brother up to her husband while she went about her

Gene took the TV set from her and set it down. “Oh,
I don’t think that would be such a good idea, Sarah
dear,” he said, reaching into the pocket of his leather
jacket. “Not unless you want your husband and daughter
to see these!” His thick lips stretching into a sneer,
he withdrew an envelope. His pale-blue eyes never
leaving Sarah’s face, the young man removed the contents
of the envelope and held them up in front of her.

Sarah breathed a gasp of horror and her green eyes
grew round as she stared, her mouth open and her jaw
slack. For the brother-in-law she so despised was
holding up copies of the four photographs she had
received in the mail the day before! “Where did you get
these?” she croaked, her cheeks flushing crimson.

“Down at my friendly neighborhood porno shop,” he
replied, his sneer intensifying. “And they’ve got lots
more. Why, dear?” he taunted, his sneer stretching into
a mocking grin. “Did you want a set for your family
album?” he asked, thrusting the lewd photos at her.

“You!” Sarah choked, clutching her throat as she
held the pictures. “You sent the letter!”

“That’s right, sweetie,” Gene said, unzipping his
jacket. “My, you do catch on fast, don’t you, Sarah?”

“What is it you want?” she asked, her voice a
ragged whisper. “I …I can’t give you much, Gene.
Only about ten dollars a week!”

Gene tossed his jacket on a nearby chair, an
unpleasant smile on his thin face. “Oh, I don’t want
your money, sweet Sarah,” he told her, unbuttoning his
shirt. “That would be like stealing from my own
brother, don’t you agree? I mean, after all, whatever
you get comes from him, right?”

Sarah’s mouth felt like cotton and her heart
pounded with fear. “You … you’re going to tell Mike,
aren’t you?” she asked, her voice cracking.

“Not unless you make me, sweet Sarah,” he said,
removing his shirt.

Sarah watched her brother-in-law fumble with his
trousers and felt her heart skip a beat. “What do you
mean?” she asked in a shaky voice.

“I mean, all you have to do is cooperate, baby,”
Gene told her, unzipping his fly. “You know what a fun-
loving guy I am, don’t you, honey?” He let his pants
drop to the floor, then stepped out of them, standing
before her in just a T-shirt and jockey shorts. “And
that’s all I’m here for, sweetie, So you and me can have
ourselves a little fun!”

As Sarah gasped in open-mouthed disbelief, Gene
reached out to grab the lewd photos from her. “The same
kind of fun you seemed to be having when these pictures
were taken,” he added, returning the photos to his
jacket pocket.

All the color drained from the brunette’s face as
the meaning of his words became clear. Her brother-in-
law was blackmailing her, all right! But it wasn’t cold
cash that he wanted. Instead, he lusted for hot flesh
and b***d. It was her body, not her money, that he

Sarah took a step forward, her face beseeching.
“But, Gene, you don’t understand. I posed for those
photos years ago! Before I even met Mike! Those
pictures don’t have anything to do with now!”

Gene lifted his T-shirt, his eyes cold. “That’s
where you’re wrong, baby,” he told her pulling the
undergarment over his head. “Those pictures have plenty
to do with now. ‘Cause if you don’t play along with me
now, I’ll blow the whistle on you to my brother!”

The lovely brunette stared at her nearly nude
brother-in-law with a helpless look on her pretty face.
As she stood in front of him, pale and trembling, she
felt trapped and frightened. Having sex with the man
she loathed made her stomach churn, but Sarah did not
know what else she could do. Mike trusted her, held her
on a pedestal. Learning about the obscene modeling she’d
done would surely destroy all feelings he had for her.
If Mike should learn of her sordid past, he would be so
disillusioned that the love he now felt for her would
cease to exist! And Sarah loved Mike so desperately
that she would do anything she could to keep their
marriage intact. Including agreeing to Gene’s sexual
demands. Even though the thought of having sex with her
brother-in-law turned her stomach, it was better than
losing the man she loved.

Sarah’s jade eyes dropped to the slight bulge
between Gene’s legs. “You mean,” she began, swallowing
hard, “that if I do what you want, you’ll keep my

“Sure, baby,” Gene said. “All you have to do is
let me have my fun, okay? After all, you were willing
to let those guys in the photos have their fun with you.
And they weren’t even related, like we are. Then once
I’ve had my fill of you, I’ll never mention those photos
again.” He gave her a lascivious grin, his eyes
traveling over the length of her voluptuous figure.
“What d’ya say, honey? Is it a deal?”

Believing that Gene would keep his end of the
bargain, Sarah nodded.
“It’s a deal.”

“Good, then that’s settled,” he said, grinning
lasciviously. “Now all you have to do is get comfy,
dear sister-in-law. Just like I did.” When he saw the
fright reflected in Sarah’s jade eyes, he chuckled.
“Take off your clothes, honey. All except your
stockings and garterbelt, that is,” he added, licking
his lips. “Keep those on.” When Sarah hesitated,
staring at him with round eyes, Gene snapped his
fingers. “I said strip!” he ordered, taking a step
forward. Then his eyes darted to the radio on the end
table and he smiled. “Or maybe you want to undress to
music, huh, Sarah?” He walked over to the radio and
turned the knob, a sudden blast of rock music piercing
the air. “There,” he smirked, flopping down on the
sofa. “That’s better.”

Sarah’s fingers moved to the buttons of her blouse
while Gene sat back and leered at her. For some reason,
stripping for her obnoxious brother-in-law was much more
difficult than stripping for strangers had been during
her brief modeling career. That had been just a job,
one she was getting paid for. But following Gene’s
orders put things on a strictly personal basis and she
felt embarrassed and humiliated.

“Dance!” Gene ordered, watching her open her
blouse, his eyes bright with lust.

Blinking back tears, Sarah did as she was told,
moving her feet to the heavy rock beat. She shed her
blouse and let it drop to the carpet, feeling Gene’s icy
stare focus on her black satin bra. She had been aware
of his eyes on her boobs in the past but his glance had
always been surreptitious. Now he gazed boldy, his
tongue sliding across his thick lips at the sight of her
pale flesh spilling out of the 34-D bra.

“Take off your bra!” he commanded, his penis
growing in his shorts.

Feeling her cheeks brighten, Sarah reached behind
her back to unhook the garment. She let the black bra
slide down her shoulders, then fall to the rug,
releasing her mammoth tits. She heard Gene gasp as
they loomed forward in rounded magnificence, their
bright rosettes tightening into twin rosebuds at
their sudden nudity.

“Shit, you really got a great pair of boobs,
honey!” he praised, his hand lowering to the hot
swelling in his shorts. He grabbed his growing prick
and fondled it unabashedly as he eyed her firm mounds of
ivory flesh. “Mmmmmm, I can’t wait to have a go at

Moving in time to the music, Sarah unzipped her
skirt and stepped out of it, tossing the garment to the
floor. Doing a pirouette, she lowered her lacy half-
slip. Once that garment was discarded, the lovely
brunette had only her white lace panties to shed.
Wriggling her shapely hips, she eased out of them,
letting them drop to the floor. Whirling, she turned to
face her brother-in-law clad only in a black garterbelt,
nylon stockings, and high-heeled pumps.

“Now let’s see you dance for me, honey,” Gene
ordered, his eyes bright as he gazed at the dark
triangle of fuzz between her outstretched legs. “Really

Her face bright with humiliation, the pretty
brunette wriggled her hips and moved her legs in time to
the heavy beat of the music. Her long dark hair whirled
as she gyrated and turned, giving Gene the opportunity
to ogle her luscious naked body from every angle. Her
big tits jiggled enticingly, their rosy nipples looming
forward. She saw her brother-in-law caress his growing
erection as his pale eyes devoured her nude body, his
big lips hanging loosely. And she loathed the man as
never before!

Gene felt his hot prick expand rapidly at the
delectable sight in front of him. Sarah was really
built and her enormous boobs were so nice and firm and
high. The way they bobbed and undulated when she
performed her disco dance really turned him on. And
seeing her naked, except for her skimpy garterbelt and
nylon stockings, made his throbbing cock mushroom even
faster. The sharp contrast of her pale thighs and
abdomen against the shiny black satin stimulated the
young man as much as if Sarah were stark naked. The
dark nylon stockings and high-heeled shoes made her
shapely legs seem even more appealing.

But now Gene wanted to do more than merely look at
her luscious nudity. Wearing an evil grin, he rose from
the sofa to turn off the blaring music. He went over to
his pretty sister-in-law and stood in front of her with
his shorts bulging at the crotch area. He bent down to
draw a bright nipple into his mouth, squeezing the pale
flesh surrounding the pink rosette while his other hand
reached down to finger the slit of her hesitating pussy.
Sarah gasped at the feel of his warm mouth upon her
breast and the pressure of his fingers upon her
sensitive cuntal tissues. Still, she dared not pull
away. They had made a deal and she had no choice but to
abide by it so that he would not reveal her dark past to
her beloved husband.

His greedy lips moved from one rosy tip to the
other, sucking voraciously while he dug his fingers into
her fuzzy crotch. Despite the fact that she despised
the man whose mouth was pressed against her ample
breasts, warm tingly sensations coursed through her
naked body and the nub of her clitoris rose hotly under
his persistent fingers.

Fully aware of the speed with which Sarah’s tiny
bud of femininity was responding to his caress, Gene
withdrew his mouth from her distended nipple to give her
a knowing grin. “Like that, don’t you, Sarah?” he
asked, rubbing her sensitive organ even harder.

“No!” she gasped, her cheeks flaming even more.
But the way that the tiny penislike structure stiffened
belied her words.

“Who you tryin’ to k*d?” he asked, laughing
derisively. “You’re gettin’ all hot and bothered and we
both know it.” He pulled his hand from between her legs
and stood up with the front of his jockey shorts
protruding sharply. “On your knees, bitch!” he

Her eyes wide, she quickly complied. “Take off my
shorts,” he ordered.

Her hands shaking, the kneeling brunette tugged at
the elastic waistband, lowering her brother-in-law’s
underwear. In seconds, she released his big crimson
cock and its fiery tip bobbed menacingly in front of her
face while its open glans gazed like a gaping, glaring

Smirking at her obvious discomfort, Gene stepped
out of his shorts, aiming his swollen rod directly at
his sister-in-law’s open mouth. “Now suck!” he told
her. When she hesitated, her lips parted and her cheeks
flushed, Gene grabbed a handful of her dark hair to
bring her face forward.

“Mmmmmmph!” she grunted as he f****d his big hunk
of meat into her mouth. She felt his warm penis ram the
back of her throat as he jerked his hips, filling her
entire mouth with one great phallic thrust. She tried
not to gag as the blunt end bumped into her soft palate.
Tears of humiliation stinging her eyes, she began to
suck. The strong smell of his masculinity pierced her
nostrils and she had to remind herself that she was
performing this lewd act in order to save her marriage.

“Squeeze my balls!” he told her, giving her slender
hips another forward jerk, sending the tip of his
swollen rod down her throat.

Sarah gagged, then drew his distended pole of
manhood back into her mouth while she reached obediently
to fondle his huge sacs. The twin spheres felt sweaty
under her fingers and she fought the urge to pull her
hand away. She heard him moan with pleasure at the way
her tongue was drawing on his smooth shaft while her
hand fondled his hanging testicles. Pretend it’s Mike’s
cock you’re sucking on! she told herself, fighting
nausea. Make believe it’s his balls you’re squeezing,
and it’ll be all right! Sarah squeezed her eyes shut
and used her imagination to blot the fact that she was
performing fellatio on a man she detested.

“Ahhhh, that feels nice, baby!” Gene encouraged,
lacing his fingers through her long mane. “Mmmmm, keep
on suckin’!”

Sarah obeyed, sharply aware of the taste of
masculine nectar upon her tongue as his open tip leaked
forth its hot juices. Oh, if only this were all some
horrible nightmare from which she would soon awaken to
find everything right in her world again. But Sarah
knew, with sickening clarity, that she was not dreaming,
that the warm bubbling organ fucking her tortured mouth
was all too real. She also realized that she was totally
helpless in this appalling situation, subject to her
despicable brother-in-law’s slightest whim. Oh God, she
agonized, her cheeks billowing in and out while her
tightly ovaled mouth slid back and forth, what other
perverted acts will he make me perform before he’s
finished with me?

Breathing hard, the naked young man stood with his
heavily lidded eyes taking in the delectable sight of
the naked brunette kneeling submissively between his
split thighs, her huge melonous tits dancing and
quivering in time to her rhythmic movements. He saw the
tempting curve of her parted asscheeks and knew that in
good time he would knead and caress the pale flesh to
his heart’s content. For now, though, the intruder was
content with the magnificent feel of her warm lips and
moist tongue on his inflamed rod. He gasped and his
legs trembled when Sarah paused in her suckings to let
her tongue swirl around the circumference of his gaping
prickhead, lapping up its sticky emission. The feel of
her pointed oral member upon his throbbing sensitive tip
made hot bursts of wild sensation course through his
naked body.

“Faster!” he panted, clawing her long tresses
frantically in heated response. Obeying, Sarah moved
her tongue in progressively faster circles while she
clutched at the thick base of his massive cock with one
hand and kneaded his prickly sacs with the other. He
moaned when she thrust the tip of her tongue down into
the depths of his open glans with maddening force. His
balls churned and his fiery cock lurched, sending more
of its warm juices into the squatting brunette’s mouth.
Gene bucked his pelvis forward to drive his great
phallic length deep into Sarah’s throat. “Suck, suck!”
he cried. He whimpered in appreciation as he felt Sarah
wrap her soft lips into a tight ring around his wildly
pounding organ to suck hard. She was laboring
diligently now, sucking to please, her dark head
twisting and bobbing up and down his pistoning shaft.
He watched the way her obscenely outstretched lips clung
to his hot masculinity on each backstroke of her head.
Moaning, he surrendered himself completely to the firm
steady pressure of her mouth and tongue, enjoying the
way her magnificent protruding tits brushed against his
legs as she bobbed up and down.

As Sarah continued to suck the lust-bloated pole of
masculinity, its warm precoital juices coating her
tongue, she began to experience a definite involuntary
response. She no longer had to pretend that it was her
husband’s slippery shaft that she held captive in her
crowded oral cavity. No matter whose cock it was, all
that mattered now was the wet satiny feel of the big
bubbling spear against her tongue and roof of her mouth.
An undeniable swift throbbing started between her parted
thighs and she felt a warm trickle of feminine syrup
ooze from her fuzzy triangle to dribble down her pale
inner thigh. Her heart pounded and her entire pelvis
area swirled with the heat of desire. She felt just the
way she’d felt when she’d sucked cock for the camera
years before. As if they possessed a will of their own,
her fingers clutched at the base of the swollen organ
with a fierce possessiveness, trying to draw every
possible inch of warm meat into her oral receptacle.
Her other hand kneaded Gene’s firm testicles with
renewed vigor, the feel of his big prickly sacs
stimulating her even more. Her tongue drew on the warm
rod greedily, eager for more of its pungent secretions.
She began to moan softly as she sucked, the hot
palpitations of her oozing cunt increasing in strength
and tempo.

What’s wrong with me? she wondered, a fleeting
moment of sanity stealing over her. How can I LIKE
sucking on Gene’s cock when I despise him so? But her
silent questions were soon obliterated by the wild
fluttering of her wet pussy, the luscious taste of warm
precoital juices upon her drawing tongue. The naked
kneeling brunette tugged on the swollen shaft of manhood
as if it were a tasty lollipop that she couldn’t get
enough of, for her mouth hungered for more than just
tantalizing trickles of pre-seminal juices. Sarah
wanted to make her brother-in-law’s pistoning cudgel
explode in her mouth so that she could swallow his hot
masculine juices the way she’d swallowed hot cum during
her brief modeling career. Oh, it’s been so long since
I’ve tasted a warm prick like this, she thought, her
mouth sliding back and forth while her cheeks worked in
and out with fierce determination. I can’t wait to
drink a big mouthful of tasty sperm!

With a surge of triumph, Gene sensed the subtle
change in Sarah’s ministrations. Her hands were bolder,
her mouth working more voraciously and he knew that she
too was consumed by passions she could no longer
control. He watched in lustful delight as she went at
him with the fervor of a harlot, whimpering softly.
“Suck, bitch, suck!” he gasped, hurling his hips
forward, pummeling her receptive mouth with his pounding
hunk of rigid flesh. His lust heightened by his sister-
in-law’s total involvement in the lewd act she was
performing, his breath came hot and heavy. He felt his
overloaded testicles ache under the burden of their
turgid cargo and knew that his moment of ultimate carnal
pleasure was painfully near. The excited young man
panted and groaned, his fiery prick pounding savagely
under her skillful and slavish ministrations.

Suddenly he could not hold back the eruptive force
of his steaming load one second longer. His hips pumped
wildly. “Suck, suck!” he whined, his exploding penis
spurting its torrid juices into Sarah’s tightly ovaled
mouth. The kneeling brunette instinctively tightened
her hold on his hotly convulsing shaft, her head bobbing
and twisting in harmony with his fierce ejaculations.
The sounds of their mutual moans filled the room as the
climaxing young man shot his searing hot wad, his
fingers twining savagely through her long dark hair.
“Drink!” he gasped, his features contorted by lust as
his hips jerked. “Drink my cum!”

The whimpering bent brunette needed no prodding,
for her throat worked convulsively. Again and again she
swallowed, savoring the distinctive bittersweet taste of
his nectar on her laving tongue, the slippery warmth of
hot cum sliding down her throat. Her palpitating pussy
was soaked with the syrup of her arousal, coating the
dark matted pubic hair gracing her heated mound. She
drank thirstily, greedily, her tongue still drawing on
the ejaculating rod in an effort to collect every
possible drop of spurting liquid. His hot forceful
release seemed endless, making her throat open and close
with great rapidity in order to accommodate the fiery
bursts. Half-crazed with sexual excitement as the hot
masculine juices filled her cheeks to overflowing, Sarah
felt her foaming pussy throb harder and harder. At
last, the hot nub of her rigid clitoris fluttered
wildly, while great waves of searing orgasm convulsed
throughout her saturated cunt.

“Aghhhhh!” she cried, opening her mouth to cry out
in sweet release. Her slippery treasure slid from her
mouth, bobbing away like some venomous snake, sending
more of its warm venom spurting into her face and across
her melonous breasts. The feel of the hot liquid upon
her bare flesh merely served to heighten her forbidden
enjoyment. Her eyeballs rolled back in their sockets
and her hands fluttered to her bosom to smear the hot
cum across her quivering mounds of femininity. The
jerking spitting prick bobbed erratically as it released
the last of its fiery load. By the time the emptying
cock grew still, Sarah’s face was glistening with cum
and her tongue darted out to lap up any of the precious
liquid still within its reach.

Gene gazed down at his naked, panting, cocksucking
blackmailed sister-in-law with a searing look which
reflected both triumph and disgust. “Well, you really
had yourself quite a time, didn’t you, sweet Sarah?”
His thick lips curled into a sneer. “I always knew my
brother was a sap for thinkin’ you were so special! You
don’t know how fuckin’ sick I am of hearin’ him brag
about you when all the time I knew damn well that you’re
just as big a slut as any other bitch I know. You’re
all the same, you cock-suckin’ whores. Pretendin’ to be
somethin’ you ain’t, actin’ so high and mighty around
the likes of me.” He grabbed a handful of hair to yank
her head cruelly so that she was gazing directly into
his cold eyes. “You don’t look so special now, sweet

Tears of humiliation burned her eyes as her
brother-in-law laughed in her face. The taste of his
semen still fresh upon her tongue, the sprawled
brunette’s cheeks flushed crimson. Her degradation was
utter and complete, for there was no use in trying to
pretend that she had not enjoyed sucking him off, that
her mouth had not hungered for his hot juices. Nor
could she deny the humiliating fact that she had reached
a thrilling climax while performing her perverse and
debasing act.

Chuckling softly, Gene released his hold on her
hair to glance at his watch. “Time to be runnin’ along,
dear Sarah,” he said. He reached for his strewn
clothing, turning to curl his lip at her. “But I’ll be
back tomorrow morning, sweetie. With a very special
friend of mine. A gal whose just as big a slut as you
are, honey. She may even teach you a thing or two!” He
laughed cruelly, his pale eyes narrowing with glee as he
watched her silent anguish. “Yes sir, I think you two
will really love each other!”

While her brother-in-law dressed, Sarah slumped
into a defeated heap of naked despair. Whistling an
off-key tune, the young man lifted his television set
and headed for the door. “See you tomorrow, sweetie,”
he said, reaching for the door knob.

As the door closed softly behind him, Sarah buried
her face in her hands. A sick feeling engulfed the
lovely brunette, for she knew without a doubt that from
here on in, her life would never be quite the same!

Chapter 4

Shamed and guilt-ridden, Sarah spent more time than
usual with her daughter that afternoon. When the c***d
settled down for her afternoon nap, the distraught
brunette sped through her housework in record time,
trying to compensate for the forbidden lust-filled
moments she’d spent, with her brother-in-law that
morning. By the time Mike came home from the shop, she
had a tasty meat loaf and scalloped potatoes browning in
the oven. After Jill was bedded down for the night,
Sarah busied herself with the current mending while Mike
watched television.

“Anything new with my brother?” Mike, asked in a
conversational tone during a commercial break.

Sarah jumped, pricking her finger on the needle.
“Not that I know of,” she lied, trying to keep her voice
casual. “He really didn’t stay all that long. Just
picked up his TV set and left. He seemed to be in a big
hurry today.”

Mike chuckled, reaching for a cigarette. “Probably
had himself a hot date. Gene’s quite a guy with the
ladies, you know.”

Sarah’s fingers moved faster and her cheeks
brightened. “Really?” she said in a high-pitched
innocent voice. “You’d never guess that to look at him,
would you?”

Mike laughed, taking a deep drag on his cigarette.
“That’s because Gene’s not one to brag, honey.”

Sarah broke the thread at that remark. How could
Mike be so blind to his brother’s faults? she wondered.
Why, Gene was boasting practically all the time. It was
one of the many annoying traits which infuriated Sarah
so. You should have heard him today, she thought,
reaching into the sewing basket for one of her
daughter’s torn dresses. To hear him tell it, he’s a
lot smarter than you, Mike. And he strutted out of here
like the proverbial cock of the barnyard!

“I hope he finds himself a nice girl and settles
down one of these days,” Mike continued, leaning back in
his chair. “That is, if he’s lucky enough to find
someone like you, honey.”

Sarah’s throat felt tight and she had to blink back
tears. Oh Mike, Mike, her aching heart cried in silent
misery. If only I were all that you think I am!

“But then there aren’t many women like you around
these days, darling,” Mike continued, gazing fondly at
his wife. “Lucky guys like me take them out of

Sarah bit her lip, pretending to be deeply
engrossed in the task of mending Jill’s ripped garment.
She felt so choked up at her husband’s ill-deserved
praise that she did not trust her voice. A wave of
relief swept over her when the program resumed,
diverting her husband’s attention.

Mike would be so hurt and disillusioned if he ever
learned about my sordid past, she thought, pushing the
needle savagely through the torn fabric. Just as he’d
be crushed if he knew just how low and despicable his
brother really is. Poor Mike! He’s so blinded by love,
that he can’t see either one of us as we really are!
Sarah stole a quick glance at her handsome husband, her
heart fairly bursting with love. And she knew that she
would submit to whatever lustful acts her husband’s
younger brother had in store for her the following
morning. No matter what indignities she had to endure,
it was well worth the price if it would save her husband
from learning the ugly truth about the two people he
loved so dearly. Sarah detested the thought of cheating
on Mike, of having illicit sex with his younger brother.
But she knew, with a feeling of grim resignation, that
she had no choice in the matter.

As Sarah’s thoughts moved ahead to what was in
store for her the following morning, her stomach
tightened with apprehension. Recalling her brother-in-
law’s parting words, she could not imagine why he was
bringing one of his girlfriends with him the next
morning. It just didn’t make sense to her. What does
he have in mind? she wondered, trying to outguess her
brother-in-law’s devious mind. Sarah was unable to come
up with an answer. But whatever Gene had planned, the
distraught brunette felt certain that somehow, she would
end up being degraded and debased, just as she was
today. Her only hope was that Gene would soon tire of
his sordid game of sexual blackmail so that the living
nightmare she now endured would end and her world could
return to normal.

Her fingers guiding the needle through the fabric
in her lap, Sarah stole occasional glances at her
husband. Fully absorbed in the television program he
was watching, Mike was unaware of his wife’s eyes just
as he was oblivious to her private mental anguish.
Waves of shame rippled through the pretty brunette as
her thoughts kept slipping back to her brother-in-law’s
visit earlier in the day. Now it almost seemed like
some hideous nightmare, yet Sarah knew by the heaviness
of her heart that what had happened that morning was all
too real. What would Mike do, she wondered, if he knew
what had really taken place between the two people he
loved so dearly? That the brother he so blindly adored
had f****d his wife to strip for him, then get down on
her knees to suck him to completion? Her cheeks burned
with humiliation as she recalled the thrilling orgasm
she’d experienced when young Gene had cum in her mouth,
filling her cheeks to overflowing with his spurting
masculine juices. Sarah’s heartbeat quickened and her
hands worked faster. Mike must never learn the ugly
truth, she vowed. Not ever! Surely it would shatter
her husband to know that the woman he cherished, even
idolized, had willingly performed such a lewd act with
another man. Just as it would shock him to learn that
she had done so to prevent him from learning about even
more obscene sexual acts that Sarah had willingly
performed years before.

Lowering her eyes, Sarah blinked back tears of
shame and frustration. Oh, if only I hadn’t done that
pornographic modeling! she lamented. Then I would not
be in the awful predicament I am today, f****d to have
illicit sex with my husband’s own brother, a man I
despise. But Sarah knew that she had had no other
choice at the time. It was either pose in the nude,
performing lewd acts before the camera, or watch her ill
mother suffer cruelly from the killer disease ravishing
her body. Sarah had been as hopelessly trapped then as
she was now. In both instances, the voluptuous young
woman was doing something she knew was wrong in order to
protect those she loved. Years before her mother was
the person whose welfare was uppermost in her mind. Now
she was submitting to her brother-in-law’s outrageous
sexual demands in order to shield her husband.

Sarah felt her shoulders slump in defeat for she
knew that she was as helpless now as she had been years
before. All she could do was pray that Gene’s sexual
interest in her would quickly wane and that he would
look in some other direction for his kicks. When that
happened, Sarah’s private misery would come to an end
and she would no longer have to submit to whatever
indignities Gene’s perverse mind devised. And she would
no longer have to worry about the obscene photographs of
herself either for Gene had promised to forget about
them as long as Sarah went along with him. Much as she
hated her cold-hearted and self-centered brother-in-law,
Sarah knew that she would do as he wished, that she
would force herself to participate in whatever sex acts
Gene desired. But I won’t let myself enjoy them
anymore, Sarah silently vowed, humiliation coursing
through her at the recollection of her intense and
involuntary orgasm that morning. I simply will not give
Gene that kind of satisfaction again. Surely she had
cum like that, Sarah reasoned, simply because it had
been so incredibly long since she’d tasted a warm pole
of masculinity, that was all. She had simply lost
control of herself but it would not happen again. Sarah
would maintain a close watch on herself, keep her body
in check so that it would not betray her like that
again. By the time she and Mike retired for the night,
Sarah had completed the mending and worked herself into
a bundle of frayed nerves. For the first time in her
life, she was glad that her husband merely kissed her
goodnight and rolled over with nothing more than sleep
on his mind. In her tense and highly emotional state,
Sarah was afraid that she might have burst into tears
had the man she loved reached out for her. Especially
after what she had done behind his back that very
morning. Even more upsetting, Sarah knew that she would
betray Mike again the following day for Gene had assured
her that he was returning with a friend of his. A
female friend!

Tossing restlessly, Sarah was still wide awake long
after her husband’s even breathing told her that he was
sound asleep. Visions of future orgies with her
despicable brother-in-law flashed through her troubled
mind, keeping her from slumber. The uncertainty of what
lay ahead was torturous, causing all kinds of grim
possibilities coursing through her mind. Gene was
devious and unprincipled and Sarah knew that he was
capable of almost anything. She speculated nervously
about the girlfriend Gene said he was bringing with him
the following morning. Sarah quickly envisioned an
unattractive bawdy type of woman. She was probably some
whore whs was willing to have sex with Gene before an
audience … even a captive one.

Yes, that must be it, Sarah decided. Gene was
going to force Sarah to watch while he and his two-bit
girlfriend fucked for her benefit. Although the thought
revolted the distraught brunette, she would find it less
appalling than having sex with Gene herself the next
day. If it gave her corrupt brother-in-law some kind of
perverse pleasure from being observed while he screwed
another woman, Sarah would force herself to watch. And
she would consider herself lucky for getting off so

It was much later when the weary brunette finally
drifted off into an exhausted sleep. When she did, her
slumber was plagued by nightmares, visions of herself
and Gene performing lewd acts of sex. The two of them
bucked up and down upon the bed, fucking wildly to a
backdrop of the lurid photographs with which Gene was
blackmailing her. Sarah’s sweating body shifted
restlessly on the mattress and she whimpered softly as
she dreamed. Never in the young woman’s wildest dreams,
however, could she have imagined what perverse acts her
heartless brother-in-law had in store for her in just a
few short hours.

* * *

When little Jill complained of a sore throat the
next morning, Sarah took the c***d’s temperature and
found that she had a slight fever. “I don’t wanna go to
school today, Mommy,” the dark-haired girl whined,
rubbing her eyes. “I wanna stay home with you,

Sarah smiled as she bent over her daughter’s bed.
“All right, darling,” she consoled, tucking the covers
around her. “I’ll phone and tell them you won’t be in
today. But first you’re going to take some medicine for
Mommy, okay?” Sarah hurried into the bathroom and
returned with aspirin and a glass of water which she
handed to her daughter. “Here, honey, take these,” she
instructed, smiling encouragingly. “And then drink as
much of this water as you can. It’ll help make you feel

As soon as Jill followed her instructions, Sarah
went into the kitchen to phone the nursery school,
telling them that as far as she knew, Jill would be in
as usual on Monday morning. “It just seems to be a
scratchy throat,” she explained. “I’m sure that a day’s
rest will nip it in the bud.”

After she hung up, Sarah looked up at the wall
clock, biting her lip. It was nearing nine o’clock, the
time she usually deposited Jill at the nursery school.
Her stomach churned with the realization that Gene
planned to come over this morning, expecting Sarah to
participate in whatever sexual antics he had in mind.
Undoubtedly, Sarah assumed, that meant having Sarah
watch him and his cheap girlfriend perform for her. She
had to call Gene right away and tell him that he must
not come over, that little Jill was home sick and their
plans had to be cancelled. Even though her fingers
trembled as she dialed her brother-in-law’s number, a
great wave of relief surged through her. She was
getting an unexpected reprieve! Although she was sorry
that her daughter wasn’t feeling well, Sarah could not
help but be glad that her state of health would prevent
Gene from including her in whatever sexual activities he
had in mind this morning.

“He’ll just have to take his two-bit girlfriend
somewhere else to have his fun,” she muttered under her
breath as the telephone rang in the distance. Gene
shared his studio apartment with a fellow employee named
Lenny who, Sarah knew, was also working the night shift
at the factory right now. Gene had brought his roommate
over to the house a couple of times and Sarah got the
impression that the obese young man was as self-centered
as her brother-in-law. Maybe that’s why the two of them
get along, Sarah thought. Birds of a feather and all
that. In any event, Sarah wondered idly if Lenny would
vacate their apartment at a moment’s notice in order to
accommodate his roommate’s lust. But that was Gene’s
problem, she thought with satisfaction as the phone
continued to ring, not hers. Thanks to her daugher’s
unexpected sore throat, her problems were temporarily
solved. For this morning, at least. Now she would not
have to deal with her disgusting brother-in-law until
Monday morning.

Sarah breathed a quick sigh of relief when Gene
answered the phone. At least she had caught him before
he had left to pick up the slut he intended to bring
over to the house. Keeping her voice low, Sarah quickly
informed her brother-in-law of the unexpected
circumstances at home, adding that he could not come
over, after all. But Gene did not accept her story at
face value. His voice nasal with suspicion, he told
Sarah that he would pick up his friend as planned and
come over anyway.

“But you can’t!” Sarah hissed, her heart skipping a
beat. “We can’t do anything while Jill is home! You
must be out of your mind!”

Gene laughed softly. “I would be if I believed
your story without checking it out. Don’t worry, sweet
Sarah,” he went on, his voice mocking. “If Jill really
is home sick, then I’ll soon be on my way. My friend
too. But if you’re lying, I’m gonna expect even more
action from you, dear sister-in-law!”

Before she could argue, Gene hung up, leaving the
phone buzzing in her ear. Her stomach churning, she
returned to her daughter’s bedroom to see what the c***d
wanted for breakfast. “By the way,” Sarah added,
keeping her voice light, “I just talked to your Uncle
Gene and he’s sorry you’re sick, honey. He’s going past
the house this morning so he might stop by with a friend
of his. Just to see how you’re feeling, honey,” she
added, pasting a smile on her face.

Jill’s pretty face lit up at her mother’s words.
“Oh boy, I hope he does come over,” she said, her voice
a bit hoarse. “I haven’t seen Uncle Gene for a long,
long time!”

Sarah patted her hand before going to prepare
breakfast. “I wouldn’t care if I never saw him again at
all,” she murmured softly once she had reached the
kitchen. For the hundredth time, the well-stacked
brunette found herself wondering why her daughter liked
her uncle. Am I the only one who sees Gene as he really
is? she wondered, reaching into the cupboard for a box
of Jill’s favorite cereal. Then again, Sarah knew that
even though she did it reluctantly, she had to give the
devil his due. Much as she disliked her brother-in-law
she had to admit that Gene did seem genuinely fond of
little Jill. For some reason, the c***d brought out the
few good qualities the young man had. Seeing that Gene
was the only living relative Jill had, Sarah supposed
that she should be grateful that a bond of affection did
exist between the two.

The front doorbell rang less than an hour later.
Sarah, who was sitting at her daughter’s bedside,
reading to her, quickly tensed while Jill broke into a
smile. “Oh, I hope that’s Uncle Gene!” she cried, her
eyes bright.

“I’ll go see,” Sarah told her, closing the book and
rising. Glancing out the picture window in the
livingroom, she recognized Gene’s car at the curb and
felt her jaw clench. I can just imagine the slut he’s
got with him! she thought, going to the door with
apprehension. You’d think he’d have more sense than to
bring a woman like that here when Jill is home!

When Sarah opened the door, however, her mouth
opened in surprise. For standing beside her lanky
sullen-faced brother-in-law was a tall slender blonde
whom Sarah judged to be in her own age. A complete
opposite from what Sarah had expected, the young woman
was breathtakingly beautiful. Long blonde hair tumbled
about her shoulders and except for a faint tinge of
lipstick, her perfect features were completely devoid of
make-up. She looked trim and stylish in her high
leather boots and coat with a large handbag flung over
her shoulder. When the girl smiled, Sarah saw how
startingly white and even her teeth were. What on earth
was a lovely girl like this doing with someone like

“Ain’t you gonna ask us in?” Gene asked with a
smirk, a large paper sack in one hand.

“Oh, of c-course,” Sarah stammered, opening the
door wider to let them enter.

“Brrr! It’s really cold out this morning,” the
blonde said, shivering as she stepped inside. “Oh, what
a lovely home,” she exclaimed, gazing around the room
with admiring eyes. Her voice was soft and pleasant and
Sarah found herself thinking that had she met this young
woman under any other circumstances, she would feel an
instant affinity toward her, as though the two of them
might well become friends. As it was, however, Sarah
did not greet the attractive blonde with the warmth she
might have.

“Won’t you sit down,” Sarah said stiffly, gesturing
toward the sofa, “while I go tell Jill you’re here.”

But the c***d needed no formal announcement. At the
sound of voices, she jumped from her bed and ran into
the livingroorn. “Uncle Gene!” she cried, running to
him with outstretched arms.

“Jill!” he exclaimed, opening his arms wide to
catch her. “Say, what’s this I hear about your not
feelin’ good?” he asked as the girl hugged him soundly.

“My froat hurts,” she explained, pointing to her

Gene threw back his head and laughed while the
attractive young woman beside him smiled at the
heartwarming scene. “It does?” he asked, grinning at
her. “Well maybe this will help make it feel better!”
With that, he gave the c***d the large paper bag he’d
been holding.

Smiling, Jill opened the sack and peered inside.
Her smile widened and she shrieked with delight at the
contents. “A doggie!” she cried, reaching in the bag to
withdraw a large stuffed animal with big floppy ears.
“Oh, thank you, Uncle Gene,” she bubbled, hugging the
toy in her small arms.

“Uh, this here is Fern,” Gene introduced, turning
to the beautiful blonde seated on the sofa.

“You’re pretty,” Jill said with youthful candor as
the young woman smiled at her.

“Well, thank you,” Fern said, displaying her
perfect teeth. “I was just thinking the very same thing
about you, Jill.”

Noting the ease with which Fern spoke to her
daughter made Sarah like the young woman on the sofa
despite the fact that she had come with Gene. Sarah
could always detect a f****d joviality toward c******n
and she knew that the slender blonde had a genuine
fondness for young people. Still, Sarah remained silent
while Gene visited with his niece for several minutes.
Relief rippled through her when Gene lifted Jill in his
arms and carried her to her bedroom.

“You better get back in bed, young lady,” he
lectured with mock sternness. “‘Cause I wanna hear that
you’re all better by Monday mornin’ y’hear?”

The two women suddenly alone in the room, Sarah
cleared her throat self-consciously. “How long have you
been dating Gene?” she asked, a plastic smile on her

“Oh, we don’t date, Sarah,” the girl quickly
explained, smiling warmly, her eyes reflecting open
admiration as they traveled the length of the brunette’s
voluptuous figure. “Gene and I are just friends,
nothing more.”

Sarah frowned, more confused than ever. Before she
could say anything else, however, Gene returned to the
room, gesturing for Fern to follow him to the door.
“Guess we’ll be movin’ on,” he said, “Jill don’t look
real sick though. So take good care of her, dear Sarah.
And we’ll see you Monday mornin’ for sure.”

Sarah wore a perplexed expression as she followed
them to the door. She stood by the window, watching the
unlikely pair get into Gene’s sports car and wondered
what part Fern was to play in Gene’s bizarre plan of
sexual blackmail. Maybe Gene has fallen in love with
her, she speculated, her hopes rising. And he wants me
to do whatever I can to convince Fern that he’s a
worthwhile person. Fern seems like a lovely young
woman, Sarah thought, watching Gene’s car pull away from
the curb. Much too good for someone as contemptible as
Gene. Still, if she could get off the hook by doing her
best to convince the beautiful blonde that her brother-
in-law was a swell guy, Sarah knew, with a twinge of
guilt, that she would play along with the scheme. Her
love for her husband was far stronger than any twinges
of conscience.

Sarah enjoyed the weekend that followed with the
desperation of those whose days are numbered. She spent
quiet times with her daughter, noting with mixed
emotions, Jill’s return to perfect health. Although she
was glad to see her thriving, Sarah dreaded the thought
of her brother-in-law’s scheduled visit early Monday
morning. Whenever she brooded about it, however, Sarah
tried to tell herself that it was possible that her
brother-in-law had fallen in love with the beautiful
blonde and changed his ways. Could it be that Gene had
reformed, was already sorry for what he’d done the other
morning? Although the distraught brunette hoped that it
was true, she was doubtful. Gene seemed as cocky as
ever Friday morning. Still, Sarah simply could not
understand why a girl as lovely as Fern would
participate in a scheme involving sexual blackmail.
Confusing as the situation was, the voluptuous brunette
was unable to convince herself that her troubles with
Gene were over. The weekend seemed to pass much too
quickly and Sarah dreaded the arrival of Monday morning.

When Mike turned to her in bed Sunday night, Sarah
went into his arms eagerly. Her private turmoil had her
as tense as an overwound coil and she longed for the
release that lovemaking could bring. Much to her
frustration, however, Mike approached her with his usual
reserve. After she had removed her nightgown, he
lowered his blond head to her bosom, nipping lightly at
each uplifted nipple while he lightly caressed the
mammoth mounds of firm flesh surrounding them. Sarah
felt her bright rosettes spring to life at the touch of
his warm mouth. They rose in the air all hot and pink
and eager. His kneading fingers felt so good on her
twin hills of femininity, making Sarah’s sensual lips
part while emitting a sigh of pleasure. The well-
endowed young woman ran her fingers through her
husband’s curly hair while he treated her melonous
breasts to the delights of his hands and mouth.

All too soon, though, Mike’s warm mouth released
her savory nipples, leaving them wet and distended,
fairly quivering for more. When Mike’s hands also moved
away from her pale spheres of flesh, she whimpered
softly. Oh, how she wanted him to keep his lips and
hands on her! She quickly compared her husband’s
timidity with her brother-in-law’s demanding mouth and
Sarah found herself wishing fervently that Mike would go
at her big boobs with the same gusto Gene had displayed
the other morning. Much as she despised her arrogant
brother-in-law, Sarah had to admit that his searching
mouth and hands had felt good on her naked flesh. When
Gene attacked her big tits, fiery bursts of pleasure had
coursed through her body and the fuzzy triangle between
her legs had come alive, throbbing in hot appreciation.

Now Sarah’s sexual appetite had merely been whetted
and she longed to cry out to her husband to keep
sucking, to tug harder on her hungry flesh but her
inhibitions with Mike were far too strong to allow such
candor. Instead, she remained silent and miserable as
he abandoned her eager breasts to climb on top of her.
His soft lips lowered on hers and she felt the warmth of
his tongue inside her mouth. She moaned softly while
Mike swirled his wet oral member, making her pussy
flutter and throb. She slid her arms up his broad
muscular back, thrilling to the weight of his powerful
body on hers. Mike was such a big handsome hunk of
masculinity … and she loved him so! The young
housewife was certain that her burly husband was capable
of fucking her soundly if only his sexual needs matched
hers. But Mike seemed perfectly content with his tepid
brand of lovemaking and Sarah would never dream of
letting him know that she secretly hungered for more.
What good would it do, except to bruise his ego, when
Mike’s libido was obviously much more easily sated than
hers? Maybe I’m just oversexed! Sarah found herself
thinking once again.

Mike withdrew his mouth to aim his swollen prick at
the palpitating slit between Sarah’s legs. The same old
position, Sarah thought, opening her thighs. If only
Mike would try fucking me in some new way. Like having
me sit on top of him while he shoves his big prick high
into my cunt! Sarah’s cock-starved pussy leaked in warm
response at her secret fantasy. The bud of her bright
clitoris swelled hotly and she wished that Mike would
reach down to finger her sensitive organ the way Gene
has teased it the other morning. Just thinking about
the forceful manner in which her brother-in-law had
punished her highly responsive nub of femininity made
her oozing love nest throb deliciously. Even more,
Sarah wished that someday Mike would surprise her by
forcing her legs apart while he lowered his fair head
between her pale thighs to eat her cunt. The feel of
his warm wet mouth on her steaming gaping tissues would
thrill her to the very depths of her being. Sarah
recalled how marvelous the lips and tongues of the
various male models she’d posed with had felt against
her lewdly parted pussy years before. It had been much
too long since the shapely brunette had been treated to
such a carnal delight. If the mouths of total strangers
could bring her such strong physical pleasure, how far
greater ecstasy she would know if the man she loved
would ravish her outspread waiting mound of Venus.

Sarah’s forbidden thoughts were invaded at the feel
of her husband’s huge rod entering her slippery canal.
“Ohhh,” she sighed, lifting her pelvis high. In seconds,
his great phallic length was filling her throbbing
aperture to full capacity. Oh, Mike was so deliciously
big! Bigger, by far, than any cock she’d ever known.
If only he would shove it into her with greater force!
Sarah worked her hips vigorously as Mike fucked in and
out, trying to claim even more of his huge shaft of
masculinity. But Mike seemed to be holding back, the
same as always. Instead of ramming the mouth of her
womb on each forward thrust, the way she craved that he
would, his big joint merely tapped her cervix gently
before quickly withdrawing. The harder Sarah pumped,
the gentler Mike fucked her, trying to compensate for
her fierce hip movements, as though he were afraid he
might hurt her. The naked brunette breathed hard,
clutching her husband’s smooth back, trying, without
words, to encourage him to push harder. But her efforts
were in vain. She lay under her husband feeling both
aroused and frustrated. She loved the feel of his
mammoth cock crowding her slick vaginal opening but she
longed to feel it slide in and out of her with greater
enthusiasm, to feel it ram her tender cervix, sending
fiery bursts of masochistic pleasure exploding within

Fuck, damn you, fuck! she wanted to cry. But her
lips refused to form the forbidden words. Then, to her
utter dismay, Sarah felt her husband’s swollen rod
pulsate and jerk, sending a hot shower of semen bursting
inside her. His steaming juices splattered against the
walls of her throbbing canal, filling her to
overflowing. His milky nectar leaked from her pulsating
tunnel to stain the bedding. Tears of frustration stung
Sarah’s eyes as Mike bucked and jerked on top of her,
breathing fast and hard. She felt beads of perspiration
form on his back to moisten her fingertips. Sarah
whirled her hips frantically in a desperate attempt to
join her husband in orgasm. Her efforts, however,
proved futile. Much as she hungered for a tension-
releasing climax to overtake her body, Sarah simply
could not make it happen. She was still struggling when
Mike’s pulsating cock released the last of its turbulent
load to grow empty and soft within her vagina. Her
naked body still pounding with need, she felt her
husband’s spent organ grow limp, then shrivel into
ineffectiveness. Disappointment stabbed sharply when he
withdrew his wormlike appendage from her unsated cunt to
roll over beside her, sighing with satisfaction.

Surely Mike wasn’t going to leave her like this,
all tense and aching, every cell in her body screaming
for relief! When her husband reached over to kiss her
lightly on the cheek, however, Sarah knew that their
tension had come to an end. Mike must have mistaken
Sarah’s heavy breathing for orgasm. It wasn’t
surprising for the climaxes she experienced were never
very deep or soul-searing. Undoubtedly, her husband
mistook Sarah’s frantic pelvic gyrations for total

“Night, darling,” he said in a contented voice,
sliding his muscular arm around her slender waist.
“Sweet dreams.”

Sarah’s voice was choked as she bade her husband
goodnight. She lay beside him for a long time, her
lovely body pounding with need, staring at the ceiling.
Unable to bear the t*****e of denial, the frustrated
brunette waited until the man she loved was sleeping
soundly before she took drastic measures. Desperate to
still the urgent throbbing of her neglected cunt, Sarah
moved away from her husband to slide to the far side of
the bed. When Mike’s occasional snores assured her that
he was deep in slumber, Sarah let her hand slide down
between her open legs. The delicious feel of her own
fingers between her saturated steaming slit made her
want to gasp with pleasure but she held back, pressing
her lips together.

Waves of forbidden delight rippled through her
naked body as her eager fingers moved up and down the
length of her dripping cunt. Soon her other hand joined
in, teasing at the rigid bud of femininity which stood
so hot and willing among her sperm-coated inner
membranes. Oh, it felt so good to flick away at herself
like this, making her fiery clitoris grow even more
inflamed. Her jade eyes became thick-lidded and glazed
with lust. Slowly, cautiously, Sarah’s hips began to
rise from the bed, moving in circumspect harmony with
her masturbating fingers. When Mike rolled over to his
side of the mattress, snoring loudly, the excited
brunette grew braver. She sent the middle finger of her
right hand soaring into her slick vagina while she
continued to punish the bright little bud of sensation
with her other hand. Her lips parted and she breathed
through her mouth.

Oh fuck, fuck! she thought, pretending that a warm
cock was invading her wildly-throbbing pussy instead of
her own fingers. Deeper, harder! Make me cum! she
cried inwardly, lost in erotic fantasies. But this time
Sarah did not pretend it was her husband’s swollen prick
inside her palpitating tunnel of love. Instead, she
imagined that a forceful stranger was fucking her,
forcing her to submit to his fierce demands. Her wild
imagining made her split her legs far apart as though
she were surrendering herself to her nameless conqueror.
The thought of being taken against her will in such a
forceful manner was the stimulus Sarah needed to bring
her frustrated body to the ultimate peak of excitement
after her husband’s lukewarm fucking minutes ago. Oh
keep fucking! she pretended to cry to the imaginary
lover, her pelvis rising while she let her right index
finger join the middle finger already twisting in
vicious circles deep within her saturated cuntal cavern.
The fingers of her left hand pinched and twisted her
stiff clitoris, driving her fairly mad with carnal
pleasure. Split me in two! her lust-crazed mind thought
as her pounding vaginal opening stretched to accommodate
still another eager finger. Soon all four fingers of
Sarah’s right hand crowded her dripping cunt while she
pretended that a stranger’s immense cock violated her
pounding pussy aperture.

At last, Sarah’s eyeballs rolled backward and she
bit her lip to keep from crying out. She felt her
saturated vagina swell and convulse, wave after wave of
orgasmic spasms sucking at her fingers while her
inflamed clitoris fluttered wildly under the merciless
pressure of her left hand. Sweat ran down the sides of
her face and between her mammoth breasts while her hips
jerked violently. Clamping her teeth down hard on her
bottom lip, the climaxing brunette managed to reduce her
carnal outcry to a mere whimper as she spiraled to the
zenith of physical sensation. When at last her body
grew still, only her heart still pounding, the
voluptuous brunette turned her head to glance at her
husband. Relief washed over her when she saw that he
was still deep in slumber. Surely, Mike would be
horrified to catch his wife in the humiliating act of
self-stimulation. Still, Sarah felt that she had no
choice in the matter. If she had not sought release
with her own fingers, she knew that she would toss and
turn throughout the night while precious sleep escaped
her. And Sarah was convinced, despite her confusion
about Fern’s role in tomorrow’s activities, that she
would need a good night’s sleep in order to face
whatever Gene’s perverse mind had conjured up.

Withdrawing her saturated fingers from her sated
cunt, the lovely young woman rolled over on her side,
sighing contentedly. Her body relaxed, she soon drifted
into a fitful sleep, one that was wrought with frequent
tossing and turning, accompanied by mournful cries. A
vivid nightmare awakened the brunette long before the
sun came over the horizon. Her voluptuous body bathed
in nervous perspiration, Sarah lay beside her sleeping
husband with her stomach tied in tight little knots, her
eyes returning at frequent intervals to the illuminated
clock beside the bed, trying, in vain, to hold back the

Chapter 5

After returning from her trip to the nursery school
to drop off her daughter, Sarah waited tensely for
Gene’s arrival. Maybe he’s changed his mind, she
thought, her hopes rising as the minutes ticked by. It
could be that he and Fern had decided to do something
else today instead.

Her hopes were soon dashed, however, at the sight
of Gene’s red sports car pulling up to the curb. The
nervous brunette stood by the window to watch Gene and
Fern get out and start up the front walk together.
Taking a deep tremulous breath, Sarah straightened her
shoulders and went to the door to let the unwelcomed
pair in.

“I take it Jill is in nursery school,” Gene said,
sauntering into the livingroom while Fern followed

Sara nodded, stealing a sidewise glance at the tall
slender blonde behind him. What, she wondered once
again, did Gene have in mind?

“Take off your coat, honey,” Gene told his lovely
companion, as he shed his leather jacket. “And make
yourself right at home.”

While Fern removed her coat, revealing a delicate
willowy figure, Sara had to bit her tongue to keep from
saying something caustic to her hateful brother-in-law.
How dare he act as if this were his home instead of his
brother’s! Her tension etched in her face, the nervous
young wife perched on the edge of a chair, waiting for
them to make the first move, to offer some clue as to
what was in store now that the moment she had dreaded
had finally arrived.

Her green eyes darted to Fern again and the
beautiful blonde smiled sympathetically, lowering her
slender form onto the sofa with feline grace. “You seem
uncomfortable about all this, Sarah,” she said in her
soft-spoken voice. “Please don’t be,” she urged, her
liquid brown eyes reflecting concern. “Gene here has
explained everything to me and believe me, dear, I
understand perfectly.”

Sarah gasped, her incredulous gaze shifting to her
brother-in-law. Gene looked back at her with a smug
expression on his thin face, obviously enjoying her
discomfort. “He did?” she asked in a high-pitched
voice. What right did Gene have telling anyone else
about the photos? He shouldn’t have said anything about
them to anyone. Sarah had thought he understood that.
Especially when she was going along with him, doing
everything he wanted her to do in order to keep him

Fern nodded, her face softening. “You mustn’t be
embarrassed by any of this, my dear,” she assured.
“After all, it’s perfectly understandable that you
should be sexually frustrated after living with an
impotent man for such a long time.”

Sarah’s jade eyes widened as they slid back to
Gene. “Mike … impotent?” she echoed, glaring at her
brother-in-law. “You mean you told her that?” she
demanded in a shocked tone.

“How else could I explain the fact that you’re so
hard up for sex?” Gene asked in an innocent voice, his
eyes mocking. His challenging gaze seemed to be asking
a silent question. Would you rather I tell her the ugly
truth, dear sister-in-law? That I’m MAKING you do all
this because of some dirty pictures you posed for?

“It’s all right, Sarah,” Fern said, misinterpreting
the dark-haired girl’s reaction. “I know exactly how
you must feel. Just as I understand your natural
curiosity about a homosexual experience. I felt the
same way once. Before I converted to lesbianism.”

Sarah felt as if she were on an elevator that had
just plummeted from the penthouse to the lobby in record
time. Her stomach lurched at the impact of the young
woman’s words. Fern was a lesbian! And Gene expected
Sarah to have sex with her! The thought of having
anything to do with another woman made the shocked
brunette’s cheeks flame and her stomach churn with

Noting her hostess’ flaming face, Fern smiled
reassuringly. “It’s going to be all right, Sarah,” she
assured. “I’ll make certain of that!” Sarah listened
incredulously as the fine-featured blonde explained how
Gene, knowing that Fern was a lesbian, told her all
about his frustrated and curious sister-in-law, showing
Fern the wedding photo he carried in his wallet.
Impressed by Sarah’s sultry beauty, Fern eagerly offered
her services.

“You’re about to cross the threshold leading to a
new and beautiful experience, Sarah,” Fern concluded.
“After today, you may not be troubled by your husband’s
inability to have sex with you.” She gave Sarah a warm
admiring look, her brown eyes settling on the voluminous
breasts rising so proudly under her sweater. “Like me,
you may prefer women instead.”

Sarah’s hand flew to her mouth. “I … I don’t
know …”

“Don’t worry,” Fern interrupted, silencing her with
her slender hands. “You don’t have to make any decisions
today. And I won’t pressure you either. But if you do
decide that you want to see me again, Sarah, Gene has my
telephone number.” She smiled warmly. “I work as a
cocktail waitress from six until three but you can reach
me during the day.” Her voice deepened. “If you want
to, that is.”

Sarah lowered her eyes, her cheeks still burning.
She felt her brother-in-law’s eyes upon her and knew,
even without looking up, that he was grinning. Gene had
a right to gloat, for he could not have chosen a more
effective way of degrading her. He must hate me even
more than I hate him, she thought, fighting back tears.
To make me submit to something as perverse and unnatural
as this!

For a few frantic indecisive moments, Sarah
wondered if she should make them leave, refuse to go
along with Gene’s bizarre scheme. No wonder Fern was
playing a willing part in this sordid affair. The young
woman was under the false impression that Sarah hungered
for a lesbian experience. But Sarah was not at all
certain that she could force herself to submit to the
sexual advances of another woman. Should she refuse to
cooperate and risk the possibility of letting Gene tell
Mike about her sordid past? There was no doubt
whatsoever in Sarah’s mind that her brother-in-law would
do just that. And as quickly as he could. The mental
picture of her husband’s shocked face, his hurt and
disillusionment as he gazed at the lurid photographs
that Sarah had posed for, however, told the distressed
brunette that she had only one possible decision. Her
shoulders slumped in defeat. “Well,” she asked, turning
to her smug-looking brother-in-law with an air of
resignation. “Shall we get this over with?”

Gene’s smile became a leer and his beady eyes
narrowed with glee. This is gonna be good, he thought,
licking his lips. Not only do I get me a free sex show,
I get to pay Sarah back for always actin’ so high and
mighty with me. Cracking his knuckles, he eyed the two
women, eager to see the pair in action. Sarah ain’t
gonna be so uppity with me after today, he thought with
perverse satisfaction. His lustful gaze traveled over
the blackmailed young wife’s ripe curves while his eager
prick stiffened in anticipation. After Fern was through
with Sarah, Gene planned to have some fun with her as

I already fucked her mouth, Gene mused, remembering
how pleasurable his sister-in-law’s warm grasping lips
had felt around his swollen hunk of meat, how thoroughly
she had sucked him off until he shot his steaming load
into her mouth. But I ain’t fucked her pussy. Gene
planned to take care of that oversight today. But
first, he wanted to watch the beautiful blonde lesbian
have her way with Sarah. He had never seen two women
make love before and the thought of having a live
performance made his balls tighten.

“Let’s start out by gettin’ to know each other
better,” Gene suggested, getting up to close the drapes.
Turning, he grinned at the two women while he tugged at
his sweater. “And I can’t think of no better way to get
friendly faster than in the shower!”

Sarah sat unmoving while her brother-in-law quickly
shed his clothes while the lovely blonde began to
removed her dress. It wasn’t until Fern had stepped out
of the garment, standing in front of them in just her
sheer petticoat that Sarah’s trembling hands began to
fumble with her own clothing. Knowing that she could no
longer postpone the inevitable, the reluctant brunette
peeled off her sweater and skirt. By the time she was
unhooking her bra, Gene and Fern were both completely
nude. Sarah’s eyes quickly darted from her lanky
brother-in-law, his growing erection swaying and bobbing
menacingly, to the naked young woman beside him. Sarah
gasped at the undeniable beauty of Fern’s long lithe
form. Her slender body was exquisite and Sarah could
not help but stare. Her figure was so different from
her own. While Sarah was tall and voluptuous, Fern was
statuesque and willowy, almost regal in her bearing.
With her long golden hair billowing about her shoulders,
the beautiful young woman reminded Sarah of some
mythical goddess.

Gazing hypnotically, Sarah removed her bra,
spilling forth her magnificent boobs in naked splendor,
the melonous mounds of firm flesh rising proudly. The
half-naked brunette saw the way Fern’s liquid brown eyes
flickered in warm appreciation as they lingered on her
mammoth tits. Feeling her rosy nipples tighten into
twin rosebuds, Sarah reached for the elastic waistband
of her black lace panties, a strange inexplicable tingle
coursing through her body. The back of her knees
suddenly felt weak and the fuzz-covered mound between
her legs fluttered softly. Once she had shed her
panties, Sarah stood in total nudity. The open hunger
in the blonde’s face as she quickly appraised Sarah’s
delectable curves made the naked brunette’s checks grow

“Ah, that’s better,” Gene praised in a husky voice,
his eyes devouring the two tempting nudes. Gene’s big
joint felt hot, growing rapidly at the twin treat before
him. Sarah and Fern were such complete opposites that
his hungry gaze slid from one naked female to the other,
taking mental notes. Sarah’s enormous tits were
gorgeous, a good three times the size of Fern’s, he
quickly judged, licking his lips at the sight of the
pale mountainous protrusions with the berrylike crests
topping them. His beady eyes slid back to the fair-
haired young woman. But Fern had an understated beauty
that made his extending prick throb just as hungrily.
Although the tall blonde’s breasts were small, the pale
spheres were perfectly shaped, their delicate nipples
jutting perkily. Her waist was extremely small,
accentuating the gentle curve of her hips. The bright
tuft of her dark triangle made her fair skin appear
almost alabaster by contrast. Her parted legs were long
and well-shaped and her pert little ass protruded
saucily as she stood watching the horrified housewife,
two bright spots of excitement dotting her high
cheekbones. Too bad Fern’s queer, Gene thought with a
twinge of regret, his fiery cock twitching in
appreciation. She’d make a real tasty piece! “Now
whaddya say we head for the bathroom!”

Leading the way, Gene sauntered down the hall, his
crimson cock bobbing in front of him. Sarah and Fern
followed, padding down the carpeted hallway in silence.
When the naked trio entered the bathroom, Gene slid the
shower doors open to reach for the bright nozzles. His
pale buttocks jutting boldly at the two women, the lanky
young man bent over the tub, the hairy slit of his
asshole winking merrily. He tested the temperature of
the water, then switched the lever so that a fine spray
came from the shower head. “Okay, gals,” Gene
announced, grinning over his shoulder. “Ladies first.”

When Sarah shot Fern a hesitant glance, the
beautiful blonde flashed an encouraging smile, gesturing
for Sarah to go ahead of her. Sarah turned to her
brother-in-law and shot him a venomous look when she saw
the salacious expression on his face. Taking a deep
breath, she tensed and stepped into the glass enclosure.
Fern quickly followed, standing behind her. Gene
entered the stall last, closing the glass door behind
him. Sarah gasped at the feel of the warm spray upon
her naked body. Gene stood in front of the brunette so
that she was nestled between him and the tall blonde.
Reaching for the bar of soap in the dish beside them,
Gene rubbed the bar between his hands to create a foamy
lather. He gave the fragrant bar to his sister-in-law,
ordering her to lather up. “Soon as you get some suds,
pass it on to Fern, sweetie.”

Sarah did as she was told, turning the slippery bar
over in her hands until they were thick with foam. As
she turned around to give the bar to the woman behind
her, Sarah suddenly uttered a small cry of protest. For
Gene’s soapy hand had slid unexpectedly into the slit of
her unsuspecting pussy. “Feel good, Sarah?” he taunted,
his fingers digging into the sensitive folds of her
inner cunt. “Spread your legs, sweetie, so I can get at
you better.”

Feeling trapped, Sarah split her thighs, gasping at
the feel of her brother-in-law’s probing fingers. They
slid across the entire length of her parted slot,
flicking across the nub of her clitoris before moving
backward along the grooves and crevices of her open
cunt, titillating and caressing. The lather on his
hands made his fingers slide easily and Sarah felt her
gaping tissues swell in response to his probings. A
warm pleasant sensation swirled across her pelvis and
her sensual lips parted. The combination of the
tingling spray of water on her shoulders and breasts
along with Gene’s exploring fingers was turning her on.

Ashamed of her reaction, the naked brunette tried to
still the growing response of her body, the gentle
throbbing that was starting between her outspread legs.
I’m not enjoying this! she tried to tell herself. This
whole sordid affair is disgusting and humiliating. But
the steady palpitations of her stimulated cunt ignored
her silent lecture, increasing in strength and tempo.
Her thigh muscles tensed when Gene forcefully thrust his
forefinger up her vaginal opening, swirling it
deliciously before withdrawing it to tease the tight
ring of her inviolate anus. He circled the puckered
aperture several times, making Sarah suck in her breath.
No one had ever caressed her asshole before and the new
sensation made her tingle with delight. Even though she
detested the man who was touching her tight sphincter
muscle, Sarah could not control the quick response of
her treacherous body. She felt a stab of disappointment
when Gene drew his hand away. In moments, however, he
was rubbing both his hands over the rounded curve of her
buttocks, caressing and kneading the pale mounds of
flesh with eager fingers.

“You’ve sure got a nice ass, honey,” he whispered
in her ear as the fine spray of warm water kept
splashing across their shoulders. “But don’t you think
Fern looks kinda lonesome? Whaddya say you soap up
those pretty little tits of hers.”

Even though Gene had chosen his words carefully,
for the benefit of the phony story he’d given the
willowy blonde, Sarah knew all too well that her
brother-in-law had just issued a command. And if she
knew what was good for her, she better obey it. Sarah
looked up to find herself gazing into the liquid brown
eyes of the lovely blonde. The naked desire reflected
there gave Sarah a strange feeling. She lowered her
eyes to the twin hills of femininity rising so
delicately from Fern’s bosom and felt an inexplicable
flutter between her legs. She had never touched a
female breast before, even innocently. Now that she was
about to caress another woman with the intent of
bringing her physical pleasure, Sarah found herself
becoming aroused. The way her nineteen-year-old
brother-in-law’s hands were massaging her bare ass added
fuel to the fires of her passion. Her pussy throbbed
with greater urgency and Sarah felt the warm nectar of
her womanhood trickle from her vagina.

“Don’t be shy,” Fem said in a velvety voice, a
small smile curving her lovely lips. “I want you to
touch me, Sarah. Just like I want to touch you.” Her
dark eyes growing dreamy, the naked young woman reached
down to cup her lathered hand over the curly mass of
pubic hair between Sarah’s outstretched legs. The
brunette gasped as Fern’s hand applied pressure, then
moved in slow sensuous circles, lovingly shampooing the
voluptuous young woman’s fuzzy cunt. The fact that
another female was touching her in such an intimate spot
brought color to Sarah’s cheeks. Suddenly she longed to
touch the beautiful blonde’s exquisite breasts, to feel
the soft mounds of forbidden flesh under her fingers.

Moaning, Sarah’s hands reached out to cup the twin
globes. The firm smooth flesh felt pleasant and Sarah
found her hands moving in slow wet circles. Almost as if
they possessed a will of their own, her fingers kneaded
the ivory tits, creating a foamy lather that the shower
spray quickly washed away. Fern’s delicate nipples
tightened under Sarah’s ministrations and the excited
brunette let her fingers slide across the pink rosettes.
The stiff nubs felt nice under her fingers, a totally
new sensation, and Sarah was pleased at the way they
rose in quick response. Eager to bring Fern greater
pleasure, she opened her hands to aim her palms at each
distended nipple. Moving her hands in quick circles, she
rubbed her palms across each fiery nub. She heard Fern
gasp, then felt the blonde’s fingers move downward to
slip into the gaping folds of her inner pussy. Sarah’s
legs trembled and she split them even further to
accommodate the beauty’s searching fingers. While Fern
fingered her throbbing cunt, Gene reached from behind to
enclose Sarah’s mammoth tits in his hands, kneading them
vigorously, making her breath come in hot little gasps.

Sarah abandoned the palming of Fern’s distended nipples
in order to grasp her pert little breasts the way Gene
was grasping hers, good and hard. Whimpering, Sarah
squeezed the twin hills of flesh enthusiastically, her
excitement mounting. She heard her brother-in-law
chuckle in her ear but suddenly it did not matter that
he was laughing at her. Nothing mattered now except the
wonderful way that Fern was exploring her throbbing
pussy while Gene played with her tits. The combined
carnal treat, along with the thrilling new experience of
fondling another woman’s breasts, was almost more than
the excited brunette could bear. Her heart pounded and
her breathing grew ragged. She forgot her solemn oath
to refrain from displaying any signs of physical
enjoyment in front of her vile brother-in-law. She
forgot everything but the frantic beat of her steaming
cunt. Gene’s fingers moved to her nipples, twisting and
pinching the fiery nubs while Fern’s fingers toyed with
her oily slit. Finding the stiff nub of her clitoris,
the beautiful blonde squeezed it between her fingers.

Sarah’s hips began to move in heated circles while
catlike mewlings came from her throat. Encouraged, the
lovely blonde flicked her forefinger back and forth
across the fiery nub until Sarah arched her back and
cried out in orgasm, her hands still kneading Fern’s
breasts just as Gene was squeezing her big tits.
“Aghhhhhhh!” she cried, her pelvis bucking.

“Did you cum good, honey?” Fern asked when at last
the brunette’s hips grew still and her heavy breathing

“Sure she did,” Gene answered, dropping his hands
from his sister-in-law’s delectable boobs. “Christ,
couldn’t you tell? She was jerkin’ so hard I could
hardly hold onto her goddamn tits!”

Fern looked pleased. “See, Sarah?” she said,
smiling at the brunette. “Didn’t I tell you it would be
all right? Just wait till I get you into bed, honey,”
she added, her dark eyes thick-lidded and bright with
lust. “I’m going to make you feel even better!”

“Then what are we waitin’ for?” Gene asked, turning
the knobs to shut off the water. He could scarcely wait
for the show to begin. He opened the glass door and
stepped onto the soft oval rug. “C’mon, ladies,” he
said, reaching for a towel. “Let’s get nice and dry,
then head for the bedroom. Here,” he said, handing
Sarah a towel as she emerged from the stall. “You dry
me first, then you and Fern can have a go at each

Fern waited behind the sliding glass door while the
naked brunette rubbed the towel across her brother-in-
law’s slender body. A hot stab of jealousy ripped
through her, making the willowy blonde even more
determined to give Sarah a rich and satisfying sexual
experience. Sarah is much to good for a boor like Gene,
Fern thought, her dark eyes focusing on the brunette’s
tempting ass. I wonder what she sees in him anyway.
Sexually stimulated by the sight of Sarah’s pale moons,
the beautiful lesbian made up her mind to show the
uninitiated young woman how satisfying a lesbian
relationship could be. Men are such clods, she thought,
noting the goosebumps on Sarah’s naked flesh. All they
think about is their own pleasure!

When Sarah reached Gene’s distended cock, the young
man leered down at her. “Make sure you dry my prick
real good, sweetie,” he said. “It’s the most important
part of my anatomy,” he added with a chuckle.

Sarah dropped to her knees, rubbing the turkish
towel briskly across his crimson pole of masculinity,
making it grow even more. She derived no pleasure,
however, from her submissive act. Instead, she felt
only contempt for the man who was forcing her to cater
to his every whim.

“Now do my balls!” he ordered, spreading his legs.
He grinned as his sister-in-law drew the towel back and
forth across his swollen testicles. “Kiss me!” he
commanded, aiming his vast spear at her mouth. The
obvious discomfort on Sarah’s face increased his

Feeling debased, the naked brunette lifted her face
to plant a series of soft kisses upon his purple lust-
bloated rod. To kneel before her contemptible brother-
in-law was humiliating in itself. But to do so in front
of an audience was even worse. Painfully aware of Fern’s
presence, Sarah felt her cheeks flush with shame. She
must think I LIKE doing this, Sarah realized. That Gene
is my lover. The beautiful blonde had no inkling that
Sarah actually despised her brother-in-law, that the
unprincipled young man was forcing Sarah to make love to

“My balls too,” he said, gazing down at his nakedly
squatting young woman with a triumphant grin. He
enjoyed having her completely at his mercy like this,
waiting on him like an unpaid servant while Fern watched
hungrily. Not only did it feed his ego, but it also
excited him to know that the naked blonde lusted for
Sarah, that she was undoubtedly envious of the way the
curvaceous brunette was slavering kisses upon his
genitals. Fern probably wishes Sarah was kissin’ her
pussy instead of my prick and balls, he thought with a
smirk. But the impatient lesbian’s turn, he knew, would
soon come. From a spectator’s point of view, Gene was
almost as anxious as Fern was for that moment to arrive.

Shuddering, Sarah lowered her reluctant lips to the
prickly sacs dangling under Gene’s distended joint,
forcing herself to press them against his warm testes.
The scent of his masculinity touched her nostrils as she
obeyed his command. “Now dry my legs, honey,” he told
her. “And make it snappy, ’cause Fern is gettin’ all
hot and bothered watchin’ us.” After Sarah dutifully
blotted her brother-in-law’s spindly legs, the lanky
young man stepped back, gesturing for Fern to come
forward. “She’s all yours, honey,” he said with a
salacious grin.

As the statuesque blonde stepped from the shower,
Gene handed both her and Sarah fresh towels. “Go to it,
dolls,” he invited, his beady eyes bright with lust.

Sarah turned to face the beautiful young woman, her
enormous boobs tightening into melonous mounds of firm
flesh. Gene felt his hot penis lurch while he watched
the two naked women rub their towels across each other’s
naked bodies. This, he knew, was only the preliminaries.

The real fun hadn’t even started. The slender young
man was curious about the manner in which the two
females would make love. Is Fern gonna eat her cunt?
he wondered, reaching down to grasp his distended
rod. And suck her tits? Or is she going to shove her
finger up her cunt? Whatever Fern planned to do, Gene
felt certain that Sarah would wind up enjoying herself.
Just as she had enjoyed herself minutes before in the
shower. No matter what my brother thinks of her,
Sarah’s really just a two-bit whore, he thought. And
once I have my fun with her, I’ll make sure he finds
that out.

Once the two women had blotted their bodies dry,
Gene hurried the naked pair into the master bedroom.
His vast hunk of meat twitching in hot anticipation for
the show which was about to begin, he quickly lowered
the bedspread, motioning for the two females to hop on
the mattress. “Seein’ I brought you two together,” he
said with a lecherous smile, “I’m sure you won’t mind if
I watch.” He laughed, pulling the boudoir chair up to
the side of the bed for a front-row view. “Who knows, I
might even learn somethin’!”

Feeling apprehensive and self-conscious, Sarah
lowered herself onto the bed, wondering what was in
store for her. Assuring her she’d be right back, the
willowy blonde hurried into the livingroom to return
with a large shoulder bag which she placed on the floor
beside the bed. “Roll over on your tummy, Sarah,” Fern
said in a soft voice, joining the curvaceous brunette in
bed. “While I try to massage some of the tension from
your body.”

Sarah turned over on her stomach, the ripe curve of
her pale buttocks rising saucily. The naked blonde
squatted on top of her with her parted pussy touching
the small of Sarah’s back. The feel of Fern’s fuzzy
vulva lips and blossoming inner cunt against her bare
skin was such a new sensation that Sarah felt a warm
tingle course through her. Then the lovely blonde began
to stroke her naked flesh, caressing and kneading the
tight muscles of Sarah’s back. As Fern’s gentle fingers
moved downward, Sarah felt her rigid muscles relax. She
had never been massaged before and found it to be a
pleasant experience despite the bizarre circumstances.
“Now turn over on your back,” Fem instructed, her lips
brushing the brunette’s ear before she dismounted.

Sarah did as she was ordered, her voluminous
breasts rising majestically. She saw the hungry way
that the beautiful lesbian eyed her mammoth tits and the
obvious lust in her dark eyes made Sarah’s rosy nipples
spring to life, blooming like twin rosebuds. Fern’s
warm gaze traveled from the vast mounds of femininity
down the soft rise of Sarah’s smooth abdomen to the dark
triangle of down nestled between her legs. Her lips
parted, the naked blonde let her fingertips trace a
gentle trail along the path her eyes were taking. Her
touch was light and feathery like that of soft
butterflies. Sarah felt a slow warmth creep across her
pelvis as Fern’s caressing fingers lowered to her smooth
thighs. Goosebumps rose on her naked flesh at the other
woman’s touch. “Spread your legs, honey,” Fern asked,
her voice breathless.

Sarah turned her dark head to look at her brother-
in-law who sat beside the bed, breathing hard while he
fingered the gaping tip of his swollen penis. His lust-
bloated organ was magenta, deeply veined, and hotly
quivering. The shiny knoblike head glistened from the
warm precoital juices that dribbled forth. She caught
Gene’s eye and his warning look told her that she better
do as Fern requested. Feeling helpless, she split her
legs apart to reveal the coralline tissues of her inner
cunt. Exposing herself like this for another woman
caused her cheeks to flame. At the same time, an
undeniable thrill shot through her, making her gaping
pussy flutter deliciously. What she was doing was
perverse and scandalous but it was also forbidden and
strangely exciting. The fact that her brother-in-law
was watching her obscene performance made it even more
stimulating. Now that the moment she had dreaded had
finally arrived, to open the most intimate part of her
anatomy to another woman, Sarah could not deny the
humiliating fact that she was sexually aroused. She
never thought it could happen, but it was happening
right now. She was being turned on by a member of her
own sex! She gasped at the feel of Fern’s hands
stroking her soft inner thighs. Ripples of forbidden
delight coursed through her when the lovely blonde
lowered her hands to the fuzzy V between her
outstretched legs to separate the hair-lined lips of her
vulva. Sarah’s bright inner pussy blossomed like
delicate pink petals, the nub of her clitoris fluttering
involuntarily as the telltale oils of her arousal
trickled from her vaginal opening.

“Mmmmmmmmm, what a juicy pussy you have, honey,”
Fern murmured in a husky voice, gazing dreamily at the
lewdly parted tissues. She saw a milky droplet of
feminine syrup trickle from the brunette’s secret slot
and she licked her lips, hungry for the taste of the
sweet nectar upon her hungry tongue. Her eyes heavy
lidded and glassy, the excited blonde lowered her head
between Sarah’s wide open legs. She heard Sarah’s soft
moan as her tongue darted out to flick across her
sensitive cuntal tissues. The smooth feel of the slick
membranes upon her lingual member made the willowy young
woman moan with joy. The scent of Sarah’s arousal
graced her nostrils, stimulating her even more. She
smelled so sweet and clean and deliciously feminine.

The knowledge that the voluptuous brunette was
uninitiated to the joys of lesbianism made Fern’s own
throbbing cunt drip with excitement. It was always such
a thrill to make love to a woman who was virginal. To
the devout lesbian, Sarah was every bit as much as a
virgin as though she still had her cherry. Heterosexual
experience did not count as far as she was concerned.
After all, Fern had let men fuck her in the past too.
But it wasn’t until she had first submitted to the
embraces of another woman, that Fern felt her real sex
life actually begin.

Determined to make Sarah enjoy her introduction to
female lovemaking as much as she herself had years
before, Fern swirled her warm tongue up and down the
entire length of Sarah’s oily slit. She let the pointed
tip of her oral member jab and titillate, darting among
the many folds and crevices lining the young woman’s
gaping pussy. She let her tongue slide up the brunette’s
oozing vagina, moving in vigorous circles before quickly
withdrawing to travel down to the unsuspecting ring of
her tight little anus. She drew lazy circles around the
sensitive sphincter muscles, feeling the split-legged
young wife’s hips jerk at her unexpected oral caress.
Fern’s hot pussy was palpitating wildly as she tongued
the dark-haired woman’s widespread cunt. Wet slurping
sounds filled the room, accompanied by Sarah’s heavy
breathing. A soft whimper escaped Sarah’s throat when
Fern’s tongue returned to her heavily secreting split,
pausing to apply sudden pressure on the swollen nub of
her clitoris.

Gene toyed with his hot pounding prick as he sat
watching the two naked females perform. The sight of
the lovely blonde devouring his sister-in-law’s gaping
cunt and the wet slurping sounds of her swirling tongue
had his balls churning as the open glans of his
pulsating rod dribbled with excitement. Christ, look at
Fern eat her pussy, he thought, his thin face flushed.
And look at the way Sarah’s enjoyin’ it. He grinned
knowingly at the frantic jerks of his sister-in-law’s
pelvis, the erratic sounds of her breathing. He saw the
way her delectable nipples had risen into bright rigid
nodules and knew, without a doubt, that Sarah was
deriving intense pleasure from the lesbian’s voraciously
lapping tongue. Just as he knew that later, when Sarah
had regained her senses, she would be thoroughly
humiliated by the knowledge that he had observed her
forbidden enjoyment. An ugly smile tugged at his lips.
By the time he was through with his sister-in-law, Gene
knew that she would have virtually no secrets from him.
Gene would know all her secret lusts, her deepest and
most perverse sexual desires. Yes, he would see that
Sarah was thoroughly exposed and debased before he blew
the whistle on her to his unsuspecting brother!

Her breath coming in excited gasps, Sarah no longer
cared that what she was doing was thought to be
unnatural and wrong. Just as she no longer cared that
the man she detested was watching her heated response.
All that mattered now was the marvelous sensations
tearing through her naked body, thanks to the beautiful
blonde female whose head was nestled between her lewdly
splayed legs. Her steaming cunt was swollen and
throbbing, leaking profusely. Her creamy nectar flowed
from her palpitating slit to be quickly lapped up by
Fern’s slithering tongue. Being fucked and eaten like
this was wonderful, glorious! The fact that a member of
the same sex was bringing her such carnal pleasure only
fanned the flames of her passion. Her belly was a
feverish mass of hot physical sensation. Her split legs
trembled and her hips moved in sporadic jerks. Catlike
mewlings, came from her throat, and her head tossed back
and forth on the pillow. Oh what wonderful things
Fern’s tongue was doing as it slithered up and down the
throbbing length of her secreting pussy hole. At
maddening intervals, the warm lingual member darted up
her slick vagina, driving her wild with passion.

Splitting her legs so far apart that her thigh
muscles ached, the lust-crazed young woman reached down
to entwine her fingers through her lover’s long golden
tresses. She twisted and tugged at the woman’s hair in
a frenzied effort to draw her head closer, to claim even
more of her wonderful spiraling oral member. “Oh fuck,
fuck!” she cried in a high-pitched voice, swirling her
hips in the air. Fiery bursts of pleasure shot through
her naked body as Fern’s talented tongue continued to
treat her pounding cunt. Every cell in the panting
brunette’s luscious body responded to the artful
ministrations of the beautiful blonde whose face was
buried between her trembling legs. Sarah could not
imagine a more marvelous sensation than the feel of
Fern’s long lingual member laving the leaking length of
her steaming slit, darting up the spongy depths of her
cavernous cuntal tunnel before withdrawing to swirl
among her gaping petals to cleanse her sensitive tissues
of the milky nectar that flowed so copiously from her
slick vagina.

She whimpered in protest when the lesbian suddenly
lifted her head from between her legs to move to the
side of the bed. “Don’t stop!” Sarah begged, lifting
her hips hungrily. “Oh, please keep sucking me!”

“I will, honey,” Fern assured in a throaty voice,
reaching down to remove something from her purse. “In a
way that you’ll like even better!” With that, the
beautiful blonde aimed a rubber dildo at the brunette’s
pleading pussy. Fern saw Sarah’s oily slit part
lasciviously as she pushed the immense knobby tip into
her oozing aperture. At first, she had difficulty in
making Sarah’s cuntal opening stretch wide enough to
accommodate the massive head. After a slight
hesitation, however, the brunette’s flowing slit opened
wide to receive the huge dildo. Her own pussy
palpitating wildly at the knowledge of the supreme
pleasure she was about to bring to the salaciously
split-legged young woman in front of her, Fern shoved
the big dildo into her creamy aperture, watching the
greedy manner in which her eager pussy swallowed the
plastic organ. “How’s this, honey?” she asked in a
ragged voice, fucking the young woman’s slick canal with
well-practiced expertise.

“Oooooohhh!” Sarah cried as the incredible rubber
prick invaded her milky tunnel of love. “Oh Jesus!” she
gasped, feeling the vast object crowd her wet cavern.
Whatever Fern was fucking her with, it was even bigger
than her husband’s huge cock. She felt the walls of her
vagina widen in order to receive the immense invader.
“Oh Christ, what is it?” she gasped, growing
lighthearted at the mind-blowing new experience her
pussy was being subjected to.

“A dildo, Sarah,” Fern told her, her voice
breathless. “A super-size imitation prick. Just relax,
sweetie,” she urged, her cunt leaking with excitement.
The massive object she was forcing into the brunette’s
uninitiated slit was Fern’s very favorite dildo, the one
she most loved to be fucked with. It had brought the
beautiful lesbian countless hours of sexual joy and she
knew, from experience, just how glorious it felt as it
slowly disappeared into her secret depths.

Holy shit! Gene thought, his eyes widening at the
unbelievable size of the rubber organ being rammed into
his sister-in-law’s cock-starved cunt. Will you look at
the size of that fuckin’ thing! Breathing hard, he
craned his neck for a better view of Sarah’s violated
slit, wondering if the massive intruder would split her
in two. He dug the tip of his forefinger into the open
glans of his hot bubbling penis, his excitement mounting
at the perverse activity. His quivering rod was
pounding and his balls felt tight and heavy under the
weight of their turgid cargo.

The huge dildo soon filled Sarah’s cuntal opening
to full capacity with inches to spare. Giving the sex-
gadget a hearty push, Fern sent it pumping against the
mouth of the brunette’s womb, causing hot bursts of
masochistic pleasure to explode inside her. Sarah
emitted a guttural cry, bright flashes of luminous color
whirling in her head. She did not think that she could
bear the immensity of the artificial cock another
second. It was so incredibly huge that her violated
vagina was stretched to a new diameter, protesting with
a heavy junglelike beat. “Oh stop!” she gasped, drawing
her knees up sharply. But Fern ignored her plea, slowly
withdrawing the plastic object until all but the very
tip of its massive head was protruding from her
screaming tunnel. The fake cock was coated with the
oils of her femininity, glistening wetly as it emerged
from her aching pussy. Her cheeks flushed, Fern shoved
the dildo in again, pushing harder this time. Sarah
arched her back as the imitation prick pounded her
tender cervix, making her head spin. “Oh please!” she
gasped, her legs trembling. But Fern withdrew it again,
faster this time, only to more forcefully ram once more.
Again and again she fucked the helpless brunette with
the artificial penis, ignoring her cries of protest.

As the merciless invasions continued, it wasn’t
long before Sarah’s cries altered, changing from cries
of pain to undeniable cries of pleasure. The knees she
had drawn up opened wide and her pelvis began to move in
vigorous circles. Her full lips parted and her eyes
were practically closed. The bright nipples of her
uplifted breasts rose majestically, aiming at the
ceiling while the melonous mounds of pale fresh
surrounding them tightened into firm hills of
excitement. Sweat formed on her naked body as she
worked in frantic harmony with the lesbian’s persistent
fuckings. Suddenly, she could not get enough of the
fierce poundings. She lifted her hips in sporadic
jerks, trying to grasp even more of the magnificent
dildo. But the rubber object was immersed as deeply into
her pounding vagina as it would go, bumping into her
cervix at every invasion. Sarah’s sweating body was on
fire. Perspiration ran down the sides of her face and
along her scalp, making her hair curl into damp ringlets
around her face. “Oh fuck, fuck!” she shrieked,
responding wildly. “Deeper, harder!” Fern obeyed her
command, ramming her viciously with the imitation penis.

To increase the brunette’s pleasure, the beautiful
lesbian reached down to flick her fingers across the
stiff bud of Sarah’s clitoris. The fiery nub grew
crimson under her touch and Sarah’s hips spun even more
crazily. “Rip me apart!” she screamed, panting heavily.
Her whole body was bathed in perspiration and the bed
creaking under the weight of her heavy thrashings. The
double treat of being so cruelly fucked and having her
sensitive clitoris teased proved too much for the
excited brunette. Suddenly she cried out in wild
abandon, her hands clawing at the bedding. “Aghhhhhh!”
she cried, bucking and thrashing on the bed like a fish
out of water. The saturated walls of her tormented
vagina rippled and convulsed in great pulsating waves of
carnal ecstasy as a soul-searching orgasm tore through
Sarah’s hotly quivering body. At last, her spastic
jerkings subsided and her sated body grew still.

“Did I make you happy, Sarah?” Fern asked, her dark
eyes glittering as she withdrew the dildo from the
brunette’s contented pussy.

“Oh yesssssss,” she murmured, gazing down at the
lovely blonde who had just given her such carnal
pleasure. “It was wonnnnderfulll!”

“Then make me happy too, honey,” she begged, rising
on her knees to spread the lips of her fuzzy vulva,
exposing the glistening coralline tissues within, the
bright bud of her clitoris beckoning. “Fuck me the way I
just fucked you. Oh please, Sarah! Shove the dildo
deep into my cunt!”

Sarah gazed at the naked pleading lesbian with a
warm rush of emotion consuming her. Fern had made her
feel good. Her body was still tingling from the
vigorous fucking she’d just given her. Suddenly Sarah
wanted to do the same thing for her, to give the
beautiful blonde the same intense physical pleasure that
she herself had just enjoyed. Breathing hard, the two
women reversed positions. Fern rolled over on her back
as Sarah quickly knelt between her legs just as Fern had
done moments earlier. Now it was Fern’s turn to receive
just as Sarah had under the lesbian’s artful
ministrations. The beautiful blonde had given Sarah so
much, brought her body to such new and inconceivable
heights. Now it was her turn. “Spread your legs,
honey,” Sarah said in a thick unnatural voice, strangely
excited at the obscene act she was about to perform.
She lifted the enormous dildo from the bed, noting the
way it was still coated with the syrups of her

“Put it in!” Fern begged, splitting her long legs
wide. “I want to feel your hot pussy juices blend with

Sarah did as she urged, rubbing the shimmering tip
of the massive pseudo-cock in wet uncertain circles
until she found the right opening. Fern’s eager
aperture sucked at the huge dildo hungrily, quickly
swallowing its mushroomlike head. She must be all
stretched out from it, Sarah thought, noting the ease
with which the blonde’s grasping vagina accepted the
invading rubber object. She must fuck with it all the

“Oh fuck me hard!” Fern begged, lifting her hips.
Sarah pushed at the dildo, feeling it stop when it
struck the lesbian’s cervix. She quickly withdrew the
rubber organ, fucking the willowy blonde with the same
fervor that she herself had been treated to. Thoroughly
familiar with the oversize dildo, Fern’s wet cunt sucked
greedily, her saturated tissues clinging to the object
with each withdrawal. Sarah went at her with gusto,
fascinated by the ability of her slick tunnel to consume
the vast sex-gadget. Fern’s pelvis whirled frantically
and her lips parted, baring her pearly teeth. “Oh
that’s good!” she moaned, lifting her hips to meet each
forceful inward thrust. “You fuck good, sweetie!”

His fiery prick ready to explode at the carnality
taking place just inches away, Gene could contain
himself no longer. Breathing heavily, he rose from the
chair, his beady eyes focused on Sarah’s uplifted ass as
she bent over the naked blonde, totally intent on
fucking her pussy with the rubber prick. Gene hurried
to the foot of the bed, his steaming cock aching with
lust. Scrambling up on the mattress, he positioned
himself directly behind his sister-in-law, eyeing the
tempting slit of her wide open vagina. Aiming the
bubbling tip at the slick opening, he thrust his swollen
rod into her cunt-smeared slot, his testicles slapping
her buttocks.

“Oooooooohhhhhhhh!” she cried, ramming the dildo in
even further at the unexpectedness of her brother-in-
law’s warm joint spearing her pussy. His hands slid
down to cup her large dangling breasts while he fucked
in and out of her with ball-slapping enthusiasm. He
kneaded her firm tits, then reached down to pluck at her
nipples, twisting and pinching the rosy nubs. His
punishing fingers sent fiery tingles of pleasure
coursing through Sarah’s mammoth tits. The way he was
punishing her hot rosettes made her tender nipples ache
with simultaneous pain and pleasure. This was the way
Sarah longed for her husband to toy with her big boobs.

“Mmmmmmmm,” Sarah moaned, “that feels goood!” The dual
carnal treat of having the bright tips of her breasts so
deliciously manipulated and her pussy pounded savagely
from the rear made the hot juices of her womanhood flow
once again. It had been such an incredibly long time
since she had been screwed like this. Not since the
days of her secret modeling career. This was one of the
many ways the lovely brunette longed to have her husband
shove his thick penis into her. The feel of a swollen
cock ramming her from such a sharp angle made the warm
hunk of meat seem even bigger, more demanding. Her cunt
throbbing in heated response, Sarah wriggled her pale
moons excitedly, lifting her bare ass high in the air.

“Oh keep fucking!” she begged, pushing her ass back-
ward to meet her brother-in-law’s every pounding forward
thrust. “And keep pinching my tits! Squeeze harder!”
In her excitement, the panting brunette automatically
shoved the huge rubber dildo in and out of the split-
legged lesbian’s drooling pussy with renewed vigor.

“Ooooooohhhhhhhh!” Fern moaned, lifting her pelvis
and whirling-it in sporadic circles. “Deeper, faster!”
Her pulpy throbbing canal sucked greedily each time the
pseudo-prick disappeared into its inner depths, then
clung lovingly on each withdrawal. Seeing the lustful
expression on the brunette’s flushed face as her
brother-in-law twisted and tugged at the ends of her big
boobs while he speared her pussy from behind stimulated
the lesbian even more. Her violated aperture pulsated
wildly, her responsive body climbing faster and faster
toward the apex of physical sensation.

Gene grunted, sweat trickling down his naked torso
as he pounded the voluptuous woman in front of him. He
could hear the beautiful lesbian’s heated moans and
outcries as well as his sister-in-law’s wanton pleas.
The raggedness of their labored breathing, the wet
sucking noises of Fern’s grasping vagina, and the
slapping sounds of Gene’s huge testicles spanking
Sarah’s uplifted asscheeks also filled the air. Gene’s
fiery prick pounded furiously, thrilling to the luscious
wetness of Sarah’s cuntal opening, the stimulating feel
of her cervix bumping the bubbling tip of his crimson
rod with each vigorous fuck. “Feel good, baby?” he
asked, panting in her ear.

“Oh yesssssss!” she responded, wiggling her ass as
she shoved the massive dildo into the blonde’s creamy

“Like the way I fuck?”

“Yesssssss!” she replied, hot bursts of carnal
sensation tearing through her flaming body.

“Deeper, harder!” Fern begged, opening her long
legs farther while she swirled her hips high in the air.
“Oh fuck me, fuck me!”

The realization that all three of them were
thrilling to carnal delights at the same time made
Gene’s pistoning cudgel swell to the bursting point.
He’d never been part of such a mind-blowing orgy before,
and now he could no longer contain himself. His flying
fingers flicked away at Sarah’s pointed nipples
mercilessly. Hurling his slender hips forward in a few
final jerks, his pummeling rod suddenly exploded within
Sarah’s oily depths, sending a shower of hot semen
splattering against the walls of her slick vagina. “Oh
Christ!” he cried, His sweating body bucking wildly.
“I’m cumming Aghhhhhhh!”

The increased fervor of his violent fuckings, as
well as the unrelenting way he was torturing her
breasts, brought the bent brunette to the same feverish
pitch like the young man positioned behind her. Crying
out in wild abandon, Sarah rammed the dildo deep into
the blonde’s starved pussy while her own vaginal walls
rippled and convulsed in another powerful orgasm.

The final thrust of the massive dildo was so
powerful that Fern arched her back, suspended in midair
for a few breathtaking moments while blinding
kaleidoscopes of color whirled within her head. Then
her naked body jerked and bucked as she emitted a high-
pitched catlike wail. The bed shook as all three
surrendered themselves to shattering orgasms, their
naked sweating bodies working in unholy unison.

At last, the wailing ceased and their bodies grew
still. Sarah collapsed on top of the sated lesbian
while her brother-in-law fell on top of both of them in
a crumpled heap. While Gene’s spent penis emptied the
last of its fiery contents into his sister-in-law’s
contented cunt, the three of them lay panting. A
rapturous expression graced the lesbian’s beautiful face
as she lay with the oversize dildo still protruding from
her purring satisfied pussy. It was not until their
labored breathing diminished and their heartbeats had
returned to normal, that the naked trio drew apart.

While Gene got up to go to the washroom, Fern
withdrew the nectar-coated dildo from her dripping cunt.
“That was fabulous, Sarah,” she said, turning to smile
at the curvaceous brunette. Her voice grew husky and her
lips curved into a dreamy smile. “I hope we see each
other again, honey,” she added. “I’ll be waiting to
hear from you!”

Although Sarah said nothing, she knew that she
would never contact the beautiful lesbian. True, Sarah
had enjoyed the young woman’s sexual attentions but she
was thoroughly ashamed of herself for having done so.
All she wanted to do now was to forget all about what
had taken place here this morning, to blot the entire
incident from her mind. She had done what her vile
brother-in-law had f****d her to do and she was not
proud of the part she had played in today’s perverse
orgy. And she hated the way her body had betrayed her
once again by responding to the lewd activity. Now that
her passion was spent, her sanity returned and her face
flamed with shame and humiliation. Maybe this will be
the end of it, she hoped, biting her lip. Maybe now
Gene will be satisfied.

But Sarah would soon learn otherwise. When Gene
would bring along his roommate Lenny the following

Chapter 6

The physical satisfaction that Sarah derived from
the illicit sex acts she’d engaged in with her brother-
in-law and his lesbian friend was short-lived. Once her
lust-crazed body had been satisfied, guilt rushed in to
settle over her like a dark cloud. It was a familiar
feeling for the lovely brunette. She had felt exactly
the same way after each pornographic session she had
posed for during the time of her mother’s illness.

Although the voluptuous young woman had responded
enthusiastically during the lurid filmings, the warm
glow of her body never endured. Once her passion was
spent and her mind, rather than her body, was in control
again, Sarah was always throughly ashamed of her wild
response. Still, she simply could not stop herself from
enjoying the forbidden sexual acts she participated in
for the camera. Right or wrong, she liked the feel of a
warm mouth against her breasts and she could not prevent
the delicious tingles of pleasure from rippling through
her when some man sucked voraciously, anymore than she
could keep her legs from splitting wide and trembling
with excitement whenever a talented tongue slid across
the sensitive throbbing tissues of her gaping pussy.

Having her cunt eaten was a marvelous sensation, one
that Sarah enjoyed thoroughly. Yes … and she loved
sucking cock too. And being fucked in all kinds of
thrilling and imaginative positions. Surely she was
oversexed, Sarah thought for the hundredth time. Why
else would she respond so heatedly to the lickings,
suckings, and fuckings she was paid to indulge in with
strangers years before?

Just as she had enjoyed herself with the brother-
in-law she despised. Even though Gene had f****d her to
submit to his outrageous sexual demands, Sarah had wound
up bucking and thrashing about in thrilling orgasm. And
now, she had reached the lowest of lows for she had
engaged in lesbianism and so thoroughly enjoyed her
perverse acts. Fern’s mouth and tongue had felt
marvelous between her outspread legs. How could she
help but respond? And so had the incredibly huge dildo
the lesbian had fucked her with. It was even more
thrilling than the battery-operated vibrator that Sarah
kept hidden in her dresser drawer. Just thinking about
how the massive pseudo-prick had prodded her secret
depths, hurting and exciting her at the same time, made
Sarah’s cunt throb with forbidden desire. Still, the
voluptuous young woman was plagued with guilt. Would the
day ever come, she wondered, when she would enjoy sex
without carrying a heavy burden of guilt afterward?
Admittedly, she never felt dirty or ashamed after Mike
made lover to her. But she never really achieved a very
powerful orgasm with her husband either.

In an effort to atone for her secret and shameful
acts, Sarah was more indulgent than ever with her
family. She spent extra hours with her daughter and she
pampered her husband by serving elaborate meals. Even
that, however, did not still the small inner voice that
plagued Sarah. I don’t deserve a fine man like Mike,
she agonized. Thank God he doesn’t know what I’m really
like. Sarah cringed whenever she thought about the
shocking and lewd acts she’d performed since her
brother-in-law started his terrible game of sexual
blackmail. And her cheeks burned with shame when she
recalled her own wanton enjoyment.

Although she was filled with distaste whenever she
thought about what was to take place on the next
encounter with her brother-in-law while her unsuspecting
husband was working at the shop, Sarah felt certain that
this would be one time when her body would not betray
her. Lenny, Gene’s roommate, was so repulsive to Sarah
that she shuddered just thinking about what was in store
for her. I could never enjoy sex with a fat slob like
Lenny she thought, goosebumps rising on her flesh. Even
though her cold-hearted brother-in-law was humiliating
her by forcing her to have sex with his disgusting
friend, at least Sarah would not humiliate herself by
responding. With a man as disgusting as Lenny, she felt
certain that she would feel nothing except revulsion.

Even though Sarah could think of nothing else, Gene
phoned to remind her of their upcoming date. “And be
nice to Lenny,” he warned. “He’s my best friend,
understand? And the poor guy don’t score too often.
Broads always give him the brush and he’s long overdue
for a good time, know what I mean?”

Sarah sighed into the phone, for she knew what he
meant, all right. “Look, Gene,” she said in a tired
voice. “Just when is all this going to end? Haven’t I
done more than enough already?”

Gene laughed mirthlessly. “Almost, sweetie,
almost. Show my pal a real good time tomorrow and
that’ll just about even the score. Just one more
private session with you and me then that’s it, okay?
After that, I’ll forget all about those pictures.”

Hope fluttered within the brunette’s breasts. “You
mean it?” she asked, her hand tightening on the

“I give my word,” he said, his lips curling into a
sneer that she could not see.

Unaware of how worthless her brother-in-law’s word
really was, Sarah was determined to get through
Wednesday morning’s ordeal without revealing her inner
disgust. Pretty soon this whole ugly mess will be over,
she reminded herself whenever shivers of distaste
rippled through her. No matter what I have to do with
Lenny, it’ll be worth it. Then things can get back to
normal around here.

It wasn’t until Gene and his obese friend actually
showed up, however, that the well-stacked brunette
learned just how much was to be expected of her.
“Lenny’s always had this secret fantasy, Sarah,” Gene
explained, taking off his jacket while the unattractive
young man beside him stared at Sarah in slack-mouthed
fascination. “And I told him you’d be more than happy to
act it out for him.”

Sarah’s eyes moved to her brother-in-law’s roommate
who clutched a small paper sack, his puffy eyes
glittering with excitement. “What … what kind of
fantasy?” she asked, feeling her body tense.

The two men exchanged glances, then grinned at each
other before returning their gaze to the lovely
brunette. “You’ll see,” Gene answered cheerfully. “Now,
whaddya say we all get undressed and get right down to
business? Somethin’ tells me this is gonna be fun!” he
added, moving to close the livingroom drapes.

In moments, the unlikely trio was completely nude.
Icy fingers crept along Sarah’s spine at the eager way
in which Lenny’s eyes devoured her naked body. Bright
splotches of color dotted his fleshy cheeks as his eyes
wandered over her, sliding from the twin hills of
femininity, with their delectable pink nipples, to the
dark triangle of fuzz nestled between her legs. “Jeez,
you sure are built!” he praised, the lust-bloated prick
protruding from between his heavy thighs, bubbling in
warm appreciation.

Sarah was unable to return the compliment. The
young man’s body was a shapeless mass of pasty flesh.
His breasts were so layered with fat that they swelled
like those of a girl in puberty. Rolls of blubber
encircled his thick waist and his stomach bulged like
that of a middle-aged man. Compared to her lean
brother-in-law, the naked young man’s obesity seemed
even more evident.

“Into the kitchen everybody,” Gene ordered. “And
don’t forget your equipment, Lenny,” he reminded. The
young man’s dimpled asscheeks jiggled loosely as he
hurried to the sofa to get his paper sack. His
distended rod leading the procession, Gene headed for
the kitchen, quickly lowering the shades. “Up on the
table, dear sister-in-law,” he instructed, removing the
sugar bowl to place it on the counter. When Sarah just
stared, he gave her bare ass a playful slap. “Move,
doll,” he said, snapping his fingers. “One of Lenny’s
favorite fantasies includes a kitchen table, right,

His fat friend grinned and nodded his head, his
dark hair swinging back and forth in greasy strands.
“Yeah,” he agreed, his voice breathless as he watched
the voluptuous brunette climb up on the table. “I
always wanted to fuck a broad right smack in the middle
of a kitchen table.” His swollen cock bobbed and swayed
between his thick thighs, its color deepening. “While
another guy watched,” he added, grinning lewdly at his

Gene grinned back. “Well, Sarah here is your
broad, Lenny,” he said. “And I’m your audience. So go
to it, pal.”

“Lay down, honey,” Lenny said, approaching the
table where Sarah sat, her melonous breasts protruding
enticingly. “And spread your legs apart so I can see
your pussy.”

Sarah saw Gene hand his blubbery friend the paper
sack. Dreading what was ahead, the naked brunette did
as he asked, lowering her head. Her enormous tits rose
proudly, their pink rosebuds aiming for the ceiling.
Sighing softly, she split her thighs, exposing the
coralline tissues of her inner cunt. As she lay on the
table, split-legged and expectant, she heard the rattle
of the paper sack, then felt something cool touch her
mound of Venus. “Ohhhhh,” she gasped, her body tensing.

“It’s just jam, sweetie,” Gene informed her in an
amused voice.

“Yeah, strawberry jam!” Lenny added, his pudgy
fingers smearing the bright confection along the
fuzzy lips of the brunette’s vulva. “My favorite!”
Sarah’s widely splayed legs quivered when Lenny’s
fingers moved across the sensitive bud of her clitoris,
coating the tiny nodule with the thick substance.

The jam felt pleasantly cool on her warm membrances
and a ripple of unexpected pleasure coursed through
her naked body. Lenny dipped a spoon into the jar for
more of the sweet substance before returning his jam-
coated fingers to the gaping slit between her
widespread legs. Her lips parted at the feel of his
gooey fingers sliding along the length of her pussy,
digging into the many grooves and crevices of her
open slit to coat every secret hollow.

“Oh!” she cried, when his fingers darted up the
slot of her vagina, swirling around to coat her inner
walls with strawberry jam. Sarah had never had a
foreign substance introduced into her secret cavern
before and the novelty of the act made her hollow throb
in quick response. The rosy tips of her mammoth breasts
rose into hard points and her pelvis lifted ever so

Gene caught the soft rise of her hips, the
unmistakable way her bright nipples hardened. “Feel
good, Sarah?” he taunted, leaning against the counter.
Seeing his friend smear the bright confection onto his
sister-in-law’s gaping cunt made his vast pole of
manhood throb deliciously. Grinning at the lewd
performance, he reached down to grab his distended
joint, rubbing it back and forth between his fingers,
stimulating himself even more.

Sarah’s hips jerked again when Lenny’s finger left
her vaginal opening to spoon more jam onto her
widespread pussy before returning to attack her anus.
His pudgy fingers circled the tight ring several times,
teasing it deliciously before darting up inside. Sarah
sucked in her breath at the sudden invasion. She
squirmed as his jam-coated finger climbed higher and
higher, digging into the tight aperture, smearing its
walls with the sweet preserve. The throbbing of her
lewdly displayed cunt grew harder and the jam-covered
nub of her clitoris began to swell. Lenny’s spiraling
finger hurt, but at the same time it brought her a new
kind of pleasure as well. Although the tight ring of
her violated anus puckered and winked in protest, the
bright folds of her gaping pussy swelled in heated

Oh God, Sarah thought, her naked body writhing on
the table. I actually LIKE this! God help me, his
sticky fingers feel GOOD! Even though she hated hersef
for responding, the naked brunette could not stop her
pelvis from rising, moving in slow sensuous circles.
“Mmmmmm,” she moaned, her eyes growing dreamy as Lenny’s
probing finger continued to invade her rectum. “That’s
niiice!” The warm syrup of her arousal flowed forth,
oozing from her sticky slot to blend with the strawberry

Stimulated even more by the lovely brunette’s
obvious pleasure, the obese young man withdrew his
finger. Suddenly, touching Sarah’s parted pussy wasn’t
enough. He wanted to taste it as well. “This is gonna
feel even nicer!” he promised before lowering his face
between her legs.

Sarah cried out at the pressure of his warm lips
against her jam-covered cunt. Lenny’s tongue darted out
to swirl up and down the length of her secreting
throbbing slit, gathering the ambrosial substance from
its many crevices. The naked young man tasted the
nectar of her femininity as well as the strawberry jam
and the sweet combination made his lust-bloated hunk of
meat pound hotly. Mmmmmm, what a sweet pussy, he
thought, his tongue slavering among the wet folds. When
he came upon the slit of her flowing vagina, his tongue
poked its way among the creamy tissues to lap up the jam
his fingers had deposited there. Diluted by the cuntal
juices of her arousal, the distinctive flavor was highly
pleasing to the young man’s taste buds. Once he had
cleansed her feminine aperture of its nectar, Lenny’s
oral member sought the tight ring of Sarah’s anus.
Grabbing her thighs to split her legs even futher, the
over-weight young man sent his long oral member far up
into the tight opening, swirling it around. Once he had
lapped up the sweet confection he had placed in Sarah’s
rectum, he withdrew his tongue to grin up at the naked
brunette, his face smeared with jam and femanine

“Now for your tits!” he panted, reaching once again
for the jar of strawberry jam. Moving to Sarah’s bosom,
he dipped the spoon into the jar to deposit a generous
portion of the flavorful spread on each of her uplifted
nipples. Setting the jar on the floor, Lenny bent over
the table to lift a savory rosette into his edger mouth.
Sucking voraciously, his pudgy hands kneaded at the firm
hills of flesh surrounding the delectable tip. Mmmmmm,
what a tasty pair of knockers, he thought, his big balls

Watching his friend devour the jam-coated nipple
proved too much for Gene. His hot shaft of masculinity
was pounding furiously and his lips hungered for the
same carnal treat that his roommate was enjoying.
Moving quickly, Gene circled around to the opposite side
of the table, bending his slender body over his sister-
in-law’s other luscious mound of femininity. Drawing
the jam-coated nipple into his mouth, he drew on it
vigorously while his fingers dug into her warm flesh.
Even though he had little use for Sarah, Gene had to
admit that she had a gorgeous pair of boobs.

Sarah arched her back, moaning in ecstasy. Oh, it
felt so heavenly to be sucked like this by two hungry
mouths. This was the best going over her aching tits
had ever received. Her distended nipples felt as if
they were about to be torn off but she did not want the
delicious suckings to cease. Her entire pelvic area
swirled hotly while her clitoris caught fire again,
rising from its hooded refuge. “Suck, suck!” she cried
in wild abandon, writhing on the table. “Oh, it feels

Hearing her wanton plea made Lenny’s deeply veined
organ ache with need, a need that could no longer be
denied. Whimpering, he lifted his mouth from her breast
to climb up on the table. His breathing grew even more
labored at the physical exertion. Panting, he straddled
the naked brunette, then yanked her legs apart. The
sight of his friend still sucking away on Sarah’s
uplifted tit only added to the heat of his lust. His
semen-packed balls pounded, demanding release. His
fingers shaking, Lenny grabbed his thick shaft and poked
it wetly and uncertainly among the slippery folds of her
pussy. Then finding the right aperture, his b***d-
filled organ slipped inside. The wetness of her
grasping cunt felt wonderful and he fucked fast and
hard, ramming his vastness into her with all the
strength he possessed. His beloved sexual fantasy was
becoming reality at last. He was actually fucking a
beautiful woman on top of a kitchen table! All he
needed to make it complete was a pair of observing eyes.
“Watch us, Gene,” he gasped, his hips jerking back and
forth, making the table shake. “Watch us fuck!”

Gene lifted his head from Sarah’s nipple and the
bright rosette slipped wetly away, red and elongated and
glistening with saliva. “I’m watchin’, Lenny,” Gene
assured, grinning lasciviously. “Go ahead and fuck,
pal. Give her the fuckin’ of her life!”

The obese young man balanced his heavy weight with
his arms, ramming the brunette’s inner depths with
determination. The few times he’d fucked before were
with real dogs, women who very seldom felt a hot prick
within their vaginas. Although they had met his physical
needs, the women he’d screwed before had not excited him
the way that Sarah was exciting him now. Never in his
wildest dreams did he ever think that he would be
pounding his hot prick into someone as luscious as the
naked dark-haired young wife who lay defenselessly under

Swept away by physical sensation, Sarah lifted her
hips in harmony with each forward thrust of Lenny’s
heavy body. The fact that he was homely and fat was
blotted out by the incredible vastness of his hot penis,
the thrilling and forceful manner in which his big pole
of masculinity was cramming her inner pussy depths.
“Harder!” she begged, swirling her pelvis. “Push

Pleased by his sister-in-law’s performance, Gene
played with himself while he watched. He squeezed his
dangling sacs with one hand while he rubbed the knoblike
tip of his cock with the other. He saw Sarah’s legs
curl around his friend’s thick waist and he grinned,
pulling even harder on his fiery shaft. Sarah sure knows
how to fuck, he observed. Lenny’s havin’ the time of his

Their naked bodies moving in frantic accord, the
copulating couple’s energetic gyrations caused the table
to shake. Lenny’s pale flaccid asscheeks jiggled like
gelatin and his big balls slapped against the brunette’s
buttocks as he tore in and out of her slick aperture.
His greasy hair swung back and forth and his wet mouth
hung loosely, spittle trickling down the sides of his
chin. He wanted this glorious fucking to go on and on,
to last an eternity. Aware of his friend’s observing
eyes, the young man’s passion rose to a feverish pitch.
Harder and harder he fucked, his lust overpowering him.
Unable to hold back a moment longer, his massive bulk
humped wildly, sending fiery spurts of sperm exploding
into the brunette’s creamy vaginal walls. “Oh shit!” he
gasped, “I’m cumming! Aghhhhh!”

The harsh volcanic bursts within her made Sarah’s
steaming cunt ripple and convulse in thrilling orgasm.
She dug her fingernails into Lenny’s fleshy back,
straining against him, her throbbing pussy sucking at
his erupting cock. A strange gurgling sound came from
Lenny’s throat as he emptied his pulsating organ into
her canal. The spouting head of his ejaculating prick
rammed the mouth of her womb as they bucked and jerked
up on the table, climaxing in unison, until the
consuming waves of carnal sensation finally diminished.

“How was it, Lenny?” Gene wanted to know, leering
at his fat friend whose spent penis was still deeply
embedded in Sarah’s saturated pussy. “Did she give you
a good fuck?”

“Christ, yes!” the sated young man replied, lifting
a heavy leg to dismount. “Better ‘n I ever had!”

Gene looked pleased. “Glad to hear it, pal. But
then Sarah’s got a real generous nature. Always willin’
to cater to a friend in need, right, Sarah?” he added,
his mocking gaze shifting to his sister-in-law. “Now
that Lenny’s been takin’ care of, howsabout actin’ out
one of my fantasies, sweetie?” Pulling out a kitchen
chair, he turned it around and sat down on it, his
towering cock rising like a sapling reaching for the
sun. “Get on top of me, doll,” he instructed, patting
his lap. “And I’ll make you feel every bit as good as
Lenny just did.”

Her cheeks bright with humiliation, Sarah slid off
the table and straddled her brother-in-law. She hadn’t
meant to enjoy herself like that, but somehow her
traitorous body always got the best of her. The fact
that Gene had observed her enthusiastic response to his
roommate’s table fucking meant that he had succeeded in
degrading her once again. She had no secrets from him
now. Not after all Sarah had endured … and yes,
enjoyed … under his watchful eyes. She’d been f****d
to suck Gene’s cock and had ended up swallowing his hot
cum in great greedy gulps, kneeling in front of him in
naked abandon. Her throbbing cunt had been fingered and
tongued and she had flipped her pelvis in heated
response. She had been subjected to the perverted
passions of another woman and had writhed in forbidden
ecstasy. Gene had even witnessed the invasion of her
helpless pussy by an oversized dildo and saw the
shameful way her streaming cunt welcomed the huge rubber
cock. What was the point now in trying to hold back?
There was nothing new that her brother-in-law could
learn about her, so Sarah decided, with a sense of total
debasement and defeat, that she might just as well relax
and enjoy the lap-fucking she was about to receive.

Grasping her by the hips, Gene guided her naked
body downward until her parted pussy hovered directly
over his taut glistening prickhead. The huge knoblike
tip poked wetly among her saturated membranes until it
found the sperm-soaked slit it sought. Once the
mushroomlike head of his dripping organ found its
target, Gene pulled the split-legged brunette down hard
while he jerked his pelvis, sending his hot poker far
into her vaginal orifice.

“Oooooohhhhhhh!” Sarah cried as he penetrated her
with lightning speed. Sitting on top of him like this
made his swollen shaft seem even bigger, more punishing.
It crowded her cuntal opening at a breathtaking angle,
its thick base rubbing briskly against the nub of her
clitoris, making her pussy come alive again. It
throbbed in quick response, grasping greedily at this
new and glorious invader. Again and again, Gene lifted
her high in the air before yanking her down on his lap.
He fucked her mercilessly, pounding against the mouth of
her womb on each reentry, making her gasp for air. The
steady friction of his pistoning cudgel against her
sensitive clitoris made the tiny organ quiver hotly.

Sarah’s cheeks were flushed and her eyes glazed. Her
long dark hair awhirl, she flew up and down on his
distended shaft, her melonous breasts dancing wildly.
“Deeper!” she begged, her fingers clutching his
shoulders as she rode him like a broncobuster.
Completely consumed by flames of passion, the bobbing
brunette knew no shame. “Split me in two!” she pleaded,
her lovely features contorted by lust.

Lenny watched the copulating couple with a look of
glee upon his fleshy face. Now that his lust had been
satisfied, he was thoroughly enjoying the role of
spectator. Watching someone else fuck was another of
his secret sexual fantasies and he grinned foolishly,
fondling his withered organ as he gazed. She sure is
dynamite, he observed, watching Sarah ride his
roommate’s prick. Gene is one lucky son-of-a-bitch to
have her for a sister-in-law.

Gene was almost mindless with animal lust. Hurling
his hips savagely, he grunted like a pig as he tore into
her. Sarah’s cunt was wet and satiny and it clung
tightly to his pistoning rod, making it good for him.
He felt the mouth of her womb bump into the sensitive
tip of his organ, driving him wild with carnal joy. He
jerked his hips as hard as he could, trying to fuck her
even deeper, to make his fiery shaft split her in half.
Her big tits undulating just inches from his face
increased his excitement until it rose to a feverish
pitch. With one final savage thrust of his pelvis,
Gene’s steaming cock erupted inside her, sending fiery
bursts of hot semen to blend with the passion juices
already coating her pulpy vaginal walls.

The violent explosion inside her innermost depths
made Sarah climax too. Their naked sweating bodies
humping on the chair, the orgasming pair moaned and
whimpered in sweet release. When it was over, Sarah
collapsed on top of her brother-in-law, her sated pussy
purring contentedly. Her cunt overflowing with the
combined juices of masculinity, Sarah knew that the
afterglow in which she was basking would end all too
quickly, that the pleasant warmth would soon be replaced
by the dreaded cloak of guilt, and that the familiar
garment would hang heavily on her shoulders.

* * *

Remorse and self-recrimination set in shortly after
the two men had left. Sarah tried to lose herself in
housework but she still brooded about the shameful way
her body had once again responded to this morning’s
illicit lovemaking. Thank God this will be all over the
day after tomorrow, she thought, recalling how Gene had
promised to return on Friday morning for their final and
farewell session. Gene also promised to forget all
about the lurid photographs after that. Just as Sarah
would try to forget how she had enjoyed the lewd sex
acts her brother-in-law had f****d her to participate
in. And she would spend the rest of her life trying to
make it up to her husband. She would be everything that
her beloved Mike wanted her to be. Sweet and agreeable
and passive in bed. In time, maybe she would learn to
be content with Mike’s mild brand of lovemaking, the way
that he seemed to be.

Sarah had no way of knowing that while she was
plagued with guilt, her big burly husband was
fantasizing about a platinum blonde he planned to fuck
that very evening. As he guided his truck through
morning traffic, on his way to deliver a television set
he’d repaired, Mike thought about how difficult it was
becoming to hold himself in check with Sarah. He loved
his voluptuous wife so much that sometimes he almost
went out of his mind with wanting her in forbidden ways.
If he didn’t make a trip to the Brewery soon, he might
lose control and ram his hungry prick into Sarah’s cunt
the way he intended to ram it into Lil’s. True, the
divorcee did not excite him the way that his lovely wife
did. No woman did. Just looking at Sarah turned him
on, made his pulses race. But to the brawny Irishman’s
way of thinking, his wife was not the kind of woman a
man let himself go with in the sack. Surely his sweet
Sarah would be shocked and disgusted if he ever did any
of the things to her luscious body that he secretly
longed to do.

Mike had numerous sexual fantasies concerning his
beloved wife. How he ached to shove his swollen cock
into her warm mouth and watch her suck him off the way
that Lil did often. If having a slut like Lil go down
on him brought him such pleasure, how much more joy he
would know if his bubbling joint were embedded in his
wife’s oral cavity. Just thinking about it made his
balls tighten and his pole of masculinity grow in his
trousers. He stopped for a traffic light, another
forbidden image flashing before him. He saw Sarah’s
legs split far apart, her coral pussy blossoming like
delicate petals while his head came forward. Mike’s
loins ached at the prospect of eating his wife’s
delectable cunt, of sampling the ambrosial nectar of her
sweet femininity. He’d gone down on Lil dozens of
times, sucking her well dry, and it had been good. But
how much better it would be to taste the warm pussy
juices of the woman he loved upon his tongue, to let his
eager oral member explore the crests and hollows of her
inner cunt, darting up the spongy depths of her vagina
to jab and swirl. Mike was so engrossed in his sexual
fantasy that the car behind him honked its horn to
inform him that the light had turned green.

Moving forward in traffic, Mike conjured up his
most treasured and illicit fantasy of all, that of
seeing his wife’s pale rounded asscheeks spread lewdly
in front of him, exposing the winking eye of her
virginal asshole. Mike breathed harder, his fingers
tightening on the steering wheel as he saw himself
coming up behind his wife with his swollen prick lunging
forward. He visualized his thighs nestling against hers
while he aimed his quivering prickhead at her tight
little anus. Then he saw the puckered ring widen,
stretching to allow his entry. Beads of sweat dotted his
forehead at the thought of shoving his hot penis deep
into Sarah’s inviolate anus, fucking her where she’d
never been fucked before. He heard her gasp in
surprise, trying to pull away while his strong arms held
her firmly in place. Then he envisioned Sarah’s gasps
becoming sighs and her bare ass pushing back against
him, trying to claim every inch of his burrowing organ.
He saw his beloved wife enjoy having her asshole fucked.
She bucked and jerked and ground her ass in excited
little circles, begging him to go deeper, to make her

Licking his lips, Mike maneuvered the car into the
inner lane for a left-hand turn, Jesus, what the hell’s
wrong with me? he wondered, turning the wheel. Thinking
about Sarah like this is all wrong! She’s just not that
kind of woman. But Lil, he decided with a slow smile,
definitely was that kind of woman. His massive hunk of
meat throbbed with need, Mike made up his mind to get
together with the red-hot divorcee as soon as possible.

Sometimes I wish my Sarah were more like Lil, he
thought, braking for a stop sign. Instead of such an
innocent. Although china dolls were nice to look at,
flesh and b***d women who knew what sex was all about
were nicer to hold. If Sarah had Lil’s strong sexual
appetite, there would be no need for Mike to cheat on
his wife. Instantly ashamed of his disloyal thoughts,
Mike quickly condemned himself for even comparing his
wife to a lusty woman like Lil.

* * *

Friday morning found both Mike and Sarah avoiding
each other’s eyes at the breakfast table. Mike still
harbored guilt from his fucking session with Lil two
nights before, while Sarah’s mind was on her brother-in-
law’s impending visit. Each lost in his own thoughts,
they ate breakfast in comparative silence. Sarah was
relieved when Mike finally pushed back his chair and
stood up. “Have a good day, honey,” he told her,
kissing her good-bye.

“You too,” she replied, trying to smile. The
secret knowledge that she would be f****d to cheat on
her husband again in a few short hours, however, made
her face feel like cardboard. It was with great effort
that she turned the corners of her mouth upward. “See
you at dinner,” she said, walking him to the door.

She stood by the window to watch him back the truck
out the drixeway and he waved to her in passing.
Everything seemed so commonplace, so ordinary. There
was nothing whatsoever to indicate that this particular
day would be a turning point in their marriage. Neither
Mike nor Sarah had the slightest inkling that it was a
mere matter of hours befor all hell broke loose and
their lives would undergo a drastic and irrevocable

Chapter 7

Gene grinned when his sister-in-law answered the
door. “Well, sweet Sarah,” he said, sauntering into the
livingroom with a confident air. “This time it’s just
the two of us. So whaddya say we make it a time to

Sarah looked at him with resignation. There was no
way she could avoid this final confrontation with the
unprincipled young man who was blackmailing her, so why
fight the situation? She would submit to his sexual
demands this one last time. Then she would be free.
And if she managed to enjoy herself in the process, what
of it? At this point, it scarcely mattered. She had
already been f****d to break her marriage vows and been
stripped of her self-respect. What more did she have to

Without further ado, the voluptuous brunette led
her brother-in-law into the bedroom. Reaching into his
jacket pocket, the lanky young man withdrew the
pornographic photos Sarah had posed for and held them
up. “Here they are, sweetie,” he said, handing them to
her. “They’re all yours now.” He failed to add,
however, that he had a duplicate set at home which he
planned to show his brother that very evening. Now that
he had had his fun with Sarah, it was time to destroy
her marriage. He owed it to his older brother to expose
his wife for what she really was. Mike would be upset at
first. It was only natural. But in time, he would thank
Gene for opening his eyes.

In the meantime, Gene intended to make the most of
his final rendezvous with Sarah. Once he blew the
whistle on her, she would no longer be putty in his
hands. But that was okay by him. His sister-in-law was
no different from any other cunt and there were still
plenty of hungry pussies willing to put out for him. In
Sarah’s case, the fun had been in manipulating her,
making her dance to his private tune. And watching her
pathetic attempts to pretend she hated the things he
made her do. And her humiliation each time she failed.

Gene was sure that he had just about broken her. How
she had loved the vigorous lap-fucking he’d treated her
to the other morning. She’d flipped and whined on top
of him like a bitch in heat. They both knew now how she
gloried to the feel of his cock inside her pussy. Try
as she might, Sarah could not keep her ass from
shimmying every time he fucked her. Gene planned to
prove his manhood again this morning. He wanted to hear
his sister-in-law beg for his suckings and fuckings as
never before.

Sarah took the photos from Gene, set them down on
the night stand, and reached for the buttons of her
blouse. If it hadn’t been for these, she would not be
taking off her clothes right now, getting ready to
spread her legs once more for the man she hated. She
sighed heavily. At least it was almost over. As soon
as Gene left, she would tear up the obscene photos and
flush them down the toilet. Then she would try to
forget the shocking things she had done in order to keep
her husband from learning the truth about her sordid

* * *

On his way back to the shop after picking up a
color television chassis that needed major repairs, Mike
McBride braked at the busy intersection. While he waited
for the light to change, an old man weaved his way
toward him, selling bouquets of cut flowers to the
waiting motorists. When he approached his truck, Mike
rolled down the window. “How much?” he hollered.

“Two bucks,” the old man replied, holding up a
colorful bouquet of mixed carnations.

On impulse, Mike reached for his wallet and
withdrew two singles. He gave the money to the vendor
and grabbed the tissue-wrapped bouquet. He smiled,
thinking how pleased his wife would be at the unexpected
gift. “I should do things like this more often,” he
muttered under his breath, pressing the accelerator as
the light turned green. Still riddled with guilt over
his most recent indiscretion, Mike decided that they
would hire a babysitter for the following night so that
he and his wife could go out to dinner. Maybe they
would even take in a movie afterward. Mike realized,
with sudden shame, that he hadn’t taken his wife out in
weeks. Yet he had gone to the Brewery by himself and
Sarah had never once complained. Filled with remorse at
his lack of thoughtfulness, he decided to stop at the
house and give his sweet Sarah these carnations right
now. It would mean going just a few blocks out of his
way and the colorful flowers would undoubtedly brighten
Sarah’s whole day. On a gloomy overcast day like today,
they should be especially welcome. And I’ll tell her to
arrange for a sitter, he thought, turning the wheel.
Heading for his house, the burly Irishman tried to
imagine Sarah’s reaction when he showed up with the
cheerful blooms. He could not remember the last time he
brought his wife a present like this for no reason at
all other than the fact that he loved her. I bet she’ll
really be surprised, he thought with a smile. Just how
surprised his wife would be at his unscheduled arrival
Mike would soon discover!

When he pulled up in front of the house, Mike’s
eyebrows rose at the sight of his younger brother’s red
sports car. Well, I’ll be! he thought, applying the
brake. Gene must have stopped by to see Sarah. The
thought pleased him for he often wished that the two
people he loved so dearly enjoyed a warmer relationship.
Although neither openly criticized the other, Mike often
had the uncomfortable feeling that Sarah and Gene were
not especially fond of each other. That’s why he was
always pointing out his brother’s best qualities to
Sarah and bragging about his wife to his brother. So
they would appreciate each other more. He smiled,
grabbing the flowers and opening the door. If Gene was
stopping by to see Sarah during the day like this, maybe
Mike’s efforts were finally beginning to pay off.

Mike unlocked the back door and came into the
kitchen with an expectant look on his handsome face,
thinking he would find his wife and his brother sharing
a cup of coffee. When he found the kitchen empty, he
headed for the livingroom, the bouquet of flowers hidden
behind his back. A frown creased his forehead when he
saw that Sarah and Gene were not there either. He was
about to call out when he heard strange sounds coming
from the bedroom. Perplexed, the husky young man strode
down the hallway, his footsteps muffled by the plush
carpeting. Following the incoherent noises, he passed
his daughter’s empty bedroom and continued down the
corridor until he stood outside the master bedroom. The
door was slightly ajar and he could hear the sounds of
labored breathing mingled with moaning cries.
Completely baffled, Mike took a step forward to peer
around the partially closed door.

Suddenly the bouquet of flowers fell from his hand,
dropping noiselessly onto the carpet. His eyes widened
in shock as his jaw went slack. The air escaped from
his lungs in a painful rush as though he’d been hit in
the gut with a baseball bat. A sick feeling flooded his
veins at the unbelievable sight before him. The wife he
adored was lying naked on the bed, her full lips parted
and her features contorted by lust while the brother he
loved and trusted lay on top of her, pounding his
swollen prick into her uplifted cunt! Grunting and
sweating from his efforts, Gene fucked her the way that
Mike himself had never dared to screw his wife. Even
more incredulous, Sarah couldn’t seem to get enough!
Her legs were wrapped around his waist like a human vise
and she swirled her hips in hungry loops, welcoming,
each forceful invasion. Mike could scarcely believe his
ears when Sarah cried out in lustful abandon.

“Fuck harder!” she begged, her hands clawing his
back. “Give me more, more!”

Paralyzed by shock, Mike stood motionless, his eyes
drawn to the copulating pair like a magnet. Back in some
distant corner of his mind, a small voice told him that
he should let his presence be known, that he should take
steps to end this shocking act of betrayal. But he was
unable to move. He kept staring in open-mouthed horror
as his brother’s b***d-filled cock mercilessly pounded
his wife’s grasping pussy. Gene’s huge joint was bright
with passion, shimmering wetly from Sarah’s milky cuntal
juices, and the wet sucking sounds of her grasping cunt
accompanied their grunts and outcries.

“Like my prick?” Gene asked, pounding into her.

“Oh yesssssss!” she wailed, tossing her head from
side to side. “Keep fucking!” she begged, the pointed
nipples of her uplifted breasts quivering with excite-
ment. “Don’t stop! Shove your big cock clear up to my

As Mike’s voyeuring eyes continued to observe the
naked tangle of writhing flesh, he began to feel
something other than horror. The unmistakable heat of
passion crept through his loins, making his testicles
swell and tighten while his penis grew rapidly,
straining hotly against his trousers. He’d never seen
his wife so worked up. Her flushed face, frantic
gyrations, and wanton cries were turning him on, making
his heart pound and his aching prick throb with desire.

His brother was acting out one of Mike’s secret
fantasies right before his eyes, fucking his wife
savagely, spearing her tunnel of love the way Mike
himself had longed to do ever since he met Sarah. Sarah
was responding the way she always did in his wild
imaginings too, grinding her foaming pussy against the
root of Gene’s pummeling shaft, begging for more.
Christ, she fucks even harder that Lil, he thought,
breathing hard. Look at the way she lifts her ass for a
deeper fuck! And her legs are curled around him like
goddamn pretzels!

Spellbound, Mike stood gaping from behind the door
while his brother hammered into his beloved wife with
fierce determination. He saw Gene’s hands slide under
Sarah’s creamy buttocks to lift her even higher while he
ripped into her steaming orifice like a hot poker.
Sweat trickled down his back to fade into the hairy slit
of his bucking ass. His mouth hung open and his eyes
were thick lidded and glassy. He grunted as he
viciously rammed in and out, his huge prickly sacs
swinging back and forth, batting Sarah’s uplifted moons
with a steady rhythm.

“Oh Christ!” Gene suddenly cried, jerking his
slender body even more savagely. “I’m cumming!

Her pelvis whirling with maniacal frenzy, Sarah
joined her partner in illicit orgasm. She curled her
legs more tightly around his waist, mewling and moaning
as wave after wave of orgasm washed over her, drowning
her in a sea of forbidden passion. She felt the hot
semen burst within her rippling vaginal walls in
sporadic jerks, blending with her own hot juices.

Seeing the bucking pair climax released Mike from
his hypnotic state of immobility. The look of total
rapture on his brother’s face as he spewed his hot seed
into his wife’s cuntal opening suddenly made him regain
his senses. He’s shooting his wad in my Sarah’s pussy!
he realized, jealous rage tearing through him like a
blazing inferno, making his b***d boil! A strangled cry
coming from his throat, Mike suddenly kicked the door
open and lunged at the two naked infidels like a madman,
his face purple with wrath.

Sarah’s head spun in his direction and she
screamed. In seconds, Mike had his brother by the hair,
lifting him off the bed as if he were a mere c***d.
“You doublecrossing bastard!” he yelled, hurling the
bewildered young man across the room. “Screwing my wife
behind my back!” Gene slammed into the opposite wall,
grunting, then crumpled to the floor like a marionette,
a dazed expression on his face. He sat there gazing up
at his brother with incredulous eyes, his shriveled
organ still dripping its forbidden juices. Mike crossed
the room in angry strides to grab him by the throat,
lifting him to his feet.

“No, wait!” Gene begged, his eyes wide with fear as
his brother’s fingers closed around his throat.
“Aghhhhhhh!” he cried, clawing at Mike’s hands, his face
reddening and his eyes bulging.

“Mike, stop it!” Sarah shrieked, fearing that her
enraged husband would c***e the life out of his brother.
“You’ll k**l him! He’s not worth it, Mike!”

His fingers relaxed at Sarah’s pleas. She was
right. Gene wasn’t worth going to prison for. Releasing
his hold on the young man’s throat, Mike clenched his
fist and struck his brother in the jaw. A resounding
crack filled the air. Grunting, Gene spun backward, his
thin arms flailing wildly. When he toppled to the
floor, Mike lifted his leg to kick him savagely.

Screaming in pain, Gene doubled over, holding his
rib cage. “Jesus,” he panted, his face twisted in agony
as he rocked to and fro. “I think you just broke my

“You’re lucky I didn’t break your neck!” Mike spat,
feeling nothing but contempt for the cowering figure in
front of him. “If you weren’t my own brother, I’d break
you in two!” He grabbed his arm to yank him to his
feet. “Now get your clothes on and get the hell outa
here before I k**l you!”

Whimpering like a beaten dog, Gene staggered to his
feet. “You don’t understand,” he said in a whining
voice, reaching for his clothes. “Sarah’s no good,
Mike. And I can prove it to you!” Jerking on his
pants, he reached for the pornographic photos on the
night stand. “Here!” he said, a triumphant look on his
face as he handed the pictures to Mike. “This is what
your precious wife is really like!”

“No!” Sarah protested, jumping from the bed. She
tried to grab the photos away from her husband but Mike
shoved her away, sending her staggering backwards.
Sobbing, the distraught brunette watched helplessly as
her husband quickly examined the photos. Her heart
pounded and a sick feeling washed over her at the dark
fury in Mike’s face. “Mike, please!” she begged. “Let
me try to explain!”

But he shot her a venomous look. “Seems to me
things are pretty damn clear. You’ve been cheating on
me with my own brother and posing for filthy pictures on
the side!” Disgust and disillusionment flooded his
entire being. How could he have been so blind, go
stupid not to see that the wife he held on a pedestal
had been cuckholding him? His eyes narrowing, he turned
to his brother. “Get out!” he hissed through clenched
teeth. “I’ll deal with you later!”

Gene needed no further prodding. Anxious to escape
his brother’s fury, he grabbed his jacket and fled from
the room, his jaw throbbing and his ribs on fire.
Somehow the unscrupulous young man’s scheme had
backfired. Sarah was the only person who was supposed
to get hurt. “I hope he beats the shit out of her,” he
muttered under his breath as he tore out the door and
ran to his car.

Naked and trembling, Sarah crouched on the bedroom
floor, wondering fearfully what Mike would do to her.
“Gene made me go to bed with him!” she gasped as Mike
came toward her menacingly, unbuttoning his shirt. “He
said he’d show you those photos if I didn’t!”

“Did he make you wiggle you ass like a two-bit
whore too?” he demanded. “Did he force you to wrap your
legs around him and beg for more? And did someone force
you to pose for those dirty pictures too?” He laughed
mirthlessly, unzipping his trousers. “Just how dumb do
you think I am, Sarah?” he asked, coming closer, his
face ominous.

“I had to do it, Mike,” she explained, her face
beseeching. “My mother was sick and I needed money to
take care of her. It was the only way I could get it.”

As she babbled on, trying desperately to make him
understand, Mike removed the rest of his clothing until
he stood in front of her stark naked, his huge cock
bobbing in front of her face like a cobra about to
strike. But Mike scarcely listened. His eyes were
devouring his wife’s luscious nudity while the b***d
soared hotly through his veins. God, she’s gorgeous, he
thought. No matter what Sarah had done, how she had
betrayed him, Mike knew that he was still hopelessly in
love with her. That she was the only woman he wanted for
his own. His mouth watered at the delectable mounds of
firm flesh jutting forward in naked splendor, their rosy
nipples rigid with fear. His lustful gaze swept down
over the pale rise of her smooth abdomen to the dark
velvety mound between her legs. She moved and he saw a
bit of coral peek out from between her fuzzy slit and
his swelling rod grew even more, throbbing with an
urgency it had never known before.

He longed to press his tongue between her bright
inner pussy folds, the way the man in one of the lurid
photos had done. And his quivering pole of masculinity
ached for the feel of Sarah’s warm lips encircling it
just as her widely stretched mouth was fastened on the
lust-bloated cock in still another photo. Yes, Mike
would make his faithless wife reenact each of the four
obscene poses. He would make her ride his cock while he
fucked her from below and he would order her to bend
over and spread her legs so he could screw her two-
timing cunt doggie-style too. Then he would force his
wife to do something that wasn’t included in the lewd
pictures, something he had secretly longed to do for far
too long. I’ll give her more prick than she’s ever had
before, he thought, his balls quivering in hot
anticipation. Mike would fill every possible hole with
his vast joint until Sarah begged for mercy. He would
prove to her that she did not have to search elsewhere,
for Mike would give her the fucking of her life. Once
he was through with her, Sarah would know, without a
shadow of a doubt, that she needed no other cock but

“Get up, whore!” he ordered, yanking her by the arm
to throw her across the bed. “Let’s see if I can make
your ass squirm and your pussy foam the way my brother
did!” Lowering his naked body onto hers, the burly
young man crushed his lips against hers, forcing his
tongue into her mouth. His massive chest mashed her
tits while his vast pulsating rod poked wetly against
her thigh, leaving a trail of wet kisses. He felt the
fuzziness of her pubic hair scrape against his as he
bore down on her. She lay under him tense and rigid,
then as his warm lingual member swirled within her
mouth, he felt her body relax. His kiss was long and
passionate, shaking him to the very depths of his being.
By the time he drew away, both of them were gasping for

But Mike was just warming up. “Spread your legs,”
he ordered gruffly, forcing her thighs apart to reveal
the saturated tissues of her sperm-soaked pussy. “And
let me suck your cunt!” Sliding his hands under his
wife’s hips, he lifted her gaping niche high and lowered
his head. He felt her legs tremble at the touch of his
warm tongue upon her sensitive inner folds. He swirled
his oral member up and down the oozing length of her
slippery crack, lapping up the feminine syrup and
teasing her clitoris with the tip of his tongue, making
it fill with b***d.

Sarah’s lips parted and she began to moan. The
warm persistent organ slithering up and down her
delicate membranes was driving her wild. The fact that
it was the man she loved who was doing such marvelous
things to her throbbing pussy made her pink petals swell
as never before. Her bright bud of sensitivity rose
hotly, growing more and more rigid each time he passed
over it, punishing it mercilessly. The nectar of her
arousal flowed forth only to be quickly consumed by the
marvelous voracious tongue.

“Oh eat me!” she begged, reaching down to draw his
head closer. “Suck me dry!” Sarah gasped, her pelvis
jerking as Mike drew the hot nub of her clitoris into
his mouth, sucking on it ravenously. Whimpering, Sarah
pumped her hips up and down, making her husband’s head
bob as she surrendered herself to a deep and penetrating
orgasm. “Aghhhhhh!” she cried, her climaxing cunt
convulsing in great rippling waves.

When at last her bucking body grew still, Mike
lifted his head from between her slit. “Has anyone ever
eaten your cunt better than that?” he asked, his face
smeared with the fruits of his labor.

“Oh God no!” she gasped, her mammoth breasts rising
and falling with each labored breath. “That was
marvvvelllousss! The best ever!”

Satisfied that he had surpassed the performance of
the male model who devoured his wife’s pussy in the
obscene photo, Mike proceeded to duplicate still another
pose. “Lift your ass,” he commanded. “And get on top of
me. I want to give you a cockride you’ll never forget!”

Splitting her legs wide, Sarah straddled her
husband, centering her gaping cunt over the open glans
of his towering cock. Without hesitation, he rammed his
great phallic length high into her innermost depths,
making her cry out with both pleasure and pain.
“Oooohhhhhh!” she protested, her senses reeling at his
incredible vastness. She had always known that her
husband’s cock was large, but until this very moment she
had never felt each thrilling inch of his oversized
organ with such spine-tingling intensity. It crowded
her slick tunnel as never before, its massive tip
punishing her cervix with mind-shattering force, making
her senses reel.

His hands encircling her slender waist, Mike guided
her up and down on his lust-bloated hunk of meat,
tearing into her with unrivaled speed and determination.
It was so magnificent, it was almost unreal. Sarah felt
her pussy come to life again, throbbing, leaking,
spiraling toward still another peak. She’d always
dreamed of being fucked like this by the man she loved
but Sarah never truly expected her fantasy to become
reality. To think that all this time, her husband’s
sexual appetite was every bit as lusty as hers! She
wasn’t oversexed, after all! They just hadn’t been
communicating. But they were communicating with each
other now as never before. Mike’s heavy breathing,
forceful pelvic thrusts, and glassy eyes assured her
that he was enjoying himself every bit as much as she.
Her big tits whirling madly, she rode his pistoning
cudgel with a dedication she had never displayed until
now. This wasn’t just an ordinary cock tearing into her
… it was Mike’s magnificent pole of masculinity.

“Oh, Mike,” she gasped, every cell in her
curvaceous body aflame. “Oh, it … feels good!” she
gasped between fuckings. “You’re so … so big!”

His wife’s impassioned praise brought Mike to the
epitome of carnal sensation. Suddenly his bloated
prickhead swelled even more, erupting within her with
savage force. The hot shower of semen splattering
against her vaginal walls brought the humping brunette
to orgasm as well. Crying out like a banshee, she rode
her husband’s squirting shaft of flesh like a mad woman.
Their mutual moanings intermingled in a discordant duet
as their naked sweating bodies climaxed in frenetic

Mike knew, by his wife’s violent response, that she
had just had herself the best cockride of her life and
he grinned with masculine pride as she collapsed on top
of him. Two down and two to go, he thought, knowing
which lurid photo he would make Sarah duplicate next.
Feeling his spent rod dwindle within her soaked canal,
he withdrew the limp organ and ordered her to her knees.
“Go down on me!” he commanded. “And suck some life back
into my prick! Then I’ll treat you to something even
better. I’ve saved the very best for last!”

Kneeling between her husband’s outstretched legs,
Sarah reached for his withered penis and brought her
head forward. The soft wormlike appendage felt sticky
between her fingers and the sharp odor of their mingled
syrups reached her nostrils, making her wince. She had
often dreamed of sucking Mike’s magnificent cock but not
like this. Not when it was shriveled and mushy and
soiled. The mere thought of putting it in her mouth
made a shiver of revulsion course through her. She
looked at Mike with a pleading expression, hesitating,
but he laced his fingers through her dark mane and
yanked her head down hard until it was just inches from
his genitals.

“Suck!” he demanded in a harsh voice. “Suck my
cock, damn you!”

Her eyes wide with fright, Sarah quickly obeyed,
lifting his rubbery joint while she brought her face
forward. Mike sucked in his breath at the feel of her
warm lips closing around the shaft of his weary organ.
Her wet tongue pressed against the underside while she
held onto the base with firm fingers. Then she proceeded
to suck, her cheeks billowing in and out while her dark
head bobbed up and down.

Warm bursts of pleasure shot through Mike’s naked
body at the delicious drawing sensations.

Sarah sucked so vigorously that his shaft of manhood
quickly responded. His twin sacs swelled and filled and
his prick grew rapidly within her oral cavity. His
breath coming faster, Mike watched her go down on him,
admiring the tempting curve of her pale moons, the way
her huge breasts danced and undulated, their rosy tips
jutting enticingly.

“Squeeze my balls!” he gasped, craning his neck.
“Ahhhhhhhh,” he moaned in approval when her other hand
began to massage his aching testicles. His distended
joint had almost reached its full capacity and it
pounded hotly under her oral ministrations. God, she
could suck! She yanked at his swelling rod even harder
than Lil! Suddenly he felt her tongue flick at the
widening tip of his bloated organ and he jerked his hips
in quick response. Around and around it swirled in
maddening circles, driving him wild with pleasure. When
the pointed tip toyed with his leaking glans, stretching
it so that her warm lingual member could dart down
inside to jab and titillate, he arched his back, his
fingers clawing her tresses. “Ohhhhhhhh, that’s
goooooood!” he gasped.

Now that her husband’s swollen shaft was stiff
again, Sarah went at her lewd task with the gusto of a
harlot. His prick felt all smooth and firm and satiny
the way she had always dreamed it would. Because she had
sucked him clean, only the bittersweetness of his warm
precoital juices coated her tongue. The pungent flavor
of his masculinity made the b***d roar through her veins
and her mouth hunger for even more of his delicious
manhood. Tilting her head, she opened her mouth wider,
taking every possible Inch of his vastness into her
mouth while the bubbling mushroom tip bumped the back of
her throat. She fought the urge to gag. Instead she
lowered her head still further so that his warm
prickhead slid down her throat.

“Mmmmmmmph!” she grunted. Her mammoth tits awhirl,
she rode up and down his huge shaft so that only a small
portion of the shimmering saliva-coated organ was
visible on each downstroke. She was on fire now, totally
consumed by her carnal act. Searing flames of passion
licked at her pussy. Her eyes were hooded with pleasure
and her pounding cunt was ablaze with sexual excitement.
Never had a man’s prick felt so incredibly huge, so
utterly delicious. “Mmmmmmmph! Mmmmmmmph!” she grunted,
her cheeks billowing in and out, her lovely features
contorted by lust. She bobbed up and down feverishly,
longing to suck him to completion, to feel his steaming
juices erupt in her mouth so that she could swallow his
hot cum.

But Mike had other plans. Even though Sarah’s
mouth and tongue were bringing him unsurpassed pleasure,
he knew it was time to stop. If he let her voracious
oral cavern tug at his pulsating rod much longer, he
would shoot his wad. And the big Irishman had an even
more tempting spot in mind. The look of sheer rapture on
his wife’s flushed face, the eager manner in which her
fingers kneaded his balls assured him that she liked the
feel of his warm meat inside her mouth. The way she
yanked on him proved, without a doubt, that his mouth
fucking surpassed the oral screwing Sarah got when she
posed for the lurid photo. Satisfied that he’d proved
his masculine superiority, Mike tightened his grip on
Sarah’s hair and lifted her head. His saliva-coated rod
slipped wetly away and she looked at it longingly like a
c***d who had just had a lollipop snatched away from his

“That’s enough far now,” he told her. “But don’t
worry, baby. From now on, you’re gonna give me regular
blow-jobs. And next time, I wanna see you swallow my
cum. All of it, you understand?” He chuckled at the
eager nod of her head, the way her eyes glittered.
Sarah’s sexual appetite even surpassed that of the lusty
divorcee he’d been screwing on the side. If only he had
known what his wife was really like! Mike knew, with
swift certainty, that there would be no more clandestine
meetings with Lil. Sarah was not only prettier and more
voluptuous, she outsucked and outfucked the blonde as
well. The time had come for the ultimate test. If his
wife passed this final exam, Mike was certain that
neither of them would ever stray again.

“Get up!” he ordered, swinging his legs over the
side of the bed.

“And bend over and give me your ass so I can fuck you
doggie-style!” Sarah scrambled to her feet, bending
submissively over the side of the bed, spreading her
legs eagerly. Her pale moons rose temptingly and Mike
eyed the creamy slit between her fuzzy cuntal lips,
seeing it quiver in anticipation. So she liked being
screwed this way! But he wasn’t about to wear himself
out before the grand finale. Mike would spear her milky
slot a few times just to show Sarah that he could stab
her from the rear better than any other stud she’d
offered her two-timing ass to.

Positioning himself directly behind his naked wife,
he grabbed her rounded hips and poked his hot jutting
shaft into her uplifted cunt.

“Oooooohhh,” the brunette sighed as she thrilled to
the pressure of this new invasion. Wriggling her ass,
she butted against him, trying to consume more of his
vastness. “Ooohhhhhh, that feels so goooooood!” she
moaned, meeting his powerful forward thrusts by pushing
backward. Her eyelids grew heavy and her arms trembled
on the edge of the bed. “Deeper!” she begged, her hips
working in swift harmony with those pressing against

Mike fucked in and out of her with carefully
measured strokes, but his eyes were riveted to the
sphincter muscle directly above her cuntal opening. He
licked his lips greedily, his eyes bright. He waited
until Sarah was skewering back on him vigorously,
offering her great white ass in total surrender, before
he launched his attack. With admirable skill and
timing, he withdrew his lust-bloated organ completely,
waiting for the next backward thrust of his wife’s hips.
His hands clutching her hips even tighter, the brawny
young man aimed his quivering bubbling shaft of meat at
the tiny ring of unsuspecting flesh directly above her
oozing vagina. When her lunging behind came toward him,
he inserted his mammoth prickhead into the tight orifice
between her buttocks, hurling his hips forward.

Sarah cried out in pain at the cruel invasion. Her
entire body stiffened in protest and she tried to pull
her hips forward. Her efforts were in vain, for Mike’s
tightly clenched fingers held her firmly in place.
“Aghhhhhhh!” she screamed when he pushed harder into her
burning asstunnel. Her inviolate orifice puckered
violently in outrage and sharp tearing pains ripped
through her rectum. “Oh stop!” she begged, gasping for
air. “Oh God, it hurts!”

Hearing her agonized cries gave Mike a perverse
thrill. He pushed harder, sending his swollen punishing
joint deeper into her unwilling aperture. He felt her
buttocks tense and heard her gulp for air. Her
struggles were making his invasion even more painful for
her. Jerking his pelvis, he burrowed into her even
more, forcing her virginal anus to stretch wider despite
its reluctance.

“Please don’t!” she pleaded, sobbing. “I can’t
stand it! You’ll split my ass! Oh stop, stop!”

But Mike had no intention of desisting. He tore
into her more savagely, burying his huge cock in her
tightly constricted rectum. He had accomplished the
first part of his mission, for his faithless wife was
begging for mercy. Satisfied that he had given her
enough pain, Mike decided that it was time to give her

He withdrew one of his hands from her hip to stroke
the creamy slit located under his deeply embedded organ.
His probing fingers slithered across her saturated
membranes until they found the nub of her clitoris. He
squeezed it gently, teasingly feeling it rise under his
touch. As his fingers continued to caress the tiny
penislike structure, he felt his wife’s tense body begin
to relax. She stopped trying to jerk her pelvis forward
and her sobs diminished. Mike waited until her hot nub
of femininity was filled with b***d, stiff under his
touch, before he withdrew his other hand from her
pelvis. When his hand left the curve of her hip, Sarah
did not try to pull away. Mike shoved the first two
fingers of his left hand up the brunette’s creamy vagina
while he continued to torment her swollen clitoris with
his other hand. He heard the sudden rush of air whoosh
from her lungs as she sighed in pleasure.

Slowly, her hips began to move again. The burning
of her tormented asshole was accompanied by a definite
throbbing now. Ripples of pleasure-pain coursed through
her body. Her crowded rectum relaxed, opening wide to
welcome its determined invader at last. Her body began
to work with him rather than against him. Every cell in
her being was aflame with this new and glorious carnal
sensation. The triple treat of having her anus so
thoroughly invaded, her clitoris incessantly flicked,
and her vagina double-fingered was the most devastating
sensation Sarah had ever experienced.

Her full lips parted, she began to moan in ecstasy,
her ass pumping backward to suck up every possible inch
of Mike’s great burrowing length. Her vaginal opening
secreted heavily, its milky nectar trickling down to
coat Mike’s fingers. Never in her life had she been so
thoroughly and completely conquered! Mike had fucked
her cunt, her mouth, and now he was infiltrating still
another orifice. Drunk with passion, she skewered back
on his hot spear with dedication. Her cheeks flushed
and her eyes glassy, she surrendered herself completely
to his masterful invasion.

“Ooohhhhhh,” she moaned, lifting her ass high in
the air. “Fuck, fuck! Deeper, harder! Oh give me
more, more!”

“Do you like having your asshole fucked?” Mike
asked, breathing heavily as he tore into her.

“Yesssssss,” she replied, shimmying wildly.

“Has anyone ever fucked your ass before?”

“Never!” she gasped, her legs trembling at the feel
of his relentless
fingers soaring up her oozing cunt, the steady pinching
and tweaking of her fiery clitoris. “And I love it! I
love you! Oh, Mike, Mike, keep fucking! Ohhhhhhhh!”

Triumph surged through his veins. He was
intoxicated by the thrilling knowledge that he was
fucking his wife where no cock had ever been before. He
alone had claimed her virgin asshole, introducing her to
the most thrilling of all carnal delights and he had
made her love it! She was ramming her bucking ass up
against him like a bitch in heat, begging for more. He
had never seen such a heated response. The realization
that he had conquered her completely filled him with a
heady sense of power, making him feel more masculine and
virile than ever before. That and the magnificent
tightness of her grasping asshole brought him to the
apex of physical joy. Jerking his hips violently, he
ripped into her again and again until his great shaft of
flesh exploded, sending its scalding contents
splattering against the tender walls of her crowded
rectum. His handsome features altered by lust, he cried
out in wild abandon. “Aghhhhhhh!” he cried, his
erupting prick emptying within her innermost depths.

Exquisitely aware of his steaming juices
splattering within her newly conquered passageway, Sarah
soon joined her husband in thrilling orgasm. A strange
catlike sound tore from her throat as she bucked and
jerked, surrendering herself to the most devastating
climax of her entire life. Her tormented clitoris
fluttered wildly while the walls of her finger-filled
vagina swelled and convulsed. The volcanic eruption
deep within her asshole heightened her response, making
her head reel while her heart pounded. Kaleidoscopic
lights whirled in front of her eyes and she heard a
ringing in her ears. Their sweating bodies working in
unsurpassed accord, the bucking pair ascended the apex
of carnal joy together, climbing to new and glorious
heights of sensation, sharing the most soul-searing
devastating orgasms of their lives.

When at last their epilectic seizures ceased, they
collapsed on the bed in a sated heap.

Once Sarah had caught her breath, she reached out
to run her hand across her husband’s chest. Never before
had she felt so feminine, so womanly, so totally
possessed by a man. Bathed in the warmth of afterglow,
she was filled with love and tenderness for the man who
had just claimed her so magnificently, so superbly. He
had made love to her in every conceivable manner,
surpassing anything she had ever known before. His warm
cum trickled slowly from her dual apertures and the
taste of his precoital juices still lingered on her
tongue. Sarah now knew that she was not oversexed,
after all, that Mike’s libido was every bit as powerful
as hers. And she also knew that for the first time in
her life, she would know total satisfaction without
suffering from guilt afterward. And she knew why. It
was because Mike was her husband, the man she loved and
cherished with all her heart. That made everything good
and clean and right between them the way it could never
be with anyone else. Somehow she had to make him
understand about those awful photos and her reasons for
going to bed with his brother.

“Oh, Mike,” she whispered, snuggling close. “I
love you so! Oh, darling, can you ever forgive me?” Her
words coming in a rush, she tried, once more, to explain
why she had posed for those pictures in the first place.

This time Mike listened, his arms reaching out to
cradle her. When she got to the part about Gene’s
attempted blackmail, Mike’s jaw clenched and his eyes
darkened in anger. Because he had idolized his younger
brother so, it was hard to accept the fact that Gene
would stoop so low. But he knew it was so, for he had
witnessed his betrayal with his own eyes. Ugly and
painful as it was, Mike had to face the truth.

“I was afraid to let you see those photos, Mike,”
she went on, her voice c*****g with emotion. “I didn’t
think you’d understand, that you’d hate me, so I did
what Gene wanted. To save our marriage.” A strangled
sob tore from her throat. “Oh I’ve been such a fool!”

“So have I, darling,” Mike conceded, sighing
heavily. His fingers caressing her shoulder, he
confessed that he had been cheating on her as well.

“Oh, Mike,” she whispered, snuggling close. “I
love you so! Oh, darling, can you ever forgive me?”

Mike’s face softened. “I guess I can see why you
resorted to taking that modeling job, after all,” he
said with a heavy sigh when she finished. “Desperation
can make us do things we’d never consider otherwise,” he
added, thinking how his own desperate need for physical
release had driven him into the arms of other women.

“I didn’t think you’d understand, that you’d hate
me,” Sarah continued. “So I did what Gene wanted. To
save our marriage,” she added with a little sob. “Oh
I’ve been such a fool!”

“So have I,” he said, pulling her close. “I love
you so!” His heart overflowing, Mike brought his lips
down on hers. Their bodies straining close, they lost
themselves in a warm and tender embrace. Their fervant
kiss washed away all the hurt and betrayal and
misunderstanding between them, leaving only love in its
stead. By the time they drew apart, their eyes were
shining with a newfound joy.

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