A gorgeous housewife is blackmailed

My hands shake as I begin clearing off my desk for the
evening. I’ve been watching that clock since lunch and
I’ve only got ten minutes before its five o’clock. I’m
starring back up at the clock again but not before my
eyes pass across my name plate on my desk.

Mrs. Jennifer Wilson is my name. It’s my husband’s
birthday today. I wonder what he’s thinking right now.
I bet he’s been watching that clock all afternoon as
much as I have.

I clear the last folders off my desk and shut the
filing cabinet drawer. An office door opens and shuts
and I practically jump out of my heels. I look over to
see who it is. Is Susan my boss!

“Have a good evening Jennifer.”

I smile back and reply, “You have a nice evening as
well Susan.”

My hands grip the steering wheel as I drive down the
boulevard. I’m trying to watch traffic as I look for
the address. He said it would be a pink building. I’d
see the sign right after the bank.

There it is! The Flamingo motel! I know it’s not a very
classy looking place but it doesn’t matter. I pull in
and see his car parked down at the end. I pull the car
in next to his and turn off the engine.

I pull on the visor and check my makeup in the mirror.
I make a few last minute dabs here and there and apply
a fresh coat of his favorite lipstick. He told me at
lunch last week that bright red lipstick made him melt.

I made a point of polishing my nails and toes to match
just for him this evening. I squirt just a tiny little
dab of his favorite perfume around my neck. There! I’m

I get out of the car and my heels are making that loud
clicking sound as I walk around near his car. I peer
inside for a moment and look for the number. He wrote
the room number on a little pad and laid it on the
front seat just like he said he would do. He’s in room

It’s on the opposite side of the parking lot. He’s very
clever at things. I make my way across the lot and
knock on the door. I hear the click of the lock. It’s
open. He’s smiling at me as I walk through the doorway.

There is a chair next to the door and I quickly put my
purse down as he closes the door. I turn to smile at
him. He’s so tall and handsome. He made me wet the very
first time I saw him.

He’s walking toward me. He’s putting his arms around my
tiny waist as I lean my head up as we kiss. He’s hands
drop to my ass as his tongue enters my mouth. I break
off the kiss long enough to explain.

“I only have an hour.”

He smiles and presses his lips back to mine as we
remain locked in a heated passionate kiss for almost a
minute. I step back and begin unbuttoning his shirt.
He’s trying to kiss my neck as I slip his shirt off his

He drops his pants as quick as I removed his shirt and
begins coming toward me again. He’s reaching around to
unzip my dress and kisses me on the lips as it slips
off my shoulders.

He begins trailing kisses down my neck to the top of my
breasts as he gently eases the straps of my bra off my
shoulders. He bends down far enough to take one of my
breasts into his mouth as the cups of my bra are

His mouth feels hot as he nibbles on my nipple. I run
my hands in his hair and press his face into my chest.
He quickly moves his head to the other breast as his
hands release the catch on my bra letting it fall to
the floor.

I feel his teeth as he bits my flesh. I hold his head
in my hands and look down and watch as he sucks on one
of my nipples like an infant being nursed. I hear him
breathing hard as he slurps on my breasts.

My hands are shaking as he straightens himself up and
reaches down and slips one of his large hands under my
thong. He’s kissing me again as he gently moves his
hands over my mound. He inserts a finger between my
pussy lips almost causing me to have an orgasm right

He’s kissing me again. I suck on his tongue as I feel
his finger against my clit. I break off the kiss and
back far enough away for his hand to slip out from
under my thong. I step forward again taking hold of his
under shorts and pull them down by the elastic.

His huge cock sprung free as I lower the short down to
the floor. I kneel down and help him step out from the
almost getting hit in the nose by his huge cock as it
swings free. My eyes practically pop out of their
sockets as I stare down at its size.

I nervously grabbed it with my left hand and felt it
throbbing as I squeezed my hand around it. I leaned up
giving him another open mouth kiss before lowering
myself to my knees and placed my right hand under his
giant ball sack.

My face was only inches away from that huge cock as I
continued to stroke it in my hand. There was no way I
could possibly wrap my hand around its thick girth but
I squeezed as much as I could hold in my tiny slim
white fingers.

I leaned forward kissing the head and felt his hands
cover mine as I starred up into his eyes. He was
looking down at me waiting. I kept stroking his cock
feeling his fingers play with my wedding ring. I
wondered what was going through his mind at the moment.

Here I was, a gorgeous thirty-two year old blonde
housewife kneeling down on the floor in a cheap motel
room. A tall handsome black man with a huge black cock
stood in front of me waiting for me to take his cock
inside my mouth. If that wasn’t enough! It was my
husbands’ fiftieth birthday!

My husband called me his trophy wife. We had two
c******n and a large home. My husband was an executive
for a large firm. My mind slipped back to the present
as I moved my face closer to that huge black cock.

I opened my mouth and licked it this time. I than moved
my head and tried to engulf it into my mouth. I wasn’t
able to get much in the first try but I kept moving my
head as he stroked my hair. I listened to him moan as I
tried to swallow him down to the back of my throat.

He practically buckled over as he grasped my hair. He
was still being gentle with me but I didn’t come here
to be treated like a trophy wife today. I want him to
treat me like I was his slut. I want him to be rough
with me. I want to be his whore for the afternoon.

I starred up into his eyes again. I must have had four
inches of his cock stuck inside my mouth when I felt
his hands grip my hair and pull. My eyes widened out of
fear for a moment.

I starred mercifully up into his eyes as he spoke to me
in a different tone. “Let me see you take it down your

His hands gripped my hair. It hurt a little as I felt
him force my head up in position to take more of his
cock. I took a deep break and closed my eyes and f****d
his cock further down my throat. I felt the head
pressing against my tonsils. I thought I was going to
c***e for a moment until he allowed me to back off.

I did cough and looked up with pleading eyes but he
held my head and I opened my mouth again only this time
I kept my eyes open as I swallowed his cock. I kept
going until it reached the back of my throat again. He
looked down at me smiling.

“That’s it, bitch. I’m going to turn you into my whore
like I promised you yet. Keep going and don’t stop
until I tell you to stop.”

My throat was making sounds I never heard before as I
continued to swallow him down my throat. Our eyes were
still making contact as he moaned. He let me back off
again only to force my face back down on his cock. I
kept this up for several minutes until he leaned down
backing my head away from his cock.

His hands were holding my head tight as he kept my face
tilted up so our eyes would meet.

“Open your mouth wide and close your eyes for me now.”

My eyes were closed and I thought I had my mouth open
far enough when I felt him shake my head.

“Open it wider.”

I did open wider and a few seconds later I felt a huge
gob of hot spit enter my mouth. I was about to tilt my
head down and gag when I felt his hands which still
griped my head shake me and said, “Swallow it.”

I cried but quickly closed my mouth trying not to think
of what he had just done and swallowed. It felt hot and
like a thick gob but I managed to get it down my

He shook my head again forcing my head up into a tilted
position. “Open!”

I nervously started to cry as my body shook. I opened
my mouth and kept my eyes shut tight anticipating
another gob of spit in my mouth. I cried out like a
sick little girl but he held my head too tight to break

It seemed like those seconds lasted forever as I waited
with my mouth wide open for his spit. I cracked open my
eyes and what I saw next practically scared me to
death. His mouth was puckered and a long trail of nasty
spit was beginning its journey down to my mouth.

I cried out loud as it hit my tongue. There was even a
larger amount than the first gob. I quickly swallowed
before I was told trying not to think of what it was
inside my mouth.

“That’s my girl.”

He reached out and brought me to my feet. I almost
stumbled back as I lost balance wearing my heels. He
pulled me into his arms forcing his mouth onto mine.
His tongue entered my mouth and I reacted by swirling
mine around his. He held onto my chin as he peered into
my eyes.

“You still want my cock?”

“Yes, you know what I come here for.”

“Did you do what I asked you to do?”

He still had a grip of the back of my head with one
hand and the other under my chin.

“Yes, I did what you asked.”

“Prove it to me!”

I nervously responded, “I have it inside my purse.”

“Let me see it.”

He let go of me as I walked over to the chair and
picked up my purse. I starred at him and saw the way he
was looking at me as I opened my purse and reached
inside. I pulled out the small plastic packet and
extended my arm out for him to take it.

I watched as he examined the packet of birth control as
I nervously stood watching. He looked at the
prescription date than slid open the packet and started
to count the tiny white pills.

He looked up with me and chuckled. “Are you sure you’re
just not pulling my leg? How do I know you didn’t have
another packet of these somewhere? You could have told
them they got lost and got you a new pack!”

“I’m telling you the truth! These are the only pills I
have! I did what you told me to do.”

He tossed the packet onto the table and reached out and
took my purse out of my hands and looked inside. He
found my wallet and tossed the purse on the table next
to my birth control pills.

He laughed as he opened my wallet and looked up at me
for a second than continued to look inside.

“What do we have here? Look at all these credit cards.
Let me see… Mr. Jennifer Wilson.”

I watched as he examined each card than neatly placed
it back in its little sleeve. I opened the picture
compartment and saw a picture of me standing next to my
husband and kids.

“Nice family!”

He fumbled through the photos and turned the wallet so
he could examine a photo of me in my black bikini. He
looked up at me laughing and said, “Remind me to take a
few of you once that belly starts swelling up with my

He tossed the wallet onto the table and stepped closer
taking me into his arms. We kissed passionately as he
backed me up towards the bed. He gently pushed me back
onto the bed raising my legs at the same time.

He was kissing my ankles as he held one of my legs
straight out. I tilted my head up and said, “Do you
want me to take off those heels?”

“No, I want to fuck you with them on your sexy white

He continued to kiss my ankle than worked his way up to
my inner thigh and reached out and touched my damp
black thong.

“I see that pussy is nice and wet for me. Let’s take
them off.”

I leaned back and helped him raise my ass off the bed
as he slipped them down my legs and over my heels. He
tossed them over to that table holding my legs in the
air. I saw the look of lust in his eyes as he starred
down at my pussy.

He moved forward against the edge of the bed. I knew it
would only be moments before that big black cock was
buried deep inside my fertile white married belly.

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