The Teenage Lesbian Bitch part 2.

I’m a 19 years old bitch. A cruel, dominant, lesbian bitch. If you’ve read the account of my first “adventure” with a married woman, you’ll already know I’m a nasty piece of work and how I did what I did. ‘Persuading’ her to lay over my knee and count aloud the strokes of her first

Son’s father looking after his daughter-in-law

It’s funny how life’s little opportunities present themselves, my best sexual opportunity of my life came out of the blue one night with an eleven o’clock telephone call from my son who was working away from home in France for a month. Tim’s mother and I split up when Tim was quite young and divorced

When is rape not rape? When she says yes (fiction)

I did nothing wrong. What I did was not illegal, and I won’t go to jail. Was it ethical? Moral, religiously, politically correct… probably not. But it wasn’t really illegal. Obviously I don’t want my name associated with the events though. Have you ever had a secret? Have you ever done something so deliciously, saucy,