When is rape not rape? When she says yes (fiction)

I did nothing wrong. What I did was not illegal, and I won’t go to jail. Was it ethical? Moral, religiously, politically correct… probably not. But it wasn’t really illegal. Obviously I don’t want my name associated with the events though. Have you ever had a secret? Have you ever done something so deliciously, saucy,

A wife has to be nice to her brother in-law

To understand my predicament you have to understand one thing: I love my husband very, very much. I would do anything to make him happy. We’ve been happily married for six years. My husband, John, has his own business and recently he gave his older brother Ian a job. Ian has been abroad for the

A flashing wife gets more than she bargained for when boys photograph her asleep and naked

My husband Jack was away on a business trip and I was feeling a bit lonely. Just pottering around the house. There is only so much housework you can do before you go out of your mind. There was a knock at the door and two boys, one about 20 and the other slightly younger.