Britney makes brother feel good

I was standing in the doorway between the kitchen and
the garage; I’d just got home from a date that didn’t
go as I’d expected… I sighed and leaned against the
door frame for a few moments. Finally I returned dad’s
keys to the hook next to the door so he wouldn’t know
I had used the car while he and mom were away [and I
added gas to the tank, too].

My little sister, Jamie Lynn, was at a sleepover so
she couldn’t rat me out. I closed the door to the
garage and grabbed a bottle of soda from the fridge. I
left the kitchen and hung my jacket on my hook by the
front door and kicked off my sneakers.

I headed to the den. I could hear the TV on which
didn’t surprise me. My twin sister, Britney, was still
up watching TV, sprawled out on one of the sofas in
just a tank top and shorts. You know how us 16 year
olds are, if we weren’t going to listen to our parents
about not going out, we weren’t going to go to bed
when we’re supposed to either. I collapsed on the
other sofa.

Between the 2 sofas, they formed an L-shape along the
walls with a small table in the corner between them.
Brit looked up at me, her thick nipples hard [they
always get like that when she watching a show with
half-naked people] and asked “How was your date?”

I only grunted and took a swig of my soda. That seemed
to catch Brit’s interest. She muted the TV and got up
on her knees, making her huge tits jiggle. “What

“I don’t want to talk about it, Brit…” I replied
without looking at her. That didn’t stop her, though.
Brit moved to the other end of her sofa which was
closest to me. “Come on, you can tell me…”

I knew I could trust my twin with any secrets but I
really didn’t want to talk about it. But Brit wouldn’t
up. She kept cajoling me until I lost it and blurted,
“I was hoping to get laid tonight but it didn’t work
out, okay?!?” I was hoping that would finally shut
Brit up. After a few moments of silence I looked up at
my sister. She had this look on her face, and I’d
swear her nipples were harder.

“What?!?” I finally asked Brit. She began to grin from
ear-to-ear and giggle like a little girl. Then she
began to crawl over from her sofa onto mine, crawling
up my legs and stopping over my crotch. “You know I
love to suck cock, I could suck you off, Jimmy,” She
said eagerly.

Yeah, I knew my sister was a little slut all right.
And at the moment I didn’t give a fuck that she was my
sister. I guess Brit took the look on my face as a yes
and unbuckled my belt.

Before Brit could undo my jeans I said, “Wait.” I
reached down and began to tug off her flimsy top. “I
wanna see those big tits while you blow me, maybe play
with ’em…”

Brit giggled again. “How’d you know I had no bra on?”

“Because those big titties of yours flop around all
over the place when they’re not tucked into one of
your minimizers.”

Brit laughed and helped me pull her top off, her
massive tits jiggling all over the place with their
big, brown areolaes and huge nipples. “I’ll bet you’d
want me to take off my shorts, too, and be all naked.”

“Sure, why not?” I retorted.

My sister gave me a serious look all of a sudden. “I
can’t do that,” She said. “You might try to fuck me,
but you’re my brother… Besides, I haven’t shaved my
pussy in a long while…”

“Sis, I would never try to force you to do anything
you don’t want. And besides, I love hairy pussy.”

Brit smiled when I said that. “Really? Well okay,” She
said as she started pushing down her shorts. “And I
trust you, Jimmy.” Brit’s dark brown bush came into
view and I got hornier than I was when I came home.
Soon she slid them off and kicked them to the floor.
She went back to work undoing my jeans then pushed
them down with my boxers. “OH MY FUCKING GOODNESS!!!”
Brit screamed.

“What?” I asked calmly. Brit blushed.

“Sorry. You’ve got the biggest cock I ever seen…”
She giggled. Then she added with a whisper, “It’s way
bigger than dad’s…” I was about to ask Brit when
she’d seen dad’s cock but she swooped her head down
and took the head of my cock into her mouth without
even using her hands…

I moaned and leaned back. One of her swaying tits
entered my line of sight and I reached down and
squeezed it. Brit moaned around my cock and I grabbed
her other tit, too. Her mouth slid up and down my
length like a pro, taking more and more of my hard
cock in her greedy mouth. I felt the head hit the back
of her throat long before Brit had all of me in her

Soon I felt my cock slide down her throat and I
groaned, kneading her tits harder. Brit’s mouth flew
up and down my cock, her lips locked tightly to it. I
pushed her tits together and handled them more roughly
as my sister sucked me harder and faster.

I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. Over a minute
later I grunted and my cock swelled up in her mouth.
Jizz began to spew from my cock and into my sister’s
mouth. Brit swallowed it all like the slut she was. As
my cock slowly softened Brit let it slip from her

“So how’d I do?”

“Best blow job ever,” I sighed.

“Don’t get comfortable yet,” She said, climbing up
over me.

“That made me horny as hell,” Brit giggled as she
slowly began to kneel over my face. “Now it’s my turn,
big brother…” She snickered as she lowered her wet,
hairy pussy down to my face. I licked my lips, looking
forward to this…

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