Twins Erotic Affair

The twins were born minutes apart, the female at 12:03, the male at 12:12. Their father hadn’t been able to make the event, being on duty in the Philippines at the time. No one from the immense horde of relatives had come from their scattered homes to the Denver event, so the mother had no

Jimmy impregnates both his granny and mother, and also accidentally impregnates his sister

This sick story is meant as an putrid fantasy not real life. When Jimmy’s mother Margie (4 months pregnant with Jimmy’s son) decided to move in with Jimmy and Jimmy’s grandmother Addie (who was 8 months pregnant with Jimmy’s twin daughters), Jimmy expected his 9-month fuckfest with Addie to come to a screeching halt a

A mother pleasures herself with her son

Looking briefly at his wall, the clock showing 11:30. About to turn off the lights, 25 year-old Todd heard a knock on his door before seeing an attractive mid- forties woman enter. “Hi Mom.” Smiling at her son, Mona walked over to the bed. “Honey, I’ve got a mild cramp in my leg, would you