Carol and the old professor

Carol sat in a coffee house in Young Street, Toronto,
drinking a large cup of coffee, and watching the world
go by through the large shop window, when a man sat at
the next table, opened his Toronto Sun and started
reading the days news while sipping his cup of Tea.

At first she didn’t pay much attention, but then,
something seemed very familiar about this man. He was,
she guessed about six feet tall, looked very handsome
and very fit, and with his greying hair, she guessed he
would be about fifty-five years old

Then it struck her, this was professor McGregor, a
Scotsman who had taught at her college some years
before when he was on an exchange-teaching scheme from
a Glasgow University. She had a crush on him then,
which was now around thirteen years before, and she
knew the other girls used to fantasize about him and
would openly talk about fingering their pussies at
night when they thought about him.

Callum McGregor felt her eyes on him, and looked up to
see whom it was.

“Hi Professor, remember me?” she enquired.

“Aye, your face does seem a wee bitty familiar,” he
said quizzically, in his broad Scottish accent.

“Carol’s the name. You taught us English in Alberta
when I was at University there. You were on an exchange
scheme at the time,” she offered.

“Oh aye, I remember ye now. Very popular with the boys,
as I remember, and I see you haven’t lost any of your
charms,” he complimented.

Much to her surprise, Carol could feel herself blush at
the thought that he should remember that, and she felt
an odd stirring between her legs at his presence. His
accent also did things to her sexually. For some
reason, accents did this to her, and the strong
Scottish accent was a particular turn on for her.

“Would ye like to join me lass? Have another coffee, or
whatever your drinking, and we can talk about the old
school,” he invited.

Fresh brews were ordered, as Carol sat down in the seat
next to the professor. She asked. “Are you living here
now professor?”

“No lassie, I’m on a short five-day holiday here in
Toronto on my own, I have three days left, and then I
have a conference to attend in Windsor and then home
again to Glasgow. And you. What are you doing in

“Same as you professor, a weeks vacation, and I also
have three days left,” she replied

“Are you here on your own lass, or is the husband
waiting somewhere for you?” he enquired.

“No, he’s at home in Calgary. I needed a few days to
myself to see somewhere different, and maybe meet some
new people. Things were getting a bit strained at home,
but so far I haven’t got in tow with anyone new. I must
be losing my charms,” she laughed.

The professor patted her leg, high up on her thigh, and
she thought for a minute, he was going to grope her
pussy. His hand lingered a bit longer than would have
been normal, and she felt wetness start between her
pussy lips.

“You haven’t lost your charms one wee bit lass. Let me
tell ye, you’re as sexy as you ever were. I can
remember in class how I used to get a look up your
skirt as you splayed your legs sometimes. I know you
did it on purpose, especially the few times when you
didn’t take time to put any knickers on,” he informed

Carol’s panties were definitely damp now.

“How come you didn’t say anything, or make a move on me
at the time?” she asked.

“Because you were always getting fucked by some stud
from one football team or another,” he said.

His hand was back on her leg again, gently moving up
and down, and with each stroke, he got nearer her damp
panties. She made no objection as his hand moved up
under her skirt, and as his hand moved between her
legs, she slowly let them fall open to see how far he
would go.

He gently moved up under her skirt, pushing it up as he
went, till his fingers were touching the gusset of her
thong panties. This man was not afraid to take chances,
and she could feel the possibilities of getting that
good hard fuck that she so badly needed, becoming a
real possibility.

She leaned back a bit so he could get his fingers under
the pants, and he slid a finger into her wet cunt.

He started to finger fuck her, as she let out little
moans of pleasure, and the juices soaked his fingers.
Suddenly he pulled his hand away, much to Carol’s
dismay. He started licking his fingers while looking
her straight in the eye.

“You taste bloody great lass. What do you say we go to
my hotel where we can get your knickers off and I can
really give that cunt of yours a good fucking?” he said
very authoritivly.

Before she could answer, he took her hand under the
table, and placed it on his cock. What she felt gave
her tingles everywhere. His cock was so big; it was
ready to burst out of his pants.

“Fuck sake!” She exclaimed. “What size is that fucking

“Right now, it’s about twelve inches my dear, so, do
you want to come back to my hotel for some of it or
not?” he asked.

“Sure thing,” she said. “Where is your hotel?”

“It’s just around the corner,” he replied.

They raced to the hotel, and while alone in the lift,
they kissed, tongues down each other’s throats. He
pulled her skirt up and rubbed her wet cunt through her
pants. This was driving Carol insane with excitement.

“I want you to fuck me professor. I want you to put
that big cock of yours, right up my cunt as far as it
will go, and fuck the living daylights out of me, and I
need you to do it soon,” she panted.

“All in good time my little sex kitten,” he chided.

They reached their floor, and were soon in the room. It
wasn’t really a room. This guy had a whole suite to

“Well, professor I see you like your home comforts,”
she joked.

“You like this professor lark don’t you miss? He said a
grin on his face?”

“Mmmm, I’ve always had this schoolgirl and teacher
fantasy thing since I was very young. I guess this is
just an extension of it,” she said.

“Well missy, this may be your lucky day. Wait here,” he

He went into the other room, and returned with a
suitcase. Laying it on the bed, he unlocked it and
opened the lid. Inside was a schoolgirl’s uniform,
which included. White cotton bra and pants, white
shirt; short plaid skirt, and knee length white
stockings. There was also the professor’s gown and

“Fuck me! Are you into the role-play thing too? I love
that,” Carol enthused.

“Ok, go into the other room and get changed quickly,
before I shoot my load just thinking about it,” he said

Five minutes later, Carol entered the room dressed in
the uniform provided. The shirt was open half way down
showing her white cotton bra, from which her 38 DD tits
were spilling out.

The school tie was just hanging round her neck, the
skirt stopped mid thigh, and the white socks came to
just below the knee. To crown it all, so to speak,
Carol had tied her flame red hair up in bunches, and
looked like the sexiest school k*d imaginable.

The professor was dressed in his gown and mortar, and
was holding a thin cane, which he swished back and

“Come here girl,” he demanded.

Carol lowered her eyes, like the shy naughty schoolgirl
she was, and approached the professor.

“Look at the state of your uniform girl,” he
admonished. “Have you no pride. Are you not ashamed of
yourself? Are you not sorry?”

“Yes sir,” the little girl replied in a low voice.

“Not sorry enough,” he said. “You will have to be
punished. I want you to come over here and get across
my knee; I am going to punish you now.”

The crotch of Carol’s cotton panties was wet with cum
from the sexual buzz she was getting from this, and as
she bent over his knee, she could feel her little skirt
ride up her back exposing them. She could also feel the
bulge of his enormous cock pushing up into her belly,
making her leak even more juice into her little white
cotton panties.

The professor put down his cane, lifted her skirt all
the way over her waist, and rubbed his hands all over
her wonderful arse. He could see the red pubic hair
spilling out from the legs of her school knickers, and
his tool was at full stretch. The head of his cock was
leaking pre cum and soaking his shorts.

With one hand on the back of her neck, his other hand
roamed over the delicious curves of her arse.

He raised his hand above his head, and brought it down
onto the buttocks of the naughty little girl as hard as
he could. Five, six, seven, eight more times he did
this, and Carol squealed as each stroke stung the
beautiful cheeks of her panty covered bum, but the
sexual thrill outweighed any pain, and her cunt ran
with her juices, soaking her knickers, and running down
her legs, wetting her stockings as it went.

As she attempted to stand, the professor sternly told
her to stay as she was. He gently rubbed her butt
cheeks as he admonished her.

“Now you know you are a very bad girl Carol, don’t

“Yes Sir,” she said with mock sobs.

“Let me soothe it better then,” he said, and his hands
began to massage both cheeks of her arse grabbing
handfuls of delicious flesh, nipping and squeezing
hard, so that it brought tears to the schoolgirls eyes,
but even more, it brought a sexual thrill that she so
loved from rough handling.

He stopped pinching her, and with one hand, he pulled
her school knickers to one side, and gently rubbed the
bright red marks put there by his administrations. He
continued to gently rub her cheeks, and then the
fingers of his right hand made their way down the crack
of her arse. The thumb and fore finger of his left hand
held her cheeks open, exposing her pink arsehole, while
the right hand poked at it until his middle finger
pushed inside, exploring its inner depths.

Carol emitted little whimpers and moans of satisfaction
as he worked his finger in and out of her ring.

His finger came out, and continued down to her crack
until his middle and index finger slid fully up into
her cum soaked cunt, bringing squeals of excitement
from his prize.

“You’re a fucking little cum slut, aren’t you, you

“Yes Sir,” she panted in reply; engrossed in the finger
fucking he was giving her.

“What are you? Tell me you fucking bitch.”

“I’m a cum slut bitch Sir,” she panted quickly, afraid
he would stop his finger fucking.

He continued to push in and out of her delicious cunt,
and then suddenly, he stopped and pushed her off his
knee, and onto the floor.

He stood up. “Stand up!” he commanded.

Carol stood up in front of him, and with both hands, he
grasped her shirtfront and ripped it open in one move.

“Get that bra off and show me your tits, NOW!” was his
next barked command.

Carol lowered her eyes in mock fear as she undid the
clasp on her white bra, dropping it to the floor, as
her big 38DD tits escaped their confinement. The
professor’s eyes were locked on her tits. They were
large, with wide Pink aureoles, and pinker large
nipples, which were standing out three quarters of an
inch from her boobs. She had the tell tale signs of a
real redhead with her chest sprinkled with freckles
which only made her more hot looking,

His hands grasped one tit each, mauling them with
unbridled lust. His fingers grasped each nipple, and
twisted them until carol squirmed and whimpered with
the delicious pain that he was inflicting on her, her
body jerking from the small orgasms that it produced.

“Get on your fucking knees girl,” he commanded sternly.

The school nymph did as she was told reluctantly, as
she didn’t want the delicious pain and orgasms to stop.

He moved close to her, until his crotch was next to her
face. “Take my cock out!” he demanded.

“But Sir…” Carol said in her best little girl voice.

“Take my cock out. I won’t tell you again, my girl,” he
said in mock anger.

Carol reached forward undid the pants button, and
pulled his zip down. His pants fell to the floor.

“Pull down my shorts,” he said, hands on his hips.

Again, the little girl did as she was commanded, and
his shorts were pulled to the floor.

His cock bounced up, hitting her on the face as it was
released from its confines. Carol had never seen such a
truly magnificent cock before. It was all of twelve
inches long, and as thick as her wrist. The veins stood
out due to the surge of b***d to the organ, and the
head was like a giant mushroom covered in precum. She
wasted no time in grabbing for this object of her

“Aye. Suck it lassie. Put it all in your mouth and suck
it. I want to feel you draw some good Scottish cum from
my proud fuck stick,” he urged.

Carol licked the now cum soaked head of his dick before
finally opening her mouth wide and forcing the large
head past her lips. As she took ever more of it into
her mouth, as her tongue swirled around it, feeling the
underside of his cock head and bringing deep-throated
moans from the professor as he pushed forward to get
even more into her mouth and down her throat. He
started to pump his rod in and out of her mouth, as he
fucked her face.

“Oh shit, he thought, this woman can suck cock like no
one else he had been with,” and he had a lot of hungry
mouths slurp on his dick over the years.

She cupped his balls, massaging them, and as she did,
her hand went to his rectum, where she started to push
a finger inside.

“Ahhhhhh that’s it girl. Suck me and fuck me like the
good little whore that you are.”

Carol felt his cock expand in her mouth, and knew from
experience, that he was just about to blow his load.

“I’m goin’ to cum, and don’t you dare take that out of
your mouth, ya wee slut. Swallow it all up, or else!”
he groaned.

This little slut had no intentions of losing the chance
of filling her belly with his cum. She had never spat
yet, and she had no intention of starting now.

“Here it cums. Take it all lassie,” he moaned. As he
rammed his cock deeper into her throat.

Carol felt the hot gush of cum hit the back of her
throat and make its way to her belly. She was like a
madwoman, trying to make sure she didn’t lose any of
this delicious meal. Apart from a meagre amount that
dribbled from the side of her mouth and down her chin,
she was completely successful. As he withdrew from her
hot mouth, the professor sighed.

“Oh fuck, that was one fantastic blowjob girlie. That
mouth should win prizes for excellence.”

Carol couldn’t believe it. His enormous cock was still
as hard as a rock, even after the copious amounts of
cum he had poured out.

“Jesus, professor, your still rock hard. Can you go

“I can go all night lassie with the right girl, and
you’re the right girl. Get your arse on that bed there;
it’s your turn now. He pushed her back onto the bed, so
that hr legs were over the end. Her skirt was
unceremoniously pulled off her, as were her white
panties, exposing the beautiful mound of red hair that
surrounded her fanny.

“Fuck me,” he said. “I love a hairy cunt to lick and
bury my face in, and run my fingers through, and
there’s no better coloured cunt than a redhead.”

Our little girl was now left with just the knee length
stockings as her dress wear, a sight that almost made
the professor cum again before he was ready.

He pushed her knees apart and buried his face in the
rich red wet hair of the baby dolls pussy; Carol opened
her legs wide so that nothing should hinder her
enjoyment from his adoring mouth.

He licked her fanny hair, and then flicked his tongue
gingerly over he clit, that was standing out from her
cunt lips, fully engorged with the bloods of desire.
His tongue found her cunt lips and darted inside, like
a snake down a burrow. He lapped deep inside her cunt,
until his face was completely buried up against her
fanny, still trying to get further in. Carol rocked
back and forward, pushing into his face, and pulling
his head deeper into her womanhood with both hands, as
the first real orgasm started to rack her body.

“Suck me. Please suck me hard and deep! Fucking hell,
I’m cumming! Oh fuck! Ahhhhh! I’m cuuuummmmmiiinnngg!!”

Carol was writhing and bucking, while pulling the
professor’s face deeper into her crack as she orgasmed,
so that he had to fight for air to survive.”

As her climax eventually subsided, the professor lifted
his cum covered face from her twat and smiled. “Good
one eh lass?”

“Fuck, you sure know how to suck pussy professor. What
else you got?”

He stood up, the full twelve inches of his cock
pointing straight up in the air like a sentry.

“I’ve got this, lassie, and it’s going right up your
juicy cunt right now. How about that then?”

“Fucking bring it on you randy old bastard. I’ve got
the cunt to accommodate that snake.”

“Grab you’re fucking ankles, you’re about to get
stuffed more than you have ever been stuffed before you
gorgeous slut.”

Carol did as she was told, and grabbed her ankles,
pulling them up and apart. The professor got between
her legs, taking his cock in hand and guiding it to the
lips of her sopping wet cunt. He eased the head
forward, and it slid into her cunt with relative ease
because of all the lubrication, but as he eased the
rest into her, Carol could feel herself filled like she
had never been filled before.

Oh the delicious feeling of his giant manhood making
it’s way up her channel and onward to pierce the very
opening of her womb. Eventually with a sigh, his balls
slapped against Carol’s arse, pausing for a minute to
let her get used to the size of the snake nestling in
her cunt, then with long slow deliberate strokes, he
started on the journey of fucking the shit out of her.
The whole feeling of being completely full was
incredibly overpowering to Carol. Sure, she had lots of
cocks in her cunt over the years, and some of them were
big, but this was the daddy of them all.

A Baptist preacher had fucked her in his rectory when
she was just fourteen, and he was big, but not as big
as this one, but she thought back to that time with
great joy at the lessons she had learned from that sex
driven holy man. His obsession was with very young
girls in his congregation, though he had fucked most of
the mothers in order to get to their young offspring.
It was not an unwelcome act as he looked at these
mothers, whose husbands could not satisfy them, lying
there naked, with their legs wide open, begging to be
fucked by their man of God.

As the professor gathered pace, her body reacted by
lifting her pussy mound up to meet his downward thrust,
thereby getting the deepest penetration she could. She
squirmed and rotated her hips, so that her clit got the
entire rubbing it could from his pubic bone and the
girth of his fat cock.

She was murmuring and biting his shoulder all the
while, as he groped her tits, squeezing her hard
nipples firmly between his thumb and forefinger
inflicting more painful joy on her.

“Fuck me teacher. Give me the good fucking you want to
give all your students. I can feel your big cock
screwing my hot cunt and bringing me off, you mother

You’re a little fuck slave, that’s what you are. I’m
going to fill you so full of my seed, and fuck you so
good, you will think of my cock whenever your husband
or anyone else fucks you. The only way you will get off
when he is fucking you is to talk about how I fucked
you while he’s doing it.”

“I can feel it coming, oh yes, yes, yes, yes. Oh fuck I
love you professor. Fuck me hard. Squeeze my tits and
make me cum.”

Carol’s cunt clamped on the big shaft within her, as
her climax built, and the professors cum started to
boil in his balls ready to shoot the boiling sperm into
her waiting womb, filling her to overflowing.

Her climaxing convulsions started for real as she
writhed under the onslaught of the pounding of his
giant cock. She emitted long slow groans as her orgasm
took hold of her body. Her nails dug into the
professor’s back, leaving long gouges across his back
and shoulders.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck! Yes! Yes! I’m cumming! Yes you
bastard, I’m cumming! Pound my cunt with that big cock
you wonderful Scots bastard! YESSS! Ahhhrrrgggh! Hah!
Hah! Hah!” Her last hah’s emitted in short gasps as she
jerked to the spasms of her fading orgasm.

“Here it cums,” groaned the professor, as his legs
stiffened and the white creamy spunk shot in, what
seemed like a never-ending volley of liquid fire. His
body jerked as the last few streams of sperm fired into
Carol’s body, filling her womb, and washing all the
walls of her steaming cunt.

He rolled over until they were facing one another side-
by-side, his cock still stiff, and embedded in her
flooded fuck hole.

“What a fuck Professor, and you are still hard, you
randy bastard!” she exclaimed.

“Turn over on your belly lass. I have something else
for you,” he said, grabbing a couple of pillows from
the bed.

Carol obeyed her professor immediately. After all, what
girl wants to deny any man with the cock and the
staying power that he has.

“Lift your belly bonnie lass till I put these under
you,” he requested.

She did as she was asked and the pillows were put in
position, raising her arse higher than the rest of her

“Spread your legs.” He lay between her legs, kissing
first her butt cheeks, and then running his tongue down
her arse crease to her hole. She felt a shiver of
pleasure run through her body, and she raised her arse
to meet his tongue, revealing the full glory of her
rosebud. The point of his tongue licked her bud, and
she put her hands round, placing them on her cheeks and
pulling them apart to open the rose to full bloom.

Her arse was well lubricated by cum that had run down
there from her pussy, and his tongue pushed inside
easily, tasting the tang of her arse mingled with her
cum and his own. It was delicious to him, and he butt
tongued her going deeper until he ran out of tongue.

Her body was all a quiver with the sensations he was
creating for her, as his tongue snaked in and out of
her arse. As he did this, his hand went to her cunt,
and finger fucked her, first with two, then three and
finally his fist, soaked in cum was halfway up her

“Keep going professor, please. That feels so fucking
good,” she groaned.

What, the arse or the cunt, which one? He enquired
teasing her.

“Both you teasing bastard!” she said irritably.

His fist moved ever deeper, until his hand disappeared
up to his wrist. He was able to feel her whole insides,
and more to the point, he found her G spot and started
working on it. She went wild, groaning and squirming,
all the while muttering unintelligible words, as she
continually climaxed time and again flooding his hand
and all the surrounding area with her sex juices.

After a time, the professor decided it was time to
relieve himself again, so he extracted his soaked hand
and arm from her insides, coated his cock with the
juices and lay on top of her, guiding his cock to her
back door. As he did so, she raised her arse off the
bed to assist him, and his cock head pressed to her
opening. Between the pressures he put on it, and her
pushing back on his rod, her bud now opened and his
cock slid in about three inches.

“Oh fuck, take it easy professor, that’s a lot of cock
for my poor arse to take at once.”

Carol had been arse fucked many times before and loved
it, but this was a biggest cock she had ever had up her

He stopped for a minute, but then she pushed back
again, and his cock slid in another couple of inches.
After a time, with her pushing back on to his cock, and
him pressing forward, his whole cock was inside her
arse. He waited a few moments, and then eased back till
he was half way out, and then slid back again until his
big cock was buried to his balls. He repeated this a
few times until it became a lot easier, and Carol
joined in the pumping.

“Mmmm, this is nice. Keep doing it. Fuck my arse
professor. Fuck me hard,” she murmured.

As the feelings built up, he started to pump his cock
faster; pulling out until only the head was in, and
then ramming it all the way back slapping his balls off
her arse.

Carol’s hand was now under her frigging her clit, and
she could feel an orgasm starting again. As it did, the
walls of her arse tightened on the professor’s cock,
and he too felt the surge of orgasm building.

“I’m going to cum Carol, do you want me to pull out
first,” he groaned, trying to hang on for an answer.

“Fuck off you bastard, I’m about to cum too, and I
don’t want it interrupted. Shoot your load up my arse
as much as you want. I’d like it that way anyway.”

Carol started to shudder as her climax hit her, and at
the same time, the professor’s hot jism pumped into her
tight arse, like steam being released from a pipe.

Both of them were in climax heaven, as their muscles
tightened to the spasms that shook their bodies. It was
a few minutes before they finally stopped shooting cum
together, and collapsed on the bed.


It was late evening now.

“I guess I had better get dressed and get back to my
hotel.” Carol said.

“I have an idea,” the professor said. “How about moving
in with me here for the next three days? We could
always hire some different costumes, that is if you
would like to do some more fucking.”

“Would I like it?” Carol squealed. “Is the pope a
fucking Catholic?” I’ll be your little fuck slut for as
long as you like professor. By the way, what is your
first name?”

“Callum, Professor Callum McGregor,” he said.

“Nice to meet you Callum.”

Needless to say, the rest of the time was one real
exciting fuck festival for two…

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