Celeb parody : Zooey Deschanel and Rooney Mara have a fun weekend

I couldn’t believe it. Dad and mom were getting a

Dad – Vincent Cassell – met mom – Monica Bellucci – in
1996 on the set of the movie The Apartment. They dated
for three years before “tying the knot” August 3, 1999.
I was conceived that night and born May 7, 2000. My
sister Diva was born in 2004 and Lonie in 2010.

My parents were only married fourteen years, I couldn’t
believe it was over!

I was taking it hard. I sat in the living room, looking
through old photo albums. Photos of dad and mom happy
together starting in 1996 up until I was born. Then
most of the photos were of myself or the three of us
until Deva was born. I think you get the picture.

But between Deva’s birth and Lonie’s, there were less
and less photos of dad and mom together. It was mostly
dad and mom with us c******n but usually dad OR mom in
the photos not both.

I don’t know why, but I suddenly wanted to see photos of
mom before she met dad. I got up because I knew grandma
had some photo albums in her room.

No one was home so I just went into grandma’s room and
grabbed her photo albums.

Back in the living room, I lay out the albums on the
coffee table. I opened up one.

My heart skipped a beat.

On the first page among other photos was one of mom as a
teenager. Maybe fourteen, fifteen. Damn, was mom hot!

I found myself rubbing my cock through my jeans. I
pulled my hand away and flipped through the photo album.

There were photos of grandma and granddad [before he
passed on and grandma moved in with us], aunts, uncles,
cousins, friends, etc. But always at least one or two
pictures of mom on each page. She was a heartbreaker.
Still is too.

I kept finding my hand straying to my crotch. Was I
really attracted to mom?!? Even more than that, I found
myself falling for mom…

Not that anything could REALLY happen.

Mom loved Deva, Lonie and me but it could never for her
be more than a love for a mother for her c***d. And I
knew if I tried something she’d k**l me. Mom would never
go for that. At the very least she’d castrate me and I
haven’t even been with a girl yet.

Suddenly the crazy idea hit me “But teenage Monica
Bellucci would give me a shot”. I remembered grandma
telling us – to mom’s embarrassment – stories of her
wild teenage daughter. Lost her virginity at eleven
years of age, sneaking boys into her bedroom, getting
caught at school by teachers. Grandma said mom was

Suddenly I looked down and realized I had open my jeans,
pulled out my cock and was stroking. Good thing no one
was home!

Leaning back, I closed my eyes and tried to picture mom,
at say, fifteen naked before me, begging me to fuck her.

My cock throbbed in my hand violently, my nuts aching

I imagined throwing her down on the couch, spreading her
legs and jamming my cock into her tight pussy [not that
I could ever really do that…].

I only lasted a few more minutes before I felt my nuts
begin to churn and tighten up. Before my cock swelled up
I pushed all the photo albums off of the coffee table.
An instant later my cock did swell up and pump out bolt
after bolt of hot jizz all over the table! I groaned, it
felt so good to cum!

When I was spent, there was a huge, white mess I needed
to clean up. Good thing I was home alone.

I put my cock away and got up to get a warm wash cloth.
I cleaned up my jizz then dried off the coffee table
carefully so the water didn’t damage it. Then I put
grandma’s photo albums back.

I couldn’t get the thought of fucking mom as a teenager
out of my head. If only there was a way, if only I had a
time machine…

Wait a minute, I did!

Well, not me, but a professor at the local College. He
was secretly working on time travel experiments in a
room in the basement of the College.

It too complicated to explain how I got involved but I
was his assistant. He had a time machine big enough for
a person.

But we’d only used lab rats, even a monkey once. We’d
send a subject to the future one minute, then two,
three, five even ten minutes. The time machine would
vanish and always reappear with the subject when we
expected them.

Then, doing molecular testing, we determined the
subjects were unaffected by the time travel.

Going back in time was different. It was hard to do
experiments on that. I’d be the first I guessed.

The College was closed for Spring Break. I knew the
professor was away as well. I had no problem accessing
the science building where we did the experiments.
Getting into the basement was easier.

Usually when we sent a subject to the future we’d key
the coordinates into the computer but there was a keypad
inside the time machine as well.

I climbed into the time machine [I had to stand, that’s
about all the room there was but I could freely move my
arms] and closed the sliding door.

I randomly keyed in July 15th, 1979. Mom would be
fourteen, almost fifteen.

Hoping there wouldn’t be anything in this area of the
room in 1979 that I’d end up molecularly bonding with, I
hit ENTER.

Being in the time machine when it traveled with way
different than watching it just disappear. It didn’t
instantaneously send me back to 1979. It was more like a
year in time rapidly passed, it took about thirty-five
seconds – thirty-five years, get it? – to pass before
the machine stopped and everything outside the half
duraglass of the time machine’s door solidified.

One pull chain light burned overhead in the middle of
the room. I slid open the door and carefully stepped
out. Boxes were stacked everywhere but not where the
time machine “landed”! Perfect!

As I made my way through the maze of boxes to the door,
I saw the time machine was well hidden by the boxes.

I had no problem getting out of the building and off
campus unseen, there was no one around this time of
year. The problem came when I was off campus.

It hit me I had no plan! What the Hell did I expect to

Oh, well. I was already here, might as well “go with the
flow” and see what happens. Stupid but what other choice
did I have other than going back now?

I made my way to grandma’s house – I knew she lived in
the same place back in 1979 – wondering what I’d say if
I knocked on the door and granddad or grandma answered

Fortunately as I stepped on the porch mom was just
leaving the house with a towel over her shoulder. After
she closed the door and turned she almost ran into me!

“Oh, sorr…” She started to say. Then she had the
funniest look come over her face. “Do I know you? I get
the feeling I do even though I don’t recognize you…”

“Ummm, not really…” I said, which was true since I
hadn’t been born yet.

“Huh…” Mom/Monica said thoughtfully as she continued
staring at me. I also noticed her nipples start to poke
through her t-shirt. Then she bit her lip. “Well who
were you looking for?”

“Actually, you. I think…” I started. “I’m Jim.”

“I’m Monica. Nice to meet you,” She said, a glint in her

I also noticed she was rubbing her thighs together.

“It’s nice to meet you too,” I said, suddenly nervous.

“I don’t know why,” Monica/mom said, “But I get this
feeling that I can trust you. I always need to get to
know a boy first before I…trust him.”

I think she wanted to say before she trusted him enough
to fuck him.

“I have a secret place I like to swim, a place I haven’t
told any other boy. Do you want to come?”

“Sure,” I said.

“Come on.”

I followed Monica/mom around the side of the house and
into the woods. There was no path but she knew the way

Fifteen minutes later we reached a water hole where the
sun shined right on clear of the trees. I tested the
water. It was perfect.

I rose and turned. Monica/mom was nearly naked! She had
taken off her t-shirt – no bra – and had pushed off her

“Mo – Monica!” I exclaimed, almost calling her mom.
“What are you doing?!?”

“I’m undressing,” She answered. “I always swim in the
nude. And for some reason I’m comfortable with you
seeing me naked…”.

With that, Monica/mom pushed down her white cotton
panties, revealing her heavy black bush between her
coltish thighs.

“Get undressed, silly!” She said before diving in.

I undressed slowly, uncomfortable because I had a hard
on. And she saw it as soon as my underwear came off.

“Wow, you’ve got a big one!” Monica/mom gushed. “And you
look so young to have one that big, what are you,

I swallowed hard, nodding. “You – you’ve seen a lot?”

She laughed. “Tons! Now come on in the water!”

Stepping out of my underwear and jeans, I dived in with
Monica/mom. Instantly she came to me, grabbed my cock
and kissed me hard.

“I loved cock,” She hissed in a whisper. “I love
fucking. It feels so good having a cock buried in my

She kissed me again before pulling me out of the water.

Spreading out her large towel, she pushed me down on it.
She straddled me and sank her tight pussy around my
cock, groaning.

“Damn, you’re big…”

Monica/mom began to move up and down on my cock.

Slowly at first, until her pussy seemed to open. Then
she rode my cock faster.

As I looked up at my future mother fuck me, I realized I
was falling for her even more. Not that I could tell her
anything. It was better to just shut up.

After a few minutes Monica/mom moaned “I’m going to
cum…” then began to cry out as her body stiffened. Her
pussy seemed to spasm around my cock

Monica/mom came four more times. It felt so good I
wasn’t surprised I was about to cum myself. I warned her
but she said “Don’t worry. I’m on the pill.”

So for the first time my cock ejaculated inside of a
pussy. And it felt amazing!

After I spurted what felt like my biggest load, I was
still hard and Monica/mom kept fucking me. She said most
guys didn’t keep it up a second time.

She came about two dozen times at least and I lasted a
half an hour the second time.

This time I needed to recuperate so we went for another
swim. Once I was hard again she had me get on top of her
and do the fucking. I liked that.

We spent the next few hours alternating between swimming
and fucking. Monica/mom even had me fuck her from
behind. I liked that even more.

We finally dried off. She said she had to go back.

We dressed and I followed Monica/mom out of the woods
and back to her front door.

“Thanks,” Monica/mom said. “I had the best time. I have
more sperm inside me than I’ve ever had!” She giggled.

She kissed and said good bye before going in.

I whispered good bye and made my way back to the College
and the room in the basement.

Going back was easier. Instead of entering coordinates
again I just pressed RETURN and it would return me to
when I left [supposedly].

I did return safely to my own time. I felt the same as

Well, that’s not exactly true. I had fucked my mom.
Before she was my mom. That would change anyone.

I went home and mom and grandma were there making
dinner. Everything seemed normal.

Why shouldn’t it? I’m the one who changed, nothing else
should. Mom was on the pill she’d said so she couldn’t
get pregnant.

If she HAD gotten pregnant that would change some

Of course the rest of the day passed was as normal as
could be. I finally took a bath and went to bed.

As I was lying there, starting to fall asleep, there was
a knock on my door.

“Honey? Are you still awake?”

“Yeah, mom.”

“Can I come in?”


Mom opened the door and stepped into the room, closing
it behind her. She was already in her robe.

“I decided to turn in early but can’t seem to sleep,”
Mom said.

She sat down on the bed next to me.

“I know you’ve been taking your dad and my divorce hard,
sweetie,” Mom said, ruffling my hair. “I’m sorry about
that. I still love your dad, and he loves me, but we’re
not in love anymore. Do you understand?”

“I guess.”

“Even if we don’t live together anymore your dad and I
will always be there for you and your sisters, no matter
what,” She smiled.

I smiled back. I knew mom was right. And I knew I was so
in love with mom, but I could never tell her. Ever.

“Did I ever tell you why I fell in love with your dad?”
Mom asked, smiling with a faraway look on her face.

I thought about it a few moments. Then I said “I don’t
think so, mom.”

“The first time I saw him I felt I knew him. I felt so
comfortable with him, and I trusted him. I never trust a
man until I got to know him.

Well, I did once before. When I was fourteen. I met a
boy whom I felt I knew somehow, and right away I was
comfortable with him and trusted him completely. I only
saw him once, and I never saw him again, but I never
forgot him.

Your father looked so much like that boy, what was his
name? He looked liked an older version of the boy, but
that was impossible because in 1996 that boy would have
been only thirty and dad was forty-four.”

Mom was quiet for a moment. Then she looked at me,
smiling. It was a strange smile.

“You look so much like your dad,” Mom said. “So much
like him… But I could never love him the way I love

Mom’s hand slid down my body as she began to lean over.

She kissed me, and at the same time her hand reached my
crotch and rubbed it through my pajama bottoms.

Thoughts were racing through my head. What was mom
doing?!? This was so unlike her.

As my cock hardened mom slipped it out of the fly of my

Mom stood up and unsashed her robe, slipping it off. She
had on an almost see thru nightie on. I could see her
hard brown nipples and her thick black bush.

Mom raised her nightie and straddled me, her wet pussy
touching my throbbing cock.

“Oh, yeah, the boy’s name was Jim.

Just like yours, honey…”

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