“God yes,” Lisette moaned as her husband flicked his
tongue in and out of her hole. The five-foot-ten-inch
brown-skinned beauty grabbed his head with both of her
hands and pushed his face deeper into her ass crack.
As he made love to her tranny pussy, her body, all one
hundred and forty-five pounds of it, squirmed. She
wiggled in every direction effectively working the
fitted satin sheets off of their California king size
bed. Her barely functional clit stiffened. “Fuck me,”
she squealed.

Sensing his oral work was finished; Deitrick emerged
from her anal cavity and stood on his knees. He
admired the Lisette’s amazing body as she lay there on
her stomach wiggling her ass signaling him that she
was ready for entry. He knelt down to kiss her
shoulder as he slid his tool inside of her tight, wet
pussy. He methodically worked his dick in her hole
inch by inch until all nine of them were deep in her
cheeks. He placed his face next to hers and they
kissed passionately as he heaved himself in and out of
her slowly. Lisette cooed, “I love you,” while the
six-foot-one-inch dark-skinned brother caressed her
rectum with his careful and lengthy strokes.

Deitrick sped up his rhythm turning his deliberate
love-making into a formidable fuck. Lisette screamed.
Sweat dripped from his body to hers. Her ass was
completely open and she begged him for more of his
thick cock. “Fuck me harder,” she pleaded. Deitrick
made every effort to satisfy the woman with whom he
had spent the past seven years of his life. He began
to lift his dick totally out of her asshole and then
slammed it back into her pussy. He repeated this move
time after time until he deposited his seed inside of

The warm sticky cum made Lisette feel complete. She
loved having him and all that he was inside of her.
Deitrick kissed her and sighed, “I love you, baby.”

By all accounts they were a successful couple. She had
worked for the past ten years as a flight attendant
for Atlantica Airlines and he was a systems analyst at
a large regional bank. Their paths first crossed nine
years ago in an Internet chat room. At that point,
Deitrick had only recently accepted his attraction to
transgender women though he had known of it, and
struggled with it, for many years prior. They began an
online relationship during the tail-end of his second
failing marriage. Once the divorce was finalized, the
two met and quickly became inseparable.

Lisette shimmied from under her beau and hurried into
the bathroom of their trendy loft apartment. She
pulled her shoulder-length hair into a ponytail,
donned a shower cap, and turned on the water. After
washing up and toweling off, she applied make-up,
pinned her hair in a bun, and put on her uniform. She
pecked Deitrick on the lips before rushing for the
front door. She was working a three day trip and was
already looking forward to returning home.

Deitrick looked at the alarm clock and decided that
7:19 a.m. was too early to arise on a Saturday
morning. He pulled a pillow over his eyes and drifted
back to sleep.

Across town, the extremely fit fifty-three old Rick
Todd scanned the newspaper as he drank black coffee
from a mug that read “World’s Best Granddad” and ate a
prepackaged blueberry muffin. He stretched and folder
the periodical as he decided to head into the office
to knock out some of the work that had been piling up
in his office. He made no effort to alert his
slumbering partner since it was usual from him to
spend countless hours in the office during the mad
dash of tax return season. He grabbed a light
windbreaker, locked the door behind him, and disarmed
the alarm on his metallic black 2010 GMC Sierra pickup

Inside the red brick foursquare house, Brendan rolled
over as he heard the front door slam. He ran his
slender fingers through his auburn hair and placed his
feet on the plush lime green carpet. He strode across
the room to the window overlooking Clermont Avenue and
peered through the blinds. He saw his lover’s truck
pulling away from the curb and figured his daddy must
be heading to work. It was going on two years since he
moved into the renovated 1930s three-bedroom house
with the divorced accountant. Brendan yawned and
strolled into the bathroom to grab a shower.

Deitrick’s phone blared loudly knocking him back into
consciousness. He rubbed his eyes and focused on the
screen � it read MOMS. He answered the call with a
gruff, “Hello.”

“Sounds like you just woke up,” giggled the lispy
voice on the other end.

“Yeah. What’s up with you?”

“I just got out of the shower and my legs are silky
smooth. I was wondering if you wanted some of this
faggot pussy,” the five-foot-eleven-inch Brendan

“Hell yeah! I got the place all to myself. You coming

“I can be there in thirty minutes. Is that cool,” the
skinny milky complexioned boy queried.

“Hurry up and get that punk ass over here,” Deitrick
commanded and then ended the call abruptly.

Brendan threw on a pair of neon pink lace boyshorts
and a yellow cami. He covered them with gray
sweatpants and a black hoodie. He slid his soft feet
into his navy Crocs sandals. He selected a pair of red
sequined heels from the closet and stuffed them into
his psychedelic print Roxy backpack. Brendan bounced
down the stairs and grabbed the keys to his red 2009
Chevy Cobalt coupe from the credenza that sat in the
front hallway. He headed out the front door and sped

Deitrick grabbed a few beach towels from the linen
closet and spread two of them across the bed. He laid
one out over the couch and put the fourth one
underneath on the floor for good measure. He placed a
jar of Vaseline by the bed and then washed off his
dick and ass. He pulled on a pair of jeans and a
sweatshirt before stepping onto the balcony to blaze
up some amazing cush he scored from a coworker. The
crisp early spring air woke him up and the weed began
to take effect when he heard the doorbell ring.

Deitrick left the sliding glass door open and stripped
out of his clothes as he made his way to the door. He
looked through the peephole for good measure to
confirm it was the slutty white bitch on the other
side. He let in his guest and before he engaged the
lock, Brendan was standing before him wearing only the
girly underwear. Brendan unzipped his bag and put on
the heels. Deitrick examined the waifish tart of a
boy. Satisfied with what he saw, he said, “I’m gonna
fuck the shit outta you.”

“I hope so,” Brendan smiled.

“You already know, slut! Suck my dick!”

Brendan knelt and put the gorging nine inch member in
his mouth. His tongue rested over his bottom lip and
led the way as he slid down the shaft to the base. He
enjoyed deep-throating and Deitrick derived even more
pleasure from the experience. Deitrick grabbed the
back of Brendan’s head with both hands and began
brutally face fucking his cock sucking friend. Brendan
took the dick like a trooper with saliva running down
Deitrick’s shaft and onto the floor. Deitrick pounded
furiously leaking precum in Brendan’s throat and
growing harder with each stroke. Suddenly, he backed
away from the tramp and ordered, “Get that ass on the
bed you fucking freaky ass ho!”

Brendan sashayed to the bed and, familiar with
Deitrick’s preferences, got on all fours. He unscrewed
the cap from his popper bottle and inhaled the
aromatic. He swiped his fingers through the petroleum
jelly and worked a gob of it into his anus. He placed
his nose to popper once more for good measure.

“Sniff that shit, faggot. Cause I’m about to tear that
ass up,” Deitrick laughed evilly. “Put some of that
Vaseline on my dick, bitch!” Brendan complied without
even turning around. Deitrick spanked the crack of
Brendan’s ass with his rock hard cock and then moved
away from the bed. “Show me that pretty pink hole,
boy,” he demanded. Brendan pushed his ass out slightly
more and spread his cheeks with his hands. “Is that
Daddy’s cunt?”

“Yes sir,” Brendan moaned.

“Hell yeah! That’s my pink boipussy,” Deitrick grinned
stroking his tool. “When’s the last time you got
fucked? And don’t lie, ho!”

“Yesterday,” Brendan fibbed.

“By your old ass boyfriend?”

“No sir,” Brendan embellished.

“Was he better than me?”

“No sir,” he finally spoke truthfully.

“Was it a nigga or a white boy?”

“He was Black, sir.”

“You better sniffed some more that shit, faggot. I
want that ass good and open.”

Brendan complied with the strong suggestion. He
replaced the cap and moaned, “I need that dick.”

“You love getting fucked by big dick niggas don’t
you,” Deitrick asked as he slammed the entire length
of his meat inside of Brendan.

Brendan squealed, “Yes sir!”

There was no attempt on Deitrick’s part to ease it in.
Both he and Brendan knew the drill � this was going to
be a hard relentless fucking. Deitrick thrust himself
in and out repeatedly accelerating the rate of speed
with each stroke. He hammered away and Brendan’s anus
opened nicely and began to get increasingly wet. “You
love this big dick in that boipussy, don’t you?”

“Yes sir,” Brendan groaned.

“That faggot cunt feels so good on this dick, bitch,”
Deitrick applauded as he slapped Brendan’s lily white

“I love that dick,” Brendan shared.

“You love this nigga dick?”

“Yes sir!”

“Say it, faggot!”

“I love your dick, sir!”

“No bitch,” Deitrick reprimanded him by slapping his
ass extremely hard leaving a red mark.
“Tell me you love this NIGGA dick!”

Brendan trembled, “I love�I love�I love your nigger
dick, sir.”

“What did you say, faggot? I can hear your weak ass,”
he yelled as he pounded away into the creamy inner

“I said I love your nigger dick, sir!”

“Oh, you think I’m a NIGGER, you sorry cunt ass
bitch!” Deitrick delivered three quick firm swats that
stung Brendan to his core. “You’re a nasty fucking
faggot ho! I’ll teach your punk ass not to disrespect
“I’m sorry, sir,” Brendan begged.

“Yeah, you will be!”

Deitrick pummeled the now open pussy hole and grabbed
a belt that had been placed strategically on the bed.
As he dealt out lashes he pounced in the hole. “You
still think I’m a nigger, bitch?”

“No sir! No sir! No sir,” Brendan cried.

“But you love nigga dick, don’t you?”

“Yes I do, sir. I love the way you fuck me.”

“I love the way you take this dick,” Deitrick
commented as he let the belt fall to the side of the

Brendan inhaled more of his poppers as Deitrick hooked
his left arm around his waist. Their bodies moved
together rhythmically. Brendan moaned louder and
louder as his began to flood the towels below. “I’m
cumming,” he sighed.

“Hell yeah! That’s some juicy faggot cunt, bitch!”

Deitrick flipped Brendan over onto his back and placed
his legs on his shoulders. He punched his dick in and
out with quick strokes before stretching out into full
missionary position. He nibbled on Brendan’s ear while
Brendan sucked on his neck. “Fuck me, sir,” Brendan
whispered in his ear begging for more. Deitrick cupped
Brendan’s ass cheeks and long-stroked the boipussy
hard. His balls slammed into Brendan’s wet ass. “Give
me that dick. Fuck me hard,” Brendan pleaded.

“Oh shit, faggot! You taking this dick!”

“That’s cause you got some dick.”

“You got some good ass, bitch!”

“It’s yours!”

“I love fucking your slutty white ass, boy!”

Deitrick jumped off the bed. “Get that ass on the
balcony, ho!” Brendan hopped to his feet and ran to
the new location. Deitrick was right behind smacking
his ass the whole way. Deitrick slid the glass door
closed and pressed the front of Brendan’s body against
it. He slid back in between those supple white ass
cheeks returning to his previous methodical pounding.
“I want you to stroke that little ass dick, faggot!”

Brendan tugged at his five inch penis and made it
hard. “Keep stroking it while I fuck your nasty ass!”
Deitrick beat the booty up four floors above the
moderately busy street down below. “You’re a fucking
faggot slut and the whole damn city knows,” he scolded
Brendan. “A fucking sissy ass fagot ho! Shit! I love
fucking you. You want me to kiss you?”

Brendan nodded his head in affirmation and Deitrick
pulled his head closer. The pair locked lips while
Deitrick’s meat continued the assault on the butt
pussy. “I’m gonna cum,” Brendan gawked. Moments later
his wiry cock shot a white stickiness all onto the
sliding glass door. His ass began to convulse. The
head of Deitrick’s dick could take no more once this

“Oh shit, faggot. You about to get my k**s!”

Deitrick’s dick erupted and a mammoth amount of his
seed invaded Brendan’s hole. His body quivered as he
released his nut. He collapsed onto a chair and pulled
Brendan back with him. He laughed and said, “You
enjoyed that, boy?”

“As always sir,” Brendan confirmed.

“Me too, faggot. Go on in there and clean up. I’m
about to light up this el.”

Brendan disappeared and when he exited the bathroom,
Deitrick was sitting on the couch. “What time you
gotta be back,” he asked.

“I could probably be out all day and he wouldn’t
notice, but I should get back in an hour or so just in

“That’s cool. She’s gone till Monday. Can you get back
out tonight?”

“Sure can! I’ll tell him I’m going to have dinner with
my sister and nieces.”

“Sounds like a plan. Feel free to bring one of your
faggot friends with you when you come back.”

“Yes sir,” Brendan remarked as he gathered his
belongings and headed for the door.

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