Cheerleader and the beast

Eighteen year-old, blond, cheerleader captain Leah
waved to the other girls as they got into Sandy’s car.
Kimberly rolled down the back window and asked, “You
sure you don’t want me to stay and help Lee?”

“No,” Leah answered. “You know Brad will be waiting at
the party for you, just go and have fun. I’ll be along

“Okay, see ya then,” yelled Kimberly as the car pulled

Leah watched only for a moment as the car sped out of
the lot, then shut and locked the door. She really did
want to get to the party so she’d better get to work.
One of the duties of the cheerleaders at West Ridge
High School was taking care of the school mascots and
since the school’s sports teams were nicknamed Bengals,
that meant taking care of tigers.

Several years ago a wealthy alumnus had set up funding
for a nearby animal research park on condition that the
park provide the school with live tigers during
football seasons. At first the tigers were merely
displayed at the games in cages but recently that had

The present pair had been acquired by the park from a
circus, and since they were already trained they had
been gradually worked into half time shows. They had
been trained to do a few stunts with the cheerleaders
and Leah had worked with them all of her four years at
school, until she had become quite used to being around
them. As captain of the cheerleaders Leah took her
mascot caretaking duties seriously, which was why she
stayed behind and sent the other girls on to the party.

Practice had run late and the athletic facility under
the football stadium’s grandstand was deserted. The
facility contained coaches’ offices, locker rooms, a
weight room, showers, and laundry equipment for washing
towels and uniforms. It also contained the rooms in
which the tigers were kept during football season.

The male, officially called Rajah although his real
name was Ralph, was kept separate from the female,
Nikki, especially for times such as this, as it was
believed Nikki was in heat. For this reason also, Nikki
would not participate in the remaining half time shows
for this season.

The tigers were fed in the mornings but Leah had to
make sure that there was enough of the pre packaged
“Feline Diet” out of the freezer and available. She
checked the supplies and quickly assured herself that
there was a sufficient amount thawed and ready in the
cooler. All she had to do now was make sure the tigers
were ok, secure, and had water for the night.

She went into Nikki’s room first. Part of the room was
caged off. Nikki’s water bowl was only about half full
so she got the small hose from the wall and started to
fill the bowl through the bars. For some reason Nikki
decided to do some spraying of her own, surprising Leah
by backing against the cage bars and spraying the poor
girl with urine. Leah almost turned the hose on Nikki,
but quickly realized that wasn’t a good idea. Instead,
she got out of the room.

In the small hallway Leah was furious. She reeked of
cat pee and she still wanted to go to the party. She
could stop by her home and change but that would take
at least an extra hour. Leah fumed until a solution
struck her. She could simply toss her clothing into one
of the big washing machines, used for washing towels
and uniforms, then into one of the dryers. It would
still take some time, but not nearly as much as driving

She quickly stripped off her jeans and t-shirt along
with her panties and bra and tossed them into one of
the washing machines. Fortunately her shoes were dry so
she just left them on the floor in front of the washer
and tossed her socks in with the other clothes.
Believing in economy, she also loaded in a pile of
dirty towels to fill the machine, then started it.

She still smelled strongly of cat urine and it was
sticky as it dried on her skin. She had plenty of time
while the clothes were in the wash so she grabbed a
clean towel and headed to the showers. The girl’s
locker room was all the way at the other end of the
building so she decided to use the visiting team boy’s
showers as they were right next to the laundry area.
Just before turning on the water she remembered that
she still hadn’t checked on Ralph and she decided to
see to him before her shower.

Leah’s sense of duty to her charges was about to lead
to her undoing. Naked, and not realizing that Nikki had
left her smelling exactly like a female cat in heat,
she padded to Ralph’s room. When Ralph seemed more
pleased than usual to see her, the big cat rubbing up
against the bars and positively purring, she attributed
it to his overturned and empty water bowl.

The bowl, heavy stainless steel embedded in concrete,
was difficult to tip, but somehow the big cat had
managed. Unless Leah could right it, he’d be awfully
thirsty tonight. Grabbing a broom Leah tried to lever
the heavy bowl upright but the smooth concrete sides of
the bowl offered no purchase for the wooden stick.

Leah was growing frustrated and annoyed. She thought
that at most she would spend a half hour or so taking
care of the cats and it had already taken more than
that. Still determined to make it to the party, she
left Ralph’s room long enough to put the wash load into
one of the dryers, then returned.

Leah spent a few more minutes poking at the water bowl
with the broom, getting even more frustrated by the
fact that Ralph insisted on getting in her way by
rubbing against the bars right next to her. At last she
became annoyed enough to make another fateful decision.
She would just have to get in the cage and set the bowl

For four years Leah had watched the professional animal
trainers working with the big cats and all the girls
had even been taught some of the hand signals and
gestures they used to control the beasts for use in the
shows. There had never been any sort of incident and
Leah felt supremely confident in her ability to control
the cats.

She backed away from the bars and used some of the
commands she had learned to get Ralph to move to a
corner of the cage farthest away from the water bowl
and lay down, although his tail continued to lash back
and forth. She unlatched the door and entered the cage,
shutting it behind her. Ralph started to rise as she
entered but she quickly got him to lie down again.

Sure now that she could command the cat, she went to
the water bowl and, despite it being heavier then she
had thought she was able to flip it upright. The
problem was now that having been flipped over twice, it
was far away from its usual place. She gave it a shove
but the heavy bowl refused to budge.

Determined to get this done right and still get to the
party, she dropped to all fours so she could push the
heavy bowl. She gave the bowl a shove, moving it about
half the required distance, and then crawled forward,
her backside facing Ralph, to get ready for another

Concentrating on getting the bowl into position, she
didn’t notice Ralph rise from his position and move up
behind her until, poised to give the last push, she
suddenly felt his hot breath on her bare butt. She
froze, hands on the rim of the water bowl, knees
conveniently slightly spread in preparation to push.
She wanted to turn around and yell at him, to force him
back to his corner but she was afraid that a sudden
move would cause him to attack so she forced herself to
remain still while she tried to think of a way out of
this mess.

Ralph however, didn’t need to think. This female had
quite obviously positioned herself to mate and she
smelled strongly of a tiger in estrus. The sharply
pointed tip of his cock began to extend from its
sheath, dripping precum. He pressed forward with the
cold pad of his nose, pushing it against the girl’s

The sudden touch by the cold nose caused Leah to jump.
She kept her pussy well trimmed, shaving away all but a
tiny tuft of her blond pubic hair. The cold wet nose on
the bare lips of her cunny forced her to gasp. Then she
felt the hot breath on her sex and the rough rasp of
his cat tongue as he tasted her. It was only then that
she realized his true intentions, he wanted to fuck

It was better than being devoured, she supposed, but
only just and she whimpered helplessly. She could do
little if anything to stop him and realized that any
resistance would probably cause him to maul her so she
held herself still. She bit her lip and groaned as his
rough tongue again rasped over her tender cunny lips.

Ralph wasn’t much on foreplay and after one more lick
he began to move into position to take Leah. He walked
up over her, the soft fur on his belly brushing the
naked skin of her back, until his forelegs were on
either side of her shoulders. He licked at the back of
her head, disarranging her long blond hair.

Leah, in a state of mild shock over what was happening
to her, lowered her head and shoulders in a reflexive
response to the lick, raising her butt as she did so.
Ralph lowered his haunches and thrust at her with his
wet pointy cock tip, missing with the first thrust,
sliding over her butt cheek and off to the side. He
took another thrust, this time going under his target.
On the third try she felt a rumbling in his chest as
his cock tip lodged in the entrance to her pussy.

Ralph continued to rumble, taking a moment to position
himself before driving his cock fully into Leah, the
thin pointy tip plunging deep inside while the broad
base stretched her cunny lips. He pulled back slightly,
the backward pointing barbs on his cock catching on her
tender vaginal walls. He thrust forward again, the
barbs acting ratchet like to pull him slightly deeper.
Again and again he repeated, pull back, thrust forward,
each time entering her a little deeper till his heavy
fur covered balls pressed against her.

Leah was barely aware of what was happening to her, it
seemed so surreal, as if she was watching somebody
else. She felt him pull back yet again, felt the barbs
catch once more, then felt his cock suddenly twitch and
spasm, sending a hard jet of tiger cum deep into her.
Quickly he pulled back and thrust deeply again, his
cock jerking some more as it sent two more hard hot
spurts of tiger cum into her. Leah was no virgin, but
she had always made her boyfriends use condoms and the
sensation of cum splashing against her cervix was a new

Just as Leah’s body was starting to react, just as she
thought she might be approaching orgasm, Ralph’s cock
spat within her one last time and with a roar, he flung
himself backward off of her, the barbs stinging her
sharply as they pulled past her cunny lips. Leah gasped
and shook, stunned by the whole experience. Unable to
move, she huddled on the floor of the cage, slowly
coming to grips with the reality of what just happened.
She’d been fucked by a tiger

After several minutes, her thinking cleared enough to
realize she should get out of the cage while she could.
Still not wanting to make any sudden moves, she slowly
turned her head to look at Ralph, groaning when she saw
him slumped against the cage door blocking her exit.
The groan got Ralph’s attention and he rose, starting
toward her again.

Certain that this time he would kill her, Leah
whimpered and put her head down on the concrete floor,
covering it with her hands. Ralph had no such
intentions however, simply ready to mate again as
tigers do. He once again moved into position behind
Leah, somewhat gently cuffing her hip with one claws-
retracted paw. He sniffed at her sex again, tongue once
more tasting her.

Leah moaned when she realized he was going to fuck her
again and she felt herself responding to his tongue.
Shocked, she realized she wanted him to fuck her,
wanted to feel him cumming inside her again. She
groaned and arched her back, spreading her knees wider
for him. She felt the deep rumble in his chest as he
stepped over her and her pussy quivered in

Ralph, with the earlier experience to draw on, dropped
his hips to just the right level, then hunched against
her and she felt the sharp tip of his cock easily part
her pussy lips. He paused there, just the tip inside
her while he licked the back of her head and neck
before grasping her neck loosely in his jaws.

Leah groaned as the big cat shifted his weight forward
and she felt the furry sheath bunching up against her
cunny as his cock slid easily into her. The intense
sensations overwhelmed the teenager and she started to
cum even before the tiger began rapidly thrusting in
and out, using the barbs on his cock to work his way
deeper with each thrust.

The girl cried out as her inner muscles clenched hard
on the tiger cock and Ralph roared a response as his
cock twitched and jerked and she felt his tiger cum
spurting into her, blasting against the entrance to her
womb, causing her to cum again. Ralph hunched against
her for a brief moment, the large furry lumps of his
balls pressed against her sex as his cock pumped
several more heavy spurts of his cum into her as his
thigh muscles spasmed. Then, barely a minute after
penetration, he again flung himself backwards, the
spiny head of his cock giving her a brief but intense
flash of sensation that extended her orgasm.

Never had she cum this hard and she gasped for breath,
struggling to recover. As soon as she calmed enough she
turned to face Ralph. He stared at her for a moment,
licked his jaws and the pink pad of his nose, and then
once again flopped down against the cage door, again
blocking her exit. Perhaps it wasn’t deliberate, but
the expression on his face as he regarded her made her
feel that it was.

Leah stayed huddled on all fours, studying the tiger
and wondering how she was going to manage to get past
him and out of the cage. After several minutes, she
again tried using the few commands she knew to get him
to move. Ralph was having none of it this time and soon
was on his feet, padding toward her again. Leah moaned
as she saw the pink tip of his cock extending from his

As Ralph fucked her for the third time, Leah became a
more active partner, thrusting back against him,
cumming even harder than the last time. It continued
like that, Ralph fucking her every ten to fifteen
minutes until at last he flopped down in the far
corner, leaving the path to the cage door open. Leah,
spent both physically and emotionally, managed to drag
herself out the door, and then shut it, slumping down
against it wearily.

She had lost count of the couplings at six, but her
watch told her she had been in his cage nearly three
hours and she thought he must have fucked her at least
thirteen or fourteen separate times, and she had cum
every time but the first. She rested until she felt
strong enough to walk, and then stood up shakily.

Ralph seemed to be asleep and she remembered to fill
his water dish before finally getting into her long
awaited shower. She gingerly washed her pussy. The lips
were still swollen and puffy but she couldn’t detect
any real damage. She stayed in the shower for what
seemed like a long time but no matter how much she
washed, she couldn’t seem to completely wash away
Ralph’s thick musky scent.

She got her clothing from the dryer, dressed and went
out to her car. It was almost midnight, the party might
still be going on but Leah was far too drained for that
so she drove slowly home.

When she got there, her father was sitting in the
living room. She tried to just wave hello and go
upstairs to her room but he insisted she come and give
him a good night kiss. She gave him a quick peck,
acutely aware of the smell of tiger all over her but he
didn’t seem to notice. Leah climbed the stairs to her
room, flopped onto her bed and fell fast asleep,
dreaming of the jungle.

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