Bi College Girls

“I’m Andy and I know what you’re thinking,” the slim figure said. “Boy or
girl?” Andy was Kathy’s height, but rail-thin.

“I’ll go with ‘girl,'” Bobby answered. “Since this is a lesbian bar.”

“Me too,” Kathy said. “You just came out of the ladies room.”

“You sure? With this hair?” Andy touched her boy-short brown hair. “And no
tits.” Nobody else was in the short hall outside the bathrooms. “See?” Andy
unbuttoned her checked cowboy shirt and pulled it open, revealing tiny
breasts with little pink nipples and areolas.

Bobby admired Andy’s bare chest. “Cute. They’re sexy little tits. Girl
tits. Definitely not boy tits.”

Kathy looked up and down the hall. “You gonna button your shirt? Someone
could come in and see you.”

Andy grinned. “Most everyone in Cowgirls is a regular. They’ll just
smile. Maybe kiss me and grab a quick feel.”

“Houston.” Bobby looked at Kathy. “Wild enough for you?”

“Uh huh.” Kathy was still staring at Andy.

“Speaking of kissing . . .” Andy gripped Bobby’s hips and pulled their
bodies together. Bobby’s big breasts pressed against Andy’s almost-flat
chest. Andy didn’t feel like Kathy, or a boy. She was a great
kisser. Tender yet demanding, with just the right amount of tongue.

Andy pulled away from Bobby and faced Kathy. “Your turn.”

Bobby’s nipples grew hard and the warmth between her legs built as she
watched her girlfriend kissing Andy.

“You are both so hot,” Andy said. “Want to smoke a joint?”

“Where?” Bobby asked. “On the patio?” It was hot and muggy outside, typical
for a Saturday afternoon in Houston, and she’d never smoked pot in public.

“My place,” Andy answered. “It’s only a few blocks away.”

“Well . . .” Bobby looked at Kathy. She nodded, almost
imperceptibly. “Sure. Why not?”

Andy buttoned her shirt and tucked its tail into her blue jeans. “Got a

“Yeah,” Kathy said. “Want us to follow you?”

“I walked. You can park at my place. I don’t have a car. It’s easier to
walk or take the bus.”

Andy lived in a big two story house a few blocks off Westheimer. The back
yard was divided into parking spaces.

The back door opened into a long hall. “My apartment is on the second
floor.” Bobby and Kathy stared at Andy’s sculpted girl-butt in her
sprayed-on jeans as they followed her up a long narrow staircase.

“Here it is.” Andy unlocked the first door at the top of the stairs. “My
elegant penthouse suite.” They stepped into a small room with a tiny
kitchen at one end. There were pillows scattered on the expensive rug in
the middle of the wood floor, but no furniture.

“Want some wine?” Andy asked. Bobby and Kathy nodded. Andy walked over to
the kitchen area and returned carrying a bottle and three glasses. “And we
should have music.” She pushed a button and soft country music filled the

They sat in a rough circle on the pillows, sipping the wine and listening
to the music. The vocalist was a woman, singing about other women. A long
cabinet supporting a flatscreen and sound system stretched along one
wall. Andy opened a drawer in the cabinet and took a thin joint out.

She saw Bobby and Kathy looking at the pin joint. “Colorado’s finest. This
is all we’ll need.” She lit the joint and took a long toke, then passed it
to Kathy.

Kathy took a drag on the thin little joint, then slowly let the smoke
out. “Wow!” she whispered. She stared dreamily at the Navaho rug on the
wall, holding the joint until Bobby took it out of her hand.

Bobby toked cautiously. “That’s really strong.” She handed Andy the
joint. “I’m already wasted.”

Andy pinched the joint out. “Told you.”

“Yes you did.” Bobby’s voice echoed around the room. She seemed to be
floating a few inches off the floor. “Awesome pot.” Sitting cross-legged on
the pillows had pulled her and Kathy’s short skirts up, displaying their
moist thongs.

Andy unbuttoned her shirt. “You’re awesome babes.” She sat still for a long
moment, staring at Bobby and Kathy, then took her shirt off and dropped it
on the rug.

Bobby was getting wetter looking at Andy’s little breasts and tiny swollen
nipples. “You’re fuckin’ sexy.”

“Like a boy?”

“Nothing like a boy.” Bobby reached out and touched one of Andy’s
nipples. “You’re a fuckin’ sexy woman.”

“Not as sexy as you two.” Andy looked from Bobby to Kathy and back. “With
your big tits and everything.”

“Our boyfriends like them,” Kathy said.

“Bet they do. What’re they like?”

“Our tits?” Kathy grinned. “Big and heavy.”

“Your boyfriends. Bet they’re hot. Like you.”

“Oh yeah,” Kathy said. “Big studs.”

Andy put a hand on her breast. “If you’ve got hot studs back home, what are
you doing in a dyke bar?”

Bobby and Kathy glanced at each other. “Checking it out.”

“Seeing how the other half lives?” Andy pinched her nipple between her
thumb and index finger.

“Well . . .” Kathy said. “Kind of.”

Bobby wondered if she was blushing. “We’re lovers. Have been for the past

“Kinda guessed that. Your boyfriends know?”

“We told them,” Bobby answered. “Last week.”

“How’d they take it?” Andy caught Bobby’s and Kathy’s hands and put them on
her breasts.

“All right.” Bobby hesitated. “They’re doing each other.”

“Yeah?” Andy put her hands over Bobby’s and Kathy’s hands, pressing them
against her little tits. The nipple pressing against Bobby’s palm was

Bobby kneaded Andy’s breast while rubbing her own pussy through her
thong. “Yeah.”

“What happened when you told them?”

“Kathy and I made a video of us having sex and left it for the boys.” Bobby
said. “Then, we made them put on a live sex show for us.”

“Sucking and fucking and everything?” Andy asked. Kathy and Bobby nodded.

“That’s so hot,” Andy said. “I’ve never seen two guys doing it.”

“Then we had an orgy.” Kathy added. “All four of us. Doing everything with
each other.”

Trav liked teasing Bobby’s ass with a fingertip while fucking her
doggy-style. It scared and excited her. “Almost everything.”

“I’m a dyke who likes boys,” Andy said. “If you want another girl for a
party . . .” She stood up and kicked her boots off. “I’m available.” She
peeled off her tight blue jeans and plain white boyshorts and stood naked
in front of Bobby and Kathy. They stared at her tiny tits and the neat
little lips protruding from her shaved pussy.

“The boys will be up for that.” Kathy giggled. “Really up. And hard.”

“But that’s back in Austin,” Bobby said. “We’ve got a party right here.”
She and Kathy took off their blouses and bras. Andy was looking at their
tall athletic bodies with wide eyes. Bobby had green eyes and collar-length
blond hair, while Kathy’s eyes were blue and her brown hair brushed her

“Oh yeah.” Andy looked from Bobby’s and Kathy’s bare breasts and hard
nipples to their damp thongs and back. Bobby had little pink nipples and
quarter-sized areolas. Kathy’s nipples were big and tan with dark tan
areolas the size of half-dollars. “Two hot babes.”

“Three hot babes.” Bobby stood up, took Andy in her arms, and kissed
her. Kathy moved behind Andy.

“Yum!” Andy pulled Bobby close. Her big breasts pressed into Andy’s
almost-flat chest. “A sexy girl sandwich.” Andy turned around and kissed

Andy pulled away from Kathy. “Let’s see you kiss.” She rubbed a finger over
her pussy lips while she watched Bobby and Kathy kissing and fondling each
other’s breasts. “That’s so fucking hot.”

“For me too.” Bobby looked at Kathy. “For us.”

“Yeah,” Kathy said. “There’s something about another girl watching . . .”

“Not just watching.” Bobby unfastened her skirt and let it fall, then
stepped out of her thong. Her protruding pussy lips were clearly visible
through her sparse black pubic hair. “We’ve got better things to do.”

“Lots.” Kathy took off her own skirt and thong. A thick pelt of light brown
pubic hair hid her neat little slit.

“You two are so sexy.” Andy put her hands between Bobby’s and Kathy’s
legs. Bobby moaned as Andy’s middle finger slipped into her pussy.

“Yeah,” Kathy whispered. “Finger my hot little pussy.”

The heat between Bobby’s legs was building. She pulled Andy’s hand away
from her crotch. “Let’s go to bed.”

A king-sized bed almost filled Andy’s bedroom. A dresser, nightstand, and
straight chair took up most of the remaining space. The only decorations
were a large painting of two voluptuous naked women embracing and a large
mirror on the wall behind the head of the bed.

Bobby and Kathy admired the painting while Andy folded the quilt and set it
on top of the dresser. “Nice,” Bobby said.

“Kind of sets the mood,” Andy answered. She wrapped her arms around Bobby’s
and Kathy’s waists and pulled them in front of the mirror. “Now, that
really sets the mood.”

“Three sexy women.” Kathy took Andy in her arms and kissed her.

“That’s so good.” Andy turned around and kissed Bobby. “I don’t know where
to start,” she said. “Two women. Too many choices.”

“It’s our first three-way, too.” Bobby grabbed Andy’s hands and put them on
her breasts. “And we’ve never been with another woman. Just each other.”

“Never?” Andy asked. “I’d done every girl in my neighborhood by the time I
left for college.”

The heat between Bobby’s legs built as Andy kneaded her breasts and pinched
her swollen nipples. “Kissed a few girls. And felt each other up. In my
early teens. Practicing for boys. Never anything more.”

“We’ll do a lot more than that.” Andy took Kathy’s hand and led her to the
bed. “And I’m gonna start with you.”

Kathy lay on her back. Andy knelt between Kathy’s spread thighs. “You are
so fucking sexy.” She bent forward and started kissing and licking Kathy’s
big firm breasts.

Andy rapidly flicked her tongue over Kathy’s swollen nipple. It grew even
harder. “Oh yeah,” Kathy whispered. “That’s right.” She stroked Andy’s
short hair and smooth back as Andy licked and sucked her tight nipples.

Andy rose to her knees and slipped a finger into Kathy’s pussy. “You’re so
wet.” She added a second finger. “Hot and tight, too.” Kathy moaned and
rolled her hips as Andy slowly finger-fucked her.

“You like that,” Andy said.

“Oh yeah.”

Andy lifted her fingers to her mouth. “You taste so good. I’m gonna eat you
now.” She lowered her head between Kathy’s legs.

Kathy played with her breasts and hard nipples while Andy licked and sucked
her pussy lips. “Yummy!” Andy put a finger on either side of Kathy’s slit,
pulled her open, and ran her tongue along her inner lips, gradually going

“Oh! Kathy cried.

Andy lifted her head. “You okay?”

“Yeah. I came. A little. Keep going.”

Andy stiffened her tongue and drove it into Kathy’s pussy like a cock.

“Fuck yeah!” Kathy gasped. “Eat me!” She came again, thrashing and rocking
her hips. Andy held on, thrusting her tongue into Kathy’s pussy and keeping
her climax going.

Finally, Kathy lay limp on the bed. “Jeez, that was good.” She took Andy in
her arms and kissed her.

“For me too,” Andy answered. They kissed again. And again.

“That’s really sweet,” Bobby said. “But it’s my turn.”

“I’m sorry.” Andy stood up and kissed Bobby. “I don’t want you to feel

“I’m not feeling lonely.” Bobby put a hand between Andy’s legs. “Just

“Good.” Andy put her hands on Bobby’s breasts and kissed her again. “Me
too. Getting someone off . . .” She glanced at Kathy. “Really gets me hot.”

“This help?” Bobby slid her middle finger between Andy’s pussy lips.

“Fuck!” Andy gasped. “That’s throwing gasoline on a bonfire.” She reached
between Bobby’s legs.

Bobby and Andy kissed open-mouthed while rubbing tits and fingering each
other’s pussies.

“Oh Baby,” Bobby whispered. “How do you want me to get you off?”

“You like toys?” Andy asked.

Bobby grinned, thinking about the big purple vibrator in their
suitcase. “Sure.”

“Good.” Andy pulled away from Bobby, reached under the bed, and took out a
large translucent box. Brightly-colored shapes were visible through the
milky plastic. “I’ve got a few.” She opened the box, revealing a dazzling
multicolored array of vibrators and dildos.

Bobby reached into the box and picked up a hot pink vibrator. She ran her
thumb and index fingers over its smoothly rounded head, then down the
graceful ridges spaced along its shaft. “This looks like fun.”

“It’s a Cheeky Anal Vibe,” Andy said.

“Anal?” Bobby set the vibrator down. “Cheeky?”

“Well, that’s its name. ‘Cheeky Anal Vibe.’ Says so on the website.”

“What do you want to do?”

“This.” Andy took a dildo and harness out of the box and handed it to

The long thick flesh-colored cock-and-balls dildo was longer and thicker
than Trav’s cock, with a flaring mushroom head and exaggerated veins. It
was attached to a heavy black leather plate. Two black leather straps
dangled from the plate. Two smaller dildos were attached to the thinner
strap. Unlike the big dildo, they flared from smoothly rounded heads to
their full diameter before narrowing abruptly at their bases.

Bobby pointed to the little dildos. “What are these for?”

“Anal and vaginal probes.”

“Probes? Like in . . .”

“Up your pussy and ass? Yeah.”

“Do they come off?” Bobby felt herself blushing. “I’m kind of a . . . uh
. . . back door . . . virgin.”

“That’s okay,” Andy said. “We’ve all got to start somewhere.” She took the
harness. “You want both dildos off? Or just the butt plug?”

“Uh . . .”

“We’ll leave the pussy probe on. You won’t believe how good it feels.” Andy
took the back dildo off the thin strap and handed the harness back to

“Okay.” Bobby fingered the straps. “How does this go?”

“Here, I’ll help you.” Andy put the thick strap around Bobby’s waist,
tightened the buckles, and settled it on her hips.

Andy stepped back to look at Bobby. “You’re so fuckin’ sexy. With those big
tits and a hard cock.” She fondled the dildo’s thick shaft. “Want me to
help you with the pussy plug?”


Andy slipped her index finger between Bobby’s pussy lips and worked it in
and out a few times. “You’re sure ready,” she said. “Hot and wet.”

“Oh yeah. Put it in. Now.” Bobby moaned as Andy slowly slid the little
dildo into her pussy. “That feels so . . . ” The probe’s widest part
slipped past her pussy lips and slid home. Its tapered base locked it in
place. “Oh God!” she gasped.

“You like that?” Andy asked.

“Oh yeah!”

“Good.” Andy fastened the thin strap to the back of the harness and
tightened the buckle.

“That tickles.” Bobby giggled. “The strap. Between my butt cheeks.”

“Does it bother you?”

“It’s sorta sexy.” Bobby stroked the big cock protruding from the heavy
leather plate and a wave of pleasure spread through her body. “Actually
real sexy.”

“Yeah,” Andy said. “Wait’ll you try the anal probe.”

Bobby laughed nervously. “That can wait. What now?”

“You fuck me.” Andy lay on her back at the foot of the bed with her knees
lifted and legs spread, pulling her pussy lips open and showing her
gleaming pink interior. “Come on, Baby. Stuff that big hard cock up my

“All right.” Bobby took a step forward and gasped when the short thick
dildo shifted in her pussy. “Jesus! It’s fucking me.”

“Told you it feels good,” Andy said. “Now stick that big thick cock up my

Kathy was standing beside the bed, watching them. “Do it, Babe. I want to
see you fuck her.”

“All right.” The probe shifted in Bobby’s pussy, constantly stimulating her
as she took the three steps to the bed. “I’m ready to fuck the hell out of
you.” She bent forward and kissed Andy, then gripped the big dildo’s thick
shaft and pressed the toy’s flaring head between Andy’s pussy lips.

“Yeah!” Andy gasped. “That’s right . . . Shove it in . . . All the way.”
She moaned as Bobby slowly pushed the dildo into her pussy, all the way to
its balls.

“Fuck! That’s good,” Bobby said. “My cock up your hot tight . . . snatch.”
It was the first time she’d ever said ‘snatch’ out loud. It felt
deliciously dirty. The probe shifted again as Bobby pulled almost out of
Andy’s pussy, then slid back inside.

“That’s so fuckin’ sexy,” Kathy said. She was sitting on the
straight-backed chair, playing with her tits and fingering her pussy.

Bobby fucked Andy with long slow strokes. The pussy probe shifted with each
thrust. It didn’t feel like a real cock. In a way, it was better. A man
couldn’t stimulate her like this. She moved faster, fucking Andy harder.

“That’s right.” Andy was breathing hard as she rolled her hips in time with
Bobby’s thrusts. “Give it to me. Good.”

Bobby was close to coming. The little dildo stretched and teased her pussy,
constantly rubbing its extra-sensitive mouth, while a little button on the
heavy leather plate stimulated her clit. “Fuck, Baby!” she gasped. “I’m
getting close.”

Andy rubbed her clit frantically. “Oh God! Yeah. So good.” She arched her
back and rolled her hips, thrusting her pussy against the driving
dildo. “Fuck! I’m cummmmmming!” She screamed and thrashed on the bed.

Bobby dizzily wondered what it was like for a boy. How Andy’s spasming
snatch clutching her stiff rod would feel. What it was like to shoot pulse
after pulse of hot cum up her convulsing cunt. Then, she forgot about that
as she came, roughly fucking herself and Andy with the strap-on’s dildos.

Andy sank back on the bed and lay limp with her eyes closed. The big dildo
slipped out of her pussy as Bobby straightened up. She stroked its shaft as
she looked down at Andy.

Kathy rose from the chair and kissed Bobby. “That was amazing.” She wrapped
her hand around Bobby’s stiff pole. “I came so hard.”

“Me too,” Bobby answered. “Never felt anything like it.”

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