Cherry’s New Shoes

Cherry Adams was a wiry attractive redhead who needed a new pair of shoes. She owned over three hundred and fifty pairs, a mere pittance according to her. However, she was missing a pair that matched the color red of the new dress her boyfriend insisted she buy.

“Cherry, you have red shoes,” he informed her as she slipped on her coat.

She sashayed over to her rich, older lover and bent over so she could display her very ample bosom to his appreciative eyes.

“Baby,” she cooed. “That red dress you bought me, none of my shoes match. I need the perfect pair of shoes to go with that dress. Don’t you want to keep me happy? You know when I come home with a new pair of shoes, I’m always grateful. And … you … know how I pay you back.”

She ran her tongue along her bottom lip and then kissed his cheek. One hand found its way into his crotch and she could feel his growing erection. She checked her watch.

“I have a little time before I go on my shopping trip,” she said getting to her knees. Taking care of him now would allow her to spend whatever she needed on those shoes.

Careful not to chip the polish on her newly manicured nails, she opened the slit in his flannels and took out his growing member. His hand came to her thick red hair and he eased her down onto him.

Cherry knew how to wrap him around her finger as she slipped his hard steel into her mouth. She licked him from one end to the other, taking every inch of him down her throat.

Over and over again, she sucked him and fondled him, until he moaned. He was ready to come. She knew him well. And she also knew how to get what she wanted. With another low moan, he came.

Cherry patted his thighs and let him slip from her mouth. When she looked up at him, he could only smile down at his young and beautiful lover.

“Thank you, my love, find those red shoes and money is no object. I look forward to seeing them on when you return.”

She stood up and straightened out her clothes and then bent and kissed him.

“I just need a little mouthwash and then I’m on my way.” When she turned from him, he slapped her behind and caused her to giggle. He was feisty she thought and rich, she’d never forget that.

With her Michael Kors bag in hand, she set out on her shopping trip. She’d thought of looking on Amazon, but needed to try on the shoes and see the color for herself. Therefore, she tried a small elite shoe store, one recommended by a close friend, to see if she could find a pair of red shoes that matched her new dress.

Cherry walked into the small beautifully decorated store. A low bell rang after she opened the door. She was impressed with the soft gray velour furniture, chrome trimmed customer seats and black wall-to-wall carpeting.

White impeccably constructed shelves were neatly stacked with rows and rows of small cubbyholes loaded with boxes. The wording on the boxes echoed the name of the shop, La Petite Chausser. However, what caught her eye was the man who came out to greet her.

He was tall, slim, with a full thick head of dark hair. An amazing pair of electric blue eyes, framed in black rimmed glasses, astounded her. Then a thought appeared in her head, he reminded her of Clark Kent.

She had to stifle a little giggle. Good golly, she mused, he made her juices flow. The first thought that came to her mind was, what shoe size was he?

A small giggle escaped her full sensuous lips as he approached. Her eyes centered on the slight bulge in his black trousers then traveled down to his black perfectly shined shoes. When her eyes moved up his slim form, and met his striking blue eyes, she experienced a series of small tingles which reached down to her toes.

He stopped a few feet before her. “My name is Simon, may I help you, ma’am?” he asked, his voice surprisingly deep and sexy.

Cherry’s overactive imagination took over her thoughts. If it wasn’t for those glasses, he’d be absolutely dreamy.

Then another thought crossed her heated mind. Again she mused, he really does remind me of Clark Kent. I wonder if he’s Superman under that suit. Her hand went to her mouth as she tried to stifle another little giggle.

“Ma’am?” he asked, cocking his head slightly to one side. “My name is Simon and I’ll be helping you today.”

“Why yes, I need help. I’m looking for a pair of red shoes.” She opened her bag and took out a small piece of paper. “Here,” she said, handing him what was actually a paint sample. “That color red.”

He took the paint sample and held it up to the light.

“Mm, this definitely is an interesting color of red. I think we should start with measuring your feet.”

Cherry nodded and sat in one of the soft velour chairs. Her dress rose up her thighs and she had a difficult time pulling her dress down. As she struggled with her dress, she gave Simon a small smile. He smiled back her.

“It’s been a while since I had my feet measured, I’m afraid my dress is a bit short.” Again, she tried to keep her skirt from riding up her thighs.

“I won’t look. This is my job and I never look,” he said smiling at her.

‘Sure,’ she thought. ‘He never looks, now that’s a lame ass excuse … unless … he’s gay.’

Cherry’s mind began to run wild. Her devious brain wanted to put Simon to the test. So, she relaxed and stopped worrying about her dress and gave Simon her foot. He took his digital measuring tool and put her foot on the cool screen. He was all business.

“Hm, you’re a size seven and a half and a narrow. What perfect little feet, with a perfect pedicure.”

His hands held her one foot steady, yet she felt as if he was caressing it. The effect was sensuous and arousing. Slowly he moved his hand up to her ankle. He began a slow obvious massage.

“Sometimes we take our feet for granted,” he said, as he looked up at her.

Was that a small twinkle of desire she saw in his eyes? Now this could be interesting, she thought. She wiggled her toes.

“Oh my, that feels wonderful. Is this part of the shoe sizing, that lovely massage?”

He smiled. “I find that most of us disrespect our feet. We also neglect them, and discount them as an erogenous zone.”

His remark caused a definite tingle in her belly. Was she getting wet? He continued his soft massaging of her ankle. Then his hands moved higher and he bent his hand to kiss the instep of her foot.

“Oh,” she whispered. “Oh my, that feels wonderful, please continue.”

Kiss after kiss, he covered her one foot, then his hands went on to the other foot and then he began caressing it. He moved from one foot to the other and she leaned back in her chair enjoying his ministrations.

She no longer cared how far her dress ran up her thighs and that’s when she realized it was now almost up to over her hips. Cherry let his hands move higher. Kisses became more. Juices flowed when he put her big toe in his mouth and sucked it seductively.

“Oh, yes,” she said breathlessly.

“Such a perfect size seven and a half,” he commented.

She never saw him reach for a remote control. The door locked and the window shutters came down. He continued his sexy assault on her feet. But he’d just begun.

Glasses now removed and he was sucking the big toe on her other foot, when he asked her a question. “Do you want me to continue?”

Cherry was heated and her body now flushed with desire. Was it possible to have an orgasm over her feet being licked?

Her friend Margie highly recommended this store and had added that the shoe salesman was the best she’d ever encountered. Obviously, Margie had been holding out on her.

Then he started kissing her calves.

Cherry’s legs spread a little wider.

He accepted the invitation and let his hands move higher.

She slid down in the plush chair giving him even greater access.

He followed her lead, letting his tongue take the place of a kiss. Then he went back down to her feet, taking each toe in his mouth, sucking and caressing it as if it was her tongue.

Again, Cherry’s body responded. She raised a hand to her chest and could feel how hard her nipples had become. Without thinking, she pinched one sending tingles down the very center of her body. Then she pinched the other hard little tip. And, another rush of need escaped her body.

Somehow, he knew. Somehow, he was able to caress every inch of her legs. Cherry’s legs were open wide.

“I think I have the perfect pair of red shoes,” he said with his head almost between her open thighs. “But that means I’d have to get up and get them. However, if this isn’t a good time…”

“Oh God it’s not. Please continue … um … measuring my feet.”

“So you want me to continue?”

“Yes, yes, please, please continue.”

His hands moved up pushing her dress even further so he was now situated in the dead center of her thighs. With one hand, he pushed away the little material of her thong to expose her warm heated center.

Never touching her with his hands or fingers, he delved deep into her core with his mouth, licking and sucking at her sensitive skin. His hands held her by the hips as he licked and flicked the small perfect nub of skin.

He was relentless and a master at what he was doing. Her hands grabbed onto his head, grasping him by his thick dark hair and pushing him further into her.

Never once letting up, he licked her until her body gave way and she experienced her orgasm. Rush after rush of need fed him until finally her body relaxed. A soft moan of pleasure echoed throughout her body and it was then she realized what had just transpired.

A little embarrassed being in the position she was, another thought entered her mind and that was the vision of the bulge in his trousers. She gently pushed him away.

“Oh, my,” she whispered as she fought with her dress, pushing it back down. He now sat back on his feet smiling, the aftermath of her orgasm glistening on his lips. Without a word, he got himself to his feet and now the bulge in his trousers had grown considerably.

Actually, that bulge was quite impressive. Their eyes met.

“Before you get me that perfect pair of red shoes, is there a possibility that you would give me a sizable discount?”

A broad smile appeared on his handsome face. “Of course, and do you have a valid coupon?”

She let out a little giggle. “Um yes, I do.”

She raised an eyebrow and grabbed her designer handbag. Inside her wallet, she did in fact have a coupon that Margie gave her. She had been a little perplexed at the wording, but never gave it a second thought, of course, until now. It read:

Pass this on to a good friend. Shoes make the woman. Shoes make her shine. Visit La Petite Chausser and discover the pleasure a shoe can give the right woman.

With this coupon you’re entitled to a surprise sizable discount. Did I mention SIZABLE.

Her eyes again focused on the large tantalizing bulge in his trousers. “Here,” she said handing him the coupon. “Surprise?”

He nodded. “Are you ready to redeem that coupon?”

She nodded back. “Absolutely.”

“Then you may do the honors,” he said pointing to the zipper of his pants.

Cherry didn’t hesitate as she grabbed him by the waistband and pulled the zipper down. Her hands slipped into his trousers, he wasn’t wearing any underwear. She let out a small laugh. Oh, he was so sexy. Her hand encompassed him, nearly making it around his thick shaft.

When she pulled him out, her eyes lit up. “Oh, my, my. Sizable isn’t the word,” she giggled. Cherry licked her lips then slid his girth into her mouth. He barely fited. She gobbled him up, pushing him as far as she could get him into her mouth.

Heaven was her only thought. He’d impressed her with his expertise and technique; Cherry would do the same to him.

So, she took him with both hands and began her magic. She sucked hard taking him deep, almost gagging. His eyes were closed and she was determined to make him scream. With her teeth, she delivered tiny seductive bites along his entire length.

With her mouth now wet she could move him quickly in and out. Her hands cupped his testes massaging them, causing him to moan. She’d found a weakness. Her hands continued to massage him as her mouth took him repeatedly.

She sped up her movements and he grabbed her head assisting her. His slender hips gyrated. Her hands left his balls and grabbed the firm cheeks of his ass. More determined to make him scream she took him deep. She licked at the vein under his thickness and at the head of his rod, then sucked the long length of him deep. With one last thrust into her mouth, he came.

“Damn!” he caught his breath. “You’re getting one HELL of a discount!”

Cherry swallowed and released him. She sat back in her chair, grabbed a tissue from her bag and wiped her mouth. She gave him a smug smile. All he could do was grin back. With a defeated shrug of his broad shoulders he tucked his spent and deflated dragon back in his pants.

“Now the shoes?” she asked, trying hard not to giggle uncontrollably. The last half hour had been one to remember and she’d have to thank Margie for the coupon and the reference.

“Yes, Ma’am.” He grabbed the remote, unlocked the door and raised the shutters. When he returned from the stockroom, he had a box in his hand. All Cherry could think was, “one box?” Did he think it would take one box to satisfy her needs for a perfectly matched pair of red shoes?

He knelt before her and took her foot in his hand. Once again, he smiled. “A beautiful foot like this deserves a beautiful shoe. I know in this box is exactly what these lovely feet need.”

Cherry was doubtful.

He opened the box.

“Oh my God!” Cherry gasped. “Those are amazing,” The perfect color, the slight platform, the four and one half inch stiletto heel and the richest leather she’d ever seen or felt.

How did he know? She’d shown him the paint chip, but never expected him to hit on the precise color and shoe the first time. This guy had a gift. He slipped a shoe on one foot. It fit perfectly. He slipped on the other shoe.

“Please stand,” he asked.

Cherry stood up and then took a few steps. The shoes fit like a glove. She took the paint chip from her bag and bent down to compare the color. Flawless.

“I’ll take these.”

He smiled as she sat down and gave him the shoes. Her hand touched his in the process. “You have a unique way of selling shoes.”

“I do,” he agreed. “I aim to please.”

After he rang up her sale and she saw the price she smiled. Oh they were expensive, but worth every penny.

“Do come back when you need a new pair of shoes. Of course, they must be an unusual pair of shoes. Remember to pass this coupon on to a friend. You never know when they’re looking for a distinctive pair of shoes,” he said as he handed her the piece of paper.

“Of course,” she answered. When she turned to leave, she stopped. She walked back to the sale counter. “Did you know you look like Clark Kent? Has anyone ever told you that?”

“Yes, all the time.” He grinned and leaned back from the counter.

Cherry smiled and clutched her bag with her new pair of shoes to her breasts. Wait until her boyfriend sees them. She giggled. Before she left the small swanky shop she said, “You should be wearing a superman suit under your clothing.”

He burst out into laughter and pulled down the sleeve of his custom made cotton shirt and adjusted the cufflinks that bore the initial, S. Of course, it stood for his first name which was Simon, but she had a point.

Passing her at the door was a lovely blonde woman and in her hand was a piece of paper. She turned to Cherry. “Did you find what you were looking for?”

“Yes I did and they’re perfect. Make sure you have a coupon.”

The blonde waved the coupon before Cherry. “Yes, I do. Does it really save you money?”

Cherry gave her a big ass smile. “Oh, honey it sure does make a difference.”

Cherry walked out into the sunlight, happy with her new pair of red shoes.

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