Cyndi, Holly and Me

One of my really good friends is a girl named
Holly. She’s a short girl, really pretty, with long
dark hair.

I had popped by Holly’s suite for the regular
Thursday night party run. It was still pretty early, so
I wasn’t actually expecting anyone to be there, but I
was in the area so what the hell, right?

When I tried the knob, the door was open, so I
strode right in. There didn’t seem to be anyone home,
even after I waited around for a good five minutes, so I
picked up a piece of paper and a pencil and wrote a
quick note saying that I’d been there and would be back
in an hour or so.

I was about to tape it to her bedroom door when I
heard faint and clearly ecstatic moaning on the other
side. I could never pass up an opportunity to peek,
sleaze that I am, so I tried the door. It was unlocked,
so I opened it as quietly as I could and looked in.

What a sight for a healthy and horny heterosexual
male! Holly was naked on the bed with her friend Cyndi,
another regular in the party crew. Cyndi’s got a really
hot body, not as “top heavy” as Holly, but really nicely
rounded, and with bright (naturally) red hair. Now,
Cyndi’s hobby is sex, and she’s _good_ at it. I speak
from personal experience on this — Cyndi and I had done
it once or twice (well, maybe more than that!) on dif-
fering occasions (usually after or during one of her
parties), and usually in fairly public places. Cyndi
really gets off on the possibility of getting caught;
she once got under the table at one of Holly’s parties
and gave me a blow job in the middle of the dining hall!

Anyway, the two of them were sixty-nining away, and
were too engrossed in each other’s bodies to notice me.
The sight of those two attractive young women licking
away at each other had my cock standing at attention

Cyndi was on the bottom, with her head towards me.
As I watched in an ever-growing state of arousal, she
tugged and massaged on Holly’s pussy lips as she wiggled
her tongue over that tiny, tart love-button. Cyndi
slipped a few fingers into Holly’s snatch and began to
slide them in and out. I heard faint squelching noises
as Holly’s hot box opened and closed around Cyndi’s hand
coating it with her sweet cream.

Almost unconsciously, I opened my jeans and pulled
out my cock and began to rub it. Holly’s butt was smooth
and pale, and the way she was playing with it was really
turning me on. I stood there, jerking off as the two of
them ate each other. Holly threw her head back, spilling
her long hair across her back. She bit her lower lip
and tried to grind her cunt into Cyndi’s face. A
stifled shriek f****d it’s way out of her mouth as she
came all over Cyndi’s face and hand. Her entire body
stiffened and quivered.

When the waves of orgasm had passed, Holly bent
back to licking Cyndi’s snatch. Cyndi lowered her head
and slowed down. She was clearly enjoying herself (and
enjoying Holly!). I moved a little closer, still strok-
ing my prick. Holly’s ass and cunt were sticking out
and I really couldn’t take the sight any more without
some kind of release. I went over to the bed and rubbed
the head of my cock up and down the length of Holly’s
slit. Her juices made it smooth and wonderful. Cyndi,
who realized what was going on long before Holly did,
grabbed my rod and guided it into Holly’s juicy twat.

I guess Holly was too caught up in the sex to
really notice. But she started fucking me enthusias-
tically all the same. She moved her body back and forth,
sliding her dripping box over my rigid pole. Cyndi
really got into it. She lifted her head up and, every
time my dick slid in and out of Holly’s cunt, ran her
tongue along it to lick Holly’s cum from it, so that I
was simultaneously screwing Holly and getting a tongue
job from Cyndi.

The combined sensation of tongue and twat was for-
cing me closer to orgasm, Cyndi’s always been really
great at giving head (at least as long as I’ve known
her), and I guess the fact that she was licking Holly’s
pussy juice from my prick turned her onto it even more.
Even for a woman of Cyndi’s talents, this was something
special. She kept her tongue moving up and down the
shaft, and wrapped her lips sensuously around the head.
Her hands worked around to my ass and she tickled it
lightly while her mouth did its job on my cock. Then
she sucked gently on my balls as she guided me back in-
side Holly.

The three of us were into some serious rock and
roll. Holly was eating Cyndi’s twat with redoubled
vigor, and Cyndi was licking Holly’s clit and my cock at
more or less the same time.

Threesomes are always a bit awkward, and this
was no exception. Sometimes, we would just move the
wrong way and my dick would occasionally slip out of
Holly’s steamy slit. Every time that happened, Cyndi
would just lick it clean of Holly’s tart pussy juice and
push it back in.

Cyndi’s tongue was so talented that it was a real
effort to keep from shooting my load whenever she was
licking my rod. Ultimately, a futile one. I couldn’t
take any more. Between Holly’s tight pussy and Cyndi’s
hot tongue, I was past the edge. As Cyndi’s lips kissed
Holly’s essence from my prick, the cum started shooting
out. It was a really massive shoot, and my cream seemed
to spurt out forever. Each pass of her mouth brought
forth another thick squirt from the depths of me. Some
of it splashed onto Holly’s bush and stomach, but most
of it ended up on Cyndi’s face and neck. Cyndi
immediately started rubbing it over her breasts.

Holly stopped eating Cyndi’s pussy and turned up-
wards and worked her way up to Cyndi’s tits so she could
lick my sperm off of them. Cyndi moaned in satisfaction
as Holly’s pink tongue roamed over her erect nipples.
Her hands snaked down to her pussy and she began to
finger herself. One set of fingers drove deep into her
snatch, while the other diddled her clit. She shuddered
as her hand rubbed up and down, and spread her legs

Cyndi was getting close to cumming. She was pound-
ing at least three fingers in and out of her twat, and I
mean _fast_. Her cunt was making slurping noised each
time her hand pulled out. The other hand moved faster
and faster over her clit. And Holly was still sucking
and licking her tits in a more frantic way now. Cyndi
started saying “Oh god fuck oh fuck oh god oh fuckfuck-
fuck” in a low and urgent voice. Suddenly, her whole
body went rigid as a truly massive orgasm swept over
her. She rammed her fingers all the way up inside her-
self and kept them there as her snatch clenched them in
an ecstatic embrace. I watched this quite happily.

I know it’s kind of chicken shit of me, but I wanted to
share our pictures of us. Here’s a couple taken last
spring by Cyndi’s younger sister. “A” is Cyndi getting
it done to her, with Holly watching. “B” is lovely Holly
letting me have her while my sweet Cyndi looks on. Oh
heaven must be like this.

Cyndi lowered my pants all the way down so she
could have full access to my crotch. She used this to
the best advantage she ever had… and she’s only topped
it once since. She started just by running her tongue
around the head of my prick. It was warm and wet and
rough and felt absolutely wonderful. She started at the
very edge and spiraled her way in to the hole. Then she
lowered her lips and kissed it gently. Flattening her
tongue along the bottom side of my rod, she lowered her
mouth over me.

Cyndi’s cheeks tightened around my prick. Her lips
were a tight circle and her tongue was in constant
motion as she slowly lifted her head up, until just the
very tip was still in her mouth. She swirled her tongue
around the head, sucking up the pre-cum that was oozing
from it in a steady stream.

As I lay there enjoying the show (and the blow),
Holly moved down to join her. While Cyndi was playing
her attentions over the head of my cock, Holly got down
between my legs and started to lick that little area be-
tween my ass and my balls. Only one other girl had ever
done that to me before, and the excruciatingly pleasant
memory of that was jolted into reality immediately. My
balls tensed up as Holly’s tongue ran all over, dipping
down the very rim of my butthole, and then worked oh-so-
slowly back up to my testicles. She ran her quick and
tickling tongue up the underside of my swollen sacs and
took them gently into her mouth.

Holly’s mouth worked my balls lightly for a moment.
Then, she started her way up to up to my cock, where she
joined Cyndi in trying to make me cum. The two of them
licked my prick from top to bottom. They settled their
tongues on either side of the head. I had to close my
eyes and lean back. I was really close to the edge as
it was, and watching the two of them giving me a double
header would have just been too much. I wanted to take
my time and enjoy the feeling of having two gorgeous
females running their talented tongues over my cock.
And both of them seemed to want for my load, because
they kept trading places up at the head, each trying to
be the one to have my wad blow into their mouth.

Holly seemed to be winning out. I pumped my hips
up and down as she moved her mouth over the top of my
stiff prick. I could feel it ramming up against the
back of her mouth. She just opened wider and started
sucking harder and harder, moving her mouth up and down
over the length of my rod. She slurped loudly on it,
making inarticulate pleasure sounds. “Mmmmm, mmmmm,

Cyndi moved up and started to kiss me deeply and
passionately. Her tongue moved in and out of my mouth.
Then she moved up slightly and dragged my face to her
tits. They were small, but well-defined. Her nipples
were firm under my lips. She started whispering, “Go
ahead, suck them, pull on them.” On hand reached down
to play with her twat. “Ahhh… you like this? I know
you want to cum. Come on, do it. I want to see you cum
in her mouth. You want that, Holly-ho? You want his cum
down your throat?”

“Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm,” was Holly’s only response,
as she swirled her tongue around my prick. I was heading
for the top, so I really started to push my cock into
Holly’s mouth. She was taking every inch that she could,
and then some. I could feel the sperm boiling up from
the depths of my balls. Behind closed eyes, I could
almost see it work its way up the shaft, until I
couldn’t hold back.

I choked slightly as my cream shot out in a massive
spurt that filled Holly’s mouth. Holly cooed and let it
sit in her mouth until I was done. Then she withdrew
slowly. Cyndi immediately moved down and pulled her
up. “You have to share,” she said. I opened my eyes
in time to see Cyndi as she pulled Holly toward her for
a long, wet kiss. My cum passed from one mouth to the
other, dripping down both of their faces. Then they
moved down and started to lick the sperm from my shrink-
ing rod. I sat and looked at the two of them with a
silly, satisfied grin. The two of them looked incred-
ibly sexy as their pink tongues wiped my dick clean. I
could see drops of my cum glistening in Holly’s hair.

Incredibly relaxed by the entire experience, I
closed my eyes and leaned back. I must have drifted off
because the next time I opened them, I saw another cock-
raising sight.

Cyndi was lying down on a blanket spread on the floor
on her back with her legs spread far apart. Her hands
were busily rubbing what appeared to be No Frills vege-
table all oil over her tits. Her fingers paid special
attention to her nipples, and she stroked them gently
but firmly. That wasn’t the big turn on, although it
wasn’t too bad, I must say. I mean, I’ve seen women play
with their boobs before. One old girlfriend used to suck
on her own nipples while I was fucking her.

Anyway, down between Cyndi’s legs was Holly. Holly
was on her knees, with her ass up in the air and her
head down, eating Cyndi’s pretty pink snatch. Two
fingers were pushing their way deep into Cyndi’s ass. In
addition, Holly was wiggling a large double-dildo around
in her own pussy. I mean, I knew just how much into
fucking and sucking Cyndi was, but I’d never known that
Holly was also a major league player! (And yes, I’ve
taken advantage of this knowledge since then.)

As Holly’s fingers moved in and out of Cyndi’s back
door, Cyndi was moaning, “Ohhhh, yes, please, up my ass,
that’s it, deeper, god, fuck my asshole, shit faster
please fuck it fuck it.” She was sliding back and forth
across the blanket, trying to get more of Holly up her
butthole. Holly responded by ramming her fingers into
Cyndi’s ass, and licking her clit really roughly. Cyndi
squirmed and gasped. She pulled her legs up and apart
and thrust her well-greased ass forward. Her little
brown rim was stretched wide around Holly’s hand. She
held it there as Holly tongued her to a throbbing or-
gasm. Then she sort of collapsed into a smiling and
relaxed heap.

I whistled appreciatively at the performance. Cyndi
murmured something to Holly that I couldn’t quite catch.
Holly turned around. I could see Cyndi’s pussy juices
smeared on her face. She licked her lips and said to me
“She wants you to do her ass.”

I smiled weakly. Holly gave me a very sensual look
and sat up, pulling the dildo out of herself in the pro-
cess. She knelt down on the floor in front of me and
reached down to her dripping snatch and rubbed her hand
until it was thickly coated with her sweet cream. She
applied them to my cock and kept repeating the process
until my prick was well lubed. I was instantly stiff,
but it was still too soon to even _think_ about cumming
again, after having sex with both of them only a few
minutes before. This was good though, because I was
able to really enjoy Holly’s hands as she jacked me off
with her pussy juice.

Holly’s fist rubbed up and down my rod, sending
little tingling sensations throughout my entire central
nervous system. Her other hand cupped my nuts, stroking
gently all the while. Her fingers spent time tickling
the head, which was already oozing it’s clear juice at a
hefty rate. Soon, the entire length of my dick was
sticky with our combined fluids.

Holly reached out with her tongue and started lick-
ing it away from my balls. Then she worked her way up
the shaft, moving slowly. Her technique was excru-
ciatingly pleasurable. Her tongue tickled it’s way
around until she had slurped everything but the head
clean. Then, in one swift movement, she gulped my cock
into her mouth.

Holly’s tongue was rough and wet as it roamed
around my dickhead. She was really going down deep on my
cock, and I mean all the way. I’d been deep-throated
maybe a dozen times before, and she was far and away the
best at it I’ve ever had (still is, by the way). Then
she withdrew slowly. A thin line of saliva and pre-cum
joined her lips and my prick. She reached around for the
oil and poured a liberal amount into her hands. She
rubbed her tits until they shone, the dark nipples
standing stiff and proud against the pale flesh of her
mounds. Then she leaned up and engulfed my prick between

The silky skin of Holly’s tits wrapped around my
rod. Her nipples rubbed up against my stomach, and I was
starting to thrust back in counterpoint to her motions.
Every now and again she would look down and give my cock
a lick or a kiss, but for the most part, she just rocked
her body back and forth, rubbing my rod with her pendu-
lous breasts.

Over on the floor beyond Holly, I could see Cyndi
using Holly’s discarded dildo. One hand kept the flex-
ible rubber cock plunging in and out of her holes, and
the other was centered on her clit. Cyndi’s hips pumped
up and down as she humped herself. That was enough to
really get me hot. And when Holly bent down to kiss my
cock again, I was just about ready to stuff it into her
mouth and shoot my load down her throat. But she pulled
back and grinned up at me. “I think you’re ready.” She
stroked my prick lightly and pulled me over to where
Cyndi was writhing ecstatically on the floor.

Holly bent down, kissed Cyndi’s clit, and removed
the dildo. She whispered (between occasional licks on
Cyndi’s little love bud), “He’s ready, Cin.” Cyndi
smiled up at me and spread her legs wide. Holly poured
some oil onto Cyndi’s asshole and massaged it in with
her fingers, letting them slip in and out of the little
puckered anus. Then she poured some more onto my cock
and rubbed it in. She held onto it as I positioned my-
self between Cyndi’s legs and pulled Cyndi’s legs up so
that her butt was facing a tad upward. Then she acted
as a guide as I slowly pushed my prick into Cyndi’s
tight asshole.

Cyndi squirmed and sighed as my pole invaded her
anal chute. I started to pump her rump, slowly at first
but gradually gaining speed. She thrust herself against
me and started muttering, “Deeper damnit, go deeper,
faster harder fuck it mmmph…” She trailed off to a
muffled slurping as Holly plopped her cunt down onto
Cyndi’s face. Since she was facing away from me, I
couldn’t see, but from the way Holly was cooing and
rocking back and forth with her head thrown back, I
assumed that Cyndi was doing a real bang-out job of
eating pussy.

Cyndi brought a hand down to play with herself. Her
fingers ran along the dewy folds of her slit and rolled
her little button. She moved faster and faster. Even as
I tried to take it slow, she kept speeding up. Now, as a
matter of choice, I prefer to take anal sex a lot slower
than regular fucking. I mean, no matter how good it is,
the asshole is designed as an “exit only.” It was never
really meant to have a prick invading it…kind of going
the wrong way up a one way street. So taking it slow
saves wear and tear. Besides, a good tight asshole de-
serves to be enjoyed, know what I mean?

And I _was_ enjoying the feel of Cyndi’s rectum
wrapped around my cock. Her butt muscles gripped my pole
tightly, even after having been reamed by Holly’s
fingers and the dildo. Every time she clenched her twat,
her back door would follow suit, making a glove-tight
fit and bringing me perilously close to flooding her
with my cum.

Cyndi slowed down. I was mystified, until I real-
ized that she was concentrating on eating Holly, who was
sitting on Cyndi’s face so energetically the it’s a
miracle Cyndi could still breathe. Holly was cooing with
pleasure, and I could hear the tell-tale sounds of a
hefty cunt-lashing taking place. Holly reached around,
gripped her ass and spread her cheeks. Struck by
inspiration, I grabbed the dildo and snuggled it up
against her asshole. Holly practically screamed, “Shit
YES!” and wiggled around until it was up inside her. She
reached around and took control, plugging her ass rapid-
ly. The other end of the dildo flopped around Cyndi’s
tits, which seemed to turn Cyndi on, because she started
moving faster again.

Holly was breathing loudly and trying to stuff her
cunt into Cyndi’s mouth. Cyndi was fingerfucking her-
self deeply. The motion of the ocean was right, and I
started to really tail-end Cyndi’s well greased asshole.
Holly sped up her anal action and screamed, “Fuck eat me
eat me eat meeeeeeeee!” She held her crotch in place
over Cyndi’s eager tongue and practically rammed the
dildo all the way up into her ass. Her entire body went
stiff as she came all over Cyndi’s face. Then she slid
exhausted to the floor. She lay there with the vinyl
cock still protruding from her bottom.

This left Cyndi and me to our buttfucking. I really
started to push into her ass. The walls of her backside
felt marvelous around my rod as I thrust in and out.
Cyndi grabbed her legs and pulled them back to spread
her ass wide for me. She started saying, “Push it harder
yes faster deeper do it shoot it fuck it oh fuck it.” I
bore down into her, filling her butt with cock. She rose
up to meet me, until my prick was all the way up inside.
Again and again we pulled back and came together, until
I was past the point of no return. I crammed my dick
deep in Cyndi’s ass and started pumping my hot cream
into her. Spurt after spurt of cum squirted out until I
was completely and fully drained. Slowly, I pulled my
cock out of her sticky asshole. It was still dilated,
and my semen oozed gently out of it.

After I withdrew and collapsed on the floor, Cyndi
started to pump her pussy with her fingers again. She
had several finger sliding in and out of her hot box,
and the other hand was vibrating her clit. She moaned
and held arched her back with her legs spread wide open
and stiff. Her fingers moved frantically over her little
love button, and her entire body shook. Her snatch
frenetically contracted and dilated around her probing
fingers. Her rosy asshole quivered, and my sperm flowed
forth from her in a thick white stream. Her breathing
was short and staccato. Finally, she relaxed and went
limp and brought her hand up to her mouth to lick her
own cum from it.

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