David’s first time part 1.

This always seemed to be a good place to be when he
needed to collect scattered and confused thoughts. It
probably had something to do with solitude and a major
change of scenery. Everything he saw back home reminded
him of Grace and even though he knew it was the best
thing for both of them the memories still tugged at his
heartstrings too much to feel OK. He knew it would take
a while as Dave had never accepted change very well but
he had never walked out on someone he loved before

The brown bottle in front of him went with the green
terrycloth table cover and the flies buzzing all around
the place but it didn’t sit so good with him. The pub
was about a quarter full the same as almost every other
time he had been there in the last ten years with a
half dozen seniors playing the slots. The only thing
that had really changed was the music on the jukebox
and it still stunk! He took a lingering look around and
walked out the front doors leading to the main drag on
this gray dismal day and walked down the boardwalk.

Summer holidays were over and the whole place was damn
near deserted. Even the arcades were near empty except
for a few kids and their mutt. He wandered in anyway
perhaps thinking something might jar a pleasant memory.
Half of the posters hanging on the walls were tattered
and dog-eared and the newer ones all looked like
advertising for a soft drink or tampon.

Scratching his beard he wondered why the place had been
left to fall apart. A quick look both ways down the
boardwalk showed it to be close to a ghost town. The
beach itself was a wasteland with no activity at all
other than some seagulls fighting over what looked to
be a candy bar wrapper. Dave shook his head wondering
if was the dope and the beer that had made it all seem

The Toyota was parked right out front of the hotel
where he used to park the Harley a long time ago. There
must have been all of three other cars parked out there
with it. A few raindrops fell on the front windshield,
which didn’t come as any big shock, all things
considered. Miserable drizzle seemed entirely
appropriate. He drove back down the potholed road to
the stop sign at the railway tracks that still haunted
him occasionally. The luxury beater pulled up to the
side of the road and he got out.

“I know I don’t come out here too often so I thought
I’d stop and say Hi. You know… I was just at the
Hotel where we met that night. It doesn’t look like the
same place at all. I don’t think you’d like it. Does
anyone we knew back then come out here to visit?”

There was no sound really other than the wind and the
rustling of brown bull rushes in the ditch.

“I should have brought some flowers… you have to know
that if there’s anything I could do to change what
happened that night I’d do it. We both know there isn’t
and you’ve got to know I’m really sorry. You had it all
in front of you and we both lost big time.”

The bearded man got back into the beater and slowly
pulled away from the tracks back to the cottage.

Pulling up in the front driveway he took a good look at
the place he had been coming to since his grandfather
had cleared the land and built it. It was easy to see
that the same man who once lived in the sprawling house
in the city designed it. He had always liked this place
even when he was a k*d and it was full of bickering
relatives and screaming cousins.

It needed some major fixing up for sure mainly because
it sort of fell into disrepair when ‘grandpa’ died and
his kids all resented each other for wanting a piece of
it. The roof leaked and the whole place shifted all the
time but with over 1000 sq. ft. all on one level and no
basement that shouldn’t surprise anyone. The area was
quiet and pleasant enough and there were no neighbors
to speak of at this time of year.

All in all a good place to be if you wanted to be
alone. Dave went through the key chain that looked like
something a jailer might carry slipping in the key and
opening the front door holding the aluminum storm open
with his foot. He closed the door and heard the
aluminum storm spring shut. He hated an empty cottage.

No television and no stereo, only a little AM radio.
Old Cosmos and a couple of 16 Magazines… and too much
silence and too many memories. He grabbed the Pentax
and walked out the front door for the lake. It had 400-
speed film that was good for this sort of day if there
was anything at all to take a picture of, which he was
pretty sure there wouldn’t be.

The lake was rough with a cool wind blowing in and he
held the camera up to his face to pan over the lake.
Nothing but brown choppy water against a gray and
cloudy sky. He also knew that an interesting picture
might not appear as anything obvious to anyone but the
guy with the camera. He set the lens for macro and took
a close-up look at the white and brown rowboat left on
the beach probably by a nearby cottage owner. He
immediately saw what the image would look like in black
and white or grayscale but it was nothing that would
look interesting in print.

“So this is what it comes too… God!”

Letting the camera and winder hang from his shoulder he
went for a walk down the deserted beach toward the
pier. Shuffling through the sand he came up to the
entrance of the long timber and nail construct leading
out to the lake. In summer it would be absolutely
bustling with kids and their parents in swimsuits. Dave
got down on one knee and laying down to get a
perspective of somewhat disproportionate length setting
the medium zoom for wide angle.

He snapped off a couple of vertical shots getting both
the planks beneath him and the sky beyond the pier’s
end. Being unimpressed he put the lens-cap back on and
slung the camera to walk back. He had only taken a
dozen or so steps back down the beach through the sand
when he heard some voices.

He glanced over to his left by the bushes off the beach
and noticed a couple of kids talking a little louder
than they might have if they had seen him. It was a
girl and a younger boy involved in some sort of verbal
exchange. They weren’t fighting or yelling… maybe
arguing but it was impossible to tell from where he
was. As he approached in his jeans and off white Levis
shirt the two stopped talking and looked at him walking
by. Dave looked and smiled.


The two didn’t say anything back but whispered
something to each other and ducked into the bushes
beside them as he walked by.

“Nice friendly place…”

He walked about another hundred ft. down the beach and
decided to see if there was anything interesting up
toward the railway tracks running by the country road.

“Nothing here either… fuck I’m bored!”

Probably out of that boredom more than curiosity or
voyeurism he backtracked his steps to see if there was
anything of interest going on back in the bush. He
crouched down and very quietly moved to the edge of the
brush and stopped to listen. He couldn’t hear anything
but nevertheless got down on all fours and sneakily
crawled through the sand hoping not to be seen. About
another twenty ft. and he heard what sounded like
hushed voices from the bushes another twenty ft. ahead
to the right.

Bringing the Pentax to his face, the bearded man panned
the area but couldn’t see anything through the bushes.
Much of the leaves had fallen by this time of year
making it easier to peek in but it also made it easier
for anyone in the bushes to see him peeking too. He
knew he had to be careful. Another few crawling steps
and he heard it again from just a few feet away and to
his right.

He crouched down even lower and panned the zoom over
the area seeing nothing but still hearing the same
hushed voices. It was then that he realized there was a
dip in the sand where the bushes grew out of probably
where the water had risen at some time. Getting flat on
his stomach he crawled through the sand and leaves
being quiet as a mouse. Bingo… there they were!

They couldn’t have been more than fifteen… not even
twenty ft. in front of him on the other side of the
sandy knoll. They were laying in the leaves beside each
other. The girl had beautiful long brown hair that fell
over her shoulders almost to her waist. She wore a
black T-shirt and what looked like newer jeans. She was
just a girl. A short girl probably about fifteen years
old and with some definite shape to her.

The boy looked to be a couple of years younger but he
was a little taller, blonde and wore what appeared to
be a cowboy shirt and tan corduroys. He was leaning
over her kissing the girl’s face and his left hand
pawing what looked to be a very nice little titty.

“Oh… isn’t that cute. Budding young lust!”

Very content to just watch this little bit of
forbidden groping Dave lay down flat on his stomach
with his chin on his crossed forearms. He remained
absolutely silent even watching his breathing for fear
of disturbing them in the middle of their little game.
There was no moaning or groaning and grunting only an
occasional whisper that he couldn’t make out. While the
boy pawed at her T-shirt covered tit a bit of giggling
could be heard.

He continued to kiss her and she put one hand on the
back of his blonde head. It was really kind of sweet he
thought. Then, as expected, he watched the boy’s hand
move lower. Not slowly as if trying to be sneaky about
it but very quickly and deliberately. Actually it was
pretty rough the way he f****d his hand down the front
of her pants and it definitely took the voyeur by

Just as surprisingly it didn’t seem to be anything the
girl was bothered by and Dave started to get the
impression this wasn’t their first romp through Touchy-
Feely Land. From where he was laying he could clearly
see the bulge of the blonde boy’s hand in the crotch of
her pants as she opened her legs considerably. As if
they knew this routine by heart they stopped kissing
and both of them got on their knees facing each other.

The budding young brunette reached for the zipper of
the boy’s cords and, also very roughly, unzipped him
and reached her little hand inside. She got her hand on
something and the boy was grinning his ass off. In a
moment she had his straight little pecker out of his
pants and in her hand. It didn’t look to him like
either of them had any intent of sexual gratification
as there were no facial or verbal indications of real
sex but more a matter of �bad boy� and �dirty girl�
being naughty.

It was too priceless to pass up and Dave quietly
reached for the Pentax and focused in on the dark
haired girl’s face looking very pleased at the hard
little dink in her squeezing hand. He clicked the
shudder completely forgetting he had the winder on.


As great as the candid shots of the girl’s smiling and
then startled face were going to be this voyeuristic
shoot was definitely over. The dark haired girl just
gasped but the blonde boy screamed, ripped his hand out
of her pants and ran like the devil trying to put his
little boner back in his corduroys.


The girl had definitely been startled but didn’t seem
really frightened at all. She sat there on her knees in
the leaves and sand with her hand still out in front of
her as if holding an invisible little dink. She looked
over toward where she had heard the winder sound come
from and slowly got to her feet walking straight toward
him. The girl’s open toed sandals were about ten inches
in front of his face and he sheepishly looked up… way
up at the questioning look on her face.


He didn’t have to say it out loud… it was ringing in
his ears.

“Were you taking pictures of us?”


“Why did you do that… we weren�t bothering you?”

She didn’t appear angry although not really friendly
either… more perplexed.

“Gee… this is really embarrassing… um… there
isn’t much to take pictures of out here??!”

The little dark haired girl with the black T-shirt and
newer jeans looked down at him questioningly.

“Is it OK if I get up from here? It’s very
uncomfortable laying on my stomach looking up at you.”

She held out her little hand to help him out of the
sand. He took her hand and slowly got up brushing the
sand off his clothes and away from his camera.

“Look, I’m REALLY sorry… I didn’t mean to scare away
your boyfriend!”

“He’s not my boyfriend… Danny’s just the boy next

Now that he was eye level with her, more like eye to
chest actually, Dave could see what a pretty girl she
was. She might have been of Italian or Greek heritage
with a very attractive Mediterranean colour and
beautiful brown eyes. She was quite short, not even
five feet, with just the slightest hint of baby fat and
no more. Her boobies just a little more than a handful
but a handful for him was a nice size on this little
woman. Her hips were marvelous and he started to feel
even more embarrassed because he knew he was leering
but couldn’t help himself.

“You’re blushing!”

“Is that what that is? Listen I’m soooo sorry I
disturbed your fun… I’m just kind of alone and lonely
out here. I just broke up with my girlfriend and
there’s no one out here that I know. I know that’s no
excuse for taking pictures of you and your friend…
well, you know! I’m REALLY REALLY sorry!!”

She took him by the hand and led him over to where she
was kneeling with the boy’s dink in her hand. She sat
down cross-legged in the sand.

“Sit down and talk to me!”

Dave got down facing her on the sand and leaves sitting
like her cross-legged although he did it with a little

“Are you OK?”

“Not really but I’ll be alright… just a little shook
up and a bit stiff.”

“How come you’re so stiff?”

He thought seriously for a moment about making some
stupid quip but didn’t.

“Oh, I’m an old man relatively speaking…”

“You don’t look old!”

He smiled at her for the compliment.

“I guess I mean comparatively speaking… I’m old
enough to be your daddy and then some.”

She smiled back at him with pearly white teeth and a
very genuine healthy expression.

“My dad’s not so old and you look younger than him.”

“My names Dave by the way!”

“Hi Dave… my name’s Sheila”

She reached out to shake and he took her hand softly
kissing the back of it.

“Very happy to meet you Sheila!”

He looked at the little lovely sitting across from him
in the sand as if he wanted to say something but didn’t
know how. He looked down then back up at her again.

“Do you always let boys put their hand in your pants

She wasn’t flustered or phased by the question at all.

“Nah… just Danny. I know he won’t tell anybody cuz
he’s afraid of everything and everyone.”

Her eyes opened sort of wide and she looked him in the

“You’re not going to show anyone those pictures are

“No, no, no… I tell you what… you don’t tell on me
and I won’t tell on you OK?!”

She looked at him a little suspiciously.


“Really… look!”

Dave opened the back of the Pentax and took the roll
out pulling at the film and exposing it all to the

“Feel better Sheila?”

She smiled at him again this time reaching out for his
hand giving it a little squeeze.

“Yeah… I feel much better.”

“Can I ask you something personal?”

She gave him that slightly suspicious look again.

“I dunno… do I have to answer?”

“Not if you don’t want”

“OK then.”

“Did you like it when Danny pushed his hand down your

She looked like she had to decide whether to answer or
not. Then she made a sort of screwed up face.

“Not really… he’s too rough.”

“That’s kind of what it looked like to me too.”

“You watched him do that eh?!”

“Sorry, but yeah I saw his hand move down there and
then it looked like he wasn’t very tender or caring.”

“Yeah well… I guess boys are like that!?”

He couldn’t believe this girl was so straightforward
and honest without any game playing. He leaned over the
sand and kissed her lightly on the forehead with his
hands purposely left at his sides.

“You could ask him to please be more gentle and

Sheila looked at him with an expression that hinted
this girl was more of an adult than many women he had
been with and leaned over, with her arms at her side,
and kissed him lightly on the lips.

“You’re a pretty sweet guy aren’t you?!”

He leaned over again kissing her back only it was a
kiss with a hint that there was a bit more to it.
Sheila softly put her little arms around his neck and
drew him closer licking her tongue playfully across his
lips. He started running his hands down the sides of
her Tshirt when suddenly his eyes opened and he stopped
putting his hands back at his sides breaking the kiss.

She looked at him with the same quizzical look as when
she caught him spying on her. Dave ran his hand through
his closely trimmed but very full beard like he was
trying to find the words again. He looked into her deep
brown eyes.

“Are you trying to seduce me Sheila?”

She didn’t say a thing but nodded her head and leaned
back in to kiss him again. Dave returned her kiss
tenderly but with a tiny bit of passion leaning her
back onto the sand. He lay beside her rather than on
top lifting his head from her kiss.

“Would you like me to show you how nice and tender a
man’s touch can be? If you don’t like anything I do
I’ll stop as soon as you say to.”

“You’re not going to hurt me are you?”

“You’re speaking to an old fashioned sort of guy who
doesn’t believe pain has any place in love or sex… I
promise I won’t hurt you! Is it OK if I take off your

Little Sheila sat up straight with her legs crossed
underneath her moving her shoulders from side to side
pressing her little titties into the black T-shirt. She
didn’t say a word but just smiled at the bearded man
with the long loose hair. She liked that he wanted to
take off her T-shirt instead of groping at her like
Danny did. She liked even more that he asked first…
even if she didn’t really answer with words. He sat up
in front of her and gently pulled her T-shirt out of
her pants and very slowly over her outstretched arms.

“Oh my God… they’re beautiful!!”

She smiled at him with those pearly whites moving her
shoulders a little as if to display her charms.

“Really…? No one’s ever seen them before. Do you
really like them… I mean aren’t they kind of small?”

“Jesus no… honey they look fucking perfect on you!!”

He softly ran his hands over the naked flesh of her
breasts and Sheila’s deep brown eyes became wide open
as she felt shivers run up and down her spine. Her
nipples were dark brown little circles that were just
beginning to stand up at attention. Her titties were
about a handful and not much more, which was a lot
considering the size difference between her and Dave,
and they were perfectly round and smooth.

He didn’t realize until now that her skin colour was
naturally almost olive brown and not the result of a
lot of sun. She was this gorgeous complexion all over
with almost no tan lines at all. He kissed her softly
but deeply on the mouth laying her back down on the
sand. Her tits stood up without flattening at all and
he lowered his bearded face to one kissing and sucking
the tiny nipple up into his mouth. She tasted unlike
anything or anyone he had ever known.

“Ooooo… no one’s ever done that before either
ooooooo… do that to the other one??”

Dave was purring like a kitten into her tits flicking
his tongue over the middle of her chest to the envious
tittie on the other side and licking it all around her
nipple sucking most of her tit into his mouth.

“Ooooooo this is making me feel… I’ve never felt so
much like this before…”

Sheila’s hips were beginning to undulate a little and
Dave honestly believed she never had felt anything
quite like this before. From what he saw of the way she
put up with her blonde friend brutalizing her pussy it
would be amazing if anyone had ever made her feel good
at all.

He moved his head down to her tiny navel and gently
licked his tongue across it. His hands moved to the
stylish black and white rope tied around her waist like
a belt and he carefully untied it. He sat up again
wanting to see the look on her face when he unzipped
her new jeans as he slowly pulled them down over her
rising hips, down her small shapely brown legs tossing
them aside.

“Has anyone ever taken your pants off before?”

She felt incredibly vulnerable. Sheila looked at him
with his wild hair and asked in a real little girl’s

“You promise you’re not going to hurt me?”

“Oh honey… cross my heart and hope to die. I will not
hurt you!!”

Her expression touched him and he felt a little choked
up. He looked away from her for a moment and for the
first time he noticed her black satin bikini panties.
Admiring her sense of style but not saying a word he
lowered his face to the smooth curve of her tummy just
below the waistband of her panties softly kissing
toward her satin covered mound.

He could hear the small cute girl breathing harder and
brought his mouth up to the elastic of her panties.
Gently grasping them in his teeth he pulled them
straight down and was greeted by a surprising full
patch of dark brown pubic hair. She really was a
miniature version of a fully-grown woman absolutely
perfect and unspoiled in every sense.

He pulled down her panties and held them to his face
breathing in the heavenly scent of the perfect pussy he
was about to savor the taste of before dropping them in
the sand. Sheila willingly opened her thighs and his
tongue danced through her bush and into the most
wonderful flavor on earth. It had been too long since
he had licked pussy and this was a gem second to none.
He glanced up while going down and saw she had raised
up on her elbows staring wide with her little mouth

“Oh, oh, oh, don’t stop, don’t stop, but pleeeeease
don’t hurt me down there!”

Holding her little bum in his hands he stopped licking
her pussy for a second and placed a tender kiss on her
tiny clit sending shivers through her loins and up her
spine. His mouth moved to the bottom of her pussy and
he licked the place where her asshole meets her cunt.

Sheila mewled and began to arch her pelvis in his face.
His tongue started at the bottom of her slit slowly
parting her tiny folds till he reached her little hole
and firmly but gently pushed in just a bit. He could
feel her virgin cunt almost grabbing at the tip as he
pushed it in just a little more. The miniature woman
put her hands on the back of his bushy head and gently
pushed it into her tight pussy.

“Oh, I don’t believe you’re doing this to me…
pleeeease don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop…”


He hummed to himself and his little lover as well
before burying his fury face in sliding his pussy
taster from her hole to the tiny clitty standing up
proud and firm, sucking it between his lips. Dave
placed her bum back on the sand and reached up to
caress her naked boobs. Little Sheila raised her hips,
arched her pelvis again and hunched into his mouth as
he flicked his tongue across her virgin clit. She was
beyond words making animalistic sounds as she began her
first orgasm ever on a man’s face.

“Unga, uh, uh, uh, uhhhhhheeeee!!”

Dave firmly but tenderly slid the baby pinky of his
right hand into her pussy hole almost to the second
knuckle making sure not to touch her hymen or hurt her
at all. She gripped his finger like a vice pumping her
pussy madly into his mouth as juices began to run down
his beard. There was just too much to swallow even if
it was the most heavenly flavor he had ever known.
Sheila wrapped her little legs around his head grabbing
his long bushy hair as she ground her furry pussy into
his bearded face.

As her grinding slowed so did his oral manipulations
leaving her puffing and gasping with her legs spread
wide open. He glanced up from the heaven between her
open thighs and saw her head laying back but he
couldn’t see her face and he wanted that. His mouth
lifted from her pussy feeling he had probably satisfied
her and he moved up till he was looking at her pretty
tanned face. She reached up and planted a big
affectionate kiss on his cum smeared lips.

“Oh, I don’t believe you did that to me and it didn’t
hurt at al!!”

He smiled with his hair all over the place knowing he
probably looked like cross between Jesus Christ and
Charlie Manson and tried to use his friendliest smile
and not scare her.

“Well I promised I wouldn’t hurt you. Pain has no place
in lovemaking so far as I’m concerned.”

She pecked him on the cheek.

“That was wonderful!”

He blushed just a little. It had been too long since
anyone told him that.

“I think I enjoyed that almost as much as you did.”


“Well… when you like someone don’t you want them to
feel good?”

“Yeah, so…?!”

He cocked his head a bit to one side still blushing and
looking at the sand not at her.

“I kind of think I just made you feel really good.”

Sheila may have been a young girl in a woman’s body but
she sensed that there was something troubling her new
friend. She reached up to his long hair and pulled him
down to her face.

“What’s the matter?”

“Oh… It’s nothing you did, it’s just that I’ve been
sort of down about things these days. I guess this
weather doesn’t help much but meeting you sure does.”

He put his arm around her waist and kissed her like a
woman. When he had finished kissing her Sheila looked
up at him with her arms still around his neck.

“Are you always sad like this?”

He had to think about it for a minute.

“I was sad for a long time and then I stopped being sad
for a while. Being out here at the lake just brings
back a lot of old memories that bother me a bit I

“Is there anything I can do to make you feel better. I
mean you just made me feel wonderful… you know what I

“You’re such a sweetheart. I dunno, lemme see… well
there is something I guess…”

The dark haired girl sat up cross-legged in one easy
motion… her wet pussy hair flat against the sand. She
looked at him laying on his back with those exotic
Mediterranean eyes and with a tiny bit of a sly
expression as she reached down to the zipper of his
jeans. Looking up he whispered quietly.

“Remember… pain isn’t nice so don’t be rough with me
either OK?!”

She thought about it for a second and realized she was
probably kind of rough when going for Danny’s dink when
he was spying on them. Sheila lay back down beside him
softly sliding her fingers into the fly of his jeans
when those exotic eyes opened wide.


She didn’t say anything else or look at his face but
determinedly got her little hand in his jeans feeling
the bulge in his bikini briefs. Her eyes were fixed
wide open to her hand reaching in and grabbing for his

“Hey… what did we just talk about?!”

She looked at him laying there next to her and tried to
calm down before saying anything.

“I’m sorry… you were gentle and tender with me.”

She carefully wrapped her fingers as best she could
around the bulging cotton fabric squeezing it’s shaft.
She murmured to herself:

“…there’s nothing soft about this is there?”

Sheila gently squeezed a couple more times feeling the
hard penis throb under his briefs. With the expression
of a little girl sneaking her hand into the cookie jar
she slid her fingers under the elastic running down the
crotch of his cotton underwear trying to wrap them
softly around his throbbing cock.

“It�s so big!!”

She wasn’t able to get her fingers all the way around
it but he knew that wasn’t because his dick was
immense… it was because she was such a little woman.
Sheila tried to compose herself and looked at him
rather sweetly.

“Can I take your pants off?”

He looked at her with the most innocent expression his
lecherous mind could manage and didn’t say a word but
raised his hips off the sand unbuckling his belt. She
smiled at him trying to imagine what was going through
his head and tenderly let go of his prick drawing her
little hand from the fly of his jeans. She leaned over
pecking him on the lips before lifting herself up.
Looking down at the bearded man with his jeans undone
she moved her hands to either side of his pants waist
and slowly pulled them down. When she got them to his
knees Sheila bent over kissing the imprint of his pole
through the white cotton. Dave softly murmured.

“Oh, I like that!”

He lifted his feet for her to slip them off. The little
brunette pulled them down and tossed them aside before
going back to mouthing at the bulge in his briefs. The
head of his cock was now poking it’s tip out through
the waistband and Sheila kneeled down kissing the
glistening knob. She didn’t take it in her mouth but
pecked the head trying to decide how she felt about the

Dave saw her little pink tongue sweetly lick her lips
before smiling and lowering her face for more. She was
so small taking just the head looked like it was
stretching her mouth to the point where much more would
be uncomfortable as she gently pulled down the sides of
his underwear. Dave hadn’t had any for too long and the
head of his prick was leaking large amounts of precum.
Sheila looked at him with a somewhat puzzled

“I don’t know what to do… the only one I’ve ever
touched is Danny’s and this is… I don’t know what to

“Well, do you know what a handjob is?”

Her little bronze hand was already wrapped tightly
around his cock. She looked at him with a slightly
unsure and apologetic tone to her voice.

“Sort of, but I’ve never done one. Danny’s too young to
make anything happen. At least nothing like what you

He laid flat back flat and she moved her pretty face
directly over his.

“What do you mean like what I want?”

She cocked her head a little letting her long dark hair
fall over one side of her face and part of his as if
trying to hide.

“You want me to make you feel the way you made me
feel… you want me to make you orgasm.”

He brushed the hair from her pretty but slightly
embarrassed face drawing her into a long soft kiss
while massaging her boobs. Sheila had busy hands of her
own trying to unbutton his Levis shirt while laying on
top of him. She lifted her head feeling his boner
against the inside of her leg..

“…you want me to make you squirt sperm don’t you?!”

The gorgeous miniature woman had straddled his thighs
and scrubbed her little muff over the underside of his
turgid cock. She slowly and very purposely ground her
entire wet crotch the full length of him. Dave finished
what she had started undoing the last couple of buttons
and opening his shirt revealing the soft curls covering
his hard chest. She lowered her face burrowing her
cheek into his fur and looked up passionately sticking
her tongue into his mouth.

“…but I don’t know how to do that!”

“Sheila… just keep doing what you’re doing and
pleeeeease don’t stop!!”

“You mean you like this as much as I do?!”

“Don’t stop please don’t stop!”

She picked up the pace rubbing herself harder and
faster up and down the underside of his cock as she
began to moan while nuzzling into his neck. Sheila was
getting that same feeling down there again and hunched
her clitty in short little strokes close to the head of
his cock feeling it throb and jerk. His eyes opened up
widely as she sucked on his neck. This horny little
wench was giving him a hickey while scrubbing her tiny
wet cunt over him.

“Oh Jesus oh Jesus oh Jesus oh Jesus…”

He wrapped his arms around her feeling those perfect
titties on his chest and pumped the length of his cock
along the outside of her pussy and clitty as she jerked
her hips into him.


He moaned shooting a load all over her tummy and his
own too as she lifted herself to look down and see what
a man’s cock looked like when he orgasmed. She felt his
warm juice drip from her titties and felt that thing
happening again as she scrubbed her pussy madly over

The two of them continued to dry hump each other until
Sheila slowed her pelvic grinding to a shaking shudder
then a little shiver that didn’t want to end. Dave put
his arms around her again and rolled her over so he was
on top laying between her open legs kissing her
lovingly. He gave her a couple of quick pecks and
pushed his arms out over top of her pretty face. She
looked up at him with a very pleased expression and
then peered down her titties, tummy and between her

“Wow! Whatta mess!”

She looked back up at him with a happy smile.

“I made you orgasm didn’t I?”

“Oooooh Yeah!”

They lay side by side cuddling and kissing for a long
while before Sheila pecked him on the mouth and stood
up. He looked at the stunning olive bronze beauty in
front of him noting the streaks of his cum smeared on
her tummy. She saw him looking at her and looked down
to see what was so interesting. Running a little finger
through a thicker trail of the white stuff she rubbed
it between her fingers before sniffing it and sticking
one into her mouth. Her eyes opened a little wider and
she slowly pulled her finger making a face Dave
couldn’t read. She held out her hand to help her lover
up and gave him a big hug.

“Mmmmm… lets go for a swim and wash this stuff off

He ran his hands through her long, long brown silky
hair and bent down to kiss her on the forehead.

“OK… it’s called cum and some women really like the
taste but some don’t.”

She leaned against him and kissed his nipple, which was
about the right height for her. She purred into his
hairy chest and began to suckle on his tit. Dave liked
that more than he wanted to admit and ran his hands
through her silky long hair gently pulling her face to
his tit.

“ooooooo you… do you want to wash this stuff off or
do you want another load of it?”

Sheila stopped suckling and looked up at him.

“Let’s go for a swim!”

The two naked lovers peered out through the bushes and
could see there was no one on the beach in either
direction for as far as the eye could see. There was a
good reason for that too. The water was going to be
very cold and they both knew it. Sheila was the first
on to the beach and Dave watched her run full tilt into
the frigid cold lake admiring her unbelievable bum as
she ran out in front of him. The thirty something ex-
biker, ex-business man, ex-computer tech, ex-doper, ex-
attached guy walked rather than ran into the
unbelievably cold water with his cock fully pinned
against his pubes and lower stomach.

Although she obviously didn’t realize it Sheila was an
absolute c***d Goddess and there wouldn’t be a guy on
this earth who wouldn’t get an instant hardon seeing
her with no clothes on. The truth is most men would get
an instant boner seeing her feed the birds in the park
wearing a potato sack. She was an absolutely perfect
tiny little woman and there wasn’t a thing about her
physically that he would change if he could. He waded
out to where she was standing after having dove into
the damn near freezing lake.

She stood in water higher than waist deep but still
revealing her bare breasts for all of nature, and
anyone who happened to be lucky enough to be Dave, to
appreciate. The water was cold and her nipples were
standing out like they could cut glass. He walked over
to hug her and she disappeared into the cold water
coming up behind him and grabbing his boner.

He removed her hand and turned around to pick her up
under the arms bringing her face to his own. She
wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around
his waist with her now rinsed off pussy precariously
perched over the head of his cock. Sheila planted a
kiss on his lips that had to be the most passionate he
had ever experienced and he reached down rubbing the
head of his cock through her still very slick pussy
lips. Then he thought better of it and kissed her again
unhooking her legs from him.

“What’s the matter… are you sad again?”

“No, not sad. I just think we should talk a bit before
we do anything more than we already have.”

She put her arms around his waist and hugged him tight.

“I like you an awful lot you know!”

He didn’t say a thing but pulled back from her plunging
into the water and coming up behind her grabbing her
beautiful little bum. He expected her to scream or
squeal but she just calmly turned around reaching up to
his wet hair pulling him down to her face and kissed
him again.

“Don’t you like me too?”

He smiled a little smile and kissed her forehead
running his hands over the cheeks of her ass.

“Maybe too much I think.”

“How can you like someone too much?”

She wasn’t being silly or playful but honestly wanted
to know why he would say something like that.

“I tell you what… why don’t we go get our clothes and
maybe sit down and talk a little OK?”

“What’s the matter?”

She looked up at him with a genuinely worried

“Are you saying goodbye to me already?

He smiled at her and held her close against his warm
body in the cold water.

“No… I’m definitely not saying goodbye to you. I just
want us to know each other a little better than we do.
See… I like you a lot too otherwise I would say
goodbye but I reeeeally don’t want to. OK?!”

Dave gave her an Eskimo kiss rubbing her little button
nose with his own. Her worried expression went away and
she looked at him again with a slightly insecure smile.

“Do you really like me… like a lot?!”

He kissed her on the lips drew his head back and nodded
it up and down.

“uh-huh I do!”

“Let’s go over and sit on the pier. We can dry off in
the breeze and there’s no one around to see us. I like
being out here with no clothes on don’t you?”

“Yeah but what about our clothes and my camera?”

“The pier is just right there… you know you were
taking pictures of it!”

“You saw me taking pictures on the pier?”

“I watched you walk all the way down the beach from
around that bend.”

She pointed to a bend in the beach not far from where
he first started.

“You watched me walking all the way from there to the
pier and back past you but didn’t say anything… why?”

“You’re cute but a little scary looking… at least
before I learned you’re a nice guy.”

He sighed a heavy sigh.

“Lets go dry off on the pier and talk a bit OK?”

He smiled at her gave her a big hug before they walked
out of the lake hand in hand. When they reached the
beach he picked Sheila up under the arms and she again
wrapped her legs around his waist giving him a very
loving and passionate kiss. This time he didn’t do
anything with his cock but put both hands on her
beautiful tush gently massaging it sneaking his fingers
between her legs.

“You like my bum don’t you!”

“Mmmmm.. I don’t think there�s anything about you I
don’t like Sheila.”

He put her down and they walked to the pier with his
hand never leaving her bum the whole way. They walked
out to the end of the pier hand in hand and sat down
facing the spot where they had made love to make sure
no one found their clothes or Dave’s camera.

“So what do you want to talk about?”

He looked at her trying to not appear too serious.

“Well why don’t you tell me a little about Sheila… to
begin with how old are you?”

“You’re not supposed to ask a lady that question.”

“hmmmmm… you’re being evasive!”

“OK… I’m fifteen.”

“tell me the truth!”

“Really… I just turned fifteen last month. Do I get a
happy birthday kiss?”

He looked at her sitting beside him and reached an arm
around drawing her into another very passionate kiss,
which she returned enthusiastically. He reached his
other hand over and played with her tits.

“I thought you wanted to talk!”

She brought her own hand down to his cock tenderly
wrapping her fingers around it.

He looked at her up and down.

“You have no idea how hard it is for me to keep my
hands off you. You have the most beautiful little body
I’ve ever seen in my life!”

Now it was her turn to ask him.

“So how long has your life been?”

“Promise not to scream and run away?”

“I promise not to run away… I think I’d like for you
to make me scream.”

“hmmm… I’m thirty one.”

“OK… what else did you want to know besides my age?”

“How about your bra size?”

She slapped his arm.

“I never wear one of those things!”

“I noticed you don’t wear makeup either.”

“Do you think I should?”

“No fuckin’ way!”

“Why not?”

“You’re a very beautiful girl… why put paint on a
work of art?”

She looked at him with an innocent grace most women
couldn’t wear convincingly if they practiced in front
of a mirror for years.

“You think I’m pretty?”

“You’re a knockout! Hasn’t anyone ever told you that?”

“The boys at school will say anything just to feel you
up and then tell everyone about it… I wouldn’t
believe it if they did tell me.”

“You know I think you’re beautiful… so why ask?”

“I know you like my boobs and my bum.”

“Oh My God… you really don’t see it do you?!”

Sheila’s expression showed she didn’t feel particularly
good about her looks.

“Let me try to explain this to you. Some women and lots
of girls need makeup because there are things about
their face that, because of what magazines and
television tell them, aren’t good enough for them. They
all seem to think they should look like a cookie cutter
porn star. Girls who think like that will be forever
out of fashion and unhappy about themselves. Especially
when they get older. … they stopped being themselves
when they made the choice to let television think for

“OK… so what’s that got to do with me wearing make

“When I saw you and your friend on the beach the first
thing I noticed was your gorgeous long hair. You were
talking to him with your back to me. The first thing I
noticed wasn’t your bum… although it’s gorgeous too.
I took a few more steps through the sand and Danny must
have told you I was coming because you turned around.

“I was looking right at you wondering who the girl was
with the beautiful hair and the next thing I noticed
was your face not your tits or your hips or anything
else. You are without doubt the prettiest woman I’ve
ever seen in my life. Your skin colour is unusual and
exotic, your eyes a deep brown that hint there is
someone really interesting in there, your complexion is
flawless, dark eyebrows that match your hair without
being bushy or tweezed, your nose is the cutest and
fits the rest of your face perfectly… it’s a good
thing for me that you didn’t smile when you saw me
walking toward you.

“That smile is going to break a lot of hearts! Then my
eyes wandered over the rest of you… if you would’ve
returned my ‘Hi!” I might have been walking back to the
cottage with a big wet spot in the front of my pants.
That’s why you don’t want to use makeup… you’re a
knockout just the way you are so don’t change a thing!”

During his little monologue she hadn’t removed her hand
from his cock and was gently squeezing it while
listening to him. He turned to look at her softly
smiling face. She was gazing wondrously at the
throbbing prick in her hand even though he had no doubt
she was listening to every word he had said.

‘You really like my cock don’t you?!”

“It’s amazing… it makes me feel so… I dunno, just
holding it.”

“Would you like to make it squirt again?”

“We just got cleaned up from the last time we did

“There’s a way we can do it without making any mess at
all… would you like me to show you?”

“I don’t want to get on top of you out here…”

“Would you like to see me masturbate?”

“You do that?!”

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