David’s first time part 2.

He couldn’t help but smile at her genuinely surprised
look. As they sat on the edge of the wooden planks of
the pier with their legs dangling over the edge he
removed her little hand from his cock and replaced it
with his own. He leaned forward and spit down on the
head of his fully erect pecker rubbing it in making it
appear even harder as it glistened in the breeze.

“Watch this… I think you’ll find it interesting!”

He began stroking his wet cock up and down slowly
pointing it straight up in the air in front of Sheila’s
astonished face. She watched his hand grip the
obviously throbbing penis very deliberately moving up
to the reddening head down to the base of curly dark
hair. With obvious amazement showing on her pretty face
she watched the red head pulsing and disappearing into
his fist as he quickened the pace. She could plainly
see little droplets of clear stuff leaking from the
hole in the tip before it disappeared in his fist
smearing it back and forth.

“This isn’t going to take long… would you like to try

She tentatively held her hand out toward his cock as he
stroked. He stopped for a moment putting her little
hand where his was and wrapping her fingers around as
best they would fit.

“Spit on it to make it wet OK!”

He almost came right then watching this naked beauty
cautiously let a dollop of spit drop over his cock’s
head with her pretty face only a few inches above it.

“Here… let me help!”

He added some spit of his own. Her little hand slipped
up and down the shaft in a very erotic way and he
moaned completely happy with what Sheila was doing. His
hand wrapped around her little back to fondle her right
tittie, which was jiggling from what her hand was
doing. They were both very excited and he knew it
wasn’t going to take much more to bring him off.

“Am I doing it right?”

“Oh yesss… but maybe you’d like to speed it up a
little… oh that’s right just like that!!”

Dave let go of her jiggling tittie bringing his now
trembling hand across her backside to feel up her
little bum sitting beside him then sneaking it between
her partly open thighs and into her bush. He tenderly
slipped a single finger down to find her pussy softly
dragging it through the wet folds against her firm clit
smearing her wetness over and around it. Sheila slowly
opened her legs and let out a moan. He groaned and his
hand reached down to the base of his glistening wet
prick pointing the head toward the lake as she rapidly

“Ohhhhhh God yes… don’t stop!!!!”

To Dave his cock felt like it grew another inch inside
of ten seconds and Sheila could feel it throb and jerk
as she masturbated him. The bearded man arched leaning
back on both hands as a streak of white flew from the
tip while she furiously pumped his cock. It must have
squirted straight out six feet easy before falling into
the water under the pier followed by another even more
powerful one squirting for accuracy and distance as she
stroked him hard. Sheila had gotten on to her knees and
was watching with her mouth and eyes both open in utter
amazement as she saw up close how a man orgasms.

She continued pumping hard as he spurted over and over
finally moving his hand over her own bringing down the
tempo of her masturbating hand as his climax cooled
down. She slowly milked the last few oozing drops from
his cock head still marveling at what she had just done
to her new friend. Sheila ran her little wet finger
over his cock head rescuing the last dribble of white
from it’s tip and brought it to her mouth to taste it.

He looked over to see her touch it with the tip of her
tongue and smearing it on her lips. She made the same
sort of face as when she tasted it before and Dave
still couldn’t figure out what she thought of his cum.
He fell flat on his back with his legs dangling over
the edge gasping with his cock still sticking straight
up in the air. He wiped the sweat from his exhausted
face over his chest and hips. Sheila lay down half on
top of him with one little leg draped over his own. She
kissed him long and slow on the mouth not like a horny
teenager but like a woman would kiss her lover after
making him very happy.

“That was just amazing… thank you, thank you, thank

The dark haired girl lay on him with her cheek on his
hairy chest playing with the brown curls.

“So you do that to yourself?”

“Only sometimes… not very often.”

“How come… it’s a lot of fun!”

“Well, I’d rather have that fun with someone else not
just by myself all the time.”

She kissed his nipple while curling his chest hair
around her pointing finger. Her eyes looked up at him
from his chest.

“How come you’re so lonely?”

His eyes rolled up in his head and he breathed out a
long deep breath.

“You ask awfully good questions for a fifteen year
old… are you as smart as you are pretty?”

She stopped suckling his nipple but still played with
the other one looking up at him.

“There aren’t many guys who look like you. You’re
really handsome but you don’t really look like you
belong out here.”

“So where do I look like I belong?”

“That’s the scary thing about you… you don’t look
like you belong anywhere I know of!”

“Yeah I know… most people don’t know what think when
they first meet me.”

“You really are good looking though… sort of like…
I dunno, are you religious at all??”

He rolled his eyes again.

“No… why?”

“You sort of look like Jesus Christ only with bigger
muscles and a shorter beard.”

He stroked his fingers through her beautiful brown

“Yeah I’ve heard that before… I have strong spiritual
beliefs but I’m not much of a religious man.”

“Do you believe in God?”

“Well I know meeting you was a miracle so I guess I
believe in something like God!”

She pulled herself up on his chest and gave him a
little kiss on the lips. Then she looked like she was
going to say something but stopped.

“What is it?”

“Never mind… it was stupid.”

He lifted Sheila so she was directly above him and
lowered her lips to his own kissing her lightly and
rolling over so they were face to face on the timbers
of the pier. He brushed her hair from her face softly
kissing and nibbling her ear. He very quietly

“I feel really strongly about you too.”

“How did you know I was going to say that?”

“Am I right?”

“yeah… but how did you know that’s what I was

“Let’s just say its part of my spirituality… I didn’t
know what you were thinking but I could feel what you
wanted to say. It’s like I can feel what you’re feeling
good or bad.”

She looked up at seeing a mist in his blue eyes.

“I’ve never said it to anyone before.”

“Have you ever felt this way before?’


“It’s OK.. you don’t have to say anything you don’t
want to say anymore than you should do anything that
doesn’t feel right to you. I think I know what you’re
feeling anyway.”

“You’re such a sweet guy… how come you’re not married
and all that?”

“Just never met the right girl I guess.”

She kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear.

“I have really strong feelings about you too!”

“You don’t have to say that.”

She kissed him hard on the mouth slipping her tongue in
passionately exploring the tongue that had brought her
off in the bushes.

“I know I don’t… I mean it. You make me feel…”

She buried her face into the nape of his neck softly
kissing and purring. He put his arms around the little
brown beauty moving one hand down to the cheeks of her
very cute bum softly feeling and caressing sneaking it
between her legs stroking tenderly.

“It’s getting to somewhere around supper time. Maybe we
should get our clothes and say goodbye before your mom
and dad get worried!”

“I don’t want to say goodbye.”

“I know… neither do I but…”

She looked up at him with tears in her eyes and Dave
got a little choked up himself.

“Can I see you again tomorrow?”

He had to gulp a couple of times trying to control his

“Of course you can but you’ll have to come to my place
alone… if anyone knew what we’ve done here I’d be in
very big trouble.”

She leaned in and whispered in his ear.

“I won’t tell on you if you don’t tell on me…

He hugged her tight and whispered back.

“# 2 Fredricks Cove… just follow the railroad tracks
to the stop sign and it’s the first little dirt road on
the right. I’m the big brown and yellow place at the
end on the right hand side.”


He woke up alone in the big soft bed listening to the
birds chirping outside. With no telephone and no
answering machine getting up was a nice feeling. No
messages to have to check for and no television to
update him on the world’s latest propaganda. Dave lay
there on his back with his arms under head thinking of
everything that had happened the day before and sighed.

The sun coming through the drapes was nice but not the
brilliant white of a bright summer’s day… closer to
the cooler light of early autumn. He dragged his ass
out of bed still in his gitch and walked through the
big long living room to the little kitchen. He reached
into the refrigerator for his jug of drinking water
knowing the stuff out of the taps was nasty at best. He
put a couple of pieces of bread in the toaster and
poured a glass of cold water.

“No paper to read, no television nattering, no
telephone to ring… it’s nice to be really alone
sometimes I guess.”

He did his best to not think too much about Sheila and
what had happened. He was by no means ashamed and
actually was sort of proud that she had picked him to
become so close and personal with. The problem was
obvious… he liked her, an awful lot, and it seemed
she felt the same way. That was a big problem. He knew
there was no way they could ever go anywhere together
or even let anyone know they were acquainted at all.

She was only fifteen years old. He remembered the way
the kids were when he was in grade ten and shuddered.
The thing was that his little tawny lover didn’t seem
like any k*d he remembered. The truth is she didn’t
remind him of anyone he had ever known no matter what
his or her age. She was open, honest, gorgeous and yet
seemingly unaware of the fact, innocent and yet more
mature than most women, very sexual, kind, sweet and
caring. If he would have known Sheila when he was her
age he would have been a total asshole and he knew it.
He wouldn’t be mature enough for this fifteen-year-old
for almost another twenty years.

“Oh well… I guess you just have to take things as
they come. If they come at all.”

Wandering into the utility room he grabbed a water
glass and turned the sink tap to brush his teeth. He
took a swig to rinse his mouth and had to spit
repeatedly to get rid of the taste of truly rank
mineral type water. He grabbed the drinking water and
swished it around before spitting one last time.


At least the stuff was OK for washing armpits and all

“Piss on it… rain water!”

Walking out the back utility door he saw it looked like
a nice day with a few clouds but not cold and a bit of
a breeze. The enormous rain barrel had collected way
more water than he needed and he filled most of a three
and a half gallon pail. He took off his shorts and
stood naked in the back yard dumping almost all of it
over his head.

He lathered in some of the baby shampoo sitting beside
the rain barrel and used what was on his hands to soap
up his pecker and balls… armpits and all that.
Reaching around blindly to find the bucket he dumped
the rest over his head rinsing the stuff out on the
grass. He filled the pail up again about half way and
poured it over his head and private parts rinsing
things nicely.

“Oh… rainwater is such beautiful stuff!”

He knew it was going to make his hair and beard fluff
out so he looked more like Phineas Phreak than Jesus
Christ but it was nice to not be stinky. Especially if
Sheila actually came by. He wondered if she would.

“Maybe I was just one wonderful afternoon for the

Part of him sort of hoped so because of the
insurmountable problem he had been thinking about a
lot. Another part of him, the biggest part, felt like a
schoolboy who had a crush on a pretty girl. Grabbing
his bikini briefs he padded dripping wet back in the
utility room grabbing a towel and drying off. All that
was necessary to dry his hair was a few run throughs
with his fingers and, sure enough, it bushed out like
something from a bad sixties movie but it felt very
soft and clean with loose curls. He stood in front of
the sink and trimmed a few stray hairs from his beard
and mustache with the battery powered trimmer.

“You know what… the little cutie is right. I am sort
of good looking in a weird way!”

He found his jeans in the living room and slipped into
them. He looked at he clock… 10:20 AM.

“I wonder if and when she’s going to come by… I
should have told her what time so I don’t have to sit
around all day hoping she’ll show up. I gotta stop
talking to myself… it’s not healthy!”

He walked to the front door to look and see if any
neighbors were out this weekend. Mr. Crazy bearded
puffball opened it and there she stood just outside the
screen door with her hands behind her back and smiling
at him.

“Hi… remember me?”

He opened the aluminum screen door.

“Oh honey, c’mon in… please… how long have you been
standing out there?”

She looked at him sort of shyly and maybe a little
frightened and walked in as he closed the door behind

“About fifteen minutes I guess… I knocked but no one
answered and I thought you had given me the wrong
address. I didn’t know what to do so I just stood
there… like an idiot!”

She started crying and he put his arms around her
shoulders holding her tightly to his bare chest.

“Ohhhh there there honey… I was just out in the
backyard washing my hair and I didn’t hear you.
Pleeeeeease stop crying… I would never ever do
something like that to you!! It’s OK, I’m here now and
we can be together any way you want… oh you little
sweetheart I’m soooo sorry I scared you like that!!”

Sheila was trying to c***e back her tears and held on
to him like she was so glad to see that the man she
dreamed about the night before hadn’t turned out to be
a nightmare in disguise. He ran his hands through her
long beautiful hair and held her back from him at arms

“Oh… here, let me kiss away those tears! There’s no
reason to cry!”

He bent down and kissed away the salty tears from her
pretty little face.

“Please don’t cry… you’re going to get me going!”

She looked at him and could see his blue eyes welling
with tears of his own.

“I’m sorry… I’m being a baby!”

He wrapped his arms around the little brunette and held
her tight.

“Oh no honey I understand why you felt like that. Look
if I had met a girl or woman yesterday that I really
liked and we made love and I went to her place today
and no one was there I’d feel the same way. It has
nothing to do with being a baby. It has everything to
do with wanting to feel loved!”

He looked at the absolutely lovely little lady and
smiled… actually he almost started laughing.

“Honey, turn around… let me see you.”

She looked at the half-laughing half-crying expression
on his face and turned doing a little pirouette for
him. The beautiful little brunette had worn a tiny
white frilly, sleeveless top that showed off her tummy
and a pair of cute blue jean cutoffs that were very
short but not pornographic. Her perfect little brown
legs went all the way up to heaven… he shook his head

“Oh my god… look honey we have to have a talk OK?”

She looked at him with the same expression of insecure
fear in her eyes as when she first stepped in and he
kissed her gently on the lips.

“It’s nothing bad OK? Look Sheila… you are without
question the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my
life and any man, including me, would have to be out of
his fucking mind to pass up an opportunity to be with
you. I don’t mean just an opportunity to have sex with
you I mean just to be around you. My God girl look at

He took her by the hand leading her to the full-length
mirror in the hall by the front door.

“There is absolutely nothing about you that could be
cuter or sexier… and you’re worried that an old fart
like me would ever try to NOT be with you??! Your body
is nothing less than perfect and that face… that face
is exotic, foxy and soooooo cute. Not to mention that

“Do you like what I wore?”

He stepped back a step and she stared at the bulge in
his pants. Dave spoke very softly and quietly in the
most laid back way someone bursting at the seams could.

“Do you see what being around you does to me hon?!”

Little Sheila walked up to him and reached up running
her hands through his bushy hair liking how soft and
curly it felt. He leaned down giving her a big kiss and
she wrapped her arms around his neck so he could pick
her up to eye level as they kissed. Her legs wrapped
around his hard, naked waist putting one hand on the
back of his head and sticking her tongue into his
mouth. He held her bum in his hands feeling it’s
firmness for a moment before letting a hand slip around
under her leg to the crotch of her cutoffs.

She was moaning into his mouth and slowly grinding her
pussy into him essentially humping his naked furry
stomach. Without saying a word, impossible with
Sheila’s tongue in his mouth, he walked over to his
bedroom with her wrapped around him. He gently lowered
her to the bed never breaking their kiss and laid down
on top of her with those beautiful tan arms and legs
still tight around him. She broke the kiss gasping for
air and he reached out putting his arms against the
mattress thinking he might be too heavy.

“Ohhhhh… you beautiful man…”

She reached back up pulling his hair down so she could
nibble on his neck.

“mmmmmm I masturbated last night thinking about you.”

He lifted his head back up and smiled a big friendly
laughing smile at her.

“I didn’t know you did that… you dirty girl!!”

Although she didn’t take it as an insult, Sheila made a
point of correcting him right away.

“I’m not a dirty girl! I just couldn’t help it… I
couldn’t sleep thinking about everything we had done…
everything you did to me… the way you made me feel.”

He leaned over and kissed her apologetically.

“I’m sorry… I know you’re not a ‘dirty girl’ it’s
just so erotic and flattering knowing you made yourself
cum thinking about me. You did make yourself cum didn’t

“It was better than I’ve ever… it wasn’t as good as
with you but it was goooood!”

“Show me how you masturbate… show me how you did it
last night??”

She looked around and whispered.

“Are we alone… I mean no one’s going to come in?”

“I’m out here all by myself and no one is going to
disturb us… nobody, no telephone, no television, no
nothing but you and me all alone in this big place. We
can do anything we want here with no interruptions!”

She smiled that lovely white smile at him and roughly
pulled him down to her face by his hair kissing him on
the lips. She whispered:

“I”ve never done this with someone watching!”



“Not even with Danny?”

She whispered to him.

“No one even knows I’ve ever touched myself like that
but you.”

He whispered back.

“Will you do it now while I watch?”

Sheila arched herself reaching back undoing the buttons
of her white frilly top pulling it off one arm then the
other revealing those perfect little titties with their
tiny dark brown nipples. She softly ran her hands over
both of them gently squeezing her nipples and enjoying
that she was actually doing this in a strange place in
front of someone she had fantasized about.

She stopped playing with her tits and
unbuttoned/unzipped her cutoffs pulling them off with
one hand and dropping them on the floor beside the bed.
A little pair of white cotton bikini panties with a
small embroidered Winnie The Pooh on the front where
her muff began.

“Oh that is so cute a little cartoon bear on your
pussy… you’re such a sweet girl Sheila!”

She smiled at him and opened her legs showing off a
little wet spot in her panties crotch and slipping one
hand down there. Dave could see the imprint of her
fingers playing through the area of the wet spot. Her
eyes opened a little wider and he wanted to know just
what she was thinking about that was making her so wet
and horny. He leaned in teasingly kissing the inside of
her leg just above the knee making his way upward
before switching to the other leg and doing the same.
Then he leaned back on his knees and smiled at her. She
was beginning to arch her back and grind her pelvis
into her still hidden fingers.

“Did you leave your panties on last night when you
played with your pussy… hmmmmm?”

She hesitated for a second or two before answering in
almost a whisper.


“I let you watch me masturbate yesterday and wasn’t
embarrassed to let you see me… I even let you join in

She smiled up at him.

“I remember… you moaned and grunted and squirted
sperm off the pier. You’re a bad boy!”

He smiled at her licking his lips.

“Yes… yes I am! Bad boys like me dream about watching
a nice girl like you pull down her panties and play
with her pussy. This bad boy would love to see you pull
down your little Winnie The Pooh panties so he can see
how a really good girl masturbates!”

She looked at him for a moment teasing him and pouting
a bit. She slowly pulled her hand out the top of her
Winnie The Pooh panties and was about to pull them down
when Dave stopped her holding her wet fingers to his
mouth licking and sucking her pussy juice off.

“Don’t you want me to take off my panties?”

“I’m sorry… I get carried away. I’ll lick plenty from
your little beaver before you’re through!”

Her eyes brightened up and she asked Dave excitedly:

“Are you going to lick me like you did yesterday?? That
felt soooooooo good!”

Whatever she was thinking about while playing with
herself had definitely got Sheila going. The wet spot
had gotten considerably larger.

“Well I’m not going to even consider licking you till
you take off those little panties and show me what a
good girl does to her pussy when she’s horny!”

“OK OK…”

She put a thumb on either side of her little panties
and lifted her feet in the air pulling them off and
tossing them in his face.

“I know you like doing things weird like sniffing my
panties… you ARE a bad boy!”

He held them to his face breathing in the heavenly
scent of a good girl’s pussy. Sheila spread her little
legs wide open and pushed a finger in her furry cunt
leering wide eyed at the growing bulge in Dave’s pants.

“How come you get so horny sniffing my panties??”

“Cuz they smell like heaven and I know that’s cuz
they’ve been snuggled your against your pussy all day!”


Sheila put her other hand down there and began playing
with her clitty.

Dave sat on his knees at the end of the bed watching
her get more and more excited. She had her legs open
wide as they could go and was fingering her little hole
while the other hand was frantically flicking at her
clitoris. He lowered his face kissing and nibbling the
insides of her open thighs like before only much closer
to her little beaver. She began arching her pelvis into
her hands and he watched in amazement as Sheila groaned
humping herself to a really fine orgasm.

“oh oh oh oh oh uuuuggghhhh ooohhhhhh!!!”

She arched her pelvis high off the mattress playing
with her privates before shuddering and softly bringing
her hips down to the bed. The satisfied little student
lay there gasping as her fingers finally slowed and her
grinding hips lay flat on the bedspread.

Dave could see a bead of white dribbling from her wet
little cunt down the crack of her ass and leaned in to
lap it up all the way from her ass crack through and
into her pussy up to that beautifully abused little
clitty as it tried to hide from his searching pussy
taster. He sat up grinning at her and Sheila shuddered
again watching him run his tongue over his teeth and
all around the inside of his mouth wanting to savor
every bit of her fabulous tasting cum before

“Oh my God you taste wonderful!”

She looked at him through her spread legs and shook her
head smiling.

“I don’t understand you.”

“How come?”

“Well I know why I get so excited when you lick my
pussy and my clitty but I don’t understand what it does
for you… I mean I don’t know why you like to smell my
panties and I don’t understand why you get so excited
licking me down there!”

He moved up from between her spread legs and kissed her
passionately on the mouth.

“Can you taste yourself… can you taste your pussy in
my mouth?”

“yeah I guess so”

“Well… you don’t taste like any other woman I’ve ever
been with. I love the flavor of Sheila’s pussy because
it’s your pussy… not anyone else’s. Besides… I know
how excited it makes you and when you feel like that so
do I… I’m think I’m falling in love with you!”

She wrapped her arms around his neck again just like a
dozen times before but something this time was
different. She pecked him on the lips.

“I wasn’t sure before but I think I love you too Dave!”

‘You’re sure you don’t just love the way I lick your

“Oh I like that a lot but I love you! You’re everything
a girl could want in a guy. You’re good looking, a
fantastic lover, you’re caring and considerate without
being a scaredy cat, kind, sweet, intelligent… What
more could a girl ask for?!”

“mmmmm… you make me feel like the luckiest guy on

They cuddled on the big soft bed each one wrapped in a
forbidden love that absolutely no one could know about.
It didn’t matter to either of them just so long as they
could be alone right then in the big secluded cottage.
Still… no matter how he tried to figure out a way he
knew this was something that was going to go absolutely
nowhere… but he didn’t want to think about that right
then. He wasn’t lying to her when he said she was the
most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. He also knew that
she was going to become even more gorgeous and that
very soon Sheila would be surrounded by guys everywhere
she went. She rolled over on her side facing him with
one leg hooked around his back.

“What are you thinking about?”

“huh… oh nothing. I was just daydreaming about how
beautiful you are.”

It was sort of the truth.

“You don’t have to dream about me right now… I’m
right here beside you!”

He kissed her running his hand over her smooth sienna
toned back and over her side feeling the swell of her
firm, soft boob.

“You never answered my question yesterday.”

“mmmm… which question was that?’

“Why aren’t you married… how come you’re all alone?”

He looked into her pretty and sincere questioning face
and smiled as best he could at the thought of trying to
answer that question. He reached down running is big
hand over the cheeks of her silky soft bum giving a
little squeeze. Sheila giggled a bit.

“Do you really want to go down that road?”

She looked at him sweetly blushing just a bit.

“I’m falling in love for the first time. I’m falling in
love with ‘YOU’ Dave and I want to know everything
there is to know about you!”

He looked at Sheila with a resigned sort of expression.

“Why are you so sad all the time… aren’t you happy
that I feel this way about you?”

“Oh honey… I’m hoping you know how I feel about you
and ‘YES’ I’m not only happy that you feel the same for
me, I’m flattered and a bit confused too… but this is
a forbidden sort of love and it breaks my heart to
think that there’s no way on earth we’ll be able to see
each other like that.”

She stroked the curly hair away from his face looking
deep into his blue eyes seeing them get a little
watery. Sheila put her hands on either side of his face
and kissed him softly on the lips, stroking his beard.

“I’ve been thinking about that a lot too. You live in
the city and I’m way out here and I know we can never
be… like ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ because that
would impossible to explain to anyone… including my
parents. But I don’t want to say goodbye! I mean not
really “GOODBYE!” I want to know you forever. We’ll
have to be like…”secret lovers”?!”

His blue eyes were starting to fill up and he hugged
her close to him even if it was just so she wouldn’t
see him like that. She felt a droplet of something warm
and wet on her little brown shoulder but didn’t say
anything. He softly whispered in her ear.

“Hey… I was right… I am the luckiest guy on earth.”

She kissed a tear from his cheek and laid a big
passionate kiss on him.

‘So let’s turn that frown upside down… that’s right,
let’s have super hot sex baby!”

He coughed and choked back any sadness he had knowing
she was trying so hard to cheer him up.

“… you watch too much TV Sheila!”

She smiled at him and pushed up the corners of his
mouth and mustache with her thumbs.

“You’re cute when you smile… you should do it more

He leaned into her and kissed her some more. He was
beginning to notice how much he liked kissing her…
not just down there.

“I’ve smiled more since meeting you than I have in a
very long time… and I don’t ever want to say goodbye
to you either!”

The dark haired girl nuzzled into his neck as she ran
her hand down under his belt, sneaking under his briefs
and through his pubic hair to find the stiff cock she
liked so much and whispered in his ear:

“Would you like me to give you a blow job?”

He cocked his head a little and raised one eyebrow.

“I didn’t know good girls gave ‘blow jobs’!”

‘I never have… you know that!! The only stuff I’ve
ever done has been with you. If you want me to I will!”

“Well… is it something you want to do?”

She looked at him smiling.

“Uh-huh! I want to make you feel as good as you make me
feel, but I’ve never done anything like… like any of
this stuff… will you show me how?”

Sheila was hiding her face under her hair again like
she was embarrassed.

“Oh hey honey don’t be embarrassed… I know you’ve
never done anything with a guy before. I mean other
than Danny and I don’t think that really counts. If
you’d like to suck my cock I know I’d love it!”

She brushed her hair out of her face and looked at him
with those deep brown eyes wide.

“Is that what a ‘blow job’ is??”

He looked at her trying not to chuckle but didn’t do a
very good job of hiding his amusement. She turned her
face tried hiding under her hair again.

“Oh Jesus no honey please don’t be embarrassed. You
don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do with
me… ohhh baby please don’t hide that pretty face.
I’ll tell you all about it and then you make up your
own mind. Either way it’s OK with me just so long as
it’s what you really want!”

She reached her arms around his neck and kissed him
with tears streaming down her cheeks.

“I feel like such a fool… I don’t know anything!”

“No, you don’t know much about sex but you’re not a
fool… you’re just sweet and inexperienced neither of
which is anything to be embarrassed about or ashamed
of. I don’t expect you to know about things you have no
experience with! C’mon sweetheart let’s turn that frown
upside down!”.

He reached down unbuckling his belt and slowly
unzipping his jeans while nibbling into Sheila’s neck
hoping he could get her interested in what he was

“I always prefer to have a pretty girl take off my
pants but I guess I can do it myself if I have to.”

He rolled over on his back with his cock pinned hard
against his pubic hair.

“Like to say ‘HI’ to your friend… he likes you

His cock bounced up and down as if to say ‘Hi, wanna

She looked down at it and her face lit up with
amazement as she laughed out loud. It was the first
time he’d ever seen Sheila actually laugh.

“How did you do that??!”

“Oh it’s easy! I just clench the right muscles and he
can do… well actually he’s kinda dumb. He just drools
and jerks when I tell him to.”

She stopped laughing and smiled at Dave.

“I’ve seen him do more than that… he can squirt
really good!”

“Oh yes… if you get him really worked up he spits all
over the place!”

Sheila laughed again. She had such a wonderful and
unrehearsed laugh Dave wanted to hear some more and
rolled toward her putting his hands on her sides beside
those beautiful titties. He leaned over and whispered
in her ear.

“mmmm, Sheila… are you ticklish?”

He wiggled his fingers into her sides and the little
cutie’s eyes bugged out.

“No Don’t!!!”

“Too Late!!”

He tickled her and she writhed trying to get away but
he was much bigger and much stronger tickling up toward
her armpits.


He leaned down planting his bearded face to her tummy
blowing air into her navel making farting sounds. She
grabbed him by the hair and pulled him out of her


She looked at him down there trying as hard as she
could to look serious. He moved up her trembling body
kissing her titties as his face passed over them.

“I love your laugh… you are soooooo wonderful!”

He lowered himself and kissed her on the lips again. He
was beginning to think he would never get enough of
kissing her pretty face.

“You are so fucking beautiful!”

Sheila looked down and saw his buddy was still standing
up as if he wanted some action.

“He never takes a break does he?”

“So do you want me to tell you how a ‘blow job’ works?”


“Well first of all the term ‘blow job’ is kind of
misleading. You probably thought that what a girl does
is put her lips around the head and blows… right?”

She just looked at him shyly.

“I think the ‘blow’ refers to what the guy does when he
cums… you know like what you did to me on the pier

“Yeah… he blew alright. That was incredible!”

“Yup… easily the best hand job I’ve ever had!”


“Oh yeah!”

She smiled a little smile…

“So c’mon… tell me how to do it!”

“Well most women try to do what’s called ‘DEEP THROAT’
where she’ll suck the full length of the guy’s cock
down her throat… like past her mouth where the head
of the guy’s cock is literally down her throat… but
you’re not even going to try that!”

“eewww… that doesn’t sound like much fun. I mean
wouldn’t doing that make you gag or throw up?”

He smiled at her.

“Well it would make me gag and probably throw up too
but I’ve never wanted to suck a guy’s cock… I much
prefer your pussy!”

“My pussy likes you too… probably almost as much as I

“So the woman moves her head up and down on the guy’s
cock sometimes stopping for a bit to suck it like a big
candy cane.”

“Do I use my tongue?”

“Oh yeah… you can do anything you want as long as you
don’t bite!!!!!!!!”

“So do you want me to try it?”

“Not yet… you see there’s no way your cute little
mouth is going to take much of my cock. There’s just no
room for it and I don’t want you to even try doing any
sort of deep throat thing. It wouldn’t be pleasant for
you and I wouldn’t like your teeth scraping over my
very sensitive friend.”

“Pain has no place in love or sex?”

“Oh I’m giving you an A in… well in any course you
want to take from me!”

“You’re a naughty teacher!”

He scampered down between her legs and buried his face
into her muff dragging his cunt lapping tool through
her little folds and suckling her clitty. He gave her
about ten good looooong licks and as many little clitty
sucks before raising his pussy smeared face and Sheila

“What was that all about?!”

“Teacher needed a coffee break and I don’t drink coffee
so I wanted a little snack… mmmmm good pussy!”

“You’re a nut!”

“Yeah I think we should talk about that… I know we
can’t be boyfriend and girlfriend but if we’re going to
be lovers you have to let me lick your pussy whenever I

Sheila giggled like a schoolgirl… a for real

“What kind of a rule is that?!”

“Oh… it’s a very important rule. It means if you’re
making me breakfast or doing the dishes or sitting down
reading I get to come up and suck your pussy as much as
I like any time I want!!”

“It sounds kind of exciting!”

“Soooo… if I come out to the lake next year and see
you sitting on the beach with all kinds of people
around in the middle of the afternoon I can, according
to our agreement, just walk over and without saying a
word drop to my knees and put my face between your
thighs sneaking my tongue past your bikini bottoms and
through your cunt looking for your ‘flavor bud’… and
I get to do that as much as I like no matter what!!
Another example… if we went out for dinner at a fancy
restaurant I could just get down under the table in the
middle of the meal and crawl over…”

“Stop it… you’re making me all wet!!”

He smiled a sly little smile at her.

“You kind of like my fantasies don’t you?”

“I’m a good girl… you can lick my pussy whenever you
want but no one gets to know about it. That means no
licking me on the beach in front of my mom and dad and
if you’re going to get under the table it had better be
a reeeally good restaurant. I’m not cheap!”

She did it… she made him laugh and she didn’t even
have to tickle him to do it. No one had been able to do
that in a loooong time. He was definitely falling in

“Your friend has taken a nap!”

“He’ll be back!”

“So how am I supposed to give you a blow job if I don’t
try to… y’know ‘deep throat’ it?”

“Well I’d suggest you lick it all over like a lollipop
making it good and wet. Playing with his two friends
that hang around is a good idea too but you have to be
very very gentle with them. You can’t be too gentle
with those guys! Then, when you get it good and
slippery from licking it, you can do what you did so
well on the pier. Whenever you feel like it you can
suck on the head and run your tongue around it. I know
you can make me cum… probably in just a few minutes.”

“What about when you orgasm?”

“What about it?”

“Do you orgasm in my mouth?”

“I hope so… otherwise it’s just a hand job but it’s
your choice…”

“So what do I do with your sperm if you orgasm in my

“hmmmm… some women like the taste of a guy’s cum and
swallow all of it they can get but some women don’t
like it at all and spit it out afterward.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Oh honey… you tasted it the other day and I still
don’t know what you thought. I’m usually pretty good at
reading expressions but… the only thing I’m going to
say is that it won’t hurt you or make you sick if you
swallow it. But if you really don’t like the taste then
it’s OK to spit it out.

He rolled off his knees facing Sheila on his side.

“Can I decide when the time comes?”

He smirked

“Yes… you can decide when the time cums!”

She kissed him on his bearded chin.

“Lesson over teacher?”

“Well you still have to pass your final exam!”

He rolled over on his back and Sheila looked at her
friend bobbing up and down saying hello. She started
kissing his hairy chest and teasing his nipples for a
couple minute before dragging her little tongue
downward kissing through the hairs on his stomach to
his navel. Dave recognized what she was doing right

“Oh, you are a fast learner aren’t you where’d you pick
up these moves I wonder?”

She smiled to herself licking her little tongue into
his navel.

“ooooooo you are going to do very well in all your
courses… I can just tell!”

Sheila continued her kissing and licking downward into
the top of his bushy brown pubic hair and Dave, in the
meantime, began running his hands over her propped up
naked bum.

“Gee that sure feels nice… I always wondered what a
good girl does when a big red cock stares her in the
face. I guess I’ll just lay here and see what happens!”

He was really enjoying both the oral exam and the way
his student’s bum was responding under his loving
touch. The little brunette student gently wrapped her
hand around her teacher’s penis feeling it throb and
jerk in her hand.

“oooo you know what honey? I think he likes you and
wants to play!”

She continued kissing and licking through his pubic
hair while slowly rubbing his cock up and down.

“You sure do talk a lot when we have sex!”

He slipped one of his hands from the cheek of her bum
running the edge of his fingers through the slit of her
pussy. Sheila was wet… very wet!

“Oh I can shut up if it bothers you.”

“Uh-uh no… I like it!”

“mmmm I reeeeally like the way you’re rubbing my
cock… does your pussy feel OK? I mean it’s getting
awfully wet!!”

She didn’t say anything but softly moaned and wiggled
her bum feeling the edge of his hand rubbing through
the crack of her wet pussy. Sheila glanced up out of
his pubes and saw the big red head leaking clear fluid
from the slit as she slowly rubbed it up and down.
Tentatively she stuck her tongue out rubbing the red
throbbing knob over it licking off the little dollop of
clear stuff.

She licked her tongue around in her mouth while still
rubbing his almost dry cock slowly back and forth as it
pointed at her face. It took a few seconds but she
smiled to herself deciding she liked the taste. She
looked at the dark pink leaky boner in front of her
enjoying what her teacher was doing to her pussy as she
began to hunch her pelvis in response. The cute little
grade ten student opened her eager mouth as wide as she
could and swallowed up about three inches of the
teacher’s cock.


Sheila was very pleased with the response and knew
right away she was going to get a good mark on this
exam. She also knew she really liked the way his cock
felt when it throbbed and twitched over her tongue. She
slowly moved her mouth back to the tip flashing her
tongue all around it feeling it throb.

She drew her face back letting the head come out and
kissed it licking any juices she could find even
dipping the tip of her tongue in the slit to see if
there was any more in there for her. Teacher had
inserted the tip of his middle finger in her extremely
aroused cunt stretching it more open than it ever had
been but it didn’t hurt. It did make her think about
how the cock she was licking would feel in there and
she began to hunch down on his finger burying it a
little more deeply in her virgin tightness.

Sheila spit on the prick in her hand rubbing it up and
down the full shaft a number of times before taking as
much in her face as she could once again. She felt it
actually growing and getting bigger as it leaked more
stuff from the knob. She began moving her mouth up and
down on the teacher’s cock trying to be sure to not
rake it with her teeth. Her hand left the base of his
dick as she now stroked most of it with her little

She reached a little lower and very gently fondled the
dangling bag with the two plum sized balls. The cute
little dark haired student decided she liked sucking
her teacher’s cock a lot and wanted to see if she could
make him orgasm in her mouth as soon as she could. In a
moment she was bobbing her face up and down like a pro
loving everything about this newfound type of sex. She
pulled her mouth from the throbbing cock and rubbed the
slick head and shaft all over her baby soft cheeks.

“Oh, I like sucking your cock and I love what you’re
doing down there… I want you to orgasm in my mouth

She immediately went back to sucking furiously at the
hard, slick meat taking all but an inch or two before
feeling the knob hit the back of her throat. Teacher
was groaning and trying not to force more into his
student’s little mouth and he brought his knees up and
spread them as wide as he could truly loving this good
girl’s nasty oral intentions. He groaned and grabbed
her hips in his hands lifting her little bum into the

“Ok honey… this is where RULE #1 comes into play so
get ready!”

He lowered Sheila’s crotch on to his waiting face
absolutely laving her dripping pussy hole mercilessly
before dragging his tongue to the poor unsuspecting
student’s clitoris flashing his tongue all over it. She
hunched into his face like an animal in heat never
missing a beat sucking on her favorite friend.


The poor girl tried to scream as the dirty teacher ran
his middle finger through her wet folds and further
into her cunt than anything had ever been. He was very
careful not to touch her hymen or hurt the wee hole
splayed wide open as she hunched into his sucking face.

Teacher couldn’t take anymore and knew when he had been
licked… all over. He felt his balls pulling up and
knew it was time to give Sheila her A shooting the
first of many ropes of white orgasm stuff into her
sucking mouth. Poor Sheila was in the throws of the
most powerful orgasm of her life and wasn’t expecting
the white goo that shot to the back of her throat
almost c*****g her.

Almost but not quite…

The horny little dark haired cutie gobbled up all she
could get while desperately grinding her soaking wet
little cunt in teacher’s face. Dave reeeeally enjoyed
squirting in Sheila’s mouth and he was actually happy
only women were capable of multiple orgasms knowing
another like that right away would give him a coronary.
Sheila continued humping and bucking his face and
finger for a few minutes before both lay silent with
their faces buried in each other’s crotch.

After a good six or seven minutes of nibbling and
kissing each other’s cum soaked privates Dave lifted
the tiny furry cunt from his mouth setting her down
beside him. Sheila had decided she loved the taste of
his orgasm and licked her lips and all up and down his
slowly softening cock. She moved her face a little
lower and gently kissed his balls… one and then the

“Thank you guys… that was a lot tastier than I
thought it would be!”

She rubbed the head of her friend across her lips and
cheeks one last time before pushing up and lifting
herself from her teacher’s sex organs. She brought her
knees up and leaned back on her wet bum rolling flat on
her back with her head on the pillow. Almost acrobatic
for a girl with a belly full of cum. He leaned over and
kissed her noticing some she had missed on the side of
her cheek. For the first time ever he wanted to see
what his own cum tasted like ‘straight up’ knowing
Sheila seemed to like it. He ran a finger over her baby
soft cheek scooping it up and bringing it to his

“hmmmm… not bad I guess!”

She hugged him close.

“If you find any more give it to me OK?”

“What… haven’t you had enough??”

Her innocent face pouted and she ran the tip of her
tongue over her lovely lips.

“I like the taste a lot more than I thought I would…
you are a very very sexy man squirting that stuff from
such a nice cock!”

He kissed her again knowing that he would never get
tired of kissing her, looking at her, touching her,
hearing her sweet voice or tasting her soft lips. His
arms wrapped around Sheila once again and he ran his
hand slowly over the silkiest most responsive flesh he
had known in thirty-one years.

“That was the best sex I’ve ever had in my life…
thank you thank you thank you. I love you so much!”

She nuzzled his neck and stroked his now matted hair.

“I’ll bet you say that to all the girls who suck your

He held her back a bit and flashed her a serious look.

“Uh… no, definitely not!!”

She nuzzled into his neck again and stroked her hand
down his chest and stomach into his pubic hair feeling
his soft cock.

“He’s resting… he must be all tuckered out!”

“Stop it… if you wake him up he’s going to insist on
more and he’s not so easy to satisfy the second time

She pecked him lightly on the lips and then a long,
loving and lingering kiss.

“You don’t think I could handle it?”

“I’m only half joking honey. The second time around is
like a marathon and it’s not the sort of thing you want
to be trying with that cute little face of yours. Your
jaw would get sore I guarantee it! If you were to wake
him up now he’s going to want more than just another

“Maybe I’d like that!!”

She looked at him with a very serious expression of her

“You know what honey… I’ve got very strong feelings
about you OK?! The very last thing I want is to hurt
you. Do you remember what I promised you yesterday,

She looked at him lovingly and kissed him again.

“You promised you would never ever hurt me.”

“That’s right and I’m not someone who makes a promise
he doesn’t intent to keep. If I were to put my cock
into your tiny pussy it would make you scream and I
don’t mean the way I like to make you scream! It’s not
that you’re too young because one look at your body
says that’s ridiculous… you are a peach that’s
perfect for pickin’ but…”

“… but what about what I want?!”

“uh-huh… well how well would that go over if you were
to have come here today and I had insisted on throwing
you down and fucking your brains out??!!”

She smiled and kissed him again.

“That’s what I dreamed about last night after I
masturbated and fell asleep.”

“Christ… you’re smarter than the average bear aren’t

“Damned right!”

“It must be mid afternoon or close to it. Do you feel
like a bite to eat?”

“I just ate thank you!

He snickered at that.

“That’s not what I meant and you know it!”

“I know lots more than I did when I came here this
morning… you’re a wonderful teacher!”

‘Yes… yes I am, but you’re the most incredible
student any teacher could hope for!”

She snuggled into his chest purring like a kitten.

“Hey I’m getting hungry… seriously would you like a
grilled cheese or something?”

“How about a hot dog?”

“I’m a vegetarian.”

It took him a minute.

“God you’ve got a dirty mind for such a good girl!”

“I know what I like and I like you a lot!”

“Ok, look let’s get up and have a bite to eat and then
I’ll satisfy your every want and need I mean it but
right now I need some food!”

“Really… you mean it?”

“Yes really… I’m hungry.”

“That’s not what I meant!”

“Yes I know what you meant and ‘YES… I mean it!’.

They sat naked at the dining room table in front of the
big open window confident no one was going to drive by
the very end of the secluded bay at this time of year.
The sun beamed in on their sandwiches and their naked
bodies. It felt wonderful for both of them but
especially Dave who was soooo sick of being in the
crowded smoggy city with no privacy.

“How’s your grilled cheese?”

“It’s OK but I really did want a hot dog.”

His eyes lifted at the sad innuendo.

“Have you always been such a horny girl?”

“I’ve never even really thought about sex much until
yesterday… I mean I’ve played with my pussy sometimes
but I never could have imagined what it was like until
I met you.”

“Do you realize that there isn’t a guy out there who
wouldn’t crawl across broken glass on his hands and
knees for twenty miles just for a chance to sniff the
grass you pissed on last week?”

A minute of complete silence.

“I don’t want anyone else… I want you!”

He took another bite of the cheese and onion sandwich.

“So what did you tell your parents yesterday?”

“Ah, I just told them I met some guy on the beach and
pulled down my pants for him!”

He rolled his eyes again.

“OK… I told them I hitchhiked to the beach and hung
around the arcades most of the day.”

“They don’t mind you hitchhiking?”

“Oh yeah they were mad… but not as mad as they
would’ve been if I told them the truth!”

“You mean that you let a strange man pull down your
pants and lick you and you really liked it?”

“Yeah… they wouldn’t be very happy with me.”

“Hmmmm do you have any brothers or sisters?”

“Uh-uh… just me and my mom and dad.”

“hmmmmm… what about Danny, would he say anything
about me?”

She chuckled to herself.

“No… Danny’s afraid of his own shadow. Besides what’s
he going to say… ‘Sheila was holding my dink while I
had my hand down her pants when this man came over and
scared me away?'”

“No… I guess that’s not too likely.”

“Don’t worry so much!”

“Oh honey… I’m not worried.”

“Well what’s the matter then?”

“It’s just that… other than having the best sex of my
life with you and what my instincts tell me I don’t
really know you at all. And I’d like to know you!”

The pretty naked student rolled her eyes

“Well… I’m fifteen years old. I was born out here and
go to school out here. I have one girl friend, don’t
take drugs or smoke, the boys at school don’t like me
because I won’t let them feel me up, I’m not a
vegetarian and I like hot dogs, I’m a virgin, until
yesterday I’d never seen a real man’s cock, I don’t
like RAPP music, I don’t wear a bra, my favorite colour
is blue like your eyes, until yesterday I never would
have imagined anyone licking my pussy, I’ve never been
drunk, I like Winnie The Pooh, I’ve never had a job,
until today I’ve never given a blow job or even knew
what one is, I like walking on the beach, I’m allergic
to cats dogs and penicillin, I don’t care for
television, I love my mom and dad, I love you, I like
being naked, I get along with my teachers, I like what
you’re doing right now…”

He dragged the full length of his tongue through the
folds of her pussy over and over like a lapping thirsty

“You were serious about your rule weren’t you…?”

She leaned back in her chair looking a little flushed.

“God I love that!!”

She tasted as delicious as the very first time he
licked her. He stuck a little more up her pussy hole
curious about how she was going to react. If it hurt or
she complained he wanted to be ready rather than
disappointed later. Getting his cock up her tiny cunt
wasn’t going to be a particularly easy thing and he
knew it but letting her cum, with a real vaginal orgasm
rather than the clitty ones she’d been having, would be
a pretty good way to judge how she was going to take
it. He gripped her thighs in his arms and began to
tenderly bury more tongue up her hole.

He ran his fingers through her pussy folds to get some
lubricant for playing with her clit and gently massaged
her little nubbin. Sheila tasted a little different…
it was more tangy with a slightly musky scent. He
inserted the tip of his middle finger in her wet cunt
moving his tongue up to her clitoris which seemed
considerably larger than before. There must have been a
good quarter-inch of firm bud, enough to suck between
his lips while flicking his tongue over it.

“Oh… you’re pushing that nasty finger up meee!!”

He slowly moved the tip in her to the first knuckle
stretching Sheila’s little twat tight around it. Her
inexperienced hole gripped his fingertip and he
purposely teased her by gently backing it out almost
all the way before slowly wiggling it back in to the
same knuckle. From the way she had opened her legs wide
in the air with her feet over her shoulders it was very
obvious his little lover was enjoying this gentle
probing very much. He slowly fingered her tiny cunt
like this for a few minutes as Sheila twitched and
softly writhed in her chair at the table. Carefully
removing his forefinger Dave licked his bearded lips
and brought that finger to them sucking it clean.

“That’s the flavor I’ve been missin!!”

He genuinely leered at the pretty splayed pink pussy
before him putting a thumb firmly on each of her very
wet inner petals opening her up as much as he could
without hurting her. He wanted every inch of his pussy
taster that she could take up there wondering what her
hymen was going to taste like. Sheila’s tiny wet hole
was open for business and he just had to give her all
the tongue she could take while diddling her clitty.

Sheila spread her legs as wide as she could trying to
push his face into her slippery wet loins. His tongue
went directly to her firm clitty running clockwise
circles around it and then counter clockwise before his
mouth lowered and softly flicked over its top and
bottom. Not wanting his little lover to cum just yet he
got her very very aroused, as evidenced by her mewling
and insistent hands pushing hard at the back of his
head, before clamping his lips around her entire cunt.
He gripped her little ass cheeks in his hands pushing
all the tongue he could up her clenching pussy.

Then it happened… nothing. He was fully expecting to
her to at least flinch if not scream and pull back
but… nothing. Dave began to wonder a little bit but
thought ‘Let’s just see what happens here’ and pushed a
little more tongue up her hole and wiggled it about.
Her taste was unbelievable and absolute evidence that
he was going where no man had gone before.

Little Sheila writhed and humped like a very horny good
girl wanting something she’d never had but needed
sooooo bad she could taste it. So could he! Almost all
his tongue was up the squeezing wet hole and he began
wiggling it and trying to lick the top inside of her
pelvis where he knew she would reeeeally like it. She
spread her legs so wide he was actually afraid she
might hurt herself but her body knew what it wanted
even if her mind didn’t. Her gripping hands violently
pushed his face into her cunt as she felt every inch of
Dave’s invading tongue up her spasming virgin hole.

He licked.

She groaned.

He crooked his tongue.

She humped.

He wiggled it.

She pushed his head in harder.

He wiggled the last half inch in her.

She screamed, “Do it do it do it… make it happen

He reached for her tits.

She started to cum.

He wiggled is tongue.

She ground her cunt in his face and came.

He drew his tongue back a bit.

She moaned.

He pushed it back in.

She humped and she bucked.

He reamed the walls of her cunt.

She clenched her little hole around him.

He plundered her pussy hole with his invading tongue.

She sprayed cum all over his face. Ohhh! W-what’s
happening to MEEE!!???”

Sheila’s clenching pussy spasmed and squirted as if it
were trying to turn itself inside out around his tongue
and he could taste her abandon as she thrashed on his
face like a wild animal in the grip of something both
exciting and frightening. Dave was so glad he had his
hands tightly on her bucking bum or she almost
certainly would have either humped him out of her
crotch or pushed him off in her frenzied climax.

The little brunette sat there gasping and trying to
catch her breath as he slowly and gently withdrew his
tongue from her still gripping pussy hole. Sheila’s
entire body was glistening with beaded evidence of her
lust. She knew she was a good girl but now she also
knew even good girls deserve to have fun… and that
was fun!! Dave looked up to her face from just in front
of her wet crotch admiring the glistening titties as
they rose and fell with her heavy breathing. She had
her head back and he couldn’t see her face.


She looked down at him with her long brown hair falling
over face, covering her shoulders and titties. He sat
up on his knees and kissed one of her hard little
nipples brushing her hair aside. He looked at her
sweaty face:

“Did you like that?”

She looked at him with her mouth open and glassy eyes
as if she were wrecked on narcotics. Dave smirked a bit
to himself licking her cum from his dripping mouth and
beard standing up beside her with a groan.

“Not bad for a stiff old man… c’mon honey.”

He put one arm under her legs and one around her
shoulders lifting her off the chair to his chest where,
without saying a word, she limply wrapped her arms
around his neck and shoulder. He whispered in her ear:

“C’mon… lets lay down. You’ve had a big day!”

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