Dorm Watch

I found out after becoming an instructor that all NCO
instructors had to perform dorm watch. This meant that
we had to perform bed checks on all students living in
the dorms and get a head counts to make sure they were
in bed depending on how long they were there, and what
phase they were in.

The military made sure you had a student present with
you as you made your rounds for the students and your
protection. But most of them just stood in the common
area of each floor as you went from room to room and
checked. Now as the night got later and you got around
to your 3rd check of the night (Midnight) it got more

You had to announce yourself on the third floor where
the female students were. As soon as you entered the
student with you would announce “Male on deck!”

We did have a master key to all rooms and if no one
answered you let yourself in and used your flashlight
to do a bed check. As this school was in Florida it
stayed pretty hot and most girls slept with little to
nothing on, and were usually out from under the covers.

The panty shots and round asses hanging out made me
have to jerk off when a got back to my NCO private room
after rounds.

But on one night I had an order good looking young k*d
(E-3) with me that all the female students thought was
hot. Being that I wasn’t but a few years older than him
we got along rather well. So when we made rounds he
would announce “male on deck” rather softly and knock
on doors soft too. So that we could catch the girls and
different degrees of undress. Pretty cool, Huh?

After pulling two or three of these visual panty raids
together. We finally hit the jackpot when we entered
into a room we had to check on with only one girl still
on curfew. The thing is we got to the room the other
two roommates were up drinking wine eating chocolate
covered strawberries in just their t-shirts and
panties, and the third roommate who were supposed to be
checking on was passed out drunk, oh well, we weren’t
going to say anything about that with what was before
our horny eyes.

The girls were already pretty drunk themselves and
proceeded to tell us that they were celebrating over
the fact that this was their last night here and they
got the same assignment overseas together. We didn’t
care why we were just happy to stare and at them and
try and keep our hard-ons from showing.

Of course we couldn’t be rude of their offer to have a
drink and have them feed us a couple of those chocolate
covered strawberries. Being that the little dude
accompanying me was younger and better looking he got
the hot blonde to feed him as they disappeared into a
dark corner together.

I was left with the 5’7″ curly red head from New
England, with the D breast and larger round ass. She
was wearing a thin white t-shirt and blue and green
stripped panties that let just a little of that round
ass hang out. As I sat on the edge of the bed she bent
over to feed me and told me lean my head back so as not
to drip the chocolate on my uniform. When she was
feeding me her “D’s” were hitting me on my chest, neck
and chin all at the same time. I so wanted to reach up
and grab them but had heard far to many horror stories
from other NCO’s about girl like this flirting with you
and then having you busted the next day, so I dare not
make the first move.

With in a minute or two I didn’t have to worry about
that she pushed me back on the bed and put knee on
either side of my hips and laid that nice puffy pussy
right on my hard cock. She on buttoned by uniform top
and had me lean forward as she snatched it off me in
one movement and threw it on the floor. Then did the
same with my T-shirt. At this point I thought what the
fuck she started it and I grabbed for her T-shirt and
lifted it over her head only to see two of the most
perfect breast I have ever(to this day) laid eyes on.
She got on all fours all this point and started to
titty-whip me at will. I couldn’t take it but for a few
seconds as reached for them and started to suck them,
just hearing her moaning response almost made me cum
right then.

I could hear my escort on the other side of the room
going at it with the blonde and hearing her moans just
added to my aroused state. I slowly rolled her off me
and got undressed as she slipped off those little
stripped panties. My 8″ cock was standing out straight
as I approached her she leaned forward and started to
lick the pre-cum of my head and reached around and
grabbed my ass and took my cock in her mouth to the
base. This was the first time anyone had ever deep
throated my cock and was stunned and amazed. The next
stunner was when she looked up at me with those big
green eyes licked her finger, winked, and then glided
it up my ass as she went back to sucking me off. That
was a first and different experience that turned out I
rather enjoyed. The next thing I feel is an orgasm
building in me like I’ve never felt before. I came so
long and hard that I knew there was no way she could
swallow what was coming, but she did.

I knew I had to return to favor so I dropped to my
knees in front of the bed, which was good because my
legs were so weak after that super O that I couldn’t
stand much longer. I dove right in and my face was
engulfed by her thick red haired bush. I found her
dripping wet and tasted one of the sweetest tasting
pussy ever. I slid my hands under that full ass and
licked that very swollen clit as she grinding back
against my face and slid her hand under her ass to
guide my finger to her asshole as she wanted some anal
play too. I guess the alcohol made her take a little
longer but when she came she just about snapped my neck
from her violent bucking. I swallowed all of her juices
that I could before she grabbed my face and pulled me
up to her and licked my chin clean, another first in
the night of first. I had never had a girl do that

It brought my cock awake instantly. I knew I had to be
inside that wet pussy right now, so I threw her back on
the bed, which she didn’t want because she rolled me
off her because she loved to ride the cock. Who was I
to argue, I would off dressed up like little bow-peep
and clucked around like a chicken at this point just to
fuck this young hot chick and watch her freckled
cleavage bounce in my face.

She did slide a pillow under my head so I could suck on
them tits as she rode me, which was nice but also gave
me a view of the full length mirror where I could see
the blonde ride my new best friend too. This is when I
notice her turn her head and as both cowgirls were
looking at each other I saw them mouth “I LOVE YOU”,
which kind of explains the chin licking now.

Trying to bring the attention back to me I began
sucking her titties harder and slid my finger back in
her ass again. She loved it and made me cum a bucket
full again, as did she.

I will miss her and her friend forever, But there is a
part II coming soon. This is when the sleeping roommate
catches me in the hall at school and whispers in my ear
“I know what you guys did to my roommates and now I
want some, or I’m going to tell.”