Dusty church lady and her lover

I was home one afternoon when I was called by one of the wives I knew
at church asking me if I could come over and do her a favor. When I got
there she opened the door. She had just gotten out of the shower and had
a towel wrapped around her. Her hair was wet and hung down around her
shoulders in thick strands, framing her beautiful face.
“Come in,” she invited me, standing back from the door.
“What can I do for you?” I asked as nonchalantly as I could. She was
so stunning, I knew I had a sheepish expression on my face. If she didn’t
know how fast I was getting aroused, she need only have looked at my
crotch. I could feel my cock swelling, pushing against the front of my
“I have to confess, I’ve been thinking about you lately, and I
thought,” she shrugged as a cat-like smile came onto her face, “that maybe
you I could ask you for a big favor.” Her eyes became soft and lusty.
Her lips parted slightly as she lowered her arms and let the towel slip
away so she stood naked before me. She had an incredible figure. Her
breasts were full and round, and stood erect with her nipples pointing out
over her flat belly. Long legs were topped off by curvaceous hips. She
stepped upto me and offered her lips to mine.
I threw my arms around her and kissed her passionately. Our tongues
met as we strove each to push our tongue into the other’s mouth, tasting
the sweetness of one another. My hands roved up and down her back, over
her firm buttocks, feeling every curve of her body. I drew away from her
mouth and traced down her neck as she lifted her chin for me to stoke her
tender throat with my tongue. When I began to suck on her neck she
pressed her body against mine, her hips thrusting forward till she could
feel my erection inside my pants.
“Oh, God, I want you to do me,” she whispered. Reaching down, she
opened my fly and deftly pulled my stiff rod out of my pants. Then she
wrapped her arms around my neck and lifted herself to enfold me with her
soft thighs. She reached down to take my cock and guide it onto her warm,
moist pussy lips. My cock was so rigid, it was more than ready to plunge
into her. Moving the head along her slit, she got it nice and wet, then
put it against her hole and slid down it. My body shook as I penetrated
her love hole, feeling her wet pussy enfold my hard shaft, sliding all the
way down till it was impaling her to the hilt. I stiffened my dick inside
her and she jumped, then leaned back moaning in pleasure, and smile of
lustful bliss spreading on her face.
I rocked back and forth, thrilling to the feel of my rock-hard dick
gliding in and out of her hot pussy. I walked with her riding my cock
into the kitchen and sat her up on the kitchen counter. My tongue slid
down her neck onto her breasts where I suckled her nipples till they were
pointy and hard while I pumped her steamy hole. Before long she began to
pant as I pushed my rod into her, harder and harder, until she arched back
and groaned in orgasm.
As she brought her head back up, I pulled her in to kiss her, staring
into those luscious eyes, seeing the bliss deep inside them. I determined
that I was going to make her ‘see God.’ I pulled my cock from her
clutching pussy, and with my tongue, worked my way down her neck, over her
delicious mounds, suckling on each of her pointy nipples. My fingers
kneaded her beautiful tits as my tongue slid down over her smooth belly
into her creamy crotch. Her legs opened invitingly to the probing of my
tongue, and she moaned at my first touch. I licked deep in her chasm as
her warm thighs curled around my head, her ankles pushing my face into her
steamy bush. I slipped my mouth over her lips and sucked on her swollen
clit. She rocked back and forth as my head bobbed onto her hard button,
my tongue rubbing it untill she was shaking in ecstasy. Her hands
scrambled along the cabinet behind her, looking for something to grasp.
Then she reached down and clutched my hair as her back arched again, and
she threw her head back and screamed in ecstasy! She bucked violently in
the throws of orgasm. I tasted her sweet juices as they flowed into my
mouth, drinking deeply of her lust. When I stood again and looked into
her eyes, they were filled with rapture.
I gathered her up in my arms as her thighs went round my waist again,
and laid her down on the kitchen table. I took my stiff cock in hand and
stood before her, holding her hips so she wouldn’t slide away. I pumped
against her belly while she looked dreamily into my eyes. Her legs
enfolded my waist and pulling me to drive my shaft in deeper. I thrust
hard into her bush, looking down at my shining dick sticking out of my
pants as it disappeared inside her pretty pussy. I pumped her till she
was cumming again, her long, smooth legs resting against my chest.
Then I pulled out again, not really wanting to, but needing to so I
could roll her over and bend her over the kitchen table. My phallus
plunged into her creamy cunt as she grasped the table. I balled her warm
cunt as hard as I could, ramming my dick in as deep as it would go.
Holding her by the waist, I pulled her onto my dick and pounded her till
my jism shot into her creamy chasm and she moaned with pleasure at the
feel of my hot load filling her insides.
I zipped up my pants before I let her turn around. As we walked to
the door and she turned to kiss me and say thanks for doing her, I thought
how erotic it had been to have had this angelically beautiful woman to
fuck into utter ecstasy, and never did she see me naked. It was heavenly.