Exposing Elysa

“Woohoo! We’re off!” Elysa shouted out the passenger window to no one in particular as I pulled away from her apartment block and turned toward the highway.

The bustle and traffic of the city quickly receded behind us, and the visions of mountains and desert wilderness filling my head soon turned to reality on the horizon. With the windows down and the sunroof open, the dry summer air ripped through our hair and ears. The late morning sun warmed Elysa’s dark skin and reflected off her brilliant green-tinted sunglasses, amplifying her joyous smile. As I thought about the road ahead, I shot a satisfied grin her way, and she blew me a kiss. This is going to be a great trip, I thought to myself.

It was late June. I planned the trip as a post-graduation retreat for myself – an escape out to the Nevada desert for a few nights of solutide and decompression, with a stop through Yosemite on the way back. I’d spent much of my youth in the wilderness, and was thrilled to finally get back into nature. Even more thrilling was my beautiful new girlfriend Elysa, who I invited along for the adventure. She was less experienced with the outdoors, having grown up in the suburbs of LA, but no less enthusiastic. My imagination overflowed with possibilities – of new sights, majestic wilderness, hot springs, and great sex. Needless to say, we were both buzzing with energy that morning, but neither of us could have guessed how much wilder our week was about to become.

We’d met a couple years earlier, at the beginning of graduate school. We were fast friends, growing close over long study sessions and post-exam pub nights. As we spent long days and late nights together, feelings began to spark. Her good looks caught my eye from the moment I saw her, but it was her quick wit, and our shared sense of humor that drew me in. A spontaneous late-night kiss after one too many drinks quickly ignited that spark into a passionate love affair. At first, she struck me as a more reserved type, but I soon discovered a desire for sexual exploration and kink simmering just beneath her composed surface. Soon we were secretly making out in campus hallways or sneaking off on “lunch breaks” to fuck in her apartment just off campus. She’d send me suggestive texts from her bed while I was supposed to be studying, or pass neatly folded notes with dirty messages inside: “I fingered myself thinking about you this morning”, or “I’m not wearing panties under my dress.” She loved to tease, and I loved the attention. She also loved to be dominated, a role I was happy to play. After winding me up with her sexy playfulness, I’d return the favor by tying her hands to the headboard, or bending her over a table and slapping her ass until she screamed, then wrapping my hands around her neck and c*****g her while fucking her from behind.

Elysa was the daughter of Thai immigrants, with South Asian good looks and a Southern Californian attitude. She had an effortless look of refinement and elegance well beyond her years. Her features were soft yet sophisticated: a long, subtle nose, deep opal eyes with wide upturned lids, and a round, pouting mouth, with succulent, full lips. Framing her face was a perpetually tussled mane of thick, wavy black hair that ran to her mid-back.

That morning she was wearing short denim shorts that made her smooth, caramel legs seem as long and slender as the road laid out ahead of us. They sat low on her waist, accentuating her hips. To keep cool in the June heat she had thrown on an old t-shirt with the sleeves and collar cut off. She had small, perky breasts, with defined brown nipples that had a tendency to show through her thin shirts – I think more than she knew. Today was no exception, and in the sunlight I could make out their profile – and the barbell piercing on her left one – against the threadbare cotton.

I was driving barefoot, wearing loose khaki shorts and a linen button up to stay cool. I’m an athletic guy, with a thin frame and lean, toned muscles from years of trail running and rock climbing. With a shirt on I look skinny, and people are often surprised at my flat abs, muscular back, and defined arms. My dirty blonde hair and scruffy beard give me a bit of a surfer boy look, though I never convincingly fit the persona. Since childhood, I’ve always been drawn to mountains, not oceans.

* * *

We stopped for lunch in the last real town we’d see for two days. We settled into a small booth and ordered. I scanned the atlas, planning out the route ahead, while Elysa picked at an underwhelming salad.

“Excited?” I asked between bites of my sandwich.

“Just a little!” She replied. “I’m so relieved to be finally done with school, and so happy to be out here with you!” She reached across the table to snag the atlas. “Don’t just read that, tell me more about where we’re going!”

“Well, we’re here now” I traced out our route on the page. “A few hours more and we’ll camp up here. Then tomorrow,” my finger followed the invisible line eastward, “Have you ever been to a real hot spring?”

“No! Only hot tubs at the hotels.”

“The natural water is so much better than any hotel. Not to mention the views! This one is right on the edge of the desert. Nothing but open space and mountains for as far as you can see.” I said.

“Oooh that sounds amazing.” She bounced in her seat excitedly. As she did, two older men walked past our table toward the exit. I saw their eyes lock onto Elysa, and look her over as they passed. Her smile faded and she leaned in close to me.

“Okay, that’s like the third time some guy has stared me down here.” she said quietly. “I mean, I’m used to getting a little attention from men, but this is crazy! Do you think..?” she paused. “I don’t mean to be judgmental but maybe they don’t see too many Asian people around here.”

I looked at her, and grinned slightly, “Lys, I don’t think they see too many hot girls without a bra on around here.”

Her eyes went wide and her cheeks flushed red. She leaned into the table to hide her chest. “Is it that obvious?” she said nervously.

“I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable!” I replied. “But, yeah it’s pretty obvious. Hey, don’t be embarrassed. You wear it well! You should be proud”

Her expression lifted a little, along with her posture. “You think I look good like this?”

“Good doesn’t even come close. You look fucking fantastic!”

She bit her lip a little. “You like it when I go braless, don’t you?”

“Lys, I can barely keep my eyes on the road with you beside me. You’re stunning.”

She sat up straight, arching her back to press her chest forward. Her shirt pulled taut on her frame. Her nipples were hard. She was getting excited by this.

“Does it make you jealous?” she prodded. “All these men staring at me?”

“Nah, I’m not a jealous guy.” I answered, perhaps a bit too matter of fact. I think maybe she’d wanted me to say yes. “I mean,” I continued, “you’re hot as hell, of course people are gonna look. But, the way I figure, you’re with me, not them. They’re the ones who should be jealous.”

“Good answer.” She said with a smirk, leaning across the table to snatch a french fry from my plate. Her shirt fell forward just enough to give me a glimpse of her bare chest. She sat back, gave a knowing wink, and bit down on the fry. “You can look at my tits all you want, hot stuff.”

* * *

Not long after, were cruising out on a single-lane road towards the vast nothingness of the Great Basin. Elysa reclined and soon dozed off. In the relative solitude, I stole glances at her bare midriff, and the contours of her torso under her thin shirt. Her little display at lunch replayed in my memory and my mind started to wander. I began to picture her lifting her shirt and massaging her young, small breasts, rolling her piercing between two fingers and smiling at a passing motorist. Or unbuttoning her shorts, sliding them down around her ankles, spreading her knees and fingering her pussy while we drove through the landscape. Every glance over at her would bring a new, titillating daydream, and my cock started to harden.

Little did I know these fantasies were foreshadowing the miles and days ahead.

I pulled the car over at a dirt turnout and quietly stepped out to pee. No sense disturbing her nap. I walked around to a bush by the passenger side, unzipped, and let loose on the dry ground. We hadn’t seen another car for an hour, so I didn’t bother to find privacy.

“Hey there big boy.” she called in a comically deep tone. I turned to see Elysa’s head and elbows resting on the open window, a big grin on her face. I had no idea how long she’d been watching – not that I cared if she saw. “Need a ride?”

I turned towards her, my dick still hanging through my fly. “Like what you see?” I egged on with a little hip shake.

“Hard to say. Think I’ll need a closer look.” she shot back.

She played along so well.

I stepped toward the open window and she grabbed at the waistband of my shorts, pulling me against the car.

“Very nice.” she said from inside. I felt a wetness against my foreskin as she wrapped her lips around it.

“Mmm, yes I like this quite a bit.” She joked as she eased down another inch or two and my half erection quickly hardened. I rested my arms on the car’s roof, looked up at the sky, closed my eyes and basked in the feeling. She was putting those full lips to work, taking nearly my whole cock in her mouth. She worked it in and out, pushing her own limits as she took every inch of my hard member to the back of her throat, emitting a satisfying slurp as she slid out and down again.

I looked up and down the road to check for traffic. Seeing none, I reached down with my right hand and pulled at her shirt, exposing her left breast. I pinched and rolled her piercing through my fingers, and she groaned an open vowel from her cock-filled mouth.

“I love when you grab my tits, Andy.” she moaned between wet breaths.

I alternated between light pinches and caressing handfuls of her bare breast as she continued working her own magic, each soft lick, each full-throated push sending increasing pangs of warm ecstasy through my belly. She dove a hand into my shorts and began rhythmically rolling my balls in her palm, all the while making slow swirls with her tongue along the delicate underside of my foreskin. I started to feel the warmth rising up in me. I gripped her chest tighter and exclaimed “Fuuck, you’re gonna make me cum already!”

She pulled back.

“Not… until I say so.”

She sat back in her reclined seat. My wet cock pulsed with excitement and dripped with her spit, suddenly cool in the dry air. I stepped back to meet her eyes, and she was waiting with a devious smile and low, seductive eyes. She unbuttoned her shorts and pushed her black lace thong aside, slid her other hand along her side and hip, running her fingers through her soft black pubic hair and disappearing into her shorts.

“Hop in. Let’s… go… for a ride.” she moaned between heavy breaths.

“You’re such a fucking tease.” I laughed as I crossed back around to the driver’s seat.

We’d played this game before, bringing each other to the edge of climax over and over, each time stopping just short of full release. We’d make each other moan and beg – growing more and more intense with each swell until the pressure was nearly unbearable – before finally allowing ourselves an intense mutual orgasm. Nothing else has ever made me cum so hard.

We’d never played it outside.

I took my seat and started the car. Elysa’s hand was still down her pants, wriggling under the denim, coaxing soft moans from her open mouth. I took a second to admire the sight of her, then put the car in gear and slowly pulled back onto the highway.

She looked over at me, still massaging her pussy. She let out a few long, loud breaths that made her whole chest heave. My cock was still out, hard as steel, and her gaze moved towards it.

“Now, where were we?” she said softly as she leaned forward in the seat and across the console. She wrapped her fingers around my erection and resumed licking around my head and upper shaft like it was a melting soft-serve on a hot afternoon. Her saliva ran over her fingers and she stroked, smoothly, up and down. I accelerated the car, trying to keep my focus.

She looked up at me, still stroking, and said – in a tone somehow both begging and commanding – “Don’t you dare cum yet.”

Then she dipped her head back down and filled her throat with my dick, doing her damnedest to make me fail.

* * *

The pavement ended and I slowed to navigate along the gravel road through a spectacular river valley that sliced through the desert plateau. The sun shone hot and blooming wildflowers lit up the surroundings. Elysa had her knees up on the passenger’s seat and her face buried in my crotch. I was excited by her new-found boldness.

For the next few miles, she slowly worked my cock to the edge and back. When I got close, I’d pull on her hair, and she’d stop for a bit, holding my energy just below the threshold. The feeling was nearly overwhelming. The rush of being pleasured while driving along an open road was incredible! If a car came along, or up behind us, it would be obvious what was going on. My heart was racing and adrenaline poured through me, heightening the intensity of Elysa’s masterful oral skills.

I steadied the wheel with my left hand, and moved my right down her back, under her unbuttoned shorts, and began massaging her ass. She moaned and I could feel the vibrations on my cock. I pushed her shorts down to her thighs and worked my hands around her butt, tickling her asshole and occasionally brushing her pussy. If she wanted to be a tease, I could tease her right back. Each time I ran my fingers across her pussy lips, she flinched a little and increased the pace of her bobbing head. I felt her getting wetter, her slit lining my fingertips with each pass. I eased a finger into her hole, and she jolted.

“Hey!” she looked up at me. The tone was half accusation, half invitation.

“Two can play at this game.” I replied as I pushed my finger deeper into her.

She put her lips back around my dick and sped up her stroking.

Just as the tension was becoming too much for me, I spied a turnout up ahead. Inspired by her willingness to play around in the car, I suddenly felt compelled to see if she’d enjoy something more daring. I followed the dirt path a couple hundred yards up to a turn-around atop a sandy bank on the shore of a small reservoir. I pulled the car around halfway and cut the engine.

Elysa pulled her head up and looked at me, quizzically. I bunched her hair in my hands and pulled her face to mine. I met her mouth with my tongue and gave her a wet, voracious kiss.

“I want to bend you over this car and fuck you until you scream.” I whispered in her ear, still holding her firmly by the hair. She nodded and bit her lip hungrily.

I opened the door and stepped outside, standing in the bright sun with my dick hanging out of my shorts. I looked back at Elysa, still perched on the passengers seat. She crawled over the console and leaned out the driver’s side door, her hand reached for my crotch but I took her arm and pulled her outside.

“Get on the hood” I commanded.

She stood to attention. Her clothes slung off of her like a sheet carelessly draped over a forgotten sculpture. Her thick black mane flopped over her face and shoulders, covering one eye. Her top was pulled up and twisted to expose a single breast. Her unzipped shorts slipped off her left side. With each sultry step they slid a little lower so by the time she reached the car hood they were halfway down her thigh.

She put her hands on the front of the car and I positioned myself behind her. I kissed the back of her neck and then fell to my knees, pulling her shorts and panties the rest of the way down with me. I grabbed a cheek with each hand and spread her ass wide, then dove my face into her juicy pussy. I curled my tongue over her clit and through her musky sweet crevice. She fell onto the hood and cried out in ecstasy. I smacked her ass as I tongued her ferociously.

Her breathing quickened, and I dove my thumb deep into her hole, moving in and out slowly while massaging her thighs and butt with my fingers. I pulled her cheeks wide open again, revealing her tight, puckered asshole, and in a moment of spontaneity I ran my tongue around its rim. Again she cried out.

Working her pussy with my thumb and tickling her asshole with my tongue, I could feel her start to twitch and buck as her orgasm grew closer. She was moaning loudly with each breath, pounding her hands against the hot metal of the hood. When she came I felt a rush of wetness surge past my thumb and run down my hand. One more long, deep groan and her muscles relaxed.

I stood, placed my cock between her legs and leaned forward over her. I whispered in her ear, “My turn now.”

“Fuck me already god dammit!” she spoke into the hood.

I wet my cock against her dripping clit and then pushed into her. I thrust hard and quick, and her spasms and moans returned in no time. I had my hands on her shoulders, pushing her body onto the car and holding her in place as I fucked her from behind. “Yes! mmyes! mmyes!” she repeated with each smack of my hips on her ass. “Fuck me hard, Andy! Harder!”

I placed a hand around the front of Elysa’s neck and pulled her off the hood towards me. I pumped my cock deep into her. I wrapped my other arm around her hips to hold her in place as I felt myself about to orgasm. I gently bit her neck and whispered into her ear, “Tell me to cum for you.”

“Cum for me baby!” she wailed. “Cum for me, Andy. I want it inside me!”

My whole body tensed and I gripped Elysa’s neck so tightly she yelped and coughed. My cock spasmed and shot my hot seed into her. She shivered with each pulse. “Get it all deep in my pussy, baby.” she whimpered.

The spasms ended and I stepped back to regain my breath. Elysa remained slumped over the car hood , shorts around her ankles, in post-orgasmic bliss. A drop of my cum appeared on her thigh, trickling out of her. As reality snapped back into focus, she stood and turned, fixing her shirt. She kicked off her shorts at me and leaned back, resting her bare ass on the hot metal.

“That was fucking hot!” She exclaimed, running a hand along her thighs and hips.

As she spoke, something caught my eye. I looked past her, across the hood of the car, onto the lake. Suddenly, I realized it was a small fishing boat idling some hundred feet offshore, not close enough to see detail …but certainly close enough to see the man sitting on the back, his fishing rod cast out behind. He silently flashed me a thumbs-up when he saw me look over, and I chuckled.

“Hmm?” Elysa sleepily inquired.

I wasn’t sure if I should tell her. “Well, um, there’s a guy on that boat out there. I think he’s watching us.”

Elysa flashed a glance over her shoulder. She paused. I tensed for a second, thinking she might be embarrassed. Much to my surprise, she hopped off the hood and strutted around the car, nude from the waist down. She flashed a cute little wave towards the boat and sat into the passenger’s seat. I looked down at her through the open window. I handed her shorts back and she tossed them onto the floor. She reclined and spread her legs, rubbing her inner thigh with one hand and running the other through her hair. She grinned, and repeated between quick breaths “..so..fucking.. hot.”

God damn, I thought to myself as I settled back into the car. This is going to be a good week.