Family Bang

We all got together for a family gathering at the lake. We were lucky, because most of the regular inhabitants of the lake community had decided they were not going to come to the lake on what was going to be a rainy week-end, but turned out to be an absolutely beautiful sunny day. We were all grateful for the unexpected break in the weather and decided to put of the rest of the planned repair and upgrading projects to the cabin off and to enjoy the weekend.

Mary was the first one to say that she was going to work on her tan and asked if any of the other women were going to join her. Terry and Sara said they did not bring a swimming suit since it was supposed to rain all weekend and they were planning on working. Mary asked if their underwear and bra covered more or less than their bikinis. They all laughed and said they would have more coverage with their normal clothing than if they were wearing bikinis and proceeded to strip down to their bras and panties.

One thing they failed to consider was the fact that white and natural colored fabric becomes see-thru when it becomes wet and see thru it became for six of the eight women who were sunning themselves. They were all laughing and having a good time. I brought them down a gallon of homemade wine that had been in the cabin for quite some time. It was either going to be really potent or rancid.

I opened the jug and began poring for all the women taking in all the scenery. I was at that time the only man there since all the other men had either gone fishing or went into town to get food and more wine and beer. I made a comment about what a beautiful day it turned out to be and said I would be back in a while to check on them.

The two red heads – Kelly and Kathy were a bit wild from time to time and we all suspected they were bi. The wine had begun its charm and the warn sun added to its intoxicating effect. Kelly and Kathy went up to the house and went up to their rooms and brought down a small overnight bag and some bottles of oil. When they got there the other women were all laughing about how naive Jean really was and asked if she had ever been with anyone other than Joe.

She said no like it was the most natural thing and asked if she ever wondered about other men and if she thought about what it would be like to be touched by another woman. Jean was absolutely beside herself with what to answer and now all kinds of Images were flooding into her mind. She really needed time to think all these things out but Kathy and Kelly were not going to give her a chance.

They poured out the rest of the wine and made sure Jean had the fullest glass of wine. They all started oiling each other with oil and things were beginning to get a bit wild. I could see all of this from the cabin and took that time to bring out the last jug of the old wine from the root cellar. I went down and asked: “Do you ladies want any more of this vintage wine or should I use it to cook the steaks with?” I got a loud response not if I valued my life. I then began to pour another round when Kelly whispered to me to make sure I filled Jean’s glass all the way to the top and to come back in a few minute and refill it again, that I would enjoy what I saw when I got back.
I went back up to the cabin and watched for a while and looked out in the root cellar for another jug of wine hoping there would be one and there was and it looked older than the other two. I cleaned up the bottle and returned to the women and said “bottoms-up, here is the good stuff.” I poured Jean the first glass and asked her to try it to see if it really was better than the rest or if I was just joking.

I noticed that Kelly and Kathy had both stopped drinking and were only sipping at their glasses while everyone else was drinking away. Kathy winked at me and poured more oil on Mary’s shoulders and most of it went down between her 38Ds and to her crotch. Mary looked up at Kathy and said look at the mess you made – you’ll have to clean it up. At this time Kelly did the same thing to Jean and Robin who were only wearing white bras and panties that did not really cover anything.

Now about this time the guys who were in town returned and came down to see shat was going on and everyone was watching the women squirt oil at each other and grabbing at each other and rubbing all over each other. Soon most of the women had lost their bras and bikini tops and there was not a woman there with a top on.
The guys were kind of in a bit of a shock and just watched as they wrestled and played with each other. Not surprisingly Kelly and Kath and gotten Jean down and oiled her all up and had all of her clothes off and were busy feeling her up and having a good time.
Jean looked over at Joe and saw he was really excited about what he was seeing and Kelly saw it to and told Joe she needed something to suck on since all the wine was gone and at that time Kathy spread Jeans legs and began eating her pussy like there was no tomorrow. Joe walked over to Jean and put his cock to her lips and she looked up in his eyes and saw the Lust in them and began to suck him off like she had never done before.

In the mean time Kathy had gotten a latex dildo out of her bag and began slipping it in and out of Jeans pussy as she was eating her pussy. Two of the other women began sucking and playing with her nipples and this was the beginning of the everyone gets some of Jean bang. It was not long before Joe blew his load and could not believe how excited Jean was acting and how everyone was getting her off, so it was only natural for Joe to offer Jean to the other guys when she said she wanted him some more and he could not do anything just yet.

John was the next one to get a Blow job and then Kathy got up from between her legs and offered her to one of the other women to eat and there was another one to replace her and later Kelly suggested the men start fucking her while the women ate her pussy at the same time and some of the men and women could take turns until everyone had a turn or until Jean said she had enough.

I know that Joe was so excited about everything that he had her three time himself and most of the guys had her at least two times and all of the women had eaten her pussy and tasted the cum and pussy juice mixed and had been eaten by Jean in return and that was all before supper.

Jean said that she needed a rest and asked Joe if he was mad and if he would help her to get a shower and get ready for supper. I had set up the grill and had a camp fire going with sweet potatoes cooking and before long we all had our fill of steak and baked sweet potatoes and were all sitting around the fire.
Joe came out and said Jean was a bit embarrassed to come out and we all called in to the house that she should come out that she should not be embarrassed and that was when Kelly stripped and yelled to Jean that she wanted her to come and eat her pussy before she began to fuck and suck all the men and women around the camp fire. During the remaining three days of our four day weekend all the women took turns being the center of the bang.