I came home late that night from a business engagement.
I was tired, hungry, and annoyed that things had not
gone well. My husband was in his recliner reading the
paper looking all relaxed, and somehow this annoyed me.
“Look at you, just sitting around, I bet nothing was
done while I was slaving away at work today,” I

“Actually,” stated my husband as he looked up at me
over his glasses, “The kids are in bed, the laundry is
finished, and dinner is made. You, however, need to
calm down.”

Instantly I knew I had been tired, and wrong. “Sorry,”
I mumbled, “It’s been a long day, I shouldn’t have
snapped at you.”

My husband was understanding, and we had a marvelous
dinner together. Afterwards, over a glass of wine, he
brought my little tantrum back up.

“You have been stressed and grouchy lately, not to
mention overly excitable. You need to cool down.
Besides, I owe you one for that outburst earlier. I
think a trip downstairs for appropriate punishment is
in order.”

What he meant by this was that he wanted to take me to
the basement, where we have a private area set up that
we used for our more imaginative sexual encounters, and
use me for his pleasures. I was tempted to argue with
him, but realizing he was right about my mood, and the
thought of a little “tension relief,” made me concede
to his suggestion. Although the lecherous look of his
face did make me a little nervous about his intentions.

In any event, there I was still on my business attire,
following him down to the basement. He led me over to
the corner where we had a old brass bed and some other
furniture pieces set up. As per ritual, I knelt down in
the middle of the area on the floor and waited for my
husband to decide what he wanted to do with me. After
eyeing me for a few minutes, he came forward and said
“Since you were so hot before, I think a little
chilling out is on order”. I glanced up at him in a
demure fashion, not knowing exactly what was in store,
but knowing he would make it interesting for me.

At my husband’s direction, I removed my business suit
and skirt, blouse, shoes, panties, and my bra. What
remained was a garter belt and stockings, and a small
chemise which ended halfway down my tummy. Taking some
cotton cord, he tied my hands together in front of me.
I remember thinking that was unusual, as they normally
ended up behind me.

Slowly he removed my garter belt and slid my stockings
down to my ankles, fondling my legs all the way down.
Then taking more cord, he tied my ankles tightly
together. He laid me down on the floor on my back and
pulled the stockings the remainder of the way off my
feet. Taking more cord, he pulled my tied hands and
feet up above me and fastened them together. This left
me on my back looking somewhat like an animal about to
be placed on a spit for grilling.

Looping some rope through my bindings and then through
a pulley at the basement ceiling he hoisted me up into
the air. So, there I hung about waist high to him,
swinging in the proverbial breeze. I tried to pull my
head up and around to see what he was doing, but it was
hard in this position, so I had to let it hang back
down towards the floor, my long hair dangling towards
the ground.

As my head lolled back, I saw my husband walking
towards our freezer chest. He reached down in it and
pulled something out. Walking back he unwrapped a huge
tube of ice, it was more than a foot long and a good
four inches around, with a wooden handle sticking out
the back. “This should cool off your hot tempered
nature,” he said, leering at me.

My eyes opened wide as I saw this big frozen rod, and I
knew I was in for it. As he reached me, he took the ice
and ran it from my toes high above me down between my
legs and across my belly button. The frozen shock waves
from this maneuver made me screech and jerk against the
robe by which I was hanging. Walking around in front of
me he looked down and said, “Careful you will wake the
c******n dear.”

With that to took my panties and stuffed them in my
mouth, then taking one of the stockings he tied it over
the panties and around me neck to gag me. Picking up
the other stocking he fastened it tightly around my
eyes to blindfold me. “Now” he stated, “you can be
quiet, and surprised, not knowing where the ice dildo
will appear next.” I shivered at the thought.

He started at my breasts, the cold melting ice
alternately chilling and exciting me. My nipples got
rock hard, not to mention frozen stiff. Next he moved
down my chest towards my middle. Taking the end of the
rod, he screwed it into my belly button. The shock
waves from this caused me to jerk madly against the
rope and make a muffled scream through my gag.

The jerking motions pulled the ropes tighter on my
wrists and ankles increasing the associated tension and
rubbing into them. Next he went back up the soles of my
feet, dangling up in the air. He started there rubbing
the length across them, then slowly back down between
my tied legs. The cold hard ice coupled with the
dripping water as it melted down a little almost caused
me to pee all over myself. He was slow teasing me, and
enjoying it immensely. All the time, I was getting more
excited by this slow, cold, yet erotic sensation.

I knew what was coming, but there was no way to prepare
for it. He slid that frozen dildo deep down between my
thighs and across my vaginal lips. I shuddered and
shook as it slid and slithered. He rested the tip at my
vaginal opening, then slowly twirled it around in a
circular motion. I became ridged, holding myself still
in a mixture of fear and excitement, tense and waiting.
Then he did it, in one fell swoop he pushed it inside
me and I was instantly filled with the frozen ice,
stretching and widening me.

Great shock waves again ripped through my body and I
let a long low moan escape into my muffled throat. He
started to ream me with the ice rod, thrusting it in
and out of me and a furious pace. The melting ice
lubricating its way inside me, freezing my vaginal
walls but causing me ever increasing excitement and
tensions. He continued this until I thought I would not
be able to stand it any longer. I was gasping and
moaning with each thrust.

Finally, he removed the shaft of ice from me. It was
now melted down to about eight inches long and maybe
two inches wide. I felt great relief, I hung exhausted,
but still very excited.

Pulling the blindfold stocking off my eyes he showed me
the frozen rod, dripping with the melted ice, and my
own hot juices. He pulled the handle out of it, then
walking around behind me again, he shoved the entire
remaining length into my anus, past the tight opening.
“We’ll just let it melt down from there” The cold
finally got the best of me and I peed all over myself.
He caught some in a cup and came around front. Then he
poured in onto the stocking and panties stuffed into my
mouth, letting it soak in. “A little taste for you” he

He moved around behind me again, dropping his pants as
he went. His long penis was rock hard hanging down
between his legs. Larger than I had seen it in a long
time. He set it up on my vaginal lips and slowly rubbed
it around, teasing me. Grabbing my hips, he inserted
the head into my opening, and slowly pulled me down
over him. A new series of sensations overcame me as my
still chilled insides were invaded by my husband’s hot

Rather than him thrust inside me, he continued to pull
me back and forth on his engorged penis as I swung
helplessly on the rope. The cords bit into my ankles
and wrists and the pain increased, yet I found myself
getting sexually excited to an almost a stellar level.
With each swing on his cock I would moan and grunt in
heat. Faster and harder he went into me, the ropes
creaking and stretching above me.

At some point he stopped swinging me, and started
thrusting himself. I hung there helpless unable to do
anything other than accept my fate. The friction and
heat built to a fever pitch as he roared to orgasm
pumping what seemed like gallons of hot steamy sperm
inside me. I reached climax as he did this, wildly
bucking and jerking against the bonds as I writhed in

When we were through, I hung limp, unable to move at
all. He moved in front of me and smiled. Then after
kissing me on the forehead, he went upstairs, turning
off the basement light, leaving me there in the dark
for the night.